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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  May 30, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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them is high on this memorial day and the star with the weather forecast we get to about 72 or so about two and 4:00 on the northwest breeze recall that and the planning for casses the
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3:01 and then with those temperatures reaching some of the low 90s. >>reporter: problem free road less especially approach in the bay bridge toll plaza no metering lights you to those who can turn off.
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the top star on this memorial day the golden state warriors the contest they like to the nba finals the tech on the thunder the game 7 as will want to be seen the western conference finals and they're coming off and nail biting wind and oklahoma on saturday and could thompson showed up breaking the nba record with 11 three-pointers and playoff in the score for the coins and the warriors tool 1 08101 victory.
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within seven in oakland they wanted to reopen the stations early for the fans come from fremont and dublin and pleasanton. >>mark: happen today if the sharks play their first ever gain in the stanley cup finals and opens and pets are against
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the penguins the system is a big help in san jose and. >>jackie sissel:.
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>>jackie sissel: is going to be
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a business for today and. >>mark:. >>mark: we spoke with a system struggling through this difficult. difficult >>phillipe djegal: with every passing day the pain of the absence unbearable from those clinging to the notion she will once again walk into their arms and speaks for the rest of the family her parents to devastated to talk the county sheriff's
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office says that she was adapted from this overpass on her walk to school wednesday morning a day after the kidnapping the sheriff's office said castro's car had been spotted by surveillance cameras and nearby recounting. >>phillipe djegal: they spent two days exploring bush's and nearby waterways for concern but saturday afternoon the search
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was suspended after a week of searching the body of a one- year-old girl has been found. >>mark: there were returning home from trip to antioch when they disappeared the father was found dead on saturday the 20
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year-old elm for nine the of san rafael was arrested.
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>>reporter: they're coming here this weekend to remember and to reflect more than the weekend is the home or walling thunder is also the silence of section 60 in arlington national cemetery were men and women made it out to the sacrifice in afghanistan last he's just returned from a trip to asia that offered reminders will great conflict eventually followed by great hidden and progress with japan and more recently vietnam the
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president is one of the many who will visit arlington today to set thinking to those who served in those wars and others will find small american flags and each of the hundreds of thousands of markers the tradition of flags and carried out each year since 1948. >>reporter: they're just a short distance over a few miles left president obama will apply of arlington and about 11:00 a.m. eastern time.
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>>mark: mother nature started throwing a wrench in holiday plants can hutcheson report a severe weather this is walking part to the nation. >>reporter: out west parcel
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taxes copal flooding by days of rain six people have died across the state in the back to which orders were issued in some areas forecasters say more thunderstorms could erupt in the central west and friends states monday it could bring more misery to talk east texas will local rivers continue to rise
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>>reporter: you saw some will pop open the ninth debate among better progress happening the east bay shoreline for today the temperature '70s a hot pot with some of those '80s themselves known have been added 80 and also free more at 85 the to keep the ninth is going for the far east of the sbc a secondary spike happen by friday 97: on and in the type the beaches and the coast of the law or seven days.
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>>reporter: the drive times were still trapped in a lot of green out of concord that is on the 15 minutes on the nimitz san leandro and to milpitas that is 19 minutes and 11 through downtown san jose they're running on sunday schedule which means most trains around the in the clock our track work is in effect however after announcing
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he will release them before becoming a candidate is saying he could because of an audit he will not released and because there will be too complicated for the public to understand.
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. >>reporter: unclear what it has a shot of getting past the as more evidence the democrats will draw attention to the issue and even some republicans are pressing for trump to do it.
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>>mark: the search was called of yesterday for these two bollandist the official said the two would never found after jumping into the water with their family this morning and we can't they were unsuccessful and now they're just looking to recover their bodies the fbi has joined the search for a bank robber and then the city this man bought the first national bank in northern california.
