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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  May 23, 2016 4:00am-7:01am PDT

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>>steve a: the latest headline making the store police investigating another shooting on an east bay freeway also fire crews battling a wildfire in moderate counting will take a look how close they are to contend that fire. >>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now
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>>reporter: you can see off to the coast however as the daytime heating is the dynamics it looks like according to models ahead of the shower our temperature is right now low to middle fifties cover most of the promoter sunnyvale come in with the exception of 46 the east but we have lower fifties.
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>>reporter: iverson the temperatures during the time of the game and social 15 as the game for breast of. >>robin winston: starting off with the bay bridge committee on westbound 80 into san francisco wide open no problems come out of oakland to downtown is a quick 10 minutes to get from the maze of the to the skyway in
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downtown san francisco no major problems living hey what it is very quiet on the peninsula and to foster sitting connecting with 101280 know troublespots. >>robin winston: no problem for 580 leaving the stock at a limit. >>james f: coming out of the east bay where another shooting on a busy interstate this time near richmond this happen on the west bound side of interstate 580 you could see the map shots were fired just before 6:00 yesterday evening and no one reported injured them
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>>: on the 20 shootings on the freeway since last november 10th were ride along interstate 80 yes the shooting marked the third incident that happened on interstate 580. >>james f: the crew's abandoned a wildfire burning in monterey county as of right now is only about 1% contained broke off yesterday afternoon no one has
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been injured that is good news no immediate threat homes right now the main threat is the power line which is damaged and call me the power line will concede to of the progress of the firefighters happen now in the east of a police are looking for a survey this video hoping to get lead from a drive-by shooting that happen in concord the mega ms. ball recipients to match five of six numbers and
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that lucky ticket was sold at coach house wine and liquor on south of the hands of boulevard in cupertino. >>james f: they rolled over golden state last night there on road before game 3 that had no answer for cabinet and russell westbrook the to all stars combined for 63 points the also struggled offensively they could not get a shot they now
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trail in this series two games to one game 4 is tuesday in oklahoma city ticket sold out
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early in nearly 750 fans packed this theater. >>reporter: tracy became a fan during the run for the national championship last year since this accumulated more than 30 pieces of warrior zweig she wore them all she competed in the theaters flat competition but have time to talk on the line was not about year it was about the game the major ban the
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president lifted on the country earlier this morning.
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>>reporter: remaining coal will we're really going to be below average even to the inland valleys a live shot at the mt. tam camera a little bit of june around we don't have quite the when the condition that we had last week.
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>>reporter: that will be the case today and tomorrow you can see the green covering a lot of territory is less 4:00 we have
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to take this program developing all the way to the middle of the week before the pattern start to change mid-60's along the shoreline jumping over the hills we have to the jews in the upper 60s 70 or so for concord antioch about some of the tomb. >>robin winston: that means is a good time to get through what it is nice and quiet traffic moving at the limit on five in a westbound a live look at the richmond san rafael bridge it is wide open smooth across the span no problems right now getting into the north bank if you have to head south this morning the
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clear direction is nice and quiet and novato san rafael mill valley sausalito and this lasted 20 minutes to and from the one on 137 split this take a look at the south of the map show nothing but green 17680 are looking pretty good for north drive times if you have to use the e sure freeway and the westbound 80 from highway for hercules to berkeley in emeryville and into the maze only 13 minutes no major problems for salt 680 may be your use in the guadalupe parkway nine minutes from the average our time for a 85 into the 101 split. >>james f: happened today people planning to vote in the june 7th primary must register by the end of the day 200,000 people registered to vote or they did their records in california
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during a to the push last week they are reporting a surge of interest and head of the primary this june loves. >>james f: presidential hopeful is campaigning in california preparing for the primary he is taking heat for his lack of fund-raising on behalf of legislative races he sent out an appeal for donations on behalf of the congressional candidates to happen to be running against the chairwoman of the democratic national committee this despite long pressure from democratic leaders. >>reporter: he told cnn that if he were president the democratic national committee will lose a
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job on sunday the campaign sent the e-mail asking for donations who's challenging for florida house seat she told cnn he does not want to run the damn city he was to represent voters in recent weeks ago the democratic party nominating process reagan supporters sometimes blew the party leadership on his mention the strategists say hillary clinton's lead in both boats and pledged delegates mean sanders argument is likely to fail.
