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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  May 26, 2016 12:45am-1:16am PDT

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tonight, is another kelly cat fight br >> this type of thing happens all the time. >> we're with joy tod plus, you heard it here why rob lowe is a frontrunner for michael strahan's seat. >> i hear stuff. >> then backstage with nyle after his dancing win, and breaking news about hi partner's pregnancy. also jay-z breaks his silence on beyonce's lemonade cheating rumors. and my oprah o exclusive. >> oh, gosh, it's so >> how she really feels about returning to tv. >> do you get a little anxious?
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now for mayth, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." >> new t on "dancing with the stars" and "the voice," we've got the winners of both shows in justminutes. first, we have to look to new york and find out what's happening with kelly ripa. >> there's a lot happening w kelly ripa today. did joy behar just call her out? we asked joy and we a making news on a new frontrun fill michael strahan'sseat, rob lowe. >> how about that. michelle turner is out in front on this >> are you going to fill in with kelly? >> what -- what -- >> i heard i had to ask. >> rob played it pretty cool. a source tells us th abc has been talking to the actor's reps again. >> i know back in when they were looking and found michael, i know th your name was in the running. i know this for a fact. >> i hosted it with kelly and
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had the time of my life. i love her. i love being able to talk to an audience every morning like that, just being fun, silly, talking about cool stuff. my kids are out the house. they weren't then. i don't want to go up against anderson cooper. got an everyday gig. >> i don't want mess with cedric the entertainer.& i don't want any trouble. >> you're good. >>kelly's former co-host michael strahan joins gma full time this fall. ripa wws blind sided and hurt by the departure news. joy behar seemed t take issue with all the behind the scenes dra saying, i've been fired many times with a word to me. it's called show business. joy said ripa overreacted. >> i didn't say that. i didn't say she was overreacting. what i was referring to is this
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type of thing hap the time. i've been fired many, many times. i boun back. that's showbiz. you have to work out the therapy in the shrink's office. i'm not saying she was wron right. that's what it is. >> we caught up with joy morning after the view's special karaoke show. who else could be her co-host? well, there's seal. hosted this morning. and tomorrow, andy cohen fills in. >> smoking lots of dope. i already have ten jobs. i can't do it. >> andy joined him money where sar ya jessica parker was honored. >> i think there's exclusivity to the nbc network, as far as i understand it. i'm not his legal counsel. >> another check, right? >> absolutely.
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>> tuck away,though. remember that? i heard that they really, really like him andhe's also scheduled to co-host again on monday. you're up now. got dancing, yesterday, you called it. i've got to you credit. youusaid nyle was going t win and he did. >> this was one of the closest finales in years. ny deserves that trophy. then we get the big baby news about max and peeta ♪ ♪ >> you soaked into it so eloquently. say thank you for showing us your beautiful heart when dance. >> while everyone was focused on that, the most emotional moment of the night, today, the news is she's secretly pregnant with max's baby. ♪
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>> even though there's no sign of a baby bump on her tiny dancer's body, a source confirmed the pregnancy news source this morning with these details. she's been emotional and understandably tired. she's even been letting her brunette roots show. >> he's the love of my life and that's it. >> at the end of tday, we just love each other. >> they've been tryin get pregnant, even before they gotten gauged last december. also filled with clues that he's been wanting to be a dad. he teaches dance to elementary school kid there's this post from a year and a half ago captioned when a friend has a baby you start to think. >> can you imagine how beautiful your babies will be? >> i'm ready. >> just eight weeks ago, they were dirty dancing celebrating. this could have been right around when she got pregnant. next mont it will be life on the road as max goes on tour.
