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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  May 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:16pm PDT

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>>pam m: bring scattered showers and a chancellor thunderstorms for the bay area another normal snowfall you can hear air cattell wrote them to pack up their stock as the grass fire recent neighborhood trees the/started out on the grass behind these homes that homeless
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encampment friday afternoon you can see straight through the backyard and.
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>>steve a: they briefly detained four people on the same but turned out there trying to help prop. the flames to prop. >>pam m: here are look at the of the store is where track and friday night. >>reporter: will have learned that the process to find a new permanent police chief should take three to six months and the police commission also vote on a permanent changes force policies and procedures. >>reporter: follow from the senses copley's chief resignation from over there goes to print the interim chief tony is not the right man for the job that and one from the san francisco plays the part of the wrong person to lead the
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department. >>reporter: we're talking about 14 and 1 doyle drive origin night the police department said the officers responded to reports of live loud music and people defecate in a bizarre in the future neighbors hope that the home is actually going to be sold and hopefully to a family.
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>>reporter: the police department is investigating on reason they like break in on a home and then have no quintuplets' to men broke into a house where one woman was still inside that the victim her class will to investigate and from the men inside she yelled at them and they fled and describe the and then it took to the 30's about 6 ft. 5 in. tall impossibly polynesian.
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>>grant l: there such in the mediterranean sea for the heated air jet they're searching from the sea also the air today they found our to the aircraft luggage even some human remain. >>reporter: thing is just a
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friend of the we're still seeing some activity near the lake tahoe area as a push into the rest of the weekend more sierra snow this weekend we would drive out by sunday and the to the judge will slowly return closer to average even above average as we go into sunday and into monday we expect to see the when speaking of once again temper just 58 degrees more reason why we seen all this activity the
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strong wind speed of the blaze at the airport is due to an area of low pressure the system is moving through this is what will bring us more moisture and more snowfall to the sierra and the rain showers will get a bit closer to our area and. >>reporter: we have a better chance to see the rain fall as we go into tomorrow as we go to the rest of tonight we will see the costing up a little bit of scattered shower activity
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>>reporter: >>pam m: a look at the storage and need to know tomorrow.
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>>pam m: expect long lines as half openness and francisco union square 42 ft. sliding glass doors did at the was still
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san francisco the dividing friend in the continue the playoff run in the south bay the shark tank it is called main of rooms one of the biggest adoption events is free we hope everyone on the newscast have a great weekend have a great weekend good night everyone see you tomorrow at 7:00 a.m..
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>> courtroom freakout. the crazed uber driver accused of shooting eight people is hauled off. the haunting photo posted by a flight attendant on the doomed egyptair jet. look behind her. a plane crashing into the ocean. >> what we found from coast to coast. and you know this donald trump. >> make america great again. wait until you meet the other donald trump. >> i'm donald trump. >> this is donald trump. >> donald trump. >> that's me. >> nice to meet you. >> i'm dr. donald trump. >> oh, my gosh. plus -- >> congratulations


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