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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  May 11, 2016 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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this video is of the car after it was shot at and crashed. two people were inside. a woman was killed. >> grant:it happened just before 11on the westbound side of highway 4 near railroad avenue. as kron 4's haaziq madyun reports. this shooting maybe the result of road rage. >> reporter:a deadly freeway shooting.yellow evidence markers on the ground outside of what is left of this vehicle. the scene of this morning's gun violence pittsburg >>"it was determined that it shots were fired" >> reporter:this happened just before temporarily closed between loveridge road and railroad avenue while pittsburg police and the california highway patrol conducted a joint investigation. there was confrontation between the occupants of two vehicles >>"a black lexus ex 300 which is directly behind us, was pushed off the roadway, subsequently crashed, took gunshot holes to the side of it, a white mercedes sedan with paper plates was also involved but fled the scene with unknown amount of suspects in it" >> reporter:although
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witnesses described the shooting as a road range incident, investigators are not ruling out the possibility of this being shootings here on hwy-4 in pittsburg >>"it maybe, i don't think this is random, but it may be connected to something else at this time i don't have that information right now" >> reporter:that is because he says it is early in the investigation. there were two shooting victims transported to a local male passenger who was shot in the arm who is expected to survive. female driver was killed in the incident, however investigators it is unclear whether she died as a result of being shot, the traffic accident or a combination of both.on hwy- 4 in pittsburg haaziq madyun kron4news. >> grant:disturbingly enough.shootings on highway four are becoming almost commonplace. in the past 11 months. there have now been six shootings on on highway four. two last of those fatal. >> grant:one back in february. and two last june.a 19 year old and a 20 year old were killed in those incidents. >> grant: violence on
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interstate 80 insince november.there have been at least 11 shootings on that freeway. >> grant:vicki ? >> vicki:a bizarre tale is unfolding in connection with an officer involved shooting this morning in san jose. as kron four's rob fladeboe reports now, police opened fire on a man who had just hit his mother in the head with an ax. >> reporter:this was the scene early wednesday morning on lansing avenue, in san jose's cambrian district, where a pair of officers had responded to what was initially reported as a traffic accident. what they found was a man with an ax. sot lt. tom sims -- lee says the the suspect
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had an axe in his hand at some point. >> reporter:the officers were not hurt, the woman and her son both the woman said to be coherent talking with police motive for the violence, police initially characterized this as a domestic incident. neighbor trish harvey knows the family. >> reporter:what appears to be a long-handled ax lay in the street with some other items marked as details about the confrontation except to say the officers had precious little time to react. >>sot lt. tom sims/san jose police-- to have this unfold right in front of you. to realize what was going on, it was over. >> reporter:
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>> grant:two alameda county sheriff's deputies who are charged with beating a suspect after a high speed chase-- are expected to turn themselves by the end of the day. >> grant:luis santa-maria and paul wieber are facing several charges. after investigators say they beat 29-year-old stanislav petrov with their batons near san francisco's mc-clinton park. >> grant:the incident was captured on november. the deputies were following him after he allegedly led them on a chase from san leandro to san francisco. deputies say he was driving a stolen car. >> grant:tonight.more calls for the san francisco police chief to step down. this comes as another police officer is suspended for making racial and sexual statements. >> vicki:recently, another officer - accused of sending racist text messages while on the job. as kron four's terisa estacio reports, civil rights attornies and demanding action and promise they won't stop until the chief is gone.
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>>fire chief suhr resign now. >> reporter:this group of community activist got straight to the point about sf police chief rights attorney attorney john burris >>-- 8 john burris/attorney he must resign. he is not qualified for job. these bad things happened on his watch. >> reporter:the group sites several examples - including just officer was caught using the n word. >> the san francisco police department issued a quick statement on wednesday statement wednesday about this new case claiming the officer has been suspended - adds, the officer did not use the phrase as reported. >>--burris. i don't buy it. it is a cover up. >> reporter:in addition. the activist point to this video tape, which caught 5 officers involved in the fatal shooting of mario woods and then there is this case
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where racial and homophobic text messages were allegedly sent by an officer during a probe in another case. >> reporter:chief suhr has said he will not step down and is workingthe group is also calling harris to investigate the sfpd. >> reporter:the group says it wil continue fight till the chief is gone. in sf, te >> vicki:a group of woman who blocked off a highway ramp to san francisco international reached a plea deal yesterday. the eight protestors blocked the u-s highway 101 off-ramp to s-f-o. to protest the police shooting of mario woods. >> vicki:woods was a suspect in a stabbing and was shot by placed a banner on the road that read, "justice forthe women were charged with disorderly conduct for the incident.
