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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  May 18, 2016 4:00am-7:01am PDT

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>>james:this morning on the kron 4 morning news. >>james:police are set to make a major announcement in the case of a toddler -- missing since her mother's murder. >>james:we talk to one of the last people to see that mother alive. and. >>james:and tensions are rising as police investigate the growing number highway shootings in the east bay. >>james:what residents are trying to do to stop the violence. the latest on the missing fatherthe kron 4 morning news starts right now. >>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>james:good morning. it may 18th, 2016 i'm james fletcher.
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>>reporter: we're looking at the live shots for the san mateo bridge it will start off just like guest today on a summit of wall-to-wall sunshine and temperatures pretty close to where they were yesterday and you will notice a noticeable difference is look at it already antioch 76 at this hour 64 for concord presents and 56 from of a more literate of the breeze keeping assemblage is supported 57 for san francisco 54 for novato a very mild night tt is what allows timber just to continue to climb. >>reporter: 85 going on for 4:00 a loveless wynton to 15 for the ball game the oakland a's were to the rangers this time the game time mostly sunny will call it mild and pleasant spot.
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>>robin winston: knowledge of hot spots that is news if you are about to drive into san francisco and is looking good no problems in the downtown san francisco area of economic trouble spots to the golden gate it is nice and quiet at the limit in both directions heading into a out of san francisco tuesday for looks great from the caldecott to the maze of problems from across the freeway that is looking. good answer looking roadworks >>robin winston: traveling between alameda and oakland that is once a lot of the 5:00 this
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morning you will head over to the high street to use that as an alternate would take a look at the richmond san rafael bridge. >>james:she vanished without a trace. >>james:no one has seen 2-year old arianna fitts after her mother was murdered last month. >>james:as police are gettting ready to make a major announcement today in the case of the missing toddler kron 4's j.r stone talked to one of the last people to see her mother who hopes police will find arriana alive. >>j.r. stone: she had not been seen since feb. those recalls to the family said they need to focus their search the body was found in a shallow grave in san francisco mclaren park last month covered by this wood plank she had been staying with nash's saw her allies if samet
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issue first-rate with her daughter's baby sitter who lived in the east bay. >>j.r. stone: as to why she was aggravated she explains she was upset because you suppose to get her and the babysitter cab given her runarounds behind her daughter one day she sent her a text message or cold or whatever the message was that they had taken her to disneyland and they did not have her permission as the clock continues to take concern continue to grow on her whereabouts.
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>>james:the police press conference will be held today at 1:30 -in the afternoon. >>james:kron 4 and family members will be in attendence along with representatives from best buy store where nicole fitts worked. >>james:in the east bay. >>james:growing tension over violence on freeways. many drivers are telling us they feel helpless and afraid. >>james:the latest highway shooting happened on monday on highway four. bringing the total to more than twenty freeway shootings since last year. kron4's alecia reid reports. >>reporter:the number of shootings on east bay freeways has raised fear in drivers. if they don't need to take the freeways, they stay away. >>:cuz you never know where those bullets can come in >>:if i have to go to a doctor's appt i take the side roads >>reporter:but robert cakebread commutes from antioch to concord daily. he has no choice but to take highway 4. he's still in
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shock that 2 shootings happened on the same stretch within a week. >>:these adults, what were they arguing about? they gotta shoot each other? >>reporter:and he's not the only one that's concerned. >>:everybody that lives here is scared. it could hit our kids. >>reporter:hercules mayor dan romero says this has become a public safety issue. next thursday, he along with the richmond, san pablo, pinole, and el cerrito mayors will draft a letter to governor jerry brown asking for statewide funding for freeway cameras. >>:the state should pay for this
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>>reporter:in the meantime, robert will continue taking his usual commute, except now he's extra cautious. >>:i'm not leaving my neighborhood . >>reporter:robert was born and raised in antioch and doesn't plan on leaving. he plans to go to the next city council meeting to find out what he can do to help stop these shootings. >>reporter:reporting off highway 4 >>james:now to news from the peninsula. >>james:a missing father from millbrae has been found dead. >>james:the family of 27-year- old keith green announced his death on their facebook page and thanked the public for their love and support in the past weeks. >>james:green went missing last month. his family said he had been heading out to meet someone when he vanished. his phone was later found in golden gate park. >>james:investigators have not said where green's body was found or how he died. >>james:a texas company is facing serious charges after a
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massive oil spill near santa barbara. >>james:plains all american' pipeline could face up to two- point-eight million dollars in fines if convicted. >>james:the spill happened in may of last year --- 100-thousandgallons of oil gushed into the ocean from a broken pipeline. >>james:a preliminary government report revealed the pipe was corroded before it ruptured. >>james:it also says that the company knew of some troublesome spots two weeks before the spill. >>james:the company says the spill was an accident. >>james:after their tough game one loss, >>james:the warriors wasted no time getting back on the practice court. the warriors are ready to put the loss behind them. >>james:they are looking to rebound tonight and tie the series up against o-k-c. but -- most of the buzz right now is about a comment that was made *off the court.
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>>james:it was right after monday's nights game. >>james:o-k-c's center steven adams, >>james:who's from new zealand.and is of tongan and british descent. >>james:told a e-s-p-n reporter.that warriors guards were quote: "quick little monkeys" - >>james:adams apologized for his comment. >>james:insinuating that term means different things in different countries. >>james:adams also added expressions mean different things in different countries. we asked on our website if you think adams was out of line. >>james:so far, 56 percent of people said no. to weigh in.chek out tip off for tonights game is for 6:00. >>james:coming up. >>james:the latest info on the oakland police department sex scandal. exclusive details on what the
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department plans on doing and. >>james:bernie sanders will be in the south bay today. we'll tell you what his plans are
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>>reporter: we will have some interest when coming that we want to show you but we do have very mild 10 to is off to the east bay even more so than what we saw from yesterday.
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>>reporter: from the perimeter is lower 60s oakland and 60 hey were 64 also for san jose and 54 from the bottom yes we started off in a very mild note of the teens to low 20s at work you can see san mateo 26 mi. from our the blue indicate higher when best this is like to be tomorrow evening at around seven will probably continue to get today's
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formal colorization there you can see of to the far east to bay veddas with the blood red returned still lot of the east bay borge indicate the '80s. >>reporter: very mild night still tomorrow by 4:00 biggest of the change happening no red and disseminated to the far east ave/ >>robin winston: we're still hot spots free alive but its 580 westbound is this the commute is going to be a good one nothing to worry about it as nice as will all the way across a connecting with 101 into one out of san rafael index good coming
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from the north to bay leaving berlin city in sauce a leader for the southbound ride just under 20 minutes from 37 to get to san francisco may be your dunbarton bridge commuters 84 west looking good for free lot across the bridge into menlo park only 16 minutes. >>james:an update on a story we broke first on kron-4. >>james:we've uncovered a major shakeup that is underway in the oakland police department's internal >>james:according to our sources. a captain currently overseeing that department, is being replaced.
