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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  May 28, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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. we need her home, her family needs her back. >> now at 10:00 another cry for pearl pinson's safe return, the 15-year-old abducted on wednesday and not been seen or heard from since. the man who took her is presumably dead and west latest on the investigation. but first, that will do it. >> we're going to game 7 as the warriors pull off the come- from-behind win tonight in oklahoma city and lots of sunshine, folks at beach today and clouds along the coastline. how will that affect the rest of your holiday weekend? we'll talk about that coming up. >> this is the bay area news
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station, kron 4 news at 10:00, starts now. oklahoma city as the golden state warriors beat the thunder, 1089-101 and now they are coming back home to oracle arena monday night. good evening and thanks for joining us i'm just wain waldman, item jr stone and what a game it was tonight in oklahoma city and we go to the 4th quarter and what a run it was. you see all of the shots here. in the last five minutes this team outscored the thunder 19- 5. klay thompson with 113-point essentials and steffen curry with six 3- pointers and we were on the edge of our seats in the studio. this series is coming back to oakland and head coach kerr talked about the team a while ago. >> we fought hard on the glass tonight, 49-43 wasn't the debacle that games 3 and 4 were obviously and got enough rebounds to give our offense a
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chance, and both as i said both klay and stef, hit huge shot and harrison a big 3 from the corner and andre iguodala the unsong hero. >> i know we were glued to our newscast obviously, but what a night for the warriors. >> so exciting and the fans in the bay area, the best way to watch the game at oracle arena and find kron 4's kate cagle who joins us live with reaction from fans. how was it, kate? >> reporter: it was insane, justine. there was a dance party going on out here after. it has since ends and think i have finally gotten all of gold confetti out of hi hair. the main takeaway, if you were inside oracle arena tonight and you closed your eyes you would have no idea that the warriors were all the way over in
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oklahoma city. >> it was a game so momentous. >> it was do-or-die. >> reporter: the oracle arena was the best place to watch it a must-win for the warriors and their fan's championship dreams. >> i was on the edge, but we have confidence. >> reporter: while the warriors took on the thunder in oklahoma city, their fans staked out home turf, ready to watch game 6. >> the environment is awesome, just the electricity, when everyone is screaming at the same time. >> electricity was right. every basket, every turnover the crowd was right there. >> we're going scream so loud, that they could hear us in oklahoma city. >> reporter: when steph curry hit his 200th postseason 3-pointer the crowd went casey. >> make some 3-pointers and do some slam-dunks and win. >> reporter: with the warriors trailing the thunder for most of the game it was tough to stay positive.
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it was a feeling these fans haven't felt in a long time. way! >> abu ayyub al-masri buddy! >> so excited, i knew we were going make it! i knew it it!. >> reporter: see you monday was flashing across all the screens inside oracle arena and even in the postgame conference, steph curry, he said on monday night it's going to be do-or-die. and that the warriors are going to have to feed off the energy of the hometown crowd and i think from his lips to the fans' ears they are certainly ready to bring it. reporting live in oakland, kate cagle kron news. another day and still no sign of missing vallejo teenager pearl pinson. >> hey has was last seen
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wednesday and suspect in case was killed during a gunbattle with police in southern california and further complicating the investigation into pinson's whereabouts. >>. >> reporter: search-and-rescue crews covered about 25 square miles in their quest to find 15-year-old pearl pinson here in sonoma county, about 70 people took part, combing through bush and steep terrain, but no sign of her. from early saturday morning until the search was suspended around 3:00 in the afternoon, much like on friday, crews dressed in bright orange suits checked up and down willow creek road as well as the coastline along highway 1 and the banks of the russian river. >> what leads you to believe she may be in this area? >> there have been numerous tips, and leads that our detectives have been following up on and this was an area that they were -- they felt we needed to check.
