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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  May 4, 2016 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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he got a call from an associate of prince on the evening of wednesday, april 20th and immediately contacted acolleague in minnesota. >>:"that minnesota doctor cleared his schedule for thursday morning to provide privacy to prince. prince did not show up for that appointment on thursday morning." >>catherine heenan:kornfeld made plans to meet prince personally on friday. >>catherine heenan:meanwhile he put his son andrew on a redeye flight to minneapolis >>:andrew's purpose in being there was to describe the recovery without walls program, to familiarize prince with that. prince could go there for pain management and any addiction >>catherine heenan:at nine=thirty thursday morning the younger kornfeld arrived at paisley park, prince's home and studio. >>:"when he arrived, prince was not available. they went looking for prince, couldn't initially find him. they saw--the staff representatives apparently, found him in an elevator, unconscious. one of the staff members started screaming.
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andrew heard the screams and went to the elevator, where he saw that prince was unconscious." >>:"andrew was the person to make the 9-1-1 call describing a medical emergency at paisley park. andrew, mill valley, california, not locally, he didn't have the address for paisley park. 9-1-1 call doesn't have the address, he didn't know the address. he said prince's place, paisley park." >>catherine heenan:paramedics were there within five minutes. nineteen minutes later, at 10=oh=seven, the e=m=t's pronounced prince dead. kornfeld's lawyer says he does not have much to add to the invetsigation. "there still remain issues of patient confidentiality post- mortem. dr. kornfeld was never able to meet prince, never talked to prince and, sadly, not able to arrive in time to help prince." >>catherine heenan:six days before his death, prince's private plane made an emergency landing in moline, illinois. >>catherine heenan:sources have said prince was over-dosing on opioids. paramedics at the airport gave him a shot of an antidote. he was taken to a hospital, but left within a few hours against medical advice.when he was told he couldn't have a private room.
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>>pam:drug addiction is powerful thing. and treating the problem is not easy. >>pam:kron 4's justine waldman just got back from interviewing a drug addiction expert. she is live from the newsroom now, with what she learned. justine. >>reporter:the doctor i just spoke with called opiate addiction an epidemic across the country. >>reporter:and the treatment involves both therapy. and taking presciption drugs. >>reporter:the most commonly prescribed drug to treat opiate addiction is bu-pren-norphine. >>reporter:it comes in a pill form. or in oral strips. the doctor i spoke with.did not treat prince. >>reporter:he does have patients all over the country and tells is about retraining the brain to get out of dependency. >>reporter:and taking bu-pren- norphine works because it patients do not get the immediate high when they take opiates. sick from not having it."
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>>reporter:the pills cost about 8-dollars each. and the amount of time people take them varries. but eventually the dosage gets lower and lower..until it is not needed anymore. >>reporter:pam we did learn today. the son of the mill valley doctor who went to treat prince. had small quantity of bu-pre-norphine pills in a backpack to help stabilize the singer. >>pam:in the south bay. an accident involving a single ounce of a common dental compound. forced the evacuation of a clinic this morning in san jose. >>pam:as kron four's rob fladeboe reports now, seventeen people were exposed. and several of them were sent to the hospital for treatment. >>rob fladaboe:this was the
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chaotic scene outside the indian health center on meridian avenue shortly before 10 a.m. wednesday. between patients and staff, 17 people either underwent decontamination or were taken by ambulance to area hospitals for treatment. >>rob fladaboe:the full service clinic and dental offices were promptly evacuated as those inside sought fresh air after about once ounce of a compound known as 'cresol,' a sealant used in fillings for children, was spilled in a dentists office. >>rob fladaboe:some of those
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complaining of respiratory problems and skin irriitation were said to have been impacted by what's known as >>rob fladaboe:a 'splash exposure,' from what is described as a mildly corrosive but highly concentrated chemical. >>pam:a 54-year-old man is behind bars tonight. accused of molesting a boy for *eight years. >>pam:santa clara county sheriff's deputies say, gregory helfrich. sexually assaulted and showed child pornography to a young victim. who at the time, was between five and 12-years- old. >>pam:the victim is now in his late twenties. detectives learned about the
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case. and served a search warrant at his home back on april 27th. >>pam:that's where they say they found pictures of child pornography in his bedroom and on his computer. >>pam:helfrich was arrested and is being held without bail at the santa clara county jail. >>pam:a shooting this morning at a fast food restaurant in an east bay city. the act of violence comes on the heels. of woman being shot to death inside another business in that town earlier this week. >>pam:tonight, resident's tell kron4's haaziq madyun. they are afraid to walk the streets because of the gun violence. >>haaziq madyun:shattered glass on the floor inside and the ground outside of this mcdonald's restaurant.signs of an early morning shooting here at this location on >>:"i just got a text message from my boss, i guess it's an emergency in there" >>haaziq madyun:this mcdonald's employee says she was on her way to work when this happened. she is concerned because earlier this week another employee was involved in a domestic violence
