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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  May 27, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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only at a sleep number store. >> pam:family members hold out hope. as the search continues for 15- year-old pearl pinson. >> steve:violence outside a donald trump rally in san diego. supporters and protesters clash -- while police try to maintain order. >> pam:tonight -- the search intesnifies for a missing bay
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area teenager. good evening i'm pam moore. >> steve:tonight friends and family are hopeful she is okay. 15-year-old pearl pinson was abudcted in public in vallejo wednesday. the man believed to have taken her was shot and killed yesterday in southern california. >> pam:today, investigators were in sonoma county. searching on land. and in the water. for any sign of pearl. searchrers ahead. but first, kron 4's justine waldman was with pearl's family and friends. >> reporter: only getting harder for the family. rose and since sister the florida abortion is less show were in people's hearts. >> reporter: one of the be here
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to show their support. the 15 year-old freshman vanished on wednesday but mrs. heard screaming and gunshots coming from the overpass by her house man witnesses say was dragging her against her will 19 year- old castro died in a shootout with police in santa barbara on thursday. possibly taking any answers as to where she could be. along with the sadness the family feels comes a deep determination. the sister also tells me there will be a search
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here at the overpass at 10:00 a.m. on saturday. the goal is to bring her home. >> steve:new today we obtained police dispatch -- cell phone video -- and an interview with a witness all unfolded. this is a picture of the kidnapper behind the wheel just before the shootout. there was chase -- a crash -- and then the explosion of gunshots you just heard.
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>> pam:as we have been reporting, the search today happening in sonoma county. kron 4's charles clifford was there. as rescuers looked for clues in jenner. >> reporter: rescue effort was launched along the sonoma coast all the south and the town of jenner the rescue teams are checking hillsides waterways back yards and also neighbors in the area asking if they've seen any signs also asking if they'd seen at pearl alleged abductor search and rescue teams using canine units aircraft and about to you search russian rivers that nearby the the sheriff's department watched this following a request from the solano county sheriff's department handling the investigation it's it's a considerable distance from santa barbara sauna, we ask exactly
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what specifically information brought to search your they were reluctant to reveal any details they do not want compromise the investigation. more reaction from family of pearl. >> pam: 11 permission for the go find me of the missing 15 year- old all one click away kron4news-dot-com >> pam:decision 20-16. and the contentious presidential race reared its head in california today. >> steve:violence.outside a donald trump rally in san diego. grant lodes has been monitoring the latest video.and has the
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>> grant: police deputies in full riot gear forcefully move in the crowd back and things had calmed down at this hour the novel for several takedown. 1000 protesters outside the san diego convention center this afternoon inside please order people to disperse when they refused, seized the time teargassed tackling tactics to get people where they wanted them at times this peabody separated the see the red hat atop the screen advocates wearing those and the two groups
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chanting yelling at each other some threw bottles eggs and other items at least three people were arrested the good news is that has come down pat. and the donald levin fresno where there were some protesting not nearly to the extent of what we saw >> grant: primaries still a week away. >> pam:hillary clinton wrapped up a 2-day visit to the bay area with a stop in oakland today. clinton chose to sit down with oakland mayor libby schaaf and other community leaders. it was a chance for clinton to hear about what the city is doing right. and what is still needed to move it forward. topics included the fast-rising cost of rents.and how to keep long time residents in the city. clinton says she wants to be a 'champion for oakland - and all the other oaklands in the country'.
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meanwhile. presidential hopeful bernie sanders will hold two events in oakland on monday. his campaign made the announcement today. starting at two. sanders will join actor danny glover and san francisco supervisor jane kim for what his campaign describes as "a community conversation" at allen temple baptist church. then at four. the vermont senator will speak at a rally at frank ogawa park in front of oakland city hall. if you were hoping there would be a debate between bernie sanders and donald trump. it doesn't look like that's going to happen. innapropriate. >> steve:in novato -- the search is on we showed you the arrestes made yesterday in wednesday's attack. another hurt. kron4's dan kerman has the latest on the case that's rocked a north bay community.
