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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  June 20, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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chief police department. >> dave: i'll have the weather for you and the heat that is coming. >> james: is 7:00. >> robin: there's a overturn crash blocking three lanes on the panel. it's a slow ride but it is improving. and south 680 happen in the 5:00 hour. it was blocking for. over an for you can't use out 680 it is jammed. it's back to fight a split coming out of signal. about three minutes ago the draft and was an hour and three minutes. now it is only seven minutes. that is higher than normal but not as bad. that is a sign that things are improving. it's the
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kind of drive time do-it- yourself enough time. i would leave about 2025 minutes early earlier than usual. there's more slow traffic the topic act. all. have more all day if >> dave: today all the hot. we have a high pressure zone going deaf flow pattern giving in the right location. it will inch up a bit and give us a better wording happening tomorrow. it is sunny from beginning to end. we're in the upper 60s territories are now. lady in for the members to come up at any season different. numbers coming different 544 napa. a breakdown for coastal clouds temperatures will be approaching '70s and in spots and. the bay even by noon will be up to 79. 85 for the inland areas and by 3:00 the
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areas will be in the '90s. the bay shoreline will be about the '90s. of more details of the forecasts coming. >>: it's over cleveland is a city at champions once again. the cavaliers are nba champions. >> mark: there is a shocker of the bay area with a disappointing end of the historic season for the warriors. the warriors lost yesterday in the nba finals in against the cavaliers. >> james: will rollout site the renown to see the reaction. you're there and i watch it on t.v. i have to tell you it's the latter there last night probably i heard any time this evening. must've been heartbreaking to see the way in that. >> tran: i've of the face of and twittered i've never heard or coal so loud. it was. was i just
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could not believe just how close the game was and i'm not going to lie i was shellshocked how do we get here. we came back here gave five looking to close it out and they could not do it. three shots to kill the calves in the and the calves who killed us. will get to highlight for game 7. and a performance 20 lead changes. '89 '89 with the warriors having a chance to take the lead. it would dahlin had a leg up all sudden glow braun block the shot terry irving and hit a three-pointer right front of steph curry. that pretty much still the bill. they lost by 4.93 to 89. this is a historic season 73 wins now the so- called haters entrees book answers to me say they should not compare them today 9596
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chicago bulls. let's not talk about how great they were this season especially the cattle. lear's are the first team to come three to one. they also won on the road. the warriors i feel bad not leaving coffee makes you feel better. we tracked down steph curry at the and the game. here's what had to say that in the season. >>: resettled too much. at home in the fourth order we felt like we could put in the punch. we generally putting the pressure on the defense in the right. we tried to force the issue that way. we just kind of settled too much. that's something it's tough to swallow. that's after what we had and from us.
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>> tran: steph curry tied the game with a deep 3. to see the game in person is just different. yet the long shot for a three-point lead tied it at 8989. everybody lost their mind thinking they were finally tying it in the and steph curry only had 70 points and lee thompson only had 14 points. it was not enough when you go against a broad >> james:. and terry: to migraine could gone from goat to all-time hero. he was one short of a triple double. he admitted that he probably cost the series he should not have lost his head. i was terrified as well in the fourth quarter only down seven. . you can't tell me draymond green would not have made a huge difference in game 5 had he played. have a reaction
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from the players and coach as they will have their one final media event today. what a great season. it's filled will the tarnished. >> james: hansen or korea all run the day this was the crowd at the allenby a cineplex where there was a free viewing party for france. the few parties free and was always a line they just encourage you make a donation of charity. they embraced of $30,000. we spoke with fans after. the after for the majority they were disappointed but they're still very proud. >>: fantastic game good sportsmanship. incredible playing. >>: hopefully we can win next year. >>: we'll be back next year and probably play him next year and
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will probably beat them. >>: i've been a fan all season long. >> james: mitchell little kids cry. it was a historic seri eason for the warriors it was also reported your season for the caps. it's the first time ever that team's comeback from three to one. >> mark: a man was rushed to hospital after he fell from the railing and oracle arena. here's the look of this is. the and amulets and writing at the arena. police say it has had to fight and a man in his 20s fell over the railing. he is a hospital serious injuries. nobody was arrested. investigators are asking for information for people who may have witnessed a fight. >> james: is an over weeks since over 49 people were killed in or 50 were injured. the master still fresh in the mines
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for the people in orlando. mr. and 50,000 people held a vigil around orlando yesterday. they read the names aloud of the people. they chanted that they remember them. it's a moment here a lot of folks there took to heart. every ball formed over the vigil for the victims during afternoon hours and was posted on social meet. >> mark: the fbi has a partial cash transfer gripped of the conversation with them and the shooter. they will provide more insight as to what was happening after the deadly shooting for. u.s. attorney general lauretta lynch says the fbi will release the printed version of the transcript to take. lynch will be visiting orlando tomorrow to meet with the victims of the shootings and also first responders to. she also be briefed on the latest on the investigation. the fbi will
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be having a conference to be talking about the investigation. we'll have more information on that. >> james: the senate is set to take gun-control measures today. this is as congress failed to pass gun-control legislation. we have a report on this latest push for a member for. >> reporter: after senate democrats forced the issue of gun control to the floor with a 14 hour filibuster the senate will vote monday on ford told members. all our amendments with the spending bill. it has with the mental health issues and a background check system. they also would like to have back projects for people at gun shows and also over the internet. the three day delay is also for the terrorist connections. the no-