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>>james:and a seargent has been re-assigned. out of the building. >>james:this comes after we told you multiple officers were under investigation for alleged sexual misconduct with a minor. >>james:our own haaziq madyun was the first to break this story last week. >>james:he has been talking to the now 18-year-old woman at the center of the o-p-d sex scandal. >>haaziq madyun: she replied that is how she met officer brendan o'brien who saved her from a camp was she was 17 she went on to say this about the number of all p the officers she has associated with she wrecked dozens now but only a few as a minor she says social media is your main source riding but most on facebook since we do have connections or would does go up to cars and talk to them but it was never dozens as a minor this
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is the second time that the conversation to mention she has been with dozens of officers but she also wanted to correct what has been reported by other local news agencies by telling us that she has only been with three officers. >>haaziq madyun: when she was under age we like the information and the protection in terms of how this all became public and how the officers allegedly involved handling this she seems a little annoyed when she writes we never told them it was in the note but we are denying get their writing themselves out and for what i hear one dumb person already admitted to an she inserts the
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text and sure and for part or love. >>james:if you missed part one of our interview with the woman at the center of the sex scandal. >>james:we have the story posted on kron-4-dot-com. >>james:decision 2016. >>james:democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders says he will keep fighting. >>james:as the race to the white house shifts to california. sanders will be returning to the bay area today for two rallies. kron 4's dan kerman has the details. >>:we are in until the last ballot is cast >>reporter:making it clear, he will not drop out of the race for the democratic presidential nomination, senator bernie sanders told supporters in southern california tuesday night this is the beginning of the final push to win california's 475 pledged delegates.
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>>:don't tell secretary clinton, she might get nervous, i think we're going to win here in california. >>reporter:in an effort to do that, sanders will make his second visit to northern california in just a week, with a campaign rally in san jose wednesday afternoon and one wednesday evening in vallejo. >>:our vision, a vision of social justice , economic justice, racial justice and environmental justice that is the future of this country. >>reporter:at sanders bay area headquarters in oakland campaign workers, many of whom had the chance to meet the candidate in person last week, were excited about his return >>:i believe in him, i think he's an honest individual who will do good for this country and bring prosperity and peace to the world >>:i think he has won on many
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levels, he's changed the platform, he's changed what senator clinton has been saying >>james:it's going to be an up hill battle for sanders. >>james:with pledged delegates and superdelegates combined, hillary clinton is about 96 percent of the way towards locking up the democratic nomination. >>james:here is the latest delegate count. >>james:hillary clinton remains far ahead with 2,289 delegates. more than 500 of those are super delegates. >>james:bernie sanders has 1,522 delegates. sanders will need super delegates to switch sides and support him. >>james:if he hopes to have any chance of getting the delegates needed. >>james:2,383 delegates are needed to clinch the democratic nomination. >>james:as for the repbulican side. >>james:donald trump won the primary in oregon today. >>james:but the presumptive republican nominee still remains short of the delegates needed to officially clinch the
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nomination. he is expected to reach the required number of delegates on june 7th -- after the california primary. >>james:bill cosby and hugh hefner have been named in a sexual battery lawsuit. >>james:a 26-year old woman named chloe goins says she went to a party at the playboy mansion in 2008. >>james:she says she accepted a drink from cosby and then later woke up naked with cosby. >>james:according to court documents.she believes cosby put some type of drug or narcotic in the drink. >>james:among the charges against cosby and hefner are sexual battery and conspiracy to commit sexual battery. >>james:a huge bounce back win for the sharks. >>james:they took game two of the western conference finals in saint louis last night. >>james:the sharks got things going early, scoring their first goal about two minutes into the game. >>james:and the team did not look back from there. >>james:the sharks would score another goal in the second period, followed by a pair of goals in the third. >>james:the blues could not get
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anything past goalie martin jones. the sharks shut-out the blues, winning 4-0. the best of seven series now stands at 1-1. the sharks now head back to san jose for game three. puck drop is set for 6:00 at the s-a-p center. >>james:onto bay area baseball. >>james:the giants took on the san diego padres on the road. giants shortstop brandon crawford had a big afternoon. >>james:starting out the game with a three run homer in the second. he was responsible for all five of the giants run's yesterday. and on the defensive side of things, madison bumgarner was lights out. >>james:pitching a complete game and only letting up one run. the giants would go on to win the game 5-1. the team is starting to get hot, now winning six games in a row. they continue their series against the padres tonight. first pitch is at 7:10. >>james:what a finish for the
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a's. khris davis executes in the clutch. two outs, two strikes, no problem. a walk off grand slam to win it. >>james:the a's beat the texas rangers 8-5. the a's look to sweep the rangers later this afternoon. first pitch at 12:35. >>james:kim k scored a a new reward and how is live doing without michael? all that and more coming up on today's h-t-l daily wrap.
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>>robin winston: known as a triumph problems a little bit of a backup at the bay bridge toll plaza mostly in the cache line is just a minor way is moving very well into downtown san francisco.
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>>james:kim k scored a special "break the internet" webby and sources say without michael, live with kelly is a happier show to work on. all that and more on today's h- t-l daily wrap. >>:, the 20th annual with the award was held and you're sitting tim kerr-and won the break into the award for acceptance speech and i sure simple all she said was renewed pictures until i die on friday now that we're hearing as soon as he left there was a celebratory atmosphere on the shell he is retinues because of
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his split with his wife sharon there is good news because he got a new reality show. >>james:and remember you can catch hollywood today live on weekdays at 1:00 following law and order. >>james:a lot of uber drivers are breaking the rules in order to pick up some extra cash. >>james:we'll tell what the big no-no they are commiting is. plus. >>james:a local pet groomer is under arrest. find out what happened to a pet that was under his responsibility.
