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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  May 3, 2016 4:00am-7:01am PDT

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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>james: 90 for joining as and is 4:00 a.m. to bring it dark in the early less to live macao's sign.
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>>reporter: if you consider we don't have any major fault issues in this vantage point we are looking ok and the temperature of the golden gate the store recall of hazing it. >>reporter: we're not in the type thing should clara and
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time >>robin winston: your average drive times into 10 minutes to get from the oakland a's into downtown san francisco the central freeway or the 280 extension to give into and out of san francisco the tenor of a to 9 to attract a rival no problems for molly and the east of the heyward jr. citizen landlord when just fine over to the bayshore freeway connecting into bottles and sell lindegren
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so for five and was 14 minute and to the new the nimitz had enough knowledge hot spots 11 minutes from to study it to the ninth a split. >>robin winston: it will be a nice ride for now to a dingell stood along the peninsula as well. >>james: leon that they're not releasing any information for the about the shooting or shorter the will to get more insulation for you to read the morning. >>james: he is out on their own
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and faces five felony counts can come. >>reporter: the former 49 was arrested as morgan hill home and from of his children is allegedly happened one year ago she went to some to interview for napa position and that is when the and the degree to place his lawyer says the sexual
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encounter was consensual and that the accusations are far from true he is facing a slew of felony charges including rape by fours. >>james: most recently he was arrested for a chauvinist axion some and destroying herself from last year in the coverage
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continues on our website we have much more details about the rest including an affidavit from police a you could read offer yourself or web site. >>james: the search continues for missing man who has not been seen since last week family members are looking for a 27 year-old he was last seen in millbrae as a pancake house parking lot last his wallet was left at his home is so focused on by a hiker later in golden gate park the tech is calling this case suspicious.
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>>james: police believe the argument between the couples parked at shooting at a store clerk tried to protect the back of a shot in hand into the gills to the second degree murder will be sent to 15 years to life
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in prison they face life and imprisoned without the possibility of parole if they're convicted. >>james: turned into politick decision to 16 and beyond the center of the political universe the state's lead. >>reporter: donald trump has a double digit lead but he is leaning hard on krutch trump is keeping hillary clinton in the fight as well people think you
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would come and talk to us that all 57 delegates to republican the democrats their 83 players delicate plus nine more superdelegates. >>james: the delegates looking to take game tonight against the portland trail blazers will have video from game 1 of this the
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best of seven ferries steph curry warriors are without him as the head into tonight's game he is still nursing the spring mean that the former morgan ok
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will be right back.
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>>reporter: a lot more cloud cover call for a inversely from what we had yesterday with the start of a lotus on the clouds come rolling in 76 and looks like most heading toward open
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across the bay 73 by 2:00 this shows is the last time the will get a list some solar the northwest when about five to 10 so from space this what looks like has and mention of up and
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notice how the models are projecting the next batch of scattered showers and leaks like some of the values out there to the east bay and parts of their to wine country track in the ride across the golden the egret
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and live look at into all san francisco. >>robin winston: is just under 20 minutes and 37 across the bridge into san francisco. >>james: gas prices are creeping back of just-in-time for the summer driving season here is a
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quick look at what prices are like an assault by san jose average price to 83 in san francisco. >>charles clifford: the flames
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cook as for a to small bowl this is video for more help of the partnership with abc seven the fired, respondent was able to get it under control about 30 minutes he keeps his boat docked at fifth avenue is it's just a few feet away from where the fire started it was the work more active role in her about the fire on the news of nearby that arena he found only minor damage friends have said his vote wildfires are rare boat
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owners cannot let the guard down. so >>charles clifford: this is the cause of the blaze is still under investigation shows. >>james: the rom with chainsaws and a grant from the bay area fire said the council also to improve the stretch of road which is a critical skill profit the area for this work is one of
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several projects as fire season gets underway is always as always crossfire is asking people to clear away any of the drybrush you have around your. >>james: sh in ride in finland just before 9:00 on a slight decline from from hawaii to silicon valley and defended the
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plan will make two more stops and the u.s. before crossing the atlantic. >>james: winners of five straight in the visit to the coliseum will be back with more
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in just a minute.