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>>james f: meanwhile they are making their push this week california early clinton will be lost and was what her husband former president bill clinton will be in san francisco on tuesday donald trump is scheduled to sit down with a senator the two were meeting at the trump tower in new york the name has been full well as a possible vice president of pick for don trump. >>james f: 30 your officer faces a second-degree intentional also to counsel's misconduct in office and reckless endangerment the 25
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year-old died last year a week at his neck was broken while being handcuffed by police back in december they declared a mistrial after the deadlock the case of william porter hit the first officer on trial in connection with freddie gray. >>james f: people remember the pilot of the egyptian air plane that crashed in the mediterranean last week loves ones gathered outside of a military moscow and east cairo as words of the crime of play out through speakers the pilot had more than six to 200 hours of flying under his belt according to egyptian air. >>james f: to people where air lifted to hospital in critical condition this was the same you conceive of highway 330 this was a san bernardino no word yet on the cause of the crash of two to two people on board suffered some type of and is most escaped with scrapes and bruises.
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>>james f: for the first time in two decades of your id descriptions in the u.s. are declining does according to analysis by the new york times the prescription of the addictive painkiller to skyrocketed since 1996 the paper said the number of prescriptions peaked around 2012 and have been declining ever since according to the time doctors may be heeding warnings that his painkiller's a highly addictive and the drop in prescription is not translating that into few debts from the madison the giants finishing off this series against the chicago cubs guest today massive bombardment on the mound and he pitched like to out he shut out the code through seven innings giving of just three hits on the offensive side of things heat knocked in the giants' only run
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of the game with an. rbi an >>james f: the giants won the series against the cubs who have the best record in the and lb the giants will not tackle san diego today first pitch since the 715 tonight. >>james f: in the next inning and jacob hits the deep shot back with more news weather and traffic.
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>>james f: chapter fired just before 6:00 yesterday evening. >>james f: that road is that opened this morning and cruz and monterey are bottling a wild fire in the county as of right now about 20 percent contained we still have a long way to go
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it won't be a cakewalk for the finals when it comes to the warriors the warrants troubled offensive late sullivan steph curry 2 to four. no one else on the same that underbid the warriors 133 to 1 05. >>reporter: potentially a little
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bit of fog in some spots to get things started for the most part it is not a major issue a lot of moisture in the surface. >>reporter: numbers right now fifties over most of the bay area with the exception santa rosa 48 sunnyvale we have 46 free lot lower fifties off toward the east bay in this is where we're not seen the typical warning happened even that far to the east temperature still struggling maybe tappet member perhaps 70 versa deposits seventh 15 games time tim to
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visit the middle fifties san jose going to the saw bigger break down this you into the upper 60s northwest breeze that's about the best record to muster quickly dropping back down. >>robin winston: is definitely
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going to pick right now 60 minutes from the nimitz and hayward over 2101 and san mateo no major problems for 1 01 and highway 280 so far as nice and quiet about 15 minutes to and from central san rafael that had over to the east bay in check the center to make sure traffic is moving well the usual jam live in tracy in the out to my to livermore valley to dublin and cash a valley in hey was for 580 west is looking pretty good no major problems for 680 live in dublin and pleasanton and heavy on the nimitz freeway. >>robin winston: all the way out to 237.
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>>james f: that you was completely listed as embargo on trade of the arms and vietnam the president made that announcement in a news conference with the vietnamese president early this morning that had been in place for decades u.s. lawmakers and activists urge the president to press for greater human rights before lifting the embargo washington partially lifted the embargo on 2014. >>james f: 05 your child is dead after a home and the little car fire neighbors and firefighters did their best to drop the flame down by the time they're bridge the child was trapped inside. two others were injured in yesterday's fire.
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>>phillipe djegal: they seem shooting water from goes into the burning house on forestry he came rushing over to help his neighbor, already badly burned crying out that her five your child was still in the house by then they had already called the fire department which arrived at about 10:00 in the morning the child's mother and a teenage boy was taken to hospital for burn injury surely
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after the police department closed the road often giving neighbors the impression this was turned into a criminal investigation led the police or the fire department would confirm the fighting from called an extra crews to help control the flames but were devastated to learn the child did not making. >>james f: don't forget that we
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first told you about this story through push to learn we sent a lot about 1015 yesterday morning it can down load the mobile multiplication it is free and you did for us to know what breaking news police are working to identify the woman they say joined forces to still a woman's purse and the leasing would hang out with the hayward area officer of the california highway patrol looking for kron 4 chiefs.
