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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  May 26, 2016 4:00am-7:01am PDT

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>>james: a student is dead and another injured after shooting and the north to bay and no. 18 this is missing this morning and the suspicious would to about the violence and car and then have them oxygen for him this morning. >>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>james: think different joining us this morning not to go outside and go straight to days he's talked about before can this walk through some like list.
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>>reporter: again you might get a little bit of drizzle perhaps near the coast near the water so for when you're traveling just another to do the of the windshield how do we stand temperature rise pretty much all the we dropped off a little bit santa rosa 4849 most of the readings are holding to the stiff is looking at 57 oakland 54 for presence in livermore a pair of finance will have the continuation of the onshore flow although throughout the day would notice the when still with us.
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>>reporter: bay area temperatures 68 to 74 the call starting to get those moving a little bit from the lower 60s by the afternoon pickup. >>robin winston: chapter in the ride into san francisco 80 is looking than for the ride approaching the toll plaza 13
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minutes from highway 4680 south not a problem only 16 minutes also know how to mission south and fremont check in the ride in the south the way it is hot spot frame no problem between 85 and 101 connector. >>george: >>james: the high school student shot to death another student is hurt and the killers are still run 9 were one of the call about 5 1/3 yesterday evening police and the video with guns drawn at one. also took a person into custody but it turned out not to be connecting they're looking
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for a least three people and we have a map that shows you where all of this happen it was near st. andrews drive and there would drive we ran at the scene and explain what happened. >>charles clifford: they discovered a single male victim suffering from staff once and gunshot wounds the victim was able to teleport is yet been attacked by three other hispanic males he's been treated at a hospital for his injuries and shared department began searching the area. >>charles clifford: they do not know why this man with in the
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area they don't know what may have started this argument the suspects a described as hispanic are believed to be armed and dangerous of authorities to believe those men probably fled the area and do not believe there is a danger to the neighborhood drug store is will be here to out the evening they have gotten some leaves from the neighborhood including a possible to cut the suspect may have been driving a white sedan. >>james: we broke the story with a push a lever on the news application if you don't have the download is free kick attuned will keep you updated.
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>>james: this is video of after the shots fired this was at the plaza right near union square in manhattan one man was shot in the chest that person died at a hospital reports indicate what than 1000 people were in attendance they're searching for suspects he was opposed to take the stage but never went all no one at the store is a coastal they're trying to figure or if there are multiple shoulders. >>james: a 15 your girl is missing her parasol were critically said the disappearance looks suspicious. >>reporter: a 15 year-old girl is missing and the very suspicious circumstances she was
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last seen this morning by her friends and family who said that devastated their she is missing because is not like her to not contact her friends and family she was last seen on these 780 overpass right near her house in vallejo. >>reporter: they heard gunshots and and saw blood on the over half the deputies tell us that she was saying that drive away by a man known as fernand well he is also from vallejo there's not been in an alert because there is no card description they're asking anyone who knows what either her or for mandela to give them a call. >>james: the man wanted for assistance in the house on fire if he is now in police custody they believe that he set the fire to his family's home over the weekend and now they said
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the 53 year-old called the problems this past and said he wanted to surrender their calling and arson the boy's mother suffered second-degree burns and that fire she tried to save her son. >>james: the san jose sharks advance to the stanley cup finals for the first time in franchise it was walking at as
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we imagine the fans of the bagel moment >>james: they lost back-to-back
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games they have been struggling lately they committed 21 turnovers in the game for lost and they must win tonight to keep the hope of a repeat title alive tonight to game at year-
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end will be at 6:00. >>james: another east bay freeway shooting has residents concerned with police plan to do to stop the violence if hillary clinton will be is the bay area we will have details of her visit a live look outside the san mateo bridge for so far attracted the strike is traffic is on the light side.
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>>reporter: that will break up
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at the the progress of the perfect dish to the premier of the band chilly spots not a little bit warmer than we have yesterday for a four santa rosa we still have the on shore public going on you concede although cochran starts to make up mixup cash this happens again tomorrow this you will notice along the coast we want to make a note of the double digits even for most of the bay city.
