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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  June 1, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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consider the yellow card--tarp. . >>robin winston: about 50 minutes to go for those left to catch a train this one in the are working on setting up a bus branch that should have been placed the bus french opera between bread was sitting in belmont that will connect to between those two stopped once again that calling this a major the lead have to investing.
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>>reporter: 67 have been a lot of the ways some patchy drizzle near the coastal areas for possible by the noon hour at the bed about seven of the close to reaching the middle '60s numbers by 3:00 or talk to 92 to the south of san jose the number to call for 59 to the opera and the north was one on 1015 account temperatures of the forces of fifties to the north into that are reaching for about 16. >>mark: 01 and is that after had run in san jose at happened on 1230 at the jackson have been on
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the pat tie with 6:00 a.m. police said a woman in her 20s was hit by possibly to carr's office said the for scarted the woman stopped and they said there was a second driver who hit the woman fled the scene right now one person to custom they're looking for a second driver with the woman the area is now clear. >>james: you see she passed the
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it not trout ponds he then grabbed cash he also stars to life in her pockets he took some of her personal belongings a person then they drove away in the same car that they pulled up in the car described as in the early 2000's silver accurate l there was no less a place on the front to they don't have a plate number back (the convict this video you might know of the suspect's arm they ought to like to talk to you in this much information as the can and try and solve this crime before they strike again. >>mark: they may be from the black box they think the plane crash last month i that would investigate the crash of a dismal different shippers it to signal that ride in the area yesterday.
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>>jackie sissel: 17 year-old carlos martinez and you see on the left of the screen in 16 your world at when on the right arm of been charged with murder with special circumstances for the death of 17 year-old edwin
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the two also for his attempted murder charges he allegedly was the shooter and he also faces additional charge of aggravated mayhem according to the criminal complaint that continued to search for the suspect and 20 your san were from resident was also arrested and he's been charged with accessory after the fact is convicted and then would
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face life in prison without the possibility for rome accord here and start at 9:00 a.m.. >>mark: police and some on the counter asking businesses to take this to them as camels for any sign of the car she is one
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of the people arrested for his deft and none of the three suspects have entered a plea. >>darya: touch was recovered the bodies of two oakland teenagers who went missing in northern california and a reservoir of the house of the wiccan the reported missing on sunday the to jump from a boat and into or reservoir of the members of the family also jumped out of the vote the pacific got back in they sent to two boys who died were not wear a life vest their students at skyline high school.
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>>mark: that said the worker was breaking down the vip lounge from the we can even when he was killed the have not said what wrong the victim's name have not been released but we know it was a 35 year-old man who was working for top productions and richmond. >>darya: the second consecutive trip to try and win a championship title this is goes
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over to cleveland for games 3 and 4 tickets for game 1 of the nba finals last year start at
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>>robin winston: matches the average july incident out of five it was bounded across the motorcyclist of all the way
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now tracking this is what the lead coming out of walnut creek lafayette and the approaching the tunnel now 25 minutes to get the ball the creek to the oakland a's. >>robin winston: it the ticket just on the 40 minutes for the knock down commuter.
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>>reporter: temperatures holding in the fifties over most of the bay right now part of the reason we saw some of the cam shaft the cloud hovering over is not given about it with all the heating that will change the net forecast models tend to suck the calls will be ron 69 to stinson beach the suit also coming in at about 68 to some locations that partners 7 we will see that, as well.
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>>reporter:: off by tuesday in the come on for the in the region. >>james: beginning this summer vacation season starts to travel there from the state department said one of america's about having to your potential for terrorist attacks is there no specific threat but the potential is them the department should a traveler from the entire continent no specific tub when it comes at a to major events this summer with large crowds the news and friends of
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one to be host of european soccer championship began on june 10th. >>mark: the t.s. say is not keeping a with the threat of security breaches in the nation's airport that come ability office investigated how people and how often than ever to get past their prime with the tse would want to anticipate and prevent incidents that 5125 punches security incident and into the past three years 404 commercial airports in essence include fence jumpers and even workers who tried to slip through checkpoints without the security badges.
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>>darya: the apartment had not the cameras over two years starting on august 1st at a cost of $6 million for his program to clean sheet on a chaplain said as he once officers warn the cameras as soon as possible to strengthen accountability and trust. >>mark: this house fire and salomon the cost about 60 to thousand dollars for the damage on the second story happened just after midnight last friday they had trouble getting into the home for the flames were so intense.
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>>darya: 7 people died in texas because of extreme flattening in the market rising just to the news room you can see the cars are banned in the water and homes abound by flood waters southeast texas have been pounded with severe weather lately there have been too
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intense for the event in the past two months this is the statement as recovering from a store drop as well as far as the hurricane season is concerned and the national hurricane center for the current and 16 storms this year. >>darya: 0 wild fires sparked from house fire in san diego of the house, and then spread to surrounding drybrush and that sparked this big wild fire 100 people in nearby homes had to be evacuated for tolerance the fire burned 45 a. and is just about 10 percent contained it covers
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more than 22,000 square miles. >>mark: the similar grown across the land half of another in august about the show and all northbound lanes of i thought of the clothes off in the area and are expected to be open letter on this week gonna talk me because a to become president and you might think will have the result of the new poll just
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>>robin winston: there is a prosperous and the suffolk has is not for bell mine redwood city or you can transfer to bark this morning that will monitor ticket you can also use that as an alternate and.