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>>gabe slate: this mark on is about to take control of this laptop remolding revenue security threat called lost track the hacker with the phone since text message to the computer that is forgive the phone is not controlling the computer the software is running
4:41 am
on a smart from the it to an attached to a stop the wireless bridge between the dongle and wireless mouse that means someone else to pretend to be you for your computer send out e mills post a social medium a thing you can do on your computer they can do a loss that can also be done to a laptop.
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>>james f: police are hoping the security cameras on those homes in the neighborhood today is a classic to register to vote for the california primary this comes as a furnace and is campaigning in southern california early clinton is a loss and the slaughter has been will be in san francisco tomorrow.
4:46 am
>>reporter: may be partly a player for us as we get to live long to daytime heating we have
4:47 am
a damping record dampness that we have going on even with afternoon heating with the sun and is still the sun warms up too much this texas to 6:00 a.m.
4:48 am
overnight on to the cause of development early on by another dose is the more potent when we mentioned in the north to the developing the test again by wednesday morning a little wave develops in the east during and is across the entire region. >>robin winston: a little bit of a backup now at the bay bridge toll plaza but only in the
4:49 am
casting if you look over to the far left side your currency is starting to get a little crowded living hayward and to foster city and san mateo use it now what it is a good ride over to the golden gate bridge no problems doyle drive park presidio all the could lead to trouble spots for city streets or in the if you're about to headed to san francisco. >>robin winston:
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>>james f: >>stanley roberts: according to a recent survey the carpool lanes are being called by kron 4 chief you make this very
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interesting high school teacher who had this to some. >>james f: 452 for your help the smaller products containing sunflower seeds, minn. based company is about to recall this morning sun products made by plan to sun international's are included in the recall is stems from concerns or possible listeria contamination.
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>>james f: 2 was never actually used in space will take a quick break it was for 53 come of this to get choppy in the east bay colony of the world close pursuit who was to your office of after cover the next.
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>>robin winston: will take a look of the rest of the the area coming. >>james f: the sea is the art of oakland post and the video out of the facebook page with the called the world's gross pursue.
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>>james f: there was another shooting on a busy today for what will take a look at the trend the shooting of cost that portion of the bay area + three people were arrested for the murder of a mill grandfather were family members are telling kron 4 about one of the suspects who was arrested. (vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase? at enterprise, we guarantee it. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... change your thinking about buying your next one. at clorox 2 we've turned removing stains into a science. now pre-treat with clorox 2! watch stains disappear right before your eyes. remove 4 times more stains than detergent alone.
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>reporter: in the fall in redwood city 5451 for and to have were not looked for a lot of warming in the far east they really much of and access ordains the giants a vs seven f- 15 game time temperatures mid 15th whenever we get will start to clear out of that time and when dropping from 15 to remaining. >>reporter: course is a work on
5:01 am
the coast of the upper fifties will surely with the models have to say. >>robin winston: no. the problem that is backing up quickly after bay bridge toll plaza and if you have to headed to san francisco in your paint-there was a little bit of a slowdown in the castle is on the far that can sign the south shetland a wide and the caste lines on the far right those wide-open the problems and the problems in downtown san francisco. >>darya f: another shooting on the busy easter a freeway on a 20 shalom the area free lessons of november. >>jackie sissel: the latest shooting shut down parts of 580 west of town for over two hours last nine police aseity
5:02 am
investigator would believe to be the 22nd shooting since november according to police it was last night at around 548 in the evening the shots were heard being fired on or near five in the westbound i forgot all this is the 22nd shooting on east bay freeway since november in this two weeks ago on highway 4 that a 25 you're the mother of four were shot and killed on the freeway and many of these attacks of and targeted but obviously still people who drive these freeways far very real were hoping to use the chp. >>jackie sissel: to get a better
5:03 am
understanding to exactly what occurred on the freeway last nine but was shut down for several hours the chp comb the area looking for evidence. >>mark d: with into law was a barn and a trip in the search nearly 4,000 a. and strong winds as the loss of is the time is 20% to more than hundred firefighters on the scene along with air tankers and helicopters. >>james f: 27 your key to green's body was found in the field and some county early this month and have just recently heard from his mother who tells us that one of the suspects to
