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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  May 17, 2016 12:45am-1:16am PDT

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backstage, there's a million pictures of michael. >> yes, we hav gotten around to it yet. >> kelly about michael as the replacement buzz builds. tonight we get inside info from the co-host candidates. then, katy and orlando kiss and make up. new photos after the selena gomez might club scandal. has katy really forgiven her man? plus, our one on one with gwen stefani. >> i'm so excited. >> and behind the scenes secrets from "the voice." and mariah carey wedding news. >> oh, my gosh. they know not to talk about these things in front of me. i'm shy. now for may 16, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." >> was kelly ripa's loving
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good-bye to michae strahan all an act? i'm just asking. >> so is jimmy kimmel. that's just one of the things he wanted to know when he grilled her on "live" this morning. >> kelly relationship thipa, tr. >> where's michael? let's start fr beginning. what happened? everything on friday's show was having huggy and kissy. was that genuine hugging and kissing? >> yeah, we don't fake hug and kiss. i think it's common when you're -- [ cheers and applause ] >> kimmel started u on the same day "live" debuted its new how ppen. kelly was looking lonely her cell phone without michael. the morning's most awkward questions were directed at the producer. >> will you ever talk to michael strahan again? >> i'm sure i will. >> you think you will? will he be back on the s as a guest? >> at some point, it's possible. >> audience, stay outthis. >> former co-host strahan starts full time at
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"gma" in the fall, and his i is already off "live's" memorabilia. >> i thought it would be nice to have these mugs that just say "live withhkelly" and you give each g their own dry erase marker. so i will be putting my own name onthis. >> bravo's andy cohen, who told us he's too busy for the job, fills in next week. >> i think the cool thing about the summer is she's going to kind of be the bachelorette on abc. she's going to be handing out the roses. >> the bachelorette, i mean kelly, got everyone buzzing about another co-host contender this morning. >> you excited kelly? >> here's thedeal. we know ripa likes to send signals during her pre-show departur departures. today she stepped out carrying a mug for seth meyers late night show. he was a search last tight, and what about ryan seacrest? of cou"idol" is over, but he told us he's still got his morning radio show gig. >> would you be interested in
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taking michaelstrahan's job? >> she's asked me to come on for a day right at the beginning june. >> what if it turned into a permanent gig offer? >> i think that would be impossible since i have to work here every day. >> maybe make that decision when the time were to come,no? >> that decision probably isn't mine to make. >> okay. well, that wasn't a definitive no. big fan of ryan. the stars continue to shine in cannes. did katy perry and orlando bloom just kiss and make up on a private yacht? even with all the glitz of the french riviera, sometimes we have more in common with the stars than you think. we have to ask, are the stars glam or us? ♪ well, who doesn't love a good makeup makeout? yeah, we caught you, katy and orlando. kissing and all color coordinated in cannes. it proves they're still on five days after the scandal with orlando and selena photos popping up on tmz. but is t couple glam or us?
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>> are you texting selena? >> we're going to go wit glam because these two get romantic on a $2.1 billion private yacht in france, whi can coosts $250, a night. katy is performing thursday at a benefit. orlando has no specific reason to be there except to hook up with, well, we mean support katy. next, how about hour girl kate hudson. no bra? no problem. that's so us. kate informatiwas out shopping. she even instragrammed this inside the dressing room. then kate snapchatted her carb temptations. did she avoid the croissant? doesn't looit. the night before kate was definitely glam, wearing this blood orange halter at the vanity fair also at the party, heidi klum. not ashamed that she ripped her balmain skirt and captioned it, getting cheeky. ruining the cool outfit the first time you wear it, that's us. kendall jenner is another star
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making us feel pretty jealous with her cannstyle, but her mom kris jenner who had a sto my look moment. who wore it better? we're goinggto go with demi. nobody beats blake lively as she continued her pregnancy fashion parade, turning the red carpet into her personal runway in this breathtaking blue gown. we're thinking right now that blake brought a lot of suitcases to cannes. she's definitely not like us, that we wouldn't put whipped cream all over chanel shades. and finally, amal, showing up this bright rainbow colored valentino dress. we also like to step it up our guy is just dressed in t-shirt and jeans. yep, george. so how is she glam? her entire wardrobe cost more than $8,000. the glam part is the george part. now there's nobody who gets her
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diva on quite like mariah carey, and very proudly she does. we spent a lot of time with her in new york these past few days. even plann for her wedding no one will upstage her. >> it's not going to be like that. i'm not even sure someone is performing. it's going to be a small thing. we already did the thing. it's over the top already. >> okay. 35 carats? yep, a little over the top. but when you're the mar carey, well, check out her drop th paparazzi moment last night. >> who's one person who qualifies to sing at your wedding? >> [ bleep ] nobody. >> this morning at the nbc up fronts, almost taking a tumble in her sky-high lou bu tons and making a grand entrance in a bathing suit to promote her new series on e!. >> my fans are going to have a lot of m if they're going to be like, that was a classic, that was a classic. >> and on saturday, we were with her as her pal lee daniels presented her with the ally award at the 27th annual glaad
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media awards. >> at least this time we're sober. that last thing we did together was woo! >> that was when he presented a tipsy mariah with anaward at the palm springs international film festival in 2010. >> please forgive me because i'm a little yeah. oh, my goodness. things went off without a hitch this time. mariah signing you have ining o her son, who of course will be at the wedding with his twin sister. >> as my 5-year-old son l to say, and butts. >> these kids will always when with me. >> the kids will be there, we just don't know when. no wedding d from mariah, and still no wedding date from lady gaga. today we tried to get some answers from her fiance, taylor kinney. >> i'm not picky. >> what are yo requirements for the big day? >> that there's some pizza. >> it might be tough getting that wedding together while
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taylor returns for "chicago fire's" fifth seeson. today nbc and fox introduced their new lineup, where the them seems to be big stars are back on tv. >> you, eleanor, aredead. >> cool. >> talk about a power duo. kristen bell and ted dancin's comedy is set in the afterlife. >> there's a ton of frozen yogurt shops. it's really like your idea of perfection. >> j-lo's "shades of blue" will return for its second season. she stunned in a cut-out dress. and "ain't your mama" has everybody singing. my cousin who works with me is always like, god, this song, i can't get it out of my head. >> this is my favorite kardashian here. >> and andy cohen totally loving it when khloe and kourtney kardashian barged in on our interview. >> i'm obsessed. i love it.
