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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  May 6, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>>pam m: members bracken news tonight at 8 and stabbed to death inside of her own home tonight with our morning the victim is a respected bay area lawyer. >>charles clifford: according to the san francisco police
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department officers respond to a home along arkansas st. and the patrol that neighborhood just before 11 this morning when their rivals and they found a victim that identified as small as a moral suffering from multiple stab wound choose later pronounced dead on the scene she is a former assistant public defender here in san francisco and this afternoon and the public defender jeff adapted his office released a statement said that she served as an incredible mentor to so many low and lawyers talking to her broken and will miss her dear lynn. >>charles clifford: at this point san francisco police department is not identified the suspect in the skies all of the is in custody for now that is the very latest in san francisco. >>pam m: we brought you this breaking news with a push to
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lower at 623 this evening and it is connected by downloading the mode of operation--mobile application. >>pam m: this is the sum of the same tactics to try to disrupt the donald trump even a week ago. the pact >>reporter: the fund- raiser just ended a thousand people are now streaming on of the masonic memorial right across the street did concede there was a gaggle of past they're waiting to see henry clinton as she arrived here in advance of presumably elected this is one to come out of that is it any minute now and meanwhile the protesters are still here and in that time to get their message out as well all the supporters waiting and line for hillary clinton
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tonight to to transfer $45 to $5,000 for many is the for a shock to see a former first lady former senator and former secretary of state and person while clinton and senator dianne feinstein and barbara boxer with headline the scare the other name likely to be on the ballot in november was also talk of the mind supporters said they are relying on her lip to keep the outcome of the white house across the street protesters say there were about some victory in and that many of them also protested his speech last weekend that saw him live to see
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we're still waiting to see henry clinton leave with and that that to happen at any moment now and meanwhile all those supporters, the fund raiser they seemed very energized at the moment of their town as it is a great event. >>reporter: you can see there's a movement to concede the police officers are moving the barricades so we may be single the clinton motorcade leaving an amendment for now went on to send back chief.
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>>pam m: it started about two hours ago members of the national nurses and 90 yen from the burning bus and the have spent months traveling from coast-to-coast campaign of the sun and sand dunes the democratic candidate bernie sanders will be in california next week he will be holding to a campaign event one in sacramento on monday the other in stockton on tuesday the weather will be at the preliminary hearing against the three transient accused of murdering a canadian tourist one
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of the transience and has already made a plea deal he pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and has agreed to testify against his co-defendant the district attorney's office is not seeking the death penalty in this case it is finally over this with the family of alicia carrying said after the convicted in oakland man of murdering the eight year-old girl he the tread hand and show no emotions and the verdict was read and she was spending the night at a friend's home back in july of 2013 when william shot into an apartment at least 13 times he was also convicted of killing a to to to your man and berkeley seven weeks later. >>pam m: it moved to the sentencing phase they will decide on whether or not to recommend the death penalty or life in prison without parole. >>pam m: our calls all around the bay area today the rain came down steadily in some areas just
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before the smothers the weekend. >>reporter: warmer temperatures held live look of the satellite radar shot with backed up the ramp and sea of heavy rain that will assure you would with seen by now which is not a whole lot of activity with a chance to refute all of showers and will develop as a political since 9:00 a.m. you would notice all this rainfall from san jose to
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san tell san francisco to oakland it to see how life is all it will be more widespread calls a to 9:00 a.m.. >>reporter: which could see another round of light rainfall in the north of the cost to knock a san rafael and into santa rosa. >>pam m: the drivers and ease contra costa county got a nice surprise this week but it was very subtle a 10 mi. stretch of highway 4 was quietly opened and it has made a big difference in the committee. >>jeff bush: >>emily turner: >>jeff bush: their stoper is the musical but the commit to scuttle whole lot better this week for drivers tear on highway 4 and he's bound and open up on may 1st and west on grand opening on thursday the was no grand opening no fanfare it was from a quiet but drivers to talk to saying that the not
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realize a and the lines open this is to the monstrous to tie when the project cost a billion dollars to view but everyone says it was worth every penny i can.