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>>reporter: a lot of folks are taking it out to bay bridge toll plaza has been a problem offering meeting guys have remained off and expect a quick track out of oakland just under 10 minutes to get over to the san francisco side. >>mark: would once have northern california leaks and reservoir'' for the first time in years for the first time the his boat owners are getting back out of the water the show was all that is benefiting a number of businesses. >>reporter: to the unofficial start of summer and fall select has not looked this on in years
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to 100% boost in business and knew what levels of lead can record low last winter but look at it today at about 95 percent capacity a full folsom lake and
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all of its fans finally is back from a dry spell. >>reporter: the same school the left this man that the shares as an armstrong knows that didn't have the right tax the stress of
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the said they have to know where to send them and can stick and duct-the university or the students told us they were disappointed to miss the full class is that and the panel cannot after themselves they're giving students resources to make sure that happens. >>reporter: will get more 50 transforming into the '60s the east bay getting ready to feel
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the burn with to you where you could catch presidential candidate bernie sanders during his visit to oakland.
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sleep number beds with sleepiq technology give you the knowledge to adjust for the best sleep ever. save $500 on the memorial day special edition mattress with sleepiq technology. plus 36-month financing. only at a sleep number store. >>reporter: a perfect is to
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concede the east of the right now 58 for oakland and hayward we will litigate for the east matching that but it will decoupling of these locations.
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>>reporter: and tracking of to the peninsula is using the san mateo bridge does want to look pretty similar if you're on to leave anytime soon this is what looks all morning long and that is just an easy 15 minute trip coming from the nimitz freeway of hayward on to the spent over to the one when connected no problems to report speaking of your speeding the drive times and is looking quite good especially the antioch area.
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>>mark: venison does and hillary clinton in a close race fighting to supporters in the state just about a bench on the primary route is in the coming days the schedule from paulo out to santa cruz and monterey today's anderson to speak in oakland the pastor of church and the east biggest celebrity amount storm birth than over the last four decades he brought the allen temple baptist church from 77 members to several thousand. >>reporter: it was quite a birthday party for reverend out for smith senior.
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>>reporter: this misguided and many in their spiritual journey sunday brought out many familiar faces. senator bernie sanders is
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expected to be here for by an hour on memorial day starting at 2:00 p.m.. >>mark: and accounting is making it easier for residents that to vote the bill to drop off their vote by mail ballot that no drop-off sites.
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>>mark: the gop nominee call that judge " during a rally in san diego on friday for talking to clear picture on how the venture was run and how to cross to customers the attorney said the document should not be released because they contain trade secrets the judge ordered the release after a request by the washington post have been today a child and war memorial honoring fallen to to be on display in hayward his video for the tribute to the install on friday.
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>>mark: is the final day of the are an when festival in san ramon and an adjoining 150 are to a crafts booths and four different time misstated is also plentiful options to support local organizations to one of the paris this morning certain stickups convicted child sick of may born usa is recalling more than 3 million of the spill proof cups the recall affects five types of crops in the company's of the have removable by of which the consumer products safety commission says and develop mold is not cleaned out well the national toxicology
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program says the study found with the called low incidences' of two types of tumors and a bell at they're exposed to redeem frequencies a minute i felt from the five messages the potential health issues previous studies involving humans showed little evidence the jewesses' long-held positions the kind evident does not prove the cell phone use leads to more of the rest.
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>>reporter: it consultants 6:00 the freeway you can bet is definite on to the hot spot is a lot traffic there have been
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trapped for and that is in effect with their rapid early today and by 3:00 so that and you could actually howe in the bart train and mickey went out to the war is game at 6 this said they heard the child as his mother to get into the exhibit and she said no. >>mark: after this video of the guerrillas took the child of lighter and out of sight the entire episode lasted about 10 minutes in the zookeeper's fear the worst and they made the decision to kill for the four
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year-old is out of the hospital the restaurant republicans quickly and and endangers species something his passion face charges relating to lack of supervision in the black 60,000 people of no sign this petition calling for justice.