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incident inside the restaurant >>:"the manager.her boyfriend came and broke the window, two days ago, that's why the door is broke right there, but i don't know " >>haaziq madyun:however she says she does know there has been several recent shootings in this area >>:"this is a bad neighborhood, they just had a robbery right here at kfc, somebody just got shot two weeks ago in front of lowes and now mcdonalds" >>haaziq madyun:in fact earlier this week a woman was gunned down and a clerk wounded during a shooting inside in of a convenient store not far from this location. residents here say they are living in fear >>:"to where we have to stay in the house, we can no longer go to the park, because there was shooting just outside last week, in broad day light, we called the police but they did not show up" >>haaziq madyun:antioch police showed up at mcdonald's for this shooting, which investigators say wounded an employee standing by the window just before 11am. >>haaziq madyun:an unidentified male shooter got away, last seen driving a 2000's model chevy pick up turck. police say the
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shooting was not random and that the victim was not the intended target. >>haaziq madyun:however investigators had no comment on whether or not the shooting is connected to the domestic violence incident that occurred here earlier this antioch haaziq madyun kron4news >>pam:a 15-year police veteran is going to be okay. after he was trapped in his burning patrol car. >>pam:it all happened around 10:30- last night. on lincoln avenue and fifth street in alameda. >>pam:police say, the 19-year- old suspect - emmith delrosario - was speeding down the street, and lost control of his car. >>pam:that is when he slammed into officer russell wise's car. sending it crashing into a pole. where it burst into flames. >>pam:the suspect ran from the area, leaving officer wise trapped in the burning car. >>pam:people who live in the area saw the crash. and managed to help officer wise. get out.
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>>pam:delrosario was arrested and booked into the santa rita jail. >>pam:he is facing felony hit and run charges. >>pam:big news with that new, controversial l-g-b-t bathroom law in north carolina. >>pam:grant lodes is here with the demand today. from the department of justice. >>grant lodes:the feds are saying.get rid of this discriminatory law.or millions of dollars in federal school funding could be with-held from that state. >>grant lodes:the department of justice has sent a letter to north carolina governor pat mc- crory.telling him the law.known as h-b-2.violates the u-s civil rights act. >>grant lodes:the law.which has yet to be enforced.requires transgender people to use public bathrooms that correspond to their birth certificate, rather than the gender with which they identify. >>grant lodes:several bay area
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businesses and local governments have already said they won't travel to or do buisness in north carolina if the law remains on the books. >>grant lodes:the governor has not yet responded to the d-o-j's letter. >>pam:there is much more ahead at five. this november. californians will get to vote on legalizing marijuana.. >>pam:next at five. why advocates say, the time is now. plus, an east bay family is pleading for help to solve a murder mystery. >>pam:coming up. the new clue released today. and later. the bay area construction boom. happening in one of the last undeveloped areas of san francisco.
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>>pam m: or selling it, should be legal in california >>pam m:so says those backing an initiative. which backers say, has gathered enough signatures to be placed on the november ballot. >>pam m:and leading the charge for legal pot. lt. governor
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gavin newsom. >>pam m:kron 4's dan kerman is live in san francisco tonight with more on the initiative >>dan kerman:in the east bay. >>dan kerman:the city of oakland is expanding the number of medical marijuana dispensaries within the city. >>dan kerman:city leaders unanimously approved a new law this morning. this new policy will add eight medical marijuana dispensary permits each year. >>dan kerman:this policy is intended to help regulate underground clubs. the expansion could mean more money for oakland.
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>>dan kerman: also concerned republican congressman-rocker former lapd deputy chief stephen downing also wish to support for the measure many law for some officials remain opposed leading the charge to california police chiefs association. >>dan kerman: to a spokesman for
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the initiative says the state than is absolutely not true in exclusively denied licenses to those convicted of drug trafficking or drug selling to those involving minors they also say it is a large provision in their and our local jurisdiction to decide whether not to allow these by some shops and to bay in their communities. >>pam m: the city of oakland is expanding the number of medical marijuana dispensaries within the city the city leaders 90 approve the new law this morning this new policy at eight medical marijuana this and to permit every year this pause is and to
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help the delay on the ground clubs the santa could mean more money for oakland. >>pam m:one of those bills includes raising the minimum age to buy cigarettes. to 21. >>pam m:other bills would regulate electronic cigarettes, allow local tobacco taxes, establish annual tobacco license fees. and push for all charter schools to be tobacco free. >>pam m:brown has until midnight to either sign, veto, or return the bills to the legislature. otherwise, they automatically become law thursday. >>pam m: for help. it was on mothers day 3- years ago, when someone shot >>pam m:now, there is a re-newed effort to find his killer - including a reward and a new sketch of the wanted man. >>pam m:kron four's terisa estacio reports.
