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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  May 25, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> steve:now at 8. breaking news out of novato. >> steve:a manhunt for three men after a double shooting in a quiet neighborhood. police say it happened near the end of fairway drive off of ignacio boulevard. >> pam:good evening. im pam moore. >> steve:and i'm steve aveson. (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now.
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>> grant: this is one of those places where you never hear gunshots and now all of a sudden you are searching for several suspects and not only is one person shot the other is staff. --stabbed >> grant: you are talking about a very quiet neighborhood with a cul-de- sac and a country club. neighbors were stunned that they were requested to stay in their homes because police were not aware if there were multiple shooting and what led up to this incident. it was not revealed until the last time. the received word of gunshots from around 530 and found one dead them through and then guns were drawn, after fighting another victim on the hillside. right near a really nice residential area. >> grant: this was about an
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hour ago being led away into a squad car. they are looking for perhaps, to other suspects. the description they gave earlier word of three hispanic males. this is from abc's seven news. >> grant: was just told by a source of kron 4 that a high school students may be involved. we are not aware of the exact nature of them being involved. but these are very shocking development in this part of nevada. and the indian valley. all where they defied one of the shooting victim. sad, as well as shot. --stabbed as well as shot.
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>> grant: we do have charles clifford. >> grant: at the scene of the shooting and tells us how the violence unfolded. >> the best for resources corporate--of breaking news. >> steve:we first told you about the shooting during kron-4 news at six. we also sent a push alert at 6:11 stay connected on breaking news by downloading our free kron-4 mobile app today. >> pam: a girl have gone missing and the east bay and authorities say it has happened under very suspicious circumstances live in vallejo with details. just thing?--
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jsutine? >> justine: must show you her picture. she is 15 years old. she is from vallejo and currently have green hair and last seen in a gray sweater and leges. here is what we know about her vanishing. solano county received several calls regarding shot fired that leads to homemaker to tailor ave. the sheriff's office says the witnesses, they sought a female when being pulled by a hispanic male. >> justine: the witness ran for help and a shot was heard. when deputies came to the scene they did see blood but they did not find anyone
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in the area. the female was identified by family members. we are talking to a young lady who called 911 this morning. pam you please tell us which alert whenever get ready for school prayer--ready for school >> i heard screaming when i was getting ready for school. i could not hear what she was saying but i could tell something was wrong. it was a panic screen. --scream >> justine: how many gunshot did you hear? >> to shot spirit--two shots >> justine: did you know
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her? >>no. >> everyone is just really worried about her. >> justine: lasting wearing glasses. the police are not aware if she was shot for the extent of her injuries. it's not even known if they left to gather. pearl and for metal are both missing. --pearl and fernando are both missing. >> justine: we will have an update on this story at 10:00. >> pam:justine, thank you for that report tonight. >> steve:also in vallejo.
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the man wanted for intentionally setting his house on fire.killing his five year old now in police custody. >> pam:grant lodes is following developments in this disturbing case. return to >> pam: grant? >> grant:police have been on the lookout for darylone shuemake ever since that fire overtook the family home over the weekend. and late this morning.richmond police say the 53-year old called that department's dispatch and said he wanted to surrender. >> grant:police arrested him where he said he was.near san pablo and barrett avenues. his five year old son, day- leone.died in the fire.which investigators are calling arson. the boy's mother suffered second degree burns in the fire. >> grant:she reportedly tried to save her young did neighbors.but they were unable to do so. a 13 year old who was also in that home.on stella street in vallejo.suffered minor burns. >> grant:investigators have not schuemake is behind bars tonight.accused or arson and
