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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  June 13, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> pam:heartbreak follows horror. a day after deadlist mass shooting in american history. we are learning more about the forty nine victims in the orlando terror attack. the final moments of those inside pulse nightclub and the heroes who emerged in the midst of chaos. as the f-b-i reveals the gunman's ties to radical beliefs. another possible target he was scoping out. and what connections he had to terrorists. >> pam:a day after terror strikes in orlando. heartbreak echoes around the world. as we learn more about those who lost their lives in the terror attack.
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and have a clearer portrait of a mass killer --- motivated by hate and radicalization. good evening i'm pam moore. and i'm steve aveson. tonight kron-4's grant lodes is here with new video from inside pulse nightclub. >> reporter: shall thereupon the deadliest shooting at of terrorism no evidence the shooter had contacted by assess whether terror groups. a to 2:00 a.m. sunday wal-mart sprang up brought him bolides 3 auger people. it of initial gunfire was part of the music. ought to
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police officer working the front entrance and engages in a gunbattle with several rows of the shooter additional officers then respond with another firefight. a full three hours later swat team uses an explosive device and armored vehicle break to the wall of a different after rescuing dozens more. but team emerges felucca.
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but >> vicki: for starr shelton a brutal reality is beginning to set in. last time the family communicated was the day she law salah store was it a the tell her fearing and dreading.her son
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was >> vicki: together for more than a year they were stabbed as a bouncer in the nightclub status says the cheese's spoke to the media on behalf of her friend and she wants people to note that it's not assess the name of the last. a person who loved life. >> steve: we are hearing from some victims' families and grant is here with the emotional corner of the story.
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>> grant: i to a 6 1/3 year-old man texas did call his mom then she little they freddie further word from her son. >> grant: and a late last night crash the hon. close she was appearing in dreading hearse on among those killed also a here in chilling detail data sugar for a victim who survived chilling details about the shooter. "fired through the whole front
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of the stall." >>: fired not not argue it was shooting deaths were first, it first to wounds at the point i feel of the family and phone was dying. in the phone turned off. >> steve:the owner of the gun store where the gunman purchased his weapons.says he passed all background checks. ed henson, of the saint lucie shooting center says omar mateen legally purchased the ar-15 and handgun about a week ago. he says mateen bought the guns seperately.
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henson says mateen had two security licenses, an armed one and an unarmed one. henson says he is sorry this "evil person" bought the guns from his store. the orlando mass shooting has now shifted the focus on the campaign trail to the war on terror. today, both of the presumptive major party presidential hopefuls. presented plans on how they would stop terrorism. one of the talking points. immigration to the u-s. trump renewing his call to ban muslims from migrating to the u- s. >>: they enslave women and murder. i do not want them immigration is a privilege and we should not let anyone into this country who does not support our communities. today,
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clinton arguin. g trump's approach will cause more harm than good. "inflammatory, anti-muslim rhetoric and threatening to ban the families and friends of millions of muslim businesspeople and tourists from vast majority of muslims who love freedom and hate terror." >> pam:clinton also dismissed one of trump's loudest criticisms - that she would not utter the words "radical islamic terrorism". saying, she rather focus on solutions than semantics. >> steve:tonight vigils to honor the victims of the orlando in the bay area and around the world. hundreds of people gathered in solidarity. other parts of the bay area showed their support as well. countries around the world also voicing their support. in london. a large crowd of people gathered to release rainbow colored balloons into
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>> pam:and the iconic eiffel tower in paris. was lit in pride flag colors at night, in honor of the coverage of the terror attack continues at kron-4 dot com. events. the area clear picture of omar and we join with cnn liveahead at eight. >> reporter: he was at charged with anything they close the cases previously they confront it did not find any reason he went off the radar and then an initial looking into " our investigation has to do with their talk to lots of these he talked about having a sympathetic feeling to co- workers people like that. there
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was nothing going on the second incident we hear about him has to do with the same kind of case that was an investigation into and beyond that tested twice once a question of another time. in both cases they did not find any evidence.
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little noticed family his father has stopped since flustered. >> steve: >> reporter: father had spoken on several times now first of all apologize of the people but just as upset as everyone else.
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will full list of the victims that. >> pam: hadson i national opera are a new document and the brock tenor sentencing case revealing how the judge rejected to become. warriors >> steve: hoping declension nomination will take the close are looking for a man who robbed
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>> reporter: paul please still
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looking for the suspect offensive serious crime spree including two armed robberies. >> reporter: between 92945 sunday evening this matter on with the gun committed three robberies across the city to vacation shots fired. the first to get the short center suspect allegedly attacked a woman of such as wells fargo bank. also rocked zero nearby walgreen's with the surveillance voters were taken. their location several blocks away at the convenience store along and small avenue monday afternoon we spoke with the order and declined on-camera but did say the experience has been upsetting no one was injured but the suspect did take a significant amount of money. the suspect also fired at least one shot into the air as he was leaving.
