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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  May 26, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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>>reporter: it is cutting to clear up the far east of the we suspect will be spreading on friends quickly elsewhere as discussed the progress
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>>mark: high-school the close today of the student was shot and killed and another one was injured police on the conflict repeople in connection with the deadly shooting. >>reporter: school officials pasco's about high school because high-school victim you're involved in the double shooting that killed one person
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police received a call from a person yes to this and they've been stabbed and shot of fair way july and a lot of the second person was found dead in open space on a nearby hillside police issued a shelter in place or what they still looked for the three suspects but has been lifted in the three suspects are still on loloose >>reporter: to that high school
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students are nowhere to be found the we are seeing some administrators come into the building this morning was over for some sort of meeting about this but school is closer than their closing highs with to ensure the safety of the students and staff. >>darya: to download the mobile application could find out about breaking news and as important as soon as it happens.
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>>james: she was taken against her will she go suggested that the high school is a recent on the show of the green had she currently has choose less in was in greece water and letting the cost of the one 7:00 yesterday morning police had reports of shots fired near the seven into production of a crossing witnesses told of a said they saw a woman being pulled on to the of crossing by hispanic male and that is got to the scene they found herself on and it did find blood on the ground if this point the family and friends a desperate to find her.
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>>james: at this point they're looking for 19 years of tremendous power stroke is a personal interest they're not clear if he in the victim had any relationship--fernando castro. >>darya: the golden state warriors are facing a do-or-die game tonight and after the oklahoma city thunder to sale live.
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>>will tran: if we win tonight
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in game 6 on saturday in oklahoma city in game 7 here on monday about one game at a time if you want to add to 90 game it is technical sold out of there are those who cannot make it to tenants can there be selling the tickets quite affordable as far as i'm concerned.
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>>mark: the sharks goalie and another great night 24 saves they will and a plan the one of the pittsburgh penguins and the stanley cup finals the pentagon who wins that game 79 >>darya: she the noncyclical
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approval to use the private saver it said that it was a problem in the office and the call from a public nuisance and become the financial the tight race between clinton and burn centers in california. >>mark: donald trump as a route were leaders this will be at some.
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>>darya: they want to install
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surveillance cameras of interstate 80 but as one to take a lot of money just last week the current bird police after from the cornstalk cameras to prevent shootings on highway 4 the man accused of starting a fire and killed his five your son and behind bars this morning they're looking for this man they believe he said the fire in the family's home on sunday and he called the police
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dispatcher since then told me when to turn himself in he was arrested shortly afterward the police have yet to release. a release >>mark: trespassers keep getting past security at the nation's biggest airport despite efforts to stop them.
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introducing the completely redesigned mercedes-benz c-coupe, with its athletic prowess and sleek new body. it doesn't just raise the bar... completely crushes it. the all-new c-class coupe. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. >>robin winston: it is a classic
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in the south and mallory, blocking two lines of traffic in the 6:00 hour. >>robin winston: another accident in the back of a third crashed after that not everything is out of the wing and the average drive time has gone from an hour and 20 minutes to 51 minutes that means is slowly improving. >>robin winston: it is one to be a slow rider to have had some clippings san leandro to haywood to union city into fremont finally picks up after the senate that first major accident >>robin winston: the nemesis' loan in is adding to the heavy traffic on the senate chamber some people were stopped in the
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backed up and just come in it over to west 92 of a heavy traffic is and how to month only 11 minutes from bascom to the and to change leaving the south bank to the image of problems and how spots the south san jose after downtown of to 237 and some of them.
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>>reporter: if you're and travels up to the mountainous we can conceal some up to town hall mountain thunder shower cost to build will column scattered about tim smith 60 that is about 5,000 ft. with 44 kilos for as forcing the the central clearing happening off toward east no. still of the chilling with the exception of
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the east of a shoreline over the hills and looks like of the seven is chris burke 79 antioch 82 member would 83.
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>>james: in fact she tried to flag down a plane the associated press says there were two other incidents last january as well.
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>>mark: in the big and hear the chaos after the shots fired happen in irving plaza in manhattan and 34 your man was shot in the chest and later died in hospital. >>darya: in 11 states and five loss to this the president
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obama administration over a new transgendered directive and schools it was filed yesterday against the department of education and the department of justice. >>darya: here is the villa after the governor signed the legislation the only exception to this than as if the mother's life is in jeopardy or if a doctor determines the baby cannot survive outside the womb the secretary governor said there no exceptions for rape or incest this does now in effect in 13 states >>mark: donald trump is reached the number of delegates needed to clinch the republican nomination for president his only remaining gop candidates left in the rest in the primary in washington state gave donald
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trump of the biggest to put him over the 1237 needed to make an official donald trump will now on to upset the nomination of the republican party's national convention in cleveland in july..
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>>darya: apartment finishes in
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the process of finalizing the released in san francisco that the recess dispensary lounge on the current california,
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>>robin winston: traffic is picking them.
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>>darya: lot of american a plan to travel to beaches mountains and other destinations and still rising and come we have seen and lower gas prices and for a lot of traffic. the goal of santa rosa to 84 san jose to 87. >>mark: she is making a splash because of for water skiing
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skills and this video of the water ski school said it is the record-breaking run comparison sycophants kept going if an average the end of the lake.
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>>james: who is they would please the don't identify the victim.
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>>mark: them with a three people in connection with the shooting happened around 530 yen to the evening they found when the victim was taken to hospital and is listed in serious condition.
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>>robin winston: coming out of high were heading to the peninsula a lot of these folks are stuck on the nimitz freeway across the dumbarton bridge over to men the park will tech and the custom of the bridge is
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coming up in just a few minutes. >>reporter: we're still talking lost data cause for the magic from the perimeter of the bank 70 and 74 handy around the bank boosted the clearing happen the rest of the system. >>darya: and a disturbing discovery near the oakland and courage of the bay bridge a human torso, and the water investing is that it may have been there for about a month.
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>>james: he was second full of the sites at the time when he discovered the torso that washed up on the rocks, and this again is in the corner law called out to the scene investigators will attempt to identify the remains using dna will keep tabs on the store when those results come back to the tape they find out.