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>>reporter: the for the third week in and the role the jungle book of the of our the competition and to the 42. a million-dollar can you imagine john travolta of playing prince and the moving part bring as we
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all know tons was allowed to play himself and are the best movies about music that is never been made before she had to cambridge mass. choose 1¢ a year off the white house to adopt a elaborate on what she would do she would travel a lot more in a distant second five months of for that presence in. >>james: you always catch a new episode hollywood today live in.
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>>james: he is charged with the river that violence of a disabled woman the 45 deal was arrested morgan hill this said the raid happened about a year ago when the 31 year-old with his host interview to be a nanny for his children the lawyers on the press conference later this morning to address the charges.
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>>reporter: not a whole lot of
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moisture associated with this trade recall kozlov is resigned to having all lot of moisture but it would have instability to work still in the metal looks less and six is hanging on how about the precipitation for today will on to quite a bit of the with the cloud cover is our started the day to day and made the cover is the son might be here and there.
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>>reporter: the clouds roll back into are linebacker cecil about winston that today we talk about things starting to happen. >>reporter: put this down for lower '70s and working down into the 72 fremont coming in at 72 however a little before the to the east numbers plus a little southern center that discretion and 80 and so out toward the east. >>robin winston: it is also hot
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spot free window seat in the major trouble spot average drive time for some 11 about 16 minutes less checks and travel time started off with aiding the ride along the shore freeware. >>robin winston: if you have to leave doublet and get to slow out to fremont and the 20 minutes from the prior to the dublin and to change.
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>>james: we're following some bad news a lot of uc-berkeley and the university campus not funding and a measure of the price sexual-harassment. >>jeff bush: the university is responding with money and plan the money will also go toward increasing the spangles of this humble the hills of several sexual harassment cases the code to along with the university in the said 19 people have been investigated for sexual harassment many off-campus
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student events have been in the spotlight and so there's also a problem many women don't have a said the training programs are a step in the right direction she. >>james: the group is calling for police chief to step dollar
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invested they refuse to meet with sentences glenn ed lee after the unexpected drop by and would have been camping that is where the five is planned to convene after in march from the police station a hunger strike has the money was intended to help the children of optimism police said what happened on the matter of seconds before the clock was winston a store employee chased the thief of the parking lot where he dove into a car and employees said the robber turned up to be a blessing in disguise she
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assured the first-ever decline in sales analysts are wondering had to hit the ceiling they lead the next new biggest thing.
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>>james: they're now question
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whether the giant has had its ceiling >>gabe slate: a have a ton of cash saved the up over $200 billion and still making a lot of morning they do need to unveil the new nesting and it cannot be a phone and the rights and a host of the popular all things ought to apple might have missed the boat on the maximal thing the come for 7 percent of their profit of cells keep the client is going to catch up to them we know there were coverture relative the samsung on the market right now
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and we know they're exploring and i carfare also led to the pardon. >>james: most of the rennin
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weather is behind us was these fire season is here will have tips to but tech your home and do whatever the reason why the lawsuit is coming up again
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>>james: we have the man in the east behind bars accused of
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shooting to kill his ex- girlfriend and a convenience store he will be sent 15 years to life in prison they're clearing away all that brush the circulated in recent years. >>reporter: will call a
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considerable cloud to of this is stored as a full quite a bit of that come in on is not clear to be cloudy day all day and we will see some patches of the man of property, according to our models and the slack as wanted favoring the east bank which will show you right now because it happens in terms of the warm- up is to shoreline them similar
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seventh down to the staff meeting berkeley a 69 to 68 toward the east as well known as icons the pentagon the clearest wish to have more distance to go.
