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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  May 27, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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on a freeway overpass in vallejo. a deadly gun battle with the suspected kidnapper in the central coast shots fired! and today, an air and water search on the russian river. in two days the story has covered half the state. kron four is there as the mystery deepens over the fate of fifteen year old pearl pinson. good evening i'm pam moore. and i'm steve aveson. >> pam:today rescue crews scoured an area near the sonoma county town of jenner. yesterday the teen suspect in pearl's abduction killed in a shootout with police in solvang today.investigators shifted their focus back to northern california. kron-4's charles clifford explains what led police to the town about 70 miles north-west of where pearl was last seen. the search for peal pinson spans hundreds of miles. grant lodes is here to break down what has unfolded in this just the past two days.
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peal pinson was last seen in vallejo wednesday morning.she was on her way to school.when kicking and screaming.she was taken from a freeway overpass. the suspect.19-year-old fernando castro. so the search for pinson obviously started in vallejo. but yesterday.a little more than 24 hours after pinson disappeared. == her alleged abductor showed up in the santa barbara county town of solvang. that's where he died in a shootout with deputies. == and now chuck clifford showed us.the search has fanned out to the sonoma coast in the small town of jenner. that's a quaint spot that locals and tourists head the end of the russian river. >> reporter: elected to bring any detail the do not compromise the investigation. as the head
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and the evening here of some county crews are still out searching friday evening unclear at this point if they will return this weekend. >> pam: surfaced many hundreds of miles so many changes cries here with what has unfolded. >> grant: last scene of monday morning on her with school wednesday kicking and screaming taken away on a freeway overpass the suspect in the name of fernand of castro started in vallejo 24 hours after she disappeared and the santa barbara county town that that's where he died with a shroud of deputies and today as they showed they fanned out to the coast of the small town of jenner that is a clean spot
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locals and tourists had to at the end of the russian river population over a hundred and now researchers have descended upon the area in the water hoping for any sign of parole. her rohe a r >> vicki:yeah pam, days after pearl was seen bleeding and dragged away from an overpass in vallejo. fernando castro - the man accused of snatching her - is cornered and killed in a shoot out with police in solvang. this cell phone video of police dispatch and a witness shows just how it unfolded. . dude that's like 20 shots. police say castro was armed it all started with an amber alert - describing the suspect's car - there it is with castro behind the wheel.
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he was spotted headed south on 101. we showed you the dramatic capture of two suspects. wanted for the for killing of a fellow high school student. it looked like a military operation. and tonight. there is a frantic search for a third person in >> reporter: friends here tell me it's been more than 48 hours since there were last seen starting to get worried and hopefully they will get home and
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the overpass less seen alive luck with memorial that is going with some friends and here it looks like pearl her mother has shown up also here right now as well. the main suspect died in a shootout with police in santa barbara county adding flowers to the memorial overpass. many of the cards and balloons here are pink and people who knew pearl in no hurry all are coming to the overpass to keep her role in their hearts pearl in their hearts.
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>> reporter: and talks of another search saturday morning but does not mean they're giving up hope even though it may not be happening. >> steve: we follow the story on kron4news-dot-com and mobile application. week and stay connected with all breaking news by downloading your application
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and putting in push alerts. >> pam: you recall we should be the dramatic capture of two suspects.
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>> pam: 7 on the gun and it fires when the the family of san a gray when. >> steve:now to the east bay.where the traveling exhibition called the set up today. the 91-foot long wall is at the lone tree cemetery in hayward it is dedicated to those who lost their lives in the gulf war. iraq war and afghanistan war.
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there are more than 7- thousand names along the wall.and organizers say it takes about five hours to set up. the founder says he created this wall to remind people that freedom is not free. the wall will be set up at the lone tree cemetery on fairview avenue through monday. memorial day weekend is underway for many people. and the weekend weather is shaping up to be beautiful you're looking live at traffic around the bay. people heading out and coming
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into the bay area for the holiday/ and it just looks like a gorgeous evening. shipp joins us now. so brittney we expect the warm and sunny temps to last a few days. >> britteny: see rain chances for the sierra saturday and then you today forecast everyone wants to see saturday 89 degrees for inland location the few spots in the '90s and along the bay and then a lot 69 by said sunday daytime highs pushing once again the high 80s and 90s by monday 78 then and 70 degrees along the coast tracking a 70 forecast when i see you again in 15 minutes. >> steve:more chaos outside a donald trump rally today. police clad in riot gear and wielding batons were out in force trying to manage the crowd of roughly a thousand.
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at one point.police broke out the pepper spray to try and control the unruly crowd. a few altercations broke out between supporters of the presumptive republican nominee and protesters opposed to his campaign at least three people were reports of any injuries. >> catherine: sanders repeated is hope for a one-on-one debate with donald trump the response was"as much as of like to debate i will wait until the first place demonstrator is chosen."