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>> reporter: friday nevada lemaire is sensitive in the region following the arrest of the net to high-school students for allegedly murdering once been winning another thursday afternoon to locations brought to the three suspects and a third person authorities hoped would be at one of the residence was not investor remains at large. authorities will not confirm if the third suspect is also a student in about a high school. the two already been arrested formally charged on tuesday at that time the district attorney will decide if they should be part charge as
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juveniles or adults authorities say it won a 17 the other is 16. late friday authorities identify the dead student at 17 year-old of siderophile a candlelight vigil is expected be held sunday night at about a high school. share of the department says they know about this and are looking into it at this point have not made any connection. >> britteny: the bait mid '50's and into 7:00 hour the high 50s
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by 8:00 a.m. we were into the '60s and to our will be even warmer than yesterday tracking how long the will call it a week and will be a closer look at seven forecast all before the first commercial break. . today -- health officials have confirmed the first case of zika virus in solano county. >> steve:the health department says the patient recently traveled to central america which is one of the areas where the virus is especially prevalent. way to prevent getting the virus is to avoid places where there bite. the virus is especially dangerous to pregnant women -- it's been linked to a rare birth as the 2016 summer olympics in brazil approach. a group of doctors is fighting to postpone or move the games due to zika virus. have no intention of doing the games are set to begin in
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august. the family of kate stienle. the woman shot and killed on san francisco's pier- 14 last july. has filed a lawsuit against the city and two federal agencies. the lawsuit claims. san francisco's former sheriff, and immigration officials, allowed juan francisco lopez- sanchez to go free. found the gun and it went off, stienle. the family says, a series of 'sanctuary city' policy failures. are what led to her stienle's death. the family is also suing immigration and customs enforecement. and the u-s bureau of land management. >> steve:the warriors leaving for oklahoma city today. game six of the western conference finals is tomorrow. and it's another win or go home right now the thunder lead the best of seven series three games to two. >> pam: reporters after the team
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landed. kron 4 sports reporter mark carpenter has the latest. >> reporter: the survive the
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first elimination game with a big reason why most steaks with 14 points and they chipped in 15 of his own with 14 boards. they will need that kind of effort of bacchant enemy territory the thunder dome house of horrors' the late late as the warriors lost game 3 in for a combined 52 points.
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>> steve:don't forget the sharks -- san jose is going to the stanley cup finals for the first time ever. sharks fever is in full swing. fans already packing in the stores to get new sharks gear. this was the scene today at the team store. it's located on the first level of the shark tank in san jose off santa clara ave. the first game is on monday in pittsburgh, they are taking on the penguins for a best out of seven series. >> pam:a bart shutdown starts tonight in the east bay. a track closure between the san leandro and bay fair stations. is planned. this is an ongoing project that is replacing miles of worn rail. the closure is set to begin tonight at midnight. and the re-opening will depend on whether the warriors win saturday and have a game on
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monday. if there is not a warriors game monday. the stations will resume service tuesday morning. a free bus shuttle service will be available for riders. but if you use it. bart says, expect "i know yet is a law under its to hot here sometimes to. >> pam: officials recommending that passengers arrive at their port to three hours early for their flights and the partners with cnn takes us to a glances airport which is known to be one
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the busiest in the world. >> reporter: the package intact some patience for the ride. increase of about 700,000 people from last year will head out to this memorial day weekend highest world travel volume ever. at a preview of what the west security administration is calling the future of the csa. opened to brand new experimental security lines at the jackson airport.
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here's all hoping the new lanes will keep moving for the 1.8 billion esquires can keep moving as well. they planned to keep testing the lanes before rolling them out to new airports a full rollout could take five years.
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dozens of people at the be rescued after being trapped by the floods. after the waters receded the damage because became clear roads crumble and collapsed. >> reporter: parts of the midwest under severe threat in north dakota of clouds. cameras caught what looked a tornado touching down severe weather striking many people fled.
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>> pam: how art whether it's so nice and calm. >> britteny: sunshine slight chance in the sierra especially on monday on vacation in the day off from work the sierra rainshowers. and here's some public showers once again saturday sunday also in the sierra not for the bay area perfect conditions and whatever you decide to do. labatt on the warm side for making sure you stay hydrated. we see pop-up
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showers during the day saturday. in another round as we head into sunday. this issued from the coast guard be careful. tonight mild 70 degrees. concord 7463 santa rosa san francisco in the low 70's. tomorrow morning expected '50s. 07 use in san francisco 88 napa in the day. into the weekend week stay warm well above average. a closer look at 70 forecast showing will take a look at monday and tuesday in the '90s. 93 tuesday and i break down all of it for you in your
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neighborhood coming.
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>> pam: apple explaining itself. >> steve: some people criticizing apple from removing lesbian couple that appear to oversee reporter mike luery talked to family members and has the latest on the investigation. >> grant: features moms and kids
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submitted pictures and videos the problems of people had kamen the website busbies the version of the video that aired in some countries as not include to moms instead the picture of just one not edited just the picture entirely. this is one of the edited videos ec not just france germany italy turkey japan also got the virgin and
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u.s. also was aired in mexico canada australia different countries around the world getting a different versions of this. we spoke with them an hour or so ago when rep told us their ads are frequently different in other countries throughout the world and there are other differences as well.
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it is >> grant: neck give a specific reason why did errands the seven countries certainly interesting nugget.
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>> steve: teacher's aide, on- camera created a firestorm. >> pam: disability rights
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calling for changes >> steve: kelly has been on the story since the very beginning of. investigating earlier this year. >> reporter: 12 year-old stewart has never attended told been world. in this video is drawing a picture of what used to happen to him after he would act out in class. his store was 10 years old and is transferred specializes in children with autism and the school board was
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taken take it is restrained " " under month. at a previous school store would sometimes be put in the seclusion room because of his outbursts this is not a problem
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i just tell the world this is a problem that public-school with children with other disabilities cross the state. it's a failure to really address. the address >> reporter: using restraint holes in seclusion in california schools. the cuts as an emergency interventions only use
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if they have on predictable spontaneous behavior that poses a clear present danger that happens more often than that. they believe unpredictable and spontaneous in the law have created a loophole schools exploit in more ways than one after emergence intervention schools supposed to write a report like this one and notify parents
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>> reporter: the law was changed into an 13 so stay has no longer require published data on these conversions interventions so ms. the harder the track how often kids are put in seclusion or forced is used against them.
