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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  May 31, 2016 4:00am-7:01am PDT

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the morning kron 4 new starts now. students returning to nevada high school for the first time since the deadly shooting. plus a bernie sanders rally in oakland is interrupted i protesters as he continues to push to the june 7 california primary. >> and the warriors back in the nba finals for the second year in a row, what steph curry had to see about their improbable comeback. the story then more next >> this is the bay area new station, kron 4 news at 4:00 p.m. -- 4:00 starts now. >> i'm james fletcher, welcome
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to the 4:00 a.m. news. we have this morning and i sought from the cameras outside our studios in san francisco looking out across the bay bridge. we have dave sparta to walk us across today's forecast and what we have to look at in the week ahead. >> we have some drizzle and fog but basically it has really been squished down, very low levels. i mean, you go up more than 1500 feet and it's gone already picked this will clear up quickly today and warm up in land and those 90s will be generous for the east bay. they live look at the east -- the golden gate and a bit of a glaze on the lights. here is a live look on the satellite, you see we have arcing jetstream with a home of high-pressure, falling air, all that business. what that means is all this fog was talking about the in
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squished in atmosphere, sun comes out and makes everything quickly so we will see son in all spots fairly quickly. temperatures are pleasant, 40s in the north they, 59 fairfield, antioch a balmy 75, 56 concord, mid-50s to upper 50s around the perimeter of the bay. breaking things down for oakland, start off at about 55 for now, all the way to 77, pencil in a bit of a northwest wind coming in at 10:00, and you are ready for school forecast, calling for 8:00 a.m. temperatures in the 50 and in that 65. by noon we are talking 86 in land and for the base somewhat mild to warm with temperatures in the bay in the 70s, and the coast hanging in the mid-sixties. we will let you know who was going to warm up and when soon.
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rebecca first had your traffic >> no traffic problems as far as hotspots. it will be an easy right into san francisco. just a seven minute trip over the span. if you are coming on the limits freeware -- nimitz freeway at the salmon to -- into san mateo on the one '01, it is 15 minutes -- golden gate bridge looks great coming out of north day as well as. coming from south toledo, a five minute drive time on south one '01 into san francisco. when i come back i will give you
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east bay drive times. today grief counselors will be on hand when classes resume at no vital high school for the first time students return to school since wednesdays murder of a fellow student. reports that while now three people are in custody one of the shooters remains on the loosed. today the no vital high school students were murdered arrested last week for murdering a student and wounding another will be formally charged and a decision made as to whether to try them as a else. a third suspect remains on the loose in the meantime. >> it's a very scary thing to have happen in a town where you don't hear about things of this nature happening. >> for those who live and work in what must be considered a quiet city, this type of violence in the hills of west no vital remains a shock. >> i have grandchildren that
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attend the high school, and it is very frightening. >> i have a 16-year-old so it is scary to know that happened in more rain county. . >> sheriff's officials arrested 20-year-old elmo rivera for accessory after the fact meaning he may have hide -- try to hide one or more of the suspects or help them get away but he is not believed to be one of the suspects in the shooting. today class is also expected to resume for the first time since the arrest. grief counselors are expected to be on hand. shares officers are piecing together motive for this crime but at this time they are not sharing it. . authorities now are asking for your help in the search for a 15-year-old pro-penton who had been missing -- pearl pynchon who had been missing.
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her family believes she is alive and her suspected abductor was killed by police in a shoot out but there is still no sign of pearl. last night there was a prayer vigil for her and her family refuses to give up hope even after a two-day search along the russian river in sonoma county turned up nothing . >> she is a adorable young girl, so sweet, she has never harmed anybody in her life. i hope she is going to come home and be found. . investigators on the looking for leads they hope will point them in a new direction. turning our direction to politics . >> not just the 20 -year-olds, we thank them for their support
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but people 45 years of age or younger. >> that was bernie sanders speaking at a dish to a group and open. agents took down a protester and restrained another one. the demonstrators were animal- rights activists. standards is in california pushing to win the june 7 primary. he continues to challenge hillary clinton despite the fact she is very close to clinching the delegates needed to clinch the nomination. ron cagle was at the railing has more on what bernie sanders thinks is a potential path to victory. >> reporter: it was a sudden start along bernie sanders' tour of the golden state as a group of animal-rights activists stormed the stage, senators grabbed the senator from vermont.
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several people were grabbed from the crowd and placed in handcuffs and one man even had to be carried out. then sanders continued his speech. >> so on june 7 letter together create the largest voter turnout in democratic primary history in california. >> reporter: that big turnout is key if senator sanders wants to pull a upset on hillary clinton ahead of the democratic convention. right now clinton is shy of 300 delegates in her lead over sanders. >> i believe in bernie sanders as a candidate, he is the real thing for me, anyway. . >> reporter: as many as 20,000 people lined the streets of oakland to see bernie sanders. the line stretched 20 blocks. for some, the glimpse of his handwaving from a motorcade made the wait worthwhile, hoping the underdog is about to pull a win in their state. >> it was a great ending to my
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weekend. >> earlier in the day sanders to a house at a baptist church in oakland. people waited in long life to get a close up at the desk close up look of the democratic presidential candidate. sanders has spoken to 137,000 california voters so far and will speak to 200,000 more if that is what it will take to win california's primary one week from today. meanwhile, sanders will be speaking at a conference in emeryville then in santa cruz, then wednesday he will had another rally and palo alto. don't forget kron 4 is your source for election day coverage. we will have primary day coverage all day to the beginning right here at 4:00 a.m. how about that, steph curry put the nail in the coffin.
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the warriors with an epic series come back. there are trying 3-1 then he went on a three game when street against the oklahoma city thunder and are back now in the nba finals. curry hit 73-point and finished with 36 points overall, the warriors winning game 796-88. listen to what kerry had to say about coming back after trailing the series. >> for us to overcome the early deficit and claw our way back in the way we did it, with everybody having an impact, bench guys, starters on the defensive and, obviously we made shots. it was just a very cool moment to enjoy the sand -- the fan noise. my understanding we were on the rink of doing something very special and coming back from down 3-1. >> that's right. here is a
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schedule for the nba finals. the warriors home-court advantage will be at oracle, thursday at 6:00. game two is saturday at 5:00. then the series moved to cleveland for games three and four next wednesday and friday. and if necessary game five will be back in oracle on june 13. let's give you an update. it there on the road in pittsburgh taking on the penguins. the penguins got off to an early lead going into goals but the sharks answered back in a second scoring of. goals to tie things up. with two minutes remaining, though, the penguins scored the final goal of the game winning 3-to. the sharks have a chance to even at the series tomorrow night. we will take a quick break, coming up on kron 4 news the morning of the loss of the guerrillas was killed in the cincinnati zoo.