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>>here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly: >>stanley roberts: in just three minutes after stopping on high with trout and now offers a kellogg of the not all of those of the california highway patrol cactuses for speed and surely after that was another one the driver was about to cancel his trip to wine country the next be
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registered 75 on the line are gone to panama this was a very first time in her entire life getting pulled over and was apologizing over and again. >>stanley roberts: this driver
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was born 78 the sea its fee is cracking down and apple--napa my advice is to slow down. >>reporter: by the end of the
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week we do all over again by the way if you're in trouble toward the east and one to take a trip to the mountain content of sunshine the new numbers of fifties, most of the perimeter from oakland and hayward 52 and about 59 napa 49 for santa rosa and the upper 50s are also pretty much in control of the far east bank we stick with the
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theme is to go for the next several days. >>reporter: 97 friday the beaches and 72 and a from the bay med '80s territory driving has been so lovely this morning. >>reporter: very lightly traveled on all the getting into san francisco.
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>>reporter: it is the same story here as well was on 92 ride we haven't seen at a packed like we normally do from this time in the morning. >>mark: this and this new information level for packaged foods is the first three design for the level since the addition
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of trans fats in 2006 they're reviewed for studies to allow the and called for an average of four years and it from people who a few rotted 3m's of salt actually had a 26% increase risk for that heart disease and stroke.
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>>mark:. >>mark: they went on to win four to two they can begin at home to bet against the minnesota twin'' first pitch is at 1:00 in the game was on to getting now will be right back on the kron 4 morning news continues.
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>>mark: members from st. our
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shores are heading out in the santa cruz's cowen main beaches have had enough trash back to talk to people but the impact the way the could have on marine wildlife and tackle system the fish house from this woman in travelers that and don't let the airline miles to military veterans families receiving treatment all eyes on the winners and they forced the
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game 7 somehow try to make it to the nba finals will have a preview of tonight's beginning.
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>> mark: we are live in washington in arlington va. international cemetery.
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m m m m
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[military commemoration performance]
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[performance ] >> mark: president obama completed via traditional performance honoring the those who've died to save this country at the tomb of the unknown soldier. >> reporter: we have quite a bit of cloud cover over the bay it area. the oakland a's are
8:05 am
battling the twins later today and temperature will been in the near '70s. right now you can see the temperatures are on the television screen. though rebecca >> rob: at that
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>> reporter: may ease to san francisco is very light. avoid the nimitz freeway in oakland because of the game. the knicks at oakland will be a nightmare so take public transportation. the market >> mark: the warriors will play at the thunder tonight in game
8:07 am
7. >> will: last night's game was not for the faint of heart. klay thompson said he should have smelled it least of 13 three- pointers. the warriors are telling people to get early because they will need the support. the t-shirts are
8:08 am
already on the seats. the tailgate section will open it to 30 to 30--2:30. coach car will not be revealing all his cards. >> mark: at the memorial day
8:09 am
will. bernie sanders will visit the bay area and will tell you more. your child's the beat cop may be making them sick. we have of very hot weather today and more later this week.
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>> mark: is certain said be cut --a certain sippy cup may be making your child sec--sick. over 3000 cases have been reported along with 66 children . we have your seventh day forecast
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>> mark: watching the weather we have hot weather here. a severe weather system and a lingering tropical depression along the east coast is of forcing people to cancel plans and move indoors.
8:16 am
>> reporter: the system brought remain in charleston that charge of folks out of the water. >> it is not to bet your you just have to watch. >> reporter: parts of interstate 954 shutdown. bonnie is forecast to bring rain to the limit coast. six people have died across the state of texas. >> we thought we had dodged the bullet but the water just keeps writing--rising.
8:17 am
the mark >> mark: looks like easting quarter there. what's left of bonnie will be climbing up the coast bringing rain. as this goes across the dakotas we may see some warm and wet weather there. >> reporter: highs today are near 70 at 5,000 ft., and in the
8:18 am
'50s it down lower. you can see the temperatures on the screen right now.