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>>terisa estacio: it is banned three years for the center and a civil family since alberto was fatally shot here on the present people boulevard authority said he been shot at the shrine to brick of fight his family says he was only trying to help keep the peace uc-berkeley police believed this sketch on stand of the person believed to afire the fat around his cabin hispanic or filipino mail in the 20's or '30's and possibly had appointed he does with the feed mill companion also there but not a $10,000 reward the crime
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occurred on mother's day in 2013 just before he had planned to close in time with his mother a fremont resident his sister said he'd like to come up to is the peak in a dream he had planned to be a paramedic. >>pam m:are you feeling lucky? >>pam m:then, you might want to go out and buy a powerball ticket. a 348- million- dollar jackpot is up for grabs. in tonight's drawing. >>pam m:that means a the winner could walk home with a lump sum of just over 226 -million dollars. the winning retailer would get a million dollar bonus. >>pam m:but before you throw too much money into chasing the powerball. keep in mind, that
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your odds of winning the mega jackpot are more than 292- million to one. and this current jackpot has rolled over 17- times. >>pam m:partly cloudy around the bay area today. meterologist brittney shipp is here with some changes on the way. >>reporter: rain of a thunderstorm activity is meant to the north of our area but we welcome the chance of iceland and the storms in the forecast has to go to thursday and friday will have a similar activity today that this not mean that is not in the forecast a to go to the rest of tonight you'll notice a little bit of activity.
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>>reporter: for closer to come to live more grow on people to concede a few isolated on the stones more downpours by 7 and fought most of the motion is to the north of santa rosa >>reporter:an entire city in canada. is forced to evacuate as a massive wildfire rages out of control.
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>>pam m:there is a construction boom happening in the bay area. >>pam m:new numbers from "dodge data and analytics" suggests. housing construction is up *92 - percent* over last year. >>pam m:but as kron 4's kate cagle reports. it still might not be enough to give the middle class relief. >>reporter:you can forget about gridlock if you decide to move to the old naval yard in san francisco. >>reporter:the streets are so empty when robert knigge drives around.he uses a golf cart. >>:"where else can you be in san francisco and be at the beginning of a new development." >>reporter:robert is one of the first people to buy a townhouse at "the san francisco shipyard." >>reporter:it's one-half of a massive new development at the old naval yard and candlestick park that will create 12 thousand homes when it's finished. >>reporter:to put it in perspective: that's the same number of new homes built in all of san francisco in the last five years. >>:"the sidewalk just put it in. the tree just put in."
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>>reporter:robert's three bedroom condo with a view is still under construction. >>reporter:he thinks it's a part of something big. >>:"out here it's quiet. it's nothing. but you do know it's coming" >>:"i'd say it's world class. it's very unique. this is the last undeveloped area in san francisco." >>:"maybe there's a handful in the world that are really this scale" >>:"this area is going to be so transformed over the next decade, the sales team is using virtual reality to show clients what it's going to look like. you can see apartment buildings a park and even two high rise buildings in the distance." >>:"i knew the water taxi area was going to be down here but now you can see it on this. very cool." >>:"developers have jumped back in, in a very big way." >>reporter:patrick carlisle with paragon real estate says there are 60 thousand new homes in the pipeline right now in san francisco alone. >>reporter:even if they all get built.that falls short of the huge demand for housing. >>reporter:so projects like the shipyard that start out as
5:26 pm
relatively affordabledon't stay that way for long. >>:"if supply and demand is out of whack, it jumps back up. so housing that was affordable is no longer affordable." >>reporter:"the value right now is still great." >>reporter:this townhouse is actually robert's second property out here. >>reporter:last yearhe bought this two bedrooom for about 750- thousand. >>:"i didn't think it would be this quick. the time is right." >>reporter:in april he sold it for 14 percent more. >>:"the price that i listed this place for is very reasonable with what else is in the city. it's pretty much brand new but it's ready to go." >>reporter:it is impossible to know just how high prices will continue to go. >>reporter:experts say the luxury condo market here may be quieting down. >>reporter:but housing for the middle class is still in high demand. reporting in san francisco. kate cagle. kron 4 news. >>pam m:and then there was one.
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>>pam m:donald trump is the last g-o-p presidential candidate standing. >>pam m:what lies ahead in the race for the white house. next at 5:30. the largest auto recall in america. is expanding. ahead, the staggering number of cars affected.
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>>pam m:it has been another dramatic and decisive day. in the race for president. >>pam m:one day after texas republican senator ted cruz dropped out of the race. ohio governor john kasich has also ended his presidential bid. >>pam m:catherine heenan is here with more on the day's political developments. catherine >>catherine h:and then there was one. >>catherine h:john kasich has ended his bid for the white house. >>catherine h:leaving donald trump as the last man standing.and the presumptive republican nominee for president. >>catherine h:kasich was only able to win his home state - and had hoped to be a gop convention alternative to trump. but this afternoon - he acknowledged it's time to move on.
5:31 pm
>>catherine h:donald trump had just sat down for an interview with cnn's wolf blitzer this morning - when the news broke that kasich was about to pull out of the race. >>catherine h:this was his reaction. >>catherine h:as for the democrats -- despite last night's upset victory by bernie sanders in indiana's primary. >>catherine h:front-runner hillary clinton is looking past him -- to the general election. >>catherine h:she's now focused on donald trump - asking supporters in a tweet today to "chip in if you agree we can't
5:32 pm
let him become president." >>catherine h:and in an interview -- she called trump a 'loose cannon.' >>catherine h:despite the fact she lost the indiana primary to sanders. >>catherine h:hillary clinton is now 93% of the way to clinching the democratic nomination. >>catherine h:she split enough of the delegates with sanders yesterday to move closer to the 2-thousand-383 delegates needed to win. >>catherine h:counting super delegates - she's just 178 delegates short.and is on track to clinch the nomination by early june.