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>>robin winston: and a slab with no major problems on the spend 15 minutes from 880 to 101 of the trouble * grin all the whereon highway for west for contra costa county taking a look at the south the commute is also looking good for not 120 minutes from morgan hill and to downtown san jose. >>james: the federal trade
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commission since criminals are hiking and to eagle the constant stealing money from people buying new homes fell breaking into real estate agency moves finding the closing date and the mellon the buyer asked the to why the close of hostile bank account instead of giving him the second person the recommended home buyers chapter real-estate agent to make sure the independence are legitimate before the initiates the transaction. >>james: who went to union city to talk driver behavior. >>stanley roberts: this is a union city transit bus driver not some of a broken record this is another union city bus driver we spoke to the union
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city transit in a said the bus drivers are required to make a full complete stop and the gulf with a 4 percent across or crossing for this includes the usual suspects if a vehicle carries 10 on more passengers including the driver they're required to stop was means this bus drivers this violence the law for some civil will send messages coming and they're not stop and then maybe they're not required to stuff the drive is no longer manages choose to ignore it frisking passenger
4:52 am
said the state in the process of the biggest surprise in this new force will this to bus drivers who sold down and open the doors quickly school buses are required to stop open the door and looked also show a driver's hauling hazardous materials must up pedestrians do not have to stop on this is a train approaching. >>stanley roberts: however cross illegally with a toddler's parliament not wise decision and destroyed more training is in the works for the record the fine for not stopping a shot or a bus $490 and the plant and half the record that last for four years.
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>>james: he is said to fear in u.s. district court on four charges they say he siphoned money from one of his companies to tell bad investments made by another first company is accused of lying to investors to remember from the increase the price of the cancer and aids drug by 5000 person the court case is not directly related to the price hike and a call by the bay area council shows that more than the third of people are ready to leave the area and the next few years. >>james: we will explain his ally of the outside as to take a
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look at the bay bridge this morning.
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>>robin winston: an image hot spots traffic is moving well through the paint into the north end is the commission will be a nice ride eight minutes out to 1 01 this sequel is in the works
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and the brown james instead to be the lead rope the reporter says that just a minuscule writing and talks to direct them to.
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now
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>>reporter: will fall when it will allow cochran really want to contend with is the on and off the drive you can increase the clout and hear the breakdown as a kid ready for school we are ready to 71 from an invalid 76 write three during an ice temperature climbed the beach is sluggish the '60s and on the bed with a collar around some of the warsaw by about 3:00 p.m.. >>reporter: here is the cost of cute and supplement in terms of a lot of, cover it would in all we need that in order to see if although temperatures rise.
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>>robin winston: but in an extended minutes it will be packed at the picnic was sent to fight the russians always a better idea to get in before 5 starting >>darya: stubblefield was arrested yesterday in morgan hill and according to court documents is accused of using a babysitting to find that the woman of the she responded in was home for an interview for and and the position last year
5:03 am
invested session with rick the field lawyer said the sex was control. >>james: the shooter is still on the loose as one of this is a developing situation will have a new video just as the kron 4 news room you can see a major police presence the police car as the crime scene tape this happen on tulane avenue we will
5:04 am
keep checking with the office of the rock morning policy will keep updating the top one as the story continues to develop. >>mark: clear hoping to take them to july against the portland trail blazers. >>will tran: for those who
5:05 am
cannot make it an act hear some of the prices they're really reasonable the upper level with talking 103 low-level $160 and courtside of $548 is steph curry it is a king and to return possibly could play game 3 and 4 the right not away and send it is for to the very busy.