8:19 am
>> rebecca: none of the bridges across the bay area are doing a good. westbound 80 it takes seven minutes to get across the span. san mateo coming out of hayward and the nimitz freeway. westbound 80 to the oakland a's is only minutes. highly 7 with
8:20 am
highway 85 on the up is only 10 minutes. traffic is said to be jammed along the nimitz freeway later today for the warriors' game. >> reporter: the san jose sharks will play their first game ever in the stanley cup finals against the pittsburgh penguins . >> will: tonight, if you're a sharks that many kids that other sharks and as they play in the stanley cup finals for the first
8:21 am
time. this is the first time in 25 years, the first in the whole franchise. as far as the game is south--itself, the head coach talks about what a huge run this has been. >> the last games of the season have been wonderful and that plan has carried it throughout the postseason. we're looking at
8:22 am
our good games and had to repeat them. >> will: i look at the secondary markets and the tickets are 800 to $1,000 and that the games that are played here are already sold out. sit down and relax for a huge day in san francisco sports. >> mark: california's senators are placing wages on he will win the stanley cup. as close
8:23 am
pennsylvania senders. >> mark: we will talk about which movies are making a big in the box office. we are just minutes away from president obama speaking at arlington national cemetery. we will be here live.
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>> mark: at the memorial day weekend box office is looking soft. the rap got so wrapped >> reporter: baying reedbirds fell to 1/3 after its first movie. alice through the looking glass looks like disney's a big flop which is only a quarter of
8:27 am
the original. x-men apocalypse easily was number one. >> mark: temperatures are in this part today--spike today and they will discuss more of it.
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>> mark: we're watching the hot forecast this holiday. the day of >> reporter: we have fought this morning and we have temperatures on the board right now. the heating is going on in the east bay bringing temperatures into the '60s. in oakland we have the lower '70s there. and when we
8:30 am
might see temperatures in the '90s definitely in the upper 80s. >> rebecca: the richmond san rafael bridge as a seven minute drive time from the west down 582 of the connector. >> mark: we want to go live to the arlington national cemetery .
8:31 am
>> i am honored to be with you once again to pay our respects once again as americans to those who gave their lives for us all . here at arlington the deafening sounds of combat have give way to the silence. their sacrifice has yielded perfect precise rows of peace. the people and here with our families, the people that lost their lives as only one thing in return: that we remember them.
8:32 am
if you look at the red markers you'll see that the dates of birth and bits of death are so close together. these were young americans who never lived long enough to be considered veterans. the student known as the band of brothers who fought an ocean away, and men and women who fought as part of the new generation. they are generals barry decides of privates. some are known only to god. everyone here is someone 0. those who
8:33 am
rest beneath the silence and all of the cemeteries across the nation stood not speak aloud about their service but their actions do. they fought in times of war and signed up in times of peace and became the best of america. as commander-in-chief i have no greater responsibility than meeting and men and women in uniform. i think about this every time i prove an operation as president, every time a sign
8:34 am
of condolence letter to a husband and father, every time the show and i said at the bed of a wounded warrior, or a hug and grieve the members of the goldstar family. only one person of a nation where the uniform and selfie is seated the patriotism of that these men and women. but every day there are americans to pray for the phone call of a loved one. but instead a car pulled up to a house and knocked at the front door. to us, the living, those of us who
8:35 am
have a voice, it is our responsibility and obligation, but to show our love with our words and our actions. honoring the fallen americans being there for their parents and their spouses and their children. or moms and dads to be so proud of you and we are to. we must make sure our veterans get everything deserve from good health care to good jobs. we need to be there for them when the need astrocyte they were there when we needed them. president kennedy talked
8:36 am
about people who not only produce for their country but those who remember that produced. we remember them by teaching our children at schools. we reveal ourselves and words and deeds and also the simple act of listening. listen
8:37 am
to the stories of these goldstar families and veterans and what that had offered. asked about who he or she was and why they volunteered. asked about the dreams that have been a laugh that had been a smile they have . since he met here one year ago 20 people who gave their lives in afghanistan. and i wrapped in our fight against isis 3 americans have given their lives in our behalf. charlie is sworn
8:38 am
in to us that of americans. they celebrated their anniversary on july 4th. he joined the seals because i was the hardest thing to do. earned a bronze star for valor. earlier this month he gave his life. tool of his fellow warriors sent a letter
8:39 am
home to his parents and said the police sought ever met shot saved a lot of lives today. >> mark: that is president obama speaking at arlington national cemetery. i just picked us up 2 breakfast croissants for $4,
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>> mark: aide traveling war memorial because it is going through hayward right now. is near the loan the tree memorial honoring that the fallen warriors in iraq. founder crated the wall because he wanted to remind people that freedom is not free. >> mark: there are food options at the san ramon central park from 11 this morning to six this evening as part of it the freedom celebration.