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we will tell you what people are focusing on all the wrong things in the animals that. plus the searches are on to find an fbi handgun stolen in san francisco. take a look at the disturbing trend of law-enforcement weapons across the bay area. and critics of remaining answers from trump regarding money he race for veterans. we will tell you how he plans on settling that controversy later today. here's a live looked outside the san mateo bridge this morning. traffic on the light side for now. rebecca will be keeping an update on that. they will belong with his forecast. right now in san jose it is 60 degrees.
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>> we are back looking at the golden gate bridge. it looks like it will be another hot day. we had some nice temperatures yesterday. >> we had a bit of a breeze and
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now this go around the morning forget everything but it is a very thin layer. when we take a look at the profile above us, it is amazing because everything is digging and digging around and it is much warmer around us so this should dry up weekly. around the golding eight is a bit of a trap for some of this blog going on but outside of that we are looking at a return of mostly sunny to sunny skies into the afternoon. you see everything arcing up around. also what that means is it is pushing all that fog and moisture down to the surface. now it is 75 in antioch, 56 concord, 55 oakland, 55 hayward . when we consider what the highs are going to be, 40s in the north bay, so we will repeat that again tonight and 58 for napa.
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we will show you the nice warm up. here are the '90s making progress through napa county and sonoma county, right up to the east bay hills also looks like a good portion of the south a. tonight here's the cool down i spoke of, a little bit of the peninsula and downtown san francisco and falling apart in the 60s for south day and my tail county. -- san mateo county. we might hit a hundred and the central valley tomorrow. san leandro 77, hayward 81, castro valley 81. the numbers become more dramatic over the hills. over the east they hills we see 90s in place and maybe even upper '90s off to redwood as we get further into the sacramento valley. so it looks like we have a slight pullback with temperatures on wednesday and thursday but friday we will
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have a bc some of the warmest temperatures so far this season, and then coming back off to the end of next weekend. so almost like a spring pattern of warming and cooling. right now a warming pattern back to working rebecca has your details with traffic. >> things are pretty normal, the toll plaza will be an easy ride into san francisco. the span moving at the limit is moving all the way to san francisco. sam mattea bridge -- san mateo bridge is looking good, 15 minutes from hayward on the nimitz freeway across the span and it looks like the high rise is just fine with traffic all the way to the one '01 connector on the peninsula. we have roadwork to let you know about in oakland on the nimitz freeway and south 880 from 23rd avenue to 29th. road crews have the two left lanes shut down but that should wrap up by
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6:00. drive times, out of antioch over to 242, a 12 minute trip. livermore valley commit looking good at only nine minutes to the interchange traveling westbound. james, back to you. >> rebecca, thank you. turning our decision to decision 2016, trump said he would give a full accounting of the money race for veterans groups earlier this year. you remember back in january in the midst of the spat with fox news, he's get -- he skipped a debate to attend a fundraiser for veterans. supporters have not been able to clarify how much money was raised and distributed. kate hutchison reports and said trump will answer all those questions today
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. >> all of the groups that have gotten money will be announced on tuesday. >> reporter: donald trump at the rolling thunder rally ready to answer persistent questions about eight fundraiser in january. >> we just cracked $6 million. >> reporter: since then reporters have asked how much money was raised and distributed at the event and gotten incomplete and contradictory information. trump complained about the information yesterday on instagram. >> i read the most $6 million for the veterans including putting up $1 million of my own money. i had no obligation to do so, and i get nothing but bad press from the dishonest media. >> reporter: the regrets say that is because trump can't be trusted on veterans issues. >> reporter: donald trump, a guy who avoided the draft with a series of deferments and who has insulted one of the most
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important military heroes of this country, senator mccain. >> reporter: but the center said the need to clarify numbers stems from trump's rhetorical style. >> part of the pattern with trump overall is there skepticism about physically everything. >> reporter: i am kim hutchison reporting. >> covered california news now, crews returned to a reservoir to look for two oakland boys last seen jumping off of a boat. the searches along would work reservoir in stanislaus county. divers are out till dark yesterday evening. the dive team is losing sonar to try to find the boys. they were lasting saturday morning when they jumped into the water with several other family members. those boys were reported missing when they didn't return to the boat. investigators say it doesn't look like they were wearing life jackets. the water was about 18 feet deep but they say it is very murky. other bay area headlines, firefighters say they teenagers like after she nearly died at
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ocean beach. the team was swimming in a couple feet of water yesterday when she was flipped over by a sneaker way. page officials -- beach officials were able to bring the team back to and before she was swallowed up by the current picture was taken to a local hospital and is expected to be okay. officials say the ocean is particularly cold right now and beachgoers should be careful when not only swimming but just walking with their feet in the water. onto national headlines, the committee mourned the loss of a rare gorilla after it was killed in the cincinnati zoo over the weekend individuals held outside the zoo monday to remember harambe. a three-year- old boy walked away from his parents and into a guerrilla enclosure on saturday. the child was then dragged by harambe, a 17-year-old golden guerrilla. officials decided to shoot and kill the guerrilla as a child was in their minds and imminent danger they said tranquilizing the animal would have taken too long.
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the memorial is about remembering the animals loss and not placing blame for its death death. >> people have been screaming it is the zoo's fault, people have been screaming it is the parent's fault. in the middle of all the arguing back and forth, we still have a 400-pound endangered low land guerrilla who is dead. he led his life in captivity and needs to be remembered. >> the western low land guerrilla is critically endangered with less than 175,000 living in the world and an additional 765 gorillas being in captivity. the boy was taken to the hospital and later released. the cicadas will decide the parents will face any charges. in national news, a experience and competitive college woman died over the weekend while listening to be a lifeguard. he was a twentysomething graduate of the state of university of new york cortland campus. the university said he graduated
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holding two school records in the breaststroke. q is participating in a lifeguard fitness test off the coast of cape cod saturday when he went missing. divers found him an hour later offshore. he was pronounced dead. investigators are investigating the situation surrounding his death. rumors are swirling on who could be the next bachelor, and koy kardashian files for divorce from lamar odom again. this is the daily wrap coming up next on kron 4. meanwhile here's a live look outside. we have a toll camera showing it traffic westbound on 880. rebecca will let you know if any hotspots pop up.