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>>mark: 2 people injured and to those who killed by the swarm back on may 14th a neighbor was keeping them in their backyard that amateur beekeeper was able to kill the swarm 20 homes were damaged after another tornado hit yesterday that christopher on the last nine and was on the ground for about an hour and half you can see from the video of the damage that the dead, all that is left of this house is the basement and there was the rough weather and the people trying to give away several people were injured and had
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already been a series of tornadoes that paulo candace on tuesday they're all caught on across in the rose and ripping houses while panetta in the forecast for today. >>mark:.
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>>darya: that room and the number of hand straps instead of 30 it will be 80 straps for your reached for one of the board directors this is a great idea can be difficult to find one and the overhead bars to the hard to reach. >>darya: start at the end of service tomorrow and there will be close all saturday sunday and monday on the status in that case service will be restored at 3:00 on monday. >>mark: will show you what they used to explain how works the warriors are the underdogs can
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get the win.
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>>robin winston: track in the committee around the area where hot spots free but not free of slow traffic you have to use the bay bridge to get into san
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francisco it is packed on the open side backed by the toll plaza at the foot of the maze moving well across the upper deck 20 minutes from downtown oakland to the west about skyway faugh. >>mark: president obama and the first landing will run home and neighborhood of washington d.c. in.
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>>mark: it is and cut employment with water from san francisco falk we have on one of the mid '80s already by friday saturday by the time biggest month it will be scratching '90s and particularly the weak in the fall of after that.
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>>darya: if he can give the girl and the warriors can win last 39,000 in the millions the
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einstein when i heard it first assessment teams have done is gone from down 31 to win the series. >>gary: that is was found about 420 contests and no one really knows but i would figure they win tonight and go back to oklahoma city. >>darya: the psychological feeling a factor of having lost those two games in a row.
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>>darya: heat tech draymond green after the horrible game and he said if making history was easy why bother?
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>>gary: when you're one of the elite players in the world of you need a text from someone to inspire you he is going to define. >>gary: it comes time to do your job you're tired and draymond green was at suspension will it not be suspended backing for clinton than they have drained him. >>darya: the reason are brought into this to go to thank every time we have some type of hot tub ridiculous with the logging.
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>>darya: he thinks oklahoma city is on to win a stand because he takes them he picks a fight. >>gary: sometimes if you have any recognition and he has a lot.
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>>darya: the raptors are not in the war issues but there are to
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have gone for this the whole and the title now that i favor the seven and five. >>darya: 63 cases and facing death. >>gary: that was agreed lesbians than howe kid just hasn't been around and people having grown up with them into a from a
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standpoint of san jose when i grew up you always have to go to oakland to see the raiders or oakland to see the '80s or san francisco for the forty-niners and jains we never had our own team and all the people san jose m. the have the football which is fine and it had sought a which is fine as far as one of the major sports this is great- >>gary:very good this morning i
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will see you.
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>>mark: it had some high-tech help from above tech look the camera drawn hovered over the raging fire yesterday morning with both the north but the fire yesterday in the draw on captured images and information to help firefighters in the comic key decisions about the fire's behavior this said the
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firefighting drawn a still and the developmental state. >>darya: one of the biggest fears of the virus is the birth defect that a cost and they believe the chance of birth defects the cdc study also reinforces the understanding that women infected in the early stages.
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>>mark: more on the man police say she could be left metrified east this is a meeting in just a few minutes they're going to ask the fence from month to buy cameras following shootings along interstate '80s will be at that meeting and have the latest when the morning news continues. hi. is the internet still out? yes! i have nothing. come on! work together. work together. work together. do you got anything? i don't have anything. no i don't have anything. please come back internet.
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>> mark: watching bay every weather and traffic. lab more details in a moment. >> robin: with a promise on the
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nimitz now. 11 at a south bay is also of the problem. there was a stalled truck that is causing a nasty back up. this winter powwow to 11 right at the embarcadero exit. it looks like the left lane is blocked if the act use 11 it will be crawling way back to san jose. it backed up to capitol expressway. some packing the ride the opposite direction southbound for those yet to come from and a part and redwood city in the palo alto to be stuck in the back up as well. it is not looking good right now. going in december to scope this the normal backup it stretches between 80 and less grand. a trip in the maze and is a very good sign and clearing up in the carpool lane and the 80 over crossing its.. it is racking up. . the day if >> dave: to store the hills
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utilizing try to clear up an appeal over the fog. the golden gate bridge still has the clubs around it. the warm-up in the space will be coming on leader on.; at any occupant is fatuities mostly fifties drop the area. for a lender breakdown kitchen to the lower '70s for the speech tried a little warmer and the south korea's southwest wind around 10. the forecast by noon to have charge of the north and now happening early afternoon. 68 in that day and sent to england. by trick hopper mostly sunny in most places. by 5:00 of scattered clouds allow chile the coast with lower 60s. this coming this week and we will see a warm-up. >> mark: and a bottle and a high school is closed one. sid was shot and killed and another injured. silicon for three people in connection with
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shooting. >> avery: school officials did come out and speak with us a few moments ago. there were could not. say not the school is closed today. they say high school victims were involved in the double shooting. they're looking for three gunmen right now. one student has been killed and another was seriously injured. will look into where it happened. this the map out what it's got to minutes away from the high school in. that a tight control near a golf course. police are still looking for these people even though it happened yesterday. this was the real like this morning. police are combing the area for any sign of the three people involved. people received the call since the mid scatback and shot. the second victim was found dead in a open space in
8:03 am
the hillside. police ordered a shelter please order in a sense that lifted this. three suspects are still at large. >>: we have a reasonably that there's any further threat to the community. this appears to be an isolated event between the number of and vigils. we are going to find at how many exactly. >> avery: school officials are keeping the school closed today. they want to say for the students and staff the. all of that school psychologist once the school reopens after memorial day holiday. we're waiting for more information from officials and also the local police. >> mark: your the first to break the news of turmoil at honor if the. of a mobile at you could always delayed is speaking is.