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>> vicki:"justice for mario woods" >> vicki:the protesters agreed to community service and pay a fine. >> grant:essure is a permanent formbut many of those patients have reported serious side effects. and think it should be taken off the market. >> vicki:coming up. what the maker of essure says about its product. and how the government is getting invovled. >> grant:plus a massive sink hole opens up in the middle of downtown san francisco. >> grant:next. the progress to fix it and get the road reopened. >> grant:and the dubs looking to the trail blazers tonight. preparing for the game. and the hardware fans will get
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>> grant:city crews were able to nine foot deep sinkhole that opened up in the middle of mission street in san francisco's south of market neighborhood. >> vicki:kron4's maureen kelly says the gaping hole in the spectacle as well as headaches for commuters. >> reporter:crews used an excavator to clear out the
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debris from inside the 12 foot long.five foot wide and nearly nine feet deep hole opened up. >> reporter:the sight caused many people to stop and stare.and take pictures. >> i had to come down and take a look at this thing. >> what a crazy whole career--crazy hole. >> reporter:it happened during the commute.under the wheels of a car that witnesses say was an uber with six people was inside. >> reporter:luckily no one was hurt. >> reporter:the sinkhole was caused when a 141 year old sewer main itself. city's aging sewer system says sewage is still flowing disrupted. >> reporter:this is the temporary pipe permanent
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replacement arrives >> reporter:--repairs to fix the the weekend the sfpuc that's because of the size of the sewer main that gave way. >> reporter: hauled's three feet big a person could walk in's replacement needs to be special ordered. >> reporter:and that's bad news for those trying to navigate downtown. this morning one lane of traffic was reopened in each's video of what it looked like when i drove up to the took four minutes block.and that wasn't during rush hour. >> reporter:the westbound lane of mission street was shut down when the crews finish up for be by seven tonight. >> reporter:maureen kelly kron4 news. >> vicki:a university of california panel has approved a policythe number of student athletes guaranteed financial aid - in the case of a particular problem. >> grant:catherine heenan is here to explain. >> catherine:right now if a student with a career-ending
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injury. they're protected at u-c berkeley and u-c-la. the school won't take away but this new proposal would go much further. >> catherine:students with athletic scholarships at the davis, irvine, riverside, santa kind of protection. >> catherine:they'll still be guaranteed financial aid -- even if they're hurt and can't play anymore. the suggested policy is coming from a working group who were asked to make recommendations. it's set to go to the full board on thursday. >> catherine:the university awarded nearly 27-hundred athletic scholarships last year. >> grant:the dubs are one win away from punching their ticket to the n-b-a's western conference finals. they are leading their series with the portland trail blazers. >> vicki:and will tip off in about two hours at oracle arena. at oracle right now with a preview of tonight's game. mark?
5:14 pm >> mark:looks like a run of sunny days in front of us. >> mark: 8 setback to the western conference finals. this look at some of the early risers that made it out here. this is the first time that these two teams were playing. the school to the video that happened on monday night. just a an incredible outing. and five minutes but 17. creek and now they are looking to closed out history. in regard to closing. >> mark: facing a potential clinching series matchup at home. here is a growing--
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here is green on the importance of closing and out and going for the kill. >> we have to do it tonight. this is a team that will not quit. so that are looking at that i am done but i did not say we were quitting. i do not think that they are quitting. >> it is not over yet. this is common sense. it comes down to experience all relying on experience. we have to set the tone. >> mark: one of the good things that we did not worry about tonight as we have the other part of the serious is a question as if curry will play? he has started plane.
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--playing. all is at 7:45 p.m.. he will have eight small ceremony in regards to career receiving his award. --curry receiving his mvp award. >> mark: i can see the warriors closing at out and making a statement and get some rest before the western conference finals are all around. >> vicki: i am going to be doing the best i can to text picture spirit. >> grant:vicki, came up with
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the ticket at the last minute. >> brittany: you have to go! >> brittany: we are barely seen in the clouds out there today. patchy fog as we go into the rest of the tonight--the rest of tonight derrick and has been a trend. it will continue and the rest of the week. we will wake up to another round of clout for tomorrow morning. especially for tomorrow afternoon where is should clear out. as we head into friday, we will start the morning with clouds that will reach all the way into our inland lations at concord and parts of livermore. to adjust, will
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stay mild at 7:00 with pat g f o g developing. --patch fog >> brittany: the temperature lookit cool quickly after 9:00. 55 degrees along the coast. tomorrow, take a look at what we will see an end to that would 90 degrees. so we would definitely want to think up and tomorrow. slightly below average for san francisco but if you are closely to concord in antioch it will be really want to marleau. --tomorrow >> grant: we can do is live. >> brittany:live from
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oracle! >> vicki:it's a device designed to offer women pain-free permanent birth control. but some say it has caused serious and painful complications. next. who some women are now turning to for help. >> gabe: and mobile application and game has become very addictive that starring donald trump. mmm. bacon is lookin good. let's instabrag. honey, jalapeño boom boom,
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>> vicki:it is a device designed to offer women pain- free permanent birth control. but some users say, the procedure eventually left them with crippling pain. >> vicki:now, thousands of patients who have used a medical device. are turning to an unlikely place for answers. >> grant:kron-4's national correspodnent mark meredith has a closer look.
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>> reporter:imagine feeling like ait's happened to thousands of women. >> reporter:online patients post photos of the side effects of sheer joy the day day it all stopped. >>"the doctors will tell you that the side effects are rare, but the side effects and debilitating" >> reporter:and its this medical implant that this woman says changed >>"i had painful sex, constant pain in my side, i had joint pain" >> reporter:-- are you worried about there's a way to push away those worries. >> reporter:this is an ad for e-ssure. it's a implant designed as a way for women to have sex without the risk of pregnancy. >> reporter:available since 2002 - essure works by inserting small nickel coils, - like fallopian tubes which after a few months create a barrier to sperm. >>"i started looking into permanent options, i wanted something quick and easy," >> reporter: of three - tells us she thing, but within weeks:
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>>"i couldn't sleep because ofmiserablei was pretty miserable" >>"the question is why they are having these symptoms and that's difficult to ascertain" >> reporter:we sat down with essure's top doctor - patricia carney to talk about the pain krystal and others say nearly ruined thier lives. >>"it was my birthday present to myself, my 37th birthday, my hysterecony" >> reporter:e-ssure's out of krystal's body - but her fight to help stop future implants is going in a new direction. >>"i think its disappointing the fda hasn't acted" >> reporter:pennsylvania congressman mike fitzpatrick is urgently pushing the food and drug and adminstration to pull e-ssure off the market. >> reporter:he's even gone as far as to the e-free act, to force the f-d-a-'s hand.