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>> mark: we have some more with our holiday forecast >> reporter: temperatures of law and the beach for past you can see on the tv right here. again you can see the temperature is right on the screen. the warm-up for today you can see the '90s are creeping in and the far east
8:46 am
bay. the cool down is most apparent in the north bay by gets quickly pushed out to sea. high temperatures today are in the '70s and '80s. the inn and values will be in the '90s. >> rebecca: there are no problems anywhere in the bay and we have been hot spot for a--for
8:47 am
e--free. everywhere will be a problem for e for right now-- free. the word to send material is 12 minutes. richmond san rafael bridge to connector is seven minutes. concord to
8:48 am
danville is a few minutes. sam has a--san jose to sunnyvale is about 15 minutes. >> mark: demand that losses life after saving little boy, >> reporter: a little boy slips into the guerrilla quiche at the zero. the family tries
8:49 am
desperately to keep the boy,. >> the gorilla of pulled the boy away further from the big group . >> reporter: of the officials thought this was so immediate
8:50 am
that we had to decide what to zero. the only option was our right fall--rifle. the guerrilla was a critically endangered species but the right choice was to kill it to save the child. >> mark: please identify the driver for it and run he killed
8:51 am
two people. the man was driving a ford truck. the people were actually the hogs--hogs--dogs. >> mark: tutsi and features were sent to the hospital after their car flew over the side of the cliff. the torture accused to get the cart out had a 450 ft. cable. the teenagers do have
8:52 am
a non not life-threatening injuries. >> mark: a popular southern california beach was closed after woman might have been attacked by a sharp. lifeguards say that she had a large bite marks on her torso and the leg. >> mark: notable changes include larger boldfaced type 4 servings and calories. devalues of sugar will also be adjusted. these updated panels will
8:53 am
probably not come into effect for two years. >> mark: low sodium diets can actually lead to heart problems . those of less than 3 g of salt per day at a 26 percent higher chance of a dying from a heart problems. >> mark: the giants face of the colorado rockies. the giants won 85. they are currently ahead
8:54 am
of the dodgers and our number one in their division. the oakland east beat of the tigers . the oakland a's win the 422. >> mark: as it watched conditions along the bay will discuss the fog and temperatures in the bay area and will have a huge warm-up this afternoon. more next.
8:55 am
8:56 am
>> mark: tonight is a great time to get all look at mars even without a telescope. it will be the brightest star the uc and the southeastern sky and it will appear reddish. >> mark: from noon to 4. they
8:57 am
will be handing out trash bags, a local cleanup groups that this. the unofficial start of summer travel season starts today. the book and donate their miles to veteran families who need treatment. more than 58,000 tickets have been given to veterans. watched the warriors in game 7 to try to
8:58 am
make a break into the finals. that sharks also make history as they go on to their first-ever stanley cup finals game. will also have more on our weather forecasts and traffic. more next
8:59 am
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now drumroll..