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>>mark: about five and a defeat of the coast on sunday the victim who was injured 50 to your mother of to bring she was one of the trend for have our man triathlon in injured arm of the body and health and look like a shark bite but now that confirming in a social network incises hackers could have access to information for users to create a profile before june of 2013 and a breach of especially hurt users to tenty the same passwords for other sites like online banking.
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>>darya: is a racist at and is shocked and a lot of people the company has pulled the at the strong mashona and condemn richard discrimination
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>>mark: a pedestrian had in killed by cal trained as a video of the scene courtesy of the helicopter partnership with abc seven new stock on the tracks and the investigation and how this person died continue.
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>>robin winston: the motorcyclists wear down and the dutch zephyrinus close as pretty tough, not tracing backed up on
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the 205 to heavy traffic stretches all the way back to 11 when you finally met on to the printer will be called all the way up to the suspension once again that is almost all of the 25 minute trip from the maze into the sky when i went for a couple of accidents happen to heavy traffic in the combat direction this the pittsburgh side that is creeping and start and the average and is jammed all the out to one of past on the conference that had to crashes out there is 55 minutes to get from hillcrest to the 242 split.
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>>reporter: the bird down 55 of to the middle '70s to the a's game today will have the northwest wind at about 10 can all of that the come shot to the to show the low then was of fog to.
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>>mark: we are live and, in the community center field were sanders is holding a rally this afternoon. >>reporter: we did talk to some of the for supporters and that our callers to the tech as to why they say they're excited to
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hear bernie's in the speak. . >>reporter: backs to use the southwest entrance to the parking lot and is open to the public but seating is first-come first-served basis so of your time to come is probably best to come early.
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>>mark: he is told the rally at 7:00 p.m. to sacramento international jensen they're preparing for the demonstration similar to ones that was held out type runs in anaheim fresno and san diego.
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>>james: we had a number of high-profile republicans come announcing we need to a unified high trumpet.
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>>mark: they're recalling the 2007 to 2010 for its cars and a 2006 to 2011 for fusion their
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backs have caused 11 deaths worldwide >>darya: they found at home in the bay view and there will lead to the home of the behest of a this video from the department of with the bird will happen.
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>>darya: about 3:00 this afternoon they put the guns and the backed unlock the man car with the thieves still found them police said the car berkeley far up the san francisco and they're warning you do have to have everything on a site in your car.
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>>robin winston: there was a motorcycle accident wrapping up on five if it was the down and cried line. >>mark: this is a pretty big
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gator back fairly regular occurrence but not the science
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time for the world according to gary:presented by hershey >>darya: home the morning on the catabolism as a the alive you are booking up this morning and they may be watching us so we might want to be even-handed.
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>>darya: that our favorite to win not only favorite to win but it is supposed to >>gary: this is when you call and the cyprus by one of the
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experience not him sing opera to a depressed people. >>darya: take a look. >>: i don't get involved and all of the under and over dog in case the incidence of it to president. >>darya: i think it is on to the close on the because we are high these hunches been at think lebron james and did not call him the king for nothing he has
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something to prove. for prove >>darya: 1 plant when or lose lands he played two minutes in
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game 7 people were calling and accident. >>gary: mike barry of lapses makes the heart grow fonder and that they see it the better you get along with people he played four minutes. >>darya: his own father did not watch a game seven.
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>>darya: but you know these people and could become worse if you are related to that is why my wife watched in o'clock news she is too nervous >>darya: yet steffan case the hot about reducing that went through this intense battle and went through this hard from serious and.
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>>darya: even the ndp and you get to shun she picked a spot whenever they when something she did to ride in that he had the
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two flavors here one is blue lagoon as vodka and something. >>darya: will have to have full coverage should it with your from hisses how about a your record during the game i will
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find a phone and call you. >>darya:talk to you tomorrow.