5:06 am
>>will tran: will to you more bought the game tonight treaded a reaction from the players we do know that they will have liked to run all the little this morning cash if they went to nine steph curry should sit in an offering >>darya: a man is behind bars
5:07 am
this month accused of shooting and killing his ex-girlfriend and antioch convenience store in their rest of the 34 year-old outside of the police department shortly after the shooting and shooting have an adequate stops on a run 7:00 yesterday morning. >>darya: they believe the to identify it before the shooting a store clerk tried to protector it was shot and hand and is expected to build and >>darya: he will not testify against the two of the drifters accused of these murders of
5:08 am
recent to 15 years and life in prison for second-degree the murder the other to the finished toilet this life and present a couple possibility of parole if they're convicted. >>mark: tim hutchinson has a preview wasn't it today and in the long. >>reporter: it doesn't play a decisive role of presidential elections here during this unusual campaign season attendance of five of every vote. >>reporter: his fallen this and second down and talk as a double-digit lead the he is still open-heart on cruise trump
5:09 am
was keeping hillary clinton and fight as well she is also taken heat from bernie sanders on monday he insisted he is the only one who could win in november and accused her of corruption to suspend part monday in west virginia talking to coal miners. >>reporter: >>mark: taken a look at the cannes delicate kind of a recurrence and close the crunching the 2383 delegates
5:10 am
shinnies to the nomination furnace and as of 1400 delegates their 83 delegates come out, leaving the just over a thousand delegates tentacles at 5 1/7 to 1, 2 on the 37 delegates needed for nomination 57 delegates from for grabs and the and and it is a winner-take-all state for the republicans. >>darya: as we headed to the hot summer months in the solar and a plan that visited the bay area for about a week is now on arizona.
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>>reporter: not going to have
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quite the intrusion but at 3:00 the models a statistical '70s and to bay area to to to come to original as head on into the weekend is received the driver can call. >>robin winston: would have sluggish traffic on westbound
5:16 am
92, i would have been to the peninsula between the east bay and peninsula track and the commute from the north to san francisco a live look at the golden gate bridge on the left is commit traffic the south to the hot spot free for now 21 minutes for morgan hill headed to san jose and.
5:17 am
>>mark: the reported if the child was molested tettleton the work of a thumb toward diversifying him as a suspect and was booked into santa clara county jail the dump truck drivers recovering from major injuries after it burst into flames on unjustified in. >>mark: it happened just before noon yesterday on the eastbound side did enough flynn wrote off five it was filled with the it will retire at ran to the guard brought in was caught fire. >>darya: a group of protesters in the of the fiscal five and turned to 13 days of a hunger strike in san francisco than not
5:18 am
required to undergo crisis intervention training. >>mark: the program also aims to move mentally ill people from jail and for them to help care service to the printer >>darya: and 8 in. cast iron man broke about 60 customers lost water service is expected to contest the repairs by about 9:00 this morning.
5:19 am
>>darya: a houseboat was destroyed another boat was damaged in a fire from the sec could of been much worse luck with the wind was blowing the flames away from the marina to the fire did not spread to the of the boat there ever to the to fly with them about our. >>charles clifford: command fire
5:20 am
season could be a bad one, in order to the have the problem the country fire has been monitoring swim a motion to which areas are the greatest danger to lessen the dow closed come back we stand, fire hasn't accounted scenarist homeowners. ha >>charles clifford: help from ramifies are properly extinguishing smoking materials using caution around on mourners at what we've raptors and train stalls.
5:21 am
>>mark: possible power train and it is making the trip from a world is now on arizona. >>james: you may wonder how the sole plan works in a dark this front-end investment the special issue for a wide amount of the last week the wings of the airplane are covered about seven to install solar cells which power the palace and charge plans battering and that is how continues to fly after is on down the voice started in march of last year.
5:22 am
>>mark: the the red roof of johnny quest dog and his return to the american ballpark in cincinnati the call of six runs in the third inning off that is a home all host and the seattle mariners five straight in the visits to the coliseum, with the seven then three to one to this
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>>darya: this time the magazine with a sealed transcript of the cold home in recent remarks that acrocorinth into opening fire from the debris during his name was removed from all the fine he said a backlash from the controversy caused him to become suicidal.
