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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  May 23, 2016 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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early morning raid at hillsborough home right now we cannot confirm cool the alleged ring leader was. >>dan kerman: he represented him last november when he was arrested for abusing her he says charges were never filed.
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>>vicki liviakis: a man is wanted for arson his close of some of fire in side of the home where his son was with and that the boy died of his mother was also injured in the fiery glance. >>terisa estacio: the vallejo police departments talk about this man they're wrong sumac in 53 your who reported father of the board five year-old who died sunday in the fire engulfed his home he was trapped inside the
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lieutenant said it is the belief that the president put gasoline and home.
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>>: focus at this point is locating him in locating land a man and which is second to consistently and no one else is and if. >>grant lodes: 25 people this place in and tear of the weekend after an apartment complex caught on fire officials of saturday morning on seven 15th for the fire contained with about 30 minutes is to follow entryway near parkman the score to south of highway 4 and into your 2 people had to be treated at the scene for smoke inhalation. >>grant lodes: they said the fire caused $1 million in damage the total of 60 was what impact the cost is being invested in. >>vicki liviakis: another shuttle on a busy highway that is the ec to be responding to report off shots being fired on five a the shooting happened on 548 yesterday and even when officers arrived the shut down all was calm wednesday meeting and we're looking for bullet casing chp reopened the minds
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quickly after police did report that no one was injured from the shooting war is still ongoing investigation. >>vicki liviakis: this the third shooting to occur on. that is on. >>grant lodes:. >>reporter: in overseas operations here at the main jail has confirmed that to jail guards or arrested earlier on monday in charge with the alleged beating of and met reuben garcia is a long and custody but reporters suffered permanent disfiguring injuries to his job. >>reporter: this off to london early monday and both booked on one count each of felony assault the color and accused of assaulting garcia late last
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year about a month before three other guards allegedly beat to death of mentally ill men inmate michael they're now awaiting trial for murder. >>reporter: this is the rest are the direct result of the ongoing probe into alleged excessive use of force at the county jail. >>: these actions run contrary to what the debt is returned to do that if and for all the of the death leaves the door and a poor job and our gel facilities into joe garcia is a maximum sentence of a year here in the county jail, have been on paid leave since the investigation began. \ >>grant lodes: a related note is sent to clear conditions of our confirmed that a guard m was a
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salted by it and make of the weekend and said the guard was insulted by it and make of the jail south wind from such as a precaution his cigar was taken to hospital treated for minor injuries he was back on the job with in a few hours. >>grant lodes: i we did not expect to be saying this the golden state warriors in a hole once again after suffering a cut deeply blue lost last night in game 3 of the western conference
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finals > >>grant lodes: after his leg kick our hidden stephen adams this is but one of the town had lined the route to listen to sports talk and installed in was talking about the automatically reviewed plays like that and they could increase the penalty > >>dan kerman: you have heard a huge sigh of relief all across the bay area of this to the he
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will not respond if the game for instead install the of credits to a flagrant soon and he's been fined $25,000 with the main thing is he will not have to set out > >
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>>dan kerman: hundred the rotunda of the worst postseason off in the steve kerr air road leading by 41 and one. indigotin to carter percent shooting on prince_+ #s
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>>reporter: san jose the could set back the lead after getting 63 of the weakened if they win tonight it will have a chance to clinch a spot in the stanley cup finals when they are back home for game 6 on wednesday and will repeat of that. >>grant lodes: 290 we are
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learning that officers at of the bay area police departments may have also been involved with the woman for a center of the scandal the store you on the scene, and up next > my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locate and mark fieldman for pg&e. most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e.
