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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  May 18, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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bound 80 into san francisco 580 impact from to for the corporate e sure freeway come from that direction
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>>james: us suspect was on the porch the officers arrived and
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there was a confrontation.
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>>: the babysitter has to know something or she has something to do with him no rest have been made at this point in today's news conference is set the student who died was 15 year- old jean bauman from oakland he collapsed on the football field from six in the evening she was sent in a nearby hospital and he died. >>mark: he had a medical
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emergency either during or right after preseason football conditioning we'll learn more about a pet smart bar groomers
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who was avesta for animal cruelty 38 year-old is going to be arraigned next month on the felony charge police said he likely contributed to the death of the docks and in his care to was about three minutes into growing the ball on sunday when he brought the docks and out to his owner with a bleeding mouth and trouble breathing on site a veterinarian wasn't able to save the dog an x-ray revealed two broken ribs and a punctured lung they said that he has been suspended while they investigate they posted bail and will appear in court on june 23rd. >>mark: the rain caused a landslide buried three villages in the central hills of st.
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michael and 16 bodies have been recovered about hundred and 80 people have been rescued about 220 people are still missing in fear the soldiers have now been deployed in the search for survivors
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>>mark: >>will tran: they are 11 hours away from tipoff and because the same stars a little bit earlier that what fans and use to you can see if there's with for the mass audience the warriors down 01 of the chances according to people that went into the sierras with a 70 percent chance of winning but because they lost game 1 now is 47% of the help of
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the nba refs not calling a travel on the west of the did not still there and holders still very focused and very confident coming into tonight's game and this is something to feel good about the have not lost two games in a row this season and they do not plan to do that come into to nine.
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>>darya: it is a big win for the san jose sharks in st. louis last night that things calmed early scoring the first goal about two minutes into the game the sharks went on to beat the st. louis blues 4 to 0. >>mark: cover clinton still maintaining a major delegate lead over bernie sanders but they insisted
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he is not giving up until every last vote is cast according to the partners a cnn she won a razor-thin victory in kentucky sanders won by a more sizeable margin in court and delegates of a contest awarded proportionally so sandage victory will not slow clinton's march to the democratic presidential nomination. the next chance to clinton sanders to gain against the the first weekend in june.
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>>reporter: the peninsula already filling the effect of the onshore wind from '60s at
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the beach tonight pretty much '60s just about entire bay area wide the one of tomorrow is reduced because all of this here was a drop we stay like them for little while the their watches on saturday was an showers that may come with a couple of options under for good measure for good measure how the road is going. >>robin winston: the image hot spots or problems the problem is you have to state and the slowing of you after you try to
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the saddle to richmond san rafael bridge this back of.
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>>mark: the meeting set for 11:00 this morning in sacramento.
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in the road once (noon today the road texas driver's and popping the east would crossing in the serum that concern about the
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shootings and they tried to avoid using freelance they showed continuing achievement got a long white to black and hispanic students 80 percent of white students graduate within four years as compared to 79% a
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texas company is facing the charges after the massive oil spill that on the pipe was quoted in the company knew about some trouble spots two weeks before the spill but the company said the spill was an accident. >>darya: >>mark: this happen in chicago on the ground and her mother ratter restaurant with a mother heard her daughter screaming she went to the russians and she found the man carrying her unconscious daughter into a bathroom stall people on a
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restaurant had to restrain the man in to police arrived the man was being held without bond. >>mark: isis is losing on in the middle east according to new estimates passed by the u.s. low lead a coalition according to the report isis is lost 45 percent of the territory held in the rock and 20 percent of the territory held in syrian the losses may be what prompted the most recent string of attacks small the to what people have been killed and isis attacks in that city in the last week. >>darya: implants have to pay overtime to workers who make a salary less than 47,407 $6 some employes criticizing it is too
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drastic with demonstrations since it is a way to restore and expand middle-class on the and the law but 5 percent salary workers possibly be eligible for overtime and. >>darya: a 73 percent of americans don't recognize the symptoms of a heart attack it increases the chance of dying of heart disease the side of our segment includes short as a bread unexplained fatigue and job an upper back pain. >>darya: the bay area city crack the top five the san francisco comes in at no. 5 and you can see him at the city's washington
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d.c. but inactive as denver and portland san jose it was no. 11. >>darya: donald trump and meghan sat down and nice and their first interview since the public feud will have some of the highlights people are talking about a mass of pink diamond at an auction record was and how much someone paid
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>>robin winston: if you're about to make this drive into san francisco 580 the issue of freeway in now crowded than ever strike time lasted 25 minutes. >>darya: the fashion line is being accused of producing clothes and scores sound like conditions the british newspaper claimed that the athletic clothes made for the ivy park plan are made in tree long call
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--for a long career >>darya: it has a strict code of conduct of factors within the not comment on the specific allegations. >>mark: this is a briefing in finland they opened a fashion restaurant that features a some of shower room and locked room service to go to the some of 50.3 its terror diamond sold for record $31.6 million in geneva.
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>>reporter: live in san jose if the scene is a growing number of bernie sanders supporters at the fairgrounds for all have the 1:00 p.m. rally will have more information coming up next.
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>>mark: there is a major swatch operation happening in belmont. >>james: long was san francisco's what team raided the apartment building early this morning we have the video which a share bid to happen at the apartment and into the hallway to concede to men being led away both of them wearing only their underwear we put and call to build a this is to find out the reason behind this searched so far they declined to say when they walk out there or why the two general second to custom is
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almost seven to one to reset if a judge joining us. >>reporter: however air a little breeze more sold tomorrow again ready to school for past 78 by noon and pick up 8563 at the close 75 happening to offer the commute to work.
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>>mark: is his in the bay area today open the route to support ahead of the june 7th primary in san jose and little to gain we're live at the santa clara county fairgrounds were the first rally is happening.