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>>mark: this is to process some recording will focus on the line of the affluent tenants cloud cover we have in the delicate topic to don the passage of a severe area of natural p?p?o?gv
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>>reporter: ready for school forecasters before going on a popping to 71 by then on our faith in the class 76 by 3:00 noting the coast here quite cool in the low 60s this is what it looks like from space will not or to stick to petition developing until later on today for a letter into to mark the slots in the afternoon, in the mid fifties to the seal around the bay in off to the east palo
5:31 am
or to men 56. >>robin winston: no major problems on the open side drive times is just under 15 minutes from the oakland a's to downtown san francisco under 25 minutes from the maze across the bridge and out to the airport to have a complete track check will take a look at 925 a to the richmond san rafael bridge. >>mark: u.s. serviceman has been killed in a rock of with on when this at the breaking news this. >>james: he said the service member had been a consultant with european and trout, and have a map showing exactly where this happened the administration
5:32 am
has been pressing the effort against answers to the slow down and the question overarm but the latest this one would have is one confirmed a service member killed this morning the start to turn our concerns members family will follow the lead with the story.
5:33 am
>>jackie sissel: he can face of worse to 16 years in prison if he's convicted of those rare chargers he left the santa clara gel according to court documents obtained by kron 4 what we're hearing is the alleged rape happen on last as morgan hill home and the called of babysitting service in this to the mentally disabled woman came to his home interviewed for babysitting job she left the house and alternately with text by have to come back to the can give her some money for time when she came back bad as from the alleged rape happen this said that the victim to notify them of the attack almost immediately as far stubblefield
5:34 am
the attorney says that there was consensual sex no. this the monograph by the victim. >>jackie sissel: what we're having the attorney will hold a press conference at some point this morning and obviously when they do we will be there as far stubblefield all we're expecting him to be arraigned in the today or tomorrow. >>darya: most recently bruce miller was arrested on suspicion of shoving this extra nasa in destroying herself from
5:35 am
ray mcdonald has said several runners with a lot of issues of domestic violence all been spent has been arrested five times what the charges. >>mark: their ticket new steps to fight sexual harassment on campus to $0.5 million will toward training staff and students to the stress of a sexual harassment is and what should be done the money also goes toward hiring more people to investigate reports harassments 19 people have been invested to sexual harassment uc-berkeley since 2011 model pappas said and the program as a step in the right direction.
5:36 am
the university said the new training program was part in few weeks. >>darya: about $1.2 million to go to covering the city's legal cost the rest of the money will be used to cover repairs to the damage that the crash cause of sfo three people were killed in nearly 200 others injured usa to invest could blame the pilot san them >>: about the landing approach the police of trying to identify a man wanted for parking lot shooting and injured two people
5:37 am
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>>robin winston: 50 minutes from the nimitz to the bayshore freeway. >>mark: the number of new homes in california declined for the first time since the start of economic recovery is set off fires are to blame masthead qualifies of state are more than to cause of homes if this video from the that the fire destroyed more than 400 homes in september the department of finance and the state housing just over 67,000 units last year and compared to nearly 70,000 units in 2014. >>darya: 34 percent said they were considering leaving the bay area most of them said they want to the if to this and in between
5:41 am
40 and 60 percent of their income on housing. >>mark: the babies survive the seven story building collapse and is therefore more than three days the incredible images of the rescue are coming up a seven year-old low false of the fourth story window.
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>>darya: he is charged with raping a development of a disabled woman who went to his home for a job interview shifted one years old and sent them that he raped her after she interviewed for being and and she will strike to a hospital.
5:45 am
>>reporter: this doesn't have a
5:46 am
lot of motion to work with this cold air upstairs a means instability and those living a little thundershower.