8:04 am
" dorians >> darya: and i call this morning we'll see a press coverage and we'll be carrying that live here on the kron 4 morning news. were also going to strain that live on kron 4 not come. it also or mobile app as well. >> mark: policeman in a lake or looking for missing figure a girl who was last seen being dragged away. >> james: investigators are looking for pearls hanson believes she was taken against her will. we have a picture of her that she was to judge her by school. you can make out his green hair that's the color you are looking for. that is our current affairs at. she was also wearing a gray sweater and weightings. this habits of a caucus in morning police responded to reports of shots being at 70 over crossing. the
8:05 am
woman was being pulled on to the over crossing by a hispanic man. the elements face was leading. when the deputies got to the scene and they did find parole's cellphone and her and some blood on. they are extremely concerned for safety. they want staffer home and save to. >>: we're very concerned. some form altercation happen there. there is least one gunshot her that area. a witness saw a female being dragged away that had blood on her face. we are very concerned. number one priority is reaching out to our community asking for their help. >> dave: >> james: please every interest in fighting for an and the castro. i say he's a person of interest to. listen vallejo. it is not clear if he and the victim had a relationship. we're checking in with the police and so far they have not been him into custody.
8:06 am
>> darya: of the warriors and they'll be playing for their lives and writes. they have to win three in a row to survive against the thunder. >> mark: it's a must win game. >> tran: you can think back in six or game 7 must wins. that's unless you win game 5. the warriors believe they are favored by 8 points. their plight of home hopefully will help someone. this started 6:00 tonight and slaphappy our and the tail gate section is the south, it will be the no. someone. italian fans to get there earlier because they need their help. steve kerr put that out on warrior stock,. he said there would do everything that they can. the delegate section
8:07 am
will be open to 30 and between four and five just to get the fans all lathered up and ready to discount a happy drinks. is also 20% off warriors memorabilia and merchandise. tonight's 6:00 if they win tonight which i am predicting. game 6 will be saturday in oklahoma city. guys can you imagine game 7 here? the roof will just come off its hinges and to get backing seven staff. curry has said they're not going to go out like this. draymond green with etc. attention as far as the attention goes. he was locked in and ready to go as well. there are some tax still available. if you assert websites you can give your hands on some tickets for. this could be the last game of the season.
8:08 am
hopefully not. >> mark: the sharks are with a historic night. for the first time in history they are setting to the nhl championship. toward scored two goals. does the fund also scored. marne jones had a good night made 24 saves. sharks will either play the pittsburgh penguins or the tampa bay lightning. their game 7 is tonight. game when the finals will be on monday. if his third win games when the two will be in pittsburgh. its candidate wins the games will be in sandals and. tickets go on sale this afternoon. >> darya: hillary clinton is returning to the bay area. we'll tell you where she will be. and a popular california like is trash. going to show you some college students with a dead.
8:09 am
and also the damage. airports are not nearly as clear as they claim to. or talk about the growing problem of people accepting of the stake on to the tarmac. okay, ready?
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whoa! [ explosion ] nothing should get in the way of the things you love. ♪ get america's fastest internet. only from xfinity. >> robin: rejecting a hot spot on 11 heading into palo alto. there's a small truck that adding to the traffic problems. if get to the peninsula of the
8:12 am
left lane is blocked at the 11 and embarcadero. it's about chuck that broke down. chp has not arrived at and the tow truck is not there either. it's adding to the massive back up at the south bay that stretches all the way to south san jose. it's a one hour and 25 minute drive time to get from 85 to the embarcadero. >> mark: is as depressed investigation found trespassers in airports are getting over fences and gates. they do about every five days. >> james: every 10 days despite investments to protect the busiest airports in and putting up fences. assessing incidents are acting as frequently as. ever last year you may remember 80 investigation found that as a fall led the country for most trespassing incidence. they have
8:13 am
since said that about any incidents as of a sense the report the. h-p this morning says that is not true. they've found the last march at woman walked around and exit gate and went right onto the tarmac at sfo. she tried to flag down a plan. their two other incidents last january as well. d.c. tells candelight when the ap request that information from a federal report. sfo said they cannot comment on this. this because they have security concerns. the associated press in this game found california's is airports and nine intrusions in 2015. that is a surprising number. >> dave: racine those low-lying clouds lawyer on that day. keeping temperatures down. those '60s for ocean beach and 58 have been made. lookit numbers of the middle '60s by the end of the memorial day weekend. and the next week will warm-up. we'll
8:14 am
have a forecast next and kron 4 news continues
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>> darya: let's look at whether. >> dave: for those from the east coast they may have some problems. this is something the hurricane center is watching as nothing has developed at. as a
8:17 am
formality will get into trouble dormant season in june. speaking of travel sfo comes in with some breaks in the clouds happening here. there's some clearing here at the and o'clock hour. if you're traveling to the mound for the weekends there's plenty of sun for top ". alan thundershowers for a possibility will cause scattered thundershowers this weekend. the temperatures will be in the mid- 60s to mid-40s freeloads. that's not 5,400 ft. range. the higher up its local. >> dave: is the temperature is right here for this area here. the warm up right were talking about doing a nice job to get pushed off the coast the cooler temperatures. eighties are in
8:18 am
