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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  May 19, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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edge of the same cairo what was almost there but have now out before enjoy conceivably have a flood disappeared from radar. >>james: their time to fish to model the water to see if it did come from the flight to attack is likely the calls that come to us this morning from egypt civil aviation minister he said that possibility is more likely the strong possibility the mechanical failure released in their eyes the families of course been looking for answers all morning long we have video
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of the man of accommodating and airport to both in paris and in cairo they're looking for answer that hasn't been much in the way of answers for them the chance live as a standby also a psychologist psychiatrist help with the grievance process. >>james: this is how many of the family members found out the troubles may have perished in a crash to conceal an informed source and egypt their stated the flight number 85 was disappeared and the part of parents and 230900 hours a hit to cairo had disappeared since then we have this of the nationalities of the people
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aboard the flight is considering a scant 15 french 30 egyptians one person from britain when belgian to from and to conceive a rock and then not one from kuwait and there's another graphics which we can share with you the list continues one sudanese one person from chad when portuguese on al jarrah and one canadian and one saudi. >>james: what we know about and also of the pinelands nebraska control keep in tune with a few of that as confirmation comes in. >>darya: to sit and look at weather and traffic
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>>reporter: sphene that it can wiggle to 66 in oakland optical 70 currency was when five to 15 guston and 25 of that medical school forecast revenue our 6872 for the pick and they acted on some of the imam them to contract,. >>robin winston: no. the problem but there was a lot of heavy traffic on only at the bay bridge but the dunbar number as a second of the bay bridge for this stratagem the back of write down the middle estrogen through the maze 580, to 24 the a pretty sure freeway is crowded in the drive time this of the to 30
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minutes to get from the maze into downtown. >>reporter: this morning this is what the car and head of you concede this scratch marks higher on the car you can see the fence that is broken the
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debris in the still on the back apple were going to show you the path that the car took to get him first it was traveling in this direction down, but arabica see the stuff month's data still on the street and then there was a blow markhor the car hit the curb and then it went airborne and flipped over and going into that backyard to clear the video we have a look like when police got here if surely after. 10:00 last night >>reporter: a man and his late 20s was speeding and the landowners near the intersection the homeowner said in a delicate the damage if he showed the degree that belong to the driver of the thick of trout his bills are strewn across the backyard a shovel is lost in the wall of his home supplies the we're learning the victim use as a part of his job as an independent contractor. >>reporter: he says that he
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still does not know how much all the damages on to amount to he says he's just trying to mislead this money was unable to sleep month after a hearing this passion come outside and seeing the aftermath if we do know that neighbors in this area said speeding and reckless driving is an issue in this neighborhood
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and do not have the identity of the driver just can't but we know that he is a 20 year-old into acquisition of the get any more information will be sure to bring it to you. >>mark: the warriors bonds back and take them to the western conference playoff lotus they look and to even things up in the series against the oklahoma city on this and they did in steph curry after this big a fall even though he had a bit slow lymphoma he was shooting amazingly.
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>>will tran: he was down for several minutes during that time fit the lock on the internet he was down and in the third quarter he made a short and to inflict pain on the oklahoma city funders half scoring 17 points in the third quarter 15 points and self we had a chance 15 points consecutively after the game and one talk to steph curry about his diet and what he thought about people not catching him.
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. >>will tran: there were talking about and for those who do not at steph curry when he dove into the crowd you have the tech talk to teachers track the numbers and not just the players is the fans you have to catch and steph curry is fine he is scheduled to go for game 3 with to this sunday in oklahoma city and now
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of when the game 3 will also home quarter advantage back because we won last night when 18 to 91 we are guaranteed a game 5 right back here at the arena next thursday 6:00 p.m.. . >>mark: the series title one game apiece that dominated the blues singer was. >>darya: the attack happened along to 30 sunday afternoon when the student was talking to the oxford park and not during the intersection of oxford
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street and hearst avenue her mother on the call and every hon. porter missing and and from her body was found just a few days later in a shallow grave in san francisco and cleveland park the tile has not been seen since february it said the girl was often in the care of the oakland couple or and the woman assistances then she was working hard to support her family. police said they have questioned the babysitter but they have
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since stopped cooperating that now calling the forces of interest. >>darya: police are looking for who killed him a memorial was grow outside of 27 drug kidron's apartment found his body in the field near hillsborough on may 11th but the only release the information-student in autopsy determined that he had been murdered but they will not say how he died off and have not released any pictures or persons of interest. >>mark: this is in 2016 and democratic presidential candidate endorsed 500th 46
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delegates up for grabs over continuing coverage of bernie sanders of the visit on the web site the confined more video of
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the speeches he made. >>darya: donald thomas come under fire for bashing the city of oakland if an interview with the new york times the high numbers are worse seriously the oakland mayor has of to say about that. >>mark: the dramatic scene as a police officer slams into woman during a high-speed chase see what the officers in trouble this morning.
