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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  May 10, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam: now at 88 deputy from a santa clara county sheriff's office is in jail tonight. charged with molesting his former girlfriend's daughter. kron4
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police still read johnny up from san jose, on the street where they all lived at the time of the alleged abuse. police sealed?--alecia? >> reporter: the abuse happened four years ago at one of the houses on this block. it was reported yesterday, and after a thorough investigation. anthony dias was are arrested. >> reporter: 33 year old and the folly of the god was booked into santa clara county jail for two felony counts of town abuse and sex acts with a child under 10 years old. police and his victim was 9 years old at the time of the abuse. >> all, you are kidding me? wow. >> reporter: the corrections that he was living with his
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girlfriend on the 100 block of cedar lane where there are mostly families with young children. >> it would be hard clinching to know. >> reporter: most of the people i spoke with and to not remember him. >> the allegations are deeply disturbing. if they are true, this correction that the fed did not meet the standards of our office and he must be held accountable for his actions. >> reporter: a couple of neighbors said they saw him from time to time and would wave hello. they're still in shock the something like this could have happened on their block. he is due in court on thursday at 12 in the afternoon. pam? the gas will remain in jail no bill is allowed at this time. >> pam: happening now. san
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francisco police--public utility crews are working to fix a massive sinkhole that opened up and san francisco's south of market neighborhood. mission street between montgomery and second street is expected to be close the rest of the night. kron4 j.r. stone is live on the scene. the j.r.? we understand this the coma swallowed a car or almost swallowed a car.
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>> reporter: these are more of the pictures taken up again. outside this evening to see what it looks like. this car has been taken out of the area and the see some of the st. rose creek it appears from to being out here that this is an area that may have been worked on in the past. but those schools are still working to find out what the exult cause is. --exact >> reporter: the crews would definitely be here for the night. reporting and san francisco kron 4 news. j.r. stone. >> pam: the first player in the national basketball association history to be a unanimously named mvp. he
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continues to astonish us all. grant? >> grant: we just love this guy. >> pam: we just love this guy. (laughter) >> grant: could not be more humble about it. >> grant: 73 win average 30 and gay and demolished his own record.--73 lanza and 30--73 wins and 30 on average >> grant: when he was scouting curry he was just a small scored at the time. his pal his mom had an important question?
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>> did you think it to make it in the national basketball association? >> would never forget that question. how does that happen in nine years? your mom did not know that she would make it in the leak. and now you have to of these trophies and this is incredible. >> never set out to change the game or thought that that what kind of happen in my career i did not know how to describe that. house >> i play the game is how i know how to play the game. >> grant: a remarkable achievement. gary will have
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the voting results later in the broadcast. woodgrain making that list accurate and that is happy as well creek along with status on curries knee. >> pam: we will worry if he would get out and play just a little bit? and he did. he >> pam: is just an amazing as set a good guy. --and such a good guy. >> grant: the best. >> gabe: >> pam:thank you, grant. >> pam: ago designed to
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clarify san francisco's sanctuary city policy has been postponed. it has been nearly a year since the shooting death of cake spinal pricked sparking eight national debate on the issue. the proposed ordinance that rex police to notify federal officials only if the person in the tank is charged with a violent crime. --only if the person is detaining >> pam: sheriff opposes the proposal saying she would have say whether to notify federal immigration officials at all. the sponsor of the proposal, put
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off the vote saying he did not want the board of supervisors deciding on the issue without the surest support. --without the sheriff >> pam: >> we are not giving up. we are going to fight for every vote in every delegate. (cheers & applause) >>bernie...bernie! >> pam: money-center supporters in oakland a surprise visit from the candidate. as the vermont senator brings his campaign to the bay area. >> reporter: such a stand as telling local supporters, they are only hope of
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seizing the democratic nomination from front runner henry clinton. kron4 vicki but the rockets is here after me out with a cat did this afternoon and san francisco. >> vicki: yes pam i was at the fifth and mission, where sanders gave some face time to a small crowd before meeting with san francisco chronicle actors. sanders' needed to win every--very big in every one of the remaining handful of states to deny clinton at first, the ballot nomination and california is one of the biggies. >> this is the campaign! (cheers & applause) >> vicki: i had a chance to