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fly list box people from buying guns. it also block you from where it likely to engage in terrorism. new legislation once the people who are free of the rate of the law according to this politician. >>: the bad people will not stop buying guns. >>: we need to pass new laws for the new america a. >> james: the vote is supposed to happen later this afternoon. local experts are not optimistic in the the measure passed. the nra is criticizing donald trump after the shooting. on friday trump told supporters that the massacre could have prevented it the victims were carrying guns. an interview on sunday officials with the nra said that nobody should be drinking and carrying guns in and i clubs they. letter clarified a statement on twitter say actually it's ok to
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have guns where alcohol served just not if you're drinking. testing and turn trump's campaign manager is going to leave the campaign following a tumultuous stretch with infighting. >> mark: savage is the mayor is were meeting with safety and security for this weekend's pride parade and celebration. after the mass shooting orlando its cause concern. anyone attending the pride activities can expect to hire security. they're expecting it to be when it biggest parade and celebration ever in sampras's. sources police are taking precautions to make sure that everybody is safe. >> james: in oakland that gop is still looking for a new police chief. this comment after the serious losses third chief in the last eight days. there's no interim chief for now there's
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a national search search that somebody had the departure of. the oakland police are is in the middle several scandals are now the first involves allegations that several officers had sex with teenage collar of. kron 4 was the first report the allegation. while this is coming in chief john weber resigned attitude decade on the force. another was appointed as chief and was later fired. place to go is been figaro he quit after three days on the job he will resume his previous role as police deputy. the department is wrapping up an investigation on officers who had racist text. >> james: the oakland police association said this isn't what
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the vast majority of the officers think or how they conduct or personal and professional lives. we've been following this story and our coverage continues online. our website has all the information for you including about the text messages of the call girl who is at the center of the controversy. >> james: a warning as to mergers are 2:00 p.m. were going to tie up where hiker died to the hot weather over the weekend. b-7 does not been released but there are rumors about some of its features. we'll talk about those features coming up. after the break the massive fires in southern california will have the latest on the containment as firefighters continue to fight the blaze.
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>> james: today we can officially say by the spring as a summer start. today is the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere. the june solstice habits and between june 20th and june 22nd. what is special about his losses because
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it also lights up with a full moon. that is not happened since 1967. summer is coming in force. >> dave: first this summer we have these very high temperatures. we also have a full moon. when the hot temperatures today and tomorrow in. you better hope your ac is working. women see anybody get on the numbers raleigh 1/4 after the hour. still were holding about 60 for antioch concord is out 64. with dry area temperatures tend to move a lot with a dry error allowed to. we will see the numbers march up. here's the progress as to what the he waited for today. we will see in the middle 90s in the spot right here. tomorrow make
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no mistake with high-pressure acred at the right spot will get the maximum heating from all the bay area. mar will be the hottest day in the bunch. it's in the hundreds off in the central valley. the inland area and also even the state's shoreline could even crack 90 early as today. what's driving all this as high pressure and this be a nice escape to the beaches were '70s in this area. of the offshore flow that's affecting southern california as well that being dry hot air with all that. that is not good for the firefighting efforts. still be in the 120 degree range. the overnight lows tomorrow morning were looking at 88 or 90. that's how it will start today. dammar
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will have extra warming and that will retreat. as the spatial and temperatures will be in the low 80s. for the south this week of some nineties over the hills there's plenty of middle nineties and might even get 200 in some places. hesitancy trailing effect as to what's happening thursday friday, let's of the relief happening shaving off a good decade of temperatures. i have pots but you have any. >> robin: the commute on six lady is looking much better. traffic is recovered from the earlier overturn. here is a look at the bay bridge right heading into sever cisco. this pact data < 80 actual. nothing going on the bridge is just back up. about the i e sure free weight will be slow leaving panel. on the upper deck will be under 30 minutes to get to downtown
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sources go. rather hot spot was 680 as i wait southbound and that has cleared. it backed up traffic coming at a national going into fremont this really is blocked since 5:00 this morning it took over our. to clear up the control drive time is 31 minutes to get from dublin to fremont. it is a very nice improvement at one point was that one and that half hours to get to that area. 80 minutes from 85 to 11. here's a more try * your looking good and five midwest and castro valley through san leandro and oakland no problems for the nets. at a south bay to the no. 211285. >> mark: firefighters tried to hold on the fires roaring across state of. this was happening in southern california. it grew
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more than two square miles in turturro near the california mexico border. there were evacuating and firefighters of having a tough time battling a fire because of the triple digit orders and high winds. now only 5 percent of it has been to date. this is grown to 12 square miles south of our county. ready and hundreds of homes. they are making progress over the weekend hope to reach containment by thursday. right now there are 54 percent containment. they are concerned about the wins making a pickup. >> mark: extremely heat and phoenix is being blamed for death of a hiker. a psychic friends and only 20 years old and the abbott hiker to. as a personal trainer had no known and medical issues. the knicks had not a hundred 80 degrees. double-digit to restore expected to continue.