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>>reporter: the nicklaus went to
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work as a mantra for the front is still went about here 14 for example for open and fair for the 26 pairs of the climate control and the percentage is already falling here have '70s for good portion of the east and if a few might be of the stricken '80s but for fear felt peninsula is on top of the '60s and is the core, the tomorrow to do again and this time more aggressive the fund is passed so have a strong onshore flow have 60 in the east bay in the region's the peninsula of the
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highs 06 to 57 for half complained the bay side of the peninsula 65 for san mateo 66 for rubble; the chill on the bed-67 for the invalid for tomorrow and saturday here come some more training and to next week's highs on the to about seven. >>robin winston: this backup continues to grow by the minute
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stretches all the way back to harvard and is one to be jammed to the toll to the east and it picks up half the scare slow overall perry could widen the lead to problems in getting into the northern heading of the to these vendors to commit on six if you have a crash on 242 come out of concord you consider slow traffic stretching before the to to present you into walnut creek. >>robin winston: from tooth decay of will to 84 and the 90 to connect and the branches from a 80 over to the bridge will be a slide and to the peninsula off and on over to a high-rise portion the settler to the dumbarton bridge will have a spa was bombed the west and in the declared but look at the senses rain and yellow.
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>>darya: a man accused of a crime spree that included shooting in antioch and conspired to do in court to identify your was arrested on may 4th after police said he was involved in shooting and home cooks aren't and at mcdonald's and antioch this video from the antioch children the crime spree started as a domestic dispute and the store from the number coming down the potential impact she was down there to time it carjack the 17 year-old high with for martinez and will police found them they sai he opened fire on police and tactless officer shot at him and he suffered minor injuries.
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. >>mark: that from him on the porch of the home demand to come in and clinton and then his father and told him to drop the gun but he did not an officer shot him when he reached his waistband to the rose went into the home and hit the suspect that and brother. >>darya: to the south they were investing it is i try to figure out how driver died and ending up in a san jose, and we broke the story yesterday live on the kron 4 minds with helicopter partnership over the sea you can see the vehicle that went into the water in berryessa road and more items--morale ave.
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>>mark: teams is reporting that the winning bed topped hundred two to $5,000 he issued a statement saying that he and scott for a successful auction the money will go to sell the word because there are reports that there were around seven verified users participating in the auction. >>darya: the state senate is planning another attack to outlaw the sale of assault rifles with detachable ammunition magazine this measure is more wide range of gun control data set for a senate vote to ban if it passes it was significant in terms of california's the long which already are among the strictest in the nation.
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>>mark: a high-speed crash of a suspected police on the pursuit and for the police car crashing into the vehicle the officers and trouble for the crash and this happened last of the morning there were a lendl testing on respect of the king to the intersection, a woman who was driving the blue car to the intersection was hit by the officer she said to men a bill to take care of herself. >>mark: he did have this option license siren on but they said he felt as if to navigate their intersections given a ticket for reckless driving the woman and her lawyer said they intend to sue the city for the crash.
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>>darya: the housing market has set a new record this is according to the company core logic they said the medium cost of home for for all nine counties have an all-time high for 686 cause of dollars in april. >>mark: an actress of hot water for which it posted on social media what she said the have bay area residents upset.
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>>darya: former president jimmy carter was treated with had after minimum spread to his brain the treatment is a remarkable advance for patients who just given months to live. >>mark: the 28 your check these two pictures from the cafe society last week in the caption she wrote the said she was racist and she will buy and privilege and she's a black woman in a culture as a punch line.
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>>darya: crowberries in the east bay in this all caught on, we would tell the wife the driver had such a hard time getting away.
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introducing the completely redesigned mercedes-benz c-coupe, with its athletic prowess and sleek new body. it doesn't just raise the bar... completely crushes it. the all-new c-class coupe. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. >>mark: such a rescue as a star on the way in the maturing in city after plane travel in from paris to egypt.
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>>james: the have to give them are the water and checking to make sure to resume the to be the likely cause the coming from officials within egypt civil administration that as a lettuce and the last hour of the flight was 66 of border vanished from radar at about 245 this morning this was part of a just and offices of member 2003 and had about 48,000 flight hours and
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had routine maintenance check just on this past wednesday in cairo before and left for paris to the of the mechanical failure was the cost there was no special car with the path manifest for the car bomb there is nothing in there that is dangerous there is a distress signal and a was detected in the general vicinity where the security of 46, morning two hours after the jet-they're not sure to came from the plane to the calls come from a ship in the event of a tracking it down kofu will get some confirmation.
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>>darya:. >>robin winston: approach of a toll plaza on the left the castle in japan see a little bit slower and the cash plans on the right to the fast track as you can get to listen in on the bataan the back of stretches through the toll plaza on to harvard this could have it up to the east end of the bridge no major problems giving in to the north and.
