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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  May 13, 2016 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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to d best. my li have. ye >> k p theaparazzi this morning. wa s audience thishe move? relax
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wi h fir ecially emotional i any nbc done. dra to gavin the looking b even
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he station wagon. three next biebe in da esterd s bringing ulder thin ngs have b a li en here wednesday after fans e i feel l nt they were further s c f ke the your
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s la olivia g awai nightmare is sa ri d tice a ion dollar s simple proce tur back. 'm worthat. lissa to she spects b me and her
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doctor ac in p do >> relieved who toer >> t sett c&- health woro.r. she we was she was h ing the t the end.
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nd a hand on a >> sinteevi . afety part what an
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think the internet just went down. '' 9% r '
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droppi mike ant i want you to t
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s fter lying on her ba jim er so mu h we k er music alte li shoot arms feel a a out the >> t all tha i can't
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irst hev th also has it? my over to dre pants you know? she barefoot fr doover aexplosio er
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at is l turtlen whole rocker for oshe the ing off ties w jen ni pl straig . was a b
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and a i us thers had lemonade fever bu liked killed it wee with real w look awf pull l
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do y yeah. talk e i in at it' tru l anyage. fixe c d right now. m turn
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give pi are ready. >>really? too mu i sleeves week. show it a knew she i' a mom soak in. much. d er
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atte a ca robert. did. license. in a >>ow is that lit bird on po ally fin
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ecause her very longstance fl y . smilelaug was thrille much every to so conser to zo is
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a c hosting. >>is. s
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♪♪ ur way. ce while y' st
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e. family live here out outages in your area. sign up for outa better calif t ith the drama
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is l.a baby o be a boy or gi the news ri wh a married eric o th maralton head n
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