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>> i have your traffic update. here's what it looks like at the toll plaza. this is your -- if this is your commute into san francisco, it
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looks great. meter lights won't be turned on for another hour or so when we see things start the backup. and entertaining at best in entertainment, -- we have more. >> the city daily wrap. chloe kardashian filed for divorce from lamar odom once again citing irreconcilable differences. she first filed 2013, then dismissed in 2015 when he was hospitalized. reporter say the split is not contentious and they discussed it before she filed speaking of the kardashians, they were on the town, celebrating scott difficult 33rd earth day. even though scott and courtney broke up, he is still considered part of the family. >> is america's next top model,
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could marco also be the next bachelor? he said he would consider it. kia single and also mentioned he is "sexually fluid" which could make for an interesting susan. i'd watch. >> to forget you can watch how they today live every afternoon right here on kron 4 airing at 1:00 following law and order. coming up in just one week from today, voters in california will head to the polls, the changes hillary clinton is making to her campaign ahead of next today's primary. >> things are warming up more for today. here's a snapshot of today, the lunchtime temperatures in the far east bay already hitting the 80s, antioch might even be 90 by then. details in your forecast coming up on kron 4 news coming up.
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>> here are the big stories we are working on this morning. the novato students returning to school for the first time since last week's murder of a fellow student. three people are in custody but one shooter is still on the loose. two suspects are also novato high school students. grief counselors will be on hand when students return to class. the search continues for a 15-year-old girl from vallejo, pearl penson. her family and friends are holding out hope she is alive and will be found. perl is a refreshment at jesse bethel high school where students are returning to class today. colonel's suspected abductor was killed by police in a shoot out last week. the warriors are going to the nba finals for the second year in a row golden state made epic come back after trailing the thunder 3-1. the warriors
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came back to win the series beating the thunder last night 96-88 and will now face the cavaliers in a rematch of last year's nba final. the first game in that series is thursday at home, tip off at 6:00. let's look at the weather outside. from san francisco looking at the bay bridge, davis talking about some low-lying clouds this morning. >> we have sunshine expected this afternoon. >> and i have a nice shot i will show you. if you look at all the lighting you see right below, that is a thin layer of cloud cover. what happens is at night the it doesn't mix well and it separates. so what we will do is shake it up like vinegar and oil when it separates, and we will get this all mixed down. the sun will do the shaking for us. no assembly required. 71 in antioch, already the warm spot. concorde looks like 56 and the permit of the bay mid to upper 50s.
4:32 am
chile or cool happening in the north they, 47 for senator -- santa rosa. by 8:00 in northwest wind will be at ten to 15. temperatures will fall to the mid-60s, starting in the 60s territory, mostly clear for the most part, a mild breeze. meanwhile, the ready for school forecast calls for all the sunshine we are talking about into the afternoon. let's run through this quickly. the warm-up happened in the far east bay and to the north bay for today and then tonight there is the colder air that guilds into the north bay, and tomorrow we repeat the performance with better warming happening in the central valley . we will have more details on your seven-day forecast but right rebecca is standing by
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with a first look at traffic. it is definitely quiet out there so that is good news if you are leaving anytime soon. it will be an easy commute if you ride takes you to the peninsula. your commute out of the he would area on the nimitz freeway getting over to san mateo will be under 15 minutes. the richmond san rafael bridge getting up to north bay not a problem. we have one car trickling through on the west side so under ten minutes and two and. now there are potentially couple issues if you are taking the nimitz. we have overnight roadwork scheduled until 6:00 so you'll see caltrans cruise out on south 880 from south 23rd avenue to 29th, having the left to lanes blocked off until 6:00 this morning. later this evening you want to avoid the nimitz to oakland because the a's game is tonight. first picture that 7:05 so you
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can bet downtown oakland will be pretty packed. . for deck 33 on the clock. capping now the search is on to find the stone fbi handgun was the one near the alamo square in a san francisco valley neighborhood. in the past weapons stolen from law enforcement have been used to commit serious crimes. we have more. >> reporter: is not hard to find glass linger on this part because car break-ins happen typically. but this weekend a vehicle was targeted belonging to an fbi agent. it is not clear if his 40 caliber glock was in a lockbox but the office is gone, badge and credentials were all stolen. >> api keeping his gun in a car, shouldn't be kept in a car, it should be kept on the person or somewhere safer.
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>> reporter: the victim got out of his car at 12:30 and returned ten minutes later. by then the thief was long gone. the fbi tells me they are following internal protocols working with local law- enforcement to find the stolen gun. >> he's got himself a major problem but at this point whether he may be able to fence org of it i don't know. >> reporter: stealing and agents gun is a federal crime but at this time there is no suspect description available. reporting in san francisco, and lisa reed, kron 4 news. >> the guns being stolen from law- enforcement seems to be a trend in the bay area area with the highest profile case resulting in the murder of kate steinle last june. the gun used to belong to a bureau of land management ranger whose pistol was stolen from his car downtown san francisco. last september you mayor of oregon stone by -- from a agent was you the number of muralist
4:36 am
antonio ramose. and since july there had been ten incidents in which guns have been stolen from law enforcement. four people died in crimes and police think stolen guns were used. and in an egregious incident and agents gun was taken after he forgot it was on the roof of his car. he drove off and fell off his car and was taken. turning our attention back to politics as we cover decision 2016, bernie sanders had been barnstorming the state, drawing big crowds in the bay area and elsewhere. the latest polls so sanders -- show sanders neck and neck with hillary clinton. jersey will give clinton enough delegates even before the polls close in california. yesterday clinton tore upper plans to campaign in the garden state and instead is fine to california on thursday, and she will stay here until the june 7 primary.