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>> reporter: pinson was last seen wednesday on her morning walk to high school, when a witness says 19- year-old fernando castro pulled a bloody, kicking and screaming pinson across the freeway overpass in vallejo, a day later, castro's car was captured on surveillance cameras in marin county. he was killed in a shoot-out with police in southern california hours later, but pinson wasn't with him. back in jenner, the solano county sheriff's office says it will reevaluate where to look next. >> we've searched everything thoroughly that -- the areas that we thought pearl may be or an area that the suspect may have gone to. >> reporter: investigators are still hopeful though that they will find pinson alive. in sonoma county, kron 4 news. meantime friends a families of pearl pinson came together at overpass in vallejo where pearl was taken. many people dressed in pink,
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pearl's favorite color and came there to put down flowers and posters and candles at this makeshift memorial. investigators found pinson's cell phone at that offpass that led them to identify her as an abduction victim. today the family says they are holding on to hope she will be found alive. >> pearl was in danger. i just didn't understand of the gravity of how much danger she was in. >> she is waiting for help and she is scared and if there is someone who knows, if they know anything, we need her home. her family needs her back. >> reporter: pinson a student at the high school in vallejo knew the suspect fernando castro, but authorities do not believe that pinson willingly went with him. after two days' of searching, the clmers says it has no further plans to look for the is a-year-old in that willow
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creek area of sonoma county and we'll keep you updated on the developing story. sheriff's deputies and rescue teams are searching for two young oakland boys, lost in the water at woodward reservoir a half-hour north of modesto. deputies got calls a possible drowning this afternoon. a family was out on a boat in the water, when they lost sight of the two 15-year-old boys that were part of the group. does not appear that the passengers of the boat were wearing life jackets. dive teams have been is deployed to the area and using sonar scanners to assist their search or least they were today. we'll continue to bring you information as we get more on this story. a driver responsible for a hit-and-run that killed two dogs is behind bars. on friday this truck was seen speeding from the scene after hitting a woman and her two labs. according to police, then dragging them along the road. the dogs were so badly injured, that a vet had to put them
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down. santa clara county sheriffs say the tips from the community gave them leads where to find the driver and took to twitter to thank the public for their efforts in aiding the case. a deadly car crash in unincorporated sonoma county killed a 27-year-old woman and her friend is now in jail, charged with driving under the influence and manslaughter. police say both the man and woman were drinking at bars in petaluma before the accident. a decade after jacob martinez was killed by a drunk driver on memorial day weekend, his mother talks with kron's alecia reed about how much their life has changed since then. >> it's just really hard, not to have him in our life, because shirley tang made a mistake, which i would hope other people don't make that mistake again.
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>> reporter: for theresa martinez, memorial day weekend is a reminder of the day 10 years ago when they life changed forever. >> it feels like it's yesterday. >> reporter: her son, 25-year-old jacob manufacturer news was only an exit away from home, when his car stalled on the 101. >> the tow-truck was five minutes away. when shirley tang crashed into him. >> reporter: he was killed instantly, his car left mangled, everyone in shirley tang's car survived. 's son that was 7 years old at time. >> my dad was here, he was the best dad ever. >> reporter: is now 17, a junior in high school, that had to grow up without his dad. >> put a burden on him, the other family in our life and ours. >> reporter: for years theresa couldn't find the strength to drive on the freeway where her son was killed. these days, she tries to get past the spot. >> now every time i drive by,
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just say i love you and blow him a kiss. that is about all i can do. >> reporter: the constant pain and depression theresa feels is why she supports senate bill 1046, if passes would require people convicted of driving drunk to have an ignition inner lock installed in their vehicle. >> how many supremgotten not just once, but twice and three times and they are still doing it? if that is what it takes to stop them, then it should be. i'm all for that bill. it should be passed. >> reporter: reporting in san francisco, alecia reed, kron 4 news. tough transition, but a beautiful day in the bay area. the unofficial start to summer season and looking at people enjoying san francisco today. >> looks gorgeous and as i have said for a long time, you are the man of sunshine when it
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comes to the weekend. >> thank you very much. >> it's always beautiful around here. >> i'm here to brighten both your days and we have a lot of sunshine coming our way again. still a couple of patches of fog along the coastline, but working on a great night tonight as it looks high pressure is building in and what a holiday weekend we're going to have weatherwise. the temperatures are still warm in spots in the low 70s? san josi and livermore, 73 right now in concord, 60 degrees inpt santa rosaa, 62 in san francisco and starting to see the seabreeze kicking in and patchy fog developing towards the beaches. still thunderstorms firing up over the sierra nevada and towardsos night, if you are heading there, be careful, expecting more storms, but locally looking good. high pressure in control and looks like it will stay that way through the holiday weekend and expect lots of sunshine. the middle of week is going to get hot in the interior valleys
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moving well into the 90s and cool coastline, maybe 30 plus degrees cooler. next weekend, lots of sunshine, just a couple of patches of folks, bag to you. >> chaos at rally for donald trump in damage. in donald trump in california. >> a gorilla killed at the cincinnati zoo after it grabbed and dragged a boy who fell into the exhibit. the zoo defending its decision tonight.