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spot officers spotted the suspect in pursuit for a short time but for safety reasons which is called off the drawing right rather radically. suspicious, and 20's that 7510 with a stocky build a mustache. i kuby a dark shorts and black shoes. >> pam:a juror in the stanford
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swimmer case is speaking out: calling the sentence a quote "mockery of the whole trial." the scathing letter was published in today's palo alto weekly. kron 4's kate cagle has been poring over some new documents from the case and joins us in the studio. >> reporter: prag should be sentenced on. the san the sec shoals all of a stranger telling the court it's easy to turn a blind eye to the suffering victim's go though. also to note - judge aaron persky - who is now facing a recall election over this case.considered turner's intoxication the night of the assault as a mitigating factor.that eased his sentence. the probation officer in this case also recommended leniency. some judge >>: is follow it some adult is not consistent think it's a valued as like statements from the defense attorney and prosecution.
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>> reporter: probation officer turner should only be possible in jail not prison. the >> steve: as game cleveland is the head week allegorical a half and the whole lot. >> reporter: most of them have been standing in anticipation like to hide in the energy and some of the stadium i will tell you thousands of fans rooting for the nation tonight. some people that heretofore clock when the gates opened because it wanted to get a perfect parking spot in an opportunity to be in sidesaddle for the big game they
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think all they are down they believe they will take and tonight they believe is the night.
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>> britteny: stayed pretty windy over the next few hours. wind speeds 15 concord it out temperatures at 61 in oakland 61 in hayward 67 cisco temperature
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is and have monday patchy fog will start of an average drop of 50 as foreign invocations. 56 and 52 lots coast to. allied research auto show moving and. a closer look at the shows we will see all clear skies and then they will give way for such etiquette of a tuesday 6:00 a.m.. whole lot of cloud coverage least it should stay dry in the tuesday wednesday. and as we approach thursday we see if you change as a slight chance of rain in the forecast. and i swore 0 you will not even notice any '80s slowly starting to cool things down. 61 in san francisco 62 in daly city. staying in the '50s for half monday 71 sunnyvale as sex they
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79 and a three-forecast showing as the gulf and to the next three days a few changes in store 79 tuesday. wednesday 60 degrees for the chance of showers expected by thursday. against officers in the oakland police department. how the wife of former chief sean whent is connected.
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>> steve:a connection between an underage call girl. and the wife of former oakland police chief sean whent. >> pam:that's what the now 18- year-old woman is saying was the case during the time of alleged sexual misconduct with her and several oakland police officers. with kron4's haaziq madyun about but"i told his wife i was dating an officer when i was 17" >> reporter:that's a text message i received this morning from celeste guap, the now 18- year-old woman at the center of an oakland police sex scandal. the wife she is referring to in that text is julie martinez whent, who is married to the recently resigned opd chief sean whent. in the wake of the chief's abrupt resignation there are new questions regarding when he first leaned about his officers alleged involvement with guap. there is a recent report that guap told the chief's wife about a sexual relationship she had
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with officer brendan o'brien, the officer who killed himself last september. however guap told me that she didn't mention o'brien by name, only that. "i told his wife i was dating an officer when i was 17" >> reporter:in an odd twist it turns out that the self described call girl and julie whent became friends. i and whent's wife were fb friends or did you talk in person face to face? she replied. "yes just through facebook" just so i was clear on her answer i you were facebook friends? her response "yes we were" it is unclear if sean whent's wife told her husband about the underage girl dating one of his officers. and if she did, it is unclear what chief whent did when he learned about the sexual liasons. a statement released from mayor lbby schaaf over the weekend seems to suggest someone at opd knew about it. "we are sickened to think anyone could even know of such abuse and not bring that information forward" we reached out to the mayor's office to get a better understanding of who she is
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referring to.we are still waiting for her response. in oakland haaziq madyun kron4news
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investigators are working to piece together a picture of the man responsible for the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history. >> grant: 0 let us release of 49 people at the paulsen club in orlando. people in the ltv to the community now unless the shares are working to piece together a picture of the gulf gunmen 29 years old after a says a he expects the shooter was radicalized through on-line information he lives in florida a few hours away from orlando as
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a security guard for private foreign firm subordinate york did not have a criminal record but he was part of multiple fbi investigations in recent years. .