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>> catherine: his strategy for november is to focus on 15 states. democratic stronghold like california as home state of new york. >> pam:coming up ahead at eight. a local woman jumps ship, literally. but now is paying the price. why she took the plunge into the san francisco bay. >> steve:plus altogether the blunt doctors warning from doctors ahead of the summer olympics. and next. traffic in the air and on the
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weekend. bay area c-h-p is stepping up patrols to keep roads safe. introducing the completely redesigned mercedes-benz c-coupe, with its athletic prowess and sleek new body. it doesn't just raise the bar... completely crushes it. the all-new c-class coupe. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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>> pam:memorial day weekend is the kickoff for summer travel today is the fourth busiest day and the t-s-a has been having trouble keeping up with volume. the agency is now recommending early for flights. >> steve:t-s-a is now testing
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out a way to keep traffic moving. the idea is to let you push your security bin ahead of slower passengers. but it seems most travelers are heeding the warnings to show up early anyway. this year. triple-a says, 20-16 is on track memorial day travel volume ever! not only in the skies. but on the roads. one big reason. is the low gas prices. more than two dozen people died out on the roadways during last years memorial day weekend. while many bay area residents some fun. the california highway patrol is putting out a warning about staying safe during this
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more concern these days because today, kron four's terisa estacio went out with a c-h-p officer and shows us the plan to try and keep everyone safe this holiday. a special anniversary in the bay area today. the golden gate bridge is turning 79! on this day in 19-37. the bay area icon opened up to foot traffic. cars traveling between san francisco and marin county were allowed to start crossing the next day. >> reporter: officer francis says two-thirds of people and traffic accidents to die for not wearing seat belts. another issue of keeping safety of their concern about the recent escalation of violence on highway 4 interstate 80 take a look at facts and the last seven months there have been 20 shootings will injuries or fatalities.
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>> pam: when it was built, the bridge cost 35- million dollars to complete. if the golden gate was constructed today. it would cost more than one -billion dollars! brittney shipp joins us now. it was a beautiful day to talk a walk on the bridge.
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what can we expect for the holiday weekend? >> britteny: you will be the big birds the birthday for the golden gate bridge at with a closer look traveled whether profanation lot of people traveling a few problems bought the found for you one will be near houston 0 get soaking rain and we have seen deadly of flooding associated with this and right now there is a delay at the houston airport unsettled weather and omaha the st. louis and a few isolated showers into parts of the see as far as our weather is concerned easy breezy and to the entire weekend. we will see a few scattered rain showers developing into saturday. of the sunshine come
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wind speeds and a clear night so before conditions what to expect for tonight clear mild warming up and warmer sunny with the sierra showers or had the for you apart from that great conditions it doesn't affect to a saturday morning with offshore waters around the san francisco and monterey bay mac some pretty strong wind speeds be careful. 60 in san francisco and a week and up temperatures tomorrow in the mid-50s of use by into the 60s antioch heading in the afternoon and a warm day 88 nap but in an aide to vallejo 90 conquered 84 degrees in fremont
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70 forecast showed tablatures warming up as we head into the weekend monday 90 degrees tuesday the warmest day of the 7 day 93.
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>> steve: earlier this month an argument with her boyfriend it happened earlier this month with her boyfriend. water.but was uninjured. the u-s coast guard says jumping into the bay endangers othersand jumpers can face fines of up >> pam: video of an pour to the the sharks store their front door when an
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>> pam: pastors say brace for
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hurricane season. >> steve: a history of abuse and allegations
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>> steve: intense search shares back to northern california they let us start an area.
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>> grant: laydown says senator barbara county post area really has moved over much of the same and then legitimate hope that they will find them alive. and there were available for questioning. all and then as they would not to set alicia and gender. . >> grant: and landed on water according the rush of limited. there were in the eds and.
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raquel where suspect castro was kill by out back the co hundred mile and a macau nt. home town there stopping by the overpass where she was abducted read signs and candles somehow some way this suspended the search 50 minutes ago for the day will resume tomorrow morning when daylight is back. or shoe sale
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no one reads signs, >> pam: rain brought flooding to austin and other areas there stopping flights from arriving and departing from houston's largest airport. . >> steve: this week and looks good. >> britteny: a lot of people heading to the airport the another round of early strong
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rainfall mainly texas right now it's already creating problem spots and delays also watching whether heading out to parts of omaha's stretching into said lewis all seem unsettled weather as we go into the rest of tonight and then into tomorrow or clearing and also dealing with a few delays in washington d.c. another round of rainfall is living through. and we continue to see lots of sunshine through an area of high pressure which will be sticking around into the rest of the weekend. piquancy as and about the way not tracking any storms going to beat going into saturday and monday and then one thing we point out is that we did see a few showers to develop in the sierra and that will happen again on saturday sunday this rain shower for parts of the sierra so heading in that direction and the rest of tonight temperature is well
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clear and cool. chile and the rest of tonight. and then into monday 90 degrees monday and tuesday the warmus days of the week and then lisa the sea temperatures dropping back down once again as the head close to the bay 68 and 75 for the bay on sunday 78 once again monday and from the coast at 59 degrees saturday 67 on sunday and 70 degrees as we head into memorial day of before holiday on tap as attila the sunday forecast then the show. .