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>> james: firefighters in sources go way back at this scene of a massive fire that spread in several buildings in the mission district. this was shot by kron 4 of your and share with us you could see the smoke and flames the start. did saturday afternoon at 29th and mission streets and burned a least six buildings. 50 people lost their homes in the fire. they have not been able to go back to get. these two people were hospitalized because of smoke inhalation. the zero back- to-back with tooling and try to figure out what happened. >> mark: morial service will be held for the warsaw officer was killed last week on duty. i could have run dry and it crashed last tuesday to a. 11 year veteran of force and is behind a wife and two children. the warriors pay tribute officer capper men during game 7 last night which is also father's day. the team gave the family
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tickets. tomorrow's memorial is open to the public will and will start 11:00 a.m.. doors open 930. and >> james: >> james: of the ocean city or on in maryland they honored the pilot was killed in the airships practice last week. coos died on the same day that air force thunderbird crashed in colorado. that pilot was able to eject. in the river coos to carl >> tran: flying last year >> james: we are honoring his position in the blue angels. >> mark: eisen says information on more than 70 u.s. unable basis that there. group has also is information on people in other countries. south korean
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intelligence agency was able access the information on air force units and south korea and ices release that information metallograph messaging services. early this morning u.s. officials said they're prepared to respond to threats at any moment. >> james: with technology and- you may want to list to this. there are rumors of what the phone will have. that information sang the i found seven will comment navy blue. the sec rumor that is that the new law that had fun jack making people not concerned about losing the headphone jack. >> mark: the efforts are underway to track concussions in children and. this comes after a
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shocking study about concussions that were just released a. plus a major recall to talk about with certain frozen foods. here's a look to the san mateo bridge temperatures are starting to warm up. it is bumper-to- bumper here.
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>> robin: we have no major hot spot there is a lot of slow traffic. and 92 at san miguel bridge is packed as usual. there's a lot estop ago traffic from the nimitz all the way to the high rise. after that is crowded on north south 11. >> james: nasa officials say the clean-air flying airplanes could be coming what's coming on the horizon. there's a plan for a fully elector plane. that is designed as to what it looked like. the quality x 57. senior plain plane used propulsion rather than burning fuel. say it could be on the run within four years. the project is part of nasa's $75 million initiative called new aviation horizons. they want to replace the plains
7:27 am
of the day with technology of the future. >> mark: concussions may be more common than you think with children. they say nearly 2 million kids at concussions from playing sports every year. many of them go undetected or and treated. researchers say highlights the need for a concussion surveillance systems. they want to treat trade at tracking system and see trends in children and adults. >> mark: three new long-term studies says that leaving out a three-year to meet and change that or vegetable such as health plan based foods researchers say that muffins' lead to
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increased risk of diabetes. >> dave: here's a look better temperatures at lunchtime with 85 antioch conquered 82 and the bay shoreline it will be in the mid-70s. we're looking 90 degrees and later on today. >> james: an actor from one of hollywood's biggest franchises dice. have more information coming up after the break.
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>> dave: will hop hot temperatures today and tomorrow. it's done a dandy of a job in the southwest wind eighties in this area helping the fires going on. whatever does have not budged in the last few minutes. the sec in antioch and 60 in concord and matching that in oakland and hayward. wait a run for these numbers into a co-op. here's how bricks down by noon for talking very where temperatures that he's already by the bay. by 3:00 or talking mostly sunny and hot inland with temperatures still in the '90s. >> robin: traffic is slowed just about everywhere. needed to the richmond center fell bridge
7:31 am
is >> james:. the back upstart's of the richmond parkway for the page and picks up on the bridge is. it will be stopping go across as you go. you have no problems getting into the north bay. as a lot have a traffic on highway 4 for those of you directly to antioch and pittsburgh and the point. the jam goes all the way up to the 420 split because of earlier crashes. to 42 is not so bad right after the split in the office 680 that it will be stopped believing concord often non heading into alamo. our earlier hotspot on the small is not to back. >> mark: the massacre at the gay nightclub in orlando is still fresh in the mind of the people in florida. an estimated 50,000 people held candles and like around downtown orlando. they
7:32 am
read the names of those were killed in the club. or chanting that they remembered them. >> james: in the wake of the mass shooting the senate it is up for taking several gun control measures. democrats filibustered force issue to bring it to a vote. the senate will consider the four measures. most local analyst not expect them to pass. >> mark: the golden state warriors lost last night at their historic season came to look and. thus the calves last night. the first time that the capsule or anybody cleveland has won more in 50 years with a major championships. >> james: a judge will hear arguments as to whether to dismiss a charge in zero had neighbor of the sandy hook
7:33 am
shooting. you're never the shooting from the scene. family and nine children or their killed are suing remington arms tickly. and the company knew that the assault rifle was meant for military use and was too dangerous for civilian use. lawyers for the company argue that the lawsuit is barred by federal law that shields gun manufacturers from most lawsuits. >> james: an american man says he says it found more pieces of malaysia flight pieces. that same man says he found some personal items including luggage computer cases and shoot pieces. he found 50 to 20 items there's no way to identify who these items blood to a list of victims can or their families can identify them. >> mark: california fires are
7:34 am
redeeming ready to burn trees that were killed in the fire. the drought killed millions of trees and they're worried that big trees could fill wild fires this summer. the trees bring to high heat that they do not produce. any produce people say that they could possibly release greenhouse gases. >> james: crews will be doing misdeal fighting looking for the west aisle virus. this is an area around highway 7 and ground explain this comes for adults where adults have tested positive for the west aisle virus. thereabout many cases of less i'll fires in people this year. if a mosquito exposure by getting rid of and any standing water or property. also fix your
7:35 am
doors and windows with screens. >> mark: hollywood is more in losses anti-yeltsin the man played check out in the new star trek comes a. said los police say that he was killed by his own car as a rollback down his driveway if the memory. officers say he was pinned against amal box and security fence it. unless clinton meet with friends for a rehearsal. did not show up and they found him dead. he will be in the star trek movie coming. it hits theaters in july. he was only 27 years old. actually not capriole will appear court to testify in a lawsuit involving the wolf of wall street. the capriole will have to give a disposition in the case. the news about andrew green who and he was defamed and was portrayed as a criminal and drug user. the capriotes did not
7:36 am
play a character but the lawyer says is a good position because it had submitted with the screenplay. >> james: and track is train service between oakland and bakersfield. new service will start jackson square and bakersfield. this is and tracks in san likings branch of service. it will help reduce traffic and the population of the eerie as it continues. transportation and oakland to officially holding out news conference to talk about the new servers. now the south bay where new program to combat chattel hundred will start. his children under 8 years of age cannot have access to health and this can choose between six separate locations to receive a free meal at saks to get during summer
7:37 am
break. double-a-3% increase from last summer. >> mark: the warriors will lose game 7 and a cavalier's leave crying. will talk to about the nba finals. listen up the might have free concert take tickets waiting for you. we talked about how you can get those. we'll talk " which froze and vegetables could be too sick.
