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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  May 3, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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mmmm, yoplait. this is the bay area news station. kron 4 news at 11 starts now. now at 11 pm, a big comeback for the golden state warriors. the last quarter of the game beading the part -- impeding the portland -- they did beat the portland trail blazers. the fans are celebrating
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tonight's win. >> reporter: i will tell you, they celebrated and then they got the heck out of here. i look off in the distance and i could see the cars lining up onto the highway, everybody, a sign of relief after that game. a comeback john kasich the waters. take a listen to the crowd and some of those fans making their way out of the arena the last half hour. >> that was awesome. >> did you think they're going to come back? >> i knew they would come back. >> there was no question we're going to win that game. >> warriors all the way, baby. >> i got tickets for game five. >> [ laughter ] >> they were fighting uphill
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the whole time.>> back into the fourth quarter, that was a good game. >> that is added bonus, baby. >> that wasn't a game it was covering the spread. >> it looked like a come back to me.>> the warriors came from the sky. >> they put portland into a tail spin. >> warriors. portland no -- >> reporter: there was talk you're there by some hoping now for a sweet, -- sweep.
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we could see steph curry next week but let's not get ahead of ourselves. the wires when it. back to you in the studio. >> that was energy -- the warriors when it. >> that was energy. we will have complete hyle is coming up in 10 minutes. from the beginning i said i would continue on as long as there was a viable path to the free. tonight, -- to victory. tonight, i am sorry to say. it appears that path has been foreclosed. >> senator ted cruz is dropping out of the race. it was a big victory for donald trump in the indiana primary.
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that elevates them -- that elevates donald trump to the republican nominee. looking at the night results with both parties. >> reporter: it was a big night for donald trump and a disappointing night for ted cruz. the texas senator ended his white house bid. >> would heavy heart, -- with heavy heart, for the long-term future of our nation, we are suspending our campaign.>> reporter: indiana was a state that maybe a few weeks ago, with the wind and wisconsin, you would've looked at it and said this is a good fit it was a wild week in indiana for ted cruz. after six losses starting april 19 in new york, ted cruz tried to turn things around.
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he talked about a running mate last thursday. senator crews prepared two -- ted senator ted cruz prepared two speeches. >> this has been an amazing evening. i did not expect this. >> i did not expect this. >> reporter: donald trump spoke with him. >> just so you understand, ted cruz, i don't know if he likes me or does not like me. he is a competitor. he is a tough and smart guy.>> reporter: bernie sanders has been pointing out that hillary clinton is not the democratic nominee just yet. clinton's campaign downplayed the expectation for indiana, and bernie sanders when does
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not do much to change the delicates. he is campaigning on, next tuesday west virginia. >> cruises decision -- ted cruz, his decision did not come as a surprise. what this means for the san francisco republican party. >> at this point, it is over. >> reporter: he came right out and said it was over and that there is no way he could earn the delegates needed to be the republican nominee. >> it will be donald trump against hillary clinton. >> reporter: ted cruz spent a lot of time campaigning in indiana. he cannot get enough delegates. he is on john kasich supporter.
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john kasich has been trailing ted cruz and donald trump in the gop race. he is not a fan of some of donald trump's policies but believes he is the only option. >> whether you agree with things donald trump has said or not he's better than hillary clinton or bernie sanders. >> reporter: he knows how to delegate, he believes donald trump will bring in the best and brightest to come up with a plan that will help the country. do you feel safe? >> i do not feel safe. >> hundreds of protesters marched the steps of san francisco's city hall. they are calling for the firing of the police chief. tonight, the police chief canceled the police accountability for them due to security concerns.
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bringing us the latest details. >> reporter: a day of protest in san francisco that started out at city hall. they called for the removal of the police chief. the protest was led by the group called, the frisco five. >> he is incapable. >> reporter: they went into city hall with the intention of talking to the mayor but he was not in the building all day long. the protest continued outside and inside in the group took over the board of supervisors chambers >> black, brown, people. >> you should be fired.
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>> reporter: across town another protest, the group had the same message. the public defender, they were going to have of panel discussion but the chief backed out at the last minute wondering about security concern. the public defender talked about the issues about 100 or so people were in attendance. as soon as the rally was done, there were no reported arrests or injuries. i am jeff bush in san francisco kron 4 news. he is denying that he sexually assaulted the woman. the end counter was consensual. -- the encounter was consensual. she was mentally competent.
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the alleged assault happened last year when the women -- the woman went to his home to interview for a man a job. the woman texted him 22 times after the alleged rape asking them for money 10 times. a person is dead by being hit by a caltrain, apm tonight. the train was heading southbound. none of the 260 passengers were injured and investigators are investigating the situation. passengers should expect delays for up to 60 minutes. coming up, a frightening robbery at a donut shop. the latest on the search for suspects. listeria outbreak from frozen vegetables. how many products are being recalled. a clerk was attacked by thieves.