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>>mark: that was president obama and lange a wreath at the tomb of the on no math the arlington national cemetery to honor of the military who died serving the scoff country >>mark: recognize on the weather forecast for you for this memorial that. >>reporter: to check in the
9:02 am
national air provides a pretty good even of the areas of the country which is not so could therefore cast in these now things off to a decent start temperatures along the palm mccracken to lower 60s 61 oakland had with 61 concord when compared to the have 49-- vallejo. >>reporter: bed and a battle the twins and time one of five temperatures holding pretty much in the near 70 degree range of mostly sunny skies. >>reporter: would do the same thing and about 5:00. >>reporter: is going to be about
9:03 am
a 10 minute drive from the open side of the to the sitting now how to talk to some later this afternoon we have been a is a and write off 880 and of course the warriors tonight at 6:00 to the nimitz freeway set to the pact as you can imagine definitely avoid a veto on if you can today public transit always the option.
9:04 am
>>mark: the attack on the continent at fear ran in the game 7 of the western conference finals with a come off of no biting wind and oklahoma thank you klay thompson who showed up date in that when breaking the and the record four three- pointers in the playoff game with 11 another hope to continue that sexism from the last two games. >>will tran: they are ready to roll in fear green of the teachers out in the have been tense outside for potential as early as 230 coached her the rest the plant encouraging including klay thompson telling
9:05 am
everyone to get here early before tipoff will really need to help this is a do-or-die game 7 if and when they move on to play the cleveland cavaliers the trigger talking about final on this euphemistic oklahoma city thunder this declared a do- or-die game for the war years. >>will tran:. allow and enjoy
9:06 am
it in principle would have you do do not lose will have fans who are dying for them to one including within end that we would get here were not consulted did not look good now they're getting seven track the numbers we are ready to go where superstitions.
9:07 am
>>mark: the tracks the tone sounded natural and the bay from stations were shut down the switch into the thick of fun weekend of repairs it was worth to begin by the amount this is ongoing maintenance part of their placing normal for service
9:08 am
in the two stations was supposed to start tomorrow morning but then on to start at 3 this afternoon. >>mark: 25 years that's how long the sharks have been in existence and that is how long the fence have been waiting for a day just like today and they're finally plane for the stand because it will be in pittsburgh tonight when it drops at. 5:00 >>jackie sissel: 67 will be open
9:09 am
to nine for sharks fans who want to come in and out with the other people is $5 to get in the first time for oscar if you're someone to sit in the stand was a lot of people dressed in teal here is the place to be in
9:10 am
>>jackie sissel: to the is a huge sports day for the bay area and its moral they occupy the day off once the force commander that and then go inside and and watched the warriors play game 7 of the western conference finals. >>mark: she says her wages the
9:11 am
case of california chardonnay with concern the senator bob tasty breaded of the pittsburgh- based whiskey the puck stops the spread of 5:00 our time.
9:12 am
>>mark: these dives and rescue
9:13 am
teams were there since saturday after them the reasons sonar scanning technology invested this said the boys will not wear lifejackets one that jumped into the water.
9:14 am
9:15 am
9:16 am
>>reporter: convict like to talk all having in that direction the info to be more of an optional 361 into account as 66 of to the knock an adolescent is already being felt in the north that is not with a warm spot will be to end the strike it will happen in the east bank and
9:17 am
the south edge of the civil the rent a car now. >>reporter: here is the " tunnel to this some blues and also part of the peninsula to was the home of their you have an acceptable nor consume about as an accountant ease back over the hills by friday to talk about numbers of 9784 at the bed and seven to go along the beaches. >>reporter: that is one to
9:18 am
mckittrick even faster and to the city or caulking and add about seven minutes to out of the zero: the san the temperature and the men's 500 and to some retail that's on the 15 minute standing right now and the richmond san rafael bridge like a pencil press on 580 over to the north that--bay. >>reporter: topic is the reply on saw the 11 come of sausalito into san francisco and will be just a five minute drive times.
