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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  May 17, 2016 11:00pm-11:16pm PDT

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kron 4 news starts now. >> pam:now at 11. bernie sanders is in the golden state tonight. fresh off a primary win in oregon. >> steve:a preview of his two big rallies happening tomorrow right here in the bay area. >> pam:but first. >> steve:she vanished without a trace. after her mother was murdered last month. t omorrow, the san francisco police department is expected to make a major announcement in the case of 2 year-old arianna fitts >> pam:kron 4's j.r stone talked to one of the last people to see the little girl.
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>> far as i know she was going to oakland. i told her to get the police involved. she was really upset that night. i said, would ever you do get the police involved. i said, i had a long day i wish that i could stay up to talk to you long for. but i am going to go to bed. >> reporter: earl explains why she was so concerned. -- cheryl explains >> they were giving her the run around about her daughter. stating that they had taken her daughter to disneyland. she did not have the authority to take her daughter to disneyland. >> reporter: did speak to
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her family members and very concerned about her whereabouts. j.r. stone, kron 4 news. >> pam: kron4 news will be there. state tent for the complete story tomorrow. -- stay tuned >> grant: >> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom. >> grant: learned that a football player died on mount 6:00 tonight. according to the elevated school district. the student faced a medical emergency near the end of conditioning drills. he has not been named. he collapsed on the field and taken to a local hospital where he was diagnosed did on arrival. grief counselors will be on campus tomorrow at likely to
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up the rest of the week. we will keep you posted on this breaking news out of the east bay. >> reporter: the suspect in yesterday's shooting have all been are rested but that does not stop beefier of the shootings on a the freeway. driver cystic avoid some of these freeways at all costs. a lee still read kron 4 news. --alecia reid, kron4news >> steve: 90 percent of the vote burning sanders vowed to continue his fight for democratic nomination bridge >> pam: bernie sanders is the winner and organ.
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said >> reporter: and spoke to an enthusiastic crowd and set by california. >> boatels set for terry clinton and that she may get nervous because i think we garden to win here in california. --goal te'o secretary clinton-- go tell secretary clinton >> reporter:dan kerman, kron4 news >> steve:a tragic ending in the search for a missing
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millbrae father. >> pam:the family of 27 year-old keith green says his body has been found. >> pam:green, a father of two went missing on thursday...april 28th. >> pam:his family posted on their facebook page earlier today that his body was found. >> steve:they also noted that he is no longer alive... and thanked the public for their love and support in the past weeks. keith's phone was found in golden gate park by a hiker. his family says he had been heading out to meet someone...when he vanished. >> steve:the san mateo county sheriff's office could not confirm that green had died. ------------------------ >> pam: last check back in and with what we can't expect weather wise as we get to the middle of the week tomorrow.
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>> brittney: a few degrees cooler than today but the death knell lee, above average. --but definitely above average. >> brittney: allied radar shows there is a system off shore with a credit of low pressure. with a period of low pressure >> brittney: your wake-up conditions and antioch would 64 degrees. vallejo 67. at 54 degrees in daly city. at 60 degrees will be the early morning low in san jose. >> brittney: 57 degrees
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along the coast. by noon things would not start to warm up especially if you are in livermore or antioch tomorrow. closer to the bay, 67 degrees and by 4:00 p.m.; things will heat up. >> brittney: same thing in pleasanton, fairfield and antioch. 88 is the high in napa. and a 61 and half moon bay. >> brittney: one more day is what we should prepare for for above average in one. --warmth >> brittney: what track a chance of showers on saturday. we could see
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activity on friday. we will keep you posted on that. >> pam: all right, coming up and look at the stories you need to know for tomorrow. >> steve: will be back in two minutes! hey pal? you ready?
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>> pam: all right, here are some of the stories you will need to know about--for tomorrow. the zero reno will be walking to marleau for the warriors against oklahoma city. --tomorrow and game two, at 6:00. >> pam: scores, and we will have highlights in the evening. and certainly at
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10:00. >> steve: the meeting is scheduled to address conservative mood-- conservative news stories of facebook. facebook said they are investigating and they found no evidence to back up any of those claims. a tour of the campus will be scheduled tomorrow. >> steve: will be back here tomorrow and hopefully will have positive results of the warriors' game. >> pam: the night everyone we will see you tomorrow!-- good night
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trump strikes back. >> why he is calling a former top executive a nasty woman after what she says about him. >> will you vote for donald trump? >> and did trump really try to whoa princess diana. >> i thought she was lovely. >> and, airport chaos. >> are you kidding me, tsa. >> a beast to the rescue. >> using animals to calm down furious passengers. world exclusive. the doctor blamed for the death of pop idol michael jackson. what he is saying about prince's death. >> many people believe there is a parallel between michael jackson's death and prince's death. >> then, mommy shame. why internet trolls are shaming this "dancing with the


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