4:37 am
we report on clinton's campaign and efforts by conservatives to derail trump's campaign. >> reporter: clinton and her husband must in a memorial day parade in her home of new york. over the weekend trump told veterans they would be much better off with him in the white house. >> illegal immigrants are taking much care -- really are taking much better care by this country than our veterans, and that is not going to happen. >> reporter: he spoke to the annual rolling thunder motorcycle tribute to the armed forces. >> i thought this would be like doctor martin luther king where the people would be lined up from here all the way to the washington monument, right? unfortunately, they don't allow them to come in. >> the presumptive republican nominee is fighting the efforts by conservatives to derail his campaign. the standard editor bill kristol tweeting there will be
4:38 am
an independent candidate, an impressive one, with a strong team made a real chance. his campaign manager responded. >> a third rd run by any candidate is a disaster and your handing over the white house to the democrats. >> reporter: they are talking about former republican governor gary johnson of new mexico hitting trump is his target. >> a miter kron 4 news will have full primary day coverage all day long and will start as early as 4:00 a.m. when we, the air in the morning .
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>> the agent giants had games. we have the results coming up. >> it is mild around the bay but we are looking at another day with temperatures back up into the '90s. we will be back to look at the full forecast of 4:45. for dog hair and dirt
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>> chris davis hit a sacrifice fly to bring in jeff lowery, the a's winning with a 3-two final score. they are on a three-game winning streak and take on the twins again tonight in oakland. first pitch is that 7:05. we will take a quick break but still ahead are some stories. at least six deaths have been
4:43 am
blamed him severe rain and flooding in southeastern texas. we have more on the intense weather on the way as we track that system. plus making a few simple changes to your diet goes a long way to lowering your cholesterol. what information you may need to help with your health. and most college students graduate with that and when he should start saving to help reduce the amount of debt. coming up on kron news at 5:00.
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>> >> before you head out the door, bernie sanders will be in the bay area today pushing for support ahead of the june 7 primary one week from today. a group of animal-rights activists interrupted the rally yesterday when they got up to sanders. he will be in emeryville today and will be in santa cruz as well. crews meanwhile are looking for two boys from oakland last seen jumping off a vote. they are searching woodward reservoir in
4:46 am
stanislaus county. they were last seen saturday morning when they jumped in the water with several family members but never came back. the sharks lost game one to the penguins. the penguins got off 20 early lead scoring two goals but the sharks answered back in the second with a period of goals to tie things up but with a little over two minutes raining the penguins scored the final winning goal of the game. the next game is on the road tomorrow night with the puck dropping at 5:00. let's talk about whether. we have some clouds but we will have nice hot temperatures. we have dave's bar breaking it down. >> we have dave's bar breaking it down. . >> we will get a little relief. here's the bay bridge and we see clearing happening to the east bay hills. and aloft high- pressure is building. it is
4:47 am
pushing all the moisture close to the surface. already some of these are 71 as you can see. 58 concorde, 56 pleasanton with livermore checking in at 60. in the north bay we have cooler numbers, with upper 40s at work. that will still be the case, nice relief coming at night with the marine they are coming in. watching things go in motion you see a warming trend in the east bay hills, and the north bay and a nice pocket in silicon valley, everybody hitting the '90s with a nice little layer of the 80s around the perimeter of the bay with 60s hanging on the nothing layer along the coast. tonight we see the cool air spilling into the north bay, warming back up again tomorrow
4:48 am
and business as usual. as you can see sacramento belly down to the central valley were some numbers may hit 100 so things will get pretty toasty here the peninsula today along the coast macy's 70 and pacifica, san mateo 78, redwood city maybe 85. heading for the south in southbay, mostly lower '90s for today. we will have the seven-day forecast coming up in a bit but rebecca is standing by with traffic. >> we have three hotspots. san mateo bridge is starting to get a little pact but your drivetime still stands at 15 minutes out of hayward. richmond from the richmond parkway to the pay gates across the span should take on the ten minutes for you west and 580 commute. south one '01 is problem free from
4:49 am
novato and 37 and should take your the 20 minutes to get to sausalito across the span into san francisco. we have overnight roadwork through downtown oakland on the nimitz freeway at 23rd to 29th avenue, caltrans is working in the two left lanes. that is scheduled to wrap up by 6:00 this morning. coming up i will have a check for your commute getting into san francisco. now in world move officials say north korea tried to launch a medium-range missile as pyongyang tried to advance its weapon program. they tried three times in april to launch missiles and failed each time. if successful the missiles could reach faraway military bases in asia and the pacific. summer travel season kicked off this memorial holiday weekend, and with all the news surrounding long tsa security lines it looks like traveling
4:50 am
through the airport won't be a picnic but when you fly you have to fly, no way around it. our reporter scoured hundreds of travel after show which ones are worth downloading to make your airline traveling a little bit easier this summer. >> and app called me fight tell you how long tsa security lines are in real-time, a handy tool to check when you leave home or on your way to the airport. you can check for terminal and gait. the information is crowd sourced from other users who check in while they are waiting in line. there will be human air but i myself have flown three times using the application and found the weight times to be pretty accurate. today at sfo i took the couple gates with security check points and the times messed up. moving on the monk is a good app for planning your trips. you can book on the app. it is
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very user-friendly and has a good visual layout. for you choose your seat on an airplane, check out seat that will tell you everything about the sea, doesn't recline, does it have a window, is the headphone jack broke. it is a that -- it is like a yelp review for plane seats. . >> if you are booked but don't like the seat you got, similar to will tell you if a better seat becomes available on your flight. you can also request to monitor a exact seat. if a better one opens up, the app will notify you. you can swap, buy or sell seats so if you have a window seat and want and i'll see, you can see if someone is when to swap or sell. you can also. up extra cash by offering to swap and sell your seat. most transactions have gone for low prices like five to $20.
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at sfo, game site, kron 4 news. >> a virginia runner almost died trying to cross the finish line. it took him a few weeks but he eventually was able to accomplish his goal. bill hughes suffered a heart attack trying to cross the finish line. he survived the heart attack but couldn't get over the fact he wasn't able to finish the race. it took him seven weeks but he was finally able to do it. hughes finally got a chance to thank all the people who supported him and saved his life, including his daughter. >> overwhelming to think about how many people helped me that day when all the timing that had to be just right. >> hughes doesn't remember having the heart attack. his daughter actually performed cpr on him when she saw him collapse. nearby people came by and helped as well. he hopes his story will incur his people to cpr so others will have the support system he had
4:53 am
we will take a quick rake. coming up on kron 4 news, big changes are coming to the san francisco skyline. we will tell you in the new salesforce tower will be completed. he was a live look outside at the bay bridge, are camera at the toll plaza shows us traffic heading towards san francisco. in oakland it is 55 and should warm up to 70 this afternoon. other inland locations are expected to get back up to the '90s again. you'll have more information again at the top of the hour.