9:19 am
>>mark: he says he will release is tantamount to the they will be too complicated for the public to understand pfft. >>reporter: the speculation of months and those returned delta each time trout one of its people make excuses like the one we heard this with the latest the american people on the stand and the american people don't have the big tax experts because there are a ton of lawyers and analysts are wanted back to the documents if and when they do become available congressional democrats are actually trying to do something about this and other ron wyden of oregon introduced a bill that
9:20 am
would force compel president of nominees to publicly disclose three most recent tax returns. >>reporter: it's more evidence that democrats will start to to this issue in the republicans are pressing for trump to do and meanwhile helleri keeps flaunting the fact it gives the returns and the cycle and over 30 years worth of over the course our public life. >>mark: the friends and family gathered on the overpass when
9:21 am
perot was lasting five days on her family is calling for renewed hope that she's still alive and will return home safely. >>phillipe djegal: her sister speaks for the rest of the family her parents to devastated to talk, county sheriff's offices choose and that it can't miss the little over half on a walk to school wednesday morning the kidnapper 19 year- old from and a pass from the center for her hispanic from northern california all the way down south when santa barbara
9:22 am
county struck after an ambush of a was issued on behalf colors to in the meantime the family said it will continue to search for her here in vallejo.
9:23 am
>>mark: we will be right back on the news continues on this memorial day tech not live look outside for mount tam 2,500 ft. looking over the fault does come through the golden gate and leaks about to clear which is ready for big woman began to.
9:24 am
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>>reporter: it is said to set the unofficial start of summer has not this funding years is in
9:26 am
said and so long in its major affixing it will have to percent gross and business thanks to new water levels the molecular record low last winter the look at it today at about 95 percent capacity >>reporter: expect a full summit to average 100,000 people a day this holiday
9:27 am
weekend with the crowd comes increase patrols. >>reporter: of full fulsome lake and olive since finally back from a dry spell. >>mark: this happening sallow central park from 11 this morning until six this evening in the event is free to attend.
9:28 am
9:29 am
9:30 am
>>reporter: from some medieval maxxam the lower seventh and dropped back of the event most sunny and pleasant dreams that the children when we've been having >>reporter: that temperatures handing in the lower seventh is
9:31 am
a soap at 5:00 as well when the knesset to five to around 60 everyone will be warmer in the tech for tomorrow. >>reporter: the a's and when a fire in the warriors' game 6:00 tonight we desmond would not drive if you can't your plan to go into the game could assure you did the tech bar before going to the war is aimed at 6:00 because is on the soundest of the foot hull them.
9:32 am
>>mark: centers of hell of a clinton on the close erased by the supporters and the state just about a week from the primary route is and the calling this a schedule for paulo out to santa cruz today is set to speak and open it we vince one of them as a city hall early polls showed candida's are neck-and- neck at of our june 7th primary.
9:33 am
>>reporter: serving as pastor at the after stretched for more than 40 years he guided many in desperately trying descendant from, many familiar faces of representatives as they do not endorse this attendance for election to the chart as a
9:34 am
longstanding tradition of credit of form that informed the community on issues. senator bernard sanders is expected to be here for about an hour on memorial day starting at 2:00 p.m.--bernie. >>mark: the gop nominee call
9:35 am
that judge i hate they're going on right and san diego 5 and the documents will include a paper showing how the venture was run and how is sold crassus to customers the judge ordered the release after a request by the washington post. >>mark: a 44 year-old is being
9:36 am
held on suspicion of felony hit and run they believe for fighter he was driving of four trucks around 830 in the morning when he had woman who was walking her two dogs ever so badly injured at the sleep the shall set to trim the command to give them the past to find the driver of a woman who's had suffered moderate injuries and was taken to hospital. >>mark: the car their withdrawal would unlock and fell hundreds of feet down the ravine and at the to a truck had to use 450 ft. of cable to reach the car off the driver and a female passenger was taken to hospital.
