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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  May 12, 2016 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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that's the part that hurts sharon the most. how did she find out? apparently going through ozzie's e-mails. there's also a report the 67-year-old rocker allegedly & treated with someone who goes to his a.a. meetings and another person who's part of his road crew. what's the reaction today? gayle king summed it up well when we spoke to her at the force woman su >> most people, they either clam up or totally ignore it what she should know is that everybody's pulling for her. >> and n gossip in the katy/orlando/selena love triangle. remember these that looked like orlando and selena getting down in the club? now tmz has grainy video proof of the t leaving together. here's how the reportedly there were others in the car, they went on a late-n food run, thent went to their separate hotel rooms. okay. ♪ enter katy.
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her cryptic tweets at 11:07 last in her first post of the rrm incriminating pics, she tweeted, "is that all there is?" she tweeted a link to a peggy lee song about interesting relationships. the depressing lyric, we were so very much in love, and then one day, he went away and i thought i'd die but i didn't. and finally, you might have seen headlines this week claiming gwen is pregnant blake's baby, that it's a girl and she's due in october. the rumors started with this photo, what okay magazine described as gwen covering her baby bump on a doctor's we asked, because that's what we do, to separate what's real versus rumor. a source close to gwen us this is totally not true. what is true is maybe t best couple selfie ever, gwen and blake with adam and behati. one pretty double date, isn't
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it? now to the breakup of daytime's onscreen couple, kelly ripa and michael st in less than hours the show will be ive with kelly and not with michael. >> today's big development, kelly rocking a bomber jacket that appears to drop a bomb. was she trying to send a message with her fashion statement? just one day before stray's exit. >> just a michael farewell, kelly went to work this morning wearing a jack wet the word "freedom" printed oo the back. okay. so style or statement? it seees kelly has been sending signals ever since it was announced her co-host michael strahan is jumping togma. frirns she carried anderson cooper's memoir, spark speculation he's her choice to michael. a lot of people thought this was a at abc. she was stepping out with the self-help book "david and goliath." strahan dodged the paparazzi on
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a date with his girlfriend. this morning they joked about the departure with the audience. >> what is your profession? what will you be now? >> i'm going to be -- >> oh my god, perfect! guys, just in t of time. >> do me a favor, don't let this show scare you away from your dreams. >> don't be afraid. >> and listen to this. we hear there's a version of t show titled without michael's name. we spoke to several audience members who attended a taping today of a show which airs a week from tomorrow. >> talking about the new sign, livekelly, used to be with kel rid of the with and the michael. a few cracks. it was cute. it was a lot of fun. >> no matter what happens tomorrow we will be there for stray's g let's move on. as the investigation into prince's death continues his ex-wives and friends gathered in beverly hills for an emotion nal 2 1/2-hour memorial service last night, and we have exclusive
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details from inside. ♪ the memorial started with a performance of this prophetic song. after all, prince passed away on april 21st. eyewitnesses tell us that the mood inside was somber with some laughs. attendees included musician mel rogers, dancers dita von teese and savion glover, and prince's ex, anna fantastic. >> was it a moving ceremony? >> oh, >> gwen stefani attended and posted a page of the program. inside that program were the lyrics to another prince song. among the several testim came one from president obama. spike lee attended and posted a pic of his purple wardrobe. the memorial was organized by prince's ex-wives, mayte garcia and manuela testolini. we're told the most moving tribute was given by gospel singer may vis staples, who broke down severalvis staples, down several times.
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♪ at the end >> beautiful night. none of prince's siblings who are warring there. they are planning their own memorial. let's head to france where george and amal walked the red carpet at cannes for the first together, and, boy, did they look glamor just watch the doors, ok amal was breath taking in a custom made one s peal flawless.rsace gown, her m george had given us an early hint about the length of amal's dress. >> she's wearin of those dresses with a long train and, you know, that'ssgreat going up those stairs, but when you're walking around in a movie theater everybody's, like, stepping on it. >> julia stunned in an off-shoulder armani black gown while husband danny moder stood off to the side holding a camera. that emerald over 52 carats, but notice, got to love h she's not weari ining shoes. earlier today, george and julia faced a blustery wind as they and their "money monster" di jodie foster, did
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cannes photo calls. on point in a givenchy men's wear inspired pinstripe ju suit. also on the rivierriviera, just timberlake and anna. >> it's embarrassing how much crap i tote around. like, i pack up so neatly, like so ocd, and then by the time i spend like three hours i a hotel room, everything is everywhere. they're both voices in "trolls." and j.t. made sure he got in extra studio time with blake shelton's lady, who also voices a char >> there's a song on the soundtrack i wrote that will be gwen stefani featuring moi. >> it's amazing. >> so i'm pretty -- i basically just was looking for an excuse to do a song with gwen stefani, and this came up and i was, like, i'm going to check that the list. >> and the parade continues. >> blake, over here, please!