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>>james:we're coming up on 4-30. >>james:here are the big stories we're working on for you this morning. >>james:the search continues for a two-year-old bay area girl. >>james:arianna fits has been missing since her mother nicole was found killed in san francisco last month. >>james:and today police are expected to make a major announcement in the case. the press conference will be held at 1:30 in the afternoon. >>james:a missing father of two has been found dead. 27-year-old keith green is from millbrae. and had been missing since april 28th. >>james:his family announced yesterday that keith's body was found. keith was last seen at the millbrae pancake house. >>james:he told his roommate he was going to meet someone, but he left his keys and wallet behind. >>james:keith's phone was found in golden gate park the next day. and people who live in the east bay are on edge after a string of freeway shootings. >>james:the latest happened on highway four in bay point on monday. >>james:there have been more
4:31 am
than 20 shootings on east bay freeways since last year. >>james:next week, the mayors of hercules, richmond, san pablo, pinole, and el cerrito are going to draft a letter to governor jerry brown. asking for statewide funding for more freeway cameras. >>reporter: here is a shot of the mt. tam camera you to see the beautiful bay bridge in the background a little bit of a breeze we have this morning by
4:32 am
4:85 of the northwest would work 1015 which is driving all of this is a new system of the northwest will bring it a little shot of showers by saturday those in locations we say essentially mostly sunny but this thursday and friday will come with some serious on sure when the beach put a stop for a much. >>robin winston: no major problems is a good time to use it and get on over to the peninsula before it gets too slow with and the next hour to
4:33 am
the golden gate bridge is nice smooth ride in both directions no hot spots and the north bay no problems from san francisco over to the richmond san rafael bridge live look at five it was approaching the toll plaza traffic also slow nicely the nimitz looking good if you have to leave south is more one on one of hot spot free 85 as of san jose. >>james:ridesharing has changed the way people get around
4:34 am
>>james:the there are dangers in jumping into a rideshare vehicle you didn't call for. >>james:our investigation reveals rouge uber and lyft drivers picking up passengers. and cutting out the taxi cab. kron 4's stanley roberts was there for a san francisco crackdown. and explains why you need to think twice before hailing a ride. >>stanley roberts:this limo driver is in a little hot water .because he did something only a taxi can do in the city of fan franciso including the san francisco international airport is this your vehicle? it's your company's vehicle? can i see the keys please >>stanley roberts:only a taxi driver can be a taxi diver, and while that may sound strange. there is a problem where other people are pretending to be taxi drivers so you're uber and these are uber passengers ok do me a favor just sit ing the vehicle ill bee right back >>stanley roberts:so san franciso police and the sfmta conduct regular enforcement stings looking for rogue drivers, basically all they do is put two decoys out on the street to hail a ride >>stanley roberts:if you're not a taxi you are not allowed to pick up passengers. however apped based drivers often do dispite knowing it's a big no- no >>stanley roberts:i rode with plainclothes officer from the san francisco police department
4:35 am
on a crackdown funded entirely by the sfmta to catch app based drivers behaving badly >>stanley roberts:i'm office renolds san francisco police department can you make sure the cars off for me hand me the key and with sfmta taxi investigators >>stanley roberts:i'm a taxi investigator with sfmta were working in conjunctions with sfpd tonight so you actyally going to receive two citations one from sfpd and one from my agency the mta our is asdminstrative and not criminal >>stanley roberts:a ticket from the police is one thing, but an administrative ticket from sfmta well that another for the record the administrative ticket can cost as high as get this five thousand dollars >>stanley roberts:in the state of california only taxi's can pick up a street hail >>stanley roberts:taxi driver pay 250, thousand dollars for4 a taxi madillion , go throught federal background checks , must have 40 hours of training and 10 year driving uber, lyft and limos drivers do not >>stanley roberts:that being said. unless you are a verified taxi in the city of san francisco you have to have pre arranged pick-ups. no exceptions . like the uber or lyft app
4:36 am
>>stanley roberts:during the time i was out with police and sfmta investigtors it wasn't hard to find non taxi's illegally picking up passengers arong town >>stanley roberts:including one driver who was neither uber nor lyft. in fact he had bigger issues >>:you didn't know that your drivers license was suspended >>stanley roberts:in san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news >>james:police tell stanley that rouge rideshare drivers are also a problem at san francisco international airport. >>james:services such as uber and lyft are supposed to pick up only those passengers who have already arranged for it. >>james:stanley's in-depth report continues tonight at 10. >>james:a bay area pet smart employee is accused of killing a dog he was grooming. >>james:38-year- old juan zurate was arrested at the pet smart on el camino real in san mateo. >>james:he is accused of animal cruelty. >>james:the dog's owner brought
4:37 am
the dog in for grooming on sunday. >>james: when the dog came out of the grooming office, he was bleeding from his mouth and had trouble breathing. >>james:veterinarians later found the dog had two broken ribs. and a punctured lung. >>james:the peninsula humane society is conducting an autopsy to find >>james:the san carlos woman who lead police on a wild chase in april appeared in court to enter a plea. >>james:54-year-old karen teichmann pleaded not guilty to a long list of charges. this is a photo of the end result. >>james:she's been charged with several felonies. including two counts of assault with a deadly weapon. >>james:teichmann lead officers on a bizarre 5-mile pursuit. even brushing her teeth, waving at pedestrains. and at one point screaming at officers that she had a bomb in her purse. >>james:she remains in jail on a 500-thousand dollar bail. >>james:still ahead. >>james:a new candidate is entering the race to be the next govenor of california. we'll tell you who.
4:38 am
and our tech reporter gabe slate gives us a preview of what google plans to unviel next.
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4:40 am
>>james:all eyes are on google >>james:today we are expecting big news out of their headquarters in mountain view during their annual tech conference "google eye-oh begins. >>james:the yearly show gives the tech giant a chance to show the world what it has been working on. >>james:the event also shows us what they will be focusing on in the coming year. our tech reporter gabe slate shows us what to expect. >>gabe slate:in year's past google always held this show at the moscone center in san francisco. >>gabe slate:not this time. >>gabe slate:this year it's at shoreline amphitheatre in mountain view >>gabe slate:i think they are doing this because they need the wide open space near shoreline there are lots of fields and big parking lots. >>gabe slate:maybe they are planning on showing off new self driving cars or drones. >>gabe slate:google will likely unveil android n the next operating system for phones and tablets.
4:41 am
>>gabe slate:which might have a multi-window mode to allow for multi-tasking. >>gabe slate:and might add their own version of apple's force touch. >>gabe slate:i think google will unveil a new gadget similar to amazon's echo speaker voice assistant. >>gabe slate:the echo is growing in popularity. it's connected to the internet and can answer questions for you it's basically like a siri for your home. >>gabe slate:but what i think will really steal the show this year is virtual reality i think google will show a big move into vr. >>gabe slate:i think they will unveil a stand alone consumer vr headset one that does not have to be tethered to a phone. >>gabe slate:so it would be like samsung's $100 gear vr that is selling like hotcakes but you won't need a phone to run the vr games and experiences. it would have wifi built into it and in the google play online store they would have a vr section to download vr games and videos.
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>>james:welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. >>james:here is a look at the major headlines before you head out the door this morning. >>james:democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders will be in the south bay today. >>james:he will be holding a rally in san jose. >>james:sanders has an uphill battle if he wishes to win the democratic nomination. >>james:his opponent.hillary clinton.almost has enough delegates to clinch the nomination.