9:37 am
9:38 am
9:39 am
>>here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly: >>stanley roberts: and just three minutes after stopping small the road on highway 12 and out of office to kellogg of the not office of the california highway patrol catches his first theater.
9:40 am
>>stanley roberts: what this offers a kellogg have to say? >>stanley roberts: the next year registered a 75 on the lidar gun then when the actual registration the driver did
9:41 am
something come to the unexpected. >>stanley roberts: this giant was the wrong some of the head
9:42 am
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he has no idea what's coming. my taste - so huge, yet so unexpected. i'm like a boxer in a ring. a small boxer. you don't expect much... and then, wham! i hit 'em with a whole lotta creamy goodness! left! right! uppercut! leaving taste buds... deliciously dizzy! look! his tongue is knocked out! oh! mom steps into the ring! bring it, girlfriend! rich, creamy, 100% natural cheese. mini babybel. snack a little bigger. >>reporter: 61 at this hour and
9:46 am
oakland 64 hey what we have the upper 60s, already in the far east the antioch 66 to concord so we're announcing the number starting to pounce on ready hauler the beach locations hi to distance in between there around 65 have more by about 60 these numbers may be allowed warmer work. as we finish off
9:47 am
the with the spike attempt to win talking about 97 happen by fighting and a gradual reduction of temperatures and to the weekend. >>reporter: traffic is very like
9:48 am
coming out of the north the bank will traffic leaving san francisco getting up to the sausalito area but south about 101 is five minutes out of the sauce in the area down into the sitting. >>reporter: a day of panic and desperation at the cincinnati zoo of for your boy slips into the zoo's carrillo habitat and
9:49 am
over remote walls suddenly her mom bay a 17 year-old 400 lb. gorilla approaches the boy his mother watches in horror at what happens next. >>reporter: the family tries desperately to keep him calm as he takes him out of sight he jackson boy upon the amount of data for total of 10 minutes and the dangers and response team and to decide what to do next
9:50 am
officials consider the incident so threatening this side and in must be taken down immediately. >>reporter: the only other option rifle he was shot and killed the child was taken to cincinnati trojan horse to but not life-threatening injuries he was a western lowland gorilla a
9:51 am
critically endangered species the zoo had hoped to the event of the father of the collapse-- gorillas. >>mark: the store is the will following a local nonprofit is reminding the to go was to keep the beaches clean members from san our shores are heading out to santa cruzans, and main beaches suffer more if the holiday and the leaks occurred scheduled the of the one that will and was invited to clean up the beach in was just rated one of the most lead--polluted beaches and our state.
9:52 am
9:53 am
9:54 am
>>mark: this comes of more than hundred and 50 a help experts and public health threat in brazil due to the virus that is one of the brazilian strain arms help in ways that have not been seen before the who respond to the letter saying there is no public health justification postponing or canceling the revision of our olympics go into the african skip the game if they have concerns about the virus--real visionary--rio de
9:55 am
rio de janeiro. >>mark: the giants win a to play the giants are in first place in the national league west of fort have game west in between the road trip and what the giants in just a few minutes and start a new series against the minnesota twins' first pitch at 1:00 in is that in this of the warriors fans for an for the game at 6 is national hamburger, and is almost over.
9:56 am
>>vicki liviakis: inside the new west burgers and more on a mission and the city the lover's gonna be here because national bird room apparently you do not need a holiday to buy into bird and he won a big burger making contest with his recipes that rep on the fast-food chain for
9:57 am
off. >>vicki liviakis: especially when you ask tater tots vegetarians eat and a better burger fax with a beef patty caras the backed robert is useful the brisket on hot iron. >>mark: stay connected with our kron 4 mobile app,,facebook,and twitter feeds.dr phil coming up next have a great day see you tommorow at 4am.
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