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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  April 30, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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this is the bay area's news station. at 11:00, the presidential primary finally making its way here to california in a big way. the three republican candidates for president are now making their pitch to local republicans in burlingame. good evening, everyone, i'm vicki liviakis. from the newsroom, we are joined with more on the convention and the turmoil surrounding this weekend. >> california matters, that was the theme we heard from candidates over the past two days. in fact, this is the first time in decades the republican primary could stretch until
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june. there was calm outside the california republican convention today, stark contrast against yesterday's protests where at least five people were arrested as they tried to disrupt donald trump. they succeeded in blocking the entrance forcing the front run tore climb over a guardrail and use a back entrance at the high at. trump tweeted today, the protesters in california were thugs and criminals. many are professionals. they should be dealt with strongly by law enforcement. >> good bless the great state of california. reporter: today it was senator ted cruz's turn to make his case to republican voters. >> you need someone with good judgment that is sober and stable and levelheaded and not likely to make ration hotheaded decisions, not likely to explode at the latest twitter storm. reporter: he received a surprise endorsement from former republican governor pete wilson and positive reviews from voters at the convention. >> ted cruz what amazing. >> i think a lot of things he
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said about our nation are true. we've gotten ourselves in a negative situation. >> he's going to do what he says he's going to do. he's been conservative and consistent. reporter: cruz and his other rival john kasich have an uphill battle if they hope to keep trump from getting the nomination before the national convention. right now donald trump has nearly 1,000 delegates. he needs about 250 more to clinch the nomination. otherwise, he will face a brokered convention. trump won 6 out of 7 primaries in april, all candidates now look ahead to indiana where 57 delegates are up for grabs. california has one of the last primaries on june 7th. it has 172 delegates up for grabs. that's the most out of any state in the republican primary, and plenty to turn the tables at the last minute. reporting from the newsroom tonight, kron 4 news.
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with that, i just have two more words to say, obama out. >> obama out. president obama hosting his 8th and final white house correspondent diner in washington tonight. he didn't hold back taking aim at everything from the media to republicans to donald trump. trump was not there. in fact, he did not go unnoticed by the commander-in- chief. >> although i am hurt he's not here tonight. we had so much fun the last time. it is surprising. you have a room full of reporters, accept ebb ritz, cameras, and he says no. is this dinner too tacky for the donald? >> on a serious note, he acknowledged reporters >> on a seriashington post
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reporter jason, the bay area native had detained since july of 2014. he was released in january as part of a prison exchange between the u.s. and iran. >> last time this year we spoke of jason's courage as he endured the isolation of an iranian prison. today we see that in the flesh. it's a living testament to the idea of a free press. as long as i told this office, we will fight to continue to release american journalists held against their will and we will not stop until we have the same freedom as they have. >> one of the more memorable lines tonight, a hint at an endorsement for hillary clinton during his remarks president obama says someone else will be making this speech next year and it's anyone's guess who she will be. happening now in the east bay, pg and e reporting gas odor in alameda and san leandro areas. they say it's using sensitive gas leak detection technology to help determine the cause of
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the odor. crews have not had any readings indicating any natural gas leak. crews remain on the scene monitoring the area. there have been no evacuations at this time. the source has not been determined. in the south bay, police in san jose arrested a man who allegedly shot his wife earlier this morning. it happened just after midnight. officers arrived on the scene on indigo oak lane to find a woman suffering from a gunshot wound. her husband james nallan suspected of the killing. the victim has been identified as 48-year-old sonia national en. she was taken to the hospital but later died of her injuries. police are now investigating to determine a motive for the murder. in the east bay a 15-year- old pleasant hill girl has been missing since thursday and may have left her home to meet up with her boyfriend. 15-year-old jenna graves didn't come home from her high school. authorities say graves may have
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taken a bus from alameda avenue to bart. police say she's developmentally disabled and has a distinct scar on her neck. she wears heavy make-up and is usually dressed in dark clothing. pleasant hill police ask anyone with information should contact them. authorities say the driver of a big rig crushed a pickup truck, unhitched his trailer and escaped the scene of the crash. now police are looking for that trucker. reports say the 18-wheeler semi truck was involved in a minor crash before it ran a red light and smashed into the pickup truck. it happened early this morning in the city of vernon located just south of la. footage of the scene shows the trailer laying on top of the mangled truck. a passenger in the pickup died in the crash. the driver survived and was taken to a local hospital. there's no word on his condition. a chilly temperature starting to move in tonight. we are joined now by lawrence with what we can ex -- we can
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expect. >> sunday is going to be nice. high pressure now building overhead. going to make for clear skies tonight and a beautiful sunday around the bay area. that ridge billions in, we're going to see clear skies continuing but may not last long. so enjoy it while we have a better part of sunday. out the door right now, mild temperatures in spots, still 66 in conk coder, 65 in river loor. a cooler 62 in san francisco. as we look out toward the next few days, it is going to be a super sunday outside. warm temperatures but along the coastline we may begin to see patches of fog develop late in the day and of course the sea breeze will help cool down the temperatures. during the middle of the week, we've got storm clouds roll in. a chance of showers. you get we could see thunderstorms as well and then toward next weekend, it looks like things are going to change as high pressure comes back to the area. a return of sunshine and clouds and some warmer temperatures. the week ahead looks very, very interesting. in fact, a little bit of