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>>reporter: it shows us right now all the thunderstorm activity as well to the north of month's but we will maintain a chance shower as we go to the rest of tonight tomorrow and also to frighten the as and friday to consider the development of a few isolated showers and then going to be very isolated by the time sunday rose round with a child and i can show tim to attack and had the women the in the fifties and low 60s by 9:00 i slid showers possible most in the '50s >>pam m:president obama was in
5:34 pm
flint, michigan today. he wants to get a better understanding of that citys' water crisis. >>pam m:more than a -thousand people packed flint high school's gym. to hear obama talk about the water crisis. >>pam m:flint's water became contaminated with lead, after the city was mandated by the state to draw its water from the flint river. and officials failed to treat it properly, causing a lead -contamination crisis. >>pam m:president obama says, clean water is a basic responsibility of the u-s government. and says, what happened in flint was a manmade disaster that should not have happened. >>pam m:the president showed his support for flint residents, by drinking filtered city water, to show it is safe to drink again.
5:35 pm
>>pam m:president obama vouched for the safety of certified filters, and encouraged most city residents to start drinking filtered water instead of bottled water. >>pam m:what was already the nation's largest auto recall. is growing even larger. >>pam m:the national highway traffic safety administration announced today. an additional 35 -to 40- million airbags have been added to the recall list. >>pam m:scott mclean brings us the details. >>reporter: the national highway traffic his demonstration is expanding his recall of tokyo- based to cut air pact to include an additional 35 to 40 minutes
5:36 pm
back because of the risk they pose to drivers and passengers cause in russia dickenson danger shrapnel flying of the driver's face or lack the problem is are revealing to the death of the least 10 people and it is a victim a 17 year-old texas teenager. the announcement effectively doubles the number of recall their backs involves more than one in every five cars in the u.s. across 22 brands. >>reporter: to find what you
5:37 pm
cars on a left goes to the left say and physical ability immediately.
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hey i think the internet just went down. huh, why don't you give it a sec, it'll come back. something just happened in the world and we have no idea what it was.
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get high speed internet from at&t with 99.9% reliability for just $30 a month. keep calm, your internet's on. >>pam m:"may the *fourth be with you." >>pam m:today has been dubbed "star wars day". as today's date. is a play on the films' catchphrase. 'may the force be with you.' >>pam m:fans around the world are getting together today to honor the film series. >>pam m:but one annual event in sacramento. is being told to shut it down by the film makers themselves. >>pam m:grant lodes is back with the details. grant? pam, >>grant lodes:for the past eight years. star wars fans have gathered in fremont park for a "light saber duel". >>grant lodes:and. it's all to raise money. for the make-a- wish-foundation. >>grant lodes:but in january, the creator of the event,
5:41 pm
received a cease-and-desist letter from lucasfilms' attorneys. >>grant lodes:the film production company was threatening to sue the group. if they didn't stop using the word 'light saber'. >>grant lodes:the group quickly changed the name of the group. >>grant lodes:but in march. another letter came from lucasfilm's attorney's. >>grant lodes:and that's how "cats in space was born.". it's the new name of the event and the group believes this will prevent anymore letters from lucasfilms' attorneys. pam? >>pam m:u-s womens soccer star carli lloyd has made plenty of goals on the field. now she's just made a huge one off the field. how she's changing the game for female athletes. next.
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>>pam m:the golden state warriors are now 10-wins away from another world championship. >>pam m:and their latest victory was a wild one. >>pam m:the dubs clawed back from a 17-point deficit to trump the 2-nothing series lead. >>pam m:mark carpenter spoke with the team after the win. >>pam m:and joins us with their reaction-- again, no steph, no problem. >>reporter:no problem indeed. >>reporter:but it didn't seem that way for the first 36- minutes, portland came out with an intensity not seen in game 1, shooting 66-percent from the field. >>reporter:yet, steve kerr told us postgame. >>reporter:he wasn't surprised that happened, and everyone was ready to adjust. >>:"game 2's always scare me. if you won the first one relatively easily like we did, it just always happens. it's human nature. the other team comes out angry. maybe you let your guard down a little bit
5:46 pm
even though you are aware of the circumstances." >>reporter:and once again, the warriors had no problem adapting to said circumstances. game 2, another example of 'strength in numbers'. as they went into the 4th down 11, and outscored the blazers 34-12. klay thompson and draymond green led the charge when it came to scoring. but-- offense wasn't the lead story. >>:"anytime you are down and you are trying to make a comeback, it has to start defensively you have to make stops. but we are not getting those long range threes from steph in transition when he's not out, so you have to find and generate points elsewhere." >>:"we're always very confident we can get back into games and even if it's five, six, 10 points with 10 minutes left. we are still very confident we can
5:47 pm
get back into that game." >>reporter:more bad news for the blazers-- the reigning mvp could soon be back on the floor. >>reporter:just a week-and-a- half after injuring his knee, steph curry has resumed light shooting workouts. >>reporter:and is aiming to return for game 3. >>:"we really believe that it's going to be hard for a team to beat us four times if we're locked in and we're all playing selfless and just playing for each other. we've got such a deep team and so many great play makers and guys that do different things and we've got great balance that we just come with that mental focus every night and we'll be in a great position to win." >>reporter:if curry plays on saturday, that would be ahead of the two-week timetable originally set by the team. we hope to find out more on his status when they return to practice tomorrow morning. even if he is healthy, there's a possibility he could sit for games 3 and 4. as a warriors sweep would end the series by next monday. >>pam m:for the first time ever. a female is now a spokesperson for a beer brand. grant lodes is back. to tell us who it is.