5:04 am
the rest it was its former gore friend stiffening as well as with current boyfriend the third first who was arrested has not been identified by police get there arrested all three at an upscale home and hillsborough early saturday morning his self on was later found the following day in golden gate park and his body was formed on may 11th and filled their heels bernard again for your rested for his murder of a face numerous charges the third person has yet to identify women and for that of the. >>darya f: he said he was
5:05 am
frustrated with the slow pace of the case she would missing in march of 2012 all went to school should never showed up to the bus stop providing has never been found president obama in the announcement in vietnam this morning as far as a to asia. >>mark d: president obama said the u.s. was to analyze what themselves on the case the case basis and one for access to the farms and to try to deal with the land reclamation and military construction in the dispute. >>darya f: the egyptians presence is mounting evidence is pointing to a sudden and dramatic catastrophe than the to the crash of the egypt and flat and 04 to crash into the
5:06 am
mediterranean sea late wednesday night all 66 crew on board were killed the flight went down as a was close to finishing and getting to cairo from paris this capital clinton rode the primary avenue and the contra costa canal trial also did not find in the victims and they don't believe in the homes were damaged never seen this afternoon as the currency collecting.
5:07 am
a >>mark d: size from 24 points no one of such income or 20 points the were his friends at the alamo defenders to watch a game three the shuttle and the best ones given inventiveness like competition but excitement died when the warriors started
5:08 am
dying despite that loss fans was still optimistic. >>mark d: the sharks on the road a st. louis for game 5 to 9 is a furnace and reversing the chairwoman of the democratic what he did that have some democratic leaders upset our
5:09 am
rescuers were able to get to some who survived after the birth to date is the last day that you have to register to vote for the california primary how californians put in a planned a big role in this year's presidential election.
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>>reporter: up stranded this is the same location of the colder upstairs meeting in looks like even tomorrow was one will be less impressed with may be potentially some fifties on the east bay shoreline most of the day that when this catches of ram card the slope to talk to all this the first 03 mentioned from santa rosa accomplice in daytime heating a lot of calls
5:14 am
to that loosen some variable. >>robin winston: the fast-track
5:15 am
wines a wide open and their wide-open traffic is still nice and smooth into downtown san francisco. >>darya f: they couldn't bed the
5:16 am
deciding cap the knife henry clinton nor burn incense have clinched enough delegates to win the nomination presumptive republican nominee donald trump is also shy of the delegates needed. >>mark d: avernus and is campaigning in southern california preparing for the june 7th primary sanders is taken heat for his fund raising on half of the legislative race he said on an appeal for donations on behalf of a former congressional candidate the congressional and happens to read as the chairwoman of the democratic national committee and he says he wants to represent a we have more on the ongoing battle with the democrats. >>reporter: nissen is harder for new cell and his battle to democratic.
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5:18 am
>>mark d: the clintons also in california this week pushing for both the support a return to as a loss and loss today in the former president bill clinton to attend events in fresno stockton and sacramento will be visiting san francisco for a campaign event tomorrow. >>mark d: >>james f: donald trump apparently have no other way than it is a tennessee republican his serves as chairman of the senate embolus is committed to working with them on to talk about however the name has been floated along as a possible vice president pick for trump will see what comes down and of the political news one of the toughest
5:19 am
critics is calling on republicans to support their presumptive nominee. >>darya f: 2 so the call to mind an elector.
5:20 am
>>mark d: the san francisco giants fan is of this series against chicago cubs madison baumgartner the the law himself on the mound i place a tag on the san diego and once again to nine first pitch at 715 the
5:21 am
sock back russell dipody is due in court today is the molesting a young from will have more on the charges commingle.
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>>darya f: a lot of them stars what the states for the annual billboard music awards of the biggest moment belonged to the veteran performers. >>reporter: celine dion is emotional performance the show must go on for months after
5:25 am
losing her husband had a fans in tears of the billboard music awards but it would lead to get choked up when the sun came to resent her with the billboard icon ward and when she and is set the stage with family and one was left in las vegas and the goal was reunited in turn by turn of the 1980 hit the band is set for reunion tour this summer retreat to print stevie wonder and joy and madonna and the entire team over the recall to close the show singing purple ran for the proper one--purple rain for the purple one.