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>>reporter: is difficult to see the end of the line above it is a close look at the video the second they're carrying signs and they're wearing the t- shirts the doors open at the
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rally here in san jose at 10:00 a.m. the schedule to speak at 1:00 p.m. san jose is nothing on the point parking is limited in the cost $10 and cash will be here is corp. get underway.
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>>mark: donald trump on fox news and shall make and telling in the interview last night from said to have a great respect may
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all live happily ever after./ >>mark: he is meeting with glen back and other prominent conservatives to just allegations of political bias to sell some or consign it comes after a block accused facebook of suppressing conservative new stores on the trend in topic section they're investigating the claims but said the have not found any evidence to support them so far. >>darya:: this was about 330 in the afternoon along interstate 980 mid 11th street off ramp to concede to the smoke and samplings the firefighters said that it is a good reminder to be aware of drybrush the u.s. for services send them back to face
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a dangerous and difficult fire season 40 million trees are dead across our state 29 million died last year alone and all those trees are born to be if dry in canada and from fire half california for some a lot more rain and snow to fully recover from the drive to the lawmakers approved it last year and requires warning to appear and in advertisements for soda and other sugary sweet beverages and on billboards buses transition to posters and even stadiums it will be a label that reads warming drinking beverages with added should contribute to obesity and diabetes in tooth decay and for this is a message from the city and county of san
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francisco when warriors player looks to women's basketball to help his game would tell you who in the world according to gary c. into offices wrestle group of people from a strand hot air balloon and the north bank facility will make the rest is so difficult after the break an incredible sight as a to let her play among florence to walk--to legged lamb.
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>>robin winston: no major problems here is a live look after ride to the richmond san rafael bridge 580 west still backed up to her way of having it picks up slows back down getting off the west to the bridge. >>darya: born with only two legs and walking on his own this land
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is getting around just fine this is the mother may have been injured in the abdomen and that is why he was born like that. >>darya: their selling garlic fries testing amount in four restaurants and they said they're so popular they ran out of garlic for the garlic fries are made for so order with garlic and was wrong from christopher ranch and the size garments the have olive oil and parmesan cheese parsley and saw their available for limited time only and test.
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i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at time for the world according to gary:presented by hershey >>darya: them to is not a must win when they're all statement games. >>gary: and been going to be
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them and i'd think when you go and as the underdog that helps we're used to being the underdog that is the way we have fuel last year when we went into this western conference before we play the game 1 will heavily favored for. >>darya: the point remains that you just can't lose a home and feel good about yourself playoff
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hockey is really great and not as bad as marked who does not look good research but issues of to mark you do on our of hockey every morning
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>>gary: everyone have all my show in the morning with people from long sports they all agree his hearing a little silent courage you want to remind everyone i that he is the boss not steph curry if 8.
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>>gary: cases is the preparation this is why we want and then i see with dree maun said and he says that he credits his former and his all-around good basketball fundamentals to women he watches the w in the end. >>gary: many coaches will say fundamentally you watch women's basketball.
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>>darya: you, to what he was wearing as long as the wan after losing 199 games the philadelphia 76 the sec finally sent another to get the no. 1 draft pick.
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they did that with the tallest building 500 and added trephined.
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>>darya: we have the blindfold a hook shot this is a world record fifth that is that people would name their cad espn yet another couple of his name there can they're saying and the name the baby in aspen is
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pronounced aspin espn--it is sponsored medical college i will call myself espn,.
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>>darya:see you gar >>gary:ok darya.
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>>mark: a stranded bloom in not comtian 17 people on board stranded on the of a slew a side of the not the airport high winds pushed the winds for the south it was spotted by as his plane and was taken off from the airport the sea its skiplane called and the chp helicopter in the air lifted the passengers to safety three at a time. >>darya: the university of texas said they have successfully cloned them build to study the virus and the damage it causes and develop the vaccine this comes as congress of voting today still and data coming up
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at 8:03 people sent to the hospital we learned was an officer involved shooting in the east bay with new information the search continuing for a missing cobbler after her mother was found dead in the san francisco park will have details on a major announcement expected from police went on today and.
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>> james: we have seen from a crime with hudson.