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exclusive surveillance video. playoff action, we have regular business with the a's. highlights a little bit later in this newscast. we have a little bit of patchy fog moving in. i am tracking a chance of rain through the rest of the work week.
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thieves attacked a stork clerk in concord. -- thieves attacked a store clerk in concord. they walked into a 711 on monument boulevard, he put of pack of beer dispense and the clerk noticed and called the police. -- he put a pack of beer in his pants. and the clerk noticed and called the police. the suspect got away in the chevy yukon suv. a robbery at a donut shop.
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the two accomplices are still at large. they ordered food cued to take the clerk back to the store, the suspect holding the clerk at gunpoint. one of the suspects dropped the fake gun will trying to get away. new at 11 pm. california state university teachers will be getting a raise. union members represented thousands of teachers and they voted to approve that deal. 97% voted yes. the contract calls for raises totaling up to 10.5%. the decision was made after teachers threatened to not report to work, the board of trustees still has to approve the deal and that could happen later this month. a little bit of rain could
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be heading our way again, we are looking live at the golden gate bridge, brittney shipp has been tracking the forecast. >> if it comes we will see a little bit of rainfall, we have a chance tomorrow all the way up to saturday and things should clear up for mother's day. here is a look as far as what you could expect. showers may develop along the coast and they will linger into the morning and we will see a slight chance of rain heading into wednesday and the best chances thursday on into friday. that is what we can expect for the rest of the week and we will have cooler temperatures. san francisco 56, oakland 57, livermore staying mild, low 60s, also in concord, it is 55 degrees and santa rosa. this large system, it is
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producing clouds and bringing them into our area, moisture is increasing, it is staying offshore north of the area, but future cast, as we go through tonight mostly cloudy skies and then 7 am, this is the moisture that i'm tracking, that is the closest it will get to us, as we go through the day we did see a couple stray showers, and then looking at planning ahead that is where the moisture will go into the sierra. this afternoon we will see a little bit of activity developing. as we get into friday morning we will start to see a little bit of this moisture making it closer to fairfield and then more widespread rain expected around 6 am for novato . it will be spotty as we go through the next couple of days. your wake-up temperatures in the 50s, highs in the 70s and midshipman 60s, the seven-day forecast, it shows a chance for shower continuing till
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saturday, mother's day looks great, 71 degrees. it really showed, especially without steph curry. we go out to the arena without steph curry, fingers crossed that he will be back on saturday for game three in portland. the warriors trailed most of the game, 17 in the third, 25 for the game the warriors are down 11 going into the fourth. the defense, they shut him down. they scored in the fourth and klay thompson, then thompson on his way to 27 points. 20 of them in the second half. are we go, his line -- here we go, his line is always fast. the warriors took control, they trailed almost the entire game,
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going on 34-12 run ending the game, 110-99, leading the series . >> anytime you are down to making a comeback, has the start with the defense. you have to make stops. >> with the fourth quarter, we had a lot of guys step up and they made big shots and big plays. it was our defense that field everything. >> -- but it was our defense that fueled everything. >> these guys have something cooking, again, is looking like steph curry could play on saturday. with the sharks, it is a different story, they came in leading national by a couple of games, and then the tennessee titan quarterback got things rolling, the sharks on the board , turning on the red lake, the
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sharks go up 3-0. to their credit there is shea weber, and the predators had a 2-1 lead, the great sharks goalie, he was a little bit off tonight, 4-1 nashville. game four is thursday night in nashville. >> the giants got here we go and cincinnati. with the help here, from hunter, he will make a diving grab, three hits, one run, it is 1-1 in the eighth. he has the dribble or but when the reds cannot make the play the giants win 2-1. >> the a's, 12,000 fans in
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attendance, and some dressing up. the seattle mariners, a three run blast, and the mariners beat the a's 3-2. you have been a's loss, a giants win, and a sharks lost and a warriors win. a lot of action going on in the bay area. still ahead, of frozen vegetable recall, how many brands are affected by a listeria outbreak? putting news first, kron 4 news .
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new at 11 pm, a washington- based company is expanding the link of listeria with frozen vegetables. all organic and traditional vegetables and fruit processed by the facility. more than three or 50 products under 42 separate brands have been recalled. these are photos of -- 350 products under 42 separate brands these pictures are what have been recalled. caught on camera, they saved children from a burning building.
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take a look at this a dramatic rescue this is in south korea three children being saved by us servicemen, the mother dropped the children from a fourth story window. the fire was ripping through that building they were able to catch them by blankets.
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a chance of showers through the end of the week. have a good night.
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all out war over this photo. could this really be ted cruz's dad with jfk's assassin. >> what was he doing with lee harvey oswald shortly before the death. >> and what was it really like to date the republican presidential front-runner. >> she dated donald trump. >> was he a good kisser? >> and, olympic hero in tears. >> did they really grope a paralyzed olympic hero? >> it was really embarrassing. >> then, the biggest loser warning. these three contestants lost a whooping 444 pounds on the show. now the shocking revelation. almost all gained weight back. i


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