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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  May 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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when news breaks. when it is happening now. when it affects you. the crown -- the kron 4 news at 10 pm. starting tomorrow. kron 4 news starts now. >> good evening. we want to get to breaking news today. a fire burning at a body shop in san jose. >> we have video to go with. the fire at this auto shop it is out. we learned moments ago that it started as a car fire inside the garage. it spread to the power poles and a transformer outside and it blew. the fire department tells us that the fire started at 9 pm
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and they added that it is a really danger with the power lines down in the area. >> they shut off the power near the avenue because of the loose high-voltage wires. they are on scene working to repair them as we speak right now. no word on when power will be restored in the area. this is happening a couple blocks from washington elementary school in san jose. no reports of any injuries. police are asking people to avoid the area until further notice. another story, the form of angry bees that have threatened the concord neighborhood. >> two dogs were killed. and people were taken to the hospital. more from concord reporter: if you look closely enough you can tell that their house is still
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a buzz. two days after a swarm of angry bees attacked multiple people and tell the two dogs, it happened in the afternoon. >> they are taking us out. >> reporter: he is the amateur beekeeper whose hives turned deadly. he waited until all the bees were clustered together and then wipe them away with soapy water. >> soapy water kills bees. >> reporter: but a few are hid inside the tiles of the roof. those are the ones you see buzzing around today. >> today has been better than yesterday.>> reporter: neighbors are not too happy that it has taken this long to solve the problem. he has quite a few swollen spots from the be stings. >> i have a few on my head. in my fingers.
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i would say about 16 of them. >> reporter: of beekeeper took some of these yesterday -- a beekeeper took some samples yesterday. they have solely moved north since farmers brought them to brazil in the 1950s. >> they are lethal. once they see you, here they all come. >> reporter: they do not plan to give up their beekeeping hobby but they will move the hives and take them out of this neighborhood. >> for more information on what to do if you get attacked by a aggressive these you can find it on our website, we have everything you need to know. two at 11 pm. police are asking for -- new at 11 pm. police are asking for your help. the her were a number of cars that were damaged over in north bay.
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you can see that all the cars, the rear windows, they were smashed out they think that the vandals through large river rocks at the windows. the vandalism happened sometime in the overnight hours. a teenage girl was attacked and sexually assaulted it happened thursday night along this path you are looking at now. it cannot ask the 1500 block which is a very popular bart walking path. she fought back and scratched his face and neck. she was sexually attacked. >> i am surprised. it has been years since anything has happened here. >> he is a hispanic man, 30 years old, yet a heavy built and he is 5 foot 5'8" -- 5 feet
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and 8 inches. they are asking for $100,000 to expand their camera system. a mother of four were killed in a car shooting. pittsburgh has 120 cameras spread out throughout the city. places like busy intersections, park's. please believe that they will be able to use the cameras to catch the shooters. the majority of the shootings have gone unsolved. black college's duties rallied in the 1960s, they are featured an award-winning documentary. >> tonight, kron 4, reporting from the gas, among the guests -- reporting.
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among the guests were danny glover. >> reporter: blacks and whites were arrested with racial equality, over an hour sunday, all lying -- all eyes stayed glued to the screen. they were taking a difficult scroll down memory lane. >> being a part of that moment in history. >> reporter: on college campuses in the late 1960s, actor, danny glover who was featured in the realm, he said that racial tensions were high. racial activist, pushed for the creation of ethnic studies at san francisco state university. >> each generation they make their own history. that determine to they are. >> reporter: danny glover and others plan to work with this, on the east coast, the film has another fight in new york with
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cornell university. they're producers and directors, they joined the movement to establish a black studies department there. >> i did not go away to college to be an activist but got caught up in the time. >> if you become an activist the college for issues that involve social justice, racial justice, etc. is likely to put you on a path of commitment and working to better the world for the rest of your lives. >> the release of this film is so timely here in san francisco. local activists are still fighting for the rate. -- for the right. >> it just shows that with racism and other issues they are institutionalized. >> reporter: pam moore hosted the event. recent protests were talked
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about. the black lives matter movement and the frisco five and the frisco 500 are -- frisco five hunger strike. stands up strength and courage, danny glover says it is a product of the past and they are depicted in the film. >> i hope we look at this moment and say, they sparked something. it was the beginning. the back in san francisco kron 4 news. the running back, he isn't retiring from the nfl after one season. he made the announcement earlier today from australia. the rugby star turning into a football star, he plans to join fiji's rugby team at the olympics in real. they reached out to -- in rio.
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they reached out to him. he is picking, going for the gold instead of staying with the gold.>> [ laughter ] the black kitten that ran onto the ice during one of the sharks first playoff games is in good hands. >> back in was good luck, right? -- that kid was good luck, right? -- kitten was good luck, right? >> the cat is in good company and they adopted another one. the sharks were playing against the nashville predators and the cat was named after the team captain. lots more to come on sports. san jose sharks were in action tonight. we just got numbers from
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police about how many people were arrested. tomorrow, it could be a traffic mess across the bay area why beyonci may have something to do with it.