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>>"it really is the definition of a bureaucracy down there at the fda, they can't seem to get there out of their own way, they can't explain their own decisions" >> reporter:for its part the f-d-a has conducted several reviews of e-ssure's effectiveness. >> reporter:in march - the agency - deciding to add a warning on side effects. >> reporter:bayer agrees its a good idea. >>"the boxed warning in that sense is something phsyicians should be doing anyway. " >> reporter:but bayer hopes essure users don't rush to judgement. >> reporter:instead - consult with a implants. >>"there are women who are hearing some of the stuff in the media - and they're subjecting themselves to surgery that isnt' necessary" >> reporter:in krystal opinion, the surgery was beyond necessary. through her own personal warnings - she'll prevent someone else from going down the same path.
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>>"i think its bigger than just essure. it's this culture in the fda, it's this culture in big pharma, that's looking out for dollars and not patinets." >> reporter:besides a new warning label - the f-d-a is going a stepthis year the agency ordered bayer to the long term plans to change or take their product off the market. >> reporter:and for the e- free act in congress - despite being introduced last fall - not much has happened. we'll keep watching from washington, reporting from capitol hill, i'm mark meredith. >> vicki: new controversy on the campaign trail. this time it's not what donald trump said. >> grant:but it's who was picked to be one of his california delegates at the convention.what the trump campaign is saying tonight is next at 5:30. >> vicki:and it was a massive explosion that rocked a small town. now three years later. we now knoe the cause behind it.t
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >>europe is being replaced by immigrants from africa. i believe the same thing is happening here. >> grant:he's a white separatist who believes no other race should be given american citizenship. and the trump campaign chose him as a convention delegate. >> vicki:that's the hot
5:29 pm
topic on thecatherine heenan is here to take us through the day's developments. >> catherine: it is always something else really. >> catherine:let's start with the number of the day. 90. that's how many delegates donald trump needs to clinch the nomination after his sweep of west virginia and nebraska. >> catherine: delegates is suddenly in the spotlight. >>mr trump is the real deal >> catherine:as head of the right wing american freedom party william johnson says he is committed to fighting what he calls white genocide. as a supporter of donald trump, he helped to fund racist robocalls to iowa voters. >> catherine:although the trump campaign repudiated these calls. they apparently didn't forget him. two days ago he invited to be a convention delegate from california and almost as quickly un-invited. >>i think what happens is that i slipped through the cracks and they approved me, and then once the list came out, the media had intense interest in my listing, and
5:30 pm
so that caused them to review the situation, and that's how it transpired." >> catherine:the candidate also handed becoming the first presidential candidate since 1976 to refuse to release his tax returns. >>presidential candidate "when you run or president, especially when you become the nominee that is kind of expected. my husband and i have released 33 years of tax returns, we've got 8 years on our website right yourself, why does he not release them? yeah, well we're gonna find out." >> catherine:donald trump is heading to capitol hill, for what could be a tense meeting with house speaker paul ryan. >> catherine:ryan has refused to endorse trump at this point. >> catherine:ryan is due to talk to reporters after the meeting, around eight thirty tomorrow morning pacific time. return
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>> vicki:brittany is back with a look out the weather window. >> brittany: scene and a lot of sunshine so it really depends on where you are. -- seeing a lot >> brittany: everywhere else is clear visibility. if you are closer to fairfield woods 78. temperatures in and get what the up to the '90s. with 81 in livermore, 67 and fremont >> brittany: san francisco at 64 degrees and 69 in santa rosa. when you wake up you will be and that the peace for the most part it derrick chilly morning. but in the afternoon that is when we turn the heat up again. fairfield 84 and a
5:32 pm
nap bob barrett so it will be another beautiful day. -- and napa >> brittany: i will push--3 day forecast shows tomorrow will be the warmest day of the week. and then we will call out a little bit as we head into friday and saturday. as we get closer to the weekend temperatures will be close to average. i will be tracking our entire week when i see you again and another 15 minutes. >> grant:a reminder. for up to the minute weather forecasts and all of your bay area news. be sure to download the kron 4 mobile app. >> grant:it's free on apple and android devices.
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>> grant:vivki? >> vicki:new details. on the deadly plant explosion at a texas fertilizer plant. >> vicki:federal investigators say the fire was intentionally set. and now they are asking for the public's help to close the case. >> vicki:the explosion happened in texas. in april of 2013. it even registered as a magnitude 2-point-one earthquake. >> vicki:15 people were killed. 12 of those, first responders. and more than 500 homes were destroyed. >> vicki:today. investigators "all viable accidental and tested. and eliminated." the investigators are now offering a reward of 50- thousand dollars for anyone with information leading to an arrest.
5:34 pm
>> grant:the family of a man who went on a stabbing rampage at a massachusetts. says he was recently discharged from a treated for his mental illness. >> grant:police say arthur darosa stabbed two women at a home in taunton, killing one. officers say he then drove to the silver city galleria mall and stabbed two more people, killing one of them. >> grant:the aunt of darosa. said today that her nephew had admitted himself to hospital on monday and was discharged the following day. she says he wanted help but didn't receive it. return to >> grant:a federal grand jury has indicted a former south carolina police officer. michael slager is now facing federal charges in the april 2015. shooting death of 50- year-old walter scott, an unarmed black man, during a traffic stop. >> grant:dashcam video shows scott running away. before slager fired his weapon eight times. hitting the father of four. five times.