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murder. >> grant:pam? >> pam:a disturbing discovery in oakland today. as kron-4's dan kerman tells us. investigators are trying to determine the identity of the person. whose torso washed ashore near the bay bridge. >> reporter:just after noon today a construction worker taking a lunch break south of the old eastern span of the bay bridge discovered a torso that had washed up on the rocks >> police-- he was taking photos of some of the old bay bridge and the city skyline , while he was climbing around the rocks he discovered a torso >> reporter:homicide investigators and the coroner were brought to the scene. at this point they believe the body had been in the water for a month or a little longer and had washed ashore several days ago. >>right now we don't know the race but we do believe it is a young male >> reporter:as to whether foul play was involved, early indication is there was not since there was no trauma to the torso, which raises several other questions >>is this an accident, did someone accidently drown, was there a boating
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accident, was this a suicide or is it a missing person >> reporter: along the eastern and fan of the bay bridge,dan kerman >> pam:gunfire erupts again on an east bay highway. the 28-th shooting since november the california highway patrol sounding off today. about this series of highway shootings in the east bay. >> pam:the latest happening last night on i-80 in hercules. >> steve:and today drivers in hercules told kron4's haaziq madyun they're frustrated that law enforcement can't stop these shootings. >> reporter:another day, another person wounded by gunfire on a bay area freeway.the latest shooting incident happened around
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9:16 tuesday night here on interstate-80 near highway-4 in hercules. >> reporter:with nearly 30- shootings dating back to november of 2015, drivers are starting to aim their law enforcement. >>"you know haven't even seen a strong police presence beforehand and especially not now and i think that's an issue in itself" >> reporter:are you getting a little frustarted the cops haven't been able to catch these guys? >>"oh yeah! for sure, it's bad for the community you know because this is real nice town and i think it's safe but when it gets too close to where you're at it gets scary" >> reporter:for several months now, chp investigators have said these car-to-car shootings are not random incidents, placing the blame on gang activity. with the increasing number of shootings, that narrative is now being questioned by some drivers >> reporter:"you kind of question this being gang activity, you think it may be something else? what could it be? >>"random, random shootings, copycat, anything, any excuse just to go out and shoot" >>"it has to be gang related."
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>> reporter:gang related or not.these drivers say they just want police to put a stop to it >>"it's only a matter of time before more people get hurt so lets do something about it" >> reporter:investigators say the suspect vehicle in tuesday night's shooting is described as a black chevrolet el camino with tinted windows. >> reporter:in hercules haaziq madyun kron4news. >> steve: it has happened again. violent clashes between protesters and police. steps from disneyland anchor turned into violence outside a donald trump rally in anaheim. >> pam: swarms of police in riot gear clashed with protesters. at times using pepper spray and smoke grenades to disperse demonstrators.
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>> pam:catherine heenan shows us how a potential problem for hillary clinton was overshadowed, not only by the street demonstrations, but also by a pair of shirtless men. >>get him out. out out >> catherine:a handful of protesters made it inside the anaheim convention center. outside, a line of mounted police confronted a rock=throwing crowd. >> catherine:heavily armored swat teams made arrests long after the candidate departed, >>" virtually every municipal police agency within orange county has sent its resources to help us with this event. >> catherine:last night in albuquerque police used pepper spray and smoke grenades to disperse several hundred protesters, trump went on twitter to call them thugs who were flying the mexican flag. today he turned to hillary clinton. >>she's as crooked as they come. she had a little bad news today. not so good, the
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inspector general's report. not good. >> catherine:the long awaited report from the state department inspector=general says clinton's use of a private email server was "not an appropriate method" of preserving sensitive documents while she was secretary of state. >> catherine:clinton had no public comment at an appearance just a few miles from the trump rally today. she was dealing with another kind of distraction: >> catherine:as she began to speak in she and actor jamie lee curtiss spotted a pair of shirtless men with the letter "h" painted on their chests. >>i gotta admit it's a little distracting. so i'm going to look over here, or over here. >> catherine:clinton is heading to the bay area this evening. she will appear at rallies in san jose and downtown san francisco tomorrow. >> pam:candidate bernie sanders has no appearances scheduled for the bay area. today, he held rallies in cathedral city and lancaster in southern california. his campaign says, he will be in ventura tomorrow, l=a on friday, bakersfield on saturday and fresno on sunday. >> pam:ahead at eight. the t-s-a- grilled on capitol hill today. facing mounting criticism for major delays in the airport security lines. >> pam: >> reporter: the san jose
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sharks are attempting to advance to the stanley cup finals for the first time in history. >> steve: for major delays in the airport's security line. they will reveal their plans to relieve long lines.