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chat with people in the audience they say that they like cam and he is authentic and cannot be bought. --they like him >> vicki: despite senator hillary clinton's lead bernie sanders is staying in >> campaign and will not about out. --bow out >> pam: center sanders is keeping the pressure on keller clinton went to date only democratic primary, with 30 percent of the vote counted and west virginia, sanders has 50 percent of the vote to clinton's 40%. the two will split the state's 29 democratic delegates. donald trump, running against to drop out
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dominated the republican primary. he is likely to get all 34 of west virginia votes. nebraska at another trump victory tonight. 36 delegates at stake. but even the double victory would not allow truck to clinch the gop nomination. >> pam: the seed has not been vacant for 23 years. now republicans and democrats are vying to fill the u.s. senate seat of retiring california senator barbara boxer. the debate is being live string tonight. with less than a month california primary on june 7th of the candidates are running out of time to make the pri-session to make of the impressions on voters to rid.-- on voters >> pam: next, the social side to allow you to report-
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actions in your community. -- social site >> brittany: will be back after the break!
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>> pam: the social website called next door announced changes to the platform with addressing racial profiling the company was moved to make the changes because of growing problems brought up by its users and oakland. kron4 just bush and explains what is different and he has a rack--reaction from concerned community groups. >> reporter: the issue is when you describe the person who is not doing anything wrong but based on the color of this plan, determined that there are probably doing something wrong. there was a problem with postings on the social website, next door many of them were from residents who were using racial descriptions often times, the descriptions were incomplete and bait. baez and conscious of or unconscious. the practice may some people on comfortable and they want it to stop.
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>> reporter: several community groups may in issue and, the technical company responded with changes. the announcement was made during the life and half many as city hall to rid >> reporter: you can see the help text here creek focus on the crime or activity that is potentially criminal and where and when it occurred creek this is probably the most important line. please save any description of people in all for the next step. >> reporter: the challenges to that site will go into effect in lilly and will be nationwide. i am just bush, in oakland, kron4 newsprint >> pam: to alameda county deputies have been arrested for beating a suspect after
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a high-speed chase. both are accused of beating 29 year old, petrov with their batons near san francisco park your allegedly used a stolen car to hit too sure that these cars but also faces a gun and drug charges. after the fbi searched his apartment in march and a separate matter. santa maria and we were suspected to structure--to render by the end of tomorrow. --surrender >> pam: 17 and a half million dollars. that is how much money san francisco mayor is proposing to spend to help the city's police department. as aristide is
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facing mounting criticism for that deadly officer and of shooting of mario was, and a racist text messaging scandal. the u.s. department of justice is also reviewing the department's policy and procedures. the mayor is expected to introduce the reforms and june. >> pam: a sunny forecast for the week our meteorologist british ship has details. -- brittany ship >> brittany: our temperature is right now in san francisco art in the mid 50's so there is a cooler evening. san jose at 63, livermore 67 creek and 68 at santa rosa. afternoons to
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marleau reach a 17th in fremont--afternoon highs will reach 70's in freemont >> brittany: in the north bay we will reach 75. >> brittany: our tax will stay nice and warm as we get into tomorrow morning, you will notice the clouds sticking with us. but you will see sunshine in the afternoon tomorrow and the clout to push and closer to wednesday evening laundering and took thursday. --wing during-- lingering until t hursday.
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>> pam: san francisco officials are shutting down a popular park. to make some much needed renovations. officials say, alamo square need a new irrigation system which would eventually save to million gallons of water-- 3.2 million gal. of water. they are also putting in an along alternative to save on one mowing. today is the last day the park was open to the public. squirrel be closed for at least seven months. >> pam: coming up at 8 kron4 i covered the investigation not publicly known. inco eased the public-that police officers accused of sexual misconduct with a minor. >> gary: sports coming up
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>> pam: new tonight at o'clock! and new mobile application is skyrocketing to the top of the charts and the application store. and year results are rung donald trump trick hour tech train gabe slate reporter shows
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us what people are finding this application addictive. >> gabe: you move it right or left and then you drop a piece of wall. it's not on the mexican border but it looks like the white house. if the wall back to our building tumbles over you are fired. the truck wahl build is free. --trump wall is free >> reporter: >> gabe: gate slate kron 4 news. --gabe >> pam: we will be back!
