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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  May 21, 2016 12:45am-1:16am PDT

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tonight the whitney houston holiday travel graham. >> e.t. breaking news as christina tells us what she thinks about the decision. why their voice duet was really cut. >> gwen's rehearsal with her son and celine's performance for her late husband. >> plus we're with dancing's top 3 inside their stressful final rehearsal. >> it's do or die. >> our flash back friday with tori spelling. the remake.
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now for may 20th, 2016, this entertainment tonight. christina singing with hologram of whit houston was supposed to be a ddfining moment next week's voice finale but we heard yesterday it's being pulled. >> yesterday afternoon video of the ground breaking performance leaked online and pe assumed night's show but i spoke with pat the executor of whit estate. she set the record straight. the holiday travel graham wasn't ready for primetime. >> ladies and gentlemen, whitney houston. ♪ >> the video amazing. voice coa christina performing with the late whitney houston. ♪ . the duet lasted almost minutes and included two whitney
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classics and was expected to air on next week's voicefinale. within minutes of the footage being leaked online it made headlines around the world. ♪ we heard rumor it was happening and asked christina about it last week. i'm very excited about the finale. then late yesterday news broke that the duet would not air on the voi i reached out to the executor of whitn whitney'' estate, pat houston. she told me holiday trav grams are new technology. they take time to perfect and we believe with artists of this caliber it must be perfect. after close viewing the performance we decided the holiday travel grah hologram was not ready to work. >> why didn't this workout? >> it didwork. it was just incomplete. >> i sat down with the specific effects producer. >> there was more enhancement to the face to be done on the final
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close ups chosen for the tv show. there's a difference between seeing a live performance and seeing an extreme close up so there's people in the audience that werecrying. christina threw a fit when she heard that there was possibility of the show plead guilty cancelled. she is furious. absolutely furious. >> christina released this statement today. i was honored that the houston family asked me to perform a duet with the legendary whitney sadly the technology could not meet up to the talent that whitney possessed. whitney who died in 2012 isn' the first singer to get the bending hologram treatment. idol in 2007. this was actually more magic than 3-d hologram. it was edited from this come back special and in 2012 tupac and coachella. almost five years after his
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death a michael jackson hologram performed at the bill poord music awards and don't out a whitney hologram. a production remains in the work. >> we're working a full length show launched later on this year as a tour anddth will be a one hour show that will show whitney at different stages of her life. >> pat houston has no issues with voice or hologram usa. committed to getting it perfect. her daughter is graduating from high school this weekend. >> whitney had loyal fans that when th have this they're going to want it to be right. >> yes. >> well someone that is having a reunion today. charlize and sean penn. the first appearance together calling off their engagement. we kick off with the awkward photo op. >> charlize's mission, way more than your director ex and try to
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put on a face while promoting your they both won oscars but couldn't act more than awkward. they were even kept in between them for interviews during a conference and the premiere, more co-stars separating them. what a difference almost exactly one makes. france, may 14, 2015, weeks before ending things they were crazy for each oth she even gushed about sean. >> he is ridiculously stupidly talented. >> his upcoming movie was so panned on twitter some wondered if the film broke them out. now were katie and orlando separrted in cannes. katie performed at the gala and what's this? why was she seated at a different table from hermann? what? but proving kabloom cannot be
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kept apart. queue the photo bomb. a high slit just months after giving birth at the opening of turn me loose. a play th helped produce. his mind on their look alike baby girl. >> we're glad to bringluna here for the first time. it's been a great week. >> watch the billboa m awards on abc. and rehearsing he may be only guy other things to look for, and taward winner at the
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lawn and she released it at the end of the day. >> controversy last nig at l.a. dr. luke's label gave permission once they got word kesha would not talk about her sex abuse can't wait to see the stars. and she will be the see madonna. and he said he won't take selfies with the fans behavior recently has been questionable and look at this. is he rubbing off on ciara. >> i'm trying to interview here. seriously, can i just do my thing? can you let the host do her thing? >> no. >> of course she is joking.
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ciara will be there sunday with fiancee russell wilson but her fashion makes our must see list. >> tried on pro at least 20 to 30 dresses. onnsunday you will see what i'm wearing. no it's going to be fun. >> wel to gwen and blake now. his new alabama bull just dropped today called if i'm honest but just how honest is blake really getting about their romance. to find o senior music editor took a deep dive behind a lyric. >> there's 15 tracks on the album and blake sa it's pretty much auto biographical. based on the last years of his life. >> with lyrics like i coul kill the pain you've been in and you could be my heart break medicine we're calling this the sound track for blake after miranda and then falling in love gwen. ♪
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>> if i'm a count singer my job is to sing about experiences of mine, you know? >> even though blake only co-wrote three of the songs you can guess who he may been singing about and then there's she's got a way with words. it isn't much stretch to think he may have had miranda in mind when he said she put the her hurt and the why in try. she put the low in blow ♪ ♪ she's got a way with word >> but the most transparent track is a guy with a it seems blake is thinking about what he feels like when he and gwen go places together.