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>> robin: is a busy writing heading into downtown san cisco in. is backed up at the bay bridge toll plaza. going into the shore freeway picks up on the east japan but is crowded all the way across heading into downtown. the south bay commute as the accident at no. 11 several vehicles are involved there. eight vehicles involved. is it slowing effect only through what you will take 40 minutes to get from 85 to 237 in sunnyvale. >> mark: the national frozen foods corp. is issuing at all voluntary food recall. cities jezebel's could be contaminated
7:41 am
with wisteria we had. photos of the brands were recalled. results at stores nationwide at restores. tween september 2nd of last year and your signature. so far they're not been no illnesses. the scary and cause serious sometimes deadly infections in children or older people or people with weak immune systems. we have a list of the recalled items on our website. >> james: mayes a ticketmaster customers are getting offers for free tickets 6 1/3 year-old lawsuit. the lawsuit says that ticketmaster was charging a deceptive and excessive fees. they deny the charges and have settled the company. will issue $40 million for the tickets to customers who purchase tickets on the web site 2009 and 2013. to master save them to code in
7:42 am
their accounts which can be used for general mission tickets to selected advance and then use. the list of events has not been released we will let you know when the amount. >> james: castries are going down nationwide but there were rising in the bay area. there is but the prices up to 91 per gallon. that's down 68¢ from i year-ago. that is something. people say the reason for a spike is because of the decline of the slot supply and there also was a increase of demand. here's a look at the gas prices are around the bay area. she discovers is a vallejo words to dollars and 80¢ per gallon. in san rose 25. san francisco tops the mall at 299 per gallon. >> dave: as senators be continue
7:43 am
to drive you will want the air conditioning working. will be very hot inland. will be in the '90s. by 5:00 and we are talking mid-80s. mary is might get up to the '90s. in the midland's we're looking at mid 90's. will have more information about the weather coming up a bit kron 4 news continues.
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>>: with that so many moments of joy together. it's like wow or having a moment of sorrow as a team. it's a reminder for small and it's not easy to. win to. as i said things happen and you move on. >> mark: warriors asian is a bit dejected today. >> radnich: it was a good
7:46 am
reaction last night. it's one of those things again and social media is. i loath in their orbit once say the warriors choked. they just ran into an all-time great performance from oberon and >> james:. >> mark: went to curry hit dead game to tie the game and did not have any other baskets after that. >> radnich: i do not believe a the warriors choked. i'm a hard time when a team has been six months the greatest team and everybody said the deer the greatest team of all time. love the warriors. also and that the and you say that the stake. >> mark: we talked about when they're going for the record for the most wins in the industry's. at a time when
7:47 am
others would have had to dress in cruise into the playoffs. they played four games sevens to end the season to get to the 73 went. you think about where the maps? >> radnich: >> radnich: that's been something that every is going to want to point to. i don't know about what johnnie team if you do not want to get that record. the more games they've played more chance yet retired. i believe we have history and from your face you could turn the and the cheek and you have to go for it. >> mark: did the series turned wet loss of enter bobbitt. >> radnich: it turned when draymond green got suspended for one game. then the cavaliers came back to win. it for just one game he would go well maybe this maybe that. they lost three in a row. cleveland took it from
7:48 am
them and was a little better. >> mark: cleveland is the first team to come back from three games to one. the big one here is did the nine losses and regular-season last night was the ninth loss in the playoffs for the warriors. and many losses in the postseason as they had in the regular season. >> radnich: look to me like cory was dragging. either his knee hurts more than a ladder on or the fact that you get injured and then you come back you come back the first night in oklahoma city he was fantastic. then you start reality sets in and you're not understand. i would point to curry not being the reason why they are not chaps. >> mark: i think the still
7:49 am
deserve a parade. >> radnich: we have a joke and say how many people would show up for the parade said of the leather team they're the greatest for a second place operate. of all the teams in the world they are the second best at i do not think there's anything wrong of that. >> mark: as the default the man was an amazing season. redneck >> radnich: teams will think twice about going for the record and maybe jar in this house. i can't believe that is true. nobody has ever led the finals the entire seven games in points and rebounds assessed distills a blocked shots. >> mark: nobody is cried every
7:50 am
much as the braun did last night. i am not hating. he gave a nice speech. no sharks parade and the warriors parade. giants are playing well. >> radnich: the giants taking over and our front and center. it's either win or else and they can get on the giants' bandwagon. it seems like every time the plane gets it there its candidate santiago. >> mark: there are playing very well against the lesser teams. >> radnich: i think that they could win the division of the dodgers to not see very good indebted to the diamondbacks or the padre's. let's get the parade ready for any extra floats for baseball. >> mark: it's nice to see tim
7:51 am
once again played well but not against the a's. >> radnich: it was nice to see what he has left. >> mark: he pitched well. >> radnich: the a's draw about 25,000 crap. he pitched six innings. >> radnich: >> mark: wenner and four hits to strike out not bad. >> radnich: and a test of time die say was back with. we will see how many he will he does with the next few games. >> mark: david ortiz is for heroes and as to under 30 lbs. and he stole a base. wryneck >> radnich: if ortiz ways to 1
7:52 am
1/3 pounds i do not believe it. >> mark: david ortiz told base that gives me inspiration. redneck yugo >> radnich: you go from big speech dealing to happy father's day. >> mark: will be listening to your radio show. will have more coming up on kron 4 nous.