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>> pam: two u.s. senators say the way to reduce long airport security lines this summer is for airlines to drop their fees on checking
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luggage. it is the latest suggestion for dealing what is shaping at a hellish summer at the nation's airports. airlines are ready knowing passengers to arrive at least two hours early to get through security and catch their flight. messages democrat edward markey and connecticut democrat said tuesday they axa executives at 12 airlines to drop check that these this summer. the senate to say system in the fis will not eliminate lines but it is a start. >> pam: retell giant wal- mart is selling these up over the way it handled chipped debit cards. wal- mart filed a lawsuit and the
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new york supreme court today same visa's map that is not secured. , says visa allows customers to just use a signature to verify transactions with these particular debit cards. the company's dependence in using penumbras are more secure and less expensive for the retailer to conduct visa has not commented on this matter. (male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich with sports!. >> gary:steph curry, is the first unanimous mvp in the national basketball association history. that means all 131 voters agreed that he is the best player and a leak. curry accepted
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this court this afternoon at a ceremony on the floor of oracle or may not. --oracle >> this is something that i do not even know how to put into words. i do not even know what to say. this is a huge honor as something obviously i will never forget for the rest of my life. >> guys, you inspire me to continue to get better and get the most opportunities. thank you very much of this award. and supporting us every single day. let's win championships! >> gary: he is the 11th player ever to win back to back mvp's... the only of
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the warrior to when to was wilt chamberlain when the franchise was in philadelphia. curry led the national basketball association in scoring at 30.1 point per game while leading the warriors to a record 73 win season. but more importantly he is we creating how people think of the game should be played and how they are playing at. >> gary: hear all the results... curry of course running away with it. getting on 131 place votes. leonard of the stars was second at lebraun james a third, russell westbrook was fourth and the reymont green ink got a couple of second place votes and finished seventh. --draymond
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green >> gary: and when you talk about staff curry you cannot forget about his the lure riley. she is pretty cute... look at steph's door riley, she was at a press conference and walking through the media and giving them old astaire down with the finger pointing. riley currey never disappoint and grabbing in a little bit of the spotlight with her own personality. (laughter) >> gary: you the people will look at other athletes to see that there is another way to conduct yourself? >> grant: i think people are looking at him like this is working for him so i would emulate him. this is how
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you carry yourself in the league. >> pam: (laughter) >> gary: the 84 years and years family and just like that. and then pam and i married--argue like an old married couple. (laughter) >> gary:--vivki for years, nice and getting along with everyone. >> gary: westbrook, they disconnect can tell him. oklahoma city wednesday in san antonio with 95-91.
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three games-to gain spirit --2games >> gary:the a's he throws hard. and works hard. bringing the red sox are around. eight months! it sounds like the summer when dense stand. forget the randy johnson had appeared three run homer and 15-5. >> gary: we will finish with tom brady law is selling a cookbook for $200. it has sold out. the tb 12 nutrition manual features 89
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well at all likely to think of issues catching on fire but that is why happen to want to alert family. >> pam:vivki?
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>> vicki: completely charred spirit and one of these tools were found with a wire sticking out of the have not of all the exact reason of the flame. the sneakers were purchased at payless and the company as " gorillas the family to find out what had banned. and it is used to hand batteries inside. >> pam: vote are not the same galleries that are in bulls hover boards are there?--those are not the same batteries that are in the hoverboards are they?
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>> grant:no! those things are bad. >> pam:look at his little toes. (laughter) >> grant: this fall has been shared and used. epic fail. >> pam: good night everyone we will see you at 11.
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