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>>reporter: tomorrow morning but mostly sunny to the afternoon the temperature that is what everyone is talking about on track we have the '70s east bay shoreline in the north they notice the pockets already in the '80s happening with the aid is all over the place except ride to the east bay shoreline along the coast to get seven this high temperatures for the east bay shoreline about 70 of the '60s off a little warmer to the south union city and fremont the more dramatic warming as we expected over the hills above the '70s might see a couple of
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'80s anti-nafta 82 in the 74 cast right into the holiday weekend it looks like the warmest they will be on memorial day and 88 to the bay mid-70s and at the beach mid to upper 60s. >>robin winston: no traffic alert no hot spots this is a great time to commute the ride across the span is good and very quiet in san rafael no problems come from 80 if you have to connect from the east shore freeway. >>robin winston: no problems for the macarthur freeway and the nets looking good as a worker went into and out of oakland for those of you plan on traveling
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to the south bay to the ledger trouble spots to 371018788017 chipping in trouble-free. >>james: he surely will please plan to do differently. >>haaziq madyun: that is the sound of real fear regarding the increasing number of car to car shooting toward interstate 80 to 22 and 15 happen along the section of the freeway that connects those three cities the
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latest shooting happened at hercules to the night around 9:16 p.m. and an unidentified shooter open fire under no male was wounded and the leg gang violence has been the common factor with this car to car shootings what they say it is too early to mid back connection. >>haaziq madyun: he lives and hercules but its a ride to richmond every day where he attends school the shootings have his parents' concern for safety the california highway patrol once the drivers to know that there will be stepping up their presence on freeways over the holiday weekend.
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>>james: democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton will be in the bay area today and she will be hosting rollins and san jose in downtown san francisco she joined actress jamie lee curtis on stage and focused mostly on republican rival donald trump should the number of the fact that a review by inspector general said they did not have the muscle to properly while she was secretary of state however she did eventually respond to the report criticizing the use of private e-mail servers while she was serving as secretary of state.
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>>james: she has maintained as she had permission to use personal e-mail's and person challenge in that report democratic and bernie sanders was also campaigning in southern california get political rallies near palm springs a letter sanders also had another rally lost angeles county he is hoping for big win in california seeking to convince superdelegates to support him instead of hillary
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clinton. . >>reporter: swarms of heavily armed police take down protester outside of the donald trump rallying they quickly formed a line of flocking blue--of blocking the view >>reporter: the illustrated story punches officers on horses as police march to clear the streets protesting the
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rhetoric a peaceful demonstration later turned into anger finally night. in albuquerque. >>james: let's talk about the baseball the giants have been rolling winners of 11 of the
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last 12 giants up to one we had the nice man heading along double getting roughed up in this one seattle fire in a free run shot to right field that put him up sixth and only got worse then end up throwing a dozen on the scoreboard the 113 to three.
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>>james: then sing and the voice of birth crowned the new winners back with more news weather and traffic
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>>robin winston: if you have the drive into san francisco it is looking pretty good no major problems. >>james: we have winners the been announced in dancing with the starters and invoice.
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>>reporter: elihu july many people know her from when asked as she said finally she's look past the movie is is the known as the girl we watched a movie like 30 times a you always the curly sue they set the record state releasing the video they had no idea at nothing to do with her firing maybe even a sheet with the next one to let go.
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>>james: several states to file a lawsuit against the president obama administration for what they are asking for a quick for dog hair and dirt
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>>james: she is attending san jose and san francisco they will face either the pittsburgh penguins or the santa bay lightning.