4:45 am
sanders vows to stay in the race until the bitter end. we will be there live with coverage of the event. and. >>james:the san jose sharks beat the st. louis blues last night 4 to nothing to tie up their western conference finals series at one game a piece. >>james:the sharks were dominate the entire game, with brent burns leading the way, scoring a pair >>james:the sharks next game is tommorow night. >>james:puck drops at 6:00. >>reporter: we're of going to get in every former we will show you that as well start off with the golden gate a little bit of a glaze for intentionally to start things off but to look at temperatures antioch 73 concord 61 very impressive numbers very impressive 59 in richmond oakland and 60 in all on the
4:46 am
perimeter as almost upper fifties but mostly lower 60s off two of every mild to one star we can call in big changes from the guy you could see use the we could say the gulf of alaska in the winter months when it will do the trick for us to purchase also assuring in some chance of showers and thundershowers tomorrow morning we'll get the when cooking but it would not be a to the afternoon tomorrow and to become very apparent vigor to see the blues beginning with higher when the dust was december to slow pattern today a little cool along the coast of six is nudging there but the onshore flow of place of can we a mile to win tomorrow that isn't the redskins to gone and that is the '80s in the inland valleys '70s off to the east bay
4:47 am
at the coast energy concedes '60s by this point is already by tomorrow afternoon the changes are in place. >>reporter: heading to the south of the south but we still have '80s on the board and maybe perhaps some in the seventh forecast was a drop 7567 to take us into friday saturday as well >>robin winston: that has already thinned out we're back at the limit westbound a to pay its all the way through downtown you drive time holding in 10 minutes from oakland the downtown oakland to downtown san francisco also great ride come out hey what an image troublespots for the damage that connection from 880 will be -92
4:48 am
well the crowded no problems in foster city in san the sale is a good ride across the golden gate you can see in the middle of the screen the bridge crews and the zipper trucks switching around the land configuration right now shut is nestled at the man in both directions >>james:now a look at a major story happening in the golden state. >>james:gavin newsom will have at least one challenger in the
4:49 am
california's governor race. >>james:state treasurer john chiang says he is going to start raising money for a run in 2018. >>james:if chiang were to win, he'd become california's first asian governor. >>james:chiang joins what could be a packed field of democrats seeking to replace jerry brown. >>james:former los angeles mayor antonio villaraigosa is expected to make a bid. as well as current l-a mayor eric garcetti. >>james:other potential contenders include former e-bay executive and state controller steve westly. and billionaire climate activist tom steyer. >>james:new video shows san francisco cops cracking down on a side show in the city over the weekend. >>james:the video shows a crowd of people doing do-nuts in their cars. things got tense and five people were arrested. kron 4's vicki liviakis shows us what happened. >>vicki liviakis: you see behind this is like things were getting a out of control someo
4:50 am
a jump on the squad car is a lot of shouting and that had to give the fuse for fencing facing the crowd of 50 to 60 people there are reports of pepper spray being used on one person three cars were season those arrested were charged with speeding and vandalizing a police cruiser you may remember early this month the chp cruiser was ambushed it is back when the was kicked in the officers were stuck inside but unhurt. >>james:this is the second time we've seen violence between people at sideshow and police recently. take a look. >>james:this video was filmed in east oakland. >>james:a marin chp vehicle was helping with sideshow enforcement -- when a crowd turned on the vehicle. >>james:the video shows people kicking the cruiser.
4:51 am
>>james:the officer wasn't hurt -- but the s-u-v was seriously damaged. >>james:a federal judge in san francisco has turned down a soda industry's attempt to block a city law that will require health warning labels on its advertisements for sugary drinks. the law will go into effect on july 25h as schedule. >>james:the measure was enacted by san francisco's board of supervisors last year. and the warning must cover 20-percent of the area on the ad. >>james:the law requires a notice that says - quote - "warning: drinking beverages with added sugar contributes to obesity, diabetes, and tooth decay. >>james:this is a message from the city and county of san francisco." >>james:in the south bay. >>james:another voice has been added to the growing chorus. speaking out against discrimination against the l.g.b.t. community. >>james:san jose will join san francisco and other cities in banning all non- essential travel and business to north carolina and mississippi. >>james:the san jose city council, weighing in on the conroversial legislation passed in both states, which curtails protections for transgender
4:52 am
people and limits their access to public bathrooms. >>james:and it is not just cities imposing such bans. >>james:google, apple and several other companies have taken similar actions in an effort to get the discriminatory legislation repealed. >>james:coming up on the kron four morning news. >>james:the a's players aren't the only ones making plays. >>james:find out who else got in on the action and what else the young a's fan did.
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>>robin winston: no major traffic hot spots where track and the commute looking in for non no major problems or headed to the peninsula if you have to leave a word or the east bay is a good ride all the way across just a quick to of the richmond san rafael bridge very light on 580 westmount a menace to the average lifetime the images of a spots for now. >>james:there was some good sportsmanship at the a's game last night. and it wasn't from the players. >>james:take a look.
4:56 am
>>james:in the 5th inning, a foul ball goes off the glove of a young a's fan. the girl in the row in front of him gets the ball. and then gives it back to him. >>james:then in the 6th inning. the oakland fan kid makes a backhand catch with his glove on a foul ball. and this time he gets it. he then repays the favor and gives the ball to the girl. >>james:take a look at this. >>james:a maine police officer on patrol. caught a spectacular sight on his dash cam. >>james:a bright and burning mass hurtling through the sky. >>james:the american meteor society says it received 240 - reports of sightings from people living from new jersey to quebec, canada. >>james:the society believes it is a fireball. which is what they say is a very bright meteor. >>james: we will give me the latest on that story bernie sanders and tom to the host and a rally we will have better live
4:57 am
report in the war is the to bounceback against o'casey we will have a preview on that story as well--okc.
4:58 am
4:59 am
>>mark:this morning on the kron four morning news. >>mark:we're following breaking news. >>mark:more than 200 families are missing after intense flooding triggered a massive landslide in sri lanka. and the worst isn't over yet. plus. >>darya:we're waiting for police to release new information today on the search for a two-year-old girl whose mother was found dead in a san francisco park.
5:00 am
>>darya:we speak with one of the last people to see the girl's mother alive. >>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>reporter: much cooler temperatures taken as right into the weekend the bay bridge can get a nice shatter amount him getting a little bit of a breeze and work with there's going to be more one tomorrow it will be a change for us look at the mild to warm temperatures a much milder temperatures (tower shakes down of to 74 by 214
5:01 am
clock around 72 get ready for school forecast of the inland 85 go on by 3:00. >>robin winston: its head over to the toll plaza number of the problems leaving oakland all the major connecting freeways also looking lies across the upper deck no problem downtown san francisco they're required a good ride on the skyline overall good commute board in munich and a string so far coming up will take a look at 90 to check the
5:02 am
ride on the san mateo bridge. >>mark:breaking news this morning. >>mark:more than 200 families are >>mark: a much larger quake on april 66 under 60 people died and tens of thousands of people left homeless morning. >>darya:arianna's mother, nicole, was found dead last month at a park in san francisco. >>darya:nobody has seen arianna since february. >>darya:according to family
5:03 am
members. the toddler had been staying with a babysitter. >>darya:kron four spoke with one of the last people to see arianna's mother alive. >>darya:and that woman believes that police should be focused on the babysitter in their search for arianna. >>darya:no arrests have been made in the case. >>darya:today's news conference is scheduled for 1:30 this afternoon. >>mark:a missing millbrae father has been found dead. >>mark:27-year-old keith green went missing back on april 28th. his family posted an update on their facebook page yesterday, saying his body was found. >>mark:green was last seen heading out to meet his ex- girliend at the millbrae pancake house across the street from his apartment. >>mark:his family says the two were going to discuss a child custody issue.