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>>grant lodes: it is now expanding we learned of the young woman at the center of the controversy is now called a spotlight on law enforcement and of the jurisdiction > >>haaziq madyun: two of those officers quit their jobs last week it and the sources tell of the same girl involved in the scandal is also connected to all clusters in the richmond police department there is now 18 years old and speaking for herself
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she told the there was sexual activity that at the time she says she was no longer a minor and there but no exchange of learning > >>haaziq madyun: was an unattended discovery and to the suicide of all africans officer brendan o'brien last year >
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>>grant lodes: it has been delayed again and a huge charge with killing the morgan hill teenager who disappeared in march of 2012 the 25 it was identified as suspect in her death after investigators say they found her the name and his vehicle the attorney plans to file three motions in court including a change of trying the new > >>charles clifford: 4 hours of
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the shut down service through this area and around a 30 they wrote in with a single track but that also many people instead of hopping into countering > >>grant lodes: a person was hit by a trained amazing is survived the police report of a man under one of the trains at the embarcadero station service impact of off objections to the result east of a bomb aboard service at the time >
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>>vanessa beziq: it is 40 percent contained this all there are 200 firefighters battling this region fire >
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>>dan kerman: will have some thunderstorms pop and just east of san jose near vermont hunting of the season strong showers coming down in that direction really that is the heaviest them in parcels of san juan by we have numerous buy insurance with the system ought not to let this chance to see a couple scatters articles nothing to headed for the commute not too bad law as it had to tomorrow after watching once
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again some of the heating from the sun shine maybe a couple of of funds of the best > >>vanessa beziq:
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>>: chris when juan high school and talks to the kids that don't think it can happen because it happened to him if it was for the help of the legend chris mullin he would not be here right now drug-free since 2008 he shared his story and hopes of seven others especially teams tomorrow he will be here in the bay area is on to the attention for the arts and 7:00 in walnut creek's. >>vicki liviakis: the bird is in one of the officers involved in the freddie gray case there
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will and the next baseball san diego padre is in the music tonight after a botched the national anthem.
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>>vicki liviakis: will have reaction to that article. >>reporter: stang his statement that he and his family are " on the deck of this nightmare is finally over and maintains he and his law office and did nothing wrong in was are but three of the office of amnesty encountered him if the attorney
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for friend simon commend the judges said what would disappointed with the outcome.
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>>catherine heenan: it was not handled very well what happened this san diego and have issued an apology to that city's course they had a cabin on the film they're all set to sing the national anthem is a little while ago we learned mention the baseball as wang and and will investigate this incident this
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say they were modified and cannot understand what the team handled so badly in they now say they have fired the third part a contractor who was responsible for what they are calling in air >
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>>grant lodes: and just when the crimson and starts to wind down from republicans the democratic race even >
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>>catherine heenan: send a supporter of the clinton more negatively than positively on
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two-thirds of the ruble for her 20 percent said they will vote for donald trump > >>grant lodes: she is considered the front-runner to replace
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retiring senator barbara boxer and the june 7th primary with advanced to talk to regardless of the political affiliation > >>dan kerman:
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>>dan kerman:
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>>reporter: rep recall taxes was to see the game more control their own operation like staffed instead of headquarters call the shots with terms and go up and
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down some congress said the csa is long overdue for lack of love and its own culture in order to seem the more, most travelers who spoke to felt fine but extra time line they ceded nothing more than a sign of the time. >>reporter: >>vicki liviakis: 01 about something use every day with your computer that can be a security risk would call several cars to plunge on the ground.
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>>grant lodes: not enormous will attempt to small the state code, the suspicion that witness is having one to cross street the everyday computer accessory that my been putting you at risk.
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>>pam moore: what the woman at the center of the investigation told him today about her connection with others and law- enforcement is disclosed to reporters coming up to nine.
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>>gabe slate: packer finds a floor on the electronic cold away to take over the bronco and from there to take over the computer that means someone else can pretend to be you through your computer to not even as opposed to social media anything you can do on your computer they can do a mouse
5:47 pm
jack can also be down from laptop. >>gabe slate: they can do the attack from 500 ft. away from across the street to wall we did test the 13 different bomb goes from five major manufacturers would talk to several of the manufacture of the wireless mice and keyboards who told as they were aware of the findings and
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they released from work of this is that people could down vote to pass the security created by the down go. >>grant lodes: how vulnerable are you to of moss jack.