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>> mark: the battle for the democratic nomination is eating out. presenters' is making stops in the bay area today. >> tran: of telluride the warriors are telling people if there even are there for the gay. >> darya: hope you're having a good day. but if >> dave: the fog is hanging around hesitancy. basically will have a sunny skies today. temperatures fell little bit on the east bay now they're down to 66 degrees. six to unconquered
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and 62 livermore. we are warming up in the bay area. oakland we have 74 by 2:00 by four cockle will be 72. with a west wind around 10. by 3:00 will have mostly sunny conditions. but in a 80's mostly. effectual below stronger from the winced tamara. >> robin: the bay bridge is packed. we've had no problem on the. span all the adipate gates is stressor the maze of from 580 to 24 was about 80. and eased a short. it's wide open and the carpool lane it's the only way you'll save time. now it's heavier up and the eastern span in pockets going in for the suspension is not a bad ride. their few hot spots. just a quick update for highway for the
8:02 am
drive time is 37 minutes from hillcrest to 42. this because of an erroneous bill of gravel it stop and go out of pittsburgh going in the concord. >> mark: police in pittsburgh are missed getting up officer involved shooting as said least three people to hospital. >> james: the seventh expert about 9:00 last night's. we have video here. it shows you how police are burkett what paramedics buy it with those were hit by bullets. a one-year- old son was acting for wrestling and police responded the right to the house the fat man in question outside the door demanding to be left inside. they confront him and told him to drop is gone and the officer shot him in the leg. this happen when the person was light reaching for his 10th. police say the least two rounds
8:03 am
went through the house at least to be were struck. the man's father and the man's brother were also taken to hospitals. all are expected to survive. the brother was blasted in stable condition. we'll keep following this story dallas officer of shooting there is investigating to make sure this was a valid officer involved shooting. we'll see what the result will be. we'll have more information when we get it. >> darya: with a search for the two year-old them are aspects please. reinhold a news conference with the latest on their investigation. her mother was found dead last month in december cisco park. nobody has seen our have a sense of a jury and family members said the toddler was staying with the babysitter. kron 4 spoke with when the people who last saw are gonna and they said they should be focusing on the baby sitter. >>: the babysitter has to know
8:04 am
something. she had something to do with it. the babysitter kept by giving her the runaround. i guess they center a text message. they had taken are the advantages that they did not have permission to take her to disneyland. >> darya: the press covers is set for 130. >> mark: grief councils will get in the high school today in. a football player died during practice. student who died was fifth year-old jill wanted legal from oakland. the collapse of the fulfiled grounds existed evening. was taken to hospital and he died before hands. school officials said at a medical emergency either during or right after preseason football conditioning. the cause of his death is under investigation. the cat is released a statement
8:05 am
saying that this is a tragedy for a family and of once. as well as the entire junior and senior high school. >> mark: close showing officer working on this past year as an old tech conference. the three day conference starts and now on view it serves as a launching pad for its later products. there's speculation that goes for real leasing at virtual reality device. the company may release the artificial intelligence data to compete of amazon echo. >> darya: the warriors' opening game to look to bounce back against the thunder today and. >> tran: keep in mind tonight's game at 6:00 p.m. not 730. what people have been caught off- guard and i know that because accorded the warriors once they have a tipoff that sixth half the crowd was there waiting for
8:06 am
the rest of the people who assumed it was a normal game. nothing normal about tonight's game for sure. they want when of course to tie the series and hold to oklahoma city. keep in mind get here earlier than the warriors are encouraging people to come early. they will open a parking lot two hours before tipoff. today to 30 will be when they open up. a lot of people be there the oakland a's are also spaking play against the rangers had 1230. the warriors grabble come in and will there will be a lot of traffic with the baseball and basketball game happening. that there'll be a delegate week ago have some beverages and have some fun before the tipoff for tonight. but chile's some video of the warriors' practice they went to practice yesterday focused on the what they did wrong and try to minimize.. they
8:07 am
want to minimize the trustee had a gain there of 40 points and in the third quarter and fourth quarter the game got away from them. russell westbrook and kevin durant won the game for the thunder. the warriors i can't tell you according to some players the. cannot we to play yesterday. the schedule called for them to call tonight. the party will open up to 30 and if you are driving bring extra cash. it is for your snide if you don't pay until the trafficked your courage to take part. >> mark: is a good day's game if you're ahead and go there anyway. you walk over oracle after the baseball game. but aren't >> darya: the san jose sharks won yesterday. will the first go about 2 minutes game. then big
8:08 am
scoring the disables lose four to zero. i love that. now the series is tied with a piece the next game will be tomorrow in samos say. >> mark: more fallout from the sexual misconduct investigation at the police department. we'll tell you now who has been replaced. >> darya: and this girl mauled by apple and the whole thing is, in camera. we'll have more on that story. a dog groomer was arrested on the peninsula after the break we will tell when he is to court.
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>> robin: and still keeping track traffic on the commute on the center for a bridge. it is picking up a little bit it's not too bad. it starts and richard park and goes to the stand early. rosolio cannot of to harbor. right now there are no major hot spots went into the no. 8. >> darya: we have a update on the story. learning more about that pet smart dog groomer who was arrested for animal cruelty. he was he will be arraigned for the felony charge please. say they'd like a catcher to the death of a toxin
8:12 am
in his care. he was with the dog for three minutes into the growing. the dog was dropped off on sunday in. he came rushing out with a dog to the owner and the dog was waiting for the mouth and having trouble breathing. there was a bet on side and the vet said they did x-ray and revealed to broken ribs and a punctured lung. pet smart said saudi has been suspended right now we know that he's out on bail. >> mark: the fire drill unsettles say with a loss of finance will not help trained recruits. also help the area.; >> james: davis >> dave: will stay until forecast date. we will not have quite as much wednesday as we will tomorrow we'll helpful forecast when we come back hey pal? you ready?