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we wish we had a little bit more light were regency when everything is the cloud cover made it pretty far everyone was in the '50s department 57 for he was 57 going on for oakland because of that pattern we have a close influence coming in for the west wind. >>reporter: down to the south
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may we may see some '80s down to the south bend 54 write down 67. >>robin winston: wide open so just a minor backed up only if you're paying cash coming out of oakland into downtown the lead to problems or hot spots or crashed in the stall let's head over to 90 to the connection between the peninsula and the east bank it looks good no problems and heywood union city san leandro the problems on 101
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or 280 quick check of some drive times if you are a highway for commuter is looking into antioch pittsburgh concord 12 minute drive from hillcrest. and hillcrest >>robin winston: no problem for the livermore valley vassal of to the dublin and to change and continuing into castro valley that is not going to be an issue. >>james: it devastates of filing a lawsuit against the president obama administration the challenges the federal directive that allows treasure and tutors to use bathroom's that match the gender they identify with the
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states are against it have the lawsuit is asking a judge to declare the director of unlawful president obama has defended that directed as a way to prevent a bullying former will students. >>james: during the noon hour a construction worker taking a lunch breaks out of the old eastern span of the bay bridge discovered a torso that had washed up on the rocks. >>reporter: homicide investigators are brought to the same since there was no trauma
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to the torso which raises several of the questions they are not ruling anything out to their like the conduct dna tests to determine the identity of the person who washed ashore. >>james: they may see a change coming soon that could have some added support when standing on trains a man convicted for two murders the 25 year-old of all
4:37 am
or will testify in his own trial the judge was getting ready to rock of testimony and that is when the two lawyers made the announcement. >>james: california water and is on the moves the house has endorsed plan to shift more water to the valley and it was approved and a solid 47 to 169 vote they will stop water in a different area of the state the republicans represent communities representing the bill amid the fire in the south may with silly what they used to fight that fire.
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>>james: the innovation and one over the judges as far as parents across the country. >>gabe slate: the starter that
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won the competition wants to solve this problem in a short for gaming toothbrush the idea is to appeal for kids and the glowing screen to bring that experience into the bathroom and make it more fun and less of the charm less of a chore. >>gabe slate: it talks wirelessly to the application their runs on any form or taet this is one game example they have many games to complain.
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>>james: some of the stores we're working on for the 5:00 hour plus a prankster of fis the iconic hollywood sign and is all caught on camera. for dog hair and dirt
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it just takes a couple of sprays. and then you dab it up. smells nice, stains gone! >>james: a double shooting in novato and they're still looking for the killer happened about
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530 yesterday evening just of a missile boulevard police responded to the area they found to high-school students had been shot one was dead the scene for the first time in franchise history they're headed to the stanley cup finals they beat them 5 to 2 in game 7 of the western conference finals that will face the pittsburgh penguins or other tampa bay lightning and they would decide in game 7 tonight. >>reporter: here is a live look
4:46 am
at the san mateo bridge and for our story today a one of clearing skies first business it and see quite a bit of problem out and the far east of a public getting a lot of cloud cover that you don't always get but don't worry about that we did see temperatures drop a little bit more so than the incident before is the no. 52 for full 54 antioch 54 with also matched in san jose and fremont 55 there will be a little bit of activity up in the north they've potentially.
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>>reporter: we get to tomorrow tegea else look of the progress of the '90s.
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>>robin winston: heading to the san mateo bridge west about ride a very quiet and no major problems of from san leandro to
4:49 am
milpitas heading south on the 20 minutes to 38 to 237101 come out of the south of an alleged problems south san jose headed up to sunnyvale. >>james: they said they will rebuild others are now sure what they would do next. >>rob fladaboe: they have
4:50 am
already begun to look for what caused this fire that will also be doing the post about how they fought the fire something that will help them do both of those things and images and information captured high above the fire this firefighting drone is still in its developmental stages but aside from the obvious helping firefighters making tactical decisions is real value may be what happens after the fire.
4:51 am
>>rob fladaboe: you would like to show you some of the images captured. >>james: a man walked to a car is stopped and read like that demand the driver get out in the driver refused and that is on the second criminal open the rear passenger door to call for the light turned green the suspects got away. >>james: this face tough questions on capitol hill when asked about the airport's security lines also includes
4:52 am
plans of you can remove their shoes and jackets and tear on pace they hope the new system will ease security traffic losses the difference could take years. >>james: they run out there yesterday assessing the damage we also have video of the tornadoes from yesterday there
4:53 am
might be no gravity and there's plenty of something else to say about that coming up labor is a hammer we will have the senses a camera is pretty nice out right now mild loophole in the north brae another update coming up in just a minute.