5:48 pm
pam, >>grant lodes:u-s womens soccer, carli lloyd, is now a spokesperson for heineken. >>grant lodes:the beer company official launched its "soccer is here" campaign last month. >>grant lodes:and along with lloyd. it features american soccer legend landon donovan and spanish star, david villa. >>grant lodes:lloyd is a huge advocate for equal pay. and she's even filed a complaint against the u-s soccer organization. in march. >>grant lodes:lloyd says heineken is paying her, donovan and villa. all equally. >>grant lodes:and she feels it's a sign. her fight for equal pay is. paying off.
5:49 pm
>>reporter: as we had to marron often tune part of the we can have a lot to expect to nine
5:50 pm
occupied home the showers developing as we go to the afternoon on thursday expressing things start to heat up and helped to trigger some of these thunderstorms less cause one to go with the next couple days to have the area of low pressure the bustling time to reach him and helped trigger some of the iceland showers and thunderstorms to attempt to warm
5:51 pm
up ahead to next week. >>pam m:a new study shows that more than fifty percent of teenagers admit they're addicted to their phones. >>pam m:our tech trends reporter gabe slate shows us what parents think about this. >>gabe slate:this poll confirms what most parents know >>gabe slate:teens are extremly dependent on their phone >>gabe slate:the study done by common sense media involved interviews with parents and kids 12 to 18 years old. >>gabe slate:here's what they discovered. >>gabe slate:most of the teens questioned in the survey said they checked their phone atleast every hour. >>gabe slate:and they said they
5:52 pm
feel the need to immediately respond to texts and social networking messages. >>gabe slate:and most parents said they argue daily with their kids about using a device or being distracted by one when they want their attention. >>gabe slate:we posted this story to our facebook and asked people what they thought about it >>gabe slate:so besides dropping the hammer and taking away the phone by force. what can parents do ???? >>gabe slate: it involvedand if
5:53 pm
they seem upset after using their phone ask them why ? talk to them >>pam m:still ahead. >>pam m:have beyonce and jay-z fixed their marital drama? we go inside the rocky romance. next.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
>>pam m:beyonce took her problems with jay-z and turned them into lemonade! the insider's debbie
5:56 pm
matenopoulos is in hollywood with how the couple may have patched things up. >>reporter:it's true. but just how close did queen b get to becoming a single lady? tonight we go inside how beyonce put her love on top! >>:beyonce: i hope it rains you're the perfect lullaby beyonce kicking water >>reporter:an undeniably poetic, if not a bit chatoic scene at the raleigh stop of beyonce's formation tour. >>reporter:just like in "lemonade" beyonce weathered the storm that was trying to take her down. twitter_beyonce concert_raleigh sings_halo in rain_rzt singing halo >>:our sources say lemonade clearly mirrors her life with jay z / 1:02:00 and what our story really details how beyonce saved her marriage >>reporter:entertainment director ian drew explains how two years ago beyonce was laying the groundwork for a divorce in the wake of tmz leaking that now infamous elevator fight >>:the elevator incident sort of made public in a very
5:57 pm
embarassing way the problems they had. beyonce was all set to give up on her marriage she started a statement for hte ap she started looking at other properties to live in tina more than anyone loves jay and wanted her to give it another chance and work through it
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
>>pam m:now at six.
6:00 pm
>>pam m:the push to legalize pot in california. the golden state is one step closer to making marijuana legal. and a familiar face is leading the movement. >>pam m: >>dan kerman: that 400,000 that will be enough they said that six on the thousand signatures the person right behind the lieutenant governor and the cattle some the
6:01 pm
measurement illegal for california gulch on when it over to by counsel mirror, as i saw the talent and also to go up to six appliance personal use the retells will be regulated and license and sales will be taxed.
6:02 pm
>>dan kerman: initiative said that is absolutely not the case is a state regulators were not given licenses to those and convicted of southern air when a specific measure and the initiative talking about the the to the truck the traffic and the also same to prevent a cut chops from popping up if they so choose.
