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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  May 14, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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everyone everyone. has sharon wilkinson really dumped ozzy? >> i can't keep living like this. >> after rumors her husband of 34 years cheated with her hairdresser, where we found them together. >> she is great. >> ozzy was saying he couldn't do it without you. you're like his right arm, he says. then michael strahan's final day with kelly. behind the scenes of his sendoff. >> you change mid life. you really have. >> i have. >> plus big-time gossip. kelly cuoco on her new man. and blake's romantic duet with gwen. the kiss you didn't see on tv. >> we still can't believe it's happening. >> and only our cameras are rolling as an "empire" star says i do. >> you are free to kiss the
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bride. >> the bride's two custom couture dresses nearly ruined by rain, and all the reception fun with her co-stars. also, "good will hunting" star minnie driver's battle with her neighbor, accused of throwing paint at his house. we have her only interview. >> i will turn into a bear, like any mother would. plus george aye and amal, julia roberts, cannes craziness as they dish on their 15-year friendship. >> if julia doesn't get too drunk early. happy hour somewhere. >> now in our 35th season, this is "entertainment tonight." >> big story this week, sharon osbourne kicked ozzy out of the house, splitting with the rocker after nearly 34 years of marriage. >> cameron, we've been all over this one. he and with sources on this, he allegedly had an fair with a 45-year-old hairdresser. so who is this woman? and how does sharon find out?
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well, this week we heard from her herself. >> one thing being reported is that you kicked ozzy out of the house. is he still out of the house? >> um, no, he is back. and i'm out of the house. it's right for me because i honestly at this point today have no idea what i'm going to be doing with the rest of my life. i'm 63 years of age, and i can't keep living like this. >> it was an emotional day. i was on the talk that morning and backstage when sharon discussed ozzy. i noticed staff members were intently watching the monitors backstage. everyone was so supportive. crewmembers were whispering "i love you, sharon" as she walked by, getting ready to go on the set. she was also carrying a glass of lemonade, who was a nod to beyonce who made the best about the rumors to her marriage.
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>> is there a chance the two of you will stay married? >> i honestly don't know. at this point, i can not answer that, because i don't know what i want. >> a source close to the family says sharon dumped ozzy because she believed he was cheating with a much younger hairstylist. who is this woman? we learned her name is michelle pugh and she is a colorist. she has work wad lot of celebrities including jennifer lopez. we're told she got to know ozzy while she was cutting his hair, and that they bonded over their mutual love of heavy metal music. in fact, on the salon's website, michelle is described as being, quote, inspired but rock 'n roll as much as she is by nature. now a source tells "e.t." the relationship did raise my brows here at the salon. what makes this more interesting is sharon and her daughters also go to this salon. >> ozzy osbourne. >> i was with sharon and ozzy at a press conference promoting a music festival called ozz fest.
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a spin-off of the heavy metal culture which sharon originally created. sharon has been the mastermind behind ozzy's business which makes him worth an estimated $220 million. was it difficult for you to play manager right now considering everything that is going on? >> no. it's a huge part of who i am. >> she is here tonight supporting you. >> she is my right arm. >> she is your right arm. >> she does everything for me. >> right. >> ozzy was saying he couldn't do it without you. you're like his right arm, he says. i mean, that's got to feel good to hear? >> yeah, it is. it's -- we've been working together, my lord, since '76. we were married the whole nine yards. so it's been a long time. >> ozzy kissed her cheek, whispered in her ear, and they posed together like nothing ever happened. but look, missing was sharon's wedding ring. she had it on tuesday for "the talk." thursday it was just a simple band. when ozzy walked out, i liked
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the hug. for the fans, it was special. >> it was great. it was great. >> cbs this morning's gayle king offered support at the forbes women summit. >> what she should know serve is pulling for her. whatever they decide, they'll make the best decision for them. >> i really liked when she walked out on stage with the glass of lemonade. i love that she could still find a little bit of levity in all of this and show us the woman we love. >> and being so close to this whole story, my big takeaway is she has been taking time for herself and doing what she needs. >> absolutely. daytime world has been rocked with another split. it's now live with kelly and -- not michael. just weeks after his departure news blindsided kelly, kelly and michael took their stroll to the desk for the very last time. we have all new intel after strahan's uneasy friday the 13th. ♪ >> kelly and michael walked out