the far east bay and some the valleys in the south bay also and the north a. tomorrow will have to have more heating even some nineties in parts of the sacramento valley. '80s and the four space and also the north bay wide round of the wine country. reversing the '70s in the peninsula's. will be a nice memorial day weekend for the beaches. the space shoreline love low seventies. in the 74 cast as a lot '80s for the zero spots. biggest or misstate appears to be monday a slight pullback by wednesday. lever next week. looks adobe another week >> robin: with another problem as cellblock's track at 11 south bay. stradivari this slow commute for the those are trying going to the peninsula at 11
8:19 am
embarcadero this happened 7:00 hour a box truck stalled as. freeway service patrol has not been able to move the truck hit the. he is special heavy-duty tow truck is on the way. there's a big backup that stretches all the way it to itself as saddam's and. you see the picture and going in the south san jose is backed up all the way to the hill is 40 minutes to 237 addicts for 35 minutes to 237 to the scene of the stalled. 280 north is gm going of south lake but it looks much better on the peninsula. you can use it as an alternate and it's not completely smooth. it's not some and on the sand until bridge. this is normal is 25 minutes from an immense to the bayshore. drive * here is cut on the shore freeway yet 26 minutes from hercules to the maze. a smaller and south to take from
8:20 am
bobble from dublin to is no free. some 25 minutes from the interchange. at south bay that what loopy parkway its line stretches heading north to 20 minutes for the whole drive. for this is from 85 to 11. but i >> darya: agree clinton is in the bay area campaigning for the primary. she's hosting engagement in san orthoscope. this is when she was and salinas yesterday. clinton is 79 delegates away from clinching from clinching the nomination. a new report has been launched out where they did find that her use of a private e-mail server while she was secretary state should not have been done. it was a problem with other secretaries of state as well. the reports as the clinton did not seek legal approval to use a private server. as a new poll from the public policy is to
8:21 am
california. it shows a tight race between clinton and sanders. the poll just out of science shows clinton leading centers 46 to 44. as with and the mayor margin of error. the look of a march and clinton was leading 48 to 41. sanders is trailing clinton significantly in the delegate count he. is hoping that winning california could keep clinton from clinching the nomination. that would lead to a contested convention. >> mark: trout has officially reach the number of delegates votes to cleanse the nomination. it put him over the 1027 to make official. trump was the only gop candidate in the race. you'll want to accept the nomination at the national convention in cleveland. overnight in japan present obama said donald trump has rattled world leaders. >>: they are rattled by him. as
8:22 am
for good reason. he does a lot of proposals these may display either ignorance of world affairs. or a cavalier attitude or an interest in tweed and headlights of actually think the answer. >> darya: the right to don trump to the republican party as a former students of his university sounding off. griffin spoke with two men in hope of learning something from trump. >>: >> reporter: these people love a double drop. the cboe bought into the head and this. billionaire himself really wanted to make him a success to. >>: this is what i signed.
8:23 am
>> reporter: he allowed trump university to slide his credit cards. >>: we spend more than $10,000. >> reporter: in totally spend more than $26,000 for a realistic course. what they get? for the five days he got useless information. instructors constantly pressured him to pay even more. >>: more money and i did not learn anything. >> reporter: there were no real state secrets or testes cost. he felt that he had and had an instructor beetle the benefits uping and paid taxes of underpaid people. that killed a home but then taking ownership of the properties. >>: i felt that it was our right
8:24 am
to steal somebody's house. >> reporter: this person is suing $35,000. as of their so- called secrets that. >>: for example the opening slide and say if you want to the budget tax deductions as a business go to irs stopped off. if you want to find properties code to be a dog,. he toasted oat websites. i was just shaking my head the all-time. i kept at hoping that the next steps that i would get some knowledge and i did not have before. i never received it. >> reporter: >>: desert south of the people who are taken for millions of dollars.
8:25 am
>>: it was a scam. a separate people into spending more money. >> mark: e. space mirrors are meeting to try and find ways to prevent a dozen shootings that are plaguing freeways in the committee's. we'll tell you what they're proposing. first the obama administration put a directive to protect tragedy since its. this not sitting well in some states to. we'll tell you how they're fighting the order.
8:26 am
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8:28 am
>> darya: live acidifying callosities the baumann mr. asian because of the new gender directive. this is given to schools the trend. gender policy has got some schools of said. the department of education and justice are being sued because of this. the directive tells schools that they need to allow students to use the bathroom that matches their gender identity. if they don't do this to lose federal funding at. trees from the states are suing argue the schools are destroyed protect their students and their privacy. >> dave: there's a lot more blue at sfo than before. it's part of the clearing trend and a warming trend as well. i'll have the story as well when we continue.
8:29 am
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but eric >> robin: there's a solid
8:31 am
track it is a stalled truck. here 11 north the palo alto there is as tall truck. they are having a hard time to get out of the way to. it's on the market there of no. 11. the promise any heavy-duty tow truck to get at the box struck out a way. but it all the heavy traffic is impacting the south back to you and also the north and commit. this coming out of south bay and either way you'll be stuck. no. what is out capital coming out sells a southbound. it'll be at a redwood city and a high one for. quick update for those 8580 or 80 years in the industry with as a lot have traffic. this is heading into the maze the nimitz is not letting up yet. 238 into
8:32 am
downtown oakland. steve >> dave: hear the san mateo bridge we are seeing some of putting in the skies. they are improving. 59 in oakland's our last checked and 60 in concord. we don't seek the temperatures are in the spike just yet. with daytime heating we will. this is the breakdown for the date. we went 58 to the upper seventies by the early afternoon rings from 10 to 20 mi. per hour. policies of lower 80s in the afternoon. that is spread out a lot of sick lot of upper seventies in the far east bay. for 3:00 p.m. will have some isolated in the peninsula. for 5:00 will be backing up to the mid-70s territories for the base area and in one region.
