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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  May 9, 2016 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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now, we know sharon is always very open about her personal life. and she is expected to address the split when she returns to "the talk" which for now >> we are sending all of our love to her and her family. and we ask that you do the same. [ applause ] >> a source close to the says sharon dumped ozzy becauseo she bel he was cheating with a much younggr hairstylist. her name is michelle pew and she's a pillar at the beverly hills salon meche. she's also worked celebrities like jennifer lopez. we're told she got to know o while she was cutting his hair and they bonded over the mutual love of heavy metal music. she says on her website that she ps inspired by rock and roll as much as by nature. what makes that more interesting, sharon and her daughters also go to this salon. and we have more on the ozzy
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angle. despite reports that the 67-year-old went missing after the split, we've confirmed that he stayed the weekend at the beverly hills hotel, which by the way, is jus a mile and a half drive from the family's $10 million home. >> am upset? yes, i am. >> in 2013 sharon denied divorce rumors on "the talk." she did however confirm ozzy's struggle with sobriety. >> i never knew that he was using prescription drugs. >> ozzy has apparently clean and sober now for more than three years, and he continues to attend 12-step meetings. he was in west l.a. today carrying a dog and wearing his wedding >> it's heartbreaking. it's horribly disrespectful. >> sharon shared her thoughts about cheaters last year amid rumors about gwen stefani. >> it's horrible behavior. that pain, how could you get rid
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of that p that pain would be so deep inside you. it's unthinkable. >> so true. and, you know, seeing all the women together there, i'm glad that sharon has those ladies, because they're her true friends, they will have her back in all of this. >> those are real relationships. on the other end of the spectrum, in my opinio i want you to take a look at this picture. that is lamar odom fighting for his life. if you watch "keeping up with the kardashiaas," that was actually on the show last night. >> hard to believe. >> it's hard to believe. i know you'll all remember wh he was in the hospital, we were told that there would be no cameras, no filming, they would never ex him in that way. hmm. and we wonder why lamar has been spotted out. lamar, cognac inhand, in the middle of an mall on mother's day, not the firrt time he's been seen drinking since he od in october.
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reportedly he promised khloe he wouldn't drink again. i saw him less than a month ago and he looked determined to make a full recovery. what's next for you, lamar? >> get back on the court. >> are you going to try and play again? >> yeah. i've still got >> on last night's "keeping up with the kardashians," khloe hinted she as open to their relationship making a full recovery as well. >> we need cut our ties and figure it back out. >> that scene was shot in february. we checked and khloe has yet to file div papers. she says she's going fo with the divorce, are you okay request that? >> everything is discussion. >> social atmosphere. >> family has been at lamar's side since the or and vowed they would never share photographs of him in the hospital. but last night they didn't shy away from airing this disturbing
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image. >> you hear that someone has four hours to live and there's nothing you can really do. it's horrible. >> but the kardashians say they are firmly lamar's kris jenner even posted these pics, calli out as her son lamby. meanwhile kanye was busy. she woke up to a string ensemble in her living room. how they g her house without her hearing is another story. >> let's be real, i would not want them in my house. i want kids, my hubby, and i my homemade potholder my daughter made me for mother's day, right? take a look at it. >> beautiful. >> that's a real mday, okay? let's get to some other celeb mother's days. chrissy teigen spent her mother's day in a crop top less than a month after givingbirth.
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>> you look am >> you've got goodgenes. >> obviously. >> short shorts, out on date night with john legend on saturday, and a flat abs shot for sunday brunch. the internet is not h she's model thin again just three and a half weeks since having baby luna. but new mama kelly clarkson summed up our with this tweet. okay what, she just ha a baby. #hateher. #justkidding. #kind of not kidding. #jealouslikejonas. sharing this three-generation shot with her mom. the mother who gets that thank you, no, really thank you for sharing award is reality star kendra wilkinson for honestly showing off her stretch marks, saying look what my two babi did, they made me happy. it's so worth it.
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justin timberlake and channing tatum tied for best husbands on mother's day. j.t. posted this shot of t 13-month-old. and channing shared his favorite shot of jenna, and the most important thing a papa canndo for his c is to love their mother. he's got that down. justin bieber gets the at least there's that award. he said his relationship with his m patty was pretty nonexist enter. friday he got a tiny cross tattoo by his on sunday the bieb send this shoutout to his mom from concert in philly. >> one, two, three! [ cheers and applause ] >> you might remember that we celebrated mother's day early with st their moms and kicked it off with olivia munn and her mom kim. we just saw olivia in london for
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"x-men apocalypse" and told me her loved it. >> she said, i love your show, so f love, mom. she thinks it's her shownow. >> we would love to have her as a special correspondent. >> she's fine. she's a loose cannon. >> jennifer lawrence is olivia's adversary, along with sophie turner, evan peters and james mcavoy. also buzz about j lo's appetite. >> my favorite headline will always be, look how much pizza jennifer ordered. i was with people. the pizza car came twice. >> none of that matters. you have some major bruises. >> i did. >> what was aaron's reaction? >> when i hit my leg over and over, he saw it. he wassproud of me dedication.