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together for the last time as co-host, and then ripa turned the tables and politely pulled michael's chair out for him. sources tell "e.t." the chill between kelly and michael has definitely thawed over the past week with kelly realizing her issue wasn't really with michael, but the network. now are they best friends? no. but there is definitely some peace. >> i just want the say on behalf of myself and all of us, we couldn't be prouder of you. >> i just want the say -- i just want -- very bittersweet for me. and i want to say thank you to everybody. >> kelly, who co-hosted with michael for four years was blindsided by abc when it was announced strahan would jump to gma. kelly wore black on michael's final day, but michael wanted to make sure friday's farewell wasn't a memorial. >> i'm not dying. i'm still in the family. >> a source at "live" tells us that the staff is pretty relieved that it's over. and also, michael did not want a
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huge sendoff. the most emotional part happened after the show was over. >> kelly, you are the best. >> i have to thank kelly. you change mid life. you really have. >> i have. >> yes, yes. and to learn from somebody for 12 years before i got here. it was amazing. >> cam, you know i'm a big fan. i think he is going to be fantastic. the only thing i will say is they're going to have to make that desk bigger. >> and very big shoes to filion line. people loved him that. >> did love him. >> he is like a size 15. exactly. all right. let's get to some couples news this week. how about that baby surprise. ryan gosselin and eva mendes. >> huge, with all the paparazzi and social media these days, nice job. 24 hours after the news broke about ryan's new daughter, i was with the talkative -- not! new dad. >> "e.t." wants to say congratulations on your new baby girl. a beautiful thing.
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>> thank you so much. >> so impressive you can keep that a secret. we don't know how you did it. >> well, thank you very much. >> ryan wasn't very talkative kimmel after news broke his daughter was born april 29th in santa monica. >> i have to admit something. i didn't try the suit on before i came out. it's so tight. >> so what is the story behind the name amana? it was eva's character in "we own the night." it was also her grandma's name and the middle time of their 20th-month-old esmerelda. they're good at keeping her out of the spotlight too. do you mind if i show the picture? oh, my gosh. next, big bang's kaley cuoco finalizes her divorce. >> are you friends? everything okay? >> everything ended the way it was supposed to. >> court papers reveal she has to pay her ex 165,000 total, but because they had a prenup, kailey walks away with her two
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homes and all the money she has earned on "the big bang theory." >> i love hard. and when it's over, it's over. some people make mistakes. i wouldn't call it a mistake. i'm excited to see what the future holds. it happened and now i'm happier than i have ever been. >> she is happier because of this guy, new man carl cook. >> i hear you like equestrian riders. her significant other is a rider. >> shared interest. >> yeah. >> sorry, ladies. captain america is off the market. confirming chris evans is dating jenny slate. that's two of them on a movie they're making together. they also look cozy doing a podcast with anna faris. a week ago we learned jenny split from her film editor husband. coming up, much more couples news with justin timberlake talking jessica biel, blake and gwen and a prime time star's wedding. >> love is in the air, my friend. george and amal clooney's
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cannes festival takeover. we're with him and julia roberts who always knows how to push his buttons. >> we got married. i mean not to each other. that would be so weird. >> george celebrates 56th birthday. >> 55 has never looked so good. congratulations. >> iq isn't everything! more "sit" per roll. bounty is two times more absorbent. so one roll of bounty can last longer than those bargain brands. so you get more "life" per roll. bounty. the long-lasting quicker picker upper. (music fades out) tmom didn't want another dog. she said it's too much work. lulu's hair just floats. uhh help me! (doorbell) mom, check this out. wow. swiffer sweeper, and dusters.
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dawn saves wildlife. ♪ ♪ maxx life in store and online. find brands you love at prices that work as hard as you do. hello blake lively! looking glamorous as always in gnaw gown in cannes. she is posing with the baby bump. and talk about the star power. the clooneys owning the cannes film festival. but remember, this is amal's first red carpet there. >> of course, george is there to premier his film in theaters this weekend. "money monster." he stars alongside julia roberts. it's the fifth film together. >> wow. >> and when these besties unite, it's magic. >> you guys have any double dates with danny here? any dinner plans? >> we will do a little double date dinner tonight probably hopefully, if julia doesn't get too drunk too early.
