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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  June 20, 2016 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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his playfulness was contagious. >> these are the types of san witches you can order. >> i experienced it with him on the set last year. >> my lips really pink too. >> he was downright giddi choe gat their first look at their very own action figures. >> how exciting is it to have your first actionfigure. >> apparently very exciting. completely absorbed. >> i grew up playing with these things. now i haveone. it's just spectacular. >> but beyond anton's playfulness was a serious actor who knew from the time he was a child that no dream was too big, no goal beyond hisreach. >> i want to be an actor, director, writer and philosopher. >> that's 11-year-old anton back in 2001 doing publ for hearts in atlantis.
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he worked alongside robert donny junior. both w mentors. not bad for a child who was born in russia to parents who were professional figure skaters. >> did you ever think you would be a skater. >> no, i'm terrible. >> was that a disappointment to your parents. >> innin think so. i'm trying to live that down. >> you made over 40 movies. >> they don't care. that was their dream for me a they are upset. they are pissed. what he loved best. >> i had the best time sitting here with these people. they're theloveliest, funniest people to around. it's such a privilege to be around such intelligent funny people. it makes the days by so >> got to tell you, looking at that and being there on
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the set, he was such a nice gentle soul. he hung out with me and the crew while he was waiting around. he as just good guy. >> everybody in hollywood reiterating th today. so young. our thoughts prayers go out to his family. last night the cleveland cavaliers won the nba championship. here they are arriv back home in cleveland today. ohio, everyone is just crazy. >> the most v nba game ever. more than 30 million people watching and all of us on the edge of our seat. lebron james crying like a baby. i couldn't get enough of that. all of us women have fallen in love. >> wasn't that something. it was an emotional night. lebron james named themvp. now withhthat title his belt, is he set to become a
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heavyweight herehollywood. >> cleveland is the city of champions once again. >> come back king on the floor years ago he promised his hometown in writing he would brin city their first nba championship. >> i set out a goal to bring a championship to this city. i gave my heart, my soul, my blood. cleveland, this is for you. >> the wins, the tears, the homecoming today. all making lebron an even more bankable star in hollywood. >> sorry to interrupt. his breakout role proved that he's got skills off the court. >> my boy got intimate. sexual intercourse. >> never forgetting where he comesfrom, he insisted on a special scree in his blue collar hometown just outside of cleveland. >> we're in akron, ohio because lebron is hosting us for a
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premier "trainwreck" right here in his hometown. >> i'm excited to bring you all here for t premier. >> thank you for having us. >> lebron showing off local spots to his co-stars and director. >> first of cheers, i love that idea. >> we're shooting a sequel, i think we should do one continuous shot. >> like birdman. >> like birdman. so one continuous shot. >> that sou terrible. >> don't expect much of an offseason for lebron. he has a hollywood empire to build. a deal with warner brothers. entering his third season on stars and now a role in the upcoming space jam mchugh vieov as for "trainwreck" two. >> any time. as long as we don't shoot in
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akron. >> just kidding lebron. wherever you want. >> basketball wasn't the only reason to celebrate this weekend. yesterday was father's day. stefani helped her man celebrate his birthday. >> happy birthday. it waa the big 40 for helping him celebrate all weekend long. posting a throw back as a happy birthday my favorite person i ever met. romantic italian dinner in west hollywood. then a dip in gwen's pool on saturday. now th how you start your 40s. we would agree with that. >> then it was off t colorado in a private jet where blake had at the country jam in grand junction. who did he invite on stage, but gwen of course where they sang their hit go ahead and break my heart. >> where we gwen's three boys?
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they were off to honolulu with her ex, gavin celebrating father's day. >> john legend with luna. happy father's day to the most perfect man luna and i ever ask for. you don't mind diapers. got all the bes perks. >> what a great dad. maybe the reward he gets is a saturday night party in vegas. that is mis ma spending father's day with her ex, nick, their two ones and nick's mom. you think the exs don't along. forget that. leaving the haters in the wind. they want us to be mad so bad. these picks with monroe and morocco say itall. best father's day ever. miley was wearing her emotions on the back. posting this shot in the mirror.
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"hemsworth." her rumoredfiance. she will be with him tonight at premier of the new movie, we are going to be there. cameron i with me right now with the new trend in male modeling which will happens to be having a famous last name. >> doesn't hurt. saw the action week at the show in milan. see if you can guess the good jeans behind these runway standouts. first up, presley gerber son of cindy crawford and ran gerber. he got that steel stair down. mom cindy posted this shot, my little boy all grownup. sister is a model too. >> who better can guide them. i'm be a great guide. >> on the runway,
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19-year-old rafferty law. a spitting image of his father, jude. millennial models also up the front row. lucas jagger. gabri gabriel-ka gabriel-kane. pam didn't encourage brandon to model. later these front row played house band at the after party. oh, to be young, famous and good looking. >> and we are not finished with modeling stars. still ahead, taylor man shows off his hot bod. how tom hiddleston became the new it guy. >> blake lively maternity fashion and which oscar winner
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finding dori shattered box office records bringing in ov $136 million. it was the largest opening weekend ever for an anim
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>> we've all done that before. got stuck at a red light. >> i've full on belted every morning. >> my country comes on, i'm going to get it on. >> i know. reese is just one of the stars. while reese is proving she's so diana is seen p a grocery cart while picking up a few things at the store. big hair don't care takes grocery shopping to the glam side. cher shopping a long
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sooef t and enj some ice cream. wouldn't be cher without some glam. he dessert run just happened to be in the south of france. cameron diaz beating the heat. the laid back actress who usually can be found hangi inin outdoors was found inside getting a pedicure. >> the family threw a joint little mermaid themed birthday party for north west and kourtney's daught penelope. khloe and kylie were also on hand for the birthday party. the party took a glam turn as only the kardashians know how when the guests of honor showed up as littte mermai themselves. so glam and oh so cute. >> go on our website and will
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give you some of o children. blake lively, kelly clarkson. plus, taylor swifts new man strips down. what you don't know about tom hiddleston. why he and taylor be perfect for each other.