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good art is a live look at the sound bridge >> darya: we will be right back . ♪
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the market >> mark: with a breaking news of a person and killed by caltrain. we go live to the scene right now. it happened seven this morning. >> tran: we do not know anything about the victim. she has been removed from the scene. is going
8:00 am
to the coroner's office to be identified. she was clearly on the track on the northbound side. this location has been cleared you concede cars crossing the road tracks. this is short of el camino real in redwood city. it was clear about 30 minutes ago. it was on the northbound side and is the same train they got into a fatal accident about a week and half ago. it's clear her body is at the coroner's office. it will determine your name and tell her next of kin. as far as what happened she was caught off- guard we do not know of was a suicide yet. it appears that there's still all little bit more cleaning up to do. they
8:01 am
still lot of work to do as far as the saying goes. it will not impact trains. do know both directions are going full speed. they are using both sides. they were single tracking for while while they're doing this investigation. about 30 minutes ago i sent to trains pass each other in both directions. the best bridge has been cancelled. their number single tracking. directions north and south are being used at full speed. if they moved quickly because it was the morning commute. they had cleared in an hour may be an hour-and-a-half. >> robin: it applied to glop
8:02 am
along the peninsula. the delays continue evil the trains are getting through. caltrain is reporting delays from 60 to 90 minutes. if you do not want to deal the crowding and train the. you can go on bart. or was honoring caltrain tickets at one point because of the incidence. service has been fully restored now. at a 615 and no. been no. caltrain. if you want to head over to the east bay there's a big backup on 24. were any information about an accident at walnut creek at lafayette and western for. we have several lady traffic blocked. to middle lanes are blocked the least. six lady will be very slow right
8:03 am
coming along the creek. and pleasant creek stiffer just conquered and it's dangerous slope into alamo. at a 680 west have 24 expect a much heavier than normal traffic because of the accident. i will let you know when it's out a way. there's more slow traffic to talk about. >> dave: these are the temperatures will be doing for the oakland a's games. a low but a big killing going on. dobie in the '70s for the baseball game. 63 for san jose and at the upper 80s for the early afternoon. we ended strong northwest when about 10 to 50 mi. an hour. damages curley and about the '50s as a. libor the bay is third warm-up san jose's 6360 at antioch. we see upper 50s. will have more details coming up
8:04 am
later. >> mark: a woman is dead after hit and run in san jose. it happened around 1230 this morning. this happened at 680 at jackson avenue. a woman and her 20 was hit by possibly to cars. officers in the first part did the woman stopped. nisei there was a senator had the women who fled the scene. right now what person is in custody. the second driver is being looked for. >> mark: we were able to alert you are a mobile happy to look at any time on our sap. >> mark: addiction's officials say frigid has picked up signals from the hole for the black box from the airplane crashed last month. >> james: last half-hour referred egyptian officials and for french officials and they agreed the signals are hearing they believe are coming from but planes flight data
8:05 am
recorder. talk about each of flight 804 that crashed on may 19th. it was clear from cairo to paris that killed all 86 passengers on board. a special set up that is designed for searching deeps see chips that of son is being brought in. chris and narrow down the search for the plane to let a 3 mi. section in the mediterranean. what citified the black box protocol as a coming to egypt. they'll be the first investigative agency that will look and analyzed the tells of the data found in the flight recorder. they'll be very interested to find out what the cap from the data recorders. they hope to see why the plane vanished from radar and went into the sea.
8:06 am
>> darya: the search continues for for zero girls who was kidnapped while on our way school last week in vallejo. fred the family gathered on the bridge where she was last seen and held a vigil. they're released balloons and her favorite color. pearl pence and was kidnapped last wednesday and a man who was seen taking hereford and castro was shot and killed by police. this happens that barbara county and but there's no sign of pearl. they released pictures of the backpack that perot had and also the license plate. the objects are redskin is for any signs of castro's car. >> mark: police are looking for to beetle bottom of the violent robbery. it happened in april and the chief foods of third street. this is surveillance video. the man of the machine
8:07 am
gun hit the employee in the face. tours balkhash and provides a blanc to the employee before taking off. the two men drove away and were described as driving at 2000 acura t l. >> darya: now on to the warriors and their run for a second nba championship. >> mark: which is one game away for a day away from is the game tomorrow here. is a picture of the cavaliers coming in to hit to their hotel. this is a hero the warriors and calves will be playing in the finals. the warriors won four games into last year. in one starts tomorrow at 6. in two will be a sunday at 5. then after that it will go to cleveland for games 3 and 4.
8:08 am
>> mark: this as a shark attrite about back against pittsburgh penguins tonight. they lost 3 to 2 on monday. the buckle start at 5:00. 00 there was the net during carry at square market tonight. you can check of the sharks western coverage today. is that the princeton supply plaza. >> darya: so much action fun stuff. we have more news. obama and administration is pressuring the food industry to make changes. they will say what they want stores and restaurants with it wanted them to. there's a list cards is getting longer would about which ones are being recalled. i. $9 million by mid statue is stolen. with talk
8:09 am
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and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything.
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>> robin: with a hot spot in
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the space. down 24 at altamont. it's involving several vehicles in the accident. the least the three white plains r block's. it's the back of stretches all the way to 680. jan, the concorde from 242. it goes all the way into alamo. there's also from monday shortly way i'll have those details in a few minutes. >> mark: investigators returned for out to statocyst $9 million diving crusted in the statute. it was snatched from the auditors backpack. the order was mugged by eight people there. it's made of 18. is in this nearly 13 carol ^ emerald. it
8:13 am
was recovered from the 6022 a pocket shipwreck. it's been a presence $6 million. the bills considered what canada's most expensive contemporary art pieces. they are doing service for the issue will. not sure why it was in his backpack. >> dave: will have weather next .
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>> robin: three lanes are blocked and 80. we have three hot spots to talk about. and less than 24 for those committing at least make an. 24 west in south 680. here's the accidents it's an awful lot. three later blocked ever. but stuck in the backup. tow trucks are needed. it's chilling or to what the creek and going into pleasant hills. its full-year concord way back to 242. it was a heavy against 680 south but.