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4:55 am
>> right now we have a picture at the bay bridge toll plaza coming out on the oakland side. it will be an easy ride downtown. i am tracking about a ten minute commute getting all the way across the span to the fremont street exit. coming up
4:56 am
i will have a full bridge check report. >> 4:55, let's talk about the new salesforce tower being built in san francisco that will dramatically change the skyline. the tower is under construction and is nearing completion. it will be the tallest building in san francisco, topping off at 1070 feet. it will be the tallest structure west of chicago. the tower is the focal point of the new trend bay transit center and salesforce will occupy about half of this building. the building is set to open for tenets in early 2017 -- tenets in early 17. >> firefighters in china had to free a man who got his head stuck in a washing machine. on sunday the china news agency said the man suffered minor head injuries. the man's roommate reportedly called police after he got stuck. the fire department said it happened in the man was trying to fix the machine's drum. the crew had to break the drama part and it took them about an hour
4:57 am
to do it. he is doing okay this morning but pretty crazy pictures online because of that. we will take a quick break. we have a lot of news here on kron 4 news at five. novato students are returning to school after the killing of the student and we will be at the high school to see how the students are handling the return. plus police are looking for pearl hinton where students are returning to school after the long memorial day weekend. and bernie sanders is in town at of the democratic primary. he said the warriors winning last night was good for his campaign. he will explain why.
4:58 am
and all
4:59 am
>> students at a north bend high school back to class for the first time as one of their classmates is murdered. that story coming up in a live report
5:00 am
. and in vallejo the search continues for kidnap 15-year- old girl. i met her high school and will have details on the search in a live report. and incredibly the warriors are headed back to the nba finals the second year in a row and once again they take on the cleveland cavaliers. we will have highlights of the epic come back ahead .
5:01 am
>>reporter: if you are planning on second west palm 80 into san francisco the paper's top are some looks good couple of vehicles and the toll lines run the fast track of the just fine little russian not been turned on for another half an hour still have time to make it down to spend the cost of an just under 10 minutes so far this morning speech at the limit if
5:02 am
you're expecting out and within the nimitz freeway 15 and the cook took over to. >>darya: precautions will be on hand at a crisis at novato high school. >>mark: the first time they will be back to school some of the student was killed last wednesday and. >>jackie sissel: is a city councils will be a room on the campus later this morning when students arrive for the first time since that murder took place on wednesday of last week there on more abroad but as the come back to class a will have to go over all of the fact of going on in this case the fact it one of the student was murdered two people were arrested suspects also novato high student this happened allies wins them when two people
5:03 am
were shot near terrell had an novato one of those two people were killed and that children. >>jackie sissel: also learned it was the next day that two people were taken into custody in and to separate high-profile raids. >>jackie sissel: both the people that were arrested were students as long as the victim in this case was a novato high school student since then the high school has been shut down. >>jackie sissel: as you said a
5:04 am
third suspect is still outstanding and they did arrest someone over the weekend they're charging him with conspiracy after the fact but they said they're still looking for the third suspect involved in the shooting of a sense to get the information not only from the police but the school district will pass along. >>mark: she is a freshman at the jesse bethel high school class as a returning there this might have the memorial day weekend. >>will tran: they will be back in school and 2 1/2 hours from now we plan to speak to them as well as the minister's last wednesday and we want to show your pension she was on her went to school she was on an overpass
5:05 am
at about 3 mi. from this location when according to investigators 19 your for napa the castro came up with the government kidnapped and there was a poor blood she was fighting for an end of she screamed out a call to make to the police department when they came rushing was nowhere to be found a couple of hours later on live scenes played rita spotted his vehicle in the richmond san rafael bridge area. >>will tran: because of a member of the abase spotted his car in southern california and fortunately for parole in the family he was killed during a shootout with police officers so there was no one to interrogate and that's what had been searching on land and water no reason not they're not telling us why they're focusing on those particular areas.
5:06 am
>>will tran: people have been asking why did he do what he is accused of doing kidnapping her at this point investigators of very tight-lipped about the case. >>will tran: they said that it was simply a quintessential his 15th he was 19 and they're not saying a mode of they might not even know what they're not saying the motive behind this kidnapping. >>darya: bernie sanders is in the bay area pushing for support and our our june 7th primary a group of animal rights activists briefly into arctic is
5:07 am
rotted and oakland agency that some of their case and they try to rush the podium to secure the stop the protest as before they got to him. >>darya: the visit to the bay area continues today the vermont sensible be in emeryville and that he has over to santa cruz this afternoon 20,000 people lined the streets to see him and oakland tested and hillary clinton had campaigned she's cast of campaign events and new jersey and she returns to california for five days went before the primary debate turnout is key for him when. . >>darya: he decided to make his
5:08 am
way over to the arena for the second half of the warriors came after the game until reporters. >>mark: that was the moment that steph curry sealed an epic comeback for the golden state warriors never trailing oklahoma city thunders and then went on to win three straight games now they're back in the finals for the second demerol
5:09 am
>>james: again they said they were ahead for most of the campeau first half of the warriors came back on the seventh steph curry had seventh report is finished with 36 points klay thompson early on on saturday's game that helped us win and it was steph curry last night that thompson had 21 points as well with six greens that 196 to 98--96 to 88. >>james: steph curry talking about the big win here was what he had to sign. >>: you can't take anything for granted because it is such a
5:10 am
grand and the battle against a great and the team. >>james: here is a schedule going for we have the cavaliers fixing of the have home court advantage it will begin the series at home this 36:00 at the arena.
5:11 am
>>darya: if you are going to the game with what the possible location less like they're flocking to after the big game 7 all nine locations in the bay area are open at 7:00 this morning to sell western conference championship here.
5:12 am
>>darya: back with more news weather and traffic. (vo) with thousands of quality pre-owned vehicles...