5:04 am
he left his wallet and keys behind. his phone was found the following morning in golden gate park. green leaves behind two little girls. investigators haven't said how he died. >>darya:in the east bay. >>darya:grief counselors will be at the encinal high school campus today. after a football player died during practice. >>darya:the student collapsed on the football field around six yesterday evening. >>darya:he was taken to a nearby hospital but he had already passed away. >>darya:school officials say he had a medical emergency either during or right after pre-season football conditioning. the cause of death is under investigation. the school hasn't released the name of the student or said what grade he was in. >>james: which showed the into you the choice of the flooding that was caused by those trencher rain struck the area you can see the people walking to the streets and west deep
5:05 am
water 16 bodies have been recovered about 180 people have been recovered about 200 to six families are still missing there stealer buried more than three other soldiers have been deployed to help search for survivors >>mark:decision 2016. >>mark:and it's late in the primary season, but the battle over the democratic presidential nomination rages on. >>mark:hillary clinton is still maintaining a major delegate lead over bernie sanders. but he insists he isn't giving up until every last vote is cast. >>mark:according to our media partners at c-n-n. clinton won a razor-thin victory in kentucky last night.
5:06 am
>>mark:sanders won by a more sizable margin in oregon. >>mark:delegates in both contests are awarded proportionally. so sanders' victory in oregon won't slow clinton's march to the democratic presidential nomination. >>mark:sanders was speaking at a rally in southern california when his wife came out to tell him about his win in oregon. >>mark:the next chance for clinton and sanders to gain delegates is the first weekend in june. when the virgin islands and puerto rico hold their caucuses. >>mark:here's a look at where things stand after yesterday's primaries. >>mark:clinton is just 89 delegatse short of the number needed to win the democratic nomination. with 2,294 delegates. bernie sanders is trailing with 1,523 delegates. 2,383 delegates are needed to clinch the nomination. >>mark:and the presumptive republican nominee, donald
5:07 am
trump, is just 62 delegates away from the nomination after winning yesterday's oregon primary. which was the only republican race. >>mark:he currently has 1,175 delegates. >>mark:1,237 delegates are needed to win the nomination. and happening today. >>mark:bernie sanders is visiting the bay area, hoping to rally support ahead of the june seventh primary in california. he's holding rallies in san jose and vallejo. kron four's averi harper is heading to the santa clara county fairgrounds, where sanders supporters are expected to line up early this morning. she'll give us a preview of what he'll be doing during his visit, coming up in a live report at 5:30. >>darya:to the warriors' playoff run. >>darya:and the warriors are looking to bounce back from a tough loss in game one against the oklahoma city thunder. game two is tonight at oracle arena. >>darya:that's where we find kron four's will tran this morning. with a preview of the game and a look at ticket prices. good morning, will. >>will tran: let's show you highlights or some track this video we know that they wanted
5:08 am
to play on tuesday but they could not have the schedule called for them to play to nine they went into practice looking at the game video talking about what they could do better in was to turn over according to many people that cause the warriors to lose we only scored about 13 to 14 points it was a chance to win at the end this is the game for the entire season if you want to go to tonight's game in the sold-out of the arsenal resells take a look at the screen the championship of the
5:09 am
reason why it is not at 730 it is 9:00 east coast time >>mark:to the stanley cup playoffs. >>mark:and a big win for the san jose sharks in saint louis last night. >>mark:the sharks got things
5:10 am
going early. scoring their first goal about two minutes into the game. >>mark:and they didn't look back from there. the sharks went on to beat the blues four to zero. >>mark:the best of seven series is now tied one-one. the sharks head back to san jose for game three tomorrow. puck drops at six p-m at the s- a-p center. >>mark:still ahead on the kron four morning news. >>darya: right after the break california and the fifth year the drought but state water officials could change the draft regulation was for you how.
5:11 am
5:12 am
5:13 am
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5:14 am
>>mark:happening today. >>mark:changes could be coming to the drought regulations in california. >>mark:state water officials are meeting today to vote on whether to give local water districts control of setting their own conservation targets. >>mark:california is in its fifth year of drought. >>mark:near-average rain and snowfall this winter in northern california lifted key reservoirs. >>mark:southern california, however, missed out on much of the precipitation. >>mark:the meeting is set for 11:00 this afternoon in sacramento. >>reporter: somewhen this happen tomorrow we may be in tomorrow like to live but it will be cooler in all locations including the when the tree to cast for today will get a breeze
5:15 am
into the team as you will see not too much indicating as of jan and then to let a few of them make themselves known in the north bank just a touch we get tomorrow and things will go into action tomorrow afternoon and evening look at the numbers into the 20s and. >>reporter: particularly in the peninsula and in the north made temperatures reflect all of this as well tonight loves like another mild like a lot of sixties on the board that is the one out tomorrow no more weathered the oranges indicating '80s on the board today's high temperature. >>robin winston: looking good no
5:16 am
traffic alerts the hot spots it is a nice steady flow of traffic on westbound 80 and into the bay bridge toll plaza is clinton problem free across the upper deck into downtown. >>robin winston: 8 minutes from the peg its over 2101 of quick drive time i reform no major problems looking pretty good from antioch to pittsburgh to bay. no problems connected into concord the usual crop of tracy from to 05 into the ultima it is smooth sailing on 580 west all the way into dublin out to the
5:17 am
interchange to tumescent from the 58680 split knowledge of parliament to sell arms if you're leaving in morgan hill and san jose is 21 minutes the average lifetime 21 minutes from concord and to the guadalupe parkway. >>darya:there is growing tension over the recent shootings on east bay freeways. >>darya:many drivers say they feel helpless and afraid. >>darya:there have been more than 20 shootings on east bay freeways since last year. >>darya:and tomorrow. mayors from several east bay cities, including hercules, richmond and pinole-- will send a letter to governor jerry brown asking for statewide funding for freeway cameras. >>darya:many drivers say they are concerned about the shootings, and they try to avoid
5:18 am
using freeways. >>mark:and now an update to a story we broke first on kron four. >>mark:a major shakeup is underway in the oakland police department's internal affairs division. >>mark:according to our sources. a captain currently overseeing the department is being replaced. >>mark:a sergeant has also been re-assigned. >>mark:this comes after we told you that multiple officers were under investigation for sexual misconduct with a minor. kron four's haaziq madyun has been talking to the now 18-year- old woman at the center of the sex scandal. >>haaziq madyun: it working in the occupation how she met the cops she replied that is how she met officer brendan o'brien who saved her from a camp was c- 17 she went on to say this about the number of officers she is associated with she writes dozens now but only a few as a minor she says social media has
5:19 am