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>>reporter: there you can sample
5:29 am
size wedding for the sun to john and ask that is not we have shower to match in the forecast as we progress in to the afternoon hours the to the judge right now pretty much the fifties over most of the region at the ready for school forecast temperatures will go for much of the 50 to up to 62 by noon to compare 3:00 with again amid the shower stall and 67 cool to calls as you struggle to reach about 60. >>robin winston: the bay bridge toll plaza headed into san francisco if you're cash they customer is backing up on to the
5:30 am
880 of a crossing from the right is not a matter of the five chaplains are vital a pretty good camille heading into san francisco installed and to back up to the foot of the main since moving very well across the upper deck the average our time in 50 minutes to get to the sky. >>darya f: santa clara county deputy is out of the hospital he was injured in an incident in the main jail we're learning that he was severely beaten by an inmate who has a history of the salt the investigation is still on all when the deputy was taken to hospital treated had a bruise of his have apparently not too bad because he was released within an hour of arriving to a hospital we know over the past year deputies have
5:31 am
been accused of abusing in mystical and three deputies facing murder charges for going after an inmate of mentally ill inmates and children of the santa clara county jail house to the point will the deputy they will not involve surveillance video from costco just to put it into the jail house while they were waiting for proposals to happen. >>will tran: we're still trying to find out more information on exactly what happened in this specific and as we mentioned this deputy to the various was treated and released. >>james f: the fire broke out yesterday morning installer street and vallejo we have video
5:32 am
from the scene this morning showing you what the fire look like at its peak neighbors and five jumped and try to help all by using the on garden hoses and a said it was really emotional when the mother earth and a teenage son can run out of the house were never ran in to try to help. >>james f: the mother and a teenage boy were burned were taken to hospital for treatment that are expected to survive that injuries investigators are still looking into what started that fire. >>darya f: a santa clara,
5:33 am
edition of correctional that the accused of molesting of their four years ago in san jose is set today to a parent or a return to class i to judge to set bail the first to come stem from an alleged sexual abuse of a girl four years ago what he was off-duty he faces wanted to years to life in prison if he's convicted he is employed as a cult of the opinion of him placed on unpaid minister lee. >>darya f: the 25 your freddie gray died last year after breaking his neck while police costing they said the 30 you're at with near room unlawfully arrested him without probable
5:34 am
cost and was negligent when he did not buckle him into a seat belt in a police van he is charged with assault misconduct of reckless endangerment. >>mark d: he was killed when the u.s. john five on his vehicle in southwestern pakistan his death from a lead of an organization must continue to plow and leaks and attacks on u.s. and coalition forces in this raid was against afghan people and a tin schoolgirl's all of them between a to the 512 have been killed in a dorm fire and a boarding school and thailand. >>darya f: a number of other
5:35 am
women were able to skate but officials of the before, firefighters spent three hours battling this blaze and rescuing survivors from a second story window in the bottom build and. >>mark d: the bus was full civil caring about 200 women back retreat from the trash to down the california the cause of the accident is under mr. nation gas
5:36 am
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>>robin winston: mostly in the cash and with overall to the ride across the upper deck a second of the richmond san rafael bridge. >>mark d: the prescriptions and the u.s. are the kind for the first time in about 20 years according to a new analysis by the n.y. times descriptions of the addictive pain killers have
5:39 am
skyrocketed since 1996 the paper said the number of prescriptions pick from 2012 according to the time doctors may be heeding warnings of painkillers can be highly addictive while there is a drop member prescription the amount of deaths linked to the madison did not decline. >>mark d: the attacks are thinking about when donald trump and hillary clinton how they could change course of the general election.
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>>mark d: and this happened just before 6:00 this to the evening and was about 5 in richmond is more than 20 shootings on bay area freeways since last
5:44 am
november >>robin winston: no major hot spots if it had over to the richmond san rafael bridge you can beat the rush because it is the lay free on five a west.