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>> dave: will be a warm morning forced to take. the hot inland. temperature will be well into the '90s. by 5:00 will be mostly sunny and hot 95 agency in the spot. temperatures will be a 65 right now. with 60 in hayward. you want to escape the heat the beaches are a good place to go. the temperature will be in the seventies today there. we have similar temperatures tomorrow. it might be a little bit cooler tomorrow.
7:56 am
>> james: knew this morning the solar impulse is now on its way across the biotech. the solar power plane took off from the york earlier this morning. here's a bit from one was in the bay area early this year. this the first attempt to a go across the atlantic and entirely solar powered airplane. it looks like they're at the controls with two pilots. they'll switch off now and again as they make their way to seville's spain. it think about 90 hours. it is a very long flight of. longest flight to the plane will make in its trip around the world. it was set history as it goes to. the flight was supposed begin is it because it had to be delayed because of a bad weather. >> james: fining door and 82/over the weekend. it had the biggest opening ever for an
7:57 am
animated film. siegel nearly double the first weekend of the fighting nemo. the other big opening was central intelligence and it brought in about 34 and 1/2 million dollars. >> mark: we're just minutes away from the press coverage of the fbi as they get ready to and to tell about the investigation of the land of terror attacks. a scary seeing the warriors found fellow really in oracle. have an update on his condition. get ready for hot weather this this day. will tell you how hot it will get in your neighborhood
7:58 am
7:59 am
>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>mark: lubricants where following out of orlando waiting for the fbi to begin the press
8:00 am
conference with the latest on the investigation into the land of lack of shooting. >>james: we are expecting the fbi to release part of the transcript from the phone call the should make to 9 on wondering that attack will bring that to you when it officially begins in the meantime will go with that one will check with weather and traffic on this monday morning.
8:01 am
>>reporter: 58 going on for napa he would go from about 60 for oakland up to 7478 going on at 2:00 the northern extension the onshore flow acting under the accord and the fact 95 and 85 happened at the bank. >>robin winston: a lot of slow traffic stop and offer to ride into san francisco here in this pack the power to the toll plaza still backed up into the maze on to the upper e sure freeway a motorcycle accident in the lush land not too bad the heavy
8:02 am
traffic, of concord the kitchen to minister competent than them. >>mark: this fell to get back- to-back championships they're losing game 7 against the cleveland cavaliers 20 lead
8:03 am
changes 11 ties during the game right down to the wire a last- minute tied 8989 with a chance for them to take a two-point lead if he got andre iguodala. >>: the united states attorney in the district of florida this press conference was called to was a partial transcript of
8:04 am
calls the shooter had with 911 operators as well as the crisis negotiators with sea-land a police department and the attorney general announced this a partial transcripts we want to release the transcripts but this time to the public would have a better idea of the time line during the morning hours of june 12th and also so you have a better idea of what the long fourth officers on ground them were dealing with and then made the decision to enter into a nightclub in the brave men and women not of the orlando police department and on condition of office the fbi and others should
8:05 am
not be second best. >>: lives are saved because of their heroic workers like to say that to than that will be no questions answered regarding the investigation is in one week since the shooting as you all know this is in various federal and comprehensive investigation of the largest mass shooting the most significant terrorist act since 911 no stone has been left unturned.