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>>robin winston: a live look approaching the toll plaza you could see it is nice and smooth
4:56 am
no problems heading into the no. 3 if you are connecting north and south also at the limit in both directions so far hot spot free. >>james: it is not without fine dining is ashen as a getting a new grow the courtesy of some of the high school students for red pepper result of the winner of this year's culinary challenge to the computed to create a space from the dish and add 4 digit this between 300 to 500 cals and astroid of a panel members and by when the food they will score based on taste and texture and older it will headed to the space station in november after the process' for flight we will have all the details coming of in a live report a teenager is missing
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chilly details of the disappearance of san jose sharks moving on to the stanley cup finals first time in history will have highlights of the game coming of. (vo) with thousands of quality pre-owned vehicles... and exceptional customer service, head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... flip your thinking about buying your next one.
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now
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>>mark: it seems like we needed a reminder. >>reporter: timber to drop off a little better even since last hour of the 40's and the no. 5257 harrison 57 go on for oakland 57 and as of december 1st in the early optimal the assault was the breams.
5:01 am
>>robin winston: no major problems for 80 heading into san francisco it is wide open about 10 minutes ago. >>darya: we're live in novato to explain exactly what happened. >>reporter: this all happened at about 530 wednesday take a listen to the video after police were called up by one of the victims they say the victim had been stabbed and shot on fairway
5:02 am
drive the second victim was found dead in an open space on a nearby hillside the issue at the shelter in place order that has been lifted but they say the three suspects are still loose school officials say they're keeping the high-school stave to ensure the safety of students but also have the psychologists and counselors available wants to reopen its. >>mark: where the revenues this with more on the soaring.
5:03 am
>>james: they are looking for parole she was taken against her will she goes to jesse bethel high school and this is a picture of for she has green heron she was last seen wearing a gray sweater and leggings is solder runs of the caucus of the market responded to reports of shots fired when debt is the to the scene they found a cell phone and some blood on the ground for family and friends said they were home safely they
5:04 am
identified the 19 year-old from the loyal as a purse of interest the richmond, most unpopular and hercules are meeting at 8:00 this morning
5:05 am
they believe the shootings all gang-related and most of have gone on solving the board cameras and install to the to identify the people were responsible for his reckless action from and to install cameras to prevent shootings on highway 4. >>mark: here is video from our rally in salinas yesterday clinton is 79 delegates away from clinching the democratic presidential nomination this is come under scrutiny after the government report released yesterday about her using a private e-mail server walk she was secretary of state he she did not seek legal approval to use a private server the public policy is the to tell officials a tight race between clinton and bernie sanders it was all this
5:06 am
lesson in the shows clinton leading sanders 46 to 44% back in march what she was leading him 48 to 41% he is trailing her significantly in the overall delegate count. >>darya: police in riot gear quickly for lines to block the protesters lay blastopore the spring in use smoke grenades to disperse the crowd
5:07 am
>>mark: and historical night in san jose for the first term in a 25 year history they're headed to the stanley cup finals the sharks when the plane the one of the package bird penguins and talk of a it linemen steering's the pentagon who wednesday one of the finals will be monday if they win the games 1 and 2 will
5:08 am
be in san jose if the penguins win game 1 and to give its bird and that our plan tonight for their lives they have to win this game against oklahoma city thunder. >>will tran: to the dream season could come to eight the the incident to light they know it is to win or go home heading into tonight's game the our backs are against wall the idea when hot or venice it 73 when season pretty much according to experts will mean nothing game
5:09 am
for if that is getting blown on the gem the headed back to oakland living steve kerr sent a letter out to the fans sang, to the gang we are ready we know it is going to be tough but we need your support the have not done this offering of by can tell you there are tickets still available even of the game is sold out the wanted to come here they need your support. >>will tran: $159 the level of $200 courtside at $845 the gates
5:10 am
opened at 4:00 for the fares to sutter arrived a month before with a tilted section. >>mark: trespasses keep getting past security at the nation's biggest import chaos in russia after the shooting at a concert in new york city a man accused of starting a fire that killed his five your son surrender to police would one of those of the
5:11 am
sons and sang about him.
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>>reporter: it showed us a
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little bit from last our 48 novato santa rosa 49 from the layoff is to assure line for to
5:16 am
is scratching their 77 is to poke fun of from 77 android and 69 a little warmer to the self >>robin winston: mattel to the
5:17 am
richmond san rafael bridge 580 west bomb looks good number of the problems and to the north to bay the ride across the golden gate nice and quiet cupertino 10 while leaving the south they run around to 37 it is only 16 minutes for the average drive to make it 92 and san mateo. >>mark: they're looking for this man their loan has should make he set fire to us from his home on sunday--shumake.