5:45 am
>>reporter: we have looking for the new disturbances to bring this the opportunity of showers not been easily with the 4.47
5:46 am
for some male 53 gone on for a little more and that is the breakdown folklore '60s we're talking hi this is at lower 60s with the what southwest plan 1015 and the the debris the onshore flow program with an advertising. >>reporter: however what develops more interesting as much of the collection and friends are is beginning on the shores of the unarmed to use it again time one best known in the truck for tomorrow nestling into wins that we have an opportunity all in the fifties
5:47 am
along the coast is already up to about two tech expected to continue also point to the seven forecast in was the one of blessing of the far east of the about seven the conference could bird 68.
5:48 am
>>james f: 35 year-old howe was shot to death in yes to the evening of troopers and a two- year veteran and a former navy seal an investigation is underway into everything that the to the shooting last nine.
5:49 am
>>darya f: he was arrested in december after the deposition and the woman's lawsuit became public, one for people with small of the berlin and replace western few people after the killed a corner them while they're high in with the dogs and have the animals came apart from-to the moment they were walking on trails in the record by killdee was seen interested in those two small dogs. >>mark d: escorted the hiker and a dollop of the park police a people-in the area use caution and mention the animals are on
5:50 am
leashes. >>darya f: lead america sees a card is a team experience in russia and its own the bulk of mobile pavement and have an of civilian. >>gabe slate: to access to
5:51 am
digital wallet and your phone will tap the to the atm you have authorized a transaction with a fingerprint on the fall. >>mark d: the national average
5:52 am
is the 232 4 gal. of regular and the price hike due to continuing increase in crude oil prices gas price of 55¢ a gallon since late february and those average is actually in tucson arizona a $94 down on average.
5:53 am
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>>reporter: so contemptuous of a '60s that at no cost when the about 10 recall to be on the chilly model in the balance of the seventh forecast getting in on import we can scatter cause recall an indian. >>darya f: the weekend box office results and captain america finally has found a worthy competitor captain
5:56 am
america was in second and 33 million the and birch for them neighbors to sort it arise in. >>darya f: cruise a scowl on the matter stringency the canfor wreckage from rigid air flight data for with egyptian president says happen for the plane went
5:57 am
down later draymond green tech stars the thunder down under the fall that everyone is talking about tax concerns and is today another shooting on the busy freeway. ♪ hey!
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>reporter: is one to be of cool for the next several is an opportunity for some showers ease the looks like quite a bit of cloud cover and the record to have their vote calls for today will get the sun out there to dole's performance and attic of the performances here and tell the sec and the saddle and ride out the correction in showers far toward the north to play out the temperatures are in large in the '50s and the most part for some of the to the spot for sunnyvale.
6:01 am
>>robin winston: number of the problems hot spot free the drive times 15 minutes from downtown oakland to downtown san francisco and saw six if you have to use a come out of dublin and to so long to enforce the drive time to two minutes in dublin of to mission south. >>mark d: 20 shootings on bay
6:02 am
area for which such november. >>jackie sissel: the latest incident have lost about 580 richmond shut down for several hours last night their report to the shops were being fired near regatta in the western town 580 and at that point sea its g-7 shut down the entire westbound lane and to continue their investigation this is the 22nd shooting since november it was two weeks ago that a 25 year-old mother of four were shot and
6:03 am
killed and pittsburgh on highway 4 this of the third shooting in the stretch on long 589 since november please continue the investigation. >>jackie sissel: we're hoping to get the information about last night's shooting innocent is to get the information will pass along. >>darya f:-and now a santa clara county deputy is out of hospital he was beaten at the main jail. >>will tran: the death of his name is not being released the we do know that he went to check on and make two hasn't history of a saw and this was yes to the afternoon was taken to hospital fortunately spend only our hospital from the investigation
6:04 am
is still on going to does not appear to deputy did anything wrong with the santa clara come to share of that today the department has been on the fire over the past year accused of assaulting and meant and factory that is on trial accused of killing a mentally ill inmate last august she won a choose plans to issue one of those cameras mounted in the gel hall she said she did want to wait for the proposal to carry a was to protect a year or two to finally have those cameras installed as far as what happened yesterday that is still ongoing. >>will tran: the good news is
6:05 am
that the again the crux of the 10th is back home this morning. >>james f: he was 27 your key to bring his body was found in the field of sonoma county earlier this month if we have a chance the speaker's mother and she tells of the one of the suspects arrested of the former girlfriend tiffany also arrested was the current boyfriend the third person a customer has not been identified by police brass still waiting for the office of the rest of all three early saturday morning and upscale home and he had been reported missing at the end of april it was last in going to the millbrae and kickoffs into his room that he will go to meet someone with in the skis his wallet.