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>> pam: busy search upholstery and said francisco was closed. and stanley roberts to get closer look. > >: stanley: i have proven that fact over and over again. unless . said sign is flashing on a little device called a smart phone nats: ambiance i'm on powel street where one of the famous cable cars run channel 4 news people behaving badly the only vehicles permitted on this street are commercial vehicles, taxi and vehicles loading and unloading goods not passengers there are plenty of signs advising drivers of personal vehicles to keep out, but finding drivers enter the restricted roadway ignoring the signage including the no turn signs was fairly common nats: ambiance now while this city tour bus tries to make this turn i'll in place
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due to the sheer amount of people getting hit by cars while trying to turn on to powell the sfmta created the no turn restrictions which have been in effect since november of 2015 but as you can see the driver of the bmw failed to read any of the signs this process went on for quite a while until finally the driver of the bmw figured options
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back up natalie, i don't have no the bmw has reverse. but non the less it should have not been are not permitted on this streetpersonally, i would just avoid this area if your driving and its not work related just opt for public transportation in san francisco stanley roberts >> steve: 6 some schools are still using >> reporter: do not teach a child anything. >> steve: marine goes and death tonight to talk about alternatives and changes for advocates say must be made in the classroom at. we hope you join us tonight at 10. >> steve: it would superstar death ordered to stay away from his estranged wife when she is accusing him of much the 133-year-old "full house" home is going on the market for.
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>> steve:as the 2016 summer olympic games approach.doctors and professors are fighting to postpone the games. more than 1-hundred officials wrote a letter to the world health organization asking the olympic games in rio to be removed or postponed. the zika virus is the main reason for their concern saying the virus harms health in ways they have not seen before. the olympic committee says they have no intention to remove or delay the summer games. the games are set to begin in august. >> pam:well known actor johnny depp received a restraining order today from his former wife amber heard. heard in a sworn statement announced that the oscar nominated actor threw his cellphone at her during a fight over the weekend.
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a los angeles superior court judge ruled depp to stay 1- hundred yards aaway from heard.and he should avoid contacting her. the acting couple filed for divorce on monday.and heard is asking for spousal support. depp asked a judge to deny the request. in sports. gary joins us with his lovely wife alicia to read fan emails plus. we'll check on the hottest team in baseball. who faced the colorado rockies on the road. gary has all the highlights and the rest of the sports. coming up
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as the holiday weekend is coming mother is sending out a message to all people enjoying the outdoors. the mother is asking for people to be aware of their surroundings and put out their camp fires properly. one of her kids was severely burned on a fishing trip she took with her boyfriend and children. she wants her message to be heard so that people will properly put out their another child will not have to go through what her child did. the incident happened over the weekend when jessica and her family was fishing on the cedar river. when the family was getting to ready to leave.her daughter triped into a pile of ashes that were still very hot. her daughter received third degree burns on both her knee and arm.doctors say she will most likely need a skin graft. a local fire marshall says putting sand on a camp fire will not properly extinguish the fire like the one her daughter fell
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on.the best way is to use water. >> pam:a new u-s government study appears to show a link between cell phones and cancer. the national toxicology program says its study found what it called "low incidences" in two types of tumors in male rats. those rats were exposed to radio frequencies emitted by cell phones. the study says the findings suggest potential public health issues. but the national institutes of >> steve: health notes that previous studies involving humans showed little evidence of a link between cancer and cell phones. and the united states has long held the position that current evidence doesn't prove that cell phone use leads to more health risks. the golden state warriors. >> gary: i dedicate this to my great producer every night is a
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good q is for everything we're ready to go but up in the giants' right now in colorado marocain had a nice run the last three starts but a flight out cane poles a hamstring. there as nolan giants with 31 colorado in the bottom of the eighth inning the golden state warriors after winning last night and game 6 the card today
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and a with 31 of 15.14 rebounds on their way to oklahoma city the marmite all business everyone has a memorized there'll be a seventh and deciding and you commit a broader james nba final the half to win tomorrow night. after winning last night's game >> gary: here goes will broaden james likes his pursuit of perfection altman a highlight they eliminate six games at 1 at 13 to 87. they are now waiting for either the golden
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state for oklahoma city. "despite but when i felt warriors fans are not confident for saturday." >> gary: the same feeling after talking with people they were not eliminated on their home floor a smart sports than the last two times they played the got really busted. earlier tonight grants and i were all saying okay.
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>> gary: long time ago i played w h l i was pretty dead but no not like to brag about it. . "let the people who want the fight charles white not? >> gary: you throw a punch and he lays on the ground it's kind of like a pet peeve guy to think
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they are taught even at my level yesterday to come up >> gary: tricking especially in radio tv everyone but the blazer but on radio sales people are always addressed nice an area guy sometimes upset he just got off the bus.
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>> pam: one of the most iconic homes common and to the home.
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>> grant: 4.1 5 million a hundred and 33 years old. bat gained fame in full house. as a three-bedroom realtor is stressing that the details look nothing like the interior of the tv show paul house. the outside as spot on
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>> britteny: it's a good forecast what i am excited to deliver saturday sunday 89 in an inland locations the hang on the '70's 60's for the coast and we have a slight chance of rain showers even a few thunderstorms for the sierra the warm-up even more on memorial day and tuesday next week.
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we will it we will be back at 10.
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