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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  June 24, 2016 4:00am-7:01am PDT

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that breaking news is referring to the united kingdom leaving the you european union. stock markets plunge and the pound fell to a 31 year low as britain's unprecedented vote to leave the european union sought investors and political leaders around the world. we will bring you all the details throughout the morning. we want to get started off with a check of weather and traffic. >> good morning. we are looking for a continuation of the warm weather as we go into the weekend, but the heat spike
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next week. summer is clearing its throat by then. here is a live look at the bay bridge. a touch of the fog has come across our region. click clearing on the fog yesterday. there comes the fog overnight and it will repeat that clearing process again fairly rapidly. as far as temperatures we are in the 50s about everywhere. santa rosa at 54, we can shave off a few degrees just before sunrise so this is not set in stone. oakland up to about 60 at 8 am and noon reaching around 70 and 73 by 2:00. here is the warm-up off to the central valley that is where the numbers will be baking. a little relief for the east bay shoreline and warming from yesterday.
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the weekend looks like warming up a bit for saturday, a slight break on sunday before a big spike next week. here is the next eight hours. about 78 for the inland regions, further inland the temperatures will spike again. first look at traffic. let's head over to the bay bridge. the ride into san francisco is looking good. a live look at traffic on 580 w. approaching the toll plaza. still nice and quiet all the way into downtown san francisco. also a good ride 92 across the san mateo bridge. traffic is moving really good. no major trouble spots. tracking your ride on the 101 across the golden gate is a good ride and taking a look through the east bay if you need to get over the east shore
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freeway is doing fine the yellow and orange is a false return. 580 macarthur also looking good and >> this is not a decision i have taken lightly, but i believe it is in the national interest out of fear and stability and the new leadership required. there is no need for a precise timetable today, but in my view we should aim to have a new prime minister in place by the start of the conservative party conference in october. delivering stability will be important and i will continue this post as prime minister with my cabinet for the next three months. >> with a little more of 51% the united kingdom has decided to leave the european union. it is the first country to vote to leave the union and as you just heard british prime minister has announced he will
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resign as a result of the vote adding britain will have a new prime minister before october. the british pound has crash to its lowest level in 31 years. pre-vote surveys predicted 64% of voters supported staying in the european union. donald trump in scotland this morning he was there for the grand opening of a new golf course and tweeted this, "just arrived in scotland, place is going wild over the vote. they took their country back just like we will take america back. no games." and had this to say. >> i think it is a great thing. it is an amazing vote very historic. people are angry all over the world. they are angry over people
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coming into the country and taking over. basically they took back their country. >> describing it as a great thing. now let's hear from the head of the uk independence party who was leading the campaign to withdraw from the european union. >> the biggest change is not what is happening in the united kingdom it is what's happening across the european union. we now see in denmark, the netherlands and even italy 50% of those populations want to leave the european union. >> those who wanted to stay are not going out without a fight. they have begun a petition to have a second referendum. more than 65,000 people have signed a petition calling for a second referendum. the markets this morning, the ripple affects our global. wall street reacting as well. let's give you a quick look at how the brexit is having an impact on the british pound.
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it has dropped to a 31 year low the pound. at the time the markets closed the leading theory was that people in the uk would vote to stay in the eu and that is why we had the dow gaining 230 points yesterday. nasdaq was relatively flat. now fast forward to this morning and in the wake of the news to withdraw from the eu dow is down 590 points the nasdaq down hundred and 95 and the s&p down 87. we may be seeing some steep declines at opening this morning. the question now is what happens next. as we said there is no precedent for this. erin mclaughlin takes a look at the process. >> reporter: it is official the
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uk will become the first country to leave the 28 country block and the separation could be messy and difficult taking at least two years probably more. first the uk invokes article 50 of the eu treaty which outlines the process for a country to leave. it is only five sections long but those hold the key to the uk's future and how it is interpreted by both sides will make a world of difference. once article 50 is invoked the negotiations began on treaties and trade deals, everything from fishing to financial markets and immigration. each member state will have their say on every single subject. it will be a complex negotiation. the uk has two years to negotiate its exit and after that it could be unceremoniously kicked out of the eu unless all remaining member states agreed to ekstrand that deadline --
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extend that deadline. scotland has already hinted that it may call its own independent vote so that it can join the eu. the only certain thing about a brexit is that no one knows what will happen. >> you can expect president. obama will have some thoughts on this and he may very well share them today while he is in the bay area. he is at an entrepreneurial summit this morning and we will expect them to reflect on this latebreaking news. locally there will be implications for the present been in town. a lot of logistics around the motorcade. here's what you need to know. >> reporter: drivers have been sitting in bumper to bumper traffic for hours thursday night in san francisco's summit
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district. howard street between fourth and fifth is barricaded while police await for the arrival of the president. he is on his way to the intercontinental hotel. >> why wouldn't you take the helicopter here? >> reporter: some walk four blocks just to avoid the mess. >> the traffic is so crazy that i couldn't even order and uber.>> reporter: obama is in the bay area ahead of the summit more traffic is expected in the morning as drivers had in before 10 am. >> we will be live at the visit and will have details coming up and much more coverage on the brexit vote throughout the morning. the ripple effects are more and more coming to light hour by
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hour. we will have more on that in a bit. other headlines, chaos in congress as the house and senate democrats battle to get a vote on gun control measures. after 24 hours the democrats ended their occupation of the senate floor and say the fight is not over. some movement in the senate, the bill would block people on the no-fly list from getting guns, but give them an appeals process to challenge the denial. many republicans say this does not guarantee due process rights and they are supporting a gop measure that would keep guns out of terrorist hands by requiring the justice department to go to court to do it. here in california an initiative to toughen control laws the proposal by the lieutenant governor will go to a vote in november and if approved it would make some big changes to the current gun laws and here are some of those changes. owners would be required to turn in magazines with a capacity of 11 rounds or more.