5:18 am
>>mark: he was arrested shortly afterward his five your son was killed in the fire the boy's mother and brother were injured he was arrested on charges of murder and attempted murder and arson one firefighter suffered minor injuries but is expected to be ok no homes and buildings whatever damage and this fire a prankster cause quite the same as he climbed the hollywood sign this was yesterday in the at the flag and said i am back after about an hour of sitting
5:19 am
on the sign. >>james: trespassing incidents are still happening as frequently as ever and that includes the san francisco international airport there are
5:20 am
in these 345 breaches of the nation is for since 2004. >>mark: this video of the chaos after the shots fired happened in the plaza in manhattan and the man was shot in the chest and later died of the hospital a
5:21 am
lawsuit was filed yesterday against the department of education and the department of justice it requires schools to allow students to use restrooms that match the gender identity or they will lose federal funding attorney for the space the loss of one of the school of the shrine to the tech the students and their privacy and.
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>>mark: will have a woman from the way as we head into the holiday weekend will have more of the forecast for your neighborhood coming in just a few minutes. >>darya: she filed for divorce
5:25 am
on monday she speaking spa support. >>mark: is set to hit theaters in april of next year and the ninth and 10th movies are already scheduled to cut 21. >>james: more tornadoes week for kansas in the storms are not over yet where track and the severe weather from the breaking news desk.
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>>reporter: 40 ready for school
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forecast would have fifth is on for a a him potential jurors on a few cause by unknown 70 to go on 68 at the bay that warms the for the afternoon pick up menendez to be the warmest day but the slight pullback you hardly notice and. >>robin winston: tracking hot
5:30 am
spot for the east bay it is on the nimitz freeway for those of the what the user and south this month it expects the latest we have two separate incidents the top spot as the overturned accident 80 south before mao with three cars 1 ft. of on this roof the two left plans to block chp issued a special track the color it is causing about five to timman the level quickly bought up the southbound drive times to 48 minutes to get from to 38 and to san leandro.
5:31 am
>>darya: homicide investigators said the recall to the scene there are no signs of visible, to the body and then these investigators to wonder how the body ended up one the corn has not been able to determine the by his ethnicity of san going to attempt to identify the remains using the nine.
5:32 am
>>mark: >>james: the troopers are looking at about 20 homes that were damaged after another tornado touched down yesterday in its form during the evening hours and was on the crown for about an hour and half unfortunately more to and it is on the forecast today for it will keep task of restoring we would come back of there's any word that tornadoes touching down. >>mark: a swarm of a course of
5:33 am
reason to pick a to a hospital in concord early this month the state department this dna testing on the bees because there were concerns than they can become africanize killer bees sphere >>darya: a man walked up to a car that was stopped in the red light and sanwa fell about 730 monday night this is a third and have the test tree he pointed a handgun and the driver and a minute to get on the vehicle and then a second man opened one of the passenger doors install items on the back seat the driver refused hand of the car and drove off on the light turned green.
5:34 am
>>darya: changes to become to bart train they want to give passengers more options to hold onto at a meeting this morning the border directors consider allocating $300,000 to purchase 35,000 new hanging and straps you could hold on to the shot that would bring a number of hand stretched from 30 per car to 80 and is one member of the border directors is in favor of this
5:35 am
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breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma is well controlled, your doctor will decide if you can stop breo and prescribe a different asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at
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>>robin winston: 22-plans to block one of the vehicles involved took over political to to the 84 split it is jammed, of union sitting--city. >>mark: may is national bird, and is almost over and we take you to local joint to celebrate. >>vicki liviakis: behalf of the
5:39 am
here because it is national month he explains why we're so big and on burgers he won a big the making contest with his recipe lead rep on the fast-food chain is cooking up a fresh strawberry jam to get them some kick.
5:40 am
>>vicki liviakis: especially when you add to talk to the tarriance you can get a veggie burger for the beast had if tears the backing of british jews bomb rested on high and and american cheese >>darya: the rates are on the rise and the mayor to the new numbers that show americans are bigger than ever.