6:06 am
>>darya f: and just decide whether to delay the trial of a man suspected of concealing a lot more early this month the as the court for new lawyers to represent him because he said he was frustrated with the slow pace of this case chin with a missing of march of 2012 rose on a way to school and never showed up the bus stop her body covered and found. >>darya f: the plane crashed into the mediterranean last late wednesday night all 66 people on board killed of egypt has sent a
6:07 am
submariner to the much running to join in the hunt for the flight recorders and what down is about to finish its way from paris to cairo. >>mark d: police on the conference opens video that could help them with vendors to get drive by shooting and, also did not find in the victim they do not believe in the homes were damaged by bullet piercing yes to the collecting the casings in the interim debt to secure the campbell homes and it would leave them to the shoulders.
6:08 am
6:09 am
>>mark d: that think it was on purpose the can be expected to announce if he confessed from the discipline their concerns of possible one game suspension.
6:10 am
. >>mark d: the hopes about to back off hatteras loss on saturday they beat the domestic peace and to six to three in the game for the seven series and is now tied to any peace bid tax applicable to adopt of the hillary clinton how to change the course of the jaw election.
6:11 am
6:12 am
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6:14 am
>>robin winston: look at the bay bridge toll plaza it is backed up after have to pay cash this woman is sitting this jam stretching all the way back to the maidens on to fight in the westbound, author of the market some pablum if you have to use the san mateo bridge track continues to pick apart what i need to
6:15 am
>>robin winston: we'll see any major hot spots is a quick eight minutes from the 85 split had enough to 237. >>reporter: and even called cover you can see from the sky camera will be negotiating to drop today but upstream and as for the collection and consent to something you recommend a plan for this of to the north and petitioning.
6:16 am
>>reporter: iv to them around the noon hour 1:00 this to the collection of shower potentially crucial, because of the cold air and go overnight and over matt we do get to showers encroaching on the east may you conceive by 6:00 a.m..
6:17 am
>>reporter: 69 for santa clara you could see not as much in the way of progress as is typical of the global seven schools and once thought. >>mark d: a wildfire burning grow and to more than 6 4 mi.. >>james f: the high winds explode to nearly 4,000 a. and is roughly 6 4 mi..
6:18 am
>>james f: again this is a huge fire the upshot is a dealer reported injuries and they say no home to a threatened what is at risk will tell you is the power lines if you have some major transmission lines and if the fire takes those down, could declare a widespread power moms. >>darya f: has happened today is the last day to register if you want to vote in the june 2nd primary you have to register by the end of today on the
6:19 am
republican side as of the republican nominee down a trunk is also shy of the delegates needed. >>andrew spencer: the political attacks go both ways the attacks continue working to new polls all sunday show one half of likely voters have an unfavorable view of donald trump and hillary clinton. uranus and
6:20 am
is recommended that he is a long-shot candidate at this point. >>andrew spencer: his numbers have just the construction is much better than clinton for now trumpets happen to play at the democratic divide.
6:21 am
>>darya f: former president bill clinton will be in fresno stockton and sacramental and he will be visiting san francisco for a campaign event more room. >>mark d: the giants and some of the series against the chicago cubs it to the madison baumgartner show he was on the mound guest today the giants'
6:22 am
second on the san diego padres tonight at 715 this them down on the wire but they cannot overcome the deficit yankees 154. >>darya f: amalgamates fought with ticket matching five of the six numbers from friday night's drawing was sold in cupertino it was purchased at the call to mind the cost on south the and the boulevard listed the people's numbers 192426.
6:23 am
>>darya f: would take the charges she faces after the break called our camera and employee attack by shoppers and victoria's secret. okay, ready?
6:24 am
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>>mark d: 5 bomb attack of the tortoise to complete the have it restored my amex for the disaster of this data cannot merchandise that is an employee noticed when the woman started walking toward the door with it at hand the suspect did not go
6:26 am
to the people one comes back and come to the employee again >>reporter: they closed the show
6:27 am
singing purple rain. >>reporter: back with more news weather and traffic.