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you know, that happen. >> with the time change. >> george and amal actually arrived tuesday, then were spotted wednesday having an outdoor lunch in cannes. >> imagine it must be quite difficult what to know what to pack because there are so many things going on. >> you pack everything. i had six suitcases. he had ten. >> i had ten. that's just for my tux. >> amal in a custom-made versace gown. george had given awes hint about the length. >> she is wearing one of those dresses with a long train. that's great going up those stairs. but when you're walk around in a movie theater, everybody is stepping on you. >> julia stunned in an off the shoulder armani prive black gown. earlier that day "money monster" director jodie foster joined them. george and julia have been good friends for over 15 years. their first movie together is "oceans 11." george doesn't party. george spends a lot of time with
10:14 pm
his prayer group. >> still do. >> so and unfortunately their hours conflict with the happy hour. >> you haven't changed a bit. >> adorable. we just came from george's prayer group. >> what has changed about you guys since you worked together? >> kids, marriage. other than that, nothing. >> we got married. i mean not to each other. >> that would be so weird. >> our lives have expanded, though, in a beautiful way. >> in a nice way. >> "money monster" is clooney and roberts' fifth film together. >> well, it's the biggest jokester and who breaks character the most? >> who gets in character ever? look, we're lucky enough i think after all these years, we both understand we're lucky enough to have careers and have a job and doing something that we love. so i think it's really selfish if it's not fun for everybody. >> are you still playing pranks on set? >> this whole film is a prank. something bad is going to happen. >> george is youthful. who would have thought he just turned 55?
10:15 pm
>> 55 has never looked so good. congratulations. >> thank you. >> yes, yes. iq isn't everything. >> how did you celebrate? >> by mostly hiding in my room and crying. because now the next one is 60. i think 60 is going to kind of -- [ coughing ] >> you've got time now. it doesn't go 55, 60. >> oh, there is other years in between? oh, i've been counting wrong. >> you're good. >> okay. then i'll be fine. >> i get the feeling they could just sit there and talk together. >> i could watch them all day. they're so fun together. we've got a lot more from cannes on the way. justin timberlake talks jessica biel and daddy duty. >> this is tough. my son is everything. plus blake and gwen. talking about making
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hey i think the internet just went down. huh, why don't you give it a sec, it'll come back. something just happened in the world and we have no idea what it was.
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get high speed internet from at&t with 99.9% reliability for just $30 a month. keep calm, your internet's on. monday on "e.t." a mariah carey exclusive, giving us new wedding details. >> if you must know. plus, swimsuit cover girl ashley graham is locking lips with joe jonas. behind the scenes of their sexy new video. and want party like justin, selena? forget waiting in line. we're taking you inside the nightclubs reserved for the stars. >> selena, how was it? >> that's monday. ♪ ♪ can't stop the feeling, >> wow, justin timberlake is on fire right now. his first solo song in three
10:18 pm
years, "can't stop the feeling" is from his new movie "trolls." the video has wracked up more than 14 million view. >> people catching on at the cannes film festival. that's where a j.t. talked to "e.t." >> this is tough. cannes film festival is amazing. but my son is everything. >> we feel you, j.t. silas' dad was dancing on the red carpet with co-star anna kendrick, but that wasn't enough to keep his thoughts away from home. have you been able to skype? >> so annoying. >> it's probably gotten old, but i do. i've been showing anna videos over and over again. >> what has been the favorite part of traveling with each other and wherever you guys have been? >> sometimes this is a little bit crazy, and it's good to have a practical kind of partner in crime. but sometimes actors can be crazy. justin is just like a practical person and a good person to have on your team. >> i love you! >> like you're 7.