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can you pick me up at 6:30? ah... (boy) i'm here! i'm here! (cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes! ugh! move it. you're killing me. you know what, dad? i'm good. (dad) it may be quite a while before he's ready, but our subaru legacy will be waiting for him. (vo) the longest-lasting midsize sedan in its class. the twenty-sixteen subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru. >> dave: is a live look of the camera. the fog as he rammed the: gate bridge. in that couple of hours it will clear out. the change for this you could see the effects on the northwestern part the country. it will get
8:16 am
down in terms when. we try once see any of that friday here. temperatures will come to this package as early as tomorrow. is when show a bit of a breeze and leapt 59 shores. what more typical than even seen the last couple days. this is where becomes animated tamara. this is where the effects. the winds and the upper teens in the lower 26. so these numbers may be high enough for a bond advisory in the hills. the get the idea of the timing and location of when the winds of becoming. is this entire wardrobe with a warming up to the '90s in the inland regions. for the spade the obese. knight will be mild loss six some board. tomorrow it would be not quite as aggressive with the '80s. most and least they will be in the '70s. in the peninsula there will be in the '60s. for today temperatures
8:17 am
along the coast will be in the '60s and warming up over the hills of debt. 84 redwood city. >> dave: 74 cash to conceive friday was 67 and into the weekend we are looking for saturday as some showers. what are the issues for traffic >> robin:? there is jackson and the mace. going into san francisco the backup will buckle out during a o'clock hour. it is damned form west ran into the maze at 58 west are before the 80 split. there's an accident blocking be reveling. some of hotspot but it is adding to the back on the approach he. for coming from oakland fides back up to 2424 is down from the calydon. to the toll plaza yet to build more heavy traffic will be often not in the upper decks. things will pick up at
8:18 am
the upper deck in. it's really jammed at the open side. it's back up to 25 minutes from the mayst to the seven. 92 is still slow. it's down from the nimitz t off and on. it's very quiet on the stand side and the peninsula. it's more heavy traffic on north and south won one. the right across the golden gate is still find no problems getting into downtown a severed his gaunt. overall it's a good commutes coming from north bay. >> robin: the drive time for 11 we haven't had any major problems is. our immediate praise from 85 to palo alto i extended to tout teheran university it's 76 minutes. to lady for recovering from a crash there's a lot of debris across the road. devastated it's still jammed up their. jim is from 11 to 85 in cupertino. from the parkway is nothing going on at this packed out heading for north from 85 to 11 it's a 24
8:19 am
minute trip. lidless south bay will be slow. >> mark: a major shake-up under way in the oakland police are much. >> darya: captains overseeing the apartment and a sergeant has also been recent. this comes after we told >> mark: this is for the sexual misconduct against a minor accusations. they are speaking with the nature of women at the center of six campeau. corp. >> reporter: i asked her if the working occupation as metope cops she. replied how does she meant brazil brian. she said satyr from a camp when she was 17. then she went on to say this about the number of the officers portia's associate with as the colorado. she writes it doesn't sell. only a few as a minor. were meeting officers
8:20 am
does a call girl just as social media was also the most often way that she met also and face but suggest connections to be with her parents. or she goes up cars and talked to them but was never dozens as. a as >> reporter: this is the time the sex conversation we mentioned that she said she met with dozens of officers. just wanted to correct what as erroneously been reported by of the new agency's. she taught me that she only the three officers when she was under age. here's the phone from the face page of an lp vehicle thing did take her back to richmond the sow. this choice is something she said about oakland cops. i like the information that she gave me and the protection. >> reporter: in terms of how this all became public and of the officers are calling in this. she seems a little light for. saying that she never told on them. it was in and out. i am
8:21 am
denying it they're ready himself out. when the person already admitted to at. i replied that i had heard that too. the notion is referring to is a suicide note by brendan o'brien. she admits was. aias she fell month and and she said yes. she inserts the texan >>: george and for heart or laughove. >> mark: m. astrachan says jose a don't worry. this sounds a fire department is conducting a live fire training that will burn today and tomorrow. the santa teresa park and. as a guy from 85. his size will help recruit and getting rid of a
8:22 am
base of plant species. you not to worry about parking from this this will come from a parked. if you're from any other place, and lemond. >> mark: p. j. will be venting after gasters and develop from 79 this evening. they'll be working sevener block of north story avenue at beetle the avenue could smell a natural- gas. chris in the natural gas is not harmful and will dissipate quickly. >> darya: and a year-old girl in southern california is recovering in attacked by a pit bull. >> mark: scheerer is walking to school lunch was mauled by the dog up. she enters an arm and leg and had her. mother is thankful for the quick actions up to people with this attack. >>: every was standing there
8:23 am
with cameras. he was the one that the courage to go helper. nobody else would do anything. everybody else's stood there watching. >> darya: with the wounds. they are big and healing. she is likely going need cosmetic surgery at. there's a were from animal control either about whether the dog was captured after the attack. >> mark: fire crews are putting out a fire after two planes crashed in nevada county airport at. >> darya: the plan may hard landing and hit another plane that west part on the other side of the runway. the pilot landing a plane was injured and flown to the hospital with booth with brooms. >> mark: and early morning swap rate in belmont will show you at the swat officers in action. >> darya: will also show police
8:24 am
breaking up fights in the swat officers in action. >> darya: will also show police breaking up fights in sandwichesan francisco. the swat officers in action. >> darya: will also show police breaking up fights in shi. is the internet still out? yes! i have nothing. come on! work together. work together. work together. do you got anything? i don't have anything. no i don't have anything. please come back internet. i love you. i love you so much. just come back. please. please. he's streaming a cat video. (family laughs) and the whole party is looking... can i take a look? mitch come on! get high speed internet from at&t with 99.9% reliability for just $30 a month. keep calm, your internet's on. okawhoa!ady? [ explosion ]
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>> mark: this showing several fiscal police at cracking down on a side show and the weekend. a crowd of people doing donetsk in their cars and things were tense. people were arrested.
8:27 am
>> reporter: this feature. for side so season. people were arrested five of them. this happen on sunday and behind me things were getting out of control. in this video posted you can see a shoving match between the side shows us x and spectators. the solid jumping and shouting. there's also profuse profanity. it was gratified there are reports of prescribing use on one guy. three cars were seized. you may remember the list of oakland and the chp cruiser that was ambushed and a sideshow and the bad. window was to attend the officers were stuck inside and not hurt. but are >> darya: the second time we've
8:28 am
seen pilots at a side show involving police. this video was filmed in east oakland the chp vehicle was helping with the side show enforcement. the crowd turned on the police here. people kicked the cruiser and the officer was not hurt the. and she was seriously damaged. >> james: we have dramatic video of places what team invading apartment in belmont. we'll have more of this exclusive video in just a few minutes. >> reporter: presenters supporters are getting ready for the rally that start this afternoon. we'll speak with some of the supporters about why they're here and all that coming up.