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>>reporter: 63 degrees in san francisco 69 in san jose 70 degrees in concord and 70 degrees in santa rosa we have the cancer various water on the next couple days of unsettled weather the sea breeze and giving a little bit stronger this evening as cecil winds blowing in some san in oakland.
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>>reporter: a mix of sun shine in the south bank of temperatures look and 68 degrees we think is going to
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stay job although it is one system that was to rotate for the bay area with a to the drop was see what happens. >>grant lodes: they're developing something that will have multiple applications including delivering a big blow to wrinkles.
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>>grant lodes: some cassandras ought calling of flight what was on or around the cabin at 35,000 ft..
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>>reporter: to cut stock on the can for hours with tarantula spindles and our rental flight home from to, she thought to call on her like she the down and saw it a spider coming up her leg was called by the
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plastic in has been the other zero men and land and the gas is the war as rental giant engines in the dominican republic possibly stolen someone's care reform he says don't worry a to a rental van is not strong this in the cabin crews are trying to hide or tie safety and a statement the vote in the case at hand was an unusual isolated event there reacted promptly and efficiently.
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>>grant lodes: the woman behind the sex and others what in the east bay but she told kron 4 about the connection not only to open police department but officers and another department.
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>>pam moore: the former girlfriend of a missing their brand is one of our people are arrested and accused in the murder.
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>>reporter: his body was discovered may 11th in the field will hills burn for he was at the millbrae pancake house meeting with his ex-girlfriend who was also the mother of his two children sat that woman as well as a color boy friend child protective services is also involved he said charges would
6:01 pm
never filed because he gave false information to police. >>reporter: not charged in 2015 court documents indicate that he was convicted of domestic abuse back in 2013 and sentenced to probation and ordered to take an and manage a client's. >>reporter: former charges not yet filed was expected to come tomorrow morning the three suspects some of the first quarter can tomorrow afternoon.
6:02 pm
>>grant lodes: were first alerted to about the three suspects this one of the other one of just after 11:00 the convict retinues of us in a time when the mobile device by down load the mobile application. >>pam moore: sources tell us that the woman at the center of that scandal is connected to law enforcement officers and other jurisdictions the county sheriff's office has confirmed and is looking into the connection tsk. >>haaziq madyun: a connection between acting year-old soloist and officers in the richmond police department that is called multiple sources of oakland and richmond was found during an opiate the internal affairs investigation if according to
6:03 pm
sources and to miss a connecting him to the office and richmond like it discovered a way to voluntarily turned herself on over to open the internal affairs investigators.
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>>haaziq madyun: however she said she didn't have sex with someone and rich in treating so far no departments on the investigations have the initiative. >>grant lodes: a community is one of the death of a five your boy who died when they got trapped inside his home during a fire police are saying his father intentionally set that fire in there looking for this man if they say he set afire and install the streets of the we can use in some type of accelerant they're not being specific the fire killed the five your of the boy's mother was seriously injured as low as another teenager who was stuck inside of home with a survive nipissing the boy was will love
6:05 pm
police and they're not looking for the boy's father. she is being treated at an undisclosed location. >>grant lodes: the search is on for the boy's father he is considered to be dangerous. >>grant lodes: investigators say they're still looking for a cause the fire started just after 7 and the more damage to the success of the building which is on loan tree which is
6:06 pm
south of highway 4 and forced more than two dozen people from their homes to people had been treated for smoke inhalation we also learned the fire did about $1 million in damage. >>grant lodes: prosecutors are zero for two of their tips of baltimore police accountable and their arrest and that of freddie gray and ask. >>catherine heenan: had was one of three by of the system initially arrested grain and was later put in of and that and conscious of here right of the police station and died a week later from a spinal injury the family to my saying that they are elated with the verdict of community leaders are calling for calm there were several
6:07 pm
night of violent protest after the death by remember that come they were the second of six officers to stand trial you're looking at near room the first kiss and a mistrial in the office the retrial led by the attorney had argued the client touched him only twice swanson of the off the ground and again to help to other officer told him into a vein prosecutors argued all along but those officers had no probable cause to take him into custody in the first place. >>pam moore: that currently more
6:08 pm
than 200 firefighters and two air tankers that and the raging blaze and they say the fire threatened some homes but it has not spread to instructions at this time the fire broke out and prepared in the afternoon cash and within three hours and has soared nearly 4,000 a. that the reports of injuries at this time. >>reporter: the system on the can also cause beginning to build up some one in which has some thunderstorms popping up pretty strong sell developing this east of san jose near mount hamilton if you're traveling that we watch what you see some
6:09 pm
very heavy downpour within the next hour so it'll be coming down on top that you had to the central valley otherwise so far as and they're scattered out the door the temperatures are running in the '50s and '60s. >>grant lodes: people in california have just a few more hours if they still need to register to vote people want to vote in the june 7th primary have to sign up at the clock tonight for men our registration card by midland mid nine only registered republicans convoke in the gop presidential primary.