8:17 am
that goes into alamo also. word as to how much longer it will be in the way. people are stuck in the back up is if it affecting. oakland there's a sure freeway crash that is being looked at this. also blocks freelance. the three left lanes are the car. journalese presages. the back of stretches and this area. here caltrain the recovery of fatality. the pressure was struck around 615. now they're trying to catch up delay. septa 60 minutes for those who have to use it. and at the redwood city. it is impacting servers in the south bay and also the peninsula. they're no longer see the tracking the. thus bridge was canceled. now you have to wait for the trains will be packed. there is a motorcycle
8:18 am
accident to 05, and tracy. it looks much better now. the livermore valley at a dublin is pretty good to. going into san francisco it steady at a little bit at the bay bridge toll plaza of. the carpool lanes are wide open on the four left. it's a slight improvement. at 880 of crossing is jammed up in the west branch. it's heavy at treasure island and into san francisco will. have no problem the bridge. there's heavy traffic was down going to downtown. >> dave: we saw quite a bit, cover on east bay shoreline. >> radnich: of this low-lying cloudiness. this low pressure sell the sizing at tapping the zephyrus. 54 and returned 59 in oakland. sixties are the state. in santa rosa with a 52. nappy at the 60. here the number for
8:19 am
the beach. we and upper 60s. 68 for pacifica. at the bay is about 60. at the far east bay is stored warm-up. that is where it will be in the 90s today. it also repeated tomorrow. the cool down will be happening at the north bay and the warm up again tomorrow. friday what high pressure. with the upper 60s and the coast seven leaders of percent of. adding to the south and south bay that we see the low 90s hovering around. santa clara and san was a also have that. friday looks like the warmest day of the week. everything will come together the. beaches will. be its 75 the weakened start off hot we will. cool down next week as elements change. >> darya: source of copley's are going to be wearing by the
8:20 am
cameras. the commissioner will be considering a new program. they have announced their reach an agreement for the policy to use the cameras. the apparel given out to the officers over the next two years. the casa program is more than $6 million. the chief says he wants officers are wearing the scars as soon as possible. >> mark: >> mark: the three people accused of killing of father will be on trial today. he was last seen when you into pancake house and agreed with me with this extra front of his by. it was found in the film will near hillsboro. the ex-wife was one of the people arrested. the suspects about entered a plea. >> darya: cruz of recorded have
8:21 am
crews have recovered to bodies of two majors. charleston and sire pratt reported missing on sunday. to jump from about and into the reservoir. other members also jump to the water they got back on the boats safely. rescues in the two boys who died were not wearing life vests. >> mark: messier's return figure out how person at the box concert died this last week sent. the worker was breaking down the vip lounge area that is one is killed. investigators had yet said what were wrong. the name has not been released he. was a 35 gourmand who was working for top productions in richmond. >> darya: the obama mr. asian is
8:22 am
pressuring filmmakers to make food less salty. >> james: sodium is one of the leading factors of heart disease and stroke. the white house is proposing new guidelines many companies the restaurant are looking to reduce sodium. they're trying be persuaded to take a more consistent approach. they recommended limits for about another 50 food categories that. 13 from cereals to pizza and sandwiches. there's a lot assault and a lot of stuff america. indeed about one-half teaspoons of salt everyday. it's about a third more than the government would recommend. the guidelines are voluntary the food industry does not have to comply if things change in the future that may become mandatory. we'll see what happens going toward the phone this voluntary proposal is issued by the white house this morning.