a main source for meeting them but most on facebook since we do have connections to all pd with my parents. >>haaziq madyun: this is the second time in this conversation as a mention she's been with dozens of officers in terms of how this all became public and how the officers involved are handling this she seems a little annoyed when she writes we never told on them it was in the note when we are denying this they're writing
5:20 am
themselves out the sun would we hear when that person already admitted to win the notion is referring to is a suicide note and by of the officer who she'd missed was in love with her when we as he fell in love with. >>darya:if you missed part one of our interview with the woman at the center of the scandal. just head to our website. >>darya:we've posted the story on kron-four-dot-com. >>mark:you might notice smoke in san jose today, but don't worry. it's a training exercise. >>mark:the san jose fire department is conducting a live fire training burn today and tomorrow at santa teresa county park. >>mark:they'll be out from eight a-m to five p-m on both days. >>mark:the exercise will help
5:21 am
the department train new recruits, and it will also get rid of invasive plant species in the park. >>mark:firefighters say you don't need to worry if you see smoke coming from the park. but if you see smoke coming from another area, call 9-1-1. also happening today. >>darya:you might smell natural gas if you're in sunnyvale. >>darya:p-g-and-e will be venting natural gas from sections of a pipe in sunnyvale from seven to nine tonight. >>darya:they'll be working in the 700 block of north pastoria avenue, and people in that area might smell natural gas. >>mark:crews say the natural gas is not harmful, and it will quickly dissipate into the air. >>mark:a texas company is facing serious charges this morning in connection with the massive oil spill near santa barbara. >>mark: the preliminary the live
5:22 am
report from the pipeline was corroded and the company knew about some trouble spots to to for the spill they claim that it was an accident they rescued a group of people from a stranded hot air balloon and the that happened in the north and the cyclical what made these rescue so difficult to live like an easy ride if you're heading over to the bay bridge.
5:23 am
5:24 am
5:25 am
>>darya: >>james: >>darya: we will talk more about the weather later today the video from the chp showing a stranded hot air balloon and not counting it was 17 people on board stranded and double slow south of napa airport around 7 yesterday morning the push to bloom for the south in the loans typically travel it went out of the weapons it was spotted by chp airplane taking off from the airport. >>mark: 11 to completely surround by water so the sea its peak of the chp helicopter in the air lifted the passengers to safety.
5:26 am
>>darya: their briefs in support milestone in the fight against the virus researchers said the university of texas has successfully cloned zepa and allow them to study the virus and the damage it causes as well as to how the developing of taxing house republicans are pushing for about half of this is the requested by the democrats. >>mark: a wild fire warning white firefighters are worried about california this fire season.
5:27 am
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>>reporter: here is how the temperature stand antioch 7364 concord not a 60 a lot of
5:30 am
contingency san francisco for san jose's speaking of which he was all shakes down at 2:00 for caught any five the northwest wind about to end 15 the ready for school forecast puts us at about the our the cooler if you will the biggest changes will be tomorrow will discuss them. >>robin winston: slowly stretching out toward west grand not for the latest it will get there sooner a grand ride across the upper deck of the continues to build and salaam and the toll plaza lasted 15 minutes to get to downtown san francisco the drive time coming up in just little bit.
5:31 am
>>darya: he is holding rallies in san jose and the lay home. >>reporter: he will be here at the santa clara county fairgrounds to address all the bay. supporters public transit car pool because parking is limited and it cost $10 and can
5:32 am
only be paid in cash will be here and are presented under way before the rally. >>james: he was stabbed to death on his way home from middle school and we just learned in the last 10 minutes the man who
5:33 am
attacked and was walking in the opposite direction across the street a house fire in montana is likely started as a cooking fire the fire to the dock this picture of the fried the started on midway drive about 8:00 last night it could be seen from concord firefighters were written of the flames would spread because it is hot and dry with they're able to get it under control within about a half hour. >>darya: our repairs of the risk
5:34 am
of collapsing after it caught fire in san jose if they rent at the shop after the fire that happen on sunday night service had been restored to most of them. >>mark: the lawmakers approve the law last year when one is to appear for soda and other sugar sweet and beverages these labels will have to read the warning of drinking beverages with added
5:35 am
sugar contribute to obesity diabetes and choose became firefighters and oakland are warning drivers of dry brush near the highway this comes across more brush fire in the afternoon at around 330 of interstate 980 near the industry off ramp a tree caught on fire and spread in a nearby brush the oakland fire department posted it on facebook the u.s. for service and california could
5:36 am
face a dangerous and difficult fire season this year even despite the wet winter 40 million trees are dead across california 29 million died last year alone and all those trees are prone to fire. >>mark: the forced have a lot more rain and snow to fully recover from the drought find out who was joining the race and tesla's under fire this morning for using undocumented immigrant workers at a factory in fremont the automakers have an excuse iraq after the break how likely are you to graduate from high school in california it might depend on ethnicity.
5:37 am
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>>mark: according to new data released from the california department of education overall graduation rates is the highest ever recorded in the last to tears and the announced yesterday he had formed a campaign committee for the race was in two years if elected he
5:40 am
would be california's first asian governor he was elected state treasury and after working as a controller and a member of the board of equalization. >>darya: other potential candidates include former he the executive in state controller steve wesley and the next time activist tom stair. >>mark: it comes after a block accused facebook of suppressing conservative new stores on the trend in topic section they're investigating the claims but has not found evidence to support them so far in overnight
5:41 am
shooting in the east to bay in the tails are just coming into the newsroom will have more on where happen and where witnesses are saying millions of americans could soon be making more money the new plan from the white house to put more money in your pocket.
5:42 am
5:43 am
5:44 am
>>mark: no one has seen the girl since february of missing father has been found dead and 27 your keep the agreement was reported missing on his family posted an update on their page yesterday sent his body was found he was last seen heading out to meet with this ex-girlfriend a pancake house across the street and this is have not said how he died. >>mark: the loss to the first
5:45 am
during this year's playoff the to offer game 2 at 6:00. >>reporter: there is a big change in store for us with this new low as the real attitude here is a live look for the golden gate the ground of you've been the fall this bill and try to just a little bit the give and about our to it will make some fairly rapidly in not for long upstream a vacancy is spinning out during the gulf of alaska here was the performance today will recall a little bit of an afternoon breeze will go tonight and overnight tomorrow on this is where things get together the afternoon is a more
5:46 am
when work higher when does the indicated insulin the peninsula particularly in hear the timber is a muted for the high tomorrow no more it is now is to the far east to bay with '70s elsewhere today when ken upper 80s san ramon curb a looks like.