6:03 pm
>>grant lodes: those four states and ec past initiatives along with the seller or krishna used as long as a 21 and over a california was actually the first u.s. state to legalize medical marijuana 20 years to come in was the first state to the recreational use initiative before brokers that 2010 mesocarp 19 failed amid heavy conflict to dispense the owners and growers. >>pam m: and also crave spot
6:04 pm
trout or was delivered businesses distributors testing facilities and manufacturing businesses is to cut down on the ground operations oakland reckon about $4 million in taxes last year from eight dispensaries a sock, the permitted in the sitting on bay area specialists and the addiction says that he was on his way to treat prince for painkiller abuse when he died last what. >>pam m:when andrew kornfeld
6:05 pm
arrived paisley park the next morning. staff members said they hadn't seen his client. "they went looking for prince, couldn't initially find him. they saw--the staff representatives apparently, found him in an elevator, unconscious. one of the staff members started screaming. andrew heard the screams and went to the elevator, where he saw that prince was unconscious." >>pam m:the younger kornfeld called 9=1=1 and an ambulance was there within five minutes. >>pam m:e=m=t's worked on prince for 19 minutes before declaring him dead. sources have said prince had recently over-dosed on opioids. >>pam m:an addiction to that drug. is common. hitting people of all walks of life. >>pam m:and there is a
6:06 pm
treatment. >>pam m:kron 4's justine waldman is here now, after talking with an addiction specalist about what can be done. >>reporter:we learned the son of the mill valley doctor who went to treat prince. had small quantity of bu-pre-norphine pills in a backpack to help stabilize the singer. >>reporter:that drug is the most common treatment for opiode addiction. >>reporter:opioids are drugs like morphine or hydocodone, drugs used to treat severe pain. >>reporter:the most commonly prescribed drug to treat opiate addiction is bu-pren-norphine. >>reporter:it comes in a pill form. >>reporter:or in oral strips.
6:07 pm
>>reporter: in the tech most of the activities into east and north our region where close to him and teach high this twisting
6:08 pm
motion up on some activity was slow start to die down. >>reporter: cost to go on to the next couple days in the tech this area of low pressure a few days to work its way through the region that is with a chance of showers and thunderstorms will come from to and choose the seventh to agree to presence in six to seven from where to sit, san jose and
6:09 pm
>>pam m:leaving donald trump as the presumptive nominee for the republican party. >>pam m:catherine heenan is here with details of another eventful day in politics. >>catherine h:one day after texas senator ted cruz dropped out.john kasich has >>catherine h:also said goodbye and thank you to his supporters. >>catherine h:he had trailed his rivals - even as the gop field narrowed -- winning only his home state primary. >>catherine h:kasich said he's moved by how much people changed him along the way.
6:10 pm
>>catherine h:donald trump meantime, says he's setting up a vice presidential vetting committee 'very soon'. >>catherine h:and that could include some of his former running mates. >>catherine h:he says he might consider kasich - but claims he hasn't yet seriously considered >>catherine h:the matter. >>catherine h:he 'did' say in an interview that he'd consider naming former new york city mayor >>pam m:rudy giuliani as secretary of homeland security. >>pam m:governor chris christie as attorney general. >>pam m:and ben carson as secretary of health and human services. >>pam m:former president bill clinton is in california today. >>pam m:where he told san diego supporters of his wife hillary to 'stay the course' through the state's june 7th primary. >>pam m:he says regardless of her large delegate lead over bernie sanders -- they have to "run this race to the end." >>pam m:bill clinton later went on to campaign in los angeles.
6:11 pm
>>pam m:his visit comes one day after hillary clinton lost the indiana primary to sanders.but lost only a small amount of her commanding delegate lead. >>pam m:despite that upset loss.hillary clinton is now 93% of the way to clinching the democratic nomination. >>catherine h:she split enough of the delegates with sanders yesterday to move closer to the 2-thousand-383 delegates needed to win. >>catherine h:counting super delegates - she's just 178 delegates short - and is on track to clinch the nomination by early june. >>pam m:a trip to the dentist office became anything but routine today in the south bay. >>pam m:what happened that sent several people to the hospital. cracking down on graffiti and illegal dumping. >>pam m:the unique plan being pitched by one bay area city to get people to rat on those who break the law. >>pam m:and president obama makes his first visit to flint michigan to see the impact of the water crisis. >>pam m:but it was an apology from another political leader
6:12 pm
that stirred up emotions.
6:13 pm
6:14 pm
>>pam m:a mcdonald's employee is wounded during a shooting in antioch earlier this morning >>pam m:the restatuant is located on mahogany way. residents in the area tell kron4 that part of town has
6:15 pm
experienced a rise in shootings in recent weeks >>:"yes this is my neighborhood." >>:".and now mcdonald's" >>pam m:antioch police say this was not a random shooting. investigators don't believe the victim was the intended target. the shooterin this case is only described as a male in his 20's who was last seen driving a white, 2000's model chevy pick- up truck.