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> darya: or taking a look at weather and traffic. >> robin: we do not have any hot spot. >> dave: here's a live look. you can see in the background the golden bridge still covered in a fog. will mix out and give a hazy appearance. the temperatures in the far east bay dropped off a low this morning. they got up to the '70s and 67
8:31 am
antioch and 60 and concord. now we're warming up with the sun is joining yes. data centers say we have 68 and 83 later. we're in the northwest wind checking in. by 3:00 will ease will hold and the afternoon. the coast will be a little cooler. >> robin: that the san mateo bridge the west on commute direction is creeping along try to get over to the peninsula. the backup starts at a work site at 80 and is jammed all the way to a high-rise. to be 25 minutes to get from there to the bayshore freeway. the bayshore freeway is back to mark down 11 is also packed. over here at the
8:32 am
magic season had a traffic and drive *. says the west down 24 there's a crash in the maze. >> robin: is an cleared. 24 stamps. is the drive time is about 29 minutes to get from one muckrake into the base. that may not go down any time soon traffic. is still trying to recover. try to get in oakland and the bay bridge toll plaza lady be difficult. >> mark: recalling a major swap operation taking place in belmonte. >> james: spellman police alone sources close what invaded an apartment this morning. we have video the from this morning. this happened in all borecole court. to the berlin of the building with police escorts. their clothes only inning current order there were. it stressed that the bed of. we've resettled belmont pd
8:33 am
and severed his was wanted to find a reason behind the search. they told us this is the sex crimes case of. it would not say any more than that. if we get more from asian we will show up on kron 4. you could also see it on our web site. >> mark: the democratic nomination battle rages on. >> darya: hillary clinton is maintaining a large fleet. bernie sanders is insisting that he will continue fighting. clinton won in kentucky and sanders won by a more sizeable amount in oregon. he is looking for to the price of california. >>: with just one organegon. wee
8:34 am
going to win california. i am getting to win the west coast. i'm getting to like it. >> mark: he will have his rallies. what are >> darya: we'll have those rallies later today. >> avery: there's lots of people here at the line has been growing. we certify 30 and early about a dozen people you're here before. now you cannot see the end of the. are scores of bernie sanders supporters out your. is the head of the 1:00 p.m. rally. i'm here with the first person who is in line. you're here at 415 this morning. can you tell us why it was sold for that to come.
8:35 am
>>: i wanna see precentors. i think is a generational changing politicians. he is inspired a group of disenfranchise voters. that have not been involved in the process. he has a board message and he's got something important say. it has substance as death. the biggest thing that we ought to be sure hillary is not the denomination for the democratic party. >> avery: what are the most important issues? >>: the biggest issues that. this has to offer universal health care which is an achievable result based on his plan. the second issue is the free state college tuition. i remember growing up in california and for you the cost me $1,200. it should be some similar for disease days. it should not be the price of the house when they leave college. it should not be that way. that
8:36 am
is why i like burning. >> avery: white support new show is the joy of support/ >>: the lottery stays in the race logger that they're able to drain it hillary's war chest. if she is a nomination should have to capitulate over to resellers and drive the agenda and support the american people. basically get the agenda of the democratic convention avalon and give it happening. i'm awfully stubborn sanders does have a winnable path to the nomination. every other >> avery: their lots of supporters that here support the progressive by is a breeze and a stamp for. if you are trying to come out here you still cannot hear and seats will be available. the soviet offers come first serve basis. you
8:37 am
comparted the fair grounds that cost $10 in cash. they're asking that you carpool retake public transit. parking spaces will be limited. >> mark: here's a look at where things stand. and is just 89 votes short to win the nomination. bernie sanders is trailing. >> mark: stahl trump is the 62 delegates away from the nomination. this is after winning the oregon primary. he has this amount of delegates. he is about to clinch the nomination. >> darya: video service general class creates a storm of controversy. we will tell you about what some people are so upset about. one of the most scenic roads in all california about what some people are so upset about. one of the most scenic roads in all california is back open.
8:38 am
introducing the completely redesigned mercedes-benz c-coupe, about what some people are so upset about. one of the most scenic roads in all california is back open. with its athletic prowess and sleek new body. it doesn't just raise the bar... completely crushes it. the all-new c-class coupe. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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8:40 am
>> mark: it popular road in yosemite national park is opening. it opened and noon today. goes across the sierra nevada mountains. officials are warning about ice on the roads. the high 18 trails to also have
8:41 am
iced. there may be silly conditions in the early season. what are >> darya: tempters on the rise in the snow is melting in the tahoe. this will help reservoirs'. a chest that is 93 percent full today. like orville is that 96 percent capacity. this is also bringing a lot of boaters and fissures. >> darya: tesla is apologizing for using undocumented workers to expand its factory. this comes after slovenian and wasserstein injured in the fall at tesla's plant in fremont. the man is now suing subcontractors who hired him the law. says the key fell through the route last may peaking both bones and rips. testa said it did nothing wrong and blades the subcontracting for hiring a
8:42 am
slick. test officials they hire a contractor firm and the contractor hired a subcontractor. to make sure this that things more astutely they'll have more oversight with hiring. >> robin: sapphic is slowly improving of the bay bridge toll plaza. it is thinning out the fast-track plan. no problems against the upper. >> reporter: tomorrow is schools and a talk-show. they'll take the stage and show the world what they had been working on for the last 12 months. i will show you what we expect them to unveil.