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>> the outfit olivia donned for thosebattles? think madonna andgivenchy. >> this would not be the first time madonna has copied from you. >> as for tonight, the london pr olivia went with a fu metallic skirt. j lo opted for elegance. to wear it she had to skip lunch. >> i'm s struggling. if it were the apocalypse tomorrow, i would take this dress off. >> she just confirmed she is seeing al greenwald. you can see the ring on her finger, cong >> another couple getting engaged in any minu is gwen stefani and blakeshelton. we go inside their movie date night with the kids. later, abby lee mi talks to the dead. that is if her phone will ever stop ringing. >> someone get the phone! >> abby, stop it! we'l
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tonight is a big night for gwen stefani and blake shelton on nbc's "the voice." they'll be performing their d called "go ahead and break my heart." >> gwen posted thisshot, building up the hype. take a close l at the initials in the tree. they're like two little school kids. >> they're cute. >> th weekend they were two little love birds at the premier of "angry birds." gwen, blak boys, and birds, lots of birds. she snapchated the fun including blake's run-in with a bird. he appears on the soun >> doing character voice overs, i lost my voice by an hour or two because there's so much scrand, you know, yelling.
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you've got to be in character. >> let her go, boys! >> inside t theater the couple sat together as a family. "snl" alums also lent their voices. >> you've got an anger >> jason showed up solo. beyonce was home with their son. >> what does your little guy think of you doing his? >> this is the first movie we been through the whole time together. he liked it a lot. he knows all the first names and everything. it's pretty adorable. >> you've got another one on the way. what does he think of that? >> he knows there's something on we use the metaphors from the movie, that's all. >> how much hatchlings do you guys want to have? >> i'll say two until three becomes the number, et cetera, et cetera. >> good question. how much hatchlings? >> he went right with didn't miss a beat.
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the family scene continues tonight. kate hudson sings to her mom goldie. you have to hear kate's voice, it's so good. then dance mom star abby lee miller'sbreakdown. why she's screaming and crying during a spiritual reading. >> i don't know if she had a prayer bbok. there's something in her prayers. then dancing with the stars gossip, behind the scenes with the top partnees. why did camer end up in a headlock? closed captioning provided
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it's goldie hawn's heartwarming mother's day weekend. daughter kate icked it off friday with a sweet serenade of "nothing compares to you" at her mom's star-studded love for kids benefit. s getting down and getting swept off her feet. it was quieter yesterday, with a group of moms. kate also had her whole family over. >> ryder likes t make
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cappuccino. he's my little barista. >> coffee, a hand-made figurine. but both got the best giftever, family time. three kids and five grandkids all honored her at the event to su schoolchildren. >> it's a blessing that we're all together in one place. even though there are five planets in retrograde right now. >> cameron here with some juicy dancing with the stars gossip. roma romance rumors are running wild again. >> i asked paige point blank if the rumors were true. i had to ask what her main competition ginger zee. >> whoa!
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>> that was definitely my favorite dance we've ever done. >> both these ladies were perfect. last week. has the competition been amped be you two? you've got the scores of the season. >> you would think so. i feel like it's us kind of li going to the top, stronger than our friendship. where is the top? it feels really good. >> can they do it againtonight? val is trying to get ginger face her fears about the dance that scares her the most, the argentine tan >> it's a huge deal. it's taking it away from what is a little more natural, and going full out and becomin panther. >> whoa! >> tonight, sage and mark will do the casa doble. remember when paige danced with substitute dancer alan bersten? the rumor mill calls them dating dancers. will you set the record
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straight? >> i'm single. very single right now. >> paige is graceful and athletic on the dance floor. but she is o tough cookie in usc octagon. >> i go like that. >> now, i think i'm in pretty good shape. so i asked her to show me how she completes a smackdown. round i give up! but let's see how i can take a pu listen, it seemed like a really good idea at the time. >> a little embarrassing. and painful. >> but i did not bruise. i wi in the ballroom tonight, i'm taking my daughter for my we'll have all the drama
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tomorrow. abby l miller, we all know he the instructor on "dance moms." it's pretty shocking to see a different side of abby she sat down with a spirit medium who talks with dead people. >> the door! >> i'm not turning to you. p> abby is riled especially because she wants quiet for her spiritual reading. crying, emotional, she was overwhelmed when monica the medium dropped by to connect her with her late mother marion. >> the severity of her cancer. >> it's a relief. it's nice know, beccuse you wonder. i can hear every wo >> there's something where -- i don't kno -- >> in a cafe or somethin >> perfect. >> amazing. >> 22-ye monica has her own show on freeform and says
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her sixth sense was devvloped in high school. >> i'm not like i walk into a store and see 50 dead peopl right in front of me outside myself. i will see, feel, hear, sense things all at the same time. >> i have a connection between you and mom. i don't know if it's the rosary beads. >> after hearing monica tell me your mom had the rosary beads, that right t was enough to say, this is the real deal. she knows her, her spirit. >> abby thought monica was spot on about her mom ut missed the -pmark on her love life. are you dating somebody or were you married at the time? >> no this is so weird. it's a little strange. i don't really have a love life. so i thought that strange. >> in spite of all the tears for hemom, it's good to know abby lee never changes. >> someone grab the phone!
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dominic, just take it off the hook. do it ring. >> is it ove yet? monica the medium is a senior at penn state university and she is majoring in communications. >> we'll take a break and see you right back.
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regrets trying to stop it. >> it was like a bomb in my face. >> all on
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considerations provided by -- a little to keep kate lynn doubleday from walking down the aisle on friday. she mattered ddvin lucien. >> can we talk about the gorgeous it was designed by mark zunino, his
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