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>>jeff bush: list of things like shopping warrant and 10 wall the destiny to the bill but the grand opening should take place sometime this summer. >>pam m: the hunger strike potestas known as the fiscal five are in the hospital the have been on that time the strike for two weeks today their supporters of left the front of the mission district police station and move to san francisco city hall after the group was hospitalized on protest of lost 15 lbs. of demonstrators are complaining the police officers resort to quickly to leave the force and altercations.
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>>pam m: if it cannot be used to full delivery for while it in the meantime volunteers with the mills on will services a second
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trader joe's recall in one week.
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>>pam m: the use by dense are between mexican and made the seventh artist with a frozen food company expanded a
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voluntary recall the 26 your role of is the son of a bay area addiction and and dr..
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>>pam m: and is being credited with easing the drop in the winter rain and snow. >>reporter: mostly cloudy skies on the san mateo camera as it on to the west to nine years into the circulation and the pressure in this area unsettled weather throughout small
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particles the average was location stand in the '60s.
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>>pam m: the solutions in to be getting smaller and smaller. >>reporter: it is passing a museum these days as the new model of turned homestead beer include washing driver and four sons bathtub with the original is more like the tiny homes come to this parking lot in santa
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rosa the supplies are still blocking proposals these units will be in around 100 square feet.
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>>reporter: may seem insignificant when this tiny village works it will the of model for other back and not. >>pam m: new to 9 the family of a murdered navajo grosses a delayed and, it may be to blame for her death.
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hey i think the internet just went down.
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huh, why don't you give it a sec, it'll come back. something just happened in the world and we have no idea what it was. get high speed internet from at&t with 99.9% reliability for just $30 a month. keep calm, your internet's on. >>pam m: for the first time the general public can get in and person hands on demonstration of the virtual reality oculus raft had said.
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>>gabe slate: is something that struck experience yourself to understand it was weeks away on
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may 26th you can buy an oculus risk but it is pricey call 6 $2.
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>>pam m: + killed would how much time a team spending in prison for the death of this from dave.
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>>pam m: was the prosecutor and the case moved he was arrested earlier this week there using the high profile case to fall for this political ambition for higher office in said that it would respond to the request to remove the prosecution. >>pam m: than the four men who
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attacked the woman in san francisco hayes valley neighborhood the woman was able to get away on injured but the man is described as i stand just over 6 ft. tall.
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>>pam m: what roads and gloomy conditions around the bay area. >>reporter: will receive a produce chance of more showers especially in tomorrow morning a break in the afternoon and then
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another round possibly closer to the north before sunday as we head into tomorrow less time out for you the future cash choses to go to the rest of tonight where i want to see a slight chance of showers you would notice a lot of the moisture will be to the east of a vast system of higher elevations in the sierra not quite a lot of rainfall expected to not but by 7:00 a.m. tomorrow widespread
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rainfall is expected from sacramento all the way down to fairfield concord into san francisco. >>reporter: abreast ahead to the afternoon another round of activity expected closer to the north they ride around 8:00 p.m.. >>reporter:.
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>>pam m: the catastrophic wild fire burning in canada could double in size and tomorrow night it is burning and for requiring it has already destroyed in the 1600 homes and forced more than 80,000 people to flee the police and military or over st. a massive convoy of cars trying to get people to save song. >>here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly:
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>>stanley roberts: there was a lot going on a reckless cities stations in san mateo counting every stop do not go round gate when down violators a citation when you push to close the someone wrote the words and death yes to clark to risk injury and death just to meet the train because they're running late osmanli they go back from the dead this jackson opens the gate and runs across
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followed by a man carrying a skateboard presents similar results in sunnyvale a cloud of people riding bikes on the platform despite the sign reading walk a bike in trip in my views and the train track to solve some of the the life and the trend there is hope. >>pam m: a sister believed to be connected to three fatal
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shootings on maryland is now in custody at her funeral today the older siblings of the latin blood i saw mike says that they were still others had gone out sooner there were notified monday night that ashland and her younger brother were missing a brother was released by the kidnappers and the child care but description to police.