8:43 am
8:44 am
>> mark: respecting big news from google and their tech
8:45 am
conference. the yearly show for it gives the tech giant to show what they are working on. they also show what they will be focusing on in the coming year. >> reporter: in years past google always held show at this other center in several cisco. this year and be in that view. i think there do this they want a white a base near the shoreline. maybe they are putting shop news of seven cars or drums. cool about announced androgen. this will have a multi when a boat which allow for multitasking. i think google will unveil a new gadgets similar to amazon echo. >>: there's a 80 percent chance of rain. >> reporter: it's basically like
8:46 am
to see reed for your phone. what i think will still show will be a virtual reality. google make a big move into a v r. they're looking into a vr headset when it is not to be tethered to a phone. all be like samsung security are that is selling like hot cakes. you all need a phone to use it. at the pool store there have the online store to download the games and videos. >> dave: now we're looking at whether. it was quite warm in
8:47 am
the space to. now we are and at the cooling-off point where down 68 because we're in a lower seventies earlier. is gone from mild to warm and now repeating that today. 60 for concord and 63 pleasanton. we are warming up with the sun. we have '50s and '60s currently. we're getting under for a bit. it's relatively mild. up to the no. you see the blue when trading and give it some time it released dramatic for tomorrow. so much so that we may have some 20 mi. an hour winds. it may be enough for a statement issued for a wind advisor. >> dave: the warmer today what '80s and the spade. then go back to mile tonight and tomorrow because of the influence things
8:48 am
change. you can see the eighties off the far east bay and '70s and east asia or light. bill be cooler in the west where the pattern is coming from. along the coast is also to the north bay. some was responsible for the cloud cover not here to mark. it would be here tomorrow and will have a shot at some rain by saturday. east bay shoreline we have these temperatures. >> dave: here this notice a bit by bit dropping down 67 in friday. saturday with the shot rain. >> robin: traffic is not improve much. on 92 getting across the san mateo bridge is not improved. it's packed up and in the freeway at south a connector is often a lot of the high-rise. belmont and several retail it is still growing. if
8:49 am
you plan on connecting to 11 it will be a slow drive. a dry type here it's about 23 minutes to get to a word to 11. >> dave: >> robin: the back of still holding up in castro through the toll plaza. it slowly improving and moving to proms on the span. the lesson 50 minutes from the toll to 11. >> robin: the sure freeway is recovering from some earlier fender benders. in hercules to the maze is still a high at 60 south it is improving. it's about a 30 minute drive from dublin to mission south in fremont. if you want to use the del mar bridge is still pretty slow from the toll plaza to bayfront expressly. bill to about three minutes to get from the nimitz on the fremont site getting cross a bridge and into the other side. there's a lot of
8:50 am
eutrophic still lingering. >> mark: because we and the half year have been named in a lawsuit. jesus cause be sexually abused her in 2008 and she dropped her original suit against top speak in february. and she is a file this new lawsuit against hugh hefner and bill cosby. says that after should know that caused me had drugged and sexually assaulting women in the past. she says that it happened during a party and she was a salted. >> darya: reformers stanford hospital please so contest to sexual battery. 54 year-old runner last year is accused of inappropriately touching mill patients with a recovering from surgery and recovery from last season and. he was fired from a hospital in april. he's due back in court next month right now he is on bill. >> darya: site is claimed do the
8:51 am
zika virus and have a stated they have successfully cloned the zika virus. it will look at how they can study the virus and develop a vaccine and see the damage and cost. congress will vote today to combat the virus. republicans are looking for about half of what the democrats have requested. >> mark: there's a video of students at jumping rope and class is. it has created controversy. the jump rope is exit at contestants. the intestine which uses the jump rope biology lesson. >>: it was not meant to be respectful or degrading in any way. the students in the class as well as a teacher are very upset that it's being portrayed that way. the idea of the lesson was to really show and
8:52 am
demonstrate and explore the shrinks of the organs. >> mark: beetle has condemned the videos. the students or school have been disciplined. there will no longer allowed to have the lesson given. >> darya: middle latest innovation in fast-food. i hot air balloon in north bay needs rescuing. wanna drink more water?
8:53 am
with sodastream you turn plain water into sparkling water in seconds. and because it's so delicious, you'll drink 43% more water
8:54 am
every day. sodastream. love your water. >> mark: wheeler video from a spate guinness branded on their balloon plan. it's just south of the napper valley airport. ballooned to about the travels of a wetland. it was followed by chp airplane taking off from the airport. the balloon is surrounded by water. the chp plane called in that helicopter and airlifted the stranded passengers to safety three at a time. >> darya: the garlic fries are backed at the mcdonald's this after they ran and garlic. >> mark: taylor testing is out that they're saying that they
8:55 am
ran out. >> darya: now the same they have and again. >> darya: the senate you can get your garlic fries at participating places. >> mark: it as garlic olive oil and parmesan cheese. >> darya: >> mark: there's albertine that as it has a sauna and a showroom. a walk to this song and you can order the burger. >> darya: you can eat at a public bathroom or public sharp. i do not like it. we have lots for had it coming up. or time
8:56 am
could be available for millions of american who were not getting a before. talk about the president's new program. like an in depth look at the danger of dumping a write your car that you did not order. with an update on the lebanese state with the officer involved shooting that sent three people to hospital.
8:57 am
8:58 am
>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now
8:59 am
>>reporter: for the game the oakland a's to denver on the rangers then time this time 1235 tampa to submit seven is for the afternoon.
9:00 am
>>mark: we rely still on we're back of to bomb a lot as a still a slow drive is mimicking your way into san francisco. >>darya: in this three people had to go to the hospital where after breaking news desk and was gone on.
9:01 am
>>james: is about 9:00 last and we have videos it came into the newsroom just this morning you to see in the video paramedics working on of the people who police shot i please have them if all the outside of the front door many on a demanding to be let inside their program and told him to put down the gun and the in the have to shoot him when he reached for the gun which he accepted his waist band is expected to before recovering. >>james: and his brother is listed in stable condition will be looking to followup on this new store and. >>darya: their cotonou a news
9:02 am
conference with the latest of their investigation her mother and nicole was found dead last month at a park in san francisco this is a text message and called her whenever the message she received that they had taken her to disneyland and they did not have for permission. >>darya: expecting more detail the 130 this afternoon in the east degrees come to an alameda
9:03 am
will be at the high school today after a football player died after practice the collapse of the football field around 6:00 yesterday evening he was taken to hospital but died before and they say get a medical emergency either during or after football preseason conditioning proctor's the cause the death is not under investigation. >>mark: this is a tragedy and for his family and loved ones as well as the entire junior and senior high school community. >>mark: posted an up-to-date yesterday's saying that his body was found here was last seen heading down to the millbrae pancake house across the street from his apartment they sent him a scar from one to discuss a town custody issue he left his wallet and keys behind and then
9:04 am
his self on trains it was found the next morning in golden gate park he leaves behind two little girls and investigators have not said how he died. >>darya: cook women and more about the pet smart dog groomer who was arrested for animal cruelty to 38 year-old is going to be arraigned next month for the felony charge police say that he likely contributed to the death of a dioxin in his care and the on a drop the docks and offer grooming and was only with him for three minutes on sunday when he came out with the dog found the owner and saw the dog was bleeding from the mouth of having trouble breathing and on-site veterinarian was not able to save the dog that an x-ray revealed two broken ribs and a punctured lung they said he's been suspended while they do entire investigation his post the bill so he is out for his next court appearance is to 23rd.