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>>reporter: we have some breezy conditions to be felt concord at 17 have to move its embassy san francisco sex definitely the on sure if san jose you break down 7 1/7 to will do it to a 4:00 with the northwest when 10 to 25 in the late afternoon evening event the oakland a's came to the yankee 75 game time but it will sell some of blustery cool and windy with all of that you're ready for school forecast 60 for those in and
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done this 72 for the afternoon, and the base 70 as well chilly at the coast. >>darya: formals high-school band director can crawl was arrested dissident morning incentive accounting and this is 14th the and accounts the relationship with the most installed he resigned from high school in 2008 and death penalty to band in the west broad middle school that down to see if there any other victims.
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>>mark: this was in concord yes the morning supposed to video on her face to face she started because she can't and the car because about to hit her the woman and the red car stopped in front of the victim's car on highway 4 and tried to open her door ajar walk away shower and something of the two girls students and high school remember the 15 your student he died after football practice. >>darya: 10 had just finished a distant drilled in alameda and when he collapsed on tuesday the
7:36 am
cause is that the still under investigation the spokesperson said off after a tough to go on the call physical before participating in team sports. >>mark: he was hired in 1924 after 30 years on the job he pioneered at the age of 66 it claims he was fired as part of an initiative to regress and the team hire young technology workers he said the team like to him and fired him because of his age the lawsuit seeks back pay
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and for him to be reinstated to. >>darya: federal scientists said in a pro the average temperature was 68.7 the previous letters to degrees warmer than the 20th century average and well past the old record of. >>mark: new supplies can be stored until all the wells as a contestant it provides-to 17
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power plants in southern california will talk about what is next for form 49 as and a career path and amazing rescue you have to see a dog in northern california.
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>>robin winston: measure hot spots with if you have to use the bay bridge this morning to get into san francisco is packed with all the heavy traffic approaching the top cause some that the through the maze of 58024, and if hercules of a study minutes from downtown oakland to the sky way in san francisco. >>darya: sign to sit-in is girls live and eat more cheerful and saturated fats are at greater risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer they say higher in
7:42 am
saturated fats and low levels of on such an effect from month to higher interest in setting was is a key factor for breast cancer he with a vested with the senses the consent of all the queues and notifications will foam it triggers the sensor with a bike or much of his novels the recession said the best has or by visa applications added to the people cannot speak or hearing-impaired.
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>>james: >>reporter: the morning news continues.
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time for the world according to gary:presented by hershey >>darya: steph curry explaining he is back in the warriors made a great comeback and the series.
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>>darya: edge yes he exploded later with 15 consonance and to men to guard the team there seven players of the digits. >>gary: if they really felt that way and then someone tried to stop him.
7:47 am
>>gary: that was weird when they sent their and we joke about cell phones and pay for too busy with and can imagine how many guys pleaded--tweeted. >>gary: because the steph curry is an engineering a everyone was stunned fans even though it was really puffy he said is not inhibiting his range of motion and clinical days was seen. >>gary: after he heard himself
7:48 am
he scored 15 points and along. >>gary: the grounds can different things. >>darya: him these plans would
7:49 am
they do aphis the loan was he's working in good for him. >>darya: he did some integers like when you want to work there could you imagine he interviewed you the company is called open
7:50 am
source hours. >>darya: when he took off japan's but i felt he did the did seem to have an ever wonder
7:51 am
lapin's with their kids to get on stage he is one of the recital this is twin brothers carrying through with the shuttle and everyone ignores the fact upon his not going to dance. >>darya: this is because all we bought more so with the wish to use this one to this is a were job malfunction waiting to happen here all winter comes
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with if you're wearing a vest and left it cannot cover you when it comes as quickly grabs the back we will be right back after this break. after this break.
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>>mark: after 95 weeks of living on the freeway median and injured german shepherd that if this refreshes on the way to recovering sea its the implicit and often respond to call the dog and the center median of
7:56 am
highway 99 near sacramento and the gulf police officer spotted the dog on the freeway and they're able to talk to hire. >>: because we've had the rain on and off a road bear finally captured after a kind of tree is it was up in the tree in southern california in this neighborhood and never a school
7:57 am
system a lot down the road to close the did know what to do that tranquilize the bear and there will be taking a back into the mountains. >>mark: teenager kidnapped in stock and it could be headed to the bay area. and when from the latest breaking news from overseas with air flight a 04 as vanish without a trace will have the latest research efforts in just a moment.
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>> darya: girlfriend was kidnapped her name is a maria. >> mark: people in the san jose area should be a lookout for this girl was kidnapped and in amber lawyer has now been issued. >> darya: there was a a flight
8:01 am
in egypt that came down >> james: here's an animation showing the flight path. it flew 10 mi. into egyptian airspace where lost radar contact where didn't crashed into the mediterranean--that the crash--did crash. to orange or yellow items were found floating to and the 30 mi. southeast and ships are adding their. about 300 people were on
8:02 am
the flight with three air marshal's. you can see for yourself that there from a country is all over the place. we are continuing to follow the latest with this. >> mark: we sent out prior to push alert. of the application is a free download.