5:35 pm
>> grant:slager was locally charged with murder and fired from the north charleston police force last year. his federal charges include color of law, unlawful use of a weapon during the commission of a crime, and obstruction of justice. >> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom. >> grant: this is in south vallejo near glen cove disbelieves the beaten akers right now you can see the charred area right there. no word on injuries or evacuations but we will keep you posted. there is a grass fire burning in southern of vallejo. vicki? >> vicki:there may be nothing worse when you travel than standing in long airport security lines. now there's a campaign to speed things up. we'll explain at 5:45. >> grant:and next. how congress is looking to stem the rise in opioid abuse deaths. >> vicki:a quick look at wall street.the markets
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closed lower after macy's slashed its profit forecast and reported a steep drop in earnings. >> vicki:the dow fell 217 points. the s and p slipped 19and the nasdaq dropped 49 points. return to index something just happened in the world and we have no idea what it was. get high speed internet from at&t with 99.9% reliability for just $30 a month. keep calm, your internet's on.
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>> grant: the house is debating opioid abuse legislation this week. >> reporter: he ran off but was caught in a couple of minutes. there was a passenger and the car. but he was pronounced dead at the hospital. it is not clear at this time with his injuries were.
5:40 pm
>> because of the heinous crime of homicide rate this bill came from that same spirit we do not know the association yet. any pursuit is dangerous. but we had to catch the suspects. >> reporter: the big film that was a shot to death and loss gatos was a man. there was a few of the people in the house with him at the time. they were transported or one of them was transported to a hospital close by. the other knowledge was treated at the scene nita was like starting injuries at this time creek is a very flat investigation and the police is interviewing witnesses and those that were at a house during the time of the incident. >> vicki:alright. alecia.
5:41 pm
>> vicki: the house is debating all be at abuse legislation this week. -- opiod >> grant: preventing overdoses. catherine heenan is here with the latest on what's happening. >> catherine:we know a lot of people die from opioid- related complications. nearly 29-thousand americans in 20-14. >> catherine:and the fact it could be a factor in prince's death issue into public focus. >> catherine:congress is now considering dozen bills. >> catherine:they include one that will make it easier for doctors to treat addicted patients.for example. and another that will give law enforcement more trafficking. the house package has strong bipartisan support. >> this is about people who need a second chance and
5:42 pm
protecting the next generation. >> catherine:the senate has already passed a version of the package. wider ranging - so there will now have to be a deal worked out reconciling the two measures. >> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom. >> grant: an update on the record that we told you about five minutes ago with a grass fire in vallejo. but concede the chart and graph already and the smoke filling the air. drivers on coming to home are seen this. right along eastbound interstate 80. west of sonoma up boulevard. started when a vehicle caught fire and the fire spreads it. spreading the grass in the area. most of the croats working this fire are on the same trick close to 10 a.--
5:43 pm
close to 10 a. have been burnt prepared. >> grant: would take a short break right now and be right back.
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>> pam: kron4 haazig madyun is looking into the story and he will have it a bit far as i kron4 ms. s six. now back to you and the studio. >> vicki:
5:47 pm
>> grant:a new app staring "the donald" has skyrocketed to the top of the chart in the app store. our tech reporter checks it out. next. >> grant:a new mobile app is skyrocketing to the top of the charts in the app store. presidential candidate donald trump. kron 4 tech trends reporter gabe slate shows us. why people are finding this app >> reporter: while you play the game it has and walled building process. it is free but you can pay $2 to move the costa advertisement on top of the screen.
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>> grant: color scheme. it's probably the worst part of flying. being stuck in airport security lines. several major airports are reporting waits of an hour or more are becoming common. >> grant: >> vicki:all that time in line can lead to major headaches -- and missed flights. but as cnn's mary moloney explains there is something you can do -- that may eventually cut down on the time spent in line. >> reporter:it is a universal truth. everyone hates waiting in line at the airport. some have found tricks to get through security as quickly as possible. but most of us end up like the mccallister family mad dashing to our gates. >> i have never seen in a stroller collapse in less than 20 minutes. and all people are worse. --an old people >> reporter:you can thank a
5:49 pm
recovering economy and low airfare of travelers. and it's only going to get worse as we head into the summer. well suffer in silence no more! an airline industry group has created the hashtag- i hate the wait. >> reporter:they are asking fliers to take pictures of long security lines and post them on social media along with the hashtag. the campaign hopes to push t-s-a into hiring more staff while also giving other travelers a heads up on the long wait times. >> reporter:for consumer watch -- i'm mary moloney. >> grant:brittany shipp is here with word of a warm up. >> brittany: have our went speed since that. fortunately while fire season--unfortunately wild fire season is here and we do not have a lot of rain showers in the forecast. here is a live shot of the
5:50 pm
fire. >> brittany: it looks relatively calm. you can tell that the wind speed is not strong right now we will keep a close eye on that entire situation. the san mateo camera shows a few clouds are producing. with some patchy fog. marine layer also producing. >> brittany: as we head into the began a strike adam will present itself. --as we head into the weekend at a dry patterson will develop. >> brittany: or temperatures
5:51 pm
looking to one up tomorrow. it will slowly break down as the system develops staying well to the north of us. so we are not concerned about that. about the rich break down helping our temperatures. before we cooled down going into the weekend. >> brittany: 65 degrees in oakland and all san jose 71 degrees. >> brittany: the marine layer and a little bit of cloudiness will stick a round in to your morning hours even for the inland locations. parts of santa rosa and parts of clover bill as we get into the rest of the evening. should clear out. as we go overnight on the first pick, hitting and to--as we go overnight on
5:52 pm
thursday heading into friday. things will change. >> brittany: 86 in livermore, and 81 in san jose. the see the gradual cooling trend will be about 10 degrees cooler as we get into the 7 day forecast. not too bad even with the tampa to starting to drop. things are still comfortable out. stand on monday hi-fi's and low 60s. >> brittany:--high 50's and low 60's. >> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom. >> grant: it is unknown why this guy is climbing up this
5:53 pm
building. sunset boulevard has been closed. police are trying to coax him down. he is continuing to climb higher at the same time. this is a spectacle for sure but we will keep you posted on the breaking news beer after a short break!
