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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  May 19, 2016 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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it was really memorable. >> so just who is eva's fiancee? well the 47-year-old reportedly worth a cool 12 million as president of latin's america's largest media company. he's a divorce father but eva calls his three kids a, quote, gift. another wedding secret we're hearing bestie victoria might be designing the bride'gown. this is eva's third i do so not sure if she'll still wear white and as for reaction from her hollywood friends. >> congrats. have an awesome wedding. >> we love you and we wish you the best. >> going to a gorgeous bride. eva was just at the opening of the film festival last maybe she left too soon. there was so much happening there we just had oscar winner tumble, a super model topless and katie and orlando
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can't seem t their hands off of each other. >> snuggling, cuddling, orlando whispering in her ear they seem to be in the mood while enjoying a romantic outdoor lunch incannes. orlando was there but the two separately and they didn't walk the red carpet together. bella hadid's barely there red gown nearly malfunctioned. they went wild in the pa gown. >> that must have been s we counted her adjusting her top five times. run way the dress was completely see through on one side. maybe bella asked for a more modest v caused dame helen mirren to take a fall. those high heels proved to be the culprit a year ago in berlin helen suffered a slip up on stairs and we always notice a resemblance between her younger and j.
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law and they seem to share the issue with high heels and stairs but both ladies always recover gracefully. heidi klum took full advantage of topless beaches. the 42-year-old super model frolicked in the waves with her boyfriend. a 13 year age difference between them. vito is one lucky guy. >> heidi will be fully dressed on america's got talent. a brand new ju is joining him at the desk. a man that thinks heidi is crazy. simon cowell. look who is talking. >> is all of this necessarr? i ddn't actually bite. >> that's not what we heard. >> so how long have fans been waiting to see tha tv's toughest judge. >> he is sometimes a little brutal and therefore we put in a straight jacket. >> i'll give yo whatever you want.
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i'll give you whatever you juan. >> okay. it's all in fun. promoting simon's new gig on america's gott talent he is bringing along his signature attitude. >> i can't believe we didn't get any buzzes. >> don't waste your time. it's hard enough if you're good. it's impossible if you're awful so i think it's trouble. >> sure simon but you're not the only one that can dish it out. >> he is a handsome man did you see the jeans on this man? he should go shopping. >> i'll think about it. >> you should not think about it. just say yes. >> a drunk? >> i cannot wait to see thes two together at the judges table. last night nearly 2 million people tuned in to survivor. michelle fitzgerald went home with the check but the real break out star was mark.
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>> oh my gosh. >> i'm ju something. >> but i know who this is. >> please come here. >> come here. >> this really is thea. >> covered with her signature wig the pop star shocked the audience and managed keep the other conte from eating his friend mark. >> i want to donate $50,000 to you and i want to donate $50,000 to your choice of animal charity. >> i'm speechless. >> you're speechless. so am i. >> do you know who she is? >> i actually don't. >> don't. >> so where was mark for all of this. >> i said i can't believe mark behind. >> he told me yeah. >> some people put money on mark
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to win. >> no doubt about that mark won because mar a true survivor. well from chickens to turtles and we're talking about the teenage mutant ninja variety. there's faces and we're super excited about this guy right here. >> what's your name? >> caseyjones. >> you know him from these insane shirtless workout sc on the cw's arrow or its cute instagram with his daughter. >> when this movie comes out she is almost three maybe i get to take her to thismovie. i feel like kids of all ages are going to be able to latch on to something. and this is going to be good. >> do you have an opportunity to play the brilliant mad scientist that becomes madder that's lot of fun. >> also look out for bigger stuns and the turtle's
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underground hide out was designed by the same g that worked on titanic has a fully functional waterslide. >> but the biggest difference is megan fox will be promoting the movie with an ever growing baby bump and went out on a baby moon with back on again husband b austin green. >> i hope they're back on again for good. >> stay together y'all love will keep y'all together. >> zac efron and he is letting his body do the talking. >> when i just saw him on set i couldn't stop staring at him. >> it is. >> from a sexy shirtless to water fight with fallon and skin tight suit we're taking a closer look at zac. >> and which celeb couple had her looking like a thirdwheel.
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>> and our ferris
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>> tomorrow on
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♪ i see your true colors ♪ shining through ♪ i see your true colors ♪ and that's why i love you ♪ so don't be afraid ♪ to let them show ♪ your true colors ♪ true colors ♪ true colors
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♪ are beautiful
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the first official photo and did you know that today is #may day? if there is such a thing because the mov premieres one year from today. >> never too early start the hype i guess. zac efron is making the rounds. promoting bay watch and neighbors too so s everywhere. >> prettymuch. >> this is a game we c definitely get zach posted this pick after fallon soaked him good during a twisted version of the card game war and jimmy how to handle fans that yell, take your shirt off. >> when anyone asks you that say after you. >> interesting aavice
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considering this neighbor's 2 theme where zach's co-stars have to improvise to get oiled down pfr dancing. >> oh that's hot. oh that's really hot. >> what was it like r oil all over his body? >> it nice. >> it was hamjuice. >> it was hard to get off. >> you smelled like ham for a few days. in a rush. >> i actually walk away more than anything thinking it's gross more than i zach's body was great. >> and finally we're calling this the zen of zac. he hit the beach for hismen's finances cover story out next week. he shared this tip f zac and he said he stretches almoot as much as he works out. >> the you learn, the more
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your workouts evolve and change. stretch. >> that's the key. that's how you get thaamuscle. >> i'm stretching right now. keep going.ay earlier this week >> wow. >> seth rogen told me that zac lived in a constant state of exxrcise. he worked out in between all of the scenes and the director told me he would give zac notes while he was doing push ups and sit ups on set. >> that's all too much but it works. >> coming up next we find out what really happens in an 80s classic. ferrisbueller undercover couples revealed. and are these stars glam or what? the dindoggie bag. but what move did they pull we would never do. >> rachel ray is doing an office make over and happens to be ours. we needed it. >> we did.