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5:19 am
>>reporter: just under 15 of track road worker to nor dr. downtown oakland, and third down to the unarmed a scheduled to drop by 6:00 this morning. >>james: the such happening and would result for her diapers were there until after dark yesterday evening of five teams were using sonar to try and find the system your boy did lasting saturday morning to jump into water with several of the famine but reported missing with and never came back to the boat and
5:20 am
believe it or not lifejackets the water and the reservoir is about 50 to 18 ft. the but is very murky and heart to see underwater. >>mark: she is expected to bill came they need to watch out for these larger waves even in shallow water and had to rescue someone in the water near the top house along appear third in the embarcadero. >>darya: republican presidential candidate donald trump said he is one to give a full account of the money that he raised from veterans groups earlier this
5:21 am
year back his skipped a spots are to develop and attended a fund-raiser for military veterans. >>reporter: donald trump of the rolling thunder raleigh promising to answer persistent questions about money raised at a veterans fund-raiser in january since then reporters is- how much money was distributed and resent the event and that and complete in the contradictory information to the complaint about the question last this said the issue matters
5:22 am
because they cannot be trusted on veterans' issues mature you
5:23 am
download the mobile application that will get a lot about the election in the time anywhere in this frame north korean attempts another missile launch over nine see why u.s. officials on high alert this morning next machen just a few simple changes i can go along with a trend to lower your cholesterol.
5:24 am
5:25 am
5:26 am
>>mark: stress disables to amend the three in order to prevent plaque buildup and you could do that by eating fish like salmon
5:27 am
with a chapter in the storm system from the birkenau is this another gonna stolen from a law- enforcement officer in the bay area what happened in this latest is about people in the community are concerned. (vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase? at enterprise, we guarantee it. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone...
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change your thinking about buying your next one.
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5:30 am
>>reporter: here is a look at how we stand right now we have some oil for its santa rosa and novato you can see the north napa and 57 in the far east and the intent of off a lot of it 68 now in causing the the more come in a 68 for the oakland a's game battle of the twins and 7 05 in time most clear-cut before cloud one in the mid-60s by the time to gain finishes.
5:31 am
>>reporter: tracking of san jose this the commute along a lot on 11 is the can of the continues to have an and the crash were car struck a tree because the fire and the fire has since been a lot of fire crews but lost to slow traffic the rear track and 36 mi. an hour at mines in our approach in the same cloth that are still trying to mop up to cut the right lane is still shut down.
5:32 am
>>mark: we have more details on the floor and taxes the river and taxes is expected to crest by midday to dent in on the good news for those who live in the area we have the deal with a share of the flash flooding in texas to concede the raging water in this video rising waters of the wage freeze and mobile homes six people in fact already died in four days of torture rain which is cause intense flooding.
5:33 am
>>reporter: it is hard to find broken glass from this park car break-ins are regular conference on sunday at the vehicle that was targeted belong to an fbi agent the officer's gun bass and credentials rawl stolen and did
5:34 am
not take long for to all go down the victim got out of his vehicle at 1230 and returned to and minutes later by then the thief was gone the fbi tells of their fallen in turn protocols and working with local law enforcement to find a stolen vehicle stealing a gun as a federal crime at this time there was no suspect description available.
5:35 am
>>darya: 4 people were killed and crimes linked to in one case and immigration agents loaded gun was taken after he forgot the edible fig scar and san francisco and he drove away and lost roof police and the to for three people who stabbed the man what he was walking on the trail and the police a free man with bandanas over their faces approached 23 you're a victim and order him to stop walking when he refused and bus and to ground staff and the upper torso and have not released a detailed description the victim is expected to build at. >>darya: santeria military official said north korea what we felt the latest missile launch this said the missiles
5:36 am
could potentially reach u.s. military bases in asia in the pacific.
5:37 am
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5:39 am
>>reporter: and skinning busy at the bay bridge toll plaza to conceive a live shot the account is starting to get back to the committee unless we turned on about 10 minutes ago traffic is backed a track can pass expect about a 20 minute drive turn into san francisco. >>mark: minutes 7 percent of college graduates aren't and in the financial experts cautioned some tips on how parrish's save for their child's education away 20 percent of their earned income.
5:40 am
>>darya: image a lot about the change the sell forced dollars on the construction it will also be the tallest building west of chicago the tower is the full account of the new trends bay transit center such force occupy half and it should reach its peak by the end of the in the
5:41 am
building is set to open fire fighters on the scent of a massive and fire is burning a martinez and there on the scene more as soon as we get.
5:42 am
5:43 am
5:44 am
>>darya: the session was kidnapped on wednesday in the last time she was seen on wednesday she was being tracked by land across interstate 780.
5:45 am
5:46 am
>>reporter: switching things over to the live camera at the bay bridge toll plaza this is what we're seeing it start to a pack of course it does come from this out what the leader relies on the 530 traffic now back up from the key gates and to democracy and lance 880 of the carson was suppressed back into the tall a total drive time from and to and is about 20 minutes if you're paying with cash this morning.
5:47 am
>>reporter: a to the north of your system for is at work not to at 57 fremont matching at 59 along for san jose and aside from that we also have the issue traded to the beach of recurrent through thursday evening watch out for the rare occurrence or under par to the
5:48 am
east to revisit the '90s again east of the hills and aunt down to this out there as well ease with the economic numbers and the lower 90s today on the cricket 92. >>darya: happened to the it is the nearly a month since the massacre was a fire starting in canada thousands of people were forced to flee their homes because of a the vessel went to get into the house this morning.
5:49 am
>>james: this is a definite fire when it was at its peak officials hope to start having effected return today but this is the caveat is minute to thousand evacuees may have to wait until september.
5:50 am
>>gabe slate: you could surge by terminal and get to you to see the actual check point you'll be going through this crowd toward the abusers who checked in to the application while they were with an inline if it opens up it
5:51 am
will alert you in this new application of the to the digital marketplace for airline seats he conspired to buy or sell seat. >>darya: the giants' kicking on
5:52 am
the brazed end in atlanta the giants took an early lead in the second with a solo homer from brandon about but they respond quickly scoring three runs on just the largest in the bottom of the second they threatened a comeback in the ninth inning scored two runs with a pull through winnings of five to three. >>darya: hillary clinton is
5:53 am
changing plans for our president to campaign hard in a push to prevent avernus sanders from winning the golden state that this coming up in the 6:00 hour police and the tahoe by an electric motorcycle to patrol without impacting the environment. ♪ having acne... ...was always on my mind.
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5:55 am
>>reporter: a quick look into when the clock at the bay bridge temperatures still holding the fifth is for antioch a drop from last our '40's to a permanent ban and i scored or a breakdown goes to 55 to 7766 a so.
5:56 am
>>mark: and bernie sanders in
5:57 am
the bay area we would say what he's doing today to try and swing voters in california after this happened yesterday in oakland they're desperately searching for to oakland teenagers who went missing at a northern california reservoirs. (vo) shop all makes, models and colors in your neighborhood... all with worry-free ownership. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone...