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>> she shined i a mustardy layered sun dress from valentino's fall 2016 collection. her co-star kristen stewart went the opposite direction in a gothy motorcycle jacket and dress. blake's been sharing her fashion journey on her instagram, and we ha say she's setting that maternity fashion bar pretty high. gorgeous. >> great fashion and movies at cannes as always. >> much more "e.t." to come. "mike and molly's" final episode. melissa mccarthy gets a little teaay saying good-bye to her co-star. >> oh, [ bleep ]. >> and her next tv project. next our throwback thursday with the cast of "the hills" t years later. where are they now? >> i'm all grown up no >> who still holds a grudge and who lives in their parents' house? plus, a max and i just discovered
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enough! >> see "empire" last night? shocked. it sent social media into a frenzy. is jesse done? >> adding fuel to the fire by tweeting, i loveeyou all, truth, time to make a record. you cannot s a cliffhanger better than that. >> the thing is, everybody take a deep breath together. relax. it will be part of fox's announcement of their new season next week. i'm going to let you the math. i'm not telling you anything else. >> no clif monday's "mike and molly" will be done. i was on set with the co-stars as they tried to come to grips saying good-bye. >> do you have a specific momentum? to take with you to help you remember the show? >> we've already so much. >> there's a cargo van. you can't stop me.
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i looked around the living room the other day and iithought, oh, not my taste. sure, there was some joking, but after six years together, this happens. >> [ bleep ]. >> those tears started flowing as the gravity of having to shoot monday's finale started to set in. >> i think now we're trying to get through ii but tomorrow's going to be -- >> tough. >> we're here! >> the show ends with a baby for mike and molly. >> having o baby. >> what was your reaction the first time that you read the script to this pilot? >> i liked that they had real jobs, a cop by day, a superhero at night. i love those two i'm available. i was like i know these people, i have cops many my family. i just bought it all. it seemed easy. >> the first week we were at
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melissa ice house reading the script together, sat in her living room, just reading it. >> we will leave the way we started. >> yes. >> this place. we're not only proud of the work, i'm really honored to have these people as >> a very, very special bond with everybody there. >> you see the emotio choked up there. >> can't hide that. big softy, that gu >> coming up, nancy's got your first lookkat "the bachelorette's" new man. where are the career choices that will crack youup? and the cast of "the hills." they're back, and they get real on throwback thursday. a. the stories you haven't heard after shooting stops. who fled the country and which star attempted suicide. that is next. >> closed captioning provided by --
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on jojo's season of "the bachelorette." >> i feel like this is magic. >> magic? that's exactly what we'll need guys wanted to buy their job description. brandan, a hipster, james, a career, being canadian? >> i just met the girl i'm going to marry. >> these photos prove they pulled out all the stops make a memorable first impression. we have a guy in kilt, and don't forget the unicorn. and then there' jordan rogers. >> i look at you and i'm, like, wow. >> a former pro qqarterb a b super bowl mvp aaron rodgers. he's 27 and a rumored front-runner. youngest guys are 26. the oldest is 34. jojo, by the way, is 25. also, in the category of are they here for right reasons? there's radio d.j., a bartender and this evan, an erectile dysfunction expert, who's also a single dad raising three boys. yen, we cannot thii stuff up..o cf1 o >> he's got three kkds.
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>> got to wait for the season to start. >> i know >> it starts the 23rd on abc. and also want to find out how many of those guys that jojo ends up g romantic wit that fantasy suite, right? >> i'm guessing most of them. you're one to talk. look at you right here. how many girls on "all my children"? >> a lot. but it's differen i was working. it was a job. you know, i have to promise those love se aren't alwayy as sexy as they look sometimes. check out some of this action at "the young & the restless." >> this is our torrid affair. >> does it look okay if my hand here? >> so that's not a question you hear at work everyday, but again, we usually keep our shirts on at the office. >> what happens if he unzips? will it stay on? >> jason tho and gina tognoni play brother and sister-in-law so their affair is a big no-no and hush-hush.
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>> there might be a zipper or belt comin but 95% of what you see is like one take. >> when you see scenes on tomorrow's episode on cbs, it's all raw passion. but during rehearsals it's of clinical. the director gives them every little move and protects them from overexposure. >> sometimes you see some parts you shouldn't, and of course we close the set and we black out the monitors so actors are comfortable. >> she tarts to go and he stops her. >> what's the secret to loo flawless during these sexy bribery. >> yeahh i usually pay off the lighting guys. >> make sure the lighting is oo good. >> a tough day at the o when that you have going on. >> why do they black out monitors when everybody in tv land is going watch it? everybody in the world wants to see it. >> they make some mistakes when they're shooting it. that's all i'm going to say. okay then. it was ten yea that mtv's laguna bench spin-off "the hills" premiered and it was soap opera, part reality, and totally drama all the time, right?
