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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  May 4, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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now at 1. an -- now at 11, an antioch police officer is out of the hospital after being shot after a police pursuit in pittsburgh. the suspected sooter has surrendered and is now behind bars. this all happened earlier this evening after the suspect crashed his car at intersection of leland and love jj ridge roads. jeff bush joins us live from pittsburgh with the latest on the case. -- and loveridge roads. jeff bush joins us live from pittsburgh with the latest on case. $police are investigating a
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shooting that started on the other side of town with a carsack jacking. >> reporter: sheriff's deputies were notified that a carjacking took place. the own over a black bmw forced someone out of their car and went towards antioch. a police officer spotted a car that matched the description of the one that start in the bay point. the driver took off fast. office went after the bmw and the case episoded at the corner of love ridge road and lake leland road with a crash. several officers had descended on the scene as they approached the car -- descended on the scene. as they approached the car, the suspect opened fire. the carjacker did not get hit,
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but sure remembered rendered at the sane of the crash. the good news is he'll be okay and was released. the suspect was book on charges of attempted murder and carjacking. >> reporter: this invest is expected to continue into the severally morning hours. there is no word on if this latest shooting was connected to this shooting at a mcdonald's in antioch. police say man in his 20s, who san employee of the restaurant, because shot and wounded.
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concerned parents gather at a gil roy school district. they wanted to hear more about the teacher e who aledly lurid high school boys into sending hill nude photographs. a mother said she tried to meet with the principal and then tried meeting with the school district. >> i told the district to protect my child and other students. but on monday, that faculty member was in the classroom, was in his classroom. it was as if nothing was done. i had never made a complaint and he had never hurt my child. >> school efficients say the
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incidents were inprotobut never happened at school. they add no actual criminal activity took place at school, which did not require le's dismissal at the time. le resigned on his own on april 29. a los altos hill man -- hills man is behind bars on several counts of possession of child pornography. an alleged victim now in his late 20s said he was molested several time between the ages of 5 and 12. the district attorney's office tells us the victim is a relative. authorities say when they served a search warrant, he was in possession of child pornography. helfridge was a church volunteer at the abundant life fellowship church in mountain view. >> our detective did locate child pornography, precipitated images. a search of his computer showed
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different websites to child pornography listed as favorites on his computer. he admitted that he finds young boys sexually attractive. backers of an initiative to legal use recreation nail use of marijuana in california have announced they have collected 600,000 petition signatures to place that measure on the ballot in november. the measure would make it legal for adults who are that years old and older to buy an ounce of maybe at licensed retail outlet and would allow people to grow up to 6 marijuana plants for personal use. lieutenant governor gavin newsome, who is backing the measure, says the initiative will include tight restrictions to keep anybody under the aim of 21 from buying pot. california is increasing the minimum wage that people can legally smoke cigarettes in the state. scrorch governor jerry brown
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raised the minimum age from 18 to 21. the law aims to deter adolescents from the harmful and sometimes fatal effect es of nicotine addiction. the law makes california and hawaii the only states to increase the age for using tobacco to 21. new tonight at 11, one of the so-called frist koa 5 protestors who was on a hunger strike is now in the hospital. selassi blackwell was taken to the hospital earlier today after cogging that hunger strike outside san francisco's mission district police station. blackwell and 4 others have refrained from eating since april 21 they are demanding that mayor ed lee fire san francisco's police chief because of recent police shootings. hundreds of people protested on tuesday. blackwell's condition at this hour is not yet known.
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we want to take a live look outside along the embav -- embarcadero. whitney has been tracking forecast. we're still talking about spotty showers. >> just a chance for spotty shower and maybe a pop-up thunderstorm as we go into saturday. ting a chance for us as we straight into weekend. satellite radar showing us this area of low pressure is circulating off the coast. it's pulling in a lot of moisture. you can see that staying to the north of us. not quite moving into the bay. we're just dealing with cloudy skies. we cowl see a few pop-up showers at 9 a.m.
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oakland and valejo seeing a bit of rain. we could even see an isolated thunderstorm. our temperatures will be closer to the 50s waking up tomorrow with the slight chance of shower. pam? a bay area specialist in drug addiction says that he was on his way to treat music icon prince for painkiller abuse when the singer died last month. dr. howard cornfeld runs a cling known as recovery without walls. he said he got an emergency call for help from prince and immediately september his son, a clinic staff member, to minnesota where he cleared his own schedule. staff members say they had not seen prince, his client. >> they went looking for prince, couldn't initially find
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him. they saw the staff representatives who apparently found him in an elevator up conscious. one of the staff members started screaming. andrew heard the screams and went to elevator whre saw that prince was unconscious. >> the younger cornfeld called 911 and an ambulance was there within 5 minutes. emergency crews worked on him for 19 minutes before they declared him dead. and the son of the million slail doctor who when to treat prince had a small quantity of bp for -- bp f -- of bp norfing, a drug used to treat treat opiod addiction. -- opioid addiction.
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one doctor we spoke to said that prince should have started taking his medication. >> it's an epidemic. >> reporter: the treatment comes in a pill. it's used to treat pain as well as opiate addiction. ♪ >> reporter: an addiction some have reported prince suffered from. he would not have been alone. >> it's incredible how common it is, how it can be your neighbor, it can be your husband, it can be your wife it can be your child. >> reporter: treatment for open dwrats starts with therapy and taking the proper medications. it is about retraining the brain -- for opiate addiction starts with therapy and taking the proper medications. it's about retaining the brain to no longer need the opiate. >> this new drug doesn't give
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you the high, but it allows you to maintain it so you don't get sick from not having it. >> reporter: the pills can cost $8 each. a patient's dosage slowly tapers off until it's not needed anymore. it's also considered less risky. this drug can save lives. >> it's changed people's lives overnight. you see what they come in as and you see them even the next week or the next month or the next year they're completely different. coming up, a school employee suspected of putting a student in a chokehold caught on camera. several brands of sunflower kernels are being recalled. we have more opt possible listeria contamination. and we're learning more about an east bay homicide. the reward police are now offering.