5:47 am
>>robin winston: the jar timebomb of 17 minutes now from the maze of the sky way if you are brought to head of the to the san mateo bridge no problem still moving very well for hey what 15 minutes of the to the bayshore freeway 101 across the golden gate nice smooth and quiet to cancel travel times 580 west wide open to cash a valid san leandro and to oakland libya come from the south bay this morning and you want to get to the peninsula.
5:48 am
>>mark: he sexually abused at the playboy mansion in 2008 she sued him this week saying that he knew or should have known the crosby had to of the sexual abuse of women in the past and that he was an able and his behavior. >>darya: 54 your robert is accused of into a primitive touching or male patients and they recover from surgery he was fired from the hospital in april of last year and then arrested he is due back in court next month and is out right now on a bail hearing.
5:49 am
>>gabe slate: this year the shoreline and to fit in mountain view they're doing this because they need a wide open space near shoreline philosophy is in the parking lots into their planning martial of the new self driving cars are drones will unveil a new gatt dissimilar to amazon at a speaker voice assistant who
5:50 am
will make a medieval fantasy are they will unveil a stand-alone consumers had sent one that does not have to be tethered to a farm it will be like sam saw $100 give the are the selling like hotcakes what you will not need a phone to run the games and experiences it will have wife five the up into it in the play online store will have revers section to download the gainesville's. >>darya: tesla is apologizing for using undocumented immigrants and to expand their inventorying the man nestling
5:51 am
the subcontractor who hired him the lawsuit says that and he fell through the roof of the building last may and broke his legs he said they did nothing wrong and they blame the subcontractor for hiring him the company officials say the higher the contract and from which in turn hired the subcontracted to mature labor and immigration laws been followed. >>mark: the giants on the low ticket on san diego padres branded offer had the big afternoon yesterday he started the game with the three run home run the giants went on to win
5:52 am
the game 521 they won six games in rome against it continue to - 710. >>mark: 0 walk off a grand slam for chris david they finished the game toward off the meeting the texas rangers 8 to 5 back with more news weather and traffic.
5:53 am
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>reporter: it in the smoking and some of the fog was rolled on into berlin we have the dominance of the onshore flow cemetery antioch 60 concord 57 from the more most of the bay area readings are in the upper 50s to lure 66.
6:01 am
>>robin winston: heavy traffic behind the toll plaza come from the e sure freeway nemesis lohengrin emeryville and berkeley that's looking good but is backing up on 580 west if he use that approach a second of
6:02 am
the 92 the san mateo bridge schechter ride from the east bay to the peninsula coming up in just a few moments. >>mark: police intense work investigating a shooting investment in mr. people to the hospital they said they heard several shots fired late last night on kingsley drive the bill coming into kron 4 and the victims of being treated and then put into an ambulance we have no word on the condition this morning we're working to gather more information. >>james: they spoke with one of the last people to see her mother lives that one and
6:03 am
believes that they should be focusing on the babysitter in the search for error,. >>: the babysitter has to know something or she has something to do with and she was upset because she was supposed to get her and the babysitter kept giving her runarounds behind her daughter disinterred text message and whenever the message was what they had taken her to disneyland that have for permission to take all seven made in this case the today's news conference is scheduled for 130 this afternoon when and if an announcement expected to make will tell you about first it will happen between our broadcast assure you stay close to the web site. >>mark: precautions will be at a high-school campus today after a football player died during
6:04 am
practice he collapsed during the football field around 60 to the evening to into a nearby hospital but it already died this and get a medical emergency either during or right after preseason football conditioning the cause of the death is under investigation the school has number listed name of the students were sent with grady was and. >>mark: them to is that the arena. >>will tran: 12 hours from now to offer is behind us the most important and we were talking to some warriors a charge executives and they were saying than it was great to when the regular season home record the
6:05 am
record 73 in but unless they win tonight they did not want to travel to oklahoma city down 0 to what seems to be on fire so they took to practice yesterday and clearly focus on correcting the mistakes and there are some ticket still available answer you can still go to tonight's game if you should go to tonight game head back out live will want to show you remind you once again that the a's are playing at the same time. >>will tran: here is a twist to the a's play at 1230 against the rangers there will be people
6:06 am
here already that game will not finish until probably four or 430 the warriors the one fans to show earlier because people recall off guard it thought it was a regular game at 730 and not realizing when the tip off- and this place was half empty so that is why today they're actually opening the parking lot at 230 and hour and half earlier than they normally would to allow fans to come and intimate their way past the oakland a's who probably will be leaving at the time this place will be a mass. >>will tran: with all the traffic we still don't know with certainty whether nine that will
6:07 am
play tonight. >>mark: the sharks getting fingerspelling scoring the first will just two minutes into the game that go on to beat the blues for to nothing for shut out for martin jones and go the best of seven series is now tied and one apiece. >>darya: a missing father has been found dead his family says the 27 year-old was reported missing on april 20th and and not family is posing an update on their facebook sent his body was found he was last seen heading down to meet his ex- girlfriend and the pancake house across the street from the apartment the two were going to discuss the child custody edition he left his wallet and he's behind his phone was on the
6:08 am
following morning in golden gate park he leaves behind two little girls investigators have not said how he died. >>darya: an earthquake a 6.7 magnitude has had ecuador and the same area where 7.8 shaker head last month the ecuadoran president fred is one of the had
6:09 am
been no reports of damage or injury so farm land in a moment when issued in some east bay freeway since last year tomorrow the mayor for seven east bay cities including hercules richmond and panel was in a letter to the governor asking him to statewide funding for free commerce. >>darya: they're so concerned what the shootings and so fearful.
6:10 am
>>mark: sanders won by a more sizeable margin and oregon that is in the contras were awarded proportionally so the victory in oregon the next chance for clinton sanders to gain the evidence to the first weekend in jim
6:11 am
>>darya: the new deficit increased the ze of the middle class the white house has a new law that could mean a bigger paycheck for a lot of people.
6:12 am
6:13 am
6:14 am
6:15 am
>>reporter: when it is all sand them by saturday will have a shot of some showers this what happened today is some uneventful into the upper teens
6:16 am
and 20 in these blues in the cave we may have a stable and that may be possible because of these two covering you can see it as well was happened to the temperatures.
6:17 am
>>robin winston: no major slowing living novato and aunt mary in water in san rafael and mel live in walnut creek from the six is put to lafayette is a good ride through the caldecott and to the made the net of course that is packed heading south most out of san leandro the average driver on the 30 minutes to get from to 38 to
6:18 am
237. >>mark: more than two on the people have been killed and isis attacks in that setting.