8:03 am
>> reporter: temperatures now you may recall yesterday are in the '70s. per right now we have temperatures in the '50s and '60s. when speeds are above that that tends insult area but mostly below the tens. however in the late afternoon and evening the wind speeds will pick up to what 25 mi. per hour subareas.
8:04 am
>> robin: they're just a lot of slow spots but no hotspots. from hercules into downtown san francisco is about one hour. redwood city to menlo park is about 44 minutes. that it's free way. 238.
8:05 am
>> darya: one person is dead after crashing into the back end of of palm--home. >> averi: we know the name of the man who died which is joseph barton. you can see it the fence in the backyard is broken. there's a lot of the debris over the yard. you can see the marks on the road and then the car hit the curb on the bull market and it went airborne. the man was
8:06 am
found dead when paramedics arrived. this all happened after 10:00. neighbors say they sought in speaking in doing doormats--sought a man that speedy and eight card in doing that doormats. you can see the boots and a shovel stern across the yard. the men was an independent contractor. >> i was watching tv and then i
8:07 am
heard a loud it is--noise. there was a lot of smoke. we did not know where it came from at first. >> averi: some friends from the joseph barton i came by. his friends is that he was a good guy and never wanted to bother anybody. amend the mystery however is that he is afraid to let his children play in the street now.
8:08 am
>> darya: the warriors did bounceback >> mark: stephen curry came back despite his injured elbow. >> reporter: stephen curry had a big will not issue an elbow which is what you did not see him much. staffing. delve for
8:09 am
east rootball and landed right on his elbow. the fans did not even catch them. in the third quarter he made sure that they gave pat seen to the oklahoma city thunder--pain. game 3-the game for will be a
8:10 am
exciting. >> mark: will tell you how much money for certain deal >> darya: a high-speed chase >> mark: we will tell you about a missing toddlers dead mother (scal): good day, m'lady!
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the james >> james: we're hearing now three u.s. officials vms cnn 0.0 a bomb took out that the egyptian plane. u.s. military is often stand by to help.
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>> darya: they just found of a car issued for the amber a lawyer--alert. gold market is a blue 2010 chevy impala. >> darya: we docked have word on
8:17 am
the exact location but that girl and the car are safe. >> reporter: we have wins today in cooler temperatures. you can see the line out here that the cloud cover. the temperature is falling in antioch and other surrounding areas. >> reporter: wind speeds are going a in a north westwardly how pattern of. we have
8:18 am
temperatures anywhere from the '50s to the '70s throughout the bed. you can see the temperatures on the screen. though rappaport the rap >> reporter: tomorrow the winds continue which said that the winds will be strongest in the east bay. it starts to get interesting tomorrow with more rain in the east bay. in the
8:19 am
week and we might get some clouds of thunder. if will have a gradual recovery of the temperatures and to the '70s beginning next week. >> robin: on 9271 bridge think --san mateo bridge. it is backed up. across the span into the
8:20 am
north bay is slow. look at the heavy traffic at 84 select-- split. this will be about 42 minutes up to the 92 split. nimitz freeway to 38980 downtown. >> mark: phil mickelson and is being accused for inside trading. the sec bought $2.4
8:21 am
million worth of stock and made it $900,000. so far at maples and has not made any comments on allegations. >> mark: bernie sanders is trying to gain a following in california. many people what to hear him. he talked about health care and that taxes of those on
8:22 am
wall street. >> people are tired of longer hours and lower wages. i'm proud to have the support of all whole lot of young people. we are thrilled with this kind of turnout in san jose. >> mark: you can find videos of the speeches he made on kron-4- dot-com. >> darya: we talked his supporters of bernie sanders at his or rally. >> that he understands the working-class >> he understands that people should not going to extreme debt to go to school. >> he represents real change.
8:23 am
his campaign is full of love. >> darya: donald trump has come under fire for bashing in this city of oakland. he said that there are places in america that are terrible like oakland or ferguson. >> darya: the mayor of oakland said the most dangerous place in america is donald trump's mouth . >> mark: and actress in some hot water for what she posted on instagram. we'll talk about what has had people be upset with.
8:24 am
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8:26 am
>> darya: late blake lively is
8:27 am
called racist because of saying she had an oakland doody and she said she is just quoting this hour makes up lot--mix a lot. >> darya: some actress who played a first lady threw a fed about her salary and now she got
8:28 am
>> darya: some actress who played a first lady threw a fed about her salary and now she got what she wanted and is happy. hey i think the internet just went down. huh, why don't you give it a sec, it'll come back. something just happened in the world and we have no idea what it was. get high speed internet from at&t with 99.9% reliability for just $30 a month. keep calm, your internet's on.
