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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  May 3, 2016 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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>> last night it was all about beyonce, back and backsides. thanks, madonna? >> maybe there is more to cover the ba lady gaga, pants, until she had to brace h on kate hudson's back. >> you had a moment with lady gaga on the carpet. >> the night belonged to queen bee. >> beyonce shut down the red gal carpet with a latex dress. >> no wedding ring no jay-z and it was first red carpet since that her album "lemonade" was about him cheating. why was jay-z a no show? a report says he's done it before. there is no big reason for him to go. and we remember when he did it before two years and so does solage. ♪ you better ca becky with the
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good hair ♪ >> rita who was accused of being rumored the other woman squashed all of that with a quick pose with beyonce and this becky" pin. the sisters had quite a night. >> not so for party pal taylor swift. this was earlier in same dress. no sign of man calvin harris. >> robot. >> couples that got the theme ri kim and kanye and and zayn. >> zayn was on point with bionic arms. did he get kicked out after 15 minutes? zayn's rep had no comment. he was seen with gigi inside. kim's man with ripped jeans and
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a cyborr outside kanye played personal stylist fussing with hhrhair. kim was on scene. kanye t it was two dresses chopped in half. her date louis vuitton's artistic dir >> maybe you'll be finding something for her because it's about the future. >> perhaps no one was more on theme, more electric than claire in this light- zac and posing on his instagram. he and hubby hughdancy. luckily for claire she got in a large black standing onboard, no sitting and no wrinkling the dress.
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>> it's like acarriage. has a great sound system. >> this is what is taking me to the met ball. >> kate hudson found beauty transportation. >> thhy have a special car to bring you here tonight. >> i did. i in a bus. >> kate held that high slick glow but big jonas arrivee separately. they keep trying to play coy. katie paid tribute to prince inside the gala. there's orlando. walked the red ca separately from mr. bloom. both were wearingthrowback '90s toy. that seals their couple >> she quickly changed into a shorter metallic dress and snuggled with orlando inside up and down. kate upton was showing off her
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new engagement ring and shorter hairdo. >> you were cutting your hair? >> yes. i cut my hair. >> how much? >> a g amount. >> emma stone showed off her locks and the bun maae us think about margesimpson. all expecting their second babies, kerry washington put a hand on her bump. emily blu was showing and glowing while bbake lively's dress had a panel inside. we see you, little reynolds. being beautiful and glam makes the starhungry. amy schumer and her boyfriend went for it leaving with a dis se dessert tray. donuts anyo >> i love that. >> i'll this donut. "e.t." scored michaelstrahan's first interview about the backstage drama with kelly and leaving "live." >> what the heck, right? >> i th everybody got this wrong impression of it.
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great show, great people. >> it was all smiles once again this morning on "the live" set. >> you had quite a week. >> every day is great for me on the other side of the dirt. >> were you surprised you were such a big newsstory? >> the more i talk about it, the more it becomeeas news story. i don'tunderstand why. >> nick jonas on his way to the gala surprised kelly's daughter. he worked with hubby mark on the show kingdom" and stopped by their house. >> nick jonas in a tuxedo. he comes in. he leaves very qui andlola turned. how do you open the d when you know i love brad pitt? >> it's already starting. >> news broke. jimmy k will be the first co-host to fill in for michael on monday math. >> i like that. keep it light and fun and in the abc family. it works. let's keep it going here. a new "dancing with the star"
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couple expo. >> a good night for page van zant. she got a perfect score and arrived at the after-party looking enarmored. the ufc fighter is dating alan be bernsten. on"voice" heightened secu for two special guests. >> they make nervous. >> the first lady and dr. biden were on hand for a military tribute. >> so excited to have the first lady and dr. biden here, female energy. let's soak it all in. >> next sofia vergara pret ping and her husband joe is on th >> he's okay. he had a little problem, but he's good. >> he tweeted.
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he said "i love my wife" and oor audience went nuts over it. why did he say that? >> i know. i am very special with him. must have been one my normal days. that's how i am. >> finally -- david was the love at a concert for ch tyler's long-time assistant turned rumoredgirlfriend, 28-year-old amy nne preston. he did toll us what makes her so great. she puts up with my crap. >> i like meet the baby before i name it. >> more baby news. pddie murphy is a dad the ninth time. his long-time girlfriend just gave birth to a little girl. >> oldest is 26. >> wow. if you wantdrama, we've got drama. at home with lisa vanderpump
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before tonight's reunion. we find out if she done for the >> it was awful. >> josie's dos anddo-overs for fashion's biggest night the met gala. >> star moms put their famous kids in the hot seat. look out l.l. cool j. >> he's just bashful. >> really? >> yes. m weathe
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you know what, lisaa you don't speak for me. >> what are you talking about? >> lisa vanderpump versus lisa rena at the "reallhousewives of beverly hills" is explosive. is lisa vanderpump leaving the show? we sat down for an at-home exclusive to find out.