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♪ ♪ (laughing) there's nothing like making their day. except making sure their tomorrow is taken care of too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can.
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>> grant: >> vicki:hollywood loves a good marriage drama. and rumors are flying that ben affleck and jennifer garner might be pumping the breaks on their divorce. what's fueling those rumors?
5:57 pm
>> grant:the couple took a family trip to paris last weekend. the insider's louis aguirre has more from los angeles. >> we are doing our best for our family. and that is the most important thing. >> obviously he is someone that enjoys putting work force. and right now he is putting his children first trip--his children first. a >> vicki:that wraps up kron 4 news at 5. another hour of news is next. >> grant:pam moore is here with a preview. >> pam: who was shot? who was injured? we'll have more on that story at the 6:00
5:58 pm
hour. >> pam: and, a big sinkhole that is opening wider. more news at kron 4 news at 6:00.
5:59 pm
6:00 pm
(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam:crime investigations lead to the closures of two major bay area highways. >> pam:the cases. are not linked. on the left. you see highway- 17 in campbell. >> pam:on the right. highway 4 inyou can see there is a heavy police response to both scenes. >> pam:the first closure happened this morning on westbound highway- four in pittsburg. that is where there was some sort of crash and shooting. >> pam:it was closed for hours. the second involves the highway- 17 off-ramps to hamilton avenue in campbell. >> pam:the details on that closure and what led to it. are still coming in. >> pam:good evening. im pam moore. >> pam:we learned a short time ago, it was a mother who was killed during a shooting incident on highway- 4. another was person wounded. >> pam:this is the latest in a series of shootings along kron 4's haaziq madyun spoke to investigators about today's deadly shooting. >>"i can tell you she had significant injuries from
6:01 pm
being shot as well as the collision" >> reporter:the adult female driver of this car died as a result of those injuries, an adult male passenger was also wounded. the shooting happened here on hwy-4 near the railroad ave exit in pittsburg >>"this would be our 4th homicide" >> reporter:that is why pittsburg police captain ron raman says precautionary measures are being taken to prevent this from happening again >>"we are absolutely concerned, we have partnered up with chp and all of our local law enforcement organizations, we have met and we continue to meet on a regular basis on way to increase the safety not only on our freeways but in our neighborhoods" >> reporter:kron4 has confirmed the i.d. of the victim as 25-year-old shanique marie of san francisco. investigators say this appears to be a case of road rage involving the driver of a white mercedes benz with paper plates >>"at this point there is no information to lead us to believe that this incident is connected to any of the others" >> reporter:the shooter got away. investigators are checking surveillance or cellphone videos that may have recorded what happened pittsburg haaziq madyun kron4news. >> pam: in the south bay: police are investigating multiple locations including that one on highway 17 in connection with a homicide. the details are still coming in.
6:02 pm
>> pam: kron 4's alecia reid just got to the scene short time ago. she has learned it all has something to do with a body found inside a los gatos home. >> pam: alecia, what can you tell us? >> reporter: in this case the sheriff's department tells us they had no choice to follow the suspect vehicle until they were able to get the man then fled the scene. it has something to do with the homicide that happened this morning. in los gatos. after the shooting and deputy spotted the car in los gatos. and started to chase the driver. somehow the driver lost control of the car on 17th and hamilton. there will >> reporter: the passenger in his car. he was transferred to the hospital and was pronounced dead at.
