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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  May 4, 2016 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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my husband and i are planning our family. >> she had that, i know, i'm not giving it up yet smile. she's 49 now, but turns on may 16th and obviously has to take it easy. >> if you can try and understand that it's important that i do this now. i have to rest up. doctor's orders. >> we knew she loved children and in the past shared us she wanted to be a mom. >> some day. exactly when, i don't know. >> janet's husband is a 41-year-old billionaire and due date has been released yet. her new video is appropriately titled damn baby and drops at midnight tonight. we were first on the set back on march11th. no evidence a bump at the time. >> we wanted to strip down and just give you full blast. >> the set may have been stripped down, but janet's moves
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werr totally turned up. if she was expecting at the time, it didn't stop her from firing up a d floor fire. >> she always wants to make sure that she's really giving the fans everybody her best. >> damn baby! so happy for janet. she's going to be a mommy. she is going to take a llttle bit more time before she goes back on the road. we were told her tour will crank again in 2017. meanwhile, is j lopez ready to get ma again? there's a rumor that casper smart has popped the question. we're hooking y with all the 411 youneed. yeah, we see you j-lo. you know it must be serious if j-lo skipped the metball. she's gone almost every year for over a decade.
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this year, she ch instead to chill in north carolina where her man is shooting. this is devotion. j-lo went purse shopping in miami. right there with her. it sure looked serious. we were surprised by this headline claiming the couple is engaged. we check with source and we were told flat out it's not true. >> we're happy where we are. >> do you think you'll get married again? >> i don't know. probably. p laughter ] >> next couple, jay-z and beyonce. is he abou to release a response to her "lemonade" album? beyonce went solo to mo met ball ignited specula about her marriage. now, jay-z is reported recording an album with his take on their eight-year marriage. there was drama in north carolina. >> we've been told to evacuate
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the stadium due to lightning. >> thunderstorms interrupted the singer's performance. move on now to a v couple. kelly and michael. we have news. the daytime duo upbeat and steering clear of talk about his jump to gma. he leaves a week from friday. the show tweeted her gu co-hosts, abc news anchor david muir and cedric the entertainer. how cute is this? adam levine just shared this bathroom selfie. #i'mpregnanttoo. last night enjoying a casual date nig >> for alllof us, we'll be waiting for blake shelton and gwen stefani's new lovesong.
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>> how about this? this was ex alec baldwin goes ballistic on a photographer as he and his w go public with their dirty laundry. i'll explain. >> the beverly hills in your confrontation lasted a full two minutes yesterday. alec lamb basting the paparazzi. this happy scene almost minutes away. alec in the same jacket. she says she does her own laund and drags alec along for fun. even did yoga at the laundromat. here's what you didn't see as the couple took their selfies and did their own wash, paparazzi was nearby capturing the scene with his camera. while they take pictures of themselves for the world to see,
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you should take pictures of the couple at your own peril. >> maybe alec needs to do more yoga with his wife. here are the people who were loving getting their pictures taken. even cinderella's coach had o turn backk after the one o kind designer dresses disappear, stars reveal they but mere mortals after the bal first, just got to say, we are so loves these before-and-afters. hours later, nomakeup. lady gaga went d or ripped denim. kate upton took a trip to the gym and walked her dog. and rose who found her s beyonce workout wear.
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going from this to this. louis vuitton to a pajama onesie. you got to know some stars got hate for they wore. demi l got some serious side eye from nicki minaj. #sobleepingawkward, for mee with h hamilton inspired wardrobe. and this was not happy. and explained special technology was used to make the details of her two-piece. >> they have this technique and technology of embroidering. there's nothing functional me. >> but let's be honest, that met red carpet has left us kind of wanting to go shopping. here's fashion trends we're
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dying for right now. gigihadid's nails had crystals underneath. the damage? $2,000. we do kim k.'s diamond ear cuff. go gladiator like taylor. finally, like after any party, we were left wondering how did they do we were inside the ball 24 hours before with man who designed it all. >> different surprises. ther nothing like this anywhere else. >> beautiful. well, there was another amazing fashion event last night. chanel took over an entire boulevard in havana for the 2017 collection. that's gisele right there soaking it all in. actually, vin diesel, too. >> so much going on in cub these days. he's there shooting fast 8. still ahead, candace came
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feuding with a fullhouse co-star? >> plus -- >> why not do forever? >> on why he's really leaving ncis and "e.t." flashback stripping down again and again and again. >> the most fun we have in li is with our pants down. >> i think stole that from me. nice, michael. >> all righty then. stay tuned for that. >> closed captioning provided by --
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jodie foster got her star on walk of fame
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that is stamos out on a dinner date la night in london with hissgirlfriend. >> look very happy. he's 52 and she's 29. >> they actually look like brother and sister a little bit. >> or father and daughter. did i say that out loud? production started today on season two of fuller house and canda cameron told our senior news edito she could not wait to rejoin her tv family. excited to see jody. she's doing so great. >> she's amazing. >> i haven't been able make it to a show because i've been in new york every week wwrking on "the view." people arelike, why aren't you supporting her. i am! >> there's lots of full house love right there. we met up candace on a serious mission. shar her battle with baa leem
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ya. >> a of people felt i was affected by being on television. that really wasn't my store at all. what changed for me is when i stopped being in the bu and took a break to get married and then eventually have children. and was being a supportive wif to my husband's hockey career, i kind of lost my identit sense. i turned to food for comfort. >> did your husband realize what was going on at the time? >> i was really embarrassed to tell my husband. i just thought that he might not understand and might have thought like, oh, just stop, stop doing this. but he couldn't have been more understanding. >> candace also credits her faith for helping her get healthy again. she took part in a eating recovery center panel discussion yesterday. >> i sat lonely so many nights. i'm talking about it because i want you to know there's hope. your daughter is 17 years old,
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does sse know about your past struggle? >> she knows. she fortunately, i'm so glad, has a very healthy body image, like i did actually growing up. the most importan for me to teach my children is about health and fitness. >> so true. well said. >> great work, spreading the word. >> we're not closed to finished here tonight as we o up the "e.t." vault. michael's very first "e.t." interview. as we t kevin about leaving ncis, we'll tell you his next role. then celine dion getting ready to send a message to the world and prove her strength after her husband's death. ♪ what she has planned. >> we'll be right back.