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>> coming up later, the giants and a's stories are a bit sad. and the cav lores may be rolling. king james and the warriors may be headed for a rematch from last year in the finals. that's up next. that's a good lookin' pile of dirt. yeah. it's nature's care. what's in it? lots of rich, moist organic things. can i touch it? yeah, get in there.
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there is new information tonight in an east bay murder. this is the composite sketch of a man who authorities say shot
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alberto santana silva in 2013. they say santanaville have a was vie triking to break up fight when a suspect came back and shot him. authority have also announced a $10,000 award in this case. i'm meteorologist britney ship. as we head into tomorrow, we'll have a chance of thunderstorms on the way. we'll see a slight chance of shower and rain. by mother's day on sunday webl dry things out. our radar shot showing us an area of low pressure with these clouds onshore. as we go through time, we'll see the possibility of
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scattered showers. most of the moisture will be to the east of our area. we should start to see a few more isolated thunderstorms firing up. as we go to friday within we'll see another round of that circulation as that area of low pressure pushes across our area. san francisco, livermore, and redwood sit on friday. as you can see, on and off spotty showers are expected throughout day. our wakeup temperatures show the mid-50s for us. heading into tomorrow, our temperatures will reach a high of 64 degrees in san francisco. 70 in san jose.
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we'll dry things out on mother ice day. new tonight at 11, several brands of sunflower kernels are being recall over a possible listeria contamination. sun opta is recalling planter's sunflower kernels. kernels the product were sent to illinois and north dakota. but they may have also been distributed to other states. so far, have there haven't been any report of illnesses. >> it will be a tough night for you. what do they always say when you get to the sports guy? i have bad news. i have bad news. it's right on the teleprompter. it says i have bad news. and then the anchor goes, what
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do you say? oh my? it's the same thing with the weather. it's still my favorite when the anchor go to the weather person assays, make it a good weekend. and weather person says, shut the hell up, i'm not interested in your weekend. i'm trying to go out on top. bran doll fellowships, pitched for boche in descraig san diego. won a cy young there. making $16 million. cor easy, that's 2 home runs. that's zack krorks ozart. that's 3 home runs. to the 6-th in, ann adam
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duvall. that's 4 home runs. he lasted 8 innings, hit 7 runs. felix hernandez, nelson cruz. boom. the mariners despite a subpar performance, cruz going the distance of shawn mania. ish's got a nickname. jim barnett says steph curry has been taking shots in practice since monday, but there's a snowball's chance in hell that he will play saturday night, okay? and if jim barnett says it, i'll keep quiet. i was guessing that curry says
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he's ready to go, but barnett thoughs more than i do. here is festus azili and draymond green. look at draymond. he's frozen. warriors off until saturday in portland. lebron means business and he's setting up all the big boips james went on to score 27 points. cleveland set a new record, 25 maid made 3-pointers in 1 game, broke the warrior's record of 21 3's. if you want to do any betting, bet that the warriors and cavs will meet in the full-times again. >> all right. we'll come back to you. you're making it a great night.
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still ahead, a school fight turns violent. why a school employee is being criticized for trying to stop the brawl. and stay tuned for inside edition with debra norville. you can see it after the news. hey i think the internet just went down. huh, why don't you give it a sec, it'll come back. something just happened in the world and we have no idea what it was. get high speed internet from at&t with 99.9% reliability for just $30 a month. keep calm, your internet's on.
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dude, dude, dude.eliability for just $30 a month. this is bad. i think we're stuck. we're going to have to talk to each other or something. nooo. i don't like this elevator. (group surprised and laughter) how did that feel? was it fun being stuck? i do not like getting stuck! so, the nissan leaf s only gets 84 miles on a charge. the 2016 chevy volt gets an estimated 400 miles or more on a full charge and a full tank of gas. how's that for not getting stuck? a mother in south carolina is outraged after she says a
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school employee grabbed and choked her daughter. thincident happened during -- the incident happened during a school fight. the mother have the student who passed out says when she poke with the school official, he said that he only grabbed her daughter by the waist. the school is investigating and cocop rating with local authorities. still ahead, a happy ending for a litter of kittens. how firefighters rescued them from a burning building.
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this is video of firefighters rescuing an entire litter of kitsens from a house fire. it happened on monday morning in a home in turloc. crews put out the fire a and but then discovered 4 kittens under a pile of burning wood. they're all safe. before we go, another look at the weather. >> spotty rain over the next couple of days. still a chance of showers to start the weekend. by mother's day, we warm things up. the mid-70s will return to us. we could see a few isolated thunderstorms over the next couple of days as well. >> just as it should be for mother's day. we'll see you tomorrow.
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> the untold story. >> the night donald trump met melania. >> he showed up with this beauty but wanted to leave with melania. >> once donald layed eyes on melania, that was it for him. and the woman who says she was socked in the eye by a trump supporter over this rude painting. >> people are saying you are doing this for publicity. then, food bar warning. the suspect accused of spraying mouse poison on the food. >> deborah: what you need to know to stay safe. >> if anything has an off smell, that's one sign that it could have been tampered with. plus, vacation danger alert. >> the vacation thrill that could turn deadly. >> dangerous cliffs and a bar. recipe for


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