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the mark >> mark: a plane traveling from
8:30 am
paris to egypt has crashed. >> darya: u.s. officials believe it was a bomb that brought down at the plane. >> james: egypt air flight 804 came down. u.s. officials have now begun to talk about a bomb on this flight. the flight was a 37,000 ft. when it vanished from radar. that is the most stable part of the flight and you do not lose contact unless something is seriously wrong. terrorism is thought to be via cause. obama has authorized the
8:31 am
u.s. military to be on standby. the flight was internationally diverse. many different countries were represented. a merchant ship captain said he saw a flame in the sky. >> james: search parties discovered what you see on your screen right now. this is now south of the island of crete. so far is just a merchant ship guarding as the debris. i will
8:32 am
follow the latest from the kron 4 newsroom. >> darya: we gave a push schiller at age 05 last night-- push alert. >> reporter: you can see the temperatures on the map. the wind is picking up as you can see. by 3:00 receive mostly
8:33 am
sunny and windy and at 5:00 still sunny and windy. >> robin: things are not too bad with no major hot spots. the richmond san rafael bridge is just creeping along. there are no major slowdowns right now. there is an accident wrapping up in oakland. castro valley into oakland is about 30 minutes. to
8:34 am
37 west to milpitas to sunnyvale to san jose to cupertino 9244 minutes. >> darya: a bay and director is now in the g l after having a sexual relationship with a 17 year-old. he now has 14 a felony accounts. he changed the schools
8:35 am
and police are now looking for other victims. >> mark: take a look at this video. this is apparently in concord yesterday posted this video on facebook. the woman in the red car tried to attack the victim's car.
8:36 am
>> darya: after football practice at encino junior high collapsed and died. students are wearing it read to remember him . >> we were just telling the family to remain strong to remember the prayers on the team. >> he showed me how to do this. he showed me how to do that. he helped me a lot in training.
8:37 am
>> mark: there is a man in one of the major baseball teams to dilaudid announcing who was fired and it seems it was to hire young tech specialist but he says it's because of his age . >> darya: there are huge he
8:38 am
waves coming across the world. >> mark: tons of methane spilled into the air for months until was capt february. this gas field provides power to 14 plants. >> darya: a dog spends life living on a freeway median. a cop talks about rescuing a girl 20 years ago at a graduation.
8:39 am
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darya retired connecticut it >> darya: a retired connecticut police officer taints attends a graduation of a girl he saved it 20 years ago. look at the show --faldo that shows the fire.
8:42 am
>> that the fire was so heavy they had a crawl. >> darya: this girl spend this several months at different hospitals recovering. this girl graduated from eastern kentucky university magna cum laude. >> mark: the officer is in trouble for this high-speed crash during a high-speed chase. the officer had to take a
8:43 am
ticket for reckless driving. bildt is going to sue the city for the crash even though the cop was chasing a burglary suspect. >> robin: from the hundred 82101 and will be a 30 minutes
8:44 am
8:45 am
>> mark: some of the big nicolas: a plan from paris to egypt crashed. investigators say the plane that dropped made it abrupt turns and then crashed in the southeast mediterranean. >> darya: golfer and phil
8:46 am
mickelson and is being accused of insider trading. the gambler turned mickelson to trade in the dean foods' stock. >> mark: stephen curry flew into the stands with an elbow mass. the warriors a blowout oklahoma 118 to 91. >> reporter: winds and cooler temperatures will, over the next couple of hours. that is would
8:47 am
is going to drive everything. reyna will wait until tomorrow. use the '50s and '60s around the bay. from the northwest we have the wind coming. in two of the
8:48 am
week and we'll have temperatures in the '70s. >> reporter: we have when seeds in at 22 and san rafael. you can see the winds quite active in to friday when it rained and is projected. in the 7 day forecast we see the upper 60s. we may
8:49 am
also say some claps of thunder. a >> robin: at the bay bridge toll plaza the traffic is creeping. it is getting a little better compared to 7:00. 15 to 20 minutes made as to downtown san francisco--maze to let downtown san francisco. on 85 there is an accident adding to cupertino to
8:50 am
saratoga to san jose. 30 mi. per hour here after 87. >> robin: south 680 is 21 minutes from to downtown danville. san leandro to mel p. this is low and then san jose to the split is 40 minutes. >> gabe: look at this app >> this makes conversations
8:51 am
easier and more expected. >> gabe: it will offer automatic reply still speak the way you do. this picture was a dog and offered amount automatic replies. the application has kugels app built-in--, googol application built in.