10:19 pm
>> justin and anna surprised fans with a performance after screening of their new animated film doing a cover of cyndi lauper's "true colors." the song is in the movie and we have to say, we love their version. ♪ true colors shining through >> thank you for that demonstration. really cleared up exactly what i will not be doing. >> it's a high-five. >> the voiceover studio sure looked fun. and justin made sure he spent extra recording time with blake shelton's lady who also voices a character there. >> is a song on the soundtrack that i wrote that will be gwen stefani featuring moi. >> it's amazing. >> so i'm pretty excited. i basically was looking for an excuse to do a song with gwen stefani, and this came up. and i'm going to check that off the list. ♪ ♪ keep dancing, can't stop the feeling ♪
10:20 pm
>> i love the song. were you listening to it getting ready today? >> i've heard it enough. it's also i don't wake up and just play my own voice. >> right. >> that's weird. i do. i just record myself at night and listen in the morning. >> you advance -- >> motivational speaking. you're beautiful. today is going to be great. and in the morning, play. >> can you do one of those for me? >> for you? yes. >> thank you. >> "trolls" don't come out until november 4. man, they start the promotions early. >> well waiting for. let's talk about this. this week nearly 10 million people tuned in to see blake shelton and gwen stefani perform together their new duet "go ahead and break my heart." our sophie was backstage for the story behind the love song. ♪ >> the hardest part was not smiling, you know, throughout the whole thing when we're singing it. because it was just -- we can't believe this is happening.
10:21 pm
♪ ♪ last thing i needed was to fall in love ♪ >> gwen and blake nailed it in two takes monday night. it was shot in front of a live audience an hour before the show. here is what you didn't see. >> they looked amazing. even pharrell actually joked aw, you guys look so cute. ♪ why don't you do it, why don't you do it, baby ♪ >> the first time they ran through the song, blake and gwen were staring at each other the whole time. and at the end, it looked like blake gave gwen a little kiss on the head. that's not the take they used in the show. we only ended up seeing blake bowing down to gwen. couple got a standing ovation both times. when we saw blake before the show, he gave us the great back story to the song. >> when i originally started writing the song i was performing tonight, i was only trying to impress gwen that time around too looking back i think. because it started this song and wrote about half of it. and sent it to her. and she wrote the other half of it, you know. and my gosh, it ends up on my
10:22 pm
album. it's funny because i still discover songs that i know almost by heart that i didn't even know she was the one that sang them. "hey baby" was the last one that i was like that's you? that was y'all's song? >> and the couple was out together last weekend at the premier of blake's new movie "the angry birds." stefani snap chatted all the fun which included her boys. a country star voices earl the pig and appears on the soundtra soundtrack. >> doing character voiceovers, i lost my voice by an hour or two i think because there is so much screaming and yelling and you got to be in character. >> let her go, boys, yee-ha! >> inside the theater, the couple sat together as family, gwen in the middle, sons kingston and zuma on one side and blake on the other. >> it's just sweet. i love them together. i really, really do. gwen and blake are also going to
10:23 pm
be performing together at the billboard music awards in vegas may 22nd on abc. straight ahead, music controversy. meghan trainor's new confession about her music video photo shop. why she actually blames herself for the headlines that are all that waist. ♪ plus, we're breaking down the top five stories of the week. >> i definitely lost my cool. >> you destroyed my property. >> stick around. closed captioning provided by -- my mom loves giving me advice. she even gives me advice...
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liver and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. ready for a new chapter? talk to your rheumatologist. this is humira at work. if you threaten me, i'll call the police again. >> good will hunting star minnie driver is locked in a bitter feud with her next-door neighbor, but this week it got heated. kevin frazier spoke exclusively with minnie at her hollywood home which unfortunately has become a war zone. >> i definitely lost my cool. i've never been that angry with another human being. >> you destroyed my property. i would never have a son as disgusting as you. >> the good will hunting star is
10:27 pm
at war with her 74-year-old neighbor daniel per mutter over this shared driveway and gate. peril mutter is suing claiming she changed the gate code and tried to run him down with her bmw. >> it is an egregious allegation. >> reporter: these kind of disputes happen all the time. but minnie says now her 7-year-old is terrified of the man who is building that house. >> henry's scared to come back to the house. he sleeps in my bed and we lock the door. >> this is my property. you know you're a sick woman. >> he has blown smoke in my son and nephew and niece's face, cussing at my son, at me. crazy, misogynistic remarks. this is my confident, wonderful child who -- who is great and happy and goes to a great school and has great friends. the minute you get my kids involved, he will turn into a bear, like any mother would.