8:33 am
>> mark: of lady bank accused of starting a fire that killed his 5 is behind bars. they believe they he said his fire on a bonfire. is this the dispatcher's call them and he turns often. his five year-old son was killed in the fire. the boy's mother and brother were also injured. jamaica was an arrest on murder and attempted murder and all sorts and. please have not released and motive. another she makes sense as his father was violent and the group living in fear. >> darya: years and five east bay cities are meeting right now to talk about getting surveillance cameras on interstate 80. this is because of the series of three shootings. the mayors of three those hercules richmond and other cities are now meeting at asking governor brown for funding-cameras along interstate
8:34 am
80 from richmond to hercules. there been nearly 30 shooting jump on the east bay freeway since november. police on tuesday night or a man was driving and shot in the lake. investigators believe that all the shootings are gang-related but they can't catch the shooters. they're hoping if the cameras that help them to catch some. the pitcher police also ask for cameras on highway 4. >> mark: the bay bridge there was a human torso found. it might abandon the water for. least a for >> james: the torso was found will pass and yesterday. construction worker founded on his lunch. as at the south of the almost eastern span of the bridge where we're weak or make a sliding into oakland he. without taking pictures when he discovered the torso and a washed up on the rocks. as investigators and the coroner
8:35 am
were called to the scene as their collecting the torso and other evidence. there's no more visible signs of promise. that's adding investigators to ask how the body and that and bowater. >>: that somebody accidentally drowned with? they're a boating accident? was possibly a suicide/this to be a missing person. >> james: so far the coroner has not been able to determine the ethnicity. the afterlife and dna to try again dna on the body. keep tabs on the story if they do come up with the results of the testing we will. >> darya: diskette released by the pleas of a man who tried to carjack someone. this is an samper vowed. this is all to the sketch. this guy walked in the car a red light at 730 monday morning at third and heather to the streets in center fell. the plan and then at the driver and demanded that he get out a
8:36 am
carp. the second and opened the passenger door and stole items out seat. the driver refused to stop and drove away with the light turned green. >> mark: is formatted aggressive bees have been found some california they did. dna testing on the peace. their concern that to be africanize killer bees to. test results that they were just normal honeybees. two people were injured and two small dogs were killed. this is by the store back on may 50th the. or hiding back in somebody's backyard. what are >> darya: we have some trains on bart. they're looking at plants were straps up if you cannot find a seat. a talk about putting three and a thousand dollars to purchase three 35,000 mainly and straps. esses from 30
8:37 am
to 80 straps for you reach for. and is one member of the board says is a bad idea. this is hard to find and strap sometimes. the red bars can be too hard to reach. there's going to be no board services on the fremont line between san leandro citizens and more of the weakened. this because crews are repairing the track. robbia free bus bridge between the stations. they're warning to expect at least an hour delay to clubs. starts of the end of service to more. as will be no services into saturday or sunday or monday. that's less territories came. service will be read stored at 3:00 monday afternoon. >> mark: the grimmest calls since left mounds of trash as a part in the lake shasta. this story for dirty members in verse on this over the weekend there.
8:38 am
from the university of oregon. they're investigating was involved in every suspended the kai alpha for. the sale of costly $7 to clean up the mess including the 90 tents that were left behind. what are in >> darya: is a look at the embarcadero in several cisco. looking at a great degree now we do know that will allow warmer. with talk of the forecast and your holiday plans.
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
>> robin: still tracking right into december cisco on the bay bridge. it is not so bad. backup to starting a thin out at the lady over crossing. it is under the limits on the upper deck. 70 minutes is rather attractive from the maze to the sky like. >> mark: firefighters of still transfer out what caused a huge blaze in santa clara. we covered it is today all morning session at. this is the scene just after 3:00 a.m. on el camino real. nobody was hurt. this is orders are not sure what their way to do. we noticed firefighters use this tool.
8:42 am
>> reporter: as a douse the occasional five spot available. they're going to look into what caused the fire. the zero bills to be doing a post-mortem about how they fought the fire. it helps them to do those things with images that word from the throne. there was hovering high above the smoke and flames. it is capturing images and information that helped firefighters aground make key decisions about the fire's way you're. >>: sometimes you need subbing that only a bird's eye view can give you. will you support tactical decisions. >> reporter: volunteer firefighters the drone is still in the developmental stages. it used to help firefighters to make tackle decisions its real value may be what happens after a fire.
8:43 am
>>: will look and the cease-fire patterns. its formal polices. it helps us in our investigation and training. >> reporter: that she says that the use of drones need to have a policy before the cargo flows are actually used and found by the drum. >> darya: local distillery in several cisco is using something that we are famous for in sources could make out all. show you how. >> reporter: a local tech startups won a million dollar prize on a tv show. today the two visitors to this and talk about what was like to when this money and they showed their unique invention. we'll have more information when we come back.
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
>> dave: were still looking for a clearing already happening. this was happening on the san mateo bridge. mostly sunny afternoon is " looking for. but the forecast as we have to amount is plenty of sunshine as. there will be a mountain thunder showers on saturday. though be a 30 percent chance of that. higher elevations you make its and snow. there's a little warm-up that we will see for that as well. for us to ever to hold in the upper 50s from a permit debate. >> dave: the tenders may rise in the next hour or. becloud sector here we use to the possibility of still the shark developing at the north bay. this is just
8:47 am
laugh about maybe will be on- kills. it should stay at clear of other parts in the bay area. you'll see this on the contours' for today you see the '80s and the far east bay and also the south bay and the valleys. and the peninsula we will be in the '60s. is today's progress. tomorrow you concede degrees for solid the coastline and elsewhere will have you '70s and the state's coastline. elsewhere what '80s every other place. '90s will be in some other places in the sacramento valley. the warmest it will be beyond memorial day on monday. and the spade was the upper seventies. it'll be like that around this area that '80s all lined up for in one spot. a cyclical back for wednesday. the look for the following weekend to form up to potentially some nineties on the board. an improvement on
8:48 am
traffic? >> robin: is a lawless south of a traffic. we have no hot spots right now. i'm sure you're looking for two sitting in the heavy traffic. it is bumper to bumper on the senate the bridge coming out of here word. it is 20 minutes to get from the nimitz 211. it's still quite credit. in this road between el camino and to lady there is a motorcycle accident that is eastbound that is just east of alameda. is close their it. is backing a traffic in both directions. it is used to lady or use of camino and when to get to repair roads. is no there traffic control in place to get around a motorcycle accidents. at 280 hidden from the peninsula into the house the crash is cleared is a. tough ride can south into this area. the speed is 40 mi. approaching highly for