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>> it was an awful season. awful. >> it was an emotional roller coaster. >> you're caught. p> lisa rena seems to have taken it to you this season. >> yeah. she might as well hit me with a baseball >> shut up. you know what [ bleep ] own it. >> a lot of people are wondering if it's lisa last season. is she callin quits? >> i'm going to beambiguous. nothing has been decided yet. for the most part, i had an amazing time. pt's begin me so many incredible platforms. >> lisa's latest platform is the vanderpump dog foundati dedicated to improving the lives of dogs. it's cause close to her heart. thank you for inviting us into this spectacular, gorgeous home. you're welcome. it's my zoo really. >> li gave me a tour of her home which includes swans, miniature horses and eight dogs.
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>> can i have a little cuddle? >> doggy would have fit in perfect the met gala. we've got so much more met gala fashiins. beyonce dress exclusive from joe zee. >> news about the dress no else knows. >> the best and worst dress. it looked like she didn't try. >> we sit down with a star and his mama. l.l. cool j's mom never pulled any with her son. >> girls don't like dummies.
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♪ ♪ take any day, and squeeze some magic into it. ♪ ♪ welcome back, everybody. fresh off that met gala red carpet is joe zee our dos, don do-overs.
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give me yourfavorites. >> i love this event. the stars come out toplay. we saw tonsfpalettes, silver and robotic look. i can't with meme kanyes. one of my favorites was kate hudson. what i loved about it, it still bombshell and sexy. >> i loved zoe and dulce. thetrain? i am no peacocks were harmed in the making of that dress. >> i love drama on the red carpet on the met what about beyonce in that nude latex
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givenchy gown? this took 1,200 hours tomake. it was hand-painted flowers on the inside of the latex then hand beaded w pearls on the front. selena gomez was another best dressed for me. >> was sreally? i don't know if i agree on that one. i normally love selena's looks. i thought she looked casual for the met gala. i would not go as far as that meme which compared her to ronald mcdonald. >> i saw that. i will go for a selena happy meal any day of the week. i'm going to carly as my best transformer of the night. go with you on that. she was my a favorite. she showed up in that gorgeous beautiful cake white gown. surprise, that was just look number one. bam, underneath, peek-a-boo cleavage and cutout at the waist. >> did you see the designer literally took scissors to it
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and cut the dress to make it an edgy mini? amazing. >> cutouts were a big trend last night. i saw them on kendall jenner. >> how about work because they are flattering. they emphasize the best part of a woman's body. halle baldwin was at the gala vertical stripes and that silhouette weren't doing her any favors. if i were to do-over dress, cutouts..o cf1 don't be boring. look at how to get away with murder's asia ki she wore this yellow slip dress. it looked like she didn't tr i would make the train on her dress a lot longer. then i would add a cascade of feathers. i love that texture. i love the trend of what the gown can bring.
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immediately, look at the transformation on that dress. >> now i have to woory about ostriches you put on that dress. >> you do not have to worry. i can tell you that no ostriches were harmed the making of my do over. >> so great and so much fun. see you back here friday. >> i can't >> me, too. thanks so much, josie. a week-long celebration of mother's day continues tonight. l. j wants to you meet his mom andrea. shared memories that are precious and perhaps well a little bit embarrasssng. >> i love more than anything -- who is this little kid? >> i'm glad my eye straightened out. i look like i w looking everywhere. >> mom was afox. >> he was toilet training then.
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>> where do i go from here? >> love that. this is theewoman who can full-on embarrass l.l. by opening up the photo album and showing us his growing pains. this is when he game l.l. we were playing around and taking pictures. when he discovered jewelry. >> do you ever call him l.l. or just todd? >> i tease him and say "l.l." or something, but no. just todd. he's l.l. cool j, that's his job. >> when you realize the -pladies loved cool j? >> he was ba >> really? >> yes. thanks for that. >> girls don't like dummies. >> mom has always been a straight shooter even as a pingle mom rais l.l. in
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queens. she p watches his show and she loves the l sync battle like the rest of us. what she loves most about son is the fact that he is devoted father to four kids and husband to wife simone who he married in 1995. >> a good daddy. he's involved. to get to all his children's activities. >> happy mother's day, ma. i love you. i appreccate you. check's in the mail. >> i love the energy between them. it was really hilarious. later that night we all went to see "hamilton" t musical. i asked l.l. during the play, would you ever want to do musical? he said, it surprised me, absolutely. can you imagine? >> you rodl.l.'s coattails into "hamilton." that's what i took away. "hamilton" the movie starring l.l. cool j.
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>> i love it. what day it was for "hamilton" themusical. >> "hamilton." >> music a lyrics. >> 16 tony nominees, one in every musical category. the biggest in broadway historr. >> i have a feeling "hamil will make history when the awards are handed out june 12th. >> no doubt about that.
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♪ i see your true colors ♪ shining through ♪ i see your true colors
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♪ and that's why i love you ♪ so don't be afraid ♪ to let them show ♪ your true colors ♪ true colors ♪ true colors ♪ are beautiful
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and j-wow. >> it's all at etonline.
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i have michael weatherly's first sitdown about leaving "ncis." when will you go back for a reunion or visit? >> the hair has come back. >> some of his crazy, hilarious
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>>we had a tremendous victory tonight - >> catherine:donald trump's path to the republican nomination wide open after the withdrawal of his fiercest rival. >>"ted cruz, i don't know if he likes me or if he doesn't like me, but he is one hell of competitor. >> catherine:cruz dropping his run for badly in indiana >>we gave it everything we've got, but the voters chose another path


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