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the measure dubbed safety for all would streamline a program to allow police to seize firearms from owners who brought them legally but are not allowed to own them. california would require background checks at the point- of-sale for ammunition. >> it is interesting to me that we talk about background check on guns, but not ammunition. let's remember the vast majority of homicides are committed with people that do not register their guns. they have them illegally, but they legally purchased ammunition. it is allowed us the opportunity to potentially capture those folks from purchasing that ammunition if they have felonies or they are dangerous. >> as we mentioned this is sponsored by gavin newsom. he is running for governor in 2018 and made gun control want of the centerpieces of his campaign. we will take a quick break. even on vacation work can come
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your way. a man's heroic experience. here is a live look outside the san mateo bridge as we take a look at highway 92. travel so far looking pretty good at this hour but with the president in town expect major delays at some point today. robin will be a long to let us know how it is progressing. we will be right back. ♪ so when the carpet is looking a bit grubby i use resolve carpet foam. spray the area.
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with our best-buy rated c2 queen mattress now only $699.99. only at a sleep number store. we are back. we have dave spahr walking us through the forecast on this friday. a lot of events going on this weekend. >> the weather will be warm and sometimes hot depending on your location and time. looks like saturday might be warmer than sunday, but it is early in the next week. look at that action, the golden gate, big surprise there is fog. this is going to mix out as we
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always say quickly. it is a little check-in for you. i will look at our numbers where 54 novato, 53 for san francisco, 59 concord. we had appropriate cooling yet. no 40s on the board although that might change a little later on. let's watch things, just in the predawn hours again this will mix out fairly rapidly. the warm-up, much the same we saw before. you see it happening in the north and east bay, warming happening toward the central valley. this is going to be temporary because we're looking for a warm-up happening tomorrow. that will be a little more pronounced. early next week is a spike happening. east bay shoreline, 87 four
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pleasanton. we are looking for sunny skies today and that should be the story remaining that way. see that lower.? that is from a trough to the west inviting some of that onshore flow. you can see the warm-up happening on the wider map. the cow the pocket of deep heat is being pushed down to the four corners state. we are getting a little break in the action, however, we might see a spike and a breather on sunday and then it comes back to us in force by the time we get to monday into tuesday. saturday, 93 for the inland valleys. the coast should remain lower to midvale -- middle 60s. watch out for those inland valleys, early next week getting quite tuesday. right now it looks like robin has a check of the quiet traffic. >> it is looking good here on
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580 w. heading over to the richmond san rafael bridge. if you need to get into the north bay this morning your commute on 85 and the 101 is looking pretty good. approaching the toll plaza it looks good. a look at 92 your cried across -- your ride across the san mateo looks good. a live look at 101 across the golden gate bridge if you are traveling into or out of it is at the limit so it will be a good ride. sensors show nothing but green in the east bay. no problems in signal. looking good in the south bay. i will have a complete check with a closer look at the south bay coming up in my next report. 4:17. a story about a man who was on vacation with his family but
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that didn't stop him from springing into action. it was a firefighter who was on vacation in hawaii. he was in -- he is home now. he explains how i walk on the beach was anything but ordinary. >> it feels good to help people and know they will be better after you leave their side. mac back on the job days after helping save it elderly woman's wife -- life in hawaii. a firefighter and paramedic he recounts what could have been an overwhelming situation if not for his training and experience. >> we were on our way to the beach just like a regular day. >> reporter: here is the photo of him his wife and two boys hanging out on the island. they were vacationing at the marriott when on saturday ramon noticed a woman lying face down in the water. >> another guy was bringing her
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up and i handed my kid to my wife and went down there. >> reporter: by the time he reached her he said the woman was already in bad shape. >> i later on her back and checked for a pulse and she was breathing. she was having a hard time breathing. she was blue in the face. >> reporter: at least two other people helped out, but he was the most qualified in cpr. once in the sand he said he tilted the woman onto her side so she could spit out some of the water in her lungs before she was rushed to the hospital. >> it feels good to help people out and know they will be better after. >> the woman survived and shortly after her daughter sent ramon a handwritten letter thanking him for saving her mothers life. >> words cannot express my gratitude for what you did yesterday. if not for you i would not have a mother today. thank you for noticing that something was wrong and taking immediate action. that brings a smile to your
4:20 am
face. especially knowing the outcome that she is going to get out of the hospital. >> we are told that woman has been released from the hospital and is doing just fine. ramon, by the way is happy to tell us that his wife is about to give birth to their third child. on two other headlines, there is a new twist to the oakland police scandal