8:23 am
>> mark: the tunnel is finally opened it to. 17 years to build the tunnel. there's a lively debate bridge at least 23 we are back up solid. we'll have more information about traffic. there's also watching the fog which is over and. we also have a very hot day
8:24 am
8:25 am
8:26 am
>> mark: the world's longest and deepest officially opens today it. these of the photos of the tunnels in this lost out. construction started 17 years ago in the swiss alps. it is 7,500 ft. deep. there have high- speed drilling in the beneath the mountain. those are in december and take 20 minutes to get through the tunnel. the train will but hundred and 50 m.p.h.. >> darya: of my space there are
8:27 am
reports that 3 60 million my space accounts have been hacked. the social network inside says the people could have access to information for users who profit created profiles. the breach could officially heard you if you use the same password on other sites. if he is my space password and and using it today on a different account it is possibly get in. they did invalidate invalidate all of the passwords. that is a mean that you don't that they don't have your keyboard use someplace else. >> avery: there's a small line forming all the seabury centers for his rally. i will tell you all about it coming next. >> reporter: to nevada-las is
8:28 am
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sleepiq technology give you the knowledge to adjust for the best sleep ever. it's the semi-annual sale! save $500 on the memorial day special edition mattress with sleepiq technology. know better sleep. only at a sleep number store. >> darya: are talking about
8:30 am
traffic and weather next. >> robin: miller, the north bay doors that accidents in the tunnel. traffic is that crawl. there is heavy traffic with. one lane with it is now backed up across the richardson bay bridge. it's heavy all the way through the tunnel. here's a picture of the golden gate bridge you can see it's within well. a lot of folks are stacked in the heavy traffic at 11. no word yet as to when you have that out of the way. saginaw spot west of 24 women multicar crash that makes and adding three lady locked. as long line have traffic there that is impacting the sow document. it's calling for all the creek and kron 4 puzzles and backing up and the concord with back to 242. it's got to ride the tree
8:31 am
liberally south 680 and was 24 and south won one. stay on top of it of much and when chp at has these incidents out of the way. >> dave: hear the temperature is right now. or mostly in the '50s some temperatures in the '60s. this is the golden gate bridge the fog is still hanging around their own. low clouds around east bay hills. sixties for the days and on the coast by. three possible for the bay. issue inland's. south you go from 63-operate these early this afternoon. there'll be strong when the northwest about 10 to 50 mi. an hour. >> darya: to and a bottle of high school students have been arrested for the shooting death of another student. they are due in court this morning. we have a
8:32 am
live report. >> jackie: the two nevada high school students they will be charged as adults. as for killing a classmate. the rain this morning inside the marine county courthouse. 17 year-old juan carlos martinez and recast as the person using the left at 60 edwin girl on the right ball far been charged with murder with special circumstances in the death of 17 year-old edwin rivera is career. there also facing charges for attend a murder for jefferson ds. on the trump bought the suspect lay in wait to attack the victim. the going to say then recast who was the shooter allegedly. he also faces additional charges of aggravated mayhem. he inflicted
8:33 am
great bodily and may have to borrow before he died. the next video was shot the following day when the two were arrested by during county sheriff's part. there to several high profile file released police raids that captured the suspects. there is a third suspect that they're still looking for that suspect. those charges are deserved and the deserve to be charged as adults. >> mark: purdy sanders is visiting palo alto debate. he wants this way more voters ahead of the primary for california. we have a report for that. >> avery: here at the community center there's a line forming behind me. there are other
8:34 am
preparations that are under way to get the field ready for the 1:00 rally with a birdie centers. the secret service is here along with the sheriff's department the police department is also here. here's a look at some video of some supporters being ready to stand in line. and buttons and t-shirts. all sorts of things to declare the breeze sanders is there can it. i was able speak with some people who were here i had hours before the doors opened the day. they want to come and show their support. believe precentors dance for the issues they support. >>: i think that is speaking truth that we have long understood and his group and this generation and we finally hear our own voice. i think it's a great awakening i believe it's the thing to aspire to. it will inspire others. >>: i love that he is setting
8:35 am
for the middle-class. >> avery: the doors will not open until 1130. attendees are going uses of a spark a lot and. as of the public but seeing is only first-come first-served your. feisty in her early if you have not. it's been pretty hot out there or in. niger's they should bring plenty of water and sunscreen because the event will be outside. >> mark: dodd trouble in northern california's >> dave: and in the south for tomorrow. he is holding a rally at 7 this evening. will be at the sacramento center. police are preparing for a counter demonstration similar to the rallies that were held last week in anaheim fresno and san diego. officers are not aware of any organized road test in
8:36 am
sacramento. down trap is going south bay tomorrow in san jose convention center tomorrow. at 7:00 tomorrow but eric >> darya: kelly clinton has a slight lead over dole drop in a reasonable. this is based on the five most resembles a cross the country clan. steeply as is now significantly from late march. what time with him by 12 points. analysts say trump support clubs wednesday clinched the number of delegates needed to get the nomination. the 7% or not clearing currently packaged up will consider voting in the november. >> mark: we have full primary day coverage on tuesday june 7th. this started the morning news. bugles are blessed for election results. if you're
8:37 am
caught formal black will send out election wards as results, and. what are >> darya: for his role in nearly 2 million cars in north america. it has to do with the air bags of by scott. >> james: this is par the on going to cut air bag recall. the shows what happens to the airbags there's a defect and cause them to inflate way too fast. too much force and that in turn choose shrapnel at drivers and passengers. cause serious injury and even death. it is the lead to a least 11 deaths worldwide. a lot of information to go through his. listen the cars being recalled supporting. it evolves 2007 to 2010 for alleged, the 06 it without love for fusion, also the 05 to 2007 ford mustang. the list goes on.
8:38 am
nelson was a 2007 ford ranger. it also includes the 2006 and casey with lincoln. no injuries have reported in these vehicles so far. is some good news if your car is part of the recall for a contact you and replace the air bag for free. keep an eye out for that miller. >> mark: as the kron 4 news continues here is a look to december fell bridge. and it is backed up into the ploplaza.