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the inmate who escaped from sapt cruz county yesterday has still not been found, 46-year- old lee roy hampton is listed a minimum security inmate, he was outside with the state department of correction along with 110 inmates who helped extinguish fires. the inmate was convicted of first-degree robbery and served time in 2001 and set to be released in 2019 and anyone who sees him is asked to call 911. for inmates that are shipping and handling bars the public now has a few way to find information on their arrests. the san mateo county sheriff's office announced yesterday they made a inmate locator tool available online and find details where they are being held, pending charge and custody status and court date and bail aments.
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the public's help in finding a mission 98-year-old from san rafael, arlene flagg was last seen friday along 11:00 at night at her home on oakmont avenue and say she is private missing because she was diagnosed with onset alzheimer's and dementia. anyone with information is asked to call the san rafael police department. woman killed on san francisco's pier has filed a lawsuit against the city and two federal agencies. the lawsuit claims san francisco's former sheriff and immigration officials allowed juan francisco lopez- sanchez to go free. lopez sanchez was an undocumented immigrant, he says he found the gun and it went
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off unintentionally shooting steinle and the family is also suing suing -- the virus is especially dangerous to pregnant woman. women being linked to a rare birth defect. as the 2016 summer olympics in brazil approach a group of doctors is fighting to postpone or remove the games due to the zika virus. the olympic committee says they have no intention of doing either. the games are sets to begin in august. the bay bridge bike path hours are spending this summer. it will be open at 6:00 a.m.
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and close at 9:00 p.m. this is to provide further enjoyment for cyclists and people who enjoy walking on the path. we want to ensure that when we do have cyclists and pedestrians on the bridge, that there is daytime for them to enjoy it. so because of the extended hours in the day, we therefore extend the hours for the time for them to enjoy the bike path. >> so these extended hours will last until labor day. take advantage of those extended bike hours, meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now and i saw a lot of people when i walked today in jeans i made the instant wrong decision. >> tomorrow sounds like a shorts day. >> yes, you will see a lot of sunshine outside and out of door right now a quitt evening,
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mostly clear over the bay and interior valley. seeing patchy fog developing along the coast. otherwise we're in for great weather, mostly clear inland. patchy fog gathering towards the beaches tomorrow. sunny and again on the warm side away from the immediate coastline and then it looks like for the week ahead, you are going see hot temperatures, mid-90s maybe in the valley and maybe as much as 30 degrees cooler out towards the coastline. that looks like a at any time summer pattern to me. temperatures today, 87 degrees in san josi, 10 degrees above the average, 88 in concord, 87 in santa rosa yawn 72 degrees in san francisco. all-around the bay area temperatures running 7-10, 11 degrees above the average. so we have a tropical storm state your name bonnie make its way into the carolinas and bringing with it heavy rainfall and will see maybe a couple of tornadoes as this unsettled weather will work its way up the eastern seaboard over the next 24 hours. out here we had thunderstorms
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and rain in california, but most of the that over the sierra-nevada. otherwise, looking good as high pressure now begins to build in. there is just this weak wave of low pressure that is making its way across california popping up a couple of thunderstorms. not going to afc all weather. a lot of sunshine coming our a and temperatures will be toasty in the afternoon, 86 degrees in lott got and 85 degrees in san josi and 79 in mountain view. our friends just inside the bay looking at temperatures of 69 in oakland, 72 in san leandro. 80 in union city. east bay will you see hotter temperatures and maybe low 90s antioch and into brentwood and 8 had degrees in danville and 84 also walnut creek and 87 in orinda. to the coast line of you find the cooler weather and i have seen a lot of whales at the beaches. mid-60s in pacifica and low 60s towards half moon bay and you are friends in the north bay will see warm temperatures, 82
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in napa and 7 had in vallejo and 77 degrees in san rafael. next few days we're going to crank the temperatures, mid-70t 90s a possible possibilities tuesday and cooling down wednesday and thur. >> a boy jumps into a gorilla enclosure at the cincinnati zoo and why the zoo director says the call to kill the animal was a difficult decision, but right one. >> before bernie sanders comes to oakland on monday, he is firing back at donald trump for backing out on a debate.