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>>pam m: president obama give us a preview howe is likely to campaign against donald trump >>catherine h: could challenge the news media to examine all the can the statements like the
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avenges on the big screen republicans are fighting among themselves donald trump says house speaker rangs refusal to endorse him was " totally inappropriate some supporters have launched a social media campaign to remove him meanwhile juggler's to his mind the never trout movement announced on facebook he will not vote for trump or clinton another former primerica attendances that he has come the voters. >>pam m: a new episode of the back story airs this sunday night.
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>>pam m: you can catch the back story this sunday night at 930 he was for that is cashing in so security checks who was the recipient + the writing is not
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>>pam m: texas jury delivered a guilty verdict in the cases in her room for killing his your friend on prom night two years ago he was convicted of aggravated assault in the death of his the and their friend jacqueline gomez back of 2014 they say on, and the to drink, or your whiskey and to kaiser called long before having sex tell it alleges that as a to put his hands around her neck later they fell asleep in when she will up she was not breathing he's been held counsel for the token was contributed. to her contributed
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>>pam m: was a two to five years in prison. >>pam m: authorities estimate it year-old louisiana woman is facing up to 10 years in prison because she's also secured attacks from a man who was dead issue will be sentenced in september to plead guilty to theft of government property the show she shared the post office box with the man who was 1986 that was not discovered until last year to collect more than $200,000 and illegal benefits next it would make any parent proud of girl born with our hands went award against the gods in sports to gary enjoy and by his wife alicea that on to read for an e-mail and type
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they're here now + will check in on how the ndp steph curry is the one as the war is it ready to play game 3 in portland.
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>>pam m: a determined first to greta wins an award for penmanship of the seven year-old did it without plants you're looking at the warning hand writing she is the first grader at a virginia elementary school she was born without hands but she did not let that limit her family and friends say that she has turned the challenges into consideration. >>pam m: hard teacher says the
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sheik is i heart record and has some of the best hand writing in her class she has to hold a pencil between her to arms and stand her desk in order to have the proper and go to write an apparent she's got that down pat. >>pam m: the power what jackpot has grown to 4 margin of $50 million but if the largest since the record breaking prize back in january when the animal to be drawn on saturday night and no one gets the lucky numbers it will likely be continue to grow. >>pam m: 413 million is quite a jackpot the of the when the grand prize are one and 292. >>gary: steph curry may be hurt a little bit more the people want to let on now appears he is
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doubtful for monday's game as well the word is definitely out tomorrow and doubtful for monday steve kerr our parliament.
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>>gary: atlanta had a 11 point lead in a brown the company said that is enough he was said to be
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throwing in a low 80s.
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>>gary: and the you're ride of my and go monday was might have bid if he is not want to play monday maybe there is a little bit more to win but we played doctor enough to play sports for living if you reduce the game
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all the records would be in task don't look for that any time soon this weekend is all about moms who would tell you when concelebrate for free on sunday about to launch a new 10:00 p.m. newscast will be anchoring with gary and brittany and joining us will be the new member of the
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kron 4 team steve a. benson-- avison.
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>>pam m: a classroom of elementary school students from inspiration before taking a bit test and found an unlikely place this week on a walk to class that on personalized messages written by hand on the desk of the grid is whenever so when this huge exam the sea from the special bid to bolster confidence photographs of the deaths have been shared also should media want and how to * the san francisco is offering free admission to all mothers and mothers-in.
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>>pam m: we're back to 1911 we hope to see you then you can stay in touch sh abooks at
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