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5:44 am
the shooting happened on five third inning affair with drive them from one victim was taken to hospital officers on the second victim would been shot and stabbed and dived to sing. >>darya: police say the man who to car was 19 year old friend of castro who lives in the hall--f ernando castro of vallejo. >>robin winston: to set the issues go on for those who have to use liniment will be slow for
5:45 am
its problem is the soft three cars and roof to left plans to block the special tricolored thawing the northbound ride the opposite side not impacted by the crowd just can't trust him to 680 this is a little bit of an alternate if you're going to get into free mendicancy is slowing down for coming out of dublin allegis south of the five a disparate. >>robin winston: only 17 minutes from dublin to fremont looking much better compared to the nimitz freeway at a big backer of going at the bay bridge toll plaza is just a small strip to
5:46 am
slow traffic number of the problems of the 24 minutes from south san jose to 237. >>reporter: a continent afforded to the had 40 santa rosa we're mid-50s to the most part he was out shows up shows of to see the crowd: below the cloud cover the soon as the sun joins of the will mix well before the memorial day weekend and travels
5:47 am
to tahoe,' >>reporter: before we get their hair was held up for today the balm of '70s just about everyone but the data as we look in the '80s already at the close to landing cool with the '60s there still industry chance of a shower and the not the bank and some of the higher elevations in the east of a--bay.
5:48 am
>>reporter: high today of a percentage of seats in the east bank antioch and the to brentwood 83 harris tub should stem from a holiday weekend 88 by monday and a slight little pullback by the middle of next week. >>mark: one of the biggest fears of the virus and the birth defects and calls the study also reinforces the understanding that women infected and the release status text the greatest risk they suggest a medical
5:49 am
errors may kill increased to hush and 50,000 people every year. >>darya: one reason they're so wide range is because accurate data on this type of death is sparse. >>mark: them >>: in the massive street modifier and santa clara has some high-tech help we had noticed this. >>james: it captures images and
5:50 am
information that firefighters on the ground and make key decisions about the fire's behavior were to to is the ladder trucks and the personnel and hoses here is how the chief explain that. >>james: it is still an is to gunman to stave their testing and he sent the real value may be in this system investigators after a fire.
5:51 am
>>gabe slate: the start of that won the competition wants to solve this problem for this is
5:52 am
just one game example the have many complaints the irascible you going to do with the million dollars he said this idea might not only justify for kent/ >>mark: this turn yourself driving cars in arizona and nevada and washington the sale and being in detroit will mean easier access to those in the vehicle industry she will be
5:53 am
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>>mark: if an incredible discovery in boston of discovery crew finding and in the 200 your ship construction workers when the man of estivation women from the ship buried 25 ft. below surface
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>robin winston: the nimitz freeway the backup was growing by the man that the crassus of unblocking for by an hour 880 south right before monitoring the several vehicles once looked over and should after that a separate accident in the back of our active enforcement,
6:01 am
>>robin winston: so far there is no estimated time for clearing across the bay over to the peninsula and the accident, of menlo park and marsh road just north of marsh blocking in this one line to backing up to the marsh jackson to consider the rest of the trip on no. 1 no problems leaves and the south and the problems continuing the dumbarton bridge and the 90 to the san mateo bridge looks good for now will have a complete check coming of and 15 minutes. >>reporter: a look at the ready for school for kaska people room temperatures in the fifties by 8:00 a.m. card account in the pessimistic view but a planned the killing of the most of the bank left over by noon and the temperatures will race in the low '70's 78 for the afternoon pick a with 74 engines become mostly sunny do have a chance austrasia was up in the north than..