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nearly three dozen arrests may after altercations brought out in san diego yesterday follow a donald trump rally. >> officers in riot gear and provos he and trump supporters
10:24 pm
getting in shouting matches and throwing trash at one another. it's getting ugly and shows us what happened. >> this is what democracy looks like! >> reporter: hundreds mash marched through the streets as what started as peaceful protest outside of the san diego convention center friday. inside the convention center, crowds were cheering for the presumptive gop nominee. >> look at the cameras - get them out! get them out! >> reporter: the situation only escalated from there. once the event was over, san diego police out in full force and dressed in riot gear attempted to seal off anti-
10:25 pm
trump demonstrators as they left the rally, shouting matches ensued and a few scuffles broke out. police ordered the crowd to leave at times aggressively. at times 35 people were arrested. trump tweeted san diego police "fantastic job on handling the thugs who tried to disrupt our peaceful and well-attended rally, very much appreciated." presidential hopeful bernie sanders continues his swing through california and today he was at santa barbara city college speaking to thousands of supporters. sanders is not phased that hillary clinton has the lead with the delegate count. at one point the crowds with were cheering today. that is when sanders began talk about donald trump's decision to back out of a potential debate. >> donald trump initially said yes, then he said no. then he said yes. then he said no. so i think for a guy who
10:26 pm
changes his position so many times, i would hope he would change it one more time, and say yes. >> reporter: sanders will be in the bay area on monday. the vermont certainty joins actor danny glover and sonar supervisor jane kim for what his campaign describes as a community conversation at allen temple baptist church and later that evening he is scheduled to speak at frank ogallo plaza in on the of city hall. >> on kron news, part 2 of of our eye-opening investigation into an antioch speed needs school. >> anman player goes into the wrong apartment and is shot and killed and we'll tell you what happened up next
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. now back to kron 4 news at time with jr stone and justine waldman. >> was intense and shocking to see. >> this video of a child being
10:29 pm
abused inside an antioch speed needs school is stirring up shock and outrage across the bay area. >> kron had's kron 4 maureen has been investigating for months. >> i wouldn't send my dogs to that school. you know? it's horrible. >> reporter: the viral video showing a 9- year-old boy being slapped by a tobin's world teacher aide prompted four other former teacher aides at that school to come forward about what they say, they saw going on behind closed classroom doors. they say they didn't witness anything as extreme as what was captured on video, but they all say they have seen other staff use unnecessary force on students and not just what they are danger a danger to
10:30 pm
themselves or others, butsily for back talk. >> to feel you are disrespected, put you on the ground, kiss the ground? a lot of stuff goes on there that people just don't know. >> reporter: these aides all parted way with the school for different reasons a few years ago. not all of them left voluntarily. they believe a contricking factor to the culture of abuse was some of the people being hired at tobin world. >> younger, less trained, straight out of high school, and so these were employees that were maybe like a year, two years, maybe three years older than the students that they were in charge of. >> reporter: and special needs students can be very challenging for even seasoned professionals. >> they will cuss at you and hit you and get out of control and throw stuff across the room, know? so you really have to have patience to work with speed
10:31 pm
needs kids and sometimes issues don't think everybody has that patience. >> reporter: one aide says he was asked to dole out discipline he was not comfortable with. >> i'm 6'2", 400 plus pounds, what do i look like holding down a girl that is 4'11", weighing 130? if that? i am not going it and my integrity, i just can't do that. >> the former tobin world employee say incident reports like this these are supposed to be written up when force is used on a student, but say it was routine for the nogales look the -month-oldion to look the other administration to look the other way. >> it wasn't accept braae in the world of tobin world, it was acceptable it would be swept under the rug. >> honestly, think someone might have to be seriously
10:32 pm
injured or die for anything to happen to that school. that is why i'm talking to let people know. >> i did speak to several current and former teachers about their experiences at tobin world and none of them wanted to go on-camera and one former teacher says he was appalled by how some of the students were treated, but the three others i spoke to say they never saw any out of control behavior on part of of stach, but did acknowledge that working with special needs students is not easy. judy webber the executive director of tobin world choose not to be interviewed, but reacted in a written state tobin the world staff are required to complete specialized education trainings before they are allowed in our classrooms. in addition, staff members are retrained periodically, to help ensure policies and procedures are consistently followed and enforced." maureen kelly kron 4 nis. >> maureen's in-depth pieces
10:33 pm
continue on our website, search the word "toben world." an nba player was shot and killed after he reportedly went into a wrong apartment. desjean jones went to the wrong unit and the man who lived there says he opened fire after the basketball pro, kick the door open and walked in. police say desjason jones later collapsed and died in the hospital. >> a boy came face-to-face with a 400-pound gorilla after falling into the enclosure and the zoo officials say he crawled through a barrier and landed in the moat. zoo officials ended up shooting the animal saying that tranquilizing him would have been too risky for the boy.