5:47 am
>>robin winston: track and to commit across the golden gate on the fifth to men sticky from san ramon and check in the ride out the south that man called animal 11 heading to morgan hill and
5:48 am
this and say all of them were shot in the head three young children who read one of the homes on harm the have and determine who killed whites but they say there will be ample security at today's funeral services. >>darya: and i caught the ear and location will soon be closed because the alamo square is one to close next to for a seven month renovation project the run of this and close the new evidence is the will to access the rest room and and the water conserving landscape the changes
5:49 am
are expected to save more than 2.3 0.2 million gal. of water per year. >>mark: after two people were seen shoulder surfing and the team and the leasing. >>james: it is to direct a tim about putting your pen and from behind yupiks of the shoulder and watches as a punch in the number they want it to be aware this is a practice the they have been following this happened about 630 at 9 back on march 18th to get a good look the photos will just released and were putting them on the air this morning the hard drive of
5:50 am
the computers to clean out the software updated and new programs installed from the status monitor a central processing unit cables and a mouse offering families in parks
5:51 am
at elementary assigned for the internet and to get the internet because it is a bit?. >>gabe slate: they said the
5:52 am
popular all things apple with the new seville segment and caught passes in apple might miss the boat on the next nothing and pretty soon that would need on the accounts for 7 percent of their profits if sales keep declining as it is one to catch up to them.
5:53 am
sphe >>mark: in the fall bloom and the cows out there rinsing right now and temperatures not to that 51 in santa rosa 53 in san francisco mosquitoes out to the more the warmer 57 and san jose.
5:54 am
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>>darya: she revealed her decision during a ceremony at the memorial high school guested and the upcoming fire
5:57 am
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now. >>reporter: comes in when a
6:01 am
lower to middle fifties and work 50 presence of 54 from the more fairfield 53 in downtown san francisco.
6:02 am
>>robin winston: is an accident on the slow side after the '84 split involving several vehicles with engines on blocking one line but it is with the backing of traffic. >>mark: women more water than the shooting of the spell out to all we know this happen onto
6:03 am
land have a right near georgetown street again this have not released much more power than the can for but those of the question grasping the public information officers in was to get more information will pass along to you. >>mark: his mother has passed away and ran counter should guide the last nine and a sauce of the home she was 69 years old the learned how to shares of the said she died after suffering from the pack cardiac arrest she was a subject of many of the laws iconic songs including dear mama. >>darya: the formal 49 at dana stubblefield is out on bail after being charged with raping a development is a good woman.
6:04 am
>>jackie sissel: here is video from yesterday and look when stubblefield left the courthouse of the postal $250,000 bond according to authorities allege a great happened last april at his more than half hill hone according to authorities the victim and notified the morgan hill police almost immediately according to
6:05 am
documents the dna it was traced back to stubblefield according to stubblefield attorney he says it was consentual sex and this is nothing more than a monograph by the victim. >>jackie sissel: what we're hearing is the turning will hold press conference later this morning to release more documents in those tax messages of between stubblefield and the alleged victim.
6:06 am
>>darya: remic donald has had several run ends with a lot of issues of domestic violence d y alden's methods and arrested five times for weapons charges to cover the story continues on the web site more details on the rest in the case and will include the affidavit from police because also watched the fourth video. >>mark: they're hoping to take game tonight against the portland trailblazers. >>will tran: the chastened build
6:07 am
him at practice there was word that he actually wants to return tonight the latest version of the wear and tear on fire the past when have games klay
6:08 am
thompson scored 37 points if you're going to come home is not a bad seed house is to come back live you concede they're ready to go the first 3000 cars into the parking lot starting at 530 you get a free car flying.
6:09 am
>>mark: that economic predators is in three in the best of seven series the sharks a currently leading the series to games to none on to more notice in the
6:10 am
east of a man is behind bars is one in a he's accused of shooting and killing his ex- girlfriend of antioch convenience store two days later
6:11 am
until construction were shot and killed while walking his ball on the trail in marin county. >>mark: and the next president to primary care what donald trump said the republican race with the of rafters to than.