10:28 pm
>> perlmutter also believes that she smashed black paint-filled baby food jars against his hollywood home. >> i would not stoop to breaking the law to vandalism of any kind. >> we have footage that your nanny shot. >> my nanny was trying to get out to go pick my son up. his cars and his trucks were blocking the driveway. she asked them to move. they wouldn't move. >> these trucks need to be moved immediately or the police are on the way. >> he needs to stop, stop scaring my kids and scaring me. i live here. i'm a single mom by myself. it's scary. he is threatening. >> of course, we hope all of this can get resolved soon. now if you're just joining us, here is a recap of this week's other big headlines. >> here are this week's top five stories. number five, meet bachelorette jojo's suitors there is brandon the hipster, a bachelor superfan and daniel. his career, being canadian. >> i just met the girl i'm going to marry. >> and then there is jordan roger. >> i look at you and i'm wow. >> a former pro quarterback and
10:29 pm
the brother of super bowl mvp aaron rodgers. number four, a tv show cancellation bloodbath. >> really? >> john stamos fox sitcom grandfather got the ax. his reaction capsed hey john stamos, fox just captioned your television show. what are you going to do next? fox also pulled the plug on "the grinder." he tweeted it was unapologetically original, smart, funny and had a murderous row of talent. nashville a source on set tells "e.t." the cast members were pretty blindsided. it came the same day hayden panettiere announced she was announcing mental health treatment. quote, the postpartum depression has impacted every aspect of my life. i have chosen the take time to reflect holistically on my life and health. wish me luck. number three, big bang's
10:30 pm
kaley cuoco. she has to pay her ex-165,000 total in spousal support along with other feerks bfees, but ke with her two homes and the money she earned on the big bang theory. number two, michael strahan's goodbye. >> it is your final day on the show. we want the remind the audience that there is a run on discounted merchandise. >> he said farewell to kelly and "live" on friday. we hear there is already a version of the show titles without michael's name. >> several audience members gave us details of the taping of a new episode that air next friday. >> "e.t." with kelly. got rid of the with and michael. >> and the number one story this week, ozzy and sharon's split. >> she is here supporting you. >> she is my right arm. she is -- >> your right arm. >> she does everything for me. >> thursday, they showed up together to announce his part
10:31 pm
this a music festival called ozzfest. a shocker told us ozzy had an emotional affair with his hairdresser. >> is there a chance the two of you will stay married? >> i honestly don't know. >> go to for the latest. ♪ i thank god every day ♪ that i woke up feeling this way ♪ >> some major drama this week when meghan trainor demanded her new music video be pulled because it was digitally altered to make her waist look smaller. >> it just goes against everything the grammy winner stands for. we talked to meghan about the controversy. >> if i was you -- >> my waist is not that teeny. ♪ if i was you >> i had -- i don't know why they didn't like my waist. >> it was a 22-hour video shoot. meghan had on spanx and they still photo shopped it to make her waist smaller.