10:34 pm
>> it's a sad day all the way around. the right choice was made. it was a definite choice. difficult choice. we have never had a situation like this at the cincinnati zoo where a dangerous animal needed to be dispatched in an emergency situation. >> the boy was hospitalized with injuries that are not considered life-threatening. well, trump gain something unusual followers after his recent comments on california's drought and we'll explain after the break. and getting ready for a huge parade in san francisco on sunday. we'll take a look at the 2016 carnival and all the street closures that come with its celebration. ♪ hey!
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(family laughs) and the whole party is looking... can i take a look? mitch come on! get high speed internet from at&t with 99.9% reliability for just $30 a month. keep calm, your internet's on. donald trump is winning over farmers with his proposal on water. farmers have been complaining that they are not getting enough water or their crops and
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saying officials are diverting too much water away to protect endangered first quarter and state has been hit by a drought now in its 5th year, but trump said in fresno yesterday, there is no drought there. >> he is a businessman, business person, he understands it. and so i think we have to sit down with him correctly and explain it. >> trump says if he becomes president, he will send more water the farmers' way. most california farmers liked his message. >> so what is better than good music, good food and good wine? it's become a winning combination for bottle rock, festival happening in downtown napa and we have pictures from festival's website. stevie wonder was last night and florence and the machine on the main stage and red-hot chili peppers close out the event on sunday. traffic getting to napa has been really slow and if you are going leave yourself plenty of time, but i'm hearing a lot of
10:38 pm
good things about the food, wine and music. >> i have just seen pictures and it's like oh. next year. >> next year. ♪[ music ] legendary salsa hughes shan oscar de leon was in the mission district kicking off the annual carnival parade and celebrations that go with it. it's the 37th year and tomorrow is what all the dancers and drummers and all the big colorful floats, like you are looking at from last year, that is when all of that will happen. it's supposed to be a big celebration of latin-american culturure. >> the parade begins tomorrow morning and travels along mission street, closed off for eight blocks and turn ton 17th, on to harrison street. several road closures in the area have caused quite a bit of congestion for drivers. streets will be blocked off until monday at 2:00 aim.
10:39 pm
still ahead on kron 4 news evacuations ordered in parts of texas as rivers and creeks continue to rise following those heavy, heavy why rains. can lots of sunshine around the bay area today and some warm temperatures too, we have a tropical storm now making landfall in the u.s., we'll show you where coming up
10:40 pm
10:41 pm
four people have now died and two others missing after severe flooding in texas. on your left you are looking at aerials of the flooding and on your right you see search crews trying to help people out of their flooded homes. information crews will continue sample for two people missing in austin area. city officials say a number of cities and towns are calling for mandatoryu and voluntary evacuations, because of the
10:42 pm
rising floodwaters a new tropical storm is beginning to pummel south carolina's coastline. >> just as memorial day weekend travelers are head to the beach, the national hurricane center says tropical storm bonnie formed in the atlantic today and expected to create maximum sustained winds of more than 40 miles per hour tonight should supposedly get weaker tomorrow, forecasters expect the storm to dump up to 3" of rain. it's still unclear when bonnie could make a landfall, but forecasters say sunday looks more likely. meteorologist lawrence karnow is the expect and he is here, are we going to see more of the reporters out there, in this? >> you know reporters love to be in the middle of that; righ >> justine no? >> just to inform everyone. >> with the wind blowing and dan rather making it real famous and everybody wants to do that. it's going to be a busy night for them. they are going sew a lot of heavy rainfall and bonny coming onshore and coming a little bit early, really hurricane season doesn't start for a few more
10:43 pm