9:05 am
>>mark: the survey, to start today in mountain view is serves as a launching pad for the latest product innovation the speculation they're releasing a virtual reality device to the few companies like facebook and samsung is a company may release an artificial intelligence and passion to compete with amazon achill what the warriors to and not a group of to bounce back in game 2 tonight against the oklahoma city thunders. >>will tran: 9 hours away from to offer getting excited we know that steph curry and the rest of the warriors they cannot wait for the game to start if i was up to them that would started yesterday and but turns out today is the game to a sellout keep in mind there also tickets that you can get for the resells and will show you those prices
9:06 am
they're very busy right now to off is actually earlier than what we're used to sing the. >>will tran: the regular-season and a series of 1/7 hurting the the western conference finals and the final step now began at 6:00 at night for the eastern august 5th half--audience. >>will tran: that basically did in the warriors' they want to head to oklahoma city tied 11 convicted can beefcake fought
9:07 am
>>will tran: the plant so 30 against the rangers the warriors at 6:00 it will be a lot of people coming and going traffic problems around this area which is where the warriors are opening of the parking lot.
9:08 am
>>darya: the sharks on to beat the st. louis blues 04 to zero the seven series is tied one piece their back, san jose and the game 3 tomorrow at 6:00 p.m.-and is holding to rallies in the bay area to same acoustic on the law from the white house could win a bigger paycheck for you would tell you why.
9:09 am
9:10 am
>>darya: brick kennels idle san jose a man's body has been found in a car at the bottom of a pond and is in an area of berryessa and more on the sun was a plea to the have five teams to see if there in the of the victims and we have a crew headed to the center will get you more details employers must pay overtime to workers making a salary less than $47,476 and goes to affect on december 1st of this year they criticized the move saying it was too drastic the president obama administration says is a way to restore and expand the middle class under the new law 35% of
9:11 am
salaried workers will become eligible for overtime this stands at 7%. >>darya: san jose came in at no. 11 the study said the people and attacked five cities all tend to walk more because they use public transit have better access to parks or recreation and low carter related health issues task.
9:12 am
9:13 am
9:14 am
>>reporter: 10 is the when tomorrow and cool temperatures you will see the cloud cover build up finally of sharp's iran happening on saturday and we do see the afternoon breeze checking into this evening. >>reporter: it happened for the
9:15 am
east bay shoreline meanwhile the chilly '60s for the peninsula as high expected for tomorrow today and the upper 80s and low 90s in the far east bay 94 pence bird antioch confined to 93 for brentwood but watch them dropped in the seven day. >>reporter: 75 back thursday and we're looking at 67 for friday and saturday track running good
9:16 am
in both directions. >>darya: we have to take the the richmond san rafael bridge bridge traffic looks good lots of sunshine and not too many cars. >>rob black: if your manager and a gap or retail store and or at the fast-food service restaurant this might affect to and fro with well over time rules were built in the 1930's a vault ever so slightly since then there's the of the 1990's mystically you can pay time and half if you work over 40 hours if you are making 23,000
9:17 am
business side of the fences with images forced those managers to take our leave benefits versus the salary benefits. >>rob black: you'll see a laugh at for credit loans in their called car title loans eye and typically the have a triple digit interest rates tied for them the consumer financial protection bureau said this is ridiculous in the small-stock-- must stop.
9:18 am
>>rob black: be very careful and and and all title rounds commercial's use it freely at night, she did have something your rehab but most people cannot afford the terms keep in mind one bank's lending is to offer the same services to the
9:19 am
likes of device is in your kitchen in goes to your house and they cracked the code open retail store that opened one in seattle and so instead of going spiny and then they will face out in there's on my reviews right next to the book's title but prices on them because amazon below the price one of their income with these new ideas in the and if they cannot offer something different differentiated. >>rob black: have a recurrence
9:20 am
and is considering interest which means less the price will go higher muttered bernie sanders as was donald trump was considered to be radical and a mess of the economy as a thought to real-estate prices will go all typically historical 100 experts say in the next four years the store where and a 3.6% rise in real-estate prices on an
9:21 am
average basis. >>darya: revenues you're getting the first of video or live shad and from the helicopter partnership with abc seven it is over the scene of the body that was found in san jose and the body was found in a pond and a car and side of the pond will be back with more in just a few minutes.
9:22 am
9:23 am
>>darya: we have a live shot of a hat to you can see where authorities are not responding in searching the from the body and the car at berryessa road and tomorrow on an so you can
9:24 am
see the streets and boarded the syrian and appears in is a pretty big neighborhood entertainment news she scored a special break the internet. >>reporter: blast at the 20th annual when the award will held in a mixing come crashing one to break the internet award because who else when it in her acceptance speech nice short and simple all she said was nude pictures until my dying in the
9:25 am
world knows on friday michael left life of killing of michael for hosting duties when good morning america he has been in the news lately because of his split with his wife sharon sad news there is good news because he has a new reality show you can watch hollywood today at 1:00 p.m. weekdays and san jose bernie sanders supporters are moving inside the santa clara
9:26 am
coptic their call to tell you about the rally that is expected to happen at 1:00 p.m. coming up.