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everything, maybe even some snow in the sierra nevada. we'll have more coming up in a couple minutes. back to you. happening today, it is national prescription drug take back day. law enforcement agencies took part where all prescription and over-the-counter medications were accepted, no questions asked. the event scheduled long before prince recently died of a possible overdose. we stopped by the livermore police department where hundreds of people showed up. reporter: by the end of the day, hundreds of livermore residents like mary -- maria hernandez passed through the police department driver through. >> no needles. reporter: dropping off bags of prescription medications they don't need anymore, pills that hernandez would rather not fall into the wrong hands. >> if somebody were to break into my house or something, i have all this medicine. even though it is expired, somebody can take it and overdose on it. ♪ [ music ]
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reporter: this as the world is still in shock over the recent death of music icon prince whose passing investigators may say could be related to a prescription drug overdose. >> very u.s.a. i know a lot of my friends are prince fans and family members. it was sad. reporter: an event sponsored by the u.s. drug enforcement agency, they have been participating for at least five years. >> thank you so much. we appreciate it. keeping it out of our waterways. reporter: on this day and at this location alone, crime prevention specialist says police collected more than 500 pounds of medication. >> we recycle the packaging so we dump everything out of the bottles, the boxes, anything we can. what we turn in is the medicine itself. reporter: since the inception of these events, the dea says 5.5 million pounds of pills have been collected and then
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destroyed. on saturday, the boxes and boxes of meds filled in livermore were then taken to the dea's office in oakland where they were incinerated. a load off maria hernandez's mind who praises events like these. >> we need them. reporter: in livermore, kron 4 news. no more elephants performing at the circus. where they are retiring after folding up the tent. uber making changes to become more pet friendly with people and their service dogs. and we have a preview of what's ahead for tomorrow's big game as warriors get set to take on the trail blazers in game 1. there's a big parking garage in fronts of that tower. we're going to have to move down there, try it again, see if that works down there. if that doesn't work, i'm going to take this truck and throw in the river. the back story, sunday night at 9:30 on kron 4.
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crews just finished cleaning up a 60,000 -- i think that would be 60,000 pound whale carcass in southern california. the last bits were removed near san clemente. it cost $30,000. crews had to remove the top
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layer of sand where the whale washed up. they had to get rid of contaminated sand. the while us -- whale was even a tourist attraction. the remains were taken to a landfill in san diego. happening tomorrow, elephants will take their final bough at the circus ending a 145 year act that excites fans but enraged animal advocates. they think retirement is not enough. the last 11 elephants that star in the show are leaving behind the circus rings and are being sent to the 200 acre center for conservation in florida. the activist are critical of their new home saying it's a breeding ground with concrete floor. they insist the center is safe and it's more research and conservation. blind passengers who ask an uber ride are allowed to bring along their service pets. a settlement was reached
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between uber and advocates for the blind making a requirement all new drivers understand their legal obligations to transport riders with their guide dogs or other service animals. the agreement comes as a resolution to a federal lawsuit that alleged they discriminate against passengers with serve us pets. the company has agreed to remove a driver from employment after a single complaint if they find that the driver is discriminate oary toward any person with a disability. it was a really nice day to be outside today. >> did you like that? >> i did. we're going to like tomorrow, too? >> yes, a special day, get the offshore winds. before you know it, it's heating up and all way to the coastline looking good. nice and clear out there right now. high pressure continues to build in overhead. no fog to speak of. it's clear all the way to the coastline. so we're working on a great night tonight. that is going to set you've for a fantastic sunday outside. we had that ridge of high pressure. going to crank the temperatures
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up into the 80s. tonight, clear and starry skies, a little breezy in spots. then tomorrow here comes that sunshine and it is going to be quite the day, but in the afternoon, we may catch a little bit of a sea breeze and that could bring fog back to the coastline. the week ahead, there's a chance of rain, maybe thunderstorms as we get in to our wednesday and also thursday. highs today pretty impressive, 74 in san francisco. 80 in santa rosa. 78 in san jose and 79 in concord. right now, the winds trying to calm down. a little bit of a breeze through the dealtasm we have gusts there earlier to 44 miles per hour. winds coming down a bit and staying offshore. that's going to keep your skies nice and clear as we head in towards sunday. get a load of these numbers. by tomorrow afternoon, 84 degrees in santa clara. 84 in san jose. about 83 in fremont. even 84 as you make your way into the almond valley. as we look towards the east
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bay, 80s common there, too. maybe 84 in concord. 84 in pleasanton. 78 in san leandro. along the coastline going to see the temperatures pop up in the morning hours. then as that sea breeze comes in, it will cool you down, maybe fog developing there. should sneak in mid-80s, 85 in santa rosa. the next couple days, high pressure going to saturday to break down. enjoy your sunday as that ridge moves on out. the clouds start to roll back in and a chance of rain and thunderstorms on wednesday and thursday. back to dry it looks like slightly warmer weather as we head in to next weekend. back to you. the warriors second round playoff opponent is set and game 1 tomorrow. they'll take on the trail blazers at oracle arena. the blazers beat the clippers thursday night winning the series 4-2. they will be without curry.