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but for now, the man in peeta's life is nyle. th celebrating their big dancing win. >> i was talking to max as well. he said how incredibly proud he is of you. >> i really wanted to inspire. >> they're so happy. seems like that's the same deal with beyonce and jay-z. last night, the pair was spotted out together just hours afte jay dropped an apparent response his wife's lemonade flavored shade. >> no collaboration is in the works yet. but jay-z and beyonce were smiles out in new york last night about three hours after jay released this song. ♪ >> this re of that fat joe song appears to be a dig at his wife's seemingly
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biographical album "lemonade." ♪ but is it? he could be paying tribute t this song ♪ jay-z also has a reference to prince. ♪ going to let the elevator take us down ♪ >> wait, is that reference to jay-z's tmz elevator fight or prince? ♪ >> meanwhile, beyonce posted this adorable pic of blueivy. maybe it's a big happy family after all. >> you know they're going to stay together right? yes. >> of course they are. let's keep it in the title family though. what's up wit rihanna and leonardo dicaprio. >> they certainly seem to like each other lot. >> come on now. last night, they were at it
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again. they both hit up the same new yo hot spot. they showed up together, but nina bounced real quic leaving leo and rir to party until 3:00 a.m. >> can't really blame that riri. meanwhile, gwen stefani and her ex are still trying to work out the co-parenting thing. it gets complicated when you bring blake into the picture. >> the new u.s. weekly headline, tension with her ex. said to be at war over blake's relationship with their son. driving home last night, she and blake looked just fine in this shot. this was the scene just over a ago. first sign together since splitting last august. >> our source said gavin wants to be consulted with everything goi on with his children going forward and how blake will play a role in their
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lives. >> while gwen and gavin share joint custody, the boys have been spending plen of time by blake's side. >> if they're at my place in oklahoma, they're in the woods. i don't know how to keep control of them. that's what i did. come back for dinner. >> blake wants nothing to do with gavin and really doesn't like h gavin treated his lady. ♪ >> while shelton and stefani live fairly close to each other, gavin just split the hollywood hills between them. first high on a hill, this 8,000 square foot six bedroom mansion is sexy, futurist ik and not too kidfriendly. >> in the divorce, gav got less than 50% of everything they earned during their marriage. looking at the size of that house, i'm thinking maybe that's a whole lot of money.
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>> he's going to beokay. and so be blake shelton, despite what happened last n on "the voice." up next, we go inside christina's big win taking former child star back from the brink. >> i didn't know how to without drugs and alcohol. plus -- >> hours later. >> we are at home with new dad nick carter. closed captioning provided by --
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[ cheers and applause ] >> congratulations. >> it was ladies light on the voice last night. allison porter became the first winner t mentored by a female coach. >> take that adam and blake.
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the most amazing part of story is allison's personal journey. she was a child star who found name, lost it and now is back on top of the world. >> i have retired curly sue. she is done. i am now girl who won "the voice." i would like you all to know. >> victory has never tasted so sweet. and christina didn't miss her chance to rub a little bit. >> i won! [ screaming ] love you. >> i think it'sinteresting, it's super full circle moment to be on another singing show at 34. >> at age 5, she was one of the youngest star search participants to ever win the competition. her time in the spotlight was cut short by addiction. talked to us about it back in march. >> i didn't really kkow how to cope without drugs and alcohol. i learned how to do that. i'm learning how to do
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that. >> how much was on the line there for you? >> even after i had said yes and started the process, there w moments where i was like, i shouldn't do this, i can't do this. >> why? >> the thought of coming back the business and taking this risk. what if it didn't work out. what if it wasn't worth it. >> turns it was worth she won $100,000 and a recording contract. >> i have mysobriety, i have my family, i have children. i don't think that there would have been a more perfect time than now. congratulations. >> great comeback what i loved about the finale was the diversity of all four performers. >> i'm so happy you love my country singer. >> i love all good music. coming up next, we are breaking down the latest star swimwear styles. sexy bathing then toy time with new dad
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n carter. what he reading his back street baby. ♪ in the wind from the sea 7 >> and return to tv acting after 21-year. get this, she is in person in a wi role. >> not really. i think it's fun. [ bleep ]
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. it's swimsuit season already for these beach babes at age. sooum was spotted in hawaii this weekend calling out the internet haters. she captioned the pi good morning trools. we think she looks fabulous and so does her boyfriend who posted sexy silhouette of 34-year-old amy. also goldie hawn looking crazy fit in her trendy one-pi she credits her beach bod to staying active every day and juicing. still looking amazing, melanie gr griffith. she turned heads in this bikini after celebrating at eva's wedding lastweekend. >> and oprah, she's lost more than 26 pounds. here's something we're all excited about. oprah is acting in a tv series.