6:12 am
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♪ ♪ you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. >>reporter: santa rosa 5157
6:15 am
already for san jose and angela see a lot of trustees of boarding in the best in the arm for getting in the '70s and to conserve pas cluster of the east bay scatter to isolated and
6:16 am
shower was once said thursday it even on the five big notice of temperatures continue to drop the 79 for the far getting to the weak in most sunny and mild temperatures less recovering a little more next week. >>robin winston: it is once again a good ride heading into the north and.
6:17 am
>>mark: they saw one of the wettest winters of the year experts assigned them the fire season could be just as bad as ever the county asses of notices to home owners and fire
6:18 am
officials also want to mine to be careful when using equipment such as lawnmowers and weed whackers which can spark and the wild fires. >>darya: 23 of man is behind bars accused of molesting the girl and morgan hill hotel and a dump truck driver is recovering from major injuries, voters in
6:19 am
indiana and now had an to the polls to choose the nominee from the democratic and republican party. >>james: on the democratic side
6:20 am
hill clinton is taking heat from bernie sanders despite the big lead in the delegate count on monday he insisted he is the only one who could win in november and the offers of 37 delegates to republicans 83 of the graph of the democratic side and hear with the breakdown of the current numbers for the delicate,.
6:21 am
>>darya: the one on the shooting spree in the kalamazoo this can essentialism the moments leading up to their arrest of the suspect that also released the video from the cute dishware of
6:22 am
the 17 year-old and his top of a shot and killed while they were out shopping for car and all six people killed in the shooting rampage at for. >>darya: the baby of down one you wrote was pulled alive from the rubble it was wrong for compass one event happened hear the pitch of their giving to the news from the hospital said the baby has no physical injuries but is being treated for dehydration she was trapped for more than 80 hours in that rubble 23 people were killed when the building collapsed on friday 93 other people still listed as missing.
6:23 am
6:24 am
6:25 am
>>robin winston:, the stock and go traffic here part to the bay bridge plaza is already proven my is it is backed up on a to 580 that solid backlog of 24 split come from the shore from what is on to describe as well 20 minutes from downtown oakland to downtown san francisco. >>mark: latrell got was even the fishermen on the trail and for skilled when at the he got to him instead of losing his balance and fall over he there was no way he was going to be able to walk out of the cane
6:26 am
and. >>darya: there is a futuristic fails to a lot of the office and school and tutors swift and she call hosted the event this year
6:27 am
at high fashion and a technology that is why i had the space of. >>reporter: we're looking math the clause 7 is the height of the clock in the early afternoon the klausenburg and northwest and the five-to-10 ran in the middle of the week with and talk about that we have details trip had.
6:28 am
>>mark: the dow jones industrial average rising hundred and 17.4
6:29 am
on to give it all back to them the data come on a ton of this morning and that is when on the market. >>reporter: talk to the to and from infected to speak about 80 as the top must have been one and and in the noon hour with 66 still 6 on the cause was does not change in the mid afternoon office is on the board just about everyone vallejo the exception 4954 have more than 57 for san jose speaking of was the breakdown for san jose 76 and
6:30 am
2:00. >>reporter:. >>robin winston: headed to the peninsula on live that 90 to the san mateo bridge continues to slow or call here heading west on come out of hay with all the requests into the peninsula limit the problems on the principal actors try time is about 22 minutes.
6:31 am
>>mark: a u.s. serviceman has been killed in a rock we're following this with breaking news desk. >>james: it was a combat death did not send any details beyond that but we do not happen about 930 local time the forces that had penetrated the of from time to kill the service man just north of the town of mosul where we give more details of the vice president joe biden was just in a lot last week meeting with leaders talk of the fetus lummox the group. >>darya: uc-berkeley taken steps to fight sexual lives on campus
6:32 am
2.5 man dollars a ton to look for training staff and students to illustrate with sexual- harassment is the new training program as a step in the right direction. the university said the new tenneco common stock in a few weeks.