6:28 am
6:29 am
>>reporter: we have conditions
6:30 am
like this 62 by noon three coccyx some. >>robin winston: may be about 33 minutes to get to downtown san francisco
6:31 am
>>james f: it is a desperate effort to try and save the child made the said the tax cut the fire.
6:32 am
>>darya f: hindu court today for a plea hearing and his attorney contacted to set bail he faces 23 years to life in prisonn;;
6:33 am
>>darya f: you remember the 25 year-old freddie gray died last year when has not brought in police custody the senate third year-old officer and board of unlawfully arrested him without probable cause of negligent what he did not go come to the seat belt in the back of the clinton plan. >>mark d: he was killed when u.s. drawn five on his vehicle in southwestern pakistan and a
6:34 am
team schoolgirl's all the between the ages of 512 have been killed in a dorm fire, >>mark d: president obama making the announcement in vietnam this morning as part of his trip to asia this in the arms embargo is not the sound relations with china the desire to normalise relations of vietnam.
6:35 am
>>mark d: this happened yesterday afternoon on highway 330 in the san bernardino mountains about 60 mi. east of los angeles. >>darya f: the prescriptions of the addictive and killers have skyrocketed since 1996 on a to come to hit the market to the number of prescriptions people around 2012.
6:36 am
>>darya f: you have bought the man california and the concern is the possible loss. contamination we have on our website of full list of the public's.
6:37 am
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6:40 am
>>robin winston: is getting called approach to the san mateo bridge toll plaza. >>darya f: team of girls and was seattle is turning the world of the to the baseball upside-down that called beaches been named after rwanda's team that played in the olmec and golf professional baseball the that in 1943 but unlike the tin old
6:41 am
his girls play against the boy this the internet goes crazy after a phantom concerns lebron james reeling.
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6:44 am
>>mark d: the lead the shooting happened just before success to the evening on was the bonfire. richmond more than 20 schillings on bay area for a range since last november 3rd people have been arrested for the murder of 27 years old keep the grain from a brain the third person has not been identified.
6:45 am
>>robin winston: sh still backed up at the toll plaza of no problems on the bridge then from 580 and 24 and will be indexed and demand ride to get to downtown san francisco. >>robin winston: a little heavy on top the 242 and salt 680 to have to live concord and pleasant hill is crowded because of an earlier incident-four
6:46 am
backing of quickly getting into confidence on normal quick check of the south bend maybe half the was no one on one stoppable traffic leaving south san jose just north of the 85 split. >>reporter: still negotiating of a lot of the cloud cover we're on opposite pattern seen more
6:47 am
progress to the fifties and the east of the shoreline and and up to the hills meanwhile the six discovered us will will see a little bit more cloud cover we're back to shower to come from a model for to the amount 1:00 12:00 because to the development in northern seventh
6:48 am
of seven is set to do it as it and fired them a slight pullback will pull the to the weekend we may revisit. >>james f: you consider the crime scene behind this this after he fired on police in 1.1 the state trooper we learned a little more about that to
6:49 am
present a 10 year veteran and a former navy seal in the last hour than he is now out of surgery and is expected to survive in the manhunt ended nearly eight hours that he fatally shot officer ronald tarantino during contract talks early as the morning but the latest in the storming.
6:50 am
the hike to walk on the trail on the record of blackmail the and it's an interesting and small box there live the scare away the pile with a is what i was in the docks and of the province's people high in the area should use caution to make sure the animals on the issues. >>darya f: the average price of gasoline jumped another 5¢ in the past two weeks the national average is $2 and a 2¢ for the on a regular and the price hike is due to a continuing rise in crude oil prices is a resin and
6:51 am
55¢ a gallon. >>darya f: the slack is blown just a little bit this is from the embarcadero let's take a look at the weather and your neighborhood and just a few minutes.
6:52 am
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6:56 am
>>mark d: and they were brought to the water there was a test called the cave train no. 3 05 track of pedestrian the service backing up in the area this cause a major delay their work on setting up a bus bridge for passengers.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>robin winston: it is confirmed fatality a person was struck and killed by a train their work to supplement the bosporus is an account of an investigation we're still got some more details and if you have to use a couch and this one expect to use any of the for 60 minutes and i didn't.
7:00 am
>>darya f: where are born to an end to the tops or another shooting on a busy east bay freeway more than 20 schiin


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