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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  May 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:16pm PDT

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these want to look at any video from home, businesses in the area hoping it's can provide clues. >> it's still unclear what the relationship was between perl and the kidnapper who was killed along the central coast. we bring information from a vigil for perl tonight in vallejo. the victim is still missing tonight. the main suspect, the only person who may know where she is is dead. >> they've been making phone calls. if she is out of state or out of city, they need to call. we pray she is found and she's brought home safe and sound. that was prose sister talking but how incredibly
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difficult this has been for her family. she is at a gathering at the overpass for shoes last seen yesterday morning bleeding and screening. people gathered there to pray and be together during this time of sadness and work. her friends still believe she will come home. >> we love her and we love her no matter what happens. if you see her, we are going to not going to give up. >> reporter: the suspect's car was spotted in san luis obispo county for the chp. the chp pulled the car to senator barbara county. there was a shootout. the suspect allegedly went into a mobile home park and stole a pickup truck. the deputies say he fired at officers. the officers were hurt and they fired back, killing him. the sheriff's office needs to get down to santa barbara county
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with a warrant so they can search the suspect's car. they were to see if there's any evidence, here or blood that might help the lead them to perl. they've extremely large search area. vallejo in the san rafael bridge, marin county and making their way all the way down to santa barbara county. the sheriff saying the main priority is to bring her home. will continue to track the developments with this story on- air and online. we'll have a crew at the same -- at the scene tomorrow morning as the search continues. here's a close look at other top stories. police are taking time to regroup after two intense raids . two young men were arrested today, both under the age of 18 years old. police say it's in connection to the murder of a novato high school students on wednesday. the second student was also attacked in the hills west of a
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novato. they called 911 and divided vital information that police said led to the rest today of a third suspect -- a third suspect is still outstanding. 28 freeway shootings in the bay area since november. four people have died, 12 others injured. now five people have been taken into custody. california highway patrol releasing the names of four of those people. the real mccoy is likely connected to a first highway for shooting. just tonight, the highway patrol announced the names of three men wanted for shooting of february 1. oscar torres, zachary lopez and antonio navarro's. all the rest of the same day, one unnamed person is also in custody, police are not saying which incident that suspect is really too. the father accused of setting a fire that killed his five routes on it was in court today. the suspect charged -- turned
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himself in yesterday. he faces felony charges for murder, theft and murder and arson. police say he admitted starting the vallejo house fire with his family inside. his wife and teen son escaped with second and third degree burns. those suspect is scheduled to back in court june 8. hillary clinton delivered a fiery speech in downtown san jose to an enthusiastic group. clinton touched on a range of issues but as she has been doing speeches and best buy across california she went after donald trump. >> we know a lot about donald trump. he was for himself, not for you.>> reporter: those are seen as one way to invigorate her campaign in california. the primary a couple weeks away, one new poll shows clinton entered democratic challenger bernie sanders a few percentage
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points apart. for the warriors and their fans, more relief than excitement tonight. the season is not ending. the doves at home were able to take care of business, beating the oklahoma city thunder. steph curry warming up. he got on track. 31 points for the mvp. the crowd exulting 27 for his running mate./brother clay thompson, russell westbrook and kevin durant did their thing. 31 for respert, 40 for durant. in the end, they come off the bench in the wires one 120-111. forcing a game six on saturday and upon the city. the season list on. the were still have a shot to repeat. they gave his one good reason to be indoors this weekend but otherwise, get outside. >> friday will be better for
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everyone. that and the weather was a big win. here's what to expect when we go into the rest of tonight. clear skies tomorrow even warmer. as we head to the weekend we're warming things up. will see a peak in our temperatures on saturday. lots of sunshine expected on both days. monday also looks good. right now, temperatures in san francisco, 56, oakland 57, 58 in san jose. we are pretty much in the 50s across the board. santa rosa and 54 degrees as well. satellite radar shows high- pressure. weird not tracking any systems expected today. we will continue to see lots of sunshine as we go into the rest of your workweek after monday. a dry pattern setting up as well as a push into next day.
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we don't have a great chance to see any rain fall but your wake of temperatures heading into tomorrow close to average. 52 inapposite -- napa 53 -- anyhow, 55 degrees. temperatures in vallejo at 54 degrees as well. as we push into tomorrow, you'll notice a gradual warming trend. today was warmer than yesterday, tomorrow will still be warmer. 89 in antioch. 87 in concord. 74 in richmond. city six in daily city and temperatures in half moon bay at 64 degrees. along the coast, temperatures stay in the high 50s. three day forecast shows will stay at 85 degrees for most of our locations tomorrow approaching higher on 86. staying in the mid-80s on sunday, lots of sunshine mild and warm conditions. mainly in the midsize 70s and
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around the mid-60s for the coast. they'll be nice and comfortable. seven-day forecast shows us we stay warm even on memorial day. same thing on to say. as we get into wednesday and thursday we could see a little weather disturbance helps drop our temperatures. the ridge of high pressure for the weekend and temperatures will start to slowly cool back down the next couple days, really good. a look at the stories you need to know for tomorrow when we come back.
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here are some of the stories you need to know about for tomorrow. hillary clinton's campaign coming to the bay area continues tomorrow the democratic front runner will be in oakland. to talk with you community leaders and talk about
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increasing opportunities in oakland. that meeting kicks off many of tomorrow morning. thomas the official kickoff of memorial day weekend and authorities will be out in force. cracking down on drunk drivers. chp will conduct its memorial day maximum enforcement period statewide. it runs until midnight on monday. if you plan on visiting the golden gate bridge over the holiday weekend, the welcome center parking lot and vista point parking lot are both ends of the bridge will be closed starting at 11 am tomorrow morning until 5 pm on memorial day. if music is your thing, head to the north bay. you finally annual bottle rock festival. headliner tomorrow night, stevie wonder. >> it runs all weekend long. >> start here with us tomorrow on kron4 morning news. lots more coming your way. good night everybody.
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>> triumphant donald trump. >> there was a news flash that donald trump had won the nomination. >> as jimmy kimmel puts trump on the hot seat. >> said you thought hillary would make an excellent president. were you full of [censor] when you said it. >> speaking of hillary, what has her in hesterics? these dudes with no shirts. >> as long as they don't take anything else off. >> heart ache for jennifer aniston as she loses her mother. >> the waterskiing baby. is it safe? her parents speak out to


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