10:32 pm
look at this shot from behind and see how this has a sharp cut in her waist? the original doesn't. and look what happens when we switch frame by frame, the before and after. no wonder meghan snap chatted this, eyes on fire. what happens when your team bleeps up so bad. >> i told them to fix it asap. i'm pissed off that they broke my rib, you know. >> "e.t." spoke to meghan on the phone. she called the altered images inhuman and way overdone. >> i was upset because it wasn't something that i said please make me skinnier. that's why i was confused and frustrate and called them and said please, i never asked you to touch my waist. they kept my butt the same size. so the proportions were just unrealistic. like it was -- it was more intense that a nicki minaj's amazing curves. compared to her waist there is no way that could be my waist unless i had surgery and did sot crazy stuff. ♪ i see the magazines working
10:33 pm
that photo shop ♪ >> the ain't no size 2 singer who ain't above wearing a onesy or keeping it real actually admitted to us that she saw and approved the digitally downsized version. >> i guess i didn't pay enough attention to the change. i take full blame for not seeing it. ♪ ♪ my name is no >> this isn't meghan's only mishap with this song. while performing at thursday night on fallon, trainor took an epic tumble, but like everything else, she got right back up. >>. [ applause ] >> got to love her for being so real, echoing the fearless message of her song. >> it's another very confident one that i want everyone to start singing, if i were you, i want to be me. >> it's about loving yourself with who you are and being
10:34 pm
confident and not carrying. >> can you believe this is meghan second album? she is a hit maker, absolutely she is. her first album title got her four songs in the top 20, including "all about the bass". >> you know i do. up next, only our cameras are invited inside this "empire" wedding. >> you are free to kiss the bride. >> the bride's two custom couture dresses, her epic veil in the rain. >> we handed out umbrellas. i'm on the set with the cast about it all coming to an end. >> we tried to pretend it wasn't happening. now we're trying to get through it. >> hang ti
10:35 pm
10:36 pm
after seven seasons, this final moment jarred "good wife" fans into kind of a collective gasp. alicia slapped by her mentor and occasional law partner in a full circle twist. >> i said well, they're either
10:37 pm
going to love it or hate it, but there is definitely not going to be an inbetween. >> one viewer tweeted anyone who liked the slap needs to be slapped. but most fans seemed satisfied. one calling it an ending with precision, poise and promise. the husband and wife creators of "the good wife". >> that slap at the end is very slap at the beginning. we always have this idea of alicia becoming more and more of something that she also was not liking in her husband. >> the victim becomes the victimizer. and that's really the circle that we see of alicia. >> okay. soy might be in the minority here, but i didn't mind how the series ended. i didn't mind the slap between christine and -- >> i think you are in the minority on that one. >> i probably am. but i looked at it like this. alicia went through so much. and at the end she fell out with her coworker, she walked away from peter, ended up alone, and that's what it was. >> the series will be missed by me and so many others. >> obviously missed by me too.
10:38 pm
i keep going on and on about it. you know, that's not the only series ending. how about "mike & molly"? the show has been on for six seasons on cbs, and it's all over on monday. >> i was on the set as melissa mccarthy was coming to grips to saying goodbye to comedy that helped shoot her straight to stardom. >> do any of you have specific memento that you know you want the take with you to help you remember the show? >> we've already stolen some. >> i have a cargo van out back. >> and you can't stop me! >> i looked around the living room the other day, and i thought hmm. just not my taste! >> sure, there was some joking. but after six years together, this happened. >> uh-oh. [ bleep ] those tears started flowing as the gravity of having to shoot monday's finale started to set in. >> i think now we're trying to get through it. but tomorrow is going to be -- >> we're here! >> the show ends with a baby for
10:39 pm
mike and molly. >> the woman that is having our baby is having our baby. >> what was your reaction the first time that you read the script for this pilot? >> i liked that they had real jobs and that he wasn't a cop by day and a superhero at night. i love those two and i'm available. [ laughter ] but i like that i was i know these people. i've got cops in my family. i just bought it all. it all seemed easy. >> one of the things that i think led to the success of the show is the incredible chemistry that you guys all have together. that cannot be manufactured. so there is something maybe at the beginning that you all did to kind of help create that bond? >> that's the story no one will air. >> the first week we were at melissa's house just reading script together. we sat in her living room, and we were just reading it because we wanted it to work. >> her house before the reading? >> we did. the way we started.