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>> over on fox, queen latifa is headlining "star" abo the music busi laverne cox's "rocky horror picture show" airing as a special in september. and "the chor cyst" is a new series starring gina davis. >> can't wait. up next, jessica simpson can't stop showing off her curves. we break down all her daring date night dresses. plus -- >> adam keeps texting me about what this name? >> gwen stefani'ssparenting to adam levine. hollywood's ex-files. to adam levine. hollywood's ex-files. gwyneth on his legendary quest, jack created a breakfast worth waking up for. the triple cheese and hash brown breakfast burrito. with provolone, cheddar, pepperjack, and a crispy hash brown. then he announced it to the world in the most legendary way.
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ah-hem. ♪triple cheeeeeese! the triple cheese and hash brown breakfast burrito. hurry in before it's gone. presenters announce for this sunday's billboard music awards include mi
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tonight's fashion pics, jesimpson's date night dresses. this dre more than 1600. jimmy choo shoos, $850, and a hot to escort you, priceless. last tuesday she flaunted those super toned legs in mini dress while out to dinner with eric. on may 10th, couple enjoyed, yes, another date night at the nice guy in west hollywood, where jess was spotted looking flawless in the perfect little
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black dress. >> well, gwen stefani spent this weekend rocking wango tango in los angeles, where we joined her backstage. gw revealed where her pal on "the voice," adam levine, keeps texting her incessantly. >> are you giving them any advice? >> i' not a good advice i've definitely been watching her belly grow. i'm so happy for them. i'm excited. it's fun because i've had so many kids. i'll be like, and then this happens and this happens. wait, this is what's going to happen. it's fun. >> gwen certainly does know parenting. she's got three boys. kingston, who's 9, zuma, 7, and apollo, 2. behati is expecting in september. at kiss fm's concert, where gwen performed, she told us adam wants her input. >> adam keeps texting me, what about thiname, what about this name? >> any names he's told you? >> are you kidding me? like i would tell you.
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>> come on, spill the tea. >> >> yeah, totally spill it. all right. coming up next, the performances on"the voice" are so good, but did you know it takes a small army to pull those off? we're going to show what you don't see on tv. >> pretty incredible how they do it. it's so impressive. plus, you're not going to believe all the stars and all the celebrity couples we spotted at beyonce's l.a. show. who was the famous a-lister giving the task of babysitting blue ivy? and ashley graham locking lips with behind the scenes of their sexy new music video. >> my new girlfriend. closed captioning provided by --
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all hail queen bee. saturday tons of snap chatting
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packed the rose bowl in pasadena for beyonce's formation world tour. it was girls night for kerry washington, k and her sis khloe. manning mrs. carter, ashton kutcher. nice shield, birina's mom was out of luck. oh, don't you know you have to look out for the mama. >> take care mama first. >> yeah. well, mama beyonce wasn't the on having a big weekend because her little girl blue ivy had a sleepover at gwyneth paltrow's house with her daughter apple. it was to celebrate apple's 12th birthday. can you imagine that? perhaps beyonce is going to gwyneth, hey, i got a concert this weekend. you got blue? >> you know i got blue. by the way, the weekend celebration was a chance for apple's parents to together. gwyneth and chris martin top our ex-files repo smile, the consciously unc
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pair reunited at disneyland yesterda paltrow captioned this pic. when your parents can't handle thunder mountain so they wait at the bottom. coming together for the kids, britney and k-fed. it's b nearly nine years since they divorced, but saturday outside l.a., they seemed happy, coming together for theirboys' football game. we're told brit's dad was there as well as k-fed's wife of almost three years, victoria prince. meanwhile, this graduation trumps staying mad at ex. that's marla maples with tiffany sunday, the 22-year-old had her dad, the donald, ivanka, milan ya, and more on hand for her commencem ceremony at penn. also in cap and gown, patrick schwarzenegger with arnold and maria at usc. friday it was all about their son. patrick captioned this picture, wouldn't be anywhere without these two. >> nice ode to the parents.