6:03 pm
>> was transported to the hospital with non life- threatening injuries and one was at the state of their residence and treated by a medic. >> reporter: victim shot to death this morning was a man. this is a very fluid investigation. police officers are talking with the witnesses and the victim that was shot this morning. alecia reid, kron4 news >> pam: we first told you about these incidents through alerts from the kron 4 mobile app. it is available for free for google and apple devices. >> pam: grant? >> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom. >> grant: partnership with abc seven news. it started as a car fire and spread
6:04 pm
quickly through the grass. quite east interstate 80 grit and couple of lines are blocked. all right after,-- if you are headed to the sacramento area. according to bring it is about 68 degrees in vallejo. in 7 vallejo fortune and, no homes are threatened. -- fortunately no homes are threatened. this is an south of vallejo. we will continue to keep you posted with no injuries reported but, in seven-session but, at a grass fire is in southern vallejo. >> pam: more controversy surrounding the san francisco police department - this as more calls
6:05 pm
continue for the chief to resign. >> pam: on the steps of the hall of justice today - a group of community activists called for chief suhr to quit. they say he must be held accountable for the actions of his officers. recently there has been several high profile cases involving officers. just recently, an officer has been suspended for allegedly making racial and sexual comments. >>john burris/attorney. so from our perspective, not enough has been done, so as a consequence, he must go. >> pam:chief suhr has said that he will not resign - and that he is actively putting in new reforms at the department. there are several other investigations going on against officers right now as well, including looking into the fatal shooting of mario woods - by 5 san francisco police officer which was caught on video tape. >> pam:a grand jury has indicted a former south carolina police officer. >> pam:michael slager is now facing federal charges, in last year's shooting death of an unarmed black man during a traffic stop. >> pam:catherine heenan is
6:06 pm
here with the details. >> catherine: yes, pam michael slager is now facing federal charges in a shooting that happened in april of last year -- and was recorded on dash cam video. >> catherine: also on a bystander's cell phone. >> catherine: the video shows walter scott getting out of his car - and running, after the traffic stop. he'd tried calling his mother beforehand, but then put the phone away. >>it's believed he might have been concerned about going to jail because he owed child support. >> catherine: other video shows the officer firing his gun eight times -- hitting scott five times. >> catherine: slager was locally charged with murder and fired from the police force. >> catherine: the 'federal' charges including 'unlawful use of a weapon during the commission of a crime. >>
6:07 pm
>> this is historic and issue a stop now. >> the cover has been pulled. >> catherine:walter scott was 50 years old and the father of four. the reason for the traffic stop -- a broken tail light on the car. >> catherine:michael slager now faces charges that could result in a life sentence or the death penalty. last fall, north charleston approved a $6.5 million dollar civil settlement with scott's family. >> catherine:pam? >> pam:new at six. san jose police chief eddie garcia. weighing in this past hour. on an officer involved shooting that took place this morning. >> pam: as kron four's rob fladeboe reports now, the officers shot a man who was attacking his mother, with an ax.
6:08 pm
>> reporter:san jose police chief eddie garcia says the officers who shot an ax wielding man >> reporter:had no choice. >>sot eddie garcia/san jose police chief had no choice. >> reporter:garcia is talking about events that transpired just after 7 a.m. wednesday here on lansing drive, in the cambrian district, where officers encountered a man with an ax. >> reporter:police say the man hit his the head before the confrontation with the officer. what appears to be a long handled ax lay in the street along with other evidence. a motive for the violence is not clear but friend of the family trish harvey says the son has been battling mental health problems. >> i cried already is just so sad. anything with mental
6:09 pm
illness is sad. because they do not have control over their actions when they do things. >> reporter: friend one officer deployed his tazer, to no effect. indeed, police say the man at one point pulled the tazer darts out as he wielded the ax. both mother and son are hospitalized in stable condition. both are expected to survive. >> reporter: the officers happen to be on the scene responding to another call when the accident happened. >> pam: not far from the quirkiness bridge we want to check and with our meteorologist to get a concept of how the weather is. >> brittany: luckily, the wind speed is sustained of
6:10 pm
around 10 mi. per hour still is not a really strong wind gusts at that area. taking a look outside we will continue to monitor the situation. good news, it looks like the planes are going a way. and everything will be closer to some of the homes in that area. showing, we are not done with a whole lot of cloudiness we will continue to see some really pleasant conditions as we head into the rest of the work week. >> brittany: reduce the bay bridge box high pressure that will stay in control at this slowly began to weekend--weaken as another system hits and to the area. fairfield, hayward and concord was seen more clearing out. of sunshine expected as and into
6:11 pm
tomorrow evening. we would see the clouds moving back through with some f o g. >> brittany: temperatures are still in the mid 70's for inland locations. dropping by 60 at 9:00 p.m. tonight. coming up! we will take a look at the 3 day forecast was slightly cooler temperatures and i will let you know what is in store for the weekend. in my full forecast at about 15 minutes.
6:12 pm
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>> pam: we are a little more than an hour away from game- five. between the warriors and the portland trail blazers. with a win tonight, the dubs can advance to the conference finals. >> pam: kron 4's philippe djegal is on the floor at oracle arena. where fans are filing in. >> pam: philippe? >> reporter:pam. >> reporter:the doors opened at 5-30 tonight. but fans started showing up here at oracle arena long before that to watch the warriors continue their march to a second consecutive n-b-a championship. >> reporter:and, the faithful are soaking all of this in. >> reporter:take a look at the players on the floor. with stephen curry's return to the court monday in game four. >> reporter: totally different team, and by the end, curry had knocked off the rust and ended up with 40 points -- 17 of them scored in overtime. >> reporter:fans don't see anything hope the warriors can clinch the series tonight. >> reporter: the arena as
6:16 pm
warriors fans made their way inside. photos, to cherish for the rest of their lives. >> hopefully we can get and i start so again as the minutes well and spread it out throughout the game. yes we need to get a nice man tonight. >> i want to see curry. i do not want him to overdo it. so, i do hope that they do well. >> these guys, if they come together all together and very much into it. they love each other. never been a team like this. >> reporter:this just a day after stephen curry was named the league's most valuable player. the first time unanimously >> reporter:and, you can expect he'll receive a thunderous ovation as he's honored in front of the fans tonight. >> reporter:as for the game.the warriors played well in the few games without their star point guard.