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6:00 am
huge apartment fire in martinez a picture of the fire that they just sent out to they're telling us that a maybe as many as six apartments are in the gulf inflames their time to get into those apartments to see if anyone was trapped inside some apartments are being evacuated will have the word and injuries. >>reporter: new number still come in at this hour 56 richmond 64 for and to god that is actually a drop from last our we been shown you the fog
6:01 am
started to lift a litigant if you're headed to the beach this week is going to be calling on dangers recurrence along the coast of or have problems remember you don't want to fight the and the tone of the oakland a's to get on the twin 7 05 the game turned temperatures in the approach in the middle '60s was far from the upper 60s. >>reporter: is because of mechanical issue with they're doing is they will be emerging trend along with trainable three out of tracing is trainable on the stock between manteca
6:02 am
interesting because of mechanical delays with the cab to the number one altogether the current draft term looks like this for your commitment to sunnyvale looking better 21 minutes north 11 the rest on five in the amount on the commission not looking planned as of this hour that is just under 15 minutes. >>darya: class's resume today at novato high school for the first time since one student was killed and another was that the shock last wednesday. >>jackie sissel: brief council
6:03 am
is will be on site today for students and staff members and the return for the first time since finding out a high school student was murdered and to suspect there were arrested or also novato high student class was canceled last. >>jackie sissel: they found about a shooting that happen once the evening on the trail and novato involved students from high school when the shooting victims died as this won't abate later to suspects were taken into custody after two high-profile police raids by the marin county sheriff department they identify multiple suspects also as the high students in the continue to search for the third suspect they believed would involved in the shooting a small community are rocked by the details of this case that asking for your
6:04 am
help as they're looking for a 15 year-old girl. >>darya: choose from vallejo and she has not been seen for almost a week her family and friends believing she's still alive and that she will be found on a high school freshman was kidnapped when some she was seen being dragged by a man across an overpass of interstate 780 that
6:05 am
man who police a kidnap tub was killed in a shootout with police last third in santa barbara county than ever involved in the lead the search effort and was focused that general along with some come to coast they're hoping that they might some new leads that will help them to figure out what happened to her. >>mark: mirror becoming just
6:06 am
the 10th team in nba history to win a playoff series after trailing three games to warm bed now head back to the nba finals and take on the cleveland cavaliers is a rematch of last year the thunderhead in the first half of the game they radom 13th with a comeback in the second half he hit seven three-pointers and is in the game with 36 in klay thompson who say the series on saturday and added 21 points to 6 3/8 to 196 to 88
6:07 am
>>mark: the tech from the cleveland cavaliers may have home court advantage in the have the best record in the nba this year game 1 is this thursday at the rim of game 2 and sun than to that at 5:00 in the series moved to clean but the games 3 and for next wednesday and friday and back if necessary game 5 back here june 13th. >>darya: the sporting goods store is taking an advantage
6:08 am
they're opening a early in about an hour and they're staying open link to you can get there and to block the gear bernie sanders is hoping to pull off the come back and california withheld our primary june 7th is the day yesterday in oakland and he's back in the east bay this morning. >>james: there about four people who tried to jump the fence line and get onto the stage where he was speaking before taken away in but sanders told
6:09 am
supporters that he would not be intimidated the senator is open a big win in california to get from the momentum that he needs: into the democratic national convention. >>james: here is the information on those routes of the event in emeryville is one to give this morning at the hyatt house on sherman street the doors open for at about 9:00 the rally in santa cruz will be at the kaiser
6:10 am
permanente and 1:00 this afternoon with the door is about open at 10:00 will have a lot of time actually for when doors open when that event is set to kick off in santa cruz. he said the event raised close to $6 million campaign to face questions about where the money is gone. >>mark: his system of the
6:11 am
veterans groups but did not meet the criteria and had to be replaced today is the last day to request a vote by mail ballot for the upcoming june 7th primary. >>darya: makes sure to download the global application for the like should alert anytime anywhere download it is free.
6:12 am
>>mark: a hospital had airstrikes in the middle east we have the latest from the breaking news desk another gun stolen from a federal agent in the bay area see where this one was taken and the desperate search to find in.
6:13 am
the new chase freedom unlimited card
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6:16 am
hour so ago when the fire is that when it was primarily on the back of the building there wasn't a lot of ways that people can see the fire
6:17 am
>>will tran: this morning about
6:18 am
4151% but we heard the sound we heard of every rocket his we're basically out of my friend his place is gone we were surprised how quick the fire blazed.
6:19 am
>>reporter: phil the fire crews are trying to mop up the mess and it's actually right next to highway 4 as well speaking of that was taken the at how this lifetime high with four is starting to back up as well this is right near the city streets closure.
6:20 am
>>reporter: 90 in an attack 85 the livermore pleasanton 85 a minute of the bay area readings in the fremont might be scratching 80 in a one for san jose and colorize and hear how comes over the east of the hills of the south than for tomorrow's
6:21 am
a further pretty much to repeat performance not as aggressive in the north than covering the south bay working out those hundreds to consider for the central valley going on for tomorrow for highs today along the peninsula percent is there about seven of the rack, seven in pacifica 85 progress but said the heading for the to the south is where a crack house lower 90s to declare an san jose and. >>mark: the search focus on the
6:22 am
water reservoir had divers were there until dark again yesterday even the drive times you saw mark to find 15 your boy their last stand on saturday morning when they jumped into the water with several other family members there were reported missing when they did not return. >>mark: they don't believe they're wearing life jackets is about 15 to 18 ft. deep and very murky their students as skyline high school and counsel to be on campus today provide support for students and staff. >>mark: that teenager was swimming in a few feet of water yes to the afternoon and she was for the device maker way to cook and rested and brought her back to shore she was hospitalized is expected to build and
6:23 am
>>darya: back to britain as we are far less money almost two dozen people were killed when a hospital was had by airstrikes and syria. >>james: the air strikes happen in the early morning hours and as we understand and 20 people were killed among the targets was a local hospital will have video of the aftermath the camera to the news on the to see the rubble and emergency crews working to try and free anyone or might be trapped inside this video was posted by the cereal was our tour of the human- rights the group claims that a russian aircraft carried out the strike was pummeled the city it is on the control of several militant groups.