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>> pam: will all five parts of the in-depth series posted on kron4news-dot-com. >> steve: sacramento tonight remember have the latest investigation. >> reporter: one-year-old is missing today along with her 23 year-old dad family has not seen them the search is intensifying
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and adults of both on the ground and air. lessons plate readers have not gotten the hit on the 2002 ford taurus. they're insisting in the investigation. family members wondering why they're not heard from him those pieces of one nearby quarry about his daughter.
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still ahead -- the 'full house' house. is up for sale. how much it will cost to own a piece of san francisco history.
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of the >> steve: says cracking down on drunk abuzz drivers. and today trees sought industry is looking for drivers already breaking rules.
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"the legacy of driver but not realizing. >> reporter: not take long to find the driver breaking the law. last year there 31 fatalities more than a thousand people arrested for d y. in addition the the safe driving other officers out on patrol are extremely concerned about recent escalation on interstate 80 in
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the east bay in the last seven months there has been 28 shootings 12 injuries in four fatalities. the bottom line is safety they're here to service protect that certainly the plan this weekend. >> pam: the gate bridge's turning 79. in a >> steve: banned in 1937 when it first opened only foot traffic was allowed for the
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first day people able to commute between san francisco getting the next day and the bridge was built $35 million. as if it is being built today the cost would be $1 billion. >> gary: not later giants in colorado and of course the warriors take off for oklahoma city in the big game tomorrow colorado and of course the warriors take off for oklahoma city in the big game tomorrow night
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>> britteny: news subtle differences especially depending on the weather pattern we will see comfortable conditions matter closer to the coast or inland locations closer look at your planner inland locations close to the bait 55 along the coast a.m. in the '60s and that's just the beginning of a warming trend that will send the temperatures into the '90s. 54 in daly city of '60s hayward, and be in livermore. the big story for the weekend is a big
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ridge of high pressure over our region. lots of sunshine a little bit of cloudiness tonight and then the tears drop down a few degrees. also a few pop up showers similar to today and on sunday. everything dries out nicely on monday at the before the bay area nice and dry into the entire weekend. . feature cast shows us in the rest of tonight at barely see any clouds moving through and a little cloudiness near napa closer to the sierra apart from that big a plot the sunshine into tomorrow. beautiful conditions.
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for the south bay and then conditions in the mid '80s. cooler 72 san francisco and ocean city same thing in daly city half moon bay and is seasonally at temperatures 88 degrees in livermore and other like a seven day and another 10 minutes. >> pam: news tonight at the former heisman trophy runner is opening a marijuana friendly gem in san francisco. >> steve: the co-founded in
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power plant fitness >> grant: as a new career going to the opening jim where they sell lead somewhere in san francisco. at the register as a
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medical marijuana a dispensary under california law. however as we know california voters could legalize recreational marijuana. >> pam: house and listen of iconic sitcom is up for sale for any would-be tenor family is at 4 1/4 million dollars. its recent affleck sequel fuller house the home since it wrapped up filming in 1995 the house is now gone and has a stately purple last time the house is up for sale in 2006 that sold for $1.8 million.
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>> gary: began their 10 game road trip in colorado after reps across our last three outings under to and then right hamstring in know on how he will be out meanwhile will run in with charlie. and the sunnyvale native toronto there is rockies win giants are still at a comfortable lead. the a's opening against detroit tonight in the coliseum we always hailed
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as the seminal mollen because he throws hard varicose. a day of the double all trying to tag out. but played at the plates at one. and nothing detroit they took over tied with astros the a's in get dumped in oakland a big deal goes off tomorrow night in oklahoma city can a golden state warrior extend and bringing it back here on monday.
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the found kevin love and they're a retort from now at intermission game honors with 33 points 11387 and for some reason the brawn is one those guys people like to say well he's this and that. at the end the day may not be michael joint jordan but san jose sharks will open monday if the warriors when memorial day will consist
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of the sharks and pittsburg (and the seven against the penguins and a lawyer here or call a moral they planned cookouts. out with the napa chp
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>> steve: stanley is looking for people who are behaving. stop 12th of a california controls as his first speech this dry casksfamily members hold out hope. of the wine country does listen and >> stanley: what does officer
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kellogg have to say? "then give you a warning by. next speeder registered 75 then ask for registration trevor did something completely unexpected come out of the cart and runs to the back of the minivan this was her first time in her entire life getting pulled over apologizing over and over and over. this driver was doing 78
10:59 pm
chooses you a ticket for speeding their cracking down on canyon road in napa my advice is to use slowdown. >> pam: seen people behaving badly let us now you can contact stanley on face but or e-mail him.
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>> steve: missing since the witness seat soccer being dragged. the hours pass the family >> pam: grows more concerned just seen was with them today in vallejo. only >> reporter: getting harder for pearls family rose came to hear the pros favorite color is pink the cards and flowers orchil glassine are showing pearl are in people's hearts. the friends grieved but are hopeful


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