8:52 am
>> reporter: look at this. these naps are cross platform. people with iphone and android phones can both use these applications . >> darya: at georgia institute of technology they're thinking about how to give dogs avoids. >> mark: that can send audible accused new use. the what
8:53 am
application is the years is by buying certain parts of the vest. >> mark: and injured german shepherd who has lived in a yet center median. finally police officers found him in the freeway. >> we were able to catcher finally after the chp was wonderful. we have had the rain
8:54 am
on and off that has helped. she fought a little bit and then subsided. >> mark: fried has a broken leg but has already had a surgery. >> darya: will be talking about the cool down that we have had today as well as the traffic
8:55 am
8:56 am
>> mark: a couple who shared a love for costco decide to share with people their engagement pictures taken at costco. they say engagement shoots easily look awkward so they wanted to go to a place they like. >> darya: does that look natural? >> darya: a bear would not come
8:57 am
down from a tree. wildlife officials came into tranquilize the big bear and they're taking a back into the mountains now. we're tracking it somewhat wind and rain on the way. we followed the breaking ms. of the desperate search and rescue operation for plane crashed from paris to cairo.
8:58 am
8:59 am
>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>darya: at about 5:00 this morning forced her into a car and drove away in police found the car and found the girl but there's still no sign of him and he described as pfeiffer 10 he
9:00 am
was last seen when no shirt and black pants and black shoes police with thinking he could be armed and headed to the bay area may be to san jose and. >>mark: commercial flight. >>james: it is now involved in these four nations if you just hearing about the story there were 66 people aboard that plane when it disappeared about half an hour before the scheduled to land he conceded animation with
9:01 am
the flying lost contact with air traffic controllers. >>james: cash to the pilots the plane's captain is not being identified by name each of their city had about six out of line also use experience there rencontre with him as the plane passed through greek airspace of the comptroller said the pilot suddenly stop reporting back to them as he was approaching the egyptian airspace.
9:02 am
>>darya: we want to get to one of day on weather and traffic
9:03 am
by 3:00 mostly sunny returning to some of that when the when just about everyone.
9:04 am
>>robin winston: head is not stretched for the man is the to have to work it went for some heavy traffic on 58 west from 24 to the aiding trying to get into in revell and a slowdown for the bay bridge approach course of this grant is also on across the upper deck about 18 minutes of the oakland a's to downtown san francisco.
9:05 am
>>darya: one person is dead after this crash and the backdrop of a home in east than. >>reporter: he's on the 20 years ago there some candles and we're standing land at the edge of the scene with this accident happened you can see the fans have been broken in an accountant to bring still inside of the pickup truck and
9:06 am
crashed countless citizens of the at this is about what he saw last nine. >>: now many of his friends have been coming by the scene to see for themselves some of them to
9:07 am
shine too broke to go on camera but we do not call him he is an antioch president and is used to play baseball in this area m when the people we talk to off- camera said he was a good kid and adventures and spontaneous and that he will be missed. >>mark: more victims were from professional golfer phil nicholson is being accused of insider trading.
9:08 am
>>mark: they're offering a $10,000 award fact-finding to your own era, a baryon and her mother and nicole were reported missing back in a prison. >>mark: the child is not been said since february and they said the girl was often in the care of the oakland couple or a camerawoman persisted says nicole was work and hard to support her family. >>mark: police said the have questioned the babysitters but said they have stopped cooperating they're now calling the persons of interest. >>darya: a father who was found
9:09 am
dead in sonoma county after been reported missing last month it is now the subject of a murder investigation, more is from outside of the 27 your apartment got to believe people skilled but i don't know how or who didn't they found his body in a field off highway 101 hills burke on may 11th with the only just released this information yesterday in autopsy confirmed that he was murdered and cannot giving details about the wave as he died in the dow have any suspects of people's interest. we do not hear with lasting and a millbrae pancake house. >>darya: to oakland police officers to resign amid a growing sex scandal what we're learning about the investigation.
9:10 am
9:11 am
>>robin winston: is a lot of commit traffic.
9:12 am
>>mark: the river into to get off the mound and the fisherman reported the situation stay with the well on to the stress and strain the crew arrived the crew free the well and about seven hours after it in some stores reported.
9:13 am
9:14 am
>>robin winston: nice
9:15 am
improvement it is backed up to castro and live in 11 all across the golden gate still have 49 south to lines nor. >>robin winston: recovering from crossing the open side the right headed north from to 38 and to downtown oakland 9 if it is also recovered from crass 37 minutes from san leandro to downtown oakland.
9:16 am
>>reporter: 62 for san jose a little warm to the south of have to made an interesting yet to stop and see what happens with temperatures today with seven is to consider again on fairfield and the possibility.
9:17 am
>>reporter: mystically some stratus as the work will have some building for tomorrow morning and into the afternoon hours san leandro 6860 also for fremont and the 74 has looked at this is a change in the card to stay high temperatures in the inland valley will be about 70 in the middle of next week. >>mark: breaking news and to kron 4 cbs news reporter in the
9:18 am
long time 60 minutes correspondent has died he retired just last week after more than half a century of cbs include in 46 seasons at 60 minutes he passed away at age of 84. >>mark: with a first to say about to oakland and saw this as a resigned amid a sex scandal and involving an under age call from. >>darya: >>haaziq madyun: 2 of the officers have resigned from the department to open the offices
9:19 am
remain on paid leave of the investigation into the sex scandal continues.