6:24 am
>>mark: he continues to break records is new was stripped another arson ever accomplished after break for recall of camera would lead to his violent encounter. p?p?o?gv wanna drink more water? with sodastream you turn plain water into sparkling water in seconds. and because it's so delicious, you'll drink 43% more water every day. sodastream. love your water. okawhoa!ady?
6:25 am
[ explosion ] nothing should get in the way of the things you love. ♪ get america's fastest internet. only from xfinity.
6:26 am
>>mark: the two people run over
6:27 am
by the driver witnesses said the start about a half mile down the road when the driver of the car crossed the motorcyclist and had read like the drive and motorcycles are yelling at each other and that is when this witness to the recording the driver at the motorcycle riders go flying in the driver actually took off and was arrested just down the road the to motorcyclists were taken to hospital they're expected to build and another gun stolen
6:28 am
from a federal is and how happened in my bare concern in the bay area this morning.
6:29 am
6:30 am
>>will tran: that were welcomed by the crack in the of the flames the smoke and they grabbed their kid to whatever they could then ran outside racing people out here minimum down have shoe the fire department will be kicking off the day's will shape the bill of the fighting broke out fortunately it because it happened at a time where a lot of people were given nothing getting ready for work they're able to help each other get out of the burning building.
6:31 am
>>reporter: it has for city
6:32 am
street clothes a lot on the july shutdown off here is the map with the closure is right near highway 4 right before the tall possibly a big rig overturned and went down the right hand shoulder into the bank will have a full report coming up. >>reporter: oakland athletics
6:33 am
vs. the twins to the game time at 7 05 to to drop from the upper 60s down to the mid-60s. >>mark: the search is on for gun that was stolen from an fbi agent park in san francisco.
6:34 am
>>james: along with the office of the and his badge and his credentials also stole some the robber have been around 12 1/3 yesterday after a bomb into account of the car when he returned about 10 minutes later the car had broken into the gun was called the conditions were missing is not clear the gun was a lock box will have to wait and see as the investigation unfolds they're working with the fbi to track down the missing weapon.
6:35 am
>>mark: since last july there had been 10 cases in was the install of the law enforcement police on the conflict three people who stabbed the man what
6:36 am
he was walking our travel and a more than the national weather service said taxes expected to crest by midday to them in his village on the flash flooding in the area as well as the storm damage.
6:37 am
>>darya: college graduation season is here most to will be gradually with a debt coming of the best time to start saving to help the child avoid being in that boat after the break a kind goes way too far as a woman's porsche catches fire will tell you what happened.
6:38 am
♪ amsleep number beds with you with sleepiq technology give you the knowledge to adjust for the best sleep ever. it's the semi-annual sale! save $500 on the memorial day special edition mattress with sleepiq technology. know better sleep. only at a sleep number store.
6:39 am
6:40 am
>>reporter: 60 and #to cruise on the waste stream is unclear if
6:41 am
there been any injuries reported but we will bring you more details as it becomes available. >>mark: she feared the night she had not been home to pull out the fire at a bar to the ground shield some see the video and calls the in the area cited no sir off the fireworks no one was injured a scary same as a bold explodes what people are drawn and the mortar that hot and.
6:42 am
6:43 am
6:44 am
>>darya: he was killed in a
6:45 am
shootout with police last thursday in santa barbara county.
6:46 am
>>reporter: you can see emergency crews that is all you can see at this point if your molars crossing the bridge but no delays so far east about nine to on the bridge chp is telling us there was a possible fuel
6:47 am
pick is. >>reporter: 85 livermore and pleasanton where opinion even to low and is already a portion of the south bay by that 0.66 for san francisco reaching 814 santa rosa definitely in the
6:48 am
sacramento valley will be sent back in the central file when into the weekend temperatures pull back look good into early. >>darya: to monilia months as a mass of our fire started in alberta canada tells the people went to leave their homes are still waiting to go back and.
6:49 am
>>james: the fire and for matt murray start at the beginning of the month officials are hoping to start having the evacuees returned home to an.
6:50 am
>>darya: travels to briscoe long lines of the more your they we can move to the u.s. airport turnstile stanley quickly they'll want it is just the beginning for the busy summer travel season to the giants taken on the braves and atlanta and taken to a lead of the second with a homer from brandon about but they respond quickly they scored three runs off the just the marcia and the bottom of the second and they did start
6:51 am
to come back in the ninth inning but this court to run ads that beat the giants 5 to 3 in. the third loss in the past 18 games to have a shot of redemption and atlanta
6:52 am
>>darya: it is one to the tallest building west of chicago is the focal point of the trans the transit center is called occupied by half of the building is a $17.84 sun shone
6:53 am
just hand over the bay bridge in the tech traffic is pretty good we will be right back. the new chase freedom unlimited card earns you unlimited 1.5% cash back on everything you buy. that's 1.5% cash back on whatever these billboards are selling. what are they selling? the products not so subtly placed in this movie - 1.5% cash back. shhhh! all the stuff promoted in your social feed - 1.5% cash back. the cash back is unlimited and you can spend it on anything. like, whatever the next ad is selling. get the new chase freedom unlimited card. ugh, celebrity endorsements are the worst.
6:54 am
6:55 am
narrator: sometimes it's the things that the rest of us don't see that can make all the difference in california's classrooms. it's part of my responsibility as someone who's experienced to allow the door to be open for younger teachers. the teamwork between the teachers is essential. when we collaborate with each other... makes everyone stronger. by helping my fellow teachers be successful, i'm helping kids be successful. narrator: the california teachers association: educators who know quality public schools make a better california for all of us.
6:56 am
>>mark: offer said would help keep people safe and back country of long lake town with less noise and pollution so doesn't disturb the national surroundings office will be using these with life silence and equipped with storage for
6:57 am
gear and medical equipment to bring in new stores where falling for some of the turn big raid near the san mateo bridge will tech with how that will affect from if and a mass of the par-5 in the if we're live on the scene + his and all the warriors to gary's we will talk about how they're headed to the nba finals to face them again.
6:58 am
6:59 am
>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>mark: breaking news in the east bay this morning firefighters clinton of after battling a large apartment fire in martinez. >>will tran: 8 units involved howe for destroying a metaphor that the damage that number expected to the world and show
7:00 am
you the video once again many people were sleeping at the time the good news no one died and no injuries but we do have a number to pass along we know now that 14 people because of the four units that were destroyed 14 people are displaced they cannot return to the humans it is too badly damaged


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