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>> grant:. and all 49 people on all our names are on their web site kron4news-dot-com when will continue to update information. >> pam: the celtics this hundred 25th and 2610 of the largest vessels in the entire world sat
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francisco supervisors said that he will meet with police this week to talk about security and that the treasury and orlando will not stop the party here in the bay area. >> pam: wilson with orders to assure it as a precaution as the keeper people save. >> pam: apparently driver habits have not change credit but of problem and the mission. colin
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nightclub in orlando, florida. will not stop the party here in if you're in the mission and you are driving on mission street .you are goingto see red and may even more red when you get stuck behind a driver making an illegal u-turn >> steve>> stanley:nats: ambian from 13th street to ceasar chaves tjhere are not more left turns and a bright red transit lane that's for buses, taxis , but you add those restictions to a busy streatch of roadway and you are bound to find some
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if the signes read you must turn right, then you must turn right . these drivers apparently didn't get the memo or read the also there are no left turns on mission but look what my dash cam caught a big driver ignoring the no left turn signs . then i caught him going a different nats: ambiance >> stanley:the transit lanes where put into place to speed up public transit, by moving private vehicles over to parallel streets the buses get to move freely but it also means that if a bus is picking up passengers you cannot not drive on the wrong side of traffic to get around it you simply have to wait what's that in your hand hey i'm about to be on the news for being on the phone but i have my headset so i'm good right no you cant hold it that was a bonus clip i suggest unless you really need to drive on mission don't nats: ambiance
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in the mission district of san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news >> britteny: declined to receive polyclad discussed tonight. the chief but pettifog starts to look within. >> britteny: 52 oracle tablatures as we keep going into wednesday and for the rest of the week will be warmer after wednesday thursday friday but steady warmer and that will be true into a week and temperatures 7460 in a lighthouse 64 concord 68 in sunnyvale tablatures san mateo 63 and wednesday is written out that 22 mi. an hour fairfield 16 concord 15 hayward 14 livermore
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13 san jose settle there are shots of show clear conditions and dry conditions but we're watching a chart of low pressure and and all help usher in a good lot of cold air and held drop temperatures as we go into the next few days. corning you can tell etceteras the on the cooler side 49 degrees the kickoff the morning 51 daly city 52 degrees in oakland and then 53 concord high from region to borrow ideas on the map. 77 concord, and senate want pleasanton, six sematech l. ayers 70 forecast showing we will drop down another five degrees between tuesday wednesday. a 74 for inland locations 68 are on the bay 59 for the coast and then take it there's a slight chance of showers mainly for the north bay heading into thursday we clear up with starts to warm up going showers mainly for the north bay heading into thursday we clear up with starts to warm up going into friday.
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the motorcyclist proceeded to honk at the driver who was impeding traffic.thats when things got out of hand. the motorcyclist devin jones ended up having a confrontation with a fully dressed police officer. the pair ended up arguing for quite sometime.and the traffic behind them in the one lane roundabout was at a complete halt. jones described the officer as very aggressive.and stood his ground saying that the officer was distracted by his mobile device. jones believes that this should >> gary: will get great at it quite tight and let us game cleveland is stretching it out it will be game.
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>> britteny: 2 as and the same team going for 40 more. they had historic games tonight and if that had been the case probably vote would be a lot happier. if the and it was the night can we may be possibly drop the case. as enjoying the fun moment as a unit to cover on the highlights?
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>> gary: clad in a hellish time left? >> britteny: minute 52. >> gary: a hearing get you highlights at the to list game once again. but signaled the sharks for not basketball fan phrases they just finished a tremendous season last night. pittsburgh privilege applies them. they never quit the wall in the game back in pittsburgh in game five to bring it back here and last night they won the 30 in three games. 14-1 pac.
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there was talk that the economic plight playoffs the champs as the sharks a great run nonetheless. >>: enjoy being around them. i think a large number of them are back a great sign. >> gary: and that all men of the
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year from the field and off the field. all these charities a list ogles and the and cheap. they received a super brawling during a ceremony a couple days ago all the problem they had his name wrong they will get a new one and a week and then ""the have mighty big rings." >> gary: laterite one with red name on it one more new rabin said once upon a time played for the warriors and then on the slam-dunk championship he his
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basketball career more than likely over. he has some local roots here has signed was a great star. his dad how he's gonna try at age 32.
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the suns really shook up. 41 points couldn't >> gary: the warriors play had a great game of firing away 26. points in the end. >> gary: coup was not had 25 points and james the boss. with today's players feel that. the
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suspended left knee he leads the game. we're off brilliant it bloomed the to jerry and the pillared teaming up. they could not be stopped and they finished off the golden state when.
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