6:33 am
>>mark: $1.2 million will go to covering the city's legal costs the rest of the money will be used to cover repairs and to the damage the crash cost of sfo to the ntsb also faulted the claims of law on and on a flight director. >>darya: them wanted back out
6:34 am
this morning fixing a water main break to the porter about 7:00 last night near old tub roll and 8 in. cast iron man broke in about 60 customers off the water service because of it that should be done with the repairs by about 9:00 this morning fire fighters to try to figure out a spark despite that burned to vote at the oakland estuary. >>mark: that has descended to the demolition while imprisonment the rise family it
6:35 am
the support of relocating the gazebo in destroying an amusing his set to appear in u.s. district court on four charges they say he siphoned money for one of his companies to fail of bad investments that another one of his confidence to this court case is not directly related to the price hike. >>darya: the groups and to help
6:36 am
build homes and the former minister worked the richest in a home and was under construction when they were attacked and police have no motive for the killings renown. >>darya: this is the suspected gunman recall on a surveillance camera take a look at who them looking for he described as a black man in his mid-20s is about 5 to 10 the man is considered armed and dangerous. >>mark: >>: the thief who stole a donation drive from a diner and counter to a trivial caught the man who grabbed a donation john
6:37 am
the money was supposed to go toward helping children ought to is an. >>darya: measure aimed at hundred and $85 to the existing $484 annual parcel tax to have to be postmarked on or before today account revenue support the have signs reading and writing programs.
6:38 am
>>darya: what you need to know before he doing there was a new scam.
6:39 am
6:40 am
6:41 am
>>robin winston: it stretches all the way through the maze is on to 580 back from the 24 split even from those of you come from the e sure freeway in the gym by paul you're looking at a 40 minute trip from perot to downtown san francisco. >>mark: it happened yesterday at
6:42 am
one morning is going to shut
6:43 am
down the road showers will have a live update that is happening the bay area companies issuing a major recall of this morning and need to know about this.
6:44 am
6:45 am
>>mark: one person dead after shooting and is passed on to the sugar still looms the have to release an informational letter to the shooting.
6:46 am
>>darya:. >>reporter:-and the outside were the sweaters and jackets and were treating hair was a lot of
6:47 am
the golden gate bridge blue line cloud still hanging on one hole and went temperatures trustee for pleasanton 5157 for san jose downtown san francisco 53 lower fifth is going on up there to the north bank the to get to the models this is being generated by severe cold air that is upstairs to of all this is not widespread rain the to form one of the will to storm system had been.
6:48 am
>>robin winston: no hot spots where track and a lot of stop and all traffic and fremont
6:49 am
fremont silence great is just the traffic leaving dublin and to some know that is quite slow.
6:50 am
>>james: this is to them before we bring it up this happened about 630 at night that on march 18th the total the just released the two people withdrew cash from victim's bank account after she did not close down her confirmation will transaction was done.
6:51 am
>>darya: from a 1 $26 million grant from the senses of public utility commission a plan that montagu is a morning of the wings are equipped with 17,000 solar cells which powered the propellers and charged plans batteries the voyage started march of last year and all but
6:52 am
dobby at the finished it will make two more stops and the west before crossing the atlantic. >>darya: not have a computer at home can be a big profit for family to have kids in school but that change is not for fans in the east and 50 families and parks and elementary and that's bird that computers from the oak of technology exchange was program. .
6:53 am
>>darya: the also signed of the get into them for a special deal $10 a month gas price unfortunately are going back up in time for the summer driving season the price at the highest level in more than six months the price of still the lowest level since 2009. >>mark: 274 for napa is down a regular 280 in santa rosa to it 1:00 to 83 in san jose.
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
>>darya: he was born two years ago with just to let the technology into the bank has crafted his three build a three printed a wheelchair to distance but every other day for six months that a kid is 70 out was a disastrous project the key was fined and where his balance their capital to finance a knobs these four killings will have a
6:58 am
wet winter the firefighter said the upcoming fire season could be just as bad as ever with a click of the bay area fire season. ♪ ♪
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