10:40 pm
this place. i'm really honored to have these people as friends. >> the final episode of course marks the emotional turning point for this group. and they once told me once the tears start flowing, it's kind of contagious and they all start crying. but the biggest waterworks come from billy gardell. who knew? big softy that guy. >> that makes me so happy. i love billy gardell. he is a sweetheart. wednesday is the season two finale of empire on fox. they're not saying goodbye forever. but in real life star katelyn doubleday said bye-bye to the single life. she got married last friday in front of some folks from her fox show. and we have an exclusive look. ♪ >> from the romantic ceremony to the party on the dance floor, we followed the beautiful bride as she tied the knot with dj devon lucian. >> amazing. best day of my life. >> more than i expected. >> totally. >> the couple of nearly four years met through mutual friends. they gotten gauged in paris last
10:41 pm
may. and now a year later, exchanged vows in front of almost 140 guests at the ventana inn and spa in big sur. >> big sur is the most beautiful place that's in california. we're both l.a. people. so we wanted something destination but not too far. and ventana is the most gorgeous place we could pick. >> even the rain couldn't dampen the mood. >> it comes to a certain point where it's out of your control and you just embrace it. >> we handed out umbrellas. >> yes. >> it was beautiful. it was great. >> for her special day, the bride wore not one, but two custom-made gowns. >> classic and beautiful and wear something risque and fun. so i did both. made it from beginning to end. it took months and meeting with him. it was one of the most awesome processes of this wedding. >> more than a thousand candles lit the reception. and instead of a sit-down dinner, there was a taco bar. you can read all about it in the new u.s. weekly. on the guest list, several of
10:42 pm
katelyn's "empire" costars includinining gabourey. >> and even though he pulled himself away from work for weekend, we had to ask lee about what is next for the series. >> we're revamping "empire" which is a lot of work. katelyn's story is -- rhonda, it's so out of control that i'm so dying to tell you. but i can't even tell you. mark my words. you will not believe where she is going next year. >> but in her real life, this newlywed is ready to relax. the coupe legal jet off to greece for their honeymoon next week, packing plenty of memories from their special day to take with them. >> it's crazy to feel the love from the room and having people just tell you how they feel about you. >> it only happens once.
10:43 pm
this is the day that everyone tells us they love us. they'll go back to haight us tomorrow. >> yes, katelyn. slaying in that dress. and speaking of fashion, still to come, see what quick fix tips joe zee has for hollywood in his do's, don'ts & do-overs of the week. then my not safe for work assignment with some stripping hunks. >> wait a minute, can we show this on "entertainment tonight"? >> that is ahead. but first, this weekend in the "entertainment tonight" birthdays. which actress is the first person to win the academy award for playing a real life oscar winner? it is cate blanchett, jessica lange or ann mr. kendall um... i need to ask you a favor. not really a favor, just like (gibberish). todd makes more than i do and hes only worked here for 2 years. you know i'm also a really great, leader. really have things... (toilet flushes) do it!
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you may qualify to get your first 30 days free. visit for details. how about my girl jennifer lawrence, partying hard after an x men apocalypse premier this weekend in london. she went out clubbing, and she still looks so good. >> we saw her in three different outfits across the pond. and i love this girl. i really love her. but you know she was not the only star putting a whole lot on display this week. nancy o'dell and bad life co-host and editor-in-chief joe zee ripped through a few red carts to give us this week's do's, don'ts & do-overs. >> that is taylor swift out to dinner with her brother, looking good in a black turtleneck and high wasted leopard print shorts. and she is still doing the whole rocker glam thing. but her signature, that red lip and legs for days, right? >> okay, now of course taylor
10:47 pm
swift would be leading the brigade with my biggest do of the week which is showing off your legs. all the celebs are doing it. did you see kendall jenner? >> one of the most gorgeous dress. >> that deep plunging leg bearing versace gown straight from the spring runway. fantastic. >> who was your absolute best dress to have had week? >> it was tie between amal clooney and blake lively. now blake wore this velvet valentino dress in yellow. and she also took it straight off the runway. but the model on the runway wore wit a flesh-colored turtleneck. >> weird. >> weird. that for me is a don't. and amal cleanly anywas wearing an atelier versace gown. >> with the train, that's about as treacherous as walking up in heels. she had a little trouble walking up. >> i know, nancy. i was so scared. i thought she was going to show us her clooney. >> so many of the stars had lemonade fever. but i still liked blake the
10:48 pm