6:10 pm
>>pam moore: bill clinton is busy campaigning for his wife and calif. he is in sacramento right now after starting and the center about the to the former president stopped in fresno and headed to this rally in stock and is also speaking at the sacramento state university and attended a democratic fervor to like to also of sacramento is go the step towards expected to lack of tomorrow morning another fund-raiser in san francisco. >>grant lodes: post was looking ahead to the election in
6:11 pm
november the dramatic shift in the race between hillary clinton and donald trump plans of excessive force still play the santa clara county jail the latest of the elements are head. with the help of comfort keepers, i'm keeping my mom healthy! i'm keeping dad on schedule. i'm keeping my mom happy! comfort keepers in-home professional caregivers can provide meal planning and preparation, health and wellness services and personal care services through custom care plans that can change as needs change, so your aging loved ones can stay happy and healthy in their own home.
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>>pam moore: national poll
6:14 pm
numbers suggesting tight race between donald trump and hundred clinton an unlikely match up in november. >>grant lodes: >>reporter: tonight donald trump and helen returned to are deadlocked in a pair of national polls clinton leads down to some 46% and a new nbc news wall street journal poll what donald trump runs ahead of clinton 46 percent to 44 percent and the latest abc news washington post survey. >>reporter: for both oppose the differences are within the margin of error. also dismissed
6:15 pm
questions about whether trout might consider the republican as a potential with the rest between trump and clinton tightening the attacks between the two are intensifying clinton is called now trump for the six neighboring guns in schools
6:16 pm
hist. >>reporter: it is not the only issue where you find some some salmon with at odds with his own statement political reporters of the republican nominees competing trump international offerings as applying for permits to build a seawall to protect a golf course he owns and ireland citing global warming and its effect for erosion. . >>grant lodes: >>pam moore: more fallout from
6:17 pm
an ongoing probe into allegations of excessive use of force of the santa clara county jail. >>grant lodes: to more jail guards have been arrested and charged with assaulting an inmate forced to this afternoon and booked into jail 27 year- old to look at the 31 year-old both are facing one count each of assault under color of the starting. i>>: we had a major crime unit
6:18 pm
detectable harm to the border mexico and interviewed in the meadows and the present and a witness to this initial the dedication of all these complaints. >>grant lodes: if convicted he faces a maximum sentence of one year in the county jail and then they discard his offense against of abuse three of the guards are awaiting trial in that case. >>grant lodes: more to help police a king for suspected shoplifters tonight this him this person walked into a target store last nine races he then started cutting tax of some electronics employment that walk out of the store without paying officers were right outside waiting for him but before they could arrest them police say he took off running and got when. >>pam moore: a two year-old
6:19 pm
brain dead boy from vacaville is been transferred out of the united states the family of israel stinson says no hospital in the united states would accept their toddler last month he went into cardiac arrest after suffering a severe asthma attack led declared the boy brain-dead last week a sacramento judge granted a sort extention to keep the child on life-support no word on whether to your web and to continue his treatment you may remember a similar case she was the oakland teenager who declared brain-dead years of is reportedly she is recovering and shown some signs of life in new jersey her mother since the child can, and the response of request and some of her hands of her feet on command our attorney said her health is improving and she is not brain dead to a declared brain-dead back in 2013 after something wrong there and
6:20 pm
surgery however her family launched a huge legal fight to keep her alive support and sued you see as officials of hospital where there but the surgery took place. >>pam moore: our market one year later he was enrolled now he is the age of 12 he's been accepted to to university of california schools. >>reporter: it began with love of dinosaurs and the next thing you know if he was asked in his council allowed to call scores he was 6. let a 70 came back to convince mom and dad to ask american college about attending a class sphere finally a professor agree there was one