6:16 pm
>>pam m:a 54-year-old man is behind bars tonight. accused of molesting a boy for *eight years. >>pam m:santa clara county sheriff's deputies say gregory helfrich sexually assaulted and showed child pornography to a young victim. who at the time was between five and 12-years- old. >>pam m:the victim is now in his late twenties. >>pam m:detectives learned about the case and served a search warrant at helfrich's home back on april 27th. >>pam m:that's where they found pictures of child pornography in his bedroom and on his computer. >>pam m:helfrich was arrested and is being held without bail at the santa clara county jail. >>pam m:a manhunt is underway for a man who allegedly shot his pregnant ex-girlfriend last wednesday. >>pam m:pacifica police are seeking to find 25-year-old ricardo colindres seen here. >>pam m:the incident happened at a senior-housing complex here... on the one-thousand block of terra nova boulevard in pacifica. >>pam m:that's where the victim is employed. >>pam m:police say the suspect
6:17 pm
showed up at around eight-a-m... and shot his ex-girlfriend in the head. >>pam m:the 25-year-old victim was rushed to the hospital where she is currently in stable condition. >>pam m:she has not yet given birth to the baby. >>pam m:police are currently working with the u-s marshall's office to locate the suspect >>pam m:a trip to the dentists office landed several people in the >>pam m:hospital when the clinic was evacuated following a chemical >>pam m:spill this morning in san jose. >>pam m:meridian avenue was shut down at willow street as a haz- mat team and several ambulances rolled to the scene. kron four's rob fladeboe explains what happened. >>rob fladaboe:seven people, including two children, were taken by ambulance to the hospital after they were exposed to a chemical spill here at the indian health center. >>reporter:indian health center c.e.o. sonya tetnowski said that both patients and staff were exposed when they were splashed by droplets from a single ounce
6:18 pm
of the mildly corrosive but fairly common chemical, that somehow spilled onto caps worn by the staff. >>rob fladaboe: following a complete the contamination the clinic is scheduled to reopen first in tomorrow morning >>pam
6:19 pm
m: the santa clara county fire department and the doctors patched up its aftermath the currency crashed on east bloc have no >>catherine h:the president has taken a drink of the filtered water in flint. >>catherine h:partly to appease photographers.partly to assure skeptical residents that the filtered tap water is now safe. >>catherine h:he got a briefing from city officials on what they're doing about the problem.which came to light last
6:20 pm
year. >>catherine h:some residents have suggested the president should have made this trip months ago. >>catherine h:in comments later.he indicated that the people of flint should never have had to wait so long for a remedy. >>catherine h:before president
6:21 pm
obama took the stage -- michigan governor rick snyder tried to apologize for the problem of the lead tainted water.but was loudly booed by the audience. >>catherine h:he tried to tell the crowd he understood their frustration -- but his message was largely rejected. >>catherine h:one person yelling at the governor "you failed us." >>reporter: as we go on to the next 40 hours will continue to assist the movement and for him tomorrow morning to know the most active list along the sierra hall by mullahs that will
6:22 pm
be nice and dry for san francisco 61 degrees oakum 65 san jose and 68.
6:23 pm
>>pam m: and and and new information about death and medical areas where the bank when it comes to a leading cause of that the united states.
6:24 pm
6:25 pm
>>pam m:how a cell phone company is using a wrecked car to deliver a warning to drivers. >>pam m:and alarming new information about deadly medical errors.
6:26 pm
>>pam m:where they rank when it comes to leading causes of death in the united states. >>pam m:we now know the name of the man killed in horrific car crash last week in pleasanton. this is the aftermath of the fiery six-car wreck on 580. >>pam m: according to researchers and john hopkins they found about 251,000 deaths a year of the result of medical mistakes i hope now to lead to health care reforms and better payson said it managers because death which caused by medical mistakes
6:27 pm
the c-h-p says the chain
6:28 pm
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>>reporter: leading the charge california tennis said decriminalize marijuana you simply has not worked it comes in pill form one or strap the addiction specialist that we spoke with today and not treat him he said that people laughing stopped opiates from giving patients in the type of
6:31 pm
high called a life-saving drug. >>reporter: the entire clinic was decontamination. >>haaziq madyun: a mcdonald's employee is wounded during the shooting of earlier this morning their concern because gun violence appears to be on the riots.
6:32 pm
>>reporter: a 50 year veteran the police force is going to be ok fought hit-and-run accident and the contract and is burning police car police set out of the residents who saw the accident us to the police officers a pull him out of the car from open window. >>j.r. stone: he faces the different charges there's just
6:33 pm
one of as a victim authorities believe there could be more. >>reporter: sustained a 21 of their fell 13 and san jose to the jews in the '60s 58 degrees in vallejo and highest amounts 7 degrees in concord 59 of more tim hutchinson was at seven degrees.