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the first time she's ac tv since the '80s. >> my gosh. it's so goo >> this time, brother, you're going down. >> it's her first recurring tv role since 1990s. she's a blues club owne with a potty mouth. >> i didn't know squat about blues. >> kind of sounds blueish. >> she uses f-bombs a couple times. >> is that hard for you? >> not really. i think t'fun. i used an f-bomb once and stedman said not going to listen to that kind of language. >> believe i not, acting makes oprah nervous. >> i do act enough to really feel comfortable with it. >> the church did that to them. that's what i'm trying to say.
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>> as an executiveproducer, she gets to call the shots, too. >> i love the process. i love getting the little clips of people auditioning. >> just like being involved. >> the series is centered around the scandals and sins of the greenleaf family and their memphis megachurch. >> any time you do something about religion controversy stirs. >> i am never going to be disrespectful to the church, i can tell you that. it is the rock and the foundation of who i am. now, would i use it as a basis for telling stories about people who are flawed,,yeah. but i'm not going to anything to disrespect the church. >> how come you've been so hard ahold of lately >> she chose regina king who directed "scandal". >> i guess i say action
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on this one. >> it has given grea great empathy for the people who do this every day. i'm not cut out for it, i got to tell you. i like the ability to be able to fire myself if i needto. >> i doubt that's going to happen. >> only oprah can fire oprah. >> actually, it happened back in her 20s she told me. in true opfashion, she said that it only made herstronger. cameron is back now with a major life c for nick carter. >> it does not get any than this. just last month, nick became a dad. i visi nick and his wife at their home outside of l.a. and see h fatherhood has changed him. i was in for a surprise. >> look at you. >> really calm. >> 30-hour labor. 8 po11 ounces. >> yeah. 20 inches. he was long. >> big boy. >> tell me about t
1:10 am
significance of that beautiful name. >> we've watching the show vikings a lot. obviously oden is very powerful name. i wouldn't have wanted to name him nick jr. >> and it's a network. >> from this adorable photo bombing pug to a horse and seven chickens, it's a sweet home life. but don't expect hear any nursery rhymes. nick reads and sings lullabies from a 1,200"lord of the rings" book ♪ the while lilies sway >> it's nice o you to start easy. some people do "good night moon." >> making sure he's intelligent. >> changing a diaper, you're feeding him and loving it. >> i do not mind at all changing
1:11 am
diapers. >> likes to pee all over the place when he changes him. ♪ i want it that way >> a has changed since the backstreet boys' first album. after finishing "dancing with the stars," the it looked like he beat his drug and alcohol problems. >> baby moon. >> she's like go out and have some fun. obviously i couldn't do what everybody else does. me, especiallyyhaving a child now and -- it as an awakening moment for me. ♪ >> soon nick may have to balance fatherhood with life on the road. they are preparing for a world tour and nick says there's also a vegas residency in the works. until then, expect lots of father-son bonding. >> i'll put him on my chest sometimes and he'll try to crawl
1:12 am
over and get my nipple. this is gettingawkward. take him. >> going back to that slip-up nick ha we've all made mistakes. the important thing is to learn from them. nick plans to go ba to key west in july and perform a charity concert at a woman's shelter. it's important for him to turn a negative into a positive. >> he's right. kids will make you change things. all right. we'll be right back. ♪
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we have exclusive details on who's performing including fifth harmony. travel consideration provided by -- justin bieber, selena gomez and taylor swift, the secret hot spots of the stars. >> you've seen the shots.
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now tomorrow we're t you inside. was it? >> it's good to be a star. see you tomorrow. >> bye, everybody. "the insider," tracking the biggest stories making news today. number one, amy schumer shuts down more body shamers. >> i'm probably like 150 pounds right now. >> why she's slamming internet trolls today as hollywood joins the fight against body shaming. >> do my thighs offend? then, dancing crowns a new winner. and we let the stars take their tales from the ballroom to the big screen. >> laugh now, cry later. and number three, mee media's most influential women moguls, mothers, and mavens. >> i need a fashion twirl, please. oh, yes.


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