8:06 am
>>: tomorrow the attorney general is on to be in orlando she is on to beat briefed on all, buy me a bit of the to the u.s. attorney's office by the fbi she is going to have a chance to speak to the victims and it is my understanding on this and change should be speaking to the press. >>: as many of the suburb of
8:07 am
father's day this past weekend civil were reminded of a lost loved ones and the tragic events that happened on june 12th before we provide of the investigation would like to acknowledge would like to recognize chief john men with their man the police department will provide remarks following my comments on is, some of called part of law enforcement as a sedan banks d s system specialist in charge. >>: the joint terrorism task was
8:08 am
released excerpts you been provided with a general time of their land a police department written communication is was the 52nd conversation between the killer and their land and police dispatchers but we're not releasing the audial white can tell you is that the killer may be smarter statement it did so in a chilling, and delivered ma'am finally a summary of the communication between the crisis negotiator in the shooting had been provided to you in the chief a ticket, some questions after my formal remarks is an
8:09 am
active investigation and remains an active investigation with an extension into a slot we appreciate your patience as refined fax methodically and carefully as you see from a transcript provided few moments ago the killer and the shooter 53 of those identified himself who plans a visit to a terrorist organization which is bent on killing americans and does not represent the religion of islam but a poor review which based on what we know today was inspired by extremist killers.
8:10 am
>>: there are animals and conceivable stress in a briefing assisted law enforcement and bring it to resolution there was no doubt that their actions save lives investigation into the mall behind the killer and those who supported him continues please also keep in mind that the investigation of the chute and exchange watching police and the killers was on bloom.
8:11 am
>>: the conducted over 500 and uses his hair to dam up hundred and 17 vehicles were released to owners and register to family members of the victims or at the nightclub aware of approximately 10 left to return for the success of the piece of evidence were obtained in processed from the crime scene will receive thousands of tips this an hour appeal to the public away as a to continue to call us 1800 call fbi >>: we hope to restore the area in the outside perimeter to the community with another part of this week is a knife to his
8:12 am
experience, all of us and then the do quiet will and among the most local law enforcement professionals.
8:13 am
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>>robin winston: because it is
8:16 am
much heavier than normal for the west on commit the third major on of the major incident with the drive times here 64 minutes and is almost double the normal drive to west a quick check of
8:17 am
11 across the golden gate so far and is required if it will be a good commission headed into will out of san francisco. >>reporter: to, everyone agrees much warmer been going on for today and the high pressure is more repositioned but with this
8:18 am
is a potential 100 degree marks and of to the north bay is spread all over one country for to the east bay shoreline the way is to concede to the north of oakland.
8:19 am
>>mark: the campaign manager is leaving his campaign and according to a spokesperson he will no longer be working for donald trump to men remember he was accused of assaulting a reporter earlier this year but those charges were dropped a surveillance video from the incident he had been the campaign manager since he announced his campaign he was attracted to the seven seas lagoon at the ground floor and resort his father tried to fight
8:20 am
off the animal nine of them as related in the call the body was recovered a day afterwards they have since put signs warn people about alligators and snacks in the area and to stay away from what. >>mark: president obama will
8:21 am
participate in a pan of discussion.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
>>james: she appointed a ban from to the top job the been fired tree and he'd have an effect 10 years ago on the job from a week the latest well as former assistant chief he quit
8:25 am
after just three days on the job he will resume his role as police deputy. >>mark: we have the details and its chief that if this month to talk about the plans for fully electronic fleet of planes here is a quick five more outside the bay bridge, shamus blue skies a lot of sunshine is a
8:26 am
couch with the east bank. couch with the east bank. crystal geyser alpine spring water couch with the east bank. from here to there ♪ to you crystal geyser. always bottled at the mountain source.
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8:29 am
as water is called the past 57 it is a single seat plane uses all the trip ocean the public more will be held for san jose police officer killed a line of visiting
8:30 am
8:31 am
>>reporter: we're talking sunny
8:32 am
and then san jose to go from 6383 and had known of for a did a will reach all to the highest in the mid and design where talk about a bidding harder still will receive 100 + in some spots. >>robin winston: the problem in the east bay clear this up 680 and 24 and walnut creek was a motorcycle accident blocking when lange and just pushed a lot of the way it was a little bit of residual saw what a pleasant hill into alamo is a lot of the
8:33 am
heavier than normal for monday morning. >>james: isis has collected information on more than 75 u.s. air force bases there but the information for telegram distance service early this morning.
8:34 am
>>mark: he discounted tickets to the game and tomorrow's memorial service will be open to the public starts at 11:00 a.m. at it as a key center--sap. >>james: the plane crash caused the death of a plan to shut down all services top of this stop a workstation on their bid to gain than this before noon the and came crashing down on the transfer tracks near hayward that confirmed the crash start a small fire after more than two
8:35 am
hours that began running on a very warm sunday afternoon. >>mark: in order to square miles in just a few hours which is that the california mexico border.
8:36 am
>>james: the family of nine of the children killed rustling remington arms the company knew the assault rifle was meant for the military and was too dangerous for civilian use the company argued however that the lawsuit is barred by federal law that shields the manufacturers from a lawsuit.
8:37 am
>>mark: send them to do include fever headed by ex and rations in the minister exposed by getting rid of standing water from your home and fixing door and window screens that news at
8:38 am
the pump gas prices decreasing nationwide the going up here in the bay area.