7:52 pm
everyone hated spencer and heidi, loved lauren conrad, and in honor of throwback thursday we tracked the entire cast down to find out where are they >> and it was, at the time it was going to turn into this essentiallopera. it was just a wild, crazy time, but it was fun. ♪ feel the rain on your >> beautiful and their delicious drama. millions of viewers couldn't get enough. >> you know why i'm mad at you? >> why? >> you know why. >> why? >> you know what you did. >> what? >> they earned super villain street cred on "the hills." they married in 2009 but spencer never lived down amping up the crazy. >> you tear biggest crazy in this town. you know it and you're going to get hit for it. >> they needed a bad guy so, you know, everybody won for me being awful. >> so where are they now? laure parlayed her fa a reported $25 million fashion and lifestyle empire and just published her ninth book.
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kristen, a mom of three and married to chicago bears quarterback jay cutler, we knew from our first interview with her she was destined to hit it big in the world of fashion with her own shoe ande%ñ jewelry li. >> my third fashion showvi >> and rest of the cast. audrina met fiance cor bowman on "the hills." >> i'm pregnant so this is probably the biggest change me, being engaged, planning a wedding. it's like i'm aal grown up >> and justin bobby's all about his band, bobby rocks. >> what was your life like afttr the show ended? what did you do? >> i went to nicaragua, ate a lot of good food, then i opened up a salon down there. >> but fame hasn't been as kind speidi. >> what are you doing for a living now? >> we did celebrity thing and that took care of many years of not having to worry about working. right now just keep doing television shows and tha we don't have rent to worry about, youknow?
7:54 pm
>> so this is -- >> this is my parents' rental house, which we are property managers of. >> it hasn't been easy road for jason wahler either. lauren's ex was known for his hard pa ways, he's almost six years soesh and running a postrehab home in laguna bench. >> my addiction drove me to suicide, not contemplation, actually attempting suicide, and somebody found me. i' grateful for that. >> who do you keep in touch with? >> i talk kristen a lot. >> i talk to heidi and audrina all the >> jess and bobby. >> jess and bobby is the biggest rock star i communicate with. >> if you guys coul back, would you do it all over again? >> i would do it so much better. >> i was and 18. i don't care. i was young. i was stupid. i was having fun. it made me who i am today, and for that i'm thankful. >> there is talk there could be a "hills" reu on netflix. >> could hhppen. or maybe not.
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no need to make a mountain out of hill. i do know this happened. he's going to explain when we come back.
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>> pam: next on kron-4 news at eight: sexual misconduct while on the job. the allegations a former local police officer is now facing. >> pam: one day after a mother is shot and killed on an east bay highway. calls for action to keep drivers safe. i'm pam moore. the news -- at eight -- is next.
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i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at >> watch the full trailer only at >> travel considerations provided by -- trying their handle at celebrity anymore game. >> these ladies following in my
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footsteps on the show -- >> yes, they are. >> -- mean business. >> money, money, money! >> it really was a day for julie and cheryl. they taped their own show first then head over to craig -pferguson's desk without me. don't i gate >> i'm very nervous. i've never played this before. i'm letting you know this so in caselose, which i don't plan to. >> right. >> it doesn't look so bad. >> well, their episode airs tomorrow. we'll see how they do. i know somebody who was on there and won. >> oh really? are you smack talking? bye, everybo >> grant:now at eight. the former san mateo police officer suspected of sexually assaulting women >>whoosh >> grant:after another deadly freeway shooting in the east bay. we ask caltrans officials. why aren't there more security cameras >>whoosh >> grant:the end a high
8:00 pm
speed chase. the beginning of a controversy as officers pummel an unresisting suspect in new hampshire. >>i don't know what he did. obviously they weren't happy, but he wasn't fighting them. it was a little bit much i think." >>whoosh >> grant:and stanley roberts rides with the highway patrol. looking for local drivers with out of state plates. this is a full hour of your choice for prime time news. (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam:now at 8. >> pam:sexual misconduct while wearing a badge. a former san mateo police officer is now under investigation. for sexually assaulting women while on- duty. kron-4's kate cagle spoke with the district attorney about the troubling accusations. >> reporter:the police department says they became aware of complaints toward the officer back in october of last year. the officer was placed on administrative leave.and at this point no longer works for the department. >> reporter:the officers name is noah winchester. the district attorney says he has not yet decided to


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