9:20 am
>>darya: we broke a news and the two officers had quit because of the sex scandal with the push alert yesterday afternoon hot down load the mobile application. >>darya: a man accused of the crime spree that included shooting stock in an attack of its bird is to court today a 25 year-old was arrested on may 4th police said he is involved and shoving and home cooks bird and at a mcdonald's and antioch and this is video from the interaction is in the crime spree started as a domestic dispute police said that he did carjack the 17 year-old on highway 4 near martinez and when it track them down they say he opened fire in its stock police officer was shot as well and suffered minor injuries.
9:21 am
>>mark: this happened around 9:00 tuesday night in a home one kingsley drive a woman calling police and her son mark portugal the errors was i and strange and if, among the scores to the land and to come inside and pointing a gun his father the totem to drop the gun but he did not an officer shot him when he reached his waistband. >>mark: his prior arrests for drug possession. >>darya: which broke the story live on air yes today with our helicopter partnership with abc said the news to show you the look of this vehicle and the submersion in water and this is near berryessa road.
9:22 am
. >>mark: with their descendants held rallies in san jose in the late yesterday with thousands of people showing up to listen to him speak he spoke about build and help pass the one of the cab of a benefit everyone here just cause and did in the pay gap guaranteeing paid family and medical leave and imposing taxes on people on wall street. >>: i have been a champion for decades and the i believe that in terms of health camp health care should be in right of all people will have to raise the man ray's national to $15 and our climate change is one of the grit and grime to crises facing the front.
9:23 am
>>mark: will san the rest of the democratic convention in the hopes to win in california on the democratic side than 546 delegates up for grabs we have the technical the tavernas and the bay area visit our web site. >>darya: donald trump is on the fire for bashing the city of oakland in an interview with the new york times. >>darya: he said " to their kids in america better the most dangerous in the world of places like oakland's offer this in the crime numbers are worse seriously oakum and libby shaft have something to say about that. >>mark: at the san mateo bridge lead counsel slow traffic even though it is 923 rooms like this was the bomb on the right-hand side--westbound.
9:24 am
9:25 am
9:26 am
>>darya: mariah carey definitely absolutely does not know jlo and ciara. >>reporter: everyone's favorite give all appeared on what happens live in santa she does not know jennifer for the second time interesting because last week she told wendy the she's met her many times formal couple appeared in court of a custody of their one-year-old son she one focusing but they
9:27 am
decided with a tax of one of our joint custody records from the joint custody and so the decision was not a bit to appliance she said a column under strong as ever been right now. >>darya: you can watch hollywood today each week game at 1:00 p.m..
9:28 am
9:29 am
>>mark: the massive search continuing in the maturing in the sea after a train traveling from parents to cairo crashes. >>darya: it was likely a bomb
9:30 am
brought down the king. >>james: since the last of did we learn that britain is now also send military ships and planes to join the search for egypt air flight 8 04 bed now join the u.s. and france and egypt and greece and hamilton is a search and rescue effort in the man trancing and disappeared from radar early in the morning about 245 local time 66 people were born in was of the matter trained in just inside egyptian airspace above 7,000 ft. when controllers conducted a series of sudden twist and turns before they lost contact. >>james: edition officials hinted as much early this morning i saw the passengers the manifestoes and to amass a reverse for large groups include 34 from egypt and 15 from france the fly girls of crashed in the maturing in an election ship captain reportedly saw what
9:31 am
he described as a flame in the sky top of greece feasting to the location where he sought and found to bring the water tickles the totals of that debris on line this morning and here is what he posted it in this is an emergency was also detected about two hours out the plane disappeared. >>darya: the store is quickly changing when for to tell you about this plane crash as originally to the mobile application of pressure the sonata in a five last night where did not offer affirmations of michigan have the mobile application that we will develop is to happen you get that news anywhere anytime on the call.