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tomorrow on "e.t." our mother's day week continues with a hillary clinton exclusive. >> once a mother, alway a mother. >> and a very pregnant chelsea. >> i just get more and more pregnant. >> but what celeb leaves this presidential candidate speechless? that's tomorrow. >> now know why kevin isn't here with us t because he just talked to hillary and chelsea today. he scored another big interview. he was the first to to michael after he announced he was leaving ncis. those two have a lot of history. >> brought you a little gift. i thought because you've been such an important part of the
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show, it's a swiss army knife that says big kiss. i always called it n kiss when we started. >> the thing about seeing you ncis, i a would get a little nervous for your interviews because i never knew where we were going. >> round two. what you got. >> his ncis co-stars are his family. so why is he walking away? >> why not do this orevee? >> the character had to leave at some point. i should have left years ago, but i was having so much fun, i overstayed my welcome horribly like that guest who won't leave and keeps digging into your fridge. >> he's leaving behind some of the craziest moments we've ever seen. we met him way back in 1994. he was a 25-year-old rocker. daytime gig was as a soap opera
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star. >> good night, "entertainment tonight." >> that young guy. >> he's our set a bunch of times. i think mary har will never forget this. >> it's "entertainment tonight" like you've never seen it before. i promise not to turn around because i'd have a bird's eye view. [ laughter ] >> get out of there! >> get out of there. mary. >> that was not the first time he got a lit racy. >> they were agift. you got to do it without the -- >> oh, my gosh. >> [ bleep ]. >> this is michael weatherly and you're watching -- >> why are we watching? i don't know -- >> yo watching playboy tv. >> all i can say about that, if you think abit, the most fun we have in life is with our pants d so i just feel like if if you want to feel good, get those pants see what happens.
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>> i don't know if i agree with you there, michael, but i do know ncis won't be the same without spec agent gibs. >> we had a good decade of that. >> when will you go back for a reun a visit? >> i'm kind of curious about where ncis next as a franchise. and if denoso we to be part of that deep space exploration, i'm all for the missions. but for the time being, i'm going to collapse into a heap. i'm going to watch a lot of golf. >> a man after my own heart right there. >> he's just going to watching golf. michael is working witt dr. phil on a new drama for cbs. >> i like it. >> i do too. >> well, big news celine dion will be back performing at the billboard awards as she receives
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the icon award. >> it was just last year was with her backstage at billboard. we had such a great conversation. >> she was so candid you. >> we talked about her husband and his battle with cancer, with such now just a year later and he's gone. what remains is her courage. for her, that show must go on. ♪ >> may 22nd billboard music awards, she will prove the show must go on by performing a rendition of this hit song by queen. it will be a full circle moment. nice to see >> nice to see you too. >> last year backstage, i witnessed a ray of hope as made her return to the stage after t nearly a year off to care for the man who had supported her since she was 12. it felt like she was trying to be as optimistic as she could. >> rene is doing well.
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he's such a champ. >> you're comingback, but i love this, with his blessing. >> he wants me back, he wants me strong, and this is what we're doing together. >> just eight later, he would lose his battle with cancer. i was in montreal watching celine and her young son say good-bye. in february, she ledda tribute in vegas wiping away tears. now in her 2016 billboard music awards return, the woman who lost her soul mate, the father of er children will again emerge triumphantt >> people know me well. they know my priority is my family, but the fans are as well. ♪ >> there's no doubt about that. i was also in vegas for celine's show. i felt to me like she was relieved to be back in front o
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the audience again. >> i think she actually gets her strength from her fans. and they certainly love her. >> we'll be right back. ♪
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>> just because there's not a war does mean there's peace. that is jay-law. third time she's gone blu the role. a sexy new villain. >> she's very lethal. she's an amazing fighter and afraid to get her hands dirty. >> get her hands dirty. showing o instagram how it totally transformed her body and alexandra shift is electric. she's taking over the role originally played by halle
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