9:27 am
9:28 am
>>reporter: this is the live show and and there is the golden gate and the foreground and was
9:29 am
in a nice warmup before we go over class and a big way starting tomorrow and that is one to come with a strong onshore winds forcing some locations in the north to the woman of nicely oakland 74 by 2:00 down to 72 and then that it had 63 with the west when they're 10 the plan a forecast by 3:00.
9:30 am
>>mark: we're watching traffic on the san mateo bridge started to pick up speed is slow on in the south bomb to the 92 interchange in the westbound direction of the to the bay bridge and later than usual back up at 930 is rescind the traffic the offer to buy from was for the of crossing will have a class a just came in right past me realize that is in the right-hand lane that is slowing down traffic backing it up this morning over to the golden gate our traffic is will the smoothest of the usual slow spots wrapping of marin slow right now from the bottle down to the five it the intention of the drive, to reduce.
9:31 am
>>mark: measure police activity in belmont we've been following this for the breaking news desk with recycled bumpy in san francisco swot trying to figure out exactly what was behind this raid they been willing to say is that this involves a sex crime case they would not elaborate we're still digging try to find more details will be following this brought the days to keep attuned is to see our web site >>mark: democratic presidential bernie sanders in the bay area to the open to rally support ahead of the june 7th primary
9:32 am
his total rows of san jose and the like home. >>reporter: the judge started letting the supporters and go inside the fair grounds you concede there are some people who are here walking into the fact, they started getting cars you can see the back of from the traffic as they tried to make those cars go inside the fair grounds and parked inside to the to the video would be had supporters were here lining up before they will let inside there were carrying signs and they're wearing bernie sanders t-shirts he since the primary
9:33 am
when an organ and he's hoping to do the same and california with an asking supporters why they support centers and they all tell us the same thing that he is a candid and represents the progress of values. >>reporter: san jose is not the only place where you could catch bernie sanders in our area in addition to the sun was a speech which is slated for 1:00 today he will also be in vallejo at the waterfront park the doors open at 4:00, to still see a spa
9:34 am
to cease and a speech in san jose since available on a first- come first-served basis if you're coming out to the rollicking public transit are carpooling suggested because parking is limited if you're planning on parking near parking is to the dollar on attacking cash but again public transit are pulling the suggested. >>mark: they sat down for and did that and on fox last night.
9:35 am
>>darya: the football player passed out and died and practice the guest today and is identified as 15 year-old divining plea to of oakland we're at the school this morning with details. >>terisa estacio: we're john by
9:36 am
the spokesperson for the school district to talk to us about this a very unfortunate situation where you have of football player and he died yesterday on campus after and during a practice he had some medical condition would one of
9:37 am
this news last man. at the grief counselors and outside agencies we will have to grease counselors and house available as long as they needed but the duration of this. >>darya: the have to put up a small fire guest today afternoon and about a 30 interstate 980 near the 11th street off ramp currency was and that there but the point is the oakland fire department will to use it as a reminder that this type of thing can happen and they don't want to throw anything out of car and could spark a fire because u.s. of four services to california to face a dangerous and difficult fire season this said the
9:38 am
california forced need a lot more rain and snow to fully recover from the drought. >>darya: stanley roberts explained why he should think twice before a man is allowed just moments after hitting the jackpot at a casino clear warning people about his recent string of crimes for.
9:39 am
9:40 am
>>mark: a california man is what does a sacramental casino and filled winning $1,400 he was robbed by three men in his own
9:41 am
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9:44 am
>>darya: and the body was found
9:45 am
in the car in this submerged, and the berryessa and more rock and san jose police have died teams dissembling and looking for other victims. >>reporter: this is on shoreham
9:46 am
you distill little cooler out to the sock and some of those south of a balance saturdays will be to start today to introduce the showers with instability. >>mark: the golden gate bridge
9:47 am
like to to the trucks to go on by shortly for your help this morning they reached an accord mild stomach in the fight against the zika virus. >>darya: the damage it causes and to develop a vaccine is come to congress today in this morning were connected dangers of jumping into ride share the to didn't call for.
9:48 am
>>stanley roberts: he did something only a taxi can do in this city of san francisco democrat and bass driver is behaving badly taxi drivers paid
9:49 am
too much and $50,000 for a taxi medallion.
9:50 am
>>stanley roberts: it was hard to find non taxes and really picking up passengers. >>mark: police tell them that the ride share driver is also a problem at the international airport they're supposed to pick up only those passengers who of already arranged for all the application that in-depth report will have more on that night at 10:00. >>darya: she says the bill cosby sexually abused her at the playboy mansion in 2008 she dropped ever is a lawsuit in february but she has filed this new lawsuit against the bill cosby and hugh hefner claiming that the he should have known
9:51 am
and bill cosby had drug and sexual abuse of women in the past and that he was in the tabling his behavior and he claimed that despite to drink during the party and return in the bedroom. >>mark: hospital and this is a technician. >>darya: he is responsible for all five of the giants won they would go on to win this 15 to
9:52 am
one. >>mark: traffic is still sluggish.
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
>>mark: police in pittsburgh are investigating officer involved shooting the senate and mr. people to the hospital it happen on a king is the drive about 9:00 last nine police say it is to the wrong swim through a screen door with the man's father and brother were standing in their head and hospitalized. >>mark: the golden state warriors back in action tonight looking to either of the series against the oklahoma city thunders the champions lost game 1 of on monday game 2 was tonight.
9:56 am
>>darya: the have the shower room a locker room and they're eating the come in and take your order i would rather if the garlic fries.
9:57 am
>>mark: with an job below the 10 degrees after that we have a chance for a few showers on saturday and sunday and maybe even a thunderstorm with small hail. >>mark: stay connected with our kron 4 mobile app,,facebook,and twitter feeds.dr phil coming up next have a great day see you tommorow at 4am. our next newscast that 5:00 this evening.
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