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>> the majority of the album really is senored on moving on and a fresh new relationship with gwen. >> oh, yeah. >> you feel like you're getting the pinsight. it makes that alabama bull that much better. >> coming up we are with dancing's top three just before the finale. cameron is here to b everything down. >> later janice dickinson breaks news on her breast ccncer battle. our emotional interview. >> plus
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mirror ball and ufc fighter page van zandt. i'm sure you all have your favori favorite. >> you made it in the finals. >> it's do or die. >> they're all lookkng pretty amazing in rehearsal but the nerves are starti to kick in. >> most stressful thing to me has been our bodies are exhausted. >> i want him to be i want him to be so proud and
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happy. >> all won before but the average scores for the season were really close. monday's freestyle kicks off the season finale. nile and peta wiil be bringing out the big guns. the sound silence. >> we're going to bring that for our free style dance. i think what's been our charm is our charisma. >> what is going to set you freestyle apart? >> for me what's special is mark takes this dance there. >> somewhere over the rainbow popped at me on the page. and i came in the next day a i was just like, we should do this. >> she did the show, season 5 a, didn't make the finals and you could help me do a lift with val. >> just a little bit heavier.
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still to eva longoria wedding watch. >> plus samantha harry talks about her own on going health battle. >> one minute i'm laughing and the next minute i'm crying. >> what happens when ja franco gets ahold of the tv cut classic mother may i sleep with danger. >> it's this really coolcult classic vampire lesbian movie. >> closed captioning provided by.
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>> we are counting down to longoria's weddingweekend. >> i'm not bikini ready.
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focused on fitness and why that yoga could be keeping her head clear she could be playing mind games with me. she will wed the millionaire tvmogul? mexico. but she is trying to th prying pats with the exact local. today the pool shot was labeled 435 apart. let's include our guests know where to show up. >> oh the guests know where they're going. >> i love that eva messing with everyone. >> since this is flash back friday we're going back to 1996 and a tv movie that became one of most epic camp classics ever. >> how can you eat that title? >> you cannot. >> but you can make a version crazier than the or you put executive producer james
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franco in charge. blood, sex and horror. this version is not exact a remake. more like a revamp. >> it's very, ve different than the first one. it's like this really cool edgey vampire lesbian movie. >> what? >> i want to change a little bit. we twist things quite a bit. >> the blood sucking lifetime versioo airs next but the original tv movie was a cult classic and e.t. was on the set 20 years ago. >> tori played a co-ed that falls for him an tur out this cute guy was an obsessive psycho killer and that's never good. >> i just told you to shut up. >> she's a little craz just starting to see this come out in him. >> open it. >> my opinion it instability there and things like anger and
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jealous see tr them. >> the final show down was shot on a freezing canadian lake. >> i like to do my own stunts so watch for that. [ screaming ] >> that must have been cold. in the 2016 edition, tori is now a mom that doesn't wa daughter to sleep with danger in the form of a female vampire. >> it was the craziest but like the coolest thing. i was like really? yeah, okay. >> we more. during the filming of the original movie tori was bitte by this thing. it's a cross between an ant eater and armadillo. you could see the bruises some of the scenes. you can't make this stuff up. >> well, samantha h joins us now with our exclusive new
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interview of janice dickinson. you actually talked to janice about her battle with breast cancer and this is something very personal to you. >> it is, indeed. just last week i passed the two year mark since my mastectomy. this hits home of course. it's nice to talk to someone at the beginning of their journey. she faces weeks of more radiation and surgery. >> i'm 61 years old and i know that i wasn't feeling right. it's so hard. >> after a biopsy they found out that i had cancer. >> what kind of breast cancer was it? found i have stage one cancer and thank god that i'm in the early stages.
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>> you also had to do radiation instead of a mastectomy. >> they went in and took out the cancer and five days later they said janice you have to come in and have more taken out. >> janice has breast implants and as part of her treatment she will have themremoved. >> i'm so aggressive. take them out. just take them out now. they said but after the radiatio going to harden the implants. and i'm going to go in and have radiation. that will be dail for six weeks. >> the doctor said that it could make burn marks on my breast. that's fine. >> let's talk about your support system for a moment. i know how essential it is to be
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surrounded by people that love and take care of you as you go through the process. who has been there for you. >> i can't thank my fiancee enough for being by my side and coping with my mood swings. one minute i' laughing and the next minute i'm crying. rocky a beverly hills psychiatrist. and proceeds will go to the susan g.comen foundation for breast cancer. >> what have you discovered about yourself in his process? >> that i'm still janice and i'm going to fight. >> she really is already fig fighting hard last week she was sick and not doing well but
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as you can tell she still has the spunk and fire in her. >> she always does. thank you for doing such a good job on a subject that hits close to home for you. we appreciate it. we'll be right back.
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documento.j. made in america watch it at e.t. >> well here's a new reason to love lindsey. >> the legendary red head is back this time in full color. the back to back epi aired tonight and they really through color and they were original photographs from the set used to ge color just right. >> we haven't got all day. >> they told us she is old
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school. >> personally i thought it was in black and white. >> it doesn't need to be for me. if it helps them sell more then that's fine. i don't know so i don't have anything to say. >> just love lucy. just love her. it's on cbs tonight. >> bye everybody. >> the insider tracking the biggest stories making news today. >> number one, what is behind mariah's back. >> if she a shade throwing diva or a sensitive artist. >> i love you lee daniels. >> her best friend sets the record straight. >> she has been used. she has been abused. >> and then is david hasselhof where did it go? >> he is a mere fraction of his former financial self. >> and number three will jojo


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