6:17 pm
will start tonight. >> reporter:this team is deep -- portland is tough, but at home, the warriors are going to be tough to beat. live in oakland, philippe djegal, kron four news. >> pam: this explosion at a fertilizer plant in texaswhy federal investigators are saying the blast was no accident. >> reporter: the explosion of registered and magnitude of 15 people being killed and those first responders. 200 injured and the chaos. more than 400 homes destroyed. so many lost. >> nothing here will fill the void left in their hearts. >> reporter: community has been waiting for this very moment. >> reporter: was this a
6:18 pm
deliberate act?--beyond saying it was a deliberate act, the alcohol tobacco and firearms special agent in charge when i go into detail on exactly what sparked the fire and explosion. the extensive investigation is still active. >> this one of the 80 f largest fire investigations, not just in money spent but in scope. --atf >> reporter: back in 20141 year at of the blast, a federal regulator said it was preventable and land the company that owned the fertilizer plant, which had been cited before, for not taking the proper steps to avoid an explosion. meanwhile, the town of west is we buildable.
6:19 pm
>> was distraught community. west is a proud community creek and washington, dianne gallagher. >> pam: new legislation in italy. adjoins the country with the rest of europe by granting legal rights to gay couples. the lower chamber of deputies voted today finalizing the decision. the italian senate approve the legislation back and battery. >> pam:--back in february. >> pam: the country is the last of the european union's 28 nations to grant legal recognition to civil union spirit legislation grass same-sex couples many of the same rates as married couples. but is still fall short of authorizing a marriage.
6:20 pm
>> pam: a scene. we are getting accustomed to seeing this a lot lately. the ground giving way. causing a huge sinkhole to open up and a busy, san francisco street. >> pam: here is a map that shows you where this is happening now. the sinkhole opened up and the middle of mission street, between second and montgomery. right now, only one lane of east bomb mission street is open. one westbound lane is expected to be opened by the end of this newscast. kron4's, maureen kelly taught to the city agency in charge of this to our system, about what is going on to repair the aging infrastructure. >> reporter: big chunks of broken store may were pulled
6:21 pm
out of the 12th the lock and 9 ft. the culprit in happen when the brake pipe from our 875 caved in on itself. traffic has been impacted by the repair job. >> reporter: and is going to continue to be a problem possibly to up the weakened since the size of the tide, 3 ft. wide and 5 ft. high means that the city needs to adopt special or is permanent replacement. many people were drawn to it and stopped and stared. >> reporter: >> it is scary. >> where are our tax dollars going? >> we are definitely dilli with aging at the structure. --dealing with aging infrastructure.
6:22 pm
>> reporter: the city says a multibillion-dollar sole replacement project is underway. but it takes time. they are able to replace 50 mi. south of the city's one about the miles of sewer pipes each year. >> reporter: the puc said is now that this type has broken open they are going to take this as an opportunity to get inside an expected to see if there is any other portion of this war mein that has been compromised and need to be replaced. the uc aren't using a camera to do that work well because of the start of the sort they may plan on sending an actual person down to take a look. marlin kelly, kron 4 news. --maureen kelly >> brittany: we do have a little weather disturbance here. traveling to the north
6:23 pm
of the spirit it will not bring this rain showers. san francisco and the low 60s right now. concord at livermore and the high seventies tonight. >> brittany: as we go into the rest of tonight and tomorrow you see the cloud coverage bridge. we will seek more clearing as we get into the afternoon heading into friday morning. same thing about the f o g. >> brittany: 90 degrees and antioch, 85 and fairfield and 81 in san jose. >> brittany: we will readily see a cool down. >> brittany: a gradual cooling trend and along the coastal state and the low 60s.
6:24 pm
>> pam: coming up next! we are finally getting a closer look at what is causing alzheimer's disease. what researchers have discovered that could help and the treatment. >> pam: and we have a lot of choices when it comes to try blinkered find out what our lines are-just this find out which airlines are rated the best when it comes to fly.
6:25 pm
♪ ♪ as long as you love me, anyit's alright. ♪e. ♪
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♪ bend me shape me, any way you want me. ♪ shape the best sleep of your life. sleep number beds with sleepiq technology adjust any way you want it. the bed that moves you. only at a sleep number store. >> pam: scientists continue to try and unravel the mysterys of alzheimers. now they are looking closely at a toxic combination of plaques and tangles in the brain. which seem to drive the illness. >> pam: using brain scans. new research says, the protein tangles are called 'tau' and are a better marker for predicting early symptoms. researchers say. risk increases with the sticky
6:27 pm
amyloid that builds into plaques which coat the brain. but there can be a lot of that plaque, before a person actually starts the protein tangles are significant. >> pam: the findings could have important implications for better treatments. >> pam: in a survey conducted by j.d. power...both alaska airlines and jetblue airways are ranked the highest overall in traveler satisfaction. >>j.d. power announced today that alaska airlines was ranked the highest out of airlines for a ninth year in a row. >> pam: the survey also said that jetblue airways was top-rated at being a low- cost carrier. survey consisted of 10- thousand people who flew 2016. >> pam: coming up next! there has been another deadly shooting on an east bay highway. plus, to mark to be a pivotal day for the highway. for donald trump and paul ryan. what they are saying about their scheduled meeting on capitol hill. >> mark: we will hear from the defendant tra defending
6:28 pm
champs and what they have to say!
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
6:31 pm
6:32 pm
6:33 pm
6:34 pm
6:35 pm
>> this is a big tent party. we come from different wings of the party trick the goal here is to unify the various wings allow compresses so we become unified. >> you will see what happens if you can make a deal that would be great if not we will forge ford.