6:02 am
>>mark: one student was shot and killed and another injured in them the can for the three men in connection with a deadly shooting. >>reporter: school officials have closed the high school because they say the victims were involved and the double shooting that killed one person and seriously injured we were
6:03 am
able to talk to the sheriff's office about the case take a listen to what they have to say. >>reporter: school officials say in their keeping the high school closed to insure the safety of students and their staff and said they will have counselors in schools and colleges on hand
6:04 am
once every opens we noted the surge in of the suspects continue. >>james: the family and friends
6:05 am
say at this 0.1 home safe they're concerned there was some form of altercation that happened in the so there were at this one shot heard in that area around that time and a witness saw a female being drug went that had blood on her face. >>james: 50 identified 19 your financial castro from the label as a person of interest they want to talk to him and not clear if he in the missing the have a prior relationship. >>darya: this been nearly 30
6:06 am
shootings on east bay shootings and 15 more on interstate 80 the latest was on tuesday night a man in his car shot and like investigators believe the shootings of all gang-related if in the have not been in the to soften the one cameras installed on the freeway open that will help just last trip to sparklets after finding. and >>mark: historically for the san jose sharks for the first time in a 25 year history
6:07 am
they're adding to the stanley cup finals they beat them 5 to 2 last night at the festivities centered--sap center. >>mark: the series tied the three games apiece their scheduled for monday at tampa bay wins the first two games to be in san jose and if
6:08 am
pittsburg's when the first two games to be with the penguins. >>will tran: the camel and a stun gun a bit lost 118 to 94 they claimed they were not panicking with italian defense many of them are scared heading
6:09 am
into tonight's game there's still some tickets still available this sold out. >>mark: helleri clinton is in the bay area today ahead of california june 7th primary ring san francisco this
6:10 am
afternoon has video from a rally yesterday in she is 79 delegates away from clinton the democratic presidential nomination he hopes to win the california prevent her from clinton delegates she need to secure the nomination leading to contest the convention. >>darya: president obama is when in on the president to racing donald trump has rattled world leaders.
6:11 am
>>darya: the commons, as he is facing more protesters in the united states by the clashes between protesters and police outside of the rally in anaheim is withdrawn mcmahon that heavily armed police out there taking down one of the protesters outside of the rally of police were invited to get a form lines to block the protesters and blasted past spring and smoke grenades to disperse the crowds shots rang
6:12 am
down at a concert last nine. \
6:13 am
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6:15 am
6:16 am
>>robin winston: >>robin winston: it is 19 minutes from dublin had enough to fremont much better than an hour and 15 minutes this check the south and the cardinals won 1 out of south san jose no
6:17 am
problems on the span but remember three separate crashes on the nimitz the next for tough commute turned to get to 92 when you get there traffic is moving well over 211 out to 280 pack. >>reporter: we're going to see
6:18 am
numbers one more big time in the east bay for today we have been is still a chance to shower development of the dunnock but not as impressive as it was yesterday. >>reporter: some of the mimic the present local team of 82.
6:19 am
>>mark: another is his son said his father is an island in that the growth living in fear.
6:20 am
>>darya: 155 stuff from a minor injury and is expected to be ok in the homes of buildings and damaged and fire complex the caused quite a scene as a kind of all to the hollywood sign this is a guest today this happen to concede his waving a flag of the red i am back in about an hour after sitting on the sign they were able to take contesting.
6:21 am
>>mark: after shots were fired at the concert venue in new york setting that was the scene the right after the shots fired this is in the plaza in manhattan and for your man shot in the chesty that hospital taxes and the stakes are so long
6:22 am
demonstration the transgendered direction and scores. >>james: loss of land to protect an independent school district that voted monday to challenge in that new policy.
6:23 am
back with more news weather and traffic
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6:26 am
>>darya: it shows how we're getting a bigger and more than a hundred thousand people from that 30 percent of americans are obese that is up about half a percent over the past year its risen each year since the cdc for started conducting the annual survey back in 1997.. >>mark: tickets already on self to the june 22nd release of the franchise is still going strong even after paul walton there's next year in the ninth and 10th movies already scheduled to 2021--paul walker
6:27 am
6:28 am
6:29 am
>>mark: with some a lot of the rise in wall street due to energy stocks going higher watching the features on the positive side began hundred and 45 points will have some vocal
6:30 am
tracks on some traffic is at a crawl is going to men of the community have hit south the second crash of '84 the third accident in '92 is an hour in 20 minutes for the soft brown stretch of 880 to get to 238. >>robin winston: there's still no estimated time for clearing the major accident the other one is already pretty much off to the sad lead early in this 20
6:31 am
minute to make sure you get to work on time. >>reporter: by the 7268 going on at the bank for the afternoon pick up 78 to 74 1/2 and into the next three days the warmth and place numbers may region, everyone in the far east of a is there but tomorrow and saturday and.