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>> grant: a lot of affirmation on the breaking news. >> grant: take a look at where this is happening. a shelter in place. right near, marin country club. the roles that we are talking about this st. andrews drive and fairway drive. at 530 hearing gunshots, he could take a look at the video from a short time ago. with our helicopter the partnership with abc 7 . un guns are drawn. police looking for to potential suspect. eventually, the three suspects were described as the three hispanic males. that could
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be one of them right there. we do not know the exact identity of the suspect or the other to outspend the suspects. the shoulder--the shoulder--the shelter in place still remains. >> grant: this is a very quiet neighborhood her if you will see large homes. at 530 tonight that was the place. and to the call the sec. they were staging right now. it is on 42 potential suspect critic but the law that says the big nose we just learned one of the victims were also stabbed. and one was a high-school student. we have learned that one has passed away-- >> grant: the big news we've
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just learned, one of the vehicles was also stabbed and one with a high-school student. -- one of the victims >> grant: at the moment there is no real moment for most of. once we learn something charles clifford will of davis. --learn something. >> pam: d.c. as a grilled on capitol hill today. with major delays and the airport security lines. >> pam:the agency's top
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leader. testifying before a homeland security committee. peter neffenger addressed the challenges the t-s-a has agency is working on streamlining airport lines. >> pam:part of the plan is being tested in atlanta. the system automatically re=routes baggage bins with suspicious bags to a separate conveyer belt. >> pam:it also includes lanes where people can remove their shoes and jackets at their own pace. the t-s-a says, it is seeing four - times the number of bags it used to see. potentially because of airline baggage fees. >> pam:and though, the agency hopes the new system will ease security traffic. the t-s-a acknowledges, a noticeable difference could take years. >> steve:the aggressive swarm of bees in concord that killed two dogs.are not africanized killer bees. the state department conducted d-n-a tests after removing the hive from a beekeeper's property on may 14th. the tests reveal the bees are just regular honey bees. >> steve:you may remember the swarm killed two dogs and injured several others. >> steve:two people were even taken to the hospital for their injuries.
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>> pam: >> brittney: we are still seen a few scattered showers and thunderstorms. but the weather--weather disturbance will cause a shift and temperatures. which means we will see a lot of sunshine. >> brittney: we are still dealing with scattered showers in the area. with lot of the sunshine for the start. thursday night heading into friday, we will see clear conditions. right now our temperatures are at 58 degrees, 62 livermore and 69 concord. if you are closer to settle rose to a mild evening. cloudy and
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when the conditions will stick around. we will be in the mid '60s starting off and going to 80 degrees for most of our inland locations. >> brittney: pushing into saturday will have even warmer temperatures. i will have more details on our 7 day forecasts coming up in about 15 minutes. >> steve: to high-school students injured and one of them has died. >> gary: coming up a little bit later and is the forecast that says broadcasts are sharks excited tonight! later in
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>> pam: the san jose sharks are about 10 minutes away from what could be a historical win. j.r.? we know that the sharks are pumped up! >> reporter: san jose is up for-the road right now. i want to go to some of the video right now. the 50 people running into these sports are reno. and these traffic was a nightmare if the need to add a half hours from san francisco.
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>> reporter: the fans are excited. listen >> yes i am pretty excited. i have been waiting a long time for this. >> reporter: you believe that this is really close? >> know. i have my sister remind me. >> i have been a fan for it either been a fan for a long time. >> i hope that they goal of the way. --goal of all the way. >> he is a lucky charm. (laughter)
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>> reporter: i'd just check for-one now. coming down to the wire. we will update you. again, bankers across the sharks could take this one and they could be going to the finals for first time in 25 years history. >> reporter:4-1 >> steve: an exciting tie for all of the sharks fans. >> steve: right now is tough for the warriors. >> grant: right. not like the shark fins.
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(male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich with sports!. (male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich with sports!. (male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich with sports!. (male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich with sports!. >> grant: shark fins. --fans >> grant: here is what the guys had to say. they really know their stuff. >> i thought that we weren't going to split. i never thought this would happen. >> just to come back and it feels really weird. >> i fell that they are going to do it and pull it through. i employed to support them. they have to get back home. >> bay lowland where they have on-line when they go back to all case secret then the pressure is on. -- when
8:28 pm
they go back to okc >> grant: warriors won all three matchups. against this team in the regular-season bridge the but, seventh the men and and his short run does not mean anything. the warriors have to win three in a row and that starts tomorrow at all " career-- a oracle arena >> pam: we will be that
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>> grant: a neighborhood is on a lot down. --lock down. the shelter in place for those who live near their way drive and st. andrews drive. this extremely quiet neighborhood occupancy where police is shown up with guns drawn description of three hispanic males are suspect the we do not have and other affirmation their lease with the exception of one of rest has been made. we have to high-school students for it and do not know if there is a relationship between them and the suspects corporate.