days burb here you go, tropical storm onshore, sustained winds 45 miles per hour and what is interesting is the wind that extend from the core of the center and extend outward about 70 miles along that core. that is moving onshore. so that whole area, the whole swath will be hit with 45 miles per hour sustained for tonight and a lot of rain, 3", maybe 6" in some of the wet yet cot spotts. thankfully we don't have to worry about that here. mostly clear across the bay area. as we head into tomorrow, lots of turn and morning weather and the morning fog. week ahead, probably going to get hot in the interior valleys. 71 degrees in san josi and 71 also in livermore and 73 and warm in concord. that breeze is blowing a little bit into the bay 10 miles per hour in oakland, so any of that fog is going to be confined
10:44 pm
along the coastline. that is where it's expected to sit fortomorrow. high pressure builds overhead. one thing to watch out for in california, maybe another round of thunderstorms expect that by tomorrow afternoon. yosemite on southward across the sierra-nevada. overnight tonight we'll see a couple of patches fog forming along the coast line of. though at a strong onshore push. we'll see some of that gathering tomorrow morning as you get up earlier enough you might see it. in the afternoon that starts to break up and squeeze in sunshine and start to warmer the temperatures. numbers by tomorrow afternoon, 85 degrees if concord, 812 in accounts payabla valley. much cooler towards the coastline, 50s and mid-60s. next couple of days we're going crank up the temperatures and maybe mid-90s by tuesday inland, slight cooling wednesday into thursday and staying mild in the coastline all weeklong. still
10:45 pm
ahead, golden state warriors with the big win and told people, "don't count us out. >> we'll show you highlight because they are heading back to oakland. mmm. bacon is lookin good. let's instabrag. honey, jalapeño boom boom, h-how is there no bacon emoji? denny's new honey jalapeño bacon, part of the red white and bacon menu. denny's. welcome to america's diner.
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. time new for conditionron 4 kron 4 sports. >> it's exciting tonight. >> golden state warriors are coming home winners tonight. it was such a close game. >> a minority even have your golden state warriors colors on. >> i need more shirts in it's going on tophyges. >> 4th quarter is when the warriors made their run, what a run it was. and last five minutes this team outscored the thunder 19-5. klay thompson with eleven-pointers and steph curry and this series is coming back
10:49 pm
to oakland. klay thompson broke a-point record tonight and spoke after the game. >> i should have had at least 13 because i missed some wide- open looksel. i don't know what the record was, i didn't know i had eleven 30s and to be aggressive and from the rim and beyond the perimeter, it feels good to have the record, but it will be feel much better we close them out on monday and play with the same toughness and resilience we did tonight. >> game 7 monday at oracle arena. san francisco giants another red-hot team. trying to bounce back from a tough loss in colorado k-madison baumgarder and buster posey, first inning that ball as they say is outta here! 3-run home for posey and go to the 8th, giants down 5-4, but say no more, the buster posey
10:50 pm
show continues, 3-run shot kept the giants on top and went on to win 10-5 and have won 14 of their last 16. as for the as, billy butler has been somewhat of -- well, he had a bad year so far. bottom of the 2nd, that wasn't in his head because he crushes this ball for a home run. yes, home run, as out in front and danny valencia says i want in on the action. that ball is gone as well and as he go up 2-0. as keeping the pressure on detroit and chris davis hitting a deep ball. 12-3 and win this game, a good wipfor a team that had lost three in a row. boy, justine, we talk all about the warriors, but there is something else to talk about here, less than 48 hours way from the stanley cup finals. >> i know the sharks are going to take down the pittsburgh penguins monday night in pittsburgh. this is the first time the team has ever, ever been in the
10:51 pm
finals. >> in their 25-year history, now pittsburgh had 48 wins on the season. sharks had 46 wins on the season. that is why the penguins get the home ice advantage, but keep in mind, the sharks were the best road team in the nhl this year and finishes off the blues in six games whereas pittsburgh seven games with tampa bay to get here. coach peter deboer and joseph pavelski spoke after practice today. >> how the group has come together and how they play, i think we're all very proud of that in the room, the players and coaches i think we mayan honest game. you know, win on lose, i think if you play that way, you can walk away with your held high. obviously we want to win and feel we can win. >> the success you have worked for, you have to compete and there are certain areas like that, youf that you don't want to slip it your game. >> here is the stanley cup finals schedule, all games at 5:00 in the afternoon, game 1
10:52 pm