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
>>mark: the new service to take people between jack london square and bake as feared this is amtrak's and walking seven daily round-trip service they spent to help reduce traffic of the population in the area as well.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
>>robin winston: we assonance clear but stepped out of the we did concede the drive times to the nimitz is to come all sound and to milpitas fatima's pretty normal not the major agenda from to 38 and stretches out to to 37
8:46 am
come of the south bay one accident and checks were drive time for the south the 237 west another problem told minute trip from milpitas 85 is ok in this matter for the north palm commune the park is ok about 24 minutes for the adverse tried to get from 85 of taiwan. >>reporter: to as high
8:47 am
repositions itself the hundreds of breaking down you can see again welcome for the the better coverage of the nine is all the way up in the north preconceived all the into the hills to the west and covering much of the sock as well. >>reporter: there have the
8:48 am
middle 90s on the board for today when a '90s and upper 90s to 100 and saw a to the senate. >>mark: official said the recent spike in prices due to the supply and greater demand for california's unique blend of gasoline to 80 in vallejo 5¢ more in santa rosa to 87 open 290 in san jose and san francisco almost $3 for a gallon of regular.
8:49 am
>>james: the stitches and pieces were found in madagascar with three of the pieces will fall by an american tourist the same density from some personal items including things like luggage and computer cases he says until he fog in were from 15 to 25 items there was no way to identify who is i belong to he also post a picture same he made to that have the on
8:50 am
father's day this as a second child she and her husband have the 20 month old daughter named charlotte. >>james: and the program and to prevent childhood hunger has started is a free summer full program at the san jose public library. >>mark: we spoke with a sigh of a security expert to find out where you can do to protect yourself. >>gabe slate: he is the site
8:51 am
security expert with mall replaces everyone the to be where this new threat online brands aware of how easy it is infected from normal wear bras and behavior no one is hundred percent safe and their online. >>gabe slate: to clear the hijacker is when it struck the victim to buy prepaid credit card from a convenience store and give them the cold of the card figures for the have the news decline the could be used on most types of payments services backup files anything
8:52 am
imported on your computer and documents pictures and videos back up to next and hard drive.
8:53 am
>>james: on the road in tampa bay taken on the raised this week's series and the denver it was a shaky start he gave the one run in the first but he pitched a critic of six innings and on striking out if this was a tiny run the so sharp to right field and that was the " that took the lead in the eighth against some job and combust opposing will buyback would
8:54 am
continues to in a lot of the outside watching conditions from our studio along the embarcadero loss of sunshine and temperatures starting to warm up.
8:55 am
8:56 am
>>james: if you don't know by now until the story of or forgetful finish and then they doubled the up and we can of the predecessor.
8:57 am
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9:00 am
>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>reporter: intact and my a 70 we're at that number about 4:00 a.m. today showing a modest accord on overtime 67 to care for the delay host the fifth santa rosa 61 for novato and 64, on for san jose.
9:01 am
>>robin winston: because of this accident with a silicon ion and after the mid span of the suspension.
9:02 am
>>mark: then lost game 7 in the nba finals last night to is the first time in 52 years that the cleveland team has won a championship and a glass title
9:03 am
drought dating back to 1964. >>will tran: at the end they made history in for the wrong reasons this still had a chance to win in game 6 that came back can distort wan and historic
9:04 am
season ends with a tarnished. >>will tran: this will haunt him for quite some time he will take from this and learn come back
9:05 am
next season more in a giants continued a little bit later when fine and then for the warriors the coaches will of the players will have one last of the availability to in the season >>mark: this is different
9:06 am
helicopt a partnership that the ambulance ride it appeared to treat the man and said the fans have gone too far at the game and a man in his 20s cab and was pushed over the rally isn't hospital with serious injuries the one has been arrested there asking for information from people, had witnessed the fight this said the gunman was not directed wife on terror groups and he was radicalize domestic when. >>mark: in washington the u.s.
9:07 am
and then had the tech of gun control measures once again to this comes a compass felt the past and controllers stationed after the shooting rampage and send it up in san bernardino. >>reporter: the republican back corner amendment calls from force with notifications and someone tried to buy them from a licensed dealer and a three day delay to check the terrorist connections the democrats backed than some of the and one
9:08 am
on the no-fly this and all suspected of being like we toy inventor reserve. >>reporter:. >>mark: he will no longer be working when the truck campaign you may remember he was accused of assaulting a reporter at a rally early this year president
9:09 am
obama had to bay area this week for a global entrepreneurship at stanford university president obama will participate in a panel discussion with facebook ceo and founder as well as to who hasn't announced yet.
9:10 am
9:11 am
>>robin winston: no engines and look like they're responding to the scene if you need to get
9:12 am
into san francisco prepare for 25 the third man ride getting over to this island. >>mark: the passengers on the bus were mainly from the pommel of the guitar then clamber possibility for the climate in a message to media outlets.
9:13 am
9:14 am
9:15 am
>>robin winston: heading over to the richmond san rafael bridge branch the crass after the toll plaza finally cleared is also a slow rider is behind the toll
9:16 am
plaza of recovering from earlier crash it is i since moved south 101 the problems of sausalito. >>reporter: expect a quick one of going for 60 for concord presence in 63 of the war 60 another they santa rosa is " spot 64 novato not we want to
9:17 am
drive home is the point of the coverage for those nine days that we bring it into an will be bringing dryer and one error so for the east of a shrine to the to or from but '80s from oakland a nice breeze coming in off the bench.
9:18 am
>>reporter: temperatures about mom and in the low 90s by thurston. >>rob black: 90 kingdoms' obviously a very big coming for him to stay at oracle in the european union.