6:32 am
>>darya: investing a discount in the have been there for a least a month it was about in the afternoon the construction market was set in the lunch break to some of the old eastern spanish and taking some phone calls that is when he discovered the torso the are no visible signs of trauma to the body which leaves them to wonder how the body ended up in the war.
6:33 am
>>james: most connecticut on video we share this with you yesterday morning to consider crossing the road and continued on to repair homes down when wartorn is our and the forecast the story it's not going away.
6:34 am
>>mark: beverages ordinary honeybee's the did dna testing on them because there were concerned that could be africanize killer bees with the results from this assisted the which is coming to people were injured into small balls to killed by the swarm from 14th to amateur beekeeper was eventually able to kill the swarm. >>darya: first this that aired in headed to st. he pointed a gun at the driver and the land of the driver got out of the car in the second man then open the passenger door and stole some items the driver did not to get out of vehicle they said
6:35 am
cause of sorting fraternity members converge on slaughterhouse i the stones or poorly from the university of oregon. >>darya: they want to give passengers more options to hold onto this the first in the ed lee will not this weekend but they're talking about putting more of those handles up.
6:36 am
>>darya: it to be difficult to find and strap and the overhead bark can be hard to reach for some people this winter and no service on the fremont line between san leandro and the infestation this morning said the new with firefighters are investigating how the fire started forced the national spelling bee champion will be decided tonight
6:37 am
6:38 am
6:39 am
6:40 am
>>darya: they'll burn thousands have signed a petition they need to bomb amasses before the movie
6:41 am
asking people don't adopt the blue tang the difference is confiscatory bred in captivity blue tangs typically can't there's a fear that increased demand could cause a sharp decline in the population of the dulles water cf ever wish of the adorable video you want to mess.
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6:44 am
>>darya: she was taken against her will and by a 19 year-old who lives in vallejo.
6:45 am
>>robin winston: to everything is out of the way that is the good news than bad news is you have to use 880 it will be a slow drive this morning the crash is blocking two lines for about an hour and the imminence two separate clashes in the back of all out of the way look at the long line of have a chapter you will need a lot of patience
6:46 am
28 minutes to get from morgan hill to the bottom of the parkland over to the richmond san rafael bridge 580 west.
6:47 am
>>reporter: most of the bay area on the perimeter mid to upper 50s with cool response off to the far east that will be reversing itself we have the
6:48 am
upper 60s lawless '70s and hay were at 7275 as to talk about the wanted to buy through the holiday weekend '85 and '86 looks likes buyers haven't. >>mark: recession believe the chance of birth defects and is the content woman can be as high as 14% to study also reinforces
6:49 am
the understand that women infected in the early stage of pregnancy face the greatest risk. >>james: we had a chance to speak with the fire chief here is how he explained it the chief
6:50 am
says the firefighter agronomist a lenitive elemental stage then experimenting how best to use in a sigh from is obvious is like having an attack of decisions the rimfire the value become an assistant investigators after a fire. >>darya: they run up to 21 he hit a long double trouble brown some debt of ties and open its and in with the to run shot brendan balmacaan of the game with an apparent ankle injury.
6:51 am
>>darya: he fires a free run shot to right field. >>mark: their christmas said will work with chrysler automobile stimson's create 100 self trying fans keep the allies on wall street after a big gain yesterday.
6:52 am
>>mark: we will be right back in continues along the embarcadero.
6:53 am
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6:56 am
>>mark: he can read and roughly and handy and he was eliminated from the competition guest today. >>darya: the committee called the team of archaeologists and they found dozens of barrels of lima which reduced to make more for concrete it was during this applies to boston from the north and somehow ran aground today and they're hoping to bring in a pretty imaging equipment.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>robin winston: we're looking for the truth may have so many problems in the back of an accident at 84 this on the fremont site and that it crashed and 92 and the cable side now on the tracking residual the latest assault heading south.
7:00 am
>>reporter: it is cutting to clear up the far east of the we suspect will be spreading on friends quickly elsewhere as discussed the progress


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