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
>> darya: wore leg learning that a surcharge in connection with the shooting of a nevada since. >> jackie: kron 4 has just learned in the last five minutes by sources from the investigation that a third search warrant has been issued. right now going through with that search warrant. they're looking for the third suspect that is wanted in the case for the murder of a high-school student in a lot of. the zero want markets and the kids and and when winter will be in court unless a half-hour to face
8:42 am
charges that he killed 7017 year-old edwin rivera scorer. this is that a trail in the bottom. those two were both arrested last week in high profile police raids. will we are learning this morning there is another search warrant for the third person they believed was on the trail when the murders took place. we don't know exactly where those warrant is being served. it's a developing par the story as begin new information for this latest information we will pass along to. >> robin: and tracking hot spot south 11 inside the >> robin: williams,. another accident blocking the left lane when a southbound traffic at a crawl. drive times we'll have a calculated when we come back
8:43 am
8:44 am
>> robin: the problems are at a
8:45 am
way it is getting better. there's so many hot spots out there. if for hotspots. at north bay 11 south widen the tunnel the last line was blocked. at its out a way. but that's long stretch of traffic from one south 11 as backup will be on the run boulevard. the damages that no be a tough guy getting into the golden gate bridge. the golden gate bridge is wide open. a whopping 53 minutes from nevada through that in traffic across the bridge and into savages,. rather araskog with 24 achill honest as chastity still at a crawl the. each right time is 42 minutes from concord to danville. west 24 still having problems always talk a lot of its take 22 minutes from all the creek to oakland. at the fatal incidents a lot of the caltrain.
8:46 am
countrified it struck a pedestrian's at about 650 this morning. service was restored the best bridge has been cancelled. they're no longer doing single tracking. the delay is 60 minutes because of this. the senate bill bridge commit nothing going on here was down a lot have traffic going in here. such an intimate and continues to north tel 11 going into san detail york. can at least 1/3 of a drive from the nimitz or to the bayshore. here the drive * it's pretty normal. 30 minutes from castro to the maze. and it's heading north out lb stoppable commute at a san leandro. it's back from 230 meant that the 37 minute drive. no hot spots from the south bay the drive time from 11 leaving san jose boy and a weakness that was it from the 11 slipped to 85
8:47 am
split in cupertino the drive time is 47 minutes he. what major yet plenty of gas this morning. all the major problems are allied. adjutancy traffic is still quite slow. >> dave: we have a lot of fifties for current temperatures. it is warming up little bit in the south bay. looking and '60s in this area. and before a spate antioch's up 66. we're getting better clearing their. napa's a 64. at least a shoreline is slow going with a lot of clout cover still flying around. have a bigger version going on. it is a couple feet up in the atmosphere. temperatures are much warmer there that have surfaced. the heirs warming up for and trying to get down. this will hopefully make it so the fog will go way right now would distract. ultimately it will go way would
8:48 am
you will see the warm-up happening. tonight the marine air was billy's back again very prominently in north bay across the body bridge. we'll have more fight issues tomorrow. as a warm-up to have a strong afternoon and on friday that we will see some numbers get higher for temperatures. look at the state's shoreline and the north and war is much cooler. conceit going to east bay hills that's where the ladies are popping up. nbc 99 happening by friday that's where that will happen. one of beaches that the senators will be 75. happening by tuesday and dropping off in the '60s and later. >> mark: the cincinnati zoo will look into whether they need to reinforce the barriers at the zoo. they had no choice but to
8:49 am
kill the girl after the play got in the area. >> james: there is also called for fines or negligence resulting in the major animal. that move was brought to an end. ohio lamarck lawmakers have a nasty airdropping issue and elected the case and the existing state laws are adequate to handle this investigation. the area has been closed since the zoo response team kill the guerrilla all to protect young boy that you seen the video that is being tracked by the guerrilla after the child fell into the exhibit. the gorilla world is of it was among the first of its kind with an open nearly 30 years. now moseys with guerrillas have barriers like the ones in cincinnati. some critics are blaming the boy's parents for land child out of the site one of the child to get into the exhibit at the. stu
8:50 am
animal rights groups say clear barrier was not enough. >>: what happened native very clear that the physical barriers of the cincinnati zoo are not adequate to keep people out of the enclosures. obviously a three for your child was able to go into the enclosure. >> james: a lot of pressure calling for more done to protect people from the animals that. suez responded to this particular complaint and will make the same decision if it came to the edge safety of the child. clark >> mark: crews are making repairs and read road as they. they discovered a sinkhole that was about a foot in the hammer at sign. the sinkhole of grown across one lane and have another and some of the shoulder on. north on ninth of all i 5
8:51 am
have been shut down south of tracy. they aren't expected to reopen until later this week. they're putting a high we 33 detour in place. >> darya: southern california woman was living in newport beach over bali which it was attacked by a shark. the shark bit her about five and your feet off the coast of is on sunday. she is a 52 year-old mother of three. she was when the train have iron man triathlon. she was injured an arm of a body and she is expected to be ok. federal officials are trying to stop saturday he assures place family from collecting life insurance money. prosecutors are trying to block this. for go up in the policy prior to the terror
8:52 am
attacks that left 14 people dead. >> mark: sur's ever served under way under people under a bill when it collapsed in south korea. 10 other people have been injured. three of them are in critical editions and here is video of the firefighters seemed going through the collapse. korean officials say they do not know if everybody has an account for yet. >> darya: graduation season is in full swing and that means one item is a hot that. laptops are in demand. there's so many choices out there we have a report on the options. >> reporter: news via 500 range you can find a good solid pc laptops that runs windows and will function fast officially 435 years depending on usage. here's what to look for when shopping. you always forgets a
8:53 am
memory and history and 20 days of hard drive space. one that has at least one u.s. be ported that. will provide faster transfers speeds. but it another thing to consider is sometimes too and machines that are convertible devices that attach the tablet and a notebook. this is a landover to infidel dollars at best buy you get these four deals. they're very light and small and portable. the service free for microsoft is a convertible device that sits under $500. you completed into a portable keyboard and treated as a fully functioning many laptop for windows. they're a lot of great laptop deals out there right now i've. eschar the rab. all the retailers and the links that are on the web site i have
8:54 am
on our web site of kron 4 dock,. it's also one more lap.. >> darya: will have more information whether it's a big story on this wednesday morning because we're looking at high temperatures like yesterday and got at yesterday and will get hot on friday.