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sweetie, call any one of your friends who has internet and have them read us the internet. what? have them start at the beginning. they're not answering. oh, come on! get high speed internet from at&t. keep calm, your internet's on. >> that answers the burning question. does taylor swift's new man wear boxers or briefs. >> a little bit of both. >> nothing, but his undies his photo spread. >> i have a couple questions about tom and now we know what taylor sees in him. >> very dapper as a >> do my best, you know. >> chiz ld cheekb piercing blue eyes and those guns. we can see why taylor snagged
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herself some of this, posing for w magazine. he has been the it guy after playing in the avengers he made his mark on tv as hotel employee turned spy in amc the nightmanager. the sexy role still everyone buzzing that he could be th next james bond. >> any british actor that ge a phone call and they say do want to play james bond, there's no more enticing question than that. he hasn't been asked was play -- >> i've spent a lot of time in nashville. >> that's where they lor cut her teeth and she can really play. >> lover boy is also part scottish and he's an animal lover, perfect for self confessed cat lady swift.
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-p>> we're supposed to be attacd to animals. >> you can't ferg his crazy dance moves. he became the most tumbled about celeb because o the tumblr pages. >> i do like dancing. i'm looking forward cutting a rug. >> i like your mo tom is on the record saying he wants kids, but taylor once aid she's not sure if shh wants to have children. this could be a problem. & >> you know those discussions we have about you overthinkin things. >> i'm going to back up now. >> you bring up babies, you know, baby fever was sweeping th country this weekend from hollywood to washington, d.c. >> i just get more and more pregnant. >> that was chelsea with me back in may. she welcomed baby boy aidan on saturday j in time for father's day. it's her second chi their daughter charlotte is almost two.
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hillary and bill took time off the campaign trail to meet their new gra he has an oscar, gloeden globe and now a daughter. he and his wife hannah announced the birth of their first ch ir iris. kelly clarkson showed her love for husband on father's day tweeting this, cute pi of him holding their two kids. daughter river and two month old son remington with the hashtag, sexy daddy alert. she was flawless in new york. her baby bump barely noticeable. a quick change into outfit number two, giving us major greek island goddess vibes. i'm on of five kids. my husband is one of four. you can go on our website and we
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will give you some of our children. >> there is also a lot of baby excitement on thela. that is because daniela is expecting h second child. eric christian olson is about to become a dadtoo. >> t could be magical. >> daniela are fellow agents and a couple on screen, but in real life, they in-laws. daniela is married to his brother,olson, who is actually the stunt double. eric is married to actress, sara right. they are both pregnant wit their second child. >> the person who has the most challenge from all of this is eric. >> eric, of course. he goes to work and he has to be -- >> he doesn't get a break from film. >> then when home he's with me. >> both are already moms to little boys and their baby girls
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will be born within weeks of each other. >> i have a really great relationship with my mom. she said to me, you know, i would have been happy no matter what you had, but as a mom, i'm happy you get to have the experience of having a girl. >> for her first baby, her bump w hidden on screen. >> how wiil you pregnancy affect your s and what your character is going through. >> i short of gave them the news as we finished is season. it really is difficult to plan around something likethis. they had ha smile on their face. we got this, don't worry about it. >> both ladies have a pregnancy craving. i was walking by this aisle. i want those and helike, no. >> i totally indulge in chocolate. >> making me have cravings right now. daniela told us she's not worried about getting her body back into shape after the baby because she enjoys working out and there's no pressure at work
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because ncifla is a very family oriented show. >> very many nice. brittany spears sister, jamie lin got pregnant. she was just 16 years old. tomorrow she opens up to us about being a teen mom and getting attacked by all the haters and makiig her big back. >> i was about to have a child a lot 16 years old. do you think that someone printed about me p really mattered at that point in time. >> years ago she walkkd away from the spotlight. now we are at home with her daughter and new hubby as she plans her country music comeback. tomorrow.
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next on kron-4 news at eight: more turmoil at the oakland police department. as yet more leadership changes are made. plus. dozens of people. displaced after a massive fire breaks out in san francisco. how those people. who lost everything. are picking up the pieces. i'm steve aveson. i'm pam moore. the news -- at eight -- is next.
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and five million facing alzheimer's disease. join us tomorrow. we are behind the scenes of prison break. opening up about the scare onset accident that left him lucky to be
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he is the victim. the oakland police department >> pam:acting assistant police chief david downing is now leading the day to day operations. as the city searches for a new chief to head the scandal plagued department. kron 4's alecia reid is live at oakland city hall tonight with more on the david downing decision.


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