8:32 pm
>> grant: back road fairway drive is a dead end. they found at least one victim. the search continues for two potential suspects involving his double shooting. which we know it's not a fatal shooting of one of the victims that have died both students at novato high school. please stay connected. " of the issue with the latest. --we will update you with the latest.
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>> pam:maureen goes in- depth. to track down former tobinworld aides who say they've seen other staff cross the line with students. >>i wouldn't even send my dog to that school. that place is horrible." >> reporter:the viral video showing a nine year old boy being slapped by tobinworld teacher's aide prompted four other former teacher's aides at the school to come going on behind closed classroom doors. >> reporter:they say they didn't witness anything as exterme as what was captured on video.but they all say they've seen force on students.and not just when they are a danger to themselves or otherssometimes for simply backtalk. >>if the staff feels disrespected then that's on the ground. you want to kiss the ground?" *makes disgusted face* a lot of stuff goes on there that people just don't know." >> reporter:these aides all parted ways with the school for years ago, not all of them left voluntarily. they believe a contributing factor to the culture of abuse was some of the people being hired at tobinworld. >>younger, less trained, straight out of high school
8:34 pm
and so these were employees that were maybe like a year, two or three years older than the students that they were in charge of >> reporter: >> reporter:and special needs students can be very challenging even for seasoned professionals. >>they'll cuss at you; they'll hit you and get out of control, throw stuff across the room. so you do really have to have patience to work with those special needs kids. sometimes i don't think everybody has that patience." >> reporter:one aide says he was asked to dole out discipline that he wasn't comfortable with. >>i'm 6'2 and 400+ pounds. what do i look like holding down a girl that's 4'11, like 130 pounds, if that? i'm not going to do it, my integrity, i just can't do that >> reporter:the former
8:35 pm
tobinworld employees say incidnet reports like these here are suppoed to be written up when force is used on a student. >> reporter:but they say it was routine for the administration to look the other way when it manhandled >>"some staff would do it and it was the norm and it was okay, it was acceptable for them to do it - obviously not in the real world it wasn't acceptable but in the world of tobinworld, it was acceptable, it would be swept under the rug like it never happened." >>i mean honestly, i think someone might have to be seriously injured or die for anything to happen to that school. that's why i'm talking so that people know. >> reporter:i talked to several current and former teachers about their experiences at tobinworld. none of them wanted to go on backed up the claims of the former aides that i talked to, saying he was appalled by how some of the students were treated. but the three others i spoke to said they never saw any out of control behavior on the part of staff. but they did acknowledge that working with special needs students is not easy.
8:36 pm
>> reporter:the school's executive director of tobinworld chose not to be interviewed. instead she reacted to these allegations in a written statement. >>"tobinworld staff are required to complete california department of education-approved specialized education training before they are allowed in our classrooms. in addition, staff members are retrained periodically to help ensure policies and procedures are consistently followed and enforced. >> reporter:coming up tonight at 10, you'll hear the connections between tobinworld and a controversial doctor that sparked a state investigation. maureen kelly kron4 news >> brittney: it is going to be a really nice weekend. it
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will be perfectly fine with a lot of sunshine and warmer temperatures. no matter what you what you are going to do. everything looks good. >> brittney: decrease in cloud tomorrow and pushing into the weekend, warmer with a lot of sunshine and temperatures right now mid- 50s in daly city, 50 degrees in fremont and low sixties in an san jose. >> brittney: 18 in oakland and sustained along 12 mi. per hour in hayward. for when and speed. --wind speed >> brittney: we have a system that will be moving
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and shifting temperatures and that will give us a lot of sunshine. we will have cloudiness tonight and clearing skies tomorrow. he warmer temperatures into the weekend and memorial day will be one of the warm as days inn before time. with more 80 degree temperatures on the map. 79 the police and pleasanton and fremont. 80 degrees in antioch. we save one saturday and sunday with only a few clouds. same warm for your memorial day. and by next week we will start to see supporters dropped once again.
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>> steve:11 states are filing a lawsuit against the obama administration over transgender students in public schools. the lawsuit was announced todayand it is challenging a federal directive that allow use bathrooms and locker rooms that match their gender indentity.