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it is known as a party. the big weddings for the top finisher. >> a woman from colorado and a man from texas. both of the runners are from kenya. they came in first.
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the race began at 8 am and finished at ocean beast -- beach. we talked with the runners after the race. >> this is a forbidden romance. we are here to bring star wars live. and we are super happy about it. >> [ laughter ] >> it is all good. is all in fun. >> [ laughter ]>> 40,000 runners and thousands more showed up to enjoy the festivities. >> it had some rule breakers who had a little bit too much fun. we got this information, they tell us that they made seven or rest and issued -- they made seven or rest -- arrests public
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intoxication and two were for felonies. citations were given for moving violations and the other ones were miscellaneous. there will be a nice overview of the people. >> i was on stanley's computer today. you could just kick back and watch a. it was a beautiful day. joining us now. i thought about bringing out the costumes but i kept all the clothing on.>> there was a lot of sunscreen i'm glad they had been on. we had a lot of sunshine here in the afternoon. we started out with patchy fog but it looked like it was a great day to get outside. the winds are kicking around. 38 38 miles per hour at the san francisco airport.
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it is a beautiful evening. we have a couple patches of fog along the coastline. we will see the early part of this week, a few patches early on along the coastline and it will head on out-of-town. than a lot of sunshine on the way in in the middle of the week we will see upper 80s and 90s. and then a big change. of big cool down. we will also have a chance -- a big cool down. we will have a chance of some showers by the we come. if you are headed out the door be prepared. the system will slide through, we will see high pressure building in within the next couple of days, we will see some fantastic weather. enjoy the sunshine. temperatures in the 70s in south a. -- south bay. 81 in danville. and 81 and walnut creek.
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over towards berkeley in the 80s. 60s along the coastline. we have more sunshine on the way and much warmer weather and enjoy it. thursday, the temperature drops and friday we have a chance of showers. >> a little bit of everything. i know you were thinking about the waters. -- but the warriors. tonight was a big one for the sharks. the western conference, the final. you see the coach, for the first., it did not start perfect. they had the power-play goal, seconds later, he makes the hurdle for the goal. they are tied at one. and then burns lost it and blues retake the lead -- 2-1. a
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huge save, keeping the blues ahead here. 31 saves in the game. the 30 seconds left, he took a shot and the sharks lose game one 2-1. the game in st. louis will be on tuesday night. >> game one, less than 24 hours away. they had the final practice today. steph curry he was and practice. he was testing things out. green will be there to slowed -- to slow down the office. the main focus, as usual, steph curry, he was asked about his knee. >> i am pretty confident going into the series i can be very effective. i want to play the way i
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normally play. it hasn't gotten much better but it hasn't got much worse in the past week. we have a goal of getting to the finals and we will get there anyway possible.>> winning the four games would be great. >> looking to sweep the diamondbacks in arizona. look at that. top of the third, trevor brown, that is a solo home run, the giants lead, 1-0. he did allow one run in seven innings, you see it here, he was looking good, the top of the ninth, this was one of his best outings of the game. the top of the ninth. brandon crawford that is an rbi single. coming around, he would score on that play, the giants go out 2-1. and then he hits a grounder to second, it seemed to be a double play, but they
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rolled it, save at first. they ruled it a double play. the giants won 2-1. >> oakland and tampa bay, he struggled this year, going to the bottom of the second, brandon hits one, way back to the left. that is a three run shot. that puts them up 4-1. oakland is down. this guy is of started muffin. they kept him in the -- he is a stud muffin. they kept them in the game. this one went deep to center, three home runs in this game first time in his career. the a's when 7-6. there was some excitement in the baseball games today. everybody right now, thinking about basketball.
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>> basketball is on the brain. beyonci is back in the bay for tomorrow night. if you did not get tickets we will tell you when you can see her information again.
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big changes coming here to ::::::::zkñy;w;çyççç
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newscast at 10 pm. you will meet the newest member of our team. we will start that on monday, may 16. you will have a lot more of kron 4 news to enjoy.
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for all you beyonci fans, tomorrow night, it is finally
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the night. she will continue her formation toward rate in the area. is set to start at is set to start at 7:30 pm. 50,000 people are expected to come. there will be major traffic delays in the area. they are urging people to take public transportation. she will be coming back september 17 because she is so popular. >> it is beyonci, what more can you say?>> i could go see her in september. >> as long as the weather is nice when you hit the road.>> we have a lot of sunshine coming our way. we will have some 80s and 90s, enjoy it. on thursday, the bottom drops out and we would have a chance of showers on friday. we will take anything we can
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gape -- we will take anything we can get. >> thank you for joining us. we will see you tomorrow.
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