6:19 am
>>haaziq madyun: during a recent tax conversation with self- described call girl celeste and asked if work in the occupation how she met open the cops she replied that is how she met all the to brendan o'brien who saved her from a camp will she was 17 additional to say this about the number of also she is associated with a is a call girl this the second time in the this conversation than edmonton she's been with dozens of officers the sea one to correct what is in a
6:20 am
room is a reporter but of the local news agencies by telling the she's only been with three officers when she was under age in terms of how this all became public in all the officers allegedly of bald and lynette she seemed a little annoyed you write i never told on them it was in the note but i am denying them their writing themselves out and from what i hear one of them person already admitted to.
6:21 am
>>mark: it is a training exercise the san jose fire department conducting of live fire training today and tomorrow and santa teresa county park firefighters say don't need to worry if ec smoke coming from the park in his income for another area called 91.
6:22 am
>>darya: planes all american pipeline could have to pick up to $2.8 million in fines over the crude oil spill 100,000 gal. of oil spilled into the ocean and on to the state beach because of broken pipeline hundreds of birds and marine mammals were killed and tar balls off from more than a hundred miles away in on lost angeles county beaches to the report from the pipe was corroded and the company knew about some trouble spots two weeks before that spell the claim the spill was an accident. >>mark: with afire after two planes crashed in nevada county airpark the plane landed in the air parlormaid hard landing had another plan park on the side of the runway and.
6:23 am
>>james: will have that story coming up + caught on camera chp officers were arrested a group of people stranded for more hot air balloon in the north than-- bay. okay, ready?
6:24 am
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6:25 am
>>mark: the stranded hot air balloon and not accountable bloom and 17 people on board landed on double slew the south
6:26 am
of the airport around 7 yesterday morning it was spotted by chp airplane taking off from the airport more than 4 million u.s. workers are going to become eligible for overtime pay they said the annual salary for companies in the ninth overtime will be nearly $27,500 the change goes into effect december 1st of this year some employers criticize this move saying it is too drastic of the original minimum paid to deny overtime
6:27 am
was planted $3,660. >>mark: they agree to create new tax on health plans which draws down toward matching dollars to from my account. >>darya: that kind at the close amid for her new ip park line are made in tree lanka are working to get to $6 a day in the report claims the company does not provide sick pay.
6:28 am
6:29 am
>>mark: after a big loss for the dow jones industrial average losing a hundred 80 points yesterday after getting hundred 75 on monday.
6:30 am
. >>reporter: 63 my afternoon pick up 85 against those inland valleys the temperatures tomorrow will be discussing that right now of the roads and bridges here as robin. >>robin winston: it is mostly in the past nine you had over and have fast-track although it is
6:31 am
thinking of it is still not a bad ride into the north bayless contaminants from the tolls are 2101 quick check of the drive time. >>mark: decision 2016 democratic presidential candidate are now sanders open to rally support half of the june 7th primary. >>reporter: you to see at santa
6:32 am
clara county fairgrounds there are supporters of bernie sanders today doors open at this and this rally at 10:00 a.m. and attendance on the fairgrounds' sated their opening the parking lot in an earlier in the next 30 minutes we were able to talk to one woman who says she was one of the for supporters tech listen to why she said she wants to be won the first.
6:33 am
>>reporter: san jose is not the only place where burning is speaking today in detention and killing of you are coming down from san jose you can get the spot to see him speak. >>mark: will have to reckon new test with more on his meeting. >>james: high-profile conservative strategist in the
6:34 am
company has a lot of slack facebook is in the wake of that article it is investigating a crime so far has found any evidence. >>darya: firefighters a house fire in montana as likely started as a cooking fire that will rid of the flames spread because it was so hot and dry with the will to get the fire under control in all repair
6:35 am
shop is the risk of collapsing at 3:00 in san jose of building inspector riptide the shop to have defied the have on sunday night the fire spread to a high voltage. >>mark: state water officials are meeting today to vote on whether to get local water districts control of seven they're on conservation targets. >>darya: mystical look at the
6:36 am
fire a few flames there 40 million trees are dead across california 29 million died last year alone and all of those trees and going to be fuel fires the virus continues to
6:37 am
spread around the world and the biggest the researchers toward making of taxing.
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6:41 am
>>darya: palmitin and iowa high school out a raid after pictures of their daughters showed up on a block of the block features pictures of multiple girls their pictures were shown on tom low- paid the pictures of features on the site were taken without their permission by another student the and the is the girls had no idea that they were part of this pays described as creek shots despite the score no one critic the site the block and still love and local police say
6:42 am
nothing criminal has surfaced because all of the victims are wearing clothes donald trump's renown for and you for the first time since the public feud the results for the center city of america are and some very insidious.
6:43 am
6:44 am
6:45 am
>>mark: police i expected to make a major announcement in the case of a missing toddler the announcement come later this afternoon to year-old a missing millbrae father has been found dead 27 your key to green was reported missing and yesterday his family posted an update some of his body had been found. >>darya: investigators have not said how he died.
6:46 am
>>reporter: you consider a low it would drive some when as early as tomorrow bit of a breeze and the coast and the beach is not as warm as it was yesterday with the wins will be very apparent room is far too much is and this hasn't and i hear the woman that we seem much of the east to meant the far east to bay along the east of the shoreline and temperatures in the '80s for today.
6:47 am
>>reporter: '70s and '80s going on today going for there was a drop 7534 friday 67 attacks a while to get his act together to get some land saturday's the first opportunity and maybe some cops off under.
6:48 am
>>robin winston: over 2101 image of problems for the peninsula is a little slow for 92 heading of to san mateo this time on a real track in the south of thereby limit the problems pockets of heavy traffic from northbound 101 stars reveron you're one of it is off and on into downtown is should clear up at montague expressway not been made it his pockets of heavy traffic.
6:49 am
>>mark: bill cosby said to the abuse her back and 2008 she dropped the original lawsuit against cosby in february with all the new lawsuit against costing claiming that he knew or should have known that to have drugged and sexually abused women in the past that he was unable.
6:50 am
>>darya: that discovered a way to clone as a cut and that will allow scientists to study the virus and the damage and to help develop a back some this comes as congress to voting today on federal funding starting the game with his three run homer and second he was responsible for all five of the giants' runs a great pitching they for madison baumgartner.
6:51 am
>>mark: 212 strikes and the problems they finished the game with a walk off and beat the texas rangers a to 5 open for this week against the rangers this afternoon. >>darya: this, after a man was severely injured at the plant in fremont the manifesto of the subcontractor who hired him and
6:52 am
he fell through the roof of the building last may recon but has led to several brands it did nothing wrong tesla blames the subcontractor for hiring him the official said they hired a contractor in firm which in turn hired the subcontractor to mention a labor and immigration laws to follow.
6:53 am
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6:56 am
>>darya: and then picked up some more now them back the rest was up at the friars they announced the detention of a popular restaurant had no garlic into ticks off the was the expanding variety news will following police activity at an apartment complex we have the details from
6:57 am
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