8:55 am
i smoked a lot, and quit a lot but ended up nowhere. now i use this. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time. that's why i choose nicoderm cq. wannwith sodastreamter? you turn plain water into sparkling water in seconds. and because it's so delicious, you'll drink 43% more water every day. sodastream. love your water.
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>> darya: a major recall of general mills is calling timmy of pounds of flour that could be tainted with e. coli. if you base at home you want to check the kind of far have by now. there's several varieties and signature kitchens and the transfers will the safeway and other supermarkets. he chalaza been filed in any of them. the company is calling it just as a precaution. 33 people have reported become sick but after using flour that was so between december and. >> mark: officers found this pop around one in the morning yesterday. publish shivering and tried war itself against officers like. please stay with the top until the marine mammal
8:57 am
center arrived to. hope to salvage a bill to return to the wild. >> mark: following news that redwood said he were a pedestrians hit and killed by caltrain. will have information and report on that. caltrain is also trying to recover from the delay this morning and resume normal service. >> darya: tomato i students are going to court this morning. its third search warrant is being served in connection with the killing of a model student. we'll have that information by a loss of >> mark:. one person is dead in san jose after had run. will tell you who police are looking for. here's a look to the cemetery ridge of fog is breaking up and look cajuns. traffic is heavy as usual this time of morning.
8:58 am
8:59 am
>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>darya: and we'll just learned that another such one is thing certain connection with the killing of student. >>jackie sissel: they said that
9:00 am
collins is serving a search warrant and regards to the third suspect wanted in the killing of high school student last week when we're being told is that in such one is being served in the south bank this video is from
9:01 am
last wednesday or prosecutors said the latrell and a bottle the lead and wait to attack their victims to go on to said that he was allegedly the shooter we also have we just heard in the last 10 minutes the third such one has been issued as being conducted in the south bend.
9:02 am
>>reporter: we will have the seven that forecast, not have was a check of traffic. >>robin winston: if there was
9:03 am
also lot of heavy traffic on 280 the the south and earlier crashes the northbound commuters still recovering. >>mark: profession has been hit and killed by caltrans. >>will tran: they brought out a
9:04 am
bus bridge for a short time but because they knew this is the height of the rush-hour commuter.
9:05 am
fifth >>darya: of woman is dead after had him on the san jose wherefrom that from the brick and newsdesk. >>mark: a french ship picked up signals from beyond the medicare financing that confirming the
9:06 am
fare for one of the black boxes that pick up early this morning to egypt air flight crashed on may 19th on a flight from paris to cairo killing all 66 passengers a second ship were not drawn to such efforts this week. >>darya: before they can find out where she was there were
9:07 am
still no sign a release packages of the license plate and backpacks some to wonder where i'm at the time police islamic council asking this is to check the surveillance cameras from any sign of castro's car. >>mark: 2 man got of the car and surveillance video one of them
9:08 am
pour tout was like a machine gun and they hit the employee in the face that fact cash and personal belongings of storm play before taking long the two men drove away in the car which is described as over 2000 models of back room and there was no flights divisible the victims and has not been released but we do know he was 35 years old and was working for top productions in richmond.
9:09 am
9:10 am
9:11 am
>>mark: there were reported missing sunday afternoon located sunday night and took them until monday morning and the crews to get to them living in july after falling 1 to 1 to 50 ft. >>darya: that is about one-third more than the government recommends.
9:12 am
9:13 am
9:14 am
9:15 am
>>robin winston: service was restored the boss bridge is canceled all leave early and expects this is what the latest check on the drive time to insure freewill the spot and no. a friend of vendors is about 30 minutes from hercules to the maze out 680 is modern and nothing that going on a hot spots to the stock on come you the guadalupe parkway it may be given the south that it is
9:16 am
normal and the northbound direction of our to minute trip from 85 headed to the when all of scotland. >>reporter: this is the hybrid position of the location to conduct a neighborhood forecast for the coast now we're looking at the beach of the '60s near about 70 the bayside centel said the incident.