8:49 am
the. sure yellow faulty gas before you deride. >> robin: a black frock was stalled. backup stretch in the south jose traffic is still recovering the draw. time is king better. so 64 minutes from 85 up the sunnyvale. is another 30 minutes to get from to 37 in sunnyvale up to 92 in san mateo.; lamar slowdown that is what wrapping up an alamo. it is now the wave. that traffic is on both sides. your accountant peter its heavy and the dow fell as. of south bend is improving is still stop ago that is coming out of plaza hills. that that of alamo of the crashes of like. but are in >> darya: is a relic those that between us and nuclear annihilation. in may not be that there. these colleges from the
8:50 am
97 it was running the strategic control system. they are used to sending receive emergency access matches to nuclear forces for the u.s.. the pentagon says the upgrade is under way. >> mark: there still using floppy disks. the local tax set up as $1 million prize second played against reform steps on a reality show called america's greatest makers. the image of one over this shows judges and parents across the nation to. when a show of art reporter. >> reporter: all parents can relate to this they. want their kids to brush teeth. getting them to do well even more difficult. for a lot of us at the nightly battle. brush the dust that won the battle. they
8:51 am
make brushing fund. it controls video games with a brush teeth. it also lets parents tracks results. russia is short for gaming toothbrush. it was a link their toothbrush with a video game. bill make it more fun and less mature. >>: the feedback from parents is amazing. it gives them peace of mind that the russian. >>: >> reporter: kids jason months around on their teeth. it also works on act on your phone. i ask each of what they are blended with a million dollars. he said this idea of my not only for kids. >>: were going to use a million dollars use make next generation games. it would not be for kids but will be for adults. >> darya: tesla's autopilot
8:52 am
technology is making headlines about the way that they had intended. of viral video saw a man sitting by using the autopilot feature. a pilot is to give confidence on the well but it still requires them to be alert and ready to take control of. the companies using the opportunity my drivers to be safe and responsible. you knew that this is going happen. >> mark: google is taking the self driving cars and auto industries. they will be opening and development center right outside of detroit. they have a plant in arizona and washington. they believe being in detroit will be given better access to the people in the auto industry. the work of chrysler
8:53 am
automobiles they want to make 100 self driving many vance. >> darya: a bill hillary distillery is making bobcat out of fog. >> mark: they had a cut and blended with fog. they gather the fog was five catchers in the tower in the adders districts and also sells abroad in berkeley hills. it collects the water from the fog. >> darya: they catch it in the net the skillet and then use the water for vodka. may havel the area tastes. will be cheaper than these new bottles. >> mark: and i might buy dollars
8:54 am
for the fog of vodka. >> darya: will look at the fog right now with the weather and traffic. here is the traffic at the bay bridge. hi. is the internet still out?
8:55 am
yes! i have nothing. me on! work together. work together. work together. do you got anything? i don't have anything. no i don't have anything. please come back internet. i love you. i love you so much. just come back. please. please. he's streaming a cat video. (family laughs) and the whole party is looking... can i take a look? mitch come on! get high speed internet from at&t with 99.9% reliability for just $30 a month. keep calm, your internet's on.
8:56 am
area >> darya: this girl biz/or because what water skiing skills. she is 6 months old. she's holding on for dear life. the skis can flout an nfl special bar for her because her parents are professionals. >> mark: they may all the precautions they need to make sure that should be ok. the bill was only going 7 mi. an hour. the parents and professionals saw >> guest: she will drop of water. >> darya: i can tell she's cried or not.
8:57 am
>>: in the escape that is correct. >> mark: that is the world jaundice or spelling bee champion. he is participating in the script is only six result. he's been home skilled his been competing for four years. he started spelling when he was to. he can also read and write fluently any. he was eliminated from the competition yesterday. >> darya: the competitors are a lot older than him and he was a chance. disney is facing come controversy over its film dory. the worry is that people's run as good tory look-alikes or the
8:58 am
new film the look-alikes. as a sign a petition and what a mess before moving saying do not adopt blue tangs like tory. the sea " of finding the mall after they fight nemo codfish cowfish cells exploded in the. when it attain that's all the difference because it's not in captivity there is. a fear that increased demand for that type of tank fish will decline the population. it's not like running or the echo. >> mark: the search for people are intensified after student is killed. we'll have a press conference about coming up life.
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> mark: please lot more information about where the three people or are responsible for shooting killing a high school student in north bay. >> darya: the shooting having a bottle about 530 last night. there were shot and four-wheel- drive. one victim was taken to hospital and in superb series condition. without a second edition that had been shot and died of a scene. cost not a high
9:01 am
school >> mark: we're expecting police to hold an update on the search for the killers. bring that news conference as soon as it's. >> dave: right now the golden gate bridge is the clout is what we have. lot of fog is seen around. will improve quickly. timberjack you concede any of 59 conquered about 60. we have a lot of sunshine coming through. we're in the mid-50s and upper 50s. right now. we'll see ciskei's with the south west wind that about 10. by noon the charge we possible north area napa county and not continue for the next few hours. mostly sunny
9:02 am
by 3:00 for everybody. brazil will chile in an upper '70's and 70's by about 5:00. one villager holiday weekend forecast is a bit. >> robin: the bay bridge ride isn't too bad right now it is. wide open nysa's to the toll plaza on the air early commuters are out of your web. it's a little crowded on the suspension bridge. but 20 minutes from the bridge of the sky with. the drive * right now or 80 minutes for out of antioch and the concord. 21 minutes is a drive time from dublin to the interchange. it's higher on a one-to-one at south and was a design developed the because of a much earlier problem because of stalled truck without paul walton. after news that the 65 minutes is the draft and right now. >> mark: gleason lady looking
9:03 am
for a missing piece year-old girl those lasting drag away. are looking for pro penns and beetle. if she was taken against her will. as a high school and has green here at last seen wearing a green sweater and leggings. please respond to report of shots being fired as 780 pedestrian over across the. they're told that the woman was being pulled by a couple of hispanic and. her face was leading. they found herself on and some blood of the ground. pro-family just want her home safe. >>: we are very concerned were some sort of altercation that happen there. there is least one shot heard in the area in that time. a witness said the phenols been struggling. are very concerned at nomura party is reaching up to our community asking for their help in. finding in >> mark: been identified night