9:32 am
>>reporter: symphysis of 54 san jose 62 02 will be up to the of the '60s was 15 to 15 it will was hired and then 25 mi. from our trout into the fifties will read temporizing of the of the bed of the chill. >>reporter: mostly sunny and windy in, which carries this even the temperatures looks like low 70's a percentage for the bank by 5:00. >>robin winston: tracking in improving bay bridge ride into
9:33 am
san francisco as the whole lot better tonight at 880 of the crossing and out of the carpool lane the back of only stretched out to west grand. >>robin winston: it is only 17 minutes for the average drive from the maze to downtown san francisco not to have a quick check of the south they ride a result the 237 in the west lawn directed us to commit direction for 880 of 2101 still stoppable it continues to improve and speed to miles per hour the drive time from those 2.8811 holding at 18 minutes for the 7 mi. stretch. >>darya: in breaking out of antioch contra costa fire officials have called the body that was found floating in the can down near jamestown boulevard and i in double. >>darya: witnesses saw the body
9:34 am
and they call the police about 8:00 this morning about an hour and half of on this the second by the to the pork out of water and just the past few days is to the a body was found in common san jose submersion. >>mark: steph curry falling into the crowd in a gas to or or or arena--oracle. >>darya: * harris says that he landed on the metal. >>will tran: 34 talking about little almost alton seconded to
9:35 am
to the internet why did you not catch the ferry his only the two-time mvp you should get a game dr. and write down the buy parts for autos is ankle and his name and then the elbow not just in the overall issue and noble the show you the highlights once again this happened at the end of the first quarter he was diving into this stand on after a loose ball the third quarter he caught fire scrawling at 1.15 consecutive points and another 17 plants in
9:36 am
the third quarter basically finishing the game with the fourth quarter was nothing but reserves for taiwan one having to oklahoma city on sunday in a matter chance to catch up to steph curry. >>: to think it is a medal for ron platform and mr. for a tour and didn't get credit on the when. >>will tran: would you be in
9:37 am
paris this morning or which is trying to pull away if you a heart of the crowd that did not catch and.
9:38 am
>>darya: new this morning a sexual assault of a student in broad daylight and she was walking to her car and a parking lot at have been on the campus of uc-berkeley. >>terisa estacio: as you concede this is a heavily used a lot the suspect police say came out behind the girl and grabbed her and then sexually assaulted her this crime took place in the afternoon on 230 on sunday police said the victim was not physically injured was such a motion cannot she was attacked
9:39 am
at 3:00 in the afternoon. >>mark: and one about the virus what experts say could pose a bigger threat to the division lead thought after the break heracles officer attendance the college graduation of the very rescued nearly 20 years ago.
9:40 am
9:41 am
9:42 am
>>darya: it was june of 1998 when it ripped apart from apartments granted than five you're on the hon. bloom it and the cousin was killed and fired the shell must advocate the old kitchen. >>darya: this center of life and after months in several hospital she recovered and that she is with the man who saved her and she graduated from eastern connecticut state university. >>reporter:.
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
9:46 am
>>james: we just not a pushover with this late breaking information we heard this morning from one of the vice president's speech of the airlines and a direct quote to is we have found the wreckage with token of 40 to verify in the for the one missing this morning early in the morning to 80 5:00 a.m. you could see the course of the strike took from paris from cairo egypt but of the maturing in the just and moss and scatter into the airspace.
9:47 am
>>james: all the evidence to detect is debris and this was the first glimpse this morning of possible to bring their portions of the yellow or blue objects that will all be part of the evidence as collective the late breaking information isn't the judge is confirmed to was that they found the wreckage
9:48 am
will have science and we have egypt all working in a multi nation collaborative effort to try and cover as much of the debris as possible. >>darya: reading of the on whether. >>reporter: is in the '60s and best antioch's 65 we have 61 concord 64:00 of the north bank of the fifties driving everything went was born to flight today for high temperatures were going to do the seven is over a good piece of the state law by scratch a few '80s perhaps we don't have
9:49 am
any statements with this even in higher elevations it will be felt a little higher than at any math and such of the oakland a's game with buffalo bills won just 25 mi. from our. >>reporter: there's more of a string to the california saturday.
9:50 am
>>robin winston: pretty quiet not have a hot spot on the bay bridge the upper deck of motorcyclists spa not and is attracting a lot of attention added to the heavy traffic into san francisco after treasure
9:51 am
island traffic picks up because everyone stuck in the back of. >>robin winston: if you're heading over to the issue of free rent 25 minutes of time before the evidence of 680 is ok and lead in dublin and snow heading into fremont. >>robin winston: now back to the desk. >>mark: he's looking for a quiet
9:52 am
home and on us will give him plenty of love and attention inherent interest in adopting a contact the san francisco spca if the information you can always change the nine. >>mark: not supposed to pick the more we explain in this edition of people behaving badly >>stanley roberts: she describes a supervisor in detail what just happened often happens to be a sergeant for the every driver
9:53 am
sholom second before the passenger informed of the vehicle is the coin with me was affair with a to make some quick money and the state law only of verify taxes service of the passengers if we down on street in the stabbing said is not always open and it's the turning to the tax is the driver stopped to pick up to the coins and the process he almost ran the query over of camp this summer but
9:54 am
it's worse the same thing with this town car driver except he's a repeat offender.
9:55 am
9:56 am
9:57 am
>>mark: the chance saturday and sunday and probably settle there was some scattered showers and friday night as well >>mark: >>darya: stay connected with our kron 4 mobile app,,facebook,and twitter feeds.dr phil coming up next have a great day see you tommorow at 4am.
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