6:36 pm
>> catherine: trump making other news as he is releasing again-that refusing to release again his tax returns. he has the suggesting that he will get all round to it but not--but now make it clear as it will now happen before the election. his rivals jumped all over that including or clinton. mr. romney is blasting him to. the 2012 gop presidential candidates is suggesting that the trump is hiding something. a bomb shell of on usual size in the documents. >> catherine: pam? >> pam:uber has now recognized and lee form a union. today the ride sharing company acknowledged the independent drivers killed which will represent 35,000 drivers in
6:37 pm
new york city. it says it will pay for union costs. drivers can join for free. >> pam: but were still insist is drivers are independent contractors. and that means the guild will not be able to collect a bargain for the drivers.
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
>> pam: and newcastle sold of the back story will air on sunday night. here is a preview. >> pam:a new episode of th
6:40 pm
ebackstory >> reporter: are trying to figure out what is happening with the crap season. --crab >> reporter: are we going to have a craft or not?--crab well >> reporter:, it depends on the quality. >> reporter: why don't you let me do that. >> this is parking for the fishermen spirit if you want to part out front or in the back that is fine. --park >> pam: split the short to
6:41 pm
tune and on sunday night at 930 right here at kron4. -- be sure to tune in >> pam: our sports director will have more from the rain now. -- the arena now. -- the arena hey i think the internet just went down. huh, why don't you give it a sec, it'll come back. something just happened in the world and we have no idea what it was. get high speed internet from at&t with 99.9% reliability for just $30 a month.
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(male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich with sports!. >> gary:good evening! >> gary: looking ahead at game 5. staff curry in be a record 17. explosion monday night say the warriors in game 4 of their western
6:45 pm
conference semifinal series with the portland trailblazers. --steph curry >> gary: now they look ahead to game 5 tonight at the oracle where after career received his trophy. they can close out the blazers. >> gary:draymond green does some notice after game 4 when he says the blazers were done. today he expanded on that thought as well as the importance of finishing the series tonight. >> we have to go out and get it done. i'm not saying that these people are done but we have to do what we have to do.
6:46 pm
>> gary: pam, still believes that people two-man. i want to announce as we put this up on facebook. pam was nominated for an emmy award. what is the name of the bank?--thing (laughter) (cheers & applause) >> gary: we will put this up on facebook live and we will go to mark carpenter. >> grant: i am going to call it and say gary and pam says hi.
6:47 pm
>> pam: (laughter) >> pam: ok, ok. >> gary: facebook law is it you want to see all the behind-the-scenes shot congratulating our in the nominated. what is so wrong with that? she was nominated for an emmy. --facebook live >> pam:i wa,s. >> grant: people are posting live from the full court. >> pam:i was nominated. (laughter) >> gary: time for some tv.
6:48 pm
>> gary: mark carpenter on tv! >> pam: let's go mark carpenter. (laughter) >> mark: curry is about to receive his second straight mvp award. let's go to the video pick this is how you know that he is back. people are out taken video and taking pictures. they all want to see him. the unanimous mvp. rekindling a
6:49 pm
conversation as how he compares to michael jordan. some people think it is too early or right on time. >> desire to be better. michael was the same way. constantly pushing and pushing. and, i think the similarities are showmanship. the desire to really entertain and whether it is at home or on the road. michael, i never wanted to take a night out-- a night off. he never wanted to disappoint a fan. curry, it is the same way. >> mark: tip off is at 745.
6:50 pm
before the western final conference to get going. gary! >> gary:thank you, mark! >> gary: blue jays ... >> gary: the giants led 4-1 >> gary: michael saunders tied the game here in the ninth. we had to go on to the 13th inning. and buster posy, with the bases loaded. the giants win. now 18 and 18 for the record. >> gary: i want to tell you one more time, goal to facebook pages and see all the behind-the-scenes.
6:51 pm
>> pam: you never know. >> gary: (laughter) >> pam: thank you, for staying with us! we will be right back. ♪ ♪
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>> gabe: the future of transportation may have
6:54 pm
been born just outside of the date is the desert. i will have more at gabe slate tech transcript-- trends >> pam: researchers will like to do a larger study to get a better understanding of the real effects of the drugs. >> pam: burning? >> pam: brittany? >> brittany: 83 degrees 4 hour inland locations. 71 degrees at the bay of the coast. >> pam: producers are tell me that we are going to take grant cam now.
6:55 pm
>> brittany: very cool. >> pam: we are taking this live. >> grant: get together >> pam: we will be back at 8:00. thanks for being with us at the want. we will see you some print
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"the insider," tracking the
6:59 pm
biggest stories making news today. number one, wa osbourne living a double life? >> life's full of regrets. >> why his alleged long-term affair was finally sharon's breaking poi >> this really is ultimate betrayal. then drew barrymore struggles publicly with her divorce she's calling a failure. >> it's a tough time. it's a hard thing to go through. this wasn't the plan. and number three, are ben and jen getting back together? >> ben really does want to rekindle this marriage. >> the inside details of t paris vacation. plus, jenny garth gets blunt about her divorce. >> the worst thing about being married? where do i start? >> how she's vi on with her new husband. was it love at first sight? >> i was like, ugh now hollywood from the
7:00 pm
inside out. it's "the insider" together with yahoo! >> sharon osbourne's powerful return to "the talk" yesterday is still resonating through hollywood. she said, i'm 63 years of age and i can't keep living like this. >> for 34 years, sharon stuck by ozzy through his alcohol and drug abuse, not to mention inf is his latest rumored affair with his hair dresser somehow different? tracking at number one, inside ozzy's double life? >> i was just overwhelmed by the reaction and just so much love and -- [ cheers and applause ] >> briefly thanking her fans for the outpouring of support today on "the talk." a report now claims she felt her husband was not just cheating, but leading a double lif his long-time hair dresser. >> wha


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