best. i think she killed it all week long with her pregnancy style. but then she really took a big risk with this. now i think that that outfit would actually look awful on most people. but it's blake. and she actually pulls it off somehow. i don't know how. but i will admit when i first saw the photo, i literally thought i was looking at party decorations hanging somewhere behind her. you know the tissue paper balls. >> paper lanterns. >> yeah, little ball things. let's talk fixes with some do-overs. i saw this earlier in the week and i said okay, joe will probably want to do over goldie hawn. she wore the look before at the same kids benefit two years ago in all silver. look at this. it's the same pose and everything. >> it's true. i love goldie also. but i think there is a few simple things we can do to make this better. because right now i think she looks a little too much like little mermaid gone clubbing. i would lose the jacket. it's too much material. too much going on. turning it into a simple
10:49 pm
jumpsuit which i think looks fantastic on women of any age. a couple more fixes. look at kaley cuoco. you're going to think that the don't here is wearing sneakers, which is actually not true. sneakers are very on trend right now. i would make the dress shorter. once you look at this. >> cute. >> you're going to see much more leg. and it's all about proportion dressing. and i would turn the neckline into a halter, just to give it a little more dynamic. >> is it because the heels along gate the leg? >> when you're wearing flat shoes, you're so low to the ground you want to be sure that you're wearing something in proportion. nancy, i have a bonus quick fix. ready? >> ready. >> timing here. >> okay, start. >> chloe sevigny. the cuffs, the sleeves, the collar, let's make that a short dress and show off her leg and loosen the braids and be more inspired by ballerina braids and make it a lot softer, and ta-da,
10:50 pm
the new chloe. >> 20 seconds. that's amazing. >> and by the way, i amman enough to say i really look forward to these segments. i know you're enjoying them too. we're getting a lot of positive feedback messages keep them coming. >> absolutely. i double-check my wardrobe every single day. i don't want to end up on his don't or do-over list. >> the guys in the next don't have to worry about it. >> hey, now, they sure don't. this next story is all about the men of black magic. it's about a all male review of guys who aren't afraid to strip down. i got quite the preview. >> okay. >> take a six-pack and then some. >> one, two, three -- >> i'm a little sweaty too. >> four, five, six. >> you're working on them. >> but they're there. >> they're there. >> there is eight. there is almost -- like this -- what is going on here? >> add a couple cameras. this is research. i'm an investigative journalist right now. >> throw in spicy executive producer vivica a. fox.
10:51 pm
>> i want to see some abs rippling. i want to see some guns popping. >> and you can feast your eyes on a docuseries all about male exotic dancers. >> what in the world makes vivica fox say hmm, i think i'm going to put a group of fine men together gyrating on a stage and have them strip? and i'm going to manage them. >> well, you know, i was in a film called "chocolate city". >> dance. >> dancing? >> stripping. >> i remember going back in the day to see magic mike when it first came out there. was no diversity that was represented. i've got everything from white chocolate to dark chocolate to caramel to butterscotch. because which know the brothers got the move. >> and i saw that firsthand. and vivica is involved in rehearsals, choreography. >> i don't call my guys strippers. i call my guys male exotic dancers. just for respect. these guys, it's an art, baby, baby! baby, baby. the moves that they got are just
10:52 pm
unbelievable. >> vivica's black magic will air on lifetime later this year. but this manager already has much bigger plans. >> the main goal of the show is for us to get a residency in las vegas. i want to see these boys' faces on a big poster, you know, on a big board in las vegas. >> and don't be distracted by the lack of clothing. these guys take their job very seriously. >> wait a minute, can we show this on "entertainment tonight"? >> a little bit. ready? >> ahh! >> she loves that. >> okay. and that's a wrap. >> that face. you can't even watch it. you were putting your face in my shoulder. >> normally i would not crash a weekend show. but does your mother -- have you talked to your mother yet. >> no. >> about this? >> i have not called her. >> wow, girl! >> it's all in a day's work.
10:53 pm
>> i'm sorry. i didn't mean to crash the show. but girl, your mother. >> i thought you were about to p?p?o?gv
10:54 pm
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look at all the stars with birthdays this weekend. jamie-lynn sigler celebrating turning 35. anna smith is 47. take a final look at your choices. which actress is the first person to win the academy award for playing a real life oscar winner? cate blanchett is 47 this weekend. she won an oscar in '05 for playing kathryn hepburn. >> mariah carey giving us new wedding details. >> that's monday. >> we're almost out of time this weekend. but for all the late-breaking hollywood news, just go to our website, >> before we go, alice through the looking glass had its world premier in london with johnny depp. we leaf you now with the song from the soundtrack just like fire. >> their 4-year-old daughter willow. >> enjoy this and the rest of your weekend, everybody.
10:56 pm
♪ like fire burning up the way, watch this man, this colorful charade ♪ ♪ no one can be just like me anyway ♪ ♪ no one can bejust like me in the world ♪ ♪ it's this feeling, no one can be just li
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