6:34 pm
>>pam m:the u-s justice department says the north carolina "bathroom law". that limits protections to l-g-b-t people. violates federal civil rights laws. >>pam m:the obama administration gave north carolina governor pat mccrory notice today that state officials must confirm by monday. that they will not comply with or implement the law. >>pam m:the justice department says the law violates parts of the civil rights act. which bars discrimination in education based on sex. >>pam m:this could lead to north
6:35 pm
carolina losing hundreds of millions of dollars in federal school funding. >>pam m:tonght.part sof alberta canada.are being swallowed by a raging wildfire. >>pam m:nearly 100-thousand people.have been forced from their homes. >>pam m:grant lodes is here with the dramatic. devastating video. >>grant lodes:the fire started on sunday, and has already destroyed about 80- percent of alberta's fort mcmurray community. that's roughly 74- hundred acres. about 16-thousand structures have been destroyed. >>grant lodes:high winds, warm weather and dry conditions. are making it difficult for firefighters to control the fire. >>grant lodes:as of right now. there have been no reports of deaths of injuries.
6:36 pm
>>pam m:chicago mayor rahm emanuel is pushing to keep george lucas' museum in his windy city. >>pam m:so now he's turning to the federal appeals court. >>pam m:his office announced earlier today that they are filing a petition to dismiss a lawsuit that opposes the lakefront museum. >>pam m:that lawsuit was filed by the parks advocacy group, "friends of the parks." >>pam m:the advocacy group is
6:37 pm
suing the movie maker because they say the land where they plan on building the museum. is public space. >>pam m:lucas' plan has to be approved by the illinois state legislature before construction can begin. >>pam m:
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
>>reporter:find out which late night host is set to be the first guest host on the show. it looks the drama over michael strahan's departure from "live with kelly and michael" is settling down. five frontman adam levine is sporting a baby bump? that's right, adam and his supermodel wife behatti prinsloo, who's 20 weeks pregnant, just posted this pic to instagram. levine wrote "hashtag i'm pregnant too". adorable. >>reporter:well, from baby bumps to actual babies, eddie murphy just became a father - for the 9th time. he and longtime girlfriend paige butcher welcomed daughter izzy oona murphy. he has 2 grown sons with former girlfriends, 5 children with ex-wife nicole mitchell, and a 9-year-old daughter with spice girl melanie brown. >>reporter:it's been an eventful weeks for the show "live with kelly and michael." as we know,
6:41 pm
michael strahan dropped the bomb that he's leaving the show for good morning america and kelly ripa reacted to the news by not showing up for work for several days. well, it was just announced that funny man jimmy kimmel will be kelly's first co- host after michael leaves next week. kimmel will sit in for three days and no doubt lighten things up around there. >>reporter:that's all for the htl daily wrap.
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
>>gary: like a batting practice
6:45 pm
against peeving that clothes are said six innings and had seven runs the air raid. >>gary: they've invited every major league team the report is
6:46 pm
one to clubs will be there to iceland's to come to the giants are the company's no one else to jump the to will see small but again with milliken of tiger real schulz of the sport they want to make the fan is believed that they still care about one of their to players. >>gary: his name is king felix
6:47 pm
nelson cruz a son of a dime to someone randy johnson shawm and i have the mariners beat the a's ninth a the a's have lost four straight games.
6:48 pm
>>gary: we will see you in a couple of weeks still have a nice vacation click.
6:49 pm
>>gary: klay thompson was ready and we know is coralline they did the word to most the game and the workers came back with a great surge unarmed up to nothing in the series the
6:50 pm
warrants will to win close in on draymond green and mr. spokesman he in his the the worm on the podium at the game to and what his answer to question.
6:51 pm
>>pam m: we will be right back with more stay with us.
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
>>grant lodes: hot love ritchie ruled we're hearing an officer has been shot in the to and as an accident as well with the detailed only that an office of has been shot and you see the crew is working to an officer were shot and kantor is to learn
6:55 pm
more on the brick and in will people should have the details. >>pam m: web want to say goodnight the we will be back at 8:00.
6:56 pm
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what's in it? lots of rich, moist organic things. can i touch it? yeah, get in there. that feels really good. nature's care organic garden soil. that's some good dirt. and that's some other good stuff too. "the insider," tracking the
6:59 pm
biggest stories making news today. number one, beyonce says bye becky and saves her marr >> no matter who breaks your heart. >> how close was queen b to divorce, who intervened and why she couldn't turn a blind eye jay-z's alleged cheating anymore. >> beyonce was all set to give up on her marriage. >> then eva longoria spotted without her ring. is she still engaged. >> and number three, who wore the met gala's most memorable dress? claire danes lit up the competition. >> the inspiration was to make it easier for her uber driver to toinher after the party. our collect summer brides guide withmariah, julianne and gaga. we've got the hottest designers on the season's
7:00 pm
biggest trends and why stars say yes to their dress. >> this is your dress right here. now hollywood from the inside out, it's "the insider" together with beyonce took her problems with jay-z and turned them into lemonade. just how close did she get to becoming a single lady? >> what really got her to ring the alarm on jay-z and is he coming out with his own rebuttal record. let's dive right into the number one story we're tracking today. how beyonce put her love on top. >> an undeniably poetic scene at the raleigh stop of beyonce's "formation" tour. just like in "lemonade" beyonce weathered the storm that was trying to take her down.


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