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>> steve: a flight from denver to plan is put on hold because of an unruly passenger. the one that now bars began just before taking off from a frontier airlines flight and it included talk about a failed plane crash. the men
8:42 pm
shooting this video system one is said to have gone between the reddick prize and even laughing. --the man shooting this video says the one man has gone between e reddick cries and keep them laughing. >> steve: 11 states are filing a lawsuit against the obama administration over transgendered students at public schools the lawsuit was announced today and is challenging a federal directive that allows transgendered students to use data from and what ones that match their gender identity. conservative state are against it. and in response attorney-general loren ... is there is no room in our schools for discrimination.
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>> steve: gary hester highlights in all of your sports next!
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>> we are dealing with the submission that is totally unique and has never happened before. >> pam: high-level sources inside the lee county school district sells five students have been suspended following a sex scandal at south fort myers high school. >> who would have thought a girl would go into the voice rest room and send out a text. >> steve: bad sex. possibly
8:46 pm
the reason 26 male students were seen on surveillance video going in and out of the manufacturing following a female student after- school last tuesday. >> they should have known they should have been under supervision of the school! >> yes they should have been under supervision of the school and i think they were under supervision. >> steve: our sources inside the district faced a coach walked into the bathroom and sa de sexaul x happening and stock bid all but now the for a video was made at posted to social media. the lee county sheriff's office closed their investigation on friday but tells thereid opened the case and now that they know those photos exist. (male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich with sports!. >> gary: these are the fans
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clamoring at ready!--roaring and ready >> gary: picking it up! san jose! go to the second. and the place is rocking. (male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich with sports!. >> gary: >> brittney: >> gary:2-0 >> gary: from there if it's the sharks party. >> gary:5-2 sure final! >> gary: it is sharks go
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home and talking about one of the first four sports. great, great night for all of the people in san jose. >> gary: and, that is how the liberal down at the old tank there. congratulations sharks! (cheers & applause) >> gary:the warriors with their backs against the wall after their 2nd straight blowout loss in oklahoma city last night they are down 3-games-to-1 to westbrook durant and the oklahoma city thunder >> gary:the warriors have to win in oakland tomorrow night to stay alive today steve kerr was asked
8:49 pm
about a report that steph curry was playing at only 70-percent due to that earlier knee injury this according to a team source the report said (cheers & applause) >> no one has said that he is playing 70%. apparently, they told the media but they did not tell me. >> let's take care of business at home and get the momentum back and we have a chance. >> gary: the warriors tomorrow night tried to stay alive! >> gary:the giants looking for the 12th win in the last 13 jake peavy on the hill.with a great outing 7th inning >> gary:giants up 2-1. denard span hits a long double. trevor brown walked in. 3-1 giants 8th inning >> gary:yangervis solarte hits a 2-run shot to left field. tied the game up 3-3 it didn't get any better for san francisco. brandon belt came out of the with an apparent ankle injury. >> gary:10th inning
8:50 pm
brandon crawford singled to deep center. matt duffy scored >> gary:giants win 4-3.have only lost one game in the last 13 >> gary:record: 30-19 >> gary: we did our radio show at the ballpark today. with the usual crowd.
8:51 pm
>> gary: of the questions, what do you get at the most when you go out and public? i was basing this on what i received today with a pretty big crowd. steve, you have been here for two weeks but you know what i get more the any thing, i like the way you and pam get along with each other. steve, and 20 years will get the same thing. (laughter) >> pam: i hear it too. but you teach everyone. --tease (laughter) >> pam: (laughter) >> gary:, i think my wife comes second. to do not
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tell murdered at think she is taking a nap. so she may not have heard this. >> gary: do not tell my wife. (laughter) >> might call him the spiderman scientist. an oxford researcher is on a mission to harness the powers of spiders for use in human bodies.
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>> grant: new at 8 tonight i am going to try to sound a little bit smarter. soldiers bear with me. >> grant:--so just bear with me. (laughter) >> grant: ok you might call
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him the spider-man scientist and oxford researchers is on and mention to harness the power of spiders for use in human bodies. german-born fritz has been steady inspires for 40 years. >> grant:german born fritz vollrath has been studying spiders for 40 years. and has discovered the arachnids webs can be used in regenerative medicine. now spiders create webs by spinning liquid protein into silk. >> grant:pound for pound that silk is stronger than steel! vollrath says spider silk is compatible with human bodies and biodegradable. but it's difficult to he found a silk- worm strain with the same makeup. >> grant:right now his team decided to focus on knee replacement implants. they are in clinical trials.but vollrath believes they could soon be widely available. not only that.but the silk is being tested for artificial skin and nerve and bone repair. >> pam:wow >> pam: that's remarkable
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