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congratulations, patrick. and patrick graduated with a degree in business. tonight on "the voice," it's all about business because the top eight will perform as the show is live, which means the show has to stage eight mini con in a row with no time to spare in between. it's an amazing race against clock. trust me. so we went behind the scenes to find out how they do that. here's what you see on oneshow. spectacular stage effects, flames right behind the performer, flashing lights floor to ceiling, and here's what you don't see. the army of stage hand rushing to change the scenery after each act. >> 90 seconds. >> the production team on "the voice" is really they put things up and ake them apart as if it is f one. >> one minute. >> 70 guys have 3 1/2 minutes to switch out one huge group of set pieces foranother.
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>> with television, it's a little bit different. the turnaround time is crazy. it's fun at the same time, because it kind of keeps you on your toes. >> five seconds. four, three, there will be applause here. christina's performances are produced by erry slaughter. >> with christina, she definitely likes to go all the way out there. she loves the high glam, the drama. >> i just try to make them shine in whatever capacity, what i feel is right for them as artists. >> what you don't see in the dress rehearsal, a smoke test for team christina's allison porter. >> three, two -- ♪ >> that goes off without a hitch. what you see on the show, a lot of daly. >> give it brian bautista. >> what you don't see, a stand-in for rehearsal.
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what you on the show are spectacul spectacular, sweeping shots of the performers. what you don't see are the crew guys, cameras, and cables that pull it off. speaking of fire, this setup for team blake's adam wakefield looks a little danger but it's not. according to the staging supervisor. >> it's buried in rocks. just like you have in your backyard. >> and within minutes, that flaming setup disappears. >> it's pretty incredible how they do it. it's so impressive. kind of down to a science. >> very impressive. and here's something that i really interesting. fire is allowed set, as you saw, but water is not. that's because water can leak into places it's not supposed to. then that wouldn't be fair to the n performer because, obviously, they could slip. >> that is thednce led by
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former jo bro, joe jonas. he definitely has a thing for super models. we were exclusively behi scenes of his new music video. we asked him about his love life. that is, when joe wasn't making out with lingerie beauty ashley graham. >> ashley's role is, i guess, my girlfriend. my new girlfriend. >> ashley getting steamy in her very first music video, locking lips with joe jonas for dnce's latest single "toothbrush." >> i've been a fan since by the ocean," which i can't get out of my mind. they called me and askedme, and it was a yes, i would love to be on it! >> we talked about your husband the last time i saw you. is he worried at all about >> yeah, right, with all my sexiness everywhere. you can't be with an insecure man if you're ashley g >> while ashley is happily married, joe's love life is a little more complicated.
1:10 am
he's been linked to model juliana herse and his ex gigi hadid. >> joe, you did tell us some of your music comes out, we'll know exactly who it's about. how will we know exactly who it's about? >> i didn't say that. i think somebody from you guys said that. >> well, let's check the tape. >> once it's out, will fans know who it'sabout? >> maybe. i mean, as of right now, you definitely will know who it's & about. >> look, i'm sure somebody's going to try to figure out something, b ultimately, when we write music, we try to make it relatable to everybody. >> yeah, that's what they all say. but moving on, we found out joe has a hidden talent, channelling his brother's sexy video moves. >> i can do a pretty good nick impression. >> wait. >> want me to do it for the camera? >> absolutely. [ laughter ] >> no words were spoken. >> pretty good.
1:11 am
can't even tell the difference. >> can we back up for asecond? i have to repeat the quote of the day. you can't be with an insecure o man if you're ashley graham. >> all ashley needed was that snap. >> i hear you, ashley graham. i hear you, girl. >> we'll be right bac
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makes a big promise. it's all on makes a big promise. it's all on only more hours until the donald trump/megyn kelly rematch. >> and megyn is giving us a scoop on thefireworks we can expect. >> we'll see you tomorrow, everybody. bye-bye. >> didn't know whether he would try to embarrass me or threaten me or berate me. >> megyn reveals all the behind the scenes drama. >> first moment, awkwardness? >> yes, yes. >> and celine dion opens up o
1:15 am
the passing of her husband. >> i saw him suffer, and that is the worst. >> that's tomorrow. "the insider," tracking the biggest stories making news today. number one, gwen hits the stage for the album saved her life. >> a nervous stomach. >> we're with music's biggest stars at wango tango as meghan trainor sounds off on her photoshop controv >> i cried all morning. i was very upset. then, why was oprah singing at school? the stars give grads t secrets to success. >> if you're dati woman that's way out of your league, ask her to marry you. and number three, last night's "game of thrones" was straight fire. inside the night's biggest


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