pittsburgh and good 2 as well games 3 and 4 back in san josi. the felling saturday and monday, they play as well game 5 would be in figure, 6 in san josi and 7 in pittsburgh again. if they go that far. sharks fever in full swing at shark tank in santa clara avenue. we talked on fans on what exactly they are looking for? >> yes, going to get some pucks, the commemorative publics. >> sharks jersey with the stanley cup patch. >> stanley cup, a white kids jersey. >> i got my pin. i got my earrings, and then i got my stanley cup, the playoffs. so i'm a happy camper. >> got to love the gear. tickets for those games are soldout. you can find ticket on stubhub gorge $800 and much more
10:53 pm
expensive here than pittsburgh, surprise, sunrisech surprise. >> interesting, maybe because we have never been there before, you can go for $5 for a viewing party at the shark tank. they are putting the game up on the big jumbo screen and the games start at 5:00. >> the latest on the search efforts for a missing vallejo teenager and we have learned new information about when next search for her will be happen. >> coming up, it's a slightly proven fact, people simply don't read signs unless they are showing up on a screen of a little invention known as a smartphone. i will explain in the next edition of "people behaving badly."
10:54 pm
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while the signs are up, but drivers are still not paying attention. >> we're talking about a busy sketch of powell street in san francisco, which is closed to personal vehicles. we sent stanley roberts out to
10:57 pm
take a closer look. stanlyley rones found some people behaving badly. >> with a does the sign read -- i have proven that facover and over again, unless that sign is flashing on a little device called a smartphone. i'm an powell street where one of the famous cable cars run. the only vehicles permit ready commercial vehicles, taxis loading and unloading good withs, not including passengers. there are plenty of signs advising people with personal vehicles to keep out, but people ignore the signage, including the no-turnsip was fairly common. while the city tour bus tries to make the left turn and it's a commercial vehicle, so it's permitted. due to the sheer amount of people getting hit by cars trying to turn on to powell,
10:58 pm
they created the no-turn restrictions in effect since november of 2013. you can see the driver of the bmw failed to read any signs and the process went on until the driver of the bmw figured out that backing up was an option. >> i don't have reverse -- . >> reporter: oops, wrong clip. because the bmw has reverse. nonetheless, it should not have been on this section of powell street. so to be perfectly clear if you drive a personal vehicle, mean your own personal car, or if you drive uber or lyft you are not permitted on this street unless you have commercial plates. personally, i would rather just avoid this area if you are driving if it's not work- related, just opt for public transportation. in san francisco, stanlyley roberts, kron 4 news. people behaving badly in your neighborhood, let us know. can you contact stanley on
10:59 pm
facebook, twitter, or e-mail him, peoplebehaving i did badly@ >> kron 4 news at 11:00 starts now. >> we start tonight with breaking news out of sacramento county, where the body of a missing father from antioch has just been found. >> sheriff's deputies say kyle jackson's body was found in walnut grove about 30 miles east of antioch. you are looking at new video just into the kron 4 newsroom of the scene when officers discovered the body. jackson and his is-year-old daughter went missing earlier this week. family members say they left from antioch to go to sacramento and not heard from since then. as of right now sheriff's deputies have not found the 1- year-old daughter or his car. as we driving a 2002 silver ford taurus and we'll keep you updated on this breaking news story. >> the other big news we're following another day and no sign of missing vallejo teen pearl pinson. the search forever her today in
11:00 pm
rural sonoma county turned up nothing. >> she was last seen wednesday on her way to school and the suspect in this case was killed a day later during a gunbattle in southern california, which has just complicated the investigation into finding pearl pinson's whereabouts. >> reporting from the town of jenner, where today's search took place. >> search-and-rescue crews covered about 125 square miles in their quest to find 15-year- old pearl pinson here in sonoma county, about 70 people took part, combing through bushes and steep terr rain, but still no sign of it. let's find pearl and bring her home. >> there is early saturday morning until the search was supposed at 3:00 in the afternoon, much like on friday, crews dressed in bright orange suits checked up and down willow couldcreek and the coastline along highway 101 and the banks of the russian river. what makes you believe she is in this area? >>


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