9:17 am
>>rob black: that as part of
9:18 am
parliament members a down 18% of the is not a lot of growth in the industry but there is a really old fleet of cars in the united states did not want to be out of business and it turns some is to the have always
9:19 am
listened technology and lower all busy catching on internationally. >>rob black: 370,000 people pre
9:20 am
order the moderate which is a cheaper tesla or to low and tesla keeping a balance is under 30 percent of the total so you have a thousand dollars keep
9:21 am
that 300 and where traffic is bumper-to-bumper westbound at 921 on the traffic on a hot spots.
9:22 am
9:23 am
9:24 am
>>mark: if the gun was stolen alamo square and the hayes valley neighborhood early sunday afternoon those guns bestow on
9:25 am
the corner a weapon and gary boulevard have from three in the afternoon that the inside of a back and is locked car with a still from car burglaries up the san francisco and they're one of people to keep everything out of sight. >>reporter: if that is a tough time to john it that his estranged wife and i heard about to divorce alleged domestic abuse and got a restraining order against him at an to the bad news his new movie out the looking glass sources said the
9:26 am
spinoff move him a star wars story is in crisis and that four weeks of expensive reshooting have been ordered. >>james: more than a million additional cars been added to a major recall will tell you if your cards on the list.
9:27 am
9:28 am
9:29 am
>>reporter: have men and a little cooler at about 60 the breakdown for everyone where most sunny and warm we're working harder at the golden gate 86 about 70 or some weather
9:30 am
look to what the coming of will check into the traffic is improving. >>robin winston: the cash plans are still backed up to the sea is spilling over to the 80 of the crossing starting to break up into downtown san francisco it is still called back to west grand it is ok in getting into downtown up images about a 25 minute trip from the oakland a's and to downtown san francisco.
9:31 am
>>reporter: >>darya: his visiting paulo out today and hopes to sway more voters ahead of the june 7th primary. >>reporter: corporations are on the way you can see behind there was a tense and is not a secret service officers police officers the local sheriff's department is often all preparing for the 1:00 p.m. burn center trout and
9:32 am
some of them had buttons teachers a some of them dressed up like bernie sanders with debt topped one woman about why she is voting to take a listen to what she had said here in come out to door still not open until in their big macs to use the sock was parking lot is open to the public but it is on a first-come first-served basis of your coming on the you're encouraged to come out there early in to get a seat also organizes are saying because it will be hot today in the sun is definitely a shining on the
9:33 am
still there are skeptical to bring lots of water and sunscreen. >>mark: police oppression for counter demonstration similar to ones that are held outside rather is an anaheim fresno and san diego they're not aware in the protest.
9:34 am
>>mark: will have primary day care bridge next tuesday june 7th congratulations to and upon --anny hong. >>james: it's already the
9:35 am
largest one in the west has to bring it was the video or might it would happen with these air bags that are defective they can inflate away to fasten the can, shrapnel into the faces of the drivers and passengers which is already caused injury in some and even death and others the defect has been linked to a least 11 deaths worldwide here was a look of the car that border is not recall this morning he could now either male
9:36 am
or the e-mail from four waiting
9:37 am
for that game tonight game 2 of the stanley cup finals that beat the sharks 3 to 2 in game 1 on monday it drops to my at 5:00 in pittsburg. >>darya: as to how traffic is growing as much better.
9:38 am
9:39 am
9:40 am
>>robin winston: it is still creeping along east 92 out of hayward and is backed 80 jammed all the way to foster city.
9:41 am
9:42 am
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
time for the world according to gary:presented by hershey >>darya: they may be watching us right now so we might want to be even-handed they are favored to
9:46 am
win on the favorite to win but in a supposed to be an easy series. >>gary: the press pass items sit with bass when someone a good spirits and passing the buck to depressed cycle people first of
9:47 am
all they're all helping them on to the close on the because we all have these hunches but i think vietnam call you a king for nothing and i think he wants to realize is the steph curry is the the guy right now and he wants if clinton would win that he would reclaim his crown. >>darya: because we definitely lost the crowd when steph curry was crowned in the pain he is
9:48 am
the first player in nba history to play for both teams in the final during the same season he will magically when without trying he played two minutes and then seven.
9:49 am
>>gary: klay thompson on father did not watch game 7 when it came down to gain 70 to nervously watched w w e raw.
9:50 am
>>darya: that went through this hard fought serious and the hunt i mean in the was affectionate but had across some even the ndp
9:51 am
in and then you get shunned she is in that she picks a spa and whenever they when something should get to ride in their he has the two flavors one is blue lagoon is bought and some he
9:52 am
says howe about was a deal where your record during the game and you can do the framing of thing. i will find a cell phone and call you have the game.
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
>>mark: a pedestrian is that after they've been hit by powertrain in redwood city one person is in custody a second car hit the victim and sure of the after and that car drove away the cleveland cavaliers of arrived in the bay area the start of the nba finals and banned the we have the next game sunday at 5 we will see you back
9:56 am
9:57 am
care for him tomorrow morning >>mark: stay connected with our kron 4 mobile app,,facebook,and twitter feeds.dr phil coming up next have a great day see you tommorow at 4am.
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