9:04 am
year-old fernandez castro as a person of interest. it is unclear if castro had a prior relationship with perot. >> darya: the warriors down flyer they have to deny or they will not continue. >> tran: i step outside because i want to show you they need the fans held more than ever. this is the first time that they can truly say this the first time this is a must win games. that is why they're having happy hour defense even her earlier lathered up so they can be even louder inside the game. oklahoma city thundered their one game away from eliminating the warrior's dream season. this is the north, all its even bigger than the south, they. telling people that of the 230
9:05 am
and will have deejays and they'll have drinks that are discounted so you can get that there. for 45 you notice that the fans start of the 20% off of merchandise. getting into the game starts its 6:00. the games are to 6:00 in. one everyone going to the game. steve kerr once every come in and be allowed. fleet gallivants to oklahoma city. if you win game 5 at the warriors will then be applied in six. i cannot believe anybody would want seller tickets with our people are willing to do this. here the prices for upper level 1 and $59. low-level $2 core. it cited a hundred $45. still have a life she around and what the chances of curry draymond and other
9:06 am
players. draymond is come under fire lit that but he was locked in for the next game. for a 3000 fans will get warriors flax. there also teachers in side. three must win games for the warriors. >> mark: the country and this game and of the london exchange. the san jose sharks will make to the nhl championship. they beat the st. louis blues 52 and the sdp center. the accord to close >> mark: martin jones made 24
9:07 am
saves. he does give up two goals late. they will be against the winner between the cavity lightings and the pittsburgh penguins. in manila files will be on monday. the lightning when games 1 and 2 will be in saddles and. the penguins win games 1 and 2 will be in pittsburgh. >> darya: ap says that billionaire donald trump has reached the nomination memo votes. on tuesday he was put over the 1027 delegates to make an official of. trump was the only remaining to pay canids you'll go on to accept the nomination in cleveland. >> mark: a disturbing discovery at the bay bridge. a human torso was found in the water. >> darya: security is a major
9:08 am
concern at airports around the nation including sfo. see what officials are doing to try to make you safe. >> mark: a live look at the bottle. a wing for a press conference from a place to. they're searching for the killers of the high school conference from a place to. they're searching for the killers of the high school student. i apply it once a day, any time. aczone gel 7.5% is fda approved for the topical treatment of acne for people 12 years and older. aczone gel is a once-a-day acne treatment with clinically proven results. in clinical trials, acne got better for people using aczone gel in just 12 weeks. aczone gel may cause the serious side effect of methemoglobinemia, which decreases oxygen in your blood. stop taking aczone gel and get medical help right away if your lips, mouth, or nails turn grey or blue. talk to your doctor if you have g6pd deficiency.
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using benzoyl peroxide with aczone gel may cause skin or facial hair to temporarily turn yellow or orange where applied. common side effects of aczone gel include dryness and itching of treated skin. now, i have less acne to think about because i use aczone gel. you could pay as little as $15 for aczone gel. learn more at aczone. prescription treatment. proven results.
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>>robin winston: chapter richmond san rafael bridge. traffic heading out of san francisco for a line south on the left calf is looking pretty good number of the problems of
9:14 am
the halving of live and the box on to center felt on the statistics minutes to the san francisco side of the bridge. >>robin winston: southbound picking of the still but called on walnut creek back of this beyond 24 trying to get into alamo. >>robin winston: we're still hot spot for a slowly improving.
9:15 am
>>reporter: we still have some leftover fall we issue some of the camera shot in to clear on the golden did hovering on around it is clear down substantially elsewhere improving forecast for us to buttress a little sluggish castillo will have 63, 64 antioch pfft 63 for 50 and to lower 60s themselves known for oakland and hayward. >>reporter: to more outside the morning clouds and fog will go back to the most sunny mold the does seem to me much more
9:16 am
tomorrow look to the covers all dry wine country a good portion over the hills from the east of a shoreline. watching winners and losers. >>rob black: the economy and the jobs plan to the stock market with radical today is where goes for more time that the technical term for the job claims fell more than expected which is a good thing to cut jobless claims means it ostrogoth and you will claim on a point of for the first time
9:17 am
the numbers came a 268,000 even under 300,000 for 64 straight weeks that is amazing that is a credible and is positive. >>rob black: crushing the rotted, is important because when everyone to have a piece of pie even to it the biggest in the united states face the oil
9:18 am
could write to $6 a barrel which is yes will be traveling a lot on memorial day and the and this time next year gasoline and oil and airplane prices will be higher because we did not hold the third dollars a barrel to we're benefiting from right now. >>: the police department on fortune in the shares last that we found out about the incident and it didn't touch with the law enforcement made the decision to close about a high school for today and the link that we know about with the students were right here in about the highest form so we had some concerns about what might happen with an
9:19 am
addition or to do everything we can to support our student and our parents and of family and i ran for governor say whether it is counselors for help that we needed it will tree shed every one good wishes as we if i try to learn more information at this time would like to turn it over to the other from the sheriff's office. >>:.
9:20 am
>>: because there-i would not build to disclose within names are this is still a very active investigation of our detectives are cast would provide of this rosa and regards to investigating this the key thing is that we wanted to know the we're very comfortable with where we had in the investigation we anticipate we'll have much more information to share live on this afternoon the two victims involved in the shooting guest today one being the first victim who called 911 tool the local law enforcement and identified what he believes to be our three suspects we're
9:21 am
told he is recovering in stable condition which is good news. >>: war is missing will become more available later on this afternoon there was not a whole lot of information i can provide this point as this is is very active investigation hostage again we're open later on this afternoon we might be able to share more information. >>: there was no further threat to the community at this point the fact of the matter is the this is like in the investigation we have a lot of pieces about people in the committee to come for providing us with information were able to put the pieces together to get a better complete portrait of what took place.
9:22 am
>>: exacted the motor behind this is something we're still trying to clearly identify for this reason we're taking every step possible for as long forssmann the school district to make sure we're for every type of resource that might be available to help all was to listen he's been under the care
9:23 am
at the local community hospital are he's been treated for his injuries exactly what information we are gleaning is something that we cannot share this point.