9:19 am
>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>rob black: it is the congress and the senate for the house of representatives in this instance the could be dramatic. >>rob black: the gentle and 75,000,200 million active month the users is losing 290 in
9:20 am
dallas last in and then comparing their own stand-alone music sent this. >>rob black: for a private school is 44,000 is hundred and 76000 cost about is the number-
9:21 am
one thing people are for ... coming out with too much debt not been in the to service and. >>rob black: there were some new house of information going on but then they're excellent and is a positive for the coming.
9:22 am
9:23 am
9:24 am
>>mark: mistake that nearly 2 million kids suffer from concuss as compelling sports every year and an apple circus go undetected and untreated they said tile is the need for concussion surveillance systems
9:25 am
that can to create a system that track concussion rates and trends in children and adult. >>mark: into this help men and they explain that that is not always the case. >>reporter: and is considered a lot to the minor and to supplant the to the average experience heartburn and most people have you know how uncomfortable it can be thises and is the result of stomach acid sneaking up into the esophagus something known as acid reflux certain foods can treat heartburn because the can affect the to estimate as to the pro include
9:26 am
being of a great line down after eating not to mention pregnancy and untreated chronic heartburn can lead to complications.
9:27 am
9:28 am
9:29 am
>>reporter: itasca at 74 concord 1665 the legal 50% was in about
9:30 am
a 6667 for napa at 66 to some of some and was a speech in which teams would have the 6473 by high nowhere at 83 numbers probably and that 94 all time high the breakdown and we're talking sunny but one hot and again and is pretty much will populate all of the east bay area east of the hills. >>robin winston: the accident on the upper deck finally cleared the did not help the traffic behind the auto plants was the on the child in the coming out of oakland they're stuck in the
9:31 am
backed up with a much better on the new eastern spend and the suspension. >>mark: this morning than the cost increase security at the pride celebration. >>terisa estacio: here in san francisco the mayor and other
9:32 am
cities are going to spa the new strategy to increase security for the pride festival of the same time that the will to compromise the fun of the festival the pride parade all of the events surrounding pride has a rich history in san francisco the mayor and city leaders of going to be speaking at a news conference at 1030 this morning. >>mark: write down the city
9:33 am
administrators who have is in charge of all picking there was no and room chief and the national starch and went to find someone if they fired him after she lost confidence in him he had an affair continues to pull a he was in the talk about a week and is now back now the latest the goal of the former assistant chief he quit after three days on the job he will resume his room is police deputy will have a lot more on
9:34 am
the scandal will be have a special section with a store we have done. >>mark: the pilot was killed the stop service between the south and workstation in the fremont station set up a bus bridge for passengers is fully restored by 230 yesterday afternoon
9:35 am
contaminant on a 5% and is a fire burning in santa barbara county the corn to 12 square miles started last wednesday. >>mark: the department said the drought killed millions of trees and there were with the trees to fuel more wild fire this summer that point use large incinerators to burn the tree is the machines are such high he said of the a produce and smoke
9:36 am
his renown as the magnuson when we discover more should a store in oakland two years ago he was able to reunite him with carlos santana ran a segment.
9:37 am
>>stanley roberts: i brought your friend is the only focal back find he was involved in an accident while living worksite on saturday he suffered severe head trauma.
9:38 am
9:39 am
9:40 am
9:41 am
>>mark: things to 13 grow also it was filed in 2003 it was charging excessive and deceptive fees and denied the claims but settled a lawsuit last april, the company will issue $45 million worth of tickets to customers who may purchase on the topside that is down 68¢ a
9:42 am
gallon from last year with the recent spike in the bay area due to declining supply and greater demand for the specific fuel. >>mark:.
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
9:46 am
male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 evening news starts now. >>haaziq madyun: >>mark: and retired in a bid detracted this morning. >>gary: they ran into on all- time great performance i have a
9:47 am
hard time when a team has been six months they've been the greatest team. >>gary: to meet again if your competitor of aptly and you're on the verge of making history
9:48 am
and i think when you have has the right your face and turned the other cheek. >>gary: 50 was one game that had nine losses in the regular season last night with the ninth loss in the playoffs the man in
9:49 am
losses and the playoffs to the have the entire season. >>gary: and if you're not a hunter peseta was rather the steps and i he's the reason may be in they're not champs.
9:50 am
>>mark: was an amazing season when may no one has ever led and the fine of the entire seven games in. rebounds assist stills and blocked shots. >>mark: no one has never cried as much. >>gary: this and like every
9:51 am
time there plans someone in his tampa bang in the san diego is it the parade reticent in extra slopes.
9:52 am
david for use of 200 private rooms he still bass. >>mark: hope you had a great father's day will be right back
9:53 am
on the kron 4 morning news continues.
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>>mark: to receive a free melons not by some of brick mystical man of the program is to serve 200,000 meals this summer, and happened% increase.
9:56 am
>>mark: hear the interest on the fly on a swim to seville spain, to 90 hours to to cross the atlantic and is a single seater plan the uses 14 propellers rather than burning fuel battery power and could be on the runway as the biggest (animated
9:57 am
film in a box office history and nearly double the opening weekend of the 2003 predecessors in the to the police a central intelligence beautiful weather at the beach to have stalled the turn of the bed later a to get in weather and traffic updates anytime stay connected with our kron 4 mobile app,,facebook,and
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twitter feeds.dr phil coming up next have a great day see you tommorow at 4am.
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