6:21 pm
condition mom had to participate it didn't take long for him to become the top student. >>reporter: she is a daughter of that in their medicine the professor said he was not afraid to ask questions as for five years at the ripe age of 12 he has been accepted to uc-davis and received a recent scholarship to you santa cruz. >>reporter: he was to become a doctor and medical research and general shout to this is often thought to be all the his is an
6:22 pm
ordinary child a pledge of videogames not just microscopes he just likes to learn. >>grant lodes: the shallows in the summer thunderstorms pop and about where it math and as some fog rolling in on short ride on the sea breeze kicking in and carry some low clouds and fog of sfo renowned. >>reporter: 56 and " was some
6:23 pm
fault of the deficit is 63 degrees are less crowded skies into san francisco the sea breeze had been strong this easing was in the push will insure that would carry a lot of cloud over nine it will be an interesting stuff as we headed to tomorrow morning. >>reporter: not only that but we have snow on the high in mono lot of folks like to go camping at this time of year ahead in that direction be prepared this, but dropping to seven '.
6:24 pm
>>reporter: 221 to be below normal very mild '60s and 07 is in the stock as a head to the east bank and the afternoon you see a lot clouds '60s the sum of seven is as well. >>pam moore: we will tell you where it is headed next.
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>>grant lodes: that kansas up under pressure to my over concussions and the georgia congressman's son of the league tried to influence a government study on the link between football and the condition known as a team in history associated with repeated concussions also powered airplane flying. >>pam moore: ohio is the birthplace of the aviation pioneer this is the latest leg
6:28 pm
of the planned journey new developments and the search for the down each of more this traumatic video and by the driver was originally pulled over. (scal): good day, m'lady!
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i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore.
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wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at >>reporter: here into san mateo county courthouse three people have been rested for the murder of keith green his body was discovered may 11th and filled in his bird the night before he disappeared authorities say he was at this pancake house meeting with this score from also happens to be the mother of his two children not woman timidly and two others are under arrest for his murder. >>terisa estacio: and saddle the
6:32 pm
house of five your boy police said that it was this man who set fire and that involves this homes on sun them. >>will tran: 101 south on a northbound the burlingame tough this morning because of an accident involving couch trying it happened at 630 an adult male was hit by a cow trying to the shut down this area for several hours while they investigated as well as to remove his body by fisher and had the spectacle person under investigation.
6:33 pm
>>reporter: of possible change of venue to the man accused of murdering more than held teenager see a lot more a turns out notified the corner of the intention to file a motion to move the trial of of santa clara county because of pre-trial publicity offensive change of venue is accused of the march 2012 murder of than 15 mar at morgan hill her body has never been found he will be back in court on june 17th for a status hearing the judge in the case like to decide on the change of venue motion on july 10th and ninth. >>pam moore: it has been four days as egypt air flight 8 04 disappeared off the radar over the latter's randy and scene and they're still so many questions about what happened to the
6:34 pm
client. >>catherine heenan: search and still have not found the boat of the wreckage one thing that might help the french have the summering with acoustic detectors standby although they're saying that they cannot use it until the search area test has been narrowed the meantime the accord is very concerned if this investigation is not on to go well if it contrasted entirely to the jeep egyptian that argue another crashed 12 years ago there were big problems and not much corp. is an organization representing the families of french victims test the one constant oversight.