9:24 am
>>: it is difficult what we can sit comfortably for my position of the delaware not identifying any for the threat to the community we also understand what these concerns are and what i can say to them and my next- door neighbor i don't feel there's any threat to the community that they need to feel right now. >>: novato is not a large city
9:25 am
is a moderate size city is more of a community a lot of people know which other the way great gift to share with the school has done today in regard to recognize in the this is a very stressful time for many people.
9:26 am
>>: the school districts our concern is obviously for our students for our parents and our staff and that was the main reason we closed school today.
9:27 am
>>mark: we will be swim back on the kron 4 one-man news continues.
9:28 am
9:29 am
>>reporter: to travel to the mountain until sunshine this
9:30 am
settlement some doomful good sfo or about this shower north unarmed right down 68 for the day 72 in by mid afternoon 78 and then withdrawn 74. >>robin winston: is often enough thinking of slow and pockets were not afforded treatment for a is out today from 230 out to 237 in milpitas. >>darya: 10 the east bay the
9:31 am
mayor and five east bay cities are talking right now about how to protect drivers. >>terisa estacio: is one of half a dozen shootings that happen a recent thing today in response to the mayor of several east bay cities are getting together and also read the to support funding and encourage the government to get the state of the art surveillance camera network of the to protect drivers out in these areas and help investigators in solving this crimes.
9:32 am
>>mark: police looking for this man their lawn should make and they believe this set fire to his family's home on sunday. >>mark: as five your son was killed in the fire and the boy's mother and brother when injured and has he was arrested on charges of murder and attempted murder and arson police have not month's least a model another. >>darya: who just off of the old east this and other bridge taken samples and that is when he noticed there was a torso was
9:33 am
stuck on the rocks off homicide investigators were called-and they said there were no signs of trauma to the bottom as leading to wonder how the body and of the water. >>darya: the corn has not been able to determine the ethnicity of the person who died but there are going to be using dna to try and identify the remains. >>darya: they're released a sketch of a man who will carjacked summer in san rafael a second look at this sketch this is to them to conform the man who looks like this walk up into a car that was stopped and ran like a 730 on in the morning on monday and.
9:34 am
>>mark: the form of progress of these this into people to hospital for ordinary honeybee'' the state department of food and agriculture of dna testing on the the the the that concerns that it can be africanized of these if the test results ... and fondled as regular honeybees. >>darya: 50 difficult to find
9:35 am
and track and the overhead bars can be hard to reach and if you are ticking right there is no service on the fremont line between san leandro bay fair stationed off his entire long holiday weekend.
9:36 am
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>>mark: like have a default would fog catchers in the sunset edition and answer bronson in the berkeley hills they chose to use fog to make it to save water as we into the fifth year to trout.
9:39 am
9:40 am
9:41 am
>>robin winston: nam is a hot spots out there if you plan on driving into san francisco was a minor way at the bay bridge toll plaza and the cash claim that novato the man of the park, it is nice improvement 6 team is amazed to the sky way >>reporter: given to the close
9:42 am
to seven is pushing very close to when speaking to the south the numbers it at around 80 and spot santa clara and san jose.
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
9:46 am
>>darya: if he could control them the warriors can when because he kept a bar graph here is the deal it was one and the man in the war is on guitar nine our of 223. >>darya: handy, when we heard it first said nine teams have done this for come from down 21 to win this series.
9:47 am
>>darya: this psychological feeling of fact of having lost those two games in a row if so horribly that way on the person.
9:48 am
>>darya: he said he was awful but heck someone who was standing by him a big superstar fan who was into this before there is some canals of and that is going on is going on and when it comes time to do the job you're a little bit tired. >>gary: attracting the suspension will he not be suspended back-and-forth that
9:49 am
may have drained him the other night he thinks oklahoma city is going to win a fan actually because he takes them the fan x a fight he picks an actual fistfight at a bar with charles barkley.
9:50 am
>>gary: hisses i'm almost positive he says some of this outrageous things this is one team can do anything and then he goes on the back room in has a big glass.
9:51 am
>>darya: another raptor the in the war issues as do-or-die your the cavaliers their auto confidence.
9:52 am
>>gary: that was great last nine hits in the smythe, since cahow it was from a sampling from san jose you always have to go the oakland to see the raiders for oakland to see the a's and san francisco and giants we never had our own team to another people san jose and they've had arena football which is fine. >>gary: and tickets bird has the
9:53 am
the city cause the saw considered the best player. ♪ having acne... ...was always on my mind. so i asked a dermatologist about new aczone dapsone gel 7.5%. i apply it once a day, any time. aczone gel 7.5% is fda approved for the topical treatment of acne for people 12 years and older. aczone gel is a once-a-day acne treatment with clinically proven results. in clinical trials, acne got better for people
9:54 am
using aczone gel in just 12 weeks. aczone gel may cause the serious side effect of methemoglobinemia, which decreases oxygen in your blood. stop taking aczone gel and get medical help right away if your lips, mouth, or nails turn grey or blue. talk to your doctor if you have g6pd deficiency. using benzoyl peroxide with aczone gel may cause skin or facial hair to temporarily turn yellow or orange where applied. common side effects of aczone gel include dryness and itching of treated skin. now, i have less acne to think about because i use aczone gel. you could pay as little as $15 for aczone gel. learn more at aczone. prescription treatment. proven results.
9:55 am
>>mark: the schools close to that one student was shot and killed and another seriously injured we held a news conference to say there was no threat to the community they said they're still looking for the three people connected to the shooting police saw looking for dismissing 15 year-old girl the same per was taken against her will on the into by a man close 19 your friend of castro and those in the hall--vallejo.
9:56 am
>>mark: is the only remaining gop candidates left in the race the primary law since they gave from the nest delegates to put them over the 1237 needed to make an official donald trump will go on to set the nomination and the party's national convention in cleveland in july and.
9:57 am
>>mark: we're going to warmer temperatures and time for mourning rican and seven is along the bay amid six is along the coast a nice stretch of weather and. stay connected with our kron 4 mobile app,,facebook,and twitter feeds.dr phil coming up next have a great day see you tommorow at 4am.
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