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he's still out with a sprained knee. tip off is at 12:30 at oracle arena. it should be some game. a family seeking hope it pay medical expense informs arrest -- for a childed about with -- diagnosed with brain cancer. we found a golden state warriors fan who is stepping up to help the girl get the medical treatment she needs. >> this is melody sullivan. earlier this year, her family received the worst possible news. their 4-year-old little girl was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer. >> on january 15th, we found out that melody has dipg. it's a rare brain tumor. >> here in the u.s., they don't offer any type of treatment for it other than radiation, which sort of buys time. >> there is special medical treatment for this form of
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brain cancer offered in england, but the cost is $80,000. too much for them. >> that's double what i make in a year. >> a golden state warriors season ticket holder from the city of pleasanton. >> these two tickets right here. >> he is auctioning a pair of tickets on ebay after learning about melody's condition. >> the latest bid is like $1250, i think, for the two tickets, which are lower level tickets. they're good seats. it's round two, game one. i imagine that they'll go for a lot more. we've been season ticket holders four years. we've been to plenty of games and at the end of a day, it's a game. ingent compare that to a child's glee when something like this happens to your family and people step up and help you like this man, you start to feel differently about
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how good people are. >> the family has received help from others as well. as you can see from their go fund me page. if you would like to make a donation, you will find all the information at kron 4 news. after the break, how much is dole know about listeria contamination before it warned the public. the fda wants to know.
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my name is valerie decker and i'm a troubleman for pg&e. i am a first responder to emergencies 24 hours a day,
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everyday of the year. my children and my family are on my mind when i'm working all the time. my neighbors are here, my friends and family live here, so it's important for me to respond as quickly as possible and get the power back on. it's an amazing feeling turning those lights back on. be informed about outages in your area. sign up for outage alerts at together, we're building a better california.
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the food and drug administration is not too happy with the way dole handled the listeria crisis. the new york times is reporting dole knew about the problem from its ohio salad plant a year before it shut down this january. a report reveals 9 positive listeria tests before inspectors showed up this year. four people died. 33 were hospitalized from the outbreak. a dole spokesman says the problems at the plant have been fixed. the justice department is still investigating the case. just in time for the june wedding. coming up, a new spot at disney world to tie the knot.
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you can get married with a horse drawn carriage with cinderella's came in the background. couples can have their ceremonies inside the magic kingdom at the east plaza garden. weddings will start as early as 9:30 in the morning with parties up to 100 people and the park will also be open to regular visitors at the time in the past. the only other magic spot people could get married have been the train station. >> i don't know about that 9:30 in the morning thing. >> that's tough. you don't want champagne at that time in the morning either, although maybe it's 5:00 somewhere. it was a nice day today. it was a little bit windy. we had surf warnings. >> yeah.
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a little tough along the coastline. we're having that rip tide because of all the waves and the wind out there. looks like tomorrow will be a gorgeous day outside. the warmest of the weekend. mid-80s into san jose. 79 in oakland. 73 in san francisco. that may be the tricky spot. going do see fog move in probably late in the day and a sea breeze. you may see the temperatures spike in the morning and cool off as you head into the afternoon as the fog rolls in. the next couple days, it's that time of year we can have big changes as high pressure going to break down. the clouds going to move back in. by wednesday and thursday, there's a chance we could see showers and at this time of year, you get a little afternoon heating and the spring sunshine and we could get thunderstorms. this is a fun time of year. you have snow and rain, thunderstorms. even a little following and sunshine. >> mixing it up. >> that's it for the kron news
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>> music >> henry: hi. i'm henry tenenbaum, welcome to bay area bargains. >> henry: how many furniture stores could possibly be called best furniture store in silicon valley for 10 different years? >> henry: the answer. >> henry: russell's fine furniture, in santa clara. the man, behind it... richard russell. >> henry: who is celebrating a birthday? 124 years! >> richard: no, no. no! >> richard: it's not my birthday! >> henry: who doesn't look a day over.... >> laughter >> richard: it's not my birthday. i told you it's the anniversary of our company in the furniture business. my family started in 1892! >> henry: that would be like your brother? >> laughter >> henry: no. >> richard: no. >> henry: his grandfather. >> richard: my grandfather. >> henry: congratulations.


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