6:35 pm
>>catherine heenan: never some attention to search of course hope of the from the black boxes in the meantime there was some complex and information from edition officials and others injured since the flight data for did not swerve or lose altitude before disappearing offering are the challenges an earlier account buying and the defense minister for people have died on mount everest in just the last four games mention the some of the rose tallest mountain is considered one of the most difficult and dangerous crimes in his. >>pam moore: over the weekend to
6:36 pm
more climbers died officials suspect the bay have altitude sickness. >>reporter: you consistent house moving in the kantor the san mateo brisbane's patchy fog but we had to bet on the storms began over the east bay hills above that in the sierra nevada lot of folks at a lot of there and you had more rain at lower elevations turning to snow about 7,000 ft. and we have another day of this before things began to settle down 11
6:37 pm
fish sauce and the next few days watching the weather begins to settle down return to more sunshine and the some patchy fog. >>grant lodes: sh a federal appeals court has reversed are run by held bank of america liable for fraud and for the company $1.2 billion to the course of them die and the evidence the jury found by america live was in the countrywide have lied about a colleague of mortgages cash that it had passed on to a candid and freddie mac the have not commented on today's ruling.
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>>grant lodes: the passenger and a car that now and was on the side of the highway and it was still behind one of the debt is approached the car in the driver right here hist essentially frozen in reverse and guns and slamming into it and see people on the sides since the driver of did escape after all of this.
6:42 pm
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>>gary: the kick was originally called was knows of flagrant one it was agreed to a flagrant to -->>catherine:. >>gary: the above said they did nothing wrong with their problem stretching the truth 11 green the rest of when back and forth before the decision here is a
6:46 pm
little before they decided that he would plan. >>gary: on the morning radio show people who are obviously finishes fled in the pros or and high-level said he would door of harper's been only dream lionel's for sure in the clunky the the purpose bird and the very least he got away with this would and should be in for shrink tomorrow night.
6:47 pm
>>gary: rubble outside of the war is a matter of we have the bathroom is a little adversity.
6:48 pm
>>gary: and the grand total of the find as $80.70 san said the warriors back to business on the corner as set we get blown up by 28 points to cook and for you a final it is the worst playoff loss obviously in the two years steve kerr has been the coach 41
6:49 pm
votes oklahoma city led a one. hist she is the first time to use when you had people we will find out again tomorrow night and the oklahoma city was and is
6:50 pm
on to the warriors and the cold the the down 31 coming back sh. >>gary:
6:51 pm
>>pam moore: we will be back with more. (scal): good day, m'lady!
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for >>pam moore: and vicki liviakis is in the news room once the allies check on whether. >>reporter: some interest and whether a bomb the area showers
6:55 pm
continue to look like and started to slide a little before the east have another round of showers possible for tomorrow may be some isolated thunderstorms by wednesday and as an. >>pam moore: dryness and install and touch on our web site and www.kron4.comthanks everbody.
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>> the insider, tracking the
6:59 pm
biggest stories making news today. >> number one, britney spears absolutely slayed at billboard awards. >> britney, how exciting is >> get it, girl. >> we have the shows top trending moments. >> everyone is asking me what i'm going to do. when i see selena. >> then the tamar braxton split the real or was she fired? >> it's not all roses every single day. >> who she claims stabbed her in the back. >> there was a little bit of bad blood with some cast members. >> and number three. who fell on "empire"'s balcony hanger. >> you have to go because you're effecting my coin. get out of here. >> all season secrets. anything can happen at empire. . i'm going face to fin for shark week. >> i'm behind the scenes in tahiti swimming with the oceans deadliest cast.
7:00 pm
>> you went right on. >> now, hollywood from the inside out. it's the insider together with yahoo!. >> took over sin city and set the billboard music awards on fire i mean, they were amazing. >> it was a good show. >> it was. >> the girl power brigade did not disappoint last night. from ariana to celine and then there was britney. keltie was tracking the top trending moments. starting at number one. britney slays it one more time. ♪ >> how excited were you to perform? get it girl. ♪ >> the go to getting ready britney spears song you always put on? >> i like slave. you wouldn't want to see me dance to it. but i like it. ♪ >> the dancing handled, thabs on point. sure she may have played it a


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