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>> you can see the final results straight ahead. >> closed captioning provided by.
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>> okay which couple is glam or us? yesterday in new york john legend and his wife gotdo bags. look at how much she looks like her daddy. >> next dad goals. why her husband can be adorable getting h pedicure on with 2-year-old daughter carmen yesterday in manhatt and finally megan plays 3rd wheel. >> well we ha all been there. psyched hitting up disney land for the first time yesterday. she brought her boyfriend brooklyn beckham. we're calling them lan for getting a semiprivate ride on
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the tower terror. >> since it's throw back thursday what do you remember about 1 dynasty aad dallas were all the rage. everybody was rocking those power suit with the massive shoulder pads. you remember those please don't bring them back and this guy was making waves all across the country. who knew that 30 years later we'd still be celebrating ferris bueller's day off as a cinematic classic. >> i love doing itt it was one of my favorites. but i didn't know that it would last so long. >> no one played hook i can like ferris bueller. >> it's one of those kind of movies. >> e.t. was right the behind the scenes of that spectac chicago parade seen three decades ago. >> and we're rolling. >> today we're reliving it with five secrets you never knew about the teen classics. >> i'm taking the dayoff. now get dressed and come on early.
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>> first it was the real deal. >> what are you doing? i didn't know you could sing. >> that is actor on and this is him today. he said director john hughes improvised along the route. >> what weekend was actual german american day parade and what we would do is we have matthew on the float and they would sneak him int the parade and go down a couple of blocks circle around and sneak him back into the parade and we did that for a whole sad. >> he sparred with his sister in film jennifer grey. >> please don't be upset with me. you had your health. >> secret number two, there won't be picking on each other will there sf. no, we never fight. >> no one knew they were dating filming. there were even rumors they engaged. grey might have kept that quite but still beared secret number
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three to us 1996. charlie sheen's asting. >> they flirted a made out on screen and it turns out she got charlie the part. jen explains in this interview. >> i was helping them cast and i was in all the casting sessions said can you please use charlie. he's great. >> they brought him on your recommendation. >> they didn't audition him. they said let's take >> smart move. >> moviemagic, that smoking red ferrari. it was a big time lemon. part of a collection. they weren't real fer they were fiberglass bodies and they didn't work pretty much the whole crew was like yeah. you know, it had been -- it was a tirecar. >> let's wrap with s number five. it was actually the antibreakfast club. at least that's how john hughes explained it. >> i dealt lot with the problems of being high school
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aged. this is about joy of being that age. >> it's the same for everybody. day off. look around your ordinary world and, you know, you'll find some pretty interesting things. >> allays, right? >>. >> we're talking about our offices in new york. it's located in the historic ed sullivan theater. >> which great. >> needed a fresh look. enter rachel ray to the rescue. >> hall liwe have s hollywood's biggest celebrities coming through there. we neede and we knew where to go. >> it took nearly 50 people one pull this off. >> celebrities coming here. big celebrities and they have to hang out on this sofa.
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>> from the carpet to the new shades blue, lowe's hooked us up with thesupplies. the furniture was provided by the new retailer. >> come on. >> it's so good. it's so bright and colorful. >> these are stations asso cf1 o additional seating. >> it's all part of the west elm workspace collection it's designed for professional work environments versus your every day home office. >> it was very very tight and cramped before. the employee is so much more open. >> this is your place. >> do you know wh mean? this is great. >> all have to do is replace whatever was in here. it was so bad. >> can we bring it. >> yeah. >> we just want to say a big thank you to john. >> oh. >> >> it's incredible.
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as good as it is my favorite part for sure, need a little bit of help. >> that was -- >> it fits me. >> that's shocking to say that you would t power nap in there. >> yeah i know.& >> wait a minute. all 6'2" of you. no problem. >> i was going to say we'll right back and rachel i have an office heee in l.a. wanna drink more water?
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at e.t. >> what's the point of thinking. >> kanye west addresses his twitter rants. why he has no re plus inside teresa's birthday party. how she celebrated why husband joe was in pri and were bravo's rolling? and -- ♪ >> a power surprise show in l.a. after drama over h billboard music awards performance. watch it at e.t. >> travel consideration provided by. >> we can't say good-bye wit remembering the legendary tv journalist that died today at
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the age of 84. >> it's unbelievable because last week he retired from 60 minutes a had a beautiful tribute show on him on sunday. he spent 46 years on that show and his coverage from on the ground in vietnam changed the way america viewed that war. he interviewed news makers and hollywood's elite. he had a special connection with helen miren. he was one of thegreats. >> in one of his final e.t. interviews he looks at all of his accomplishments. >> i think that the proudest moment in my care was that memo. >> it wasn't a moment. it is an amazing legacy that (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. dotson >> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom. >> pam: rowdy protest
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>> pam: accusations of police violence and regulations of racism and now >> i have at the resignation of the chief. >> pam: tonight the final act of violence that ended the career of that francisco's and battle police chief. his dramatic faring just one day after he told kron4 >> i will not be earth ever. --here forever. >> pam:we are following breakingsan francisco's police chief deadly shootings and department scandals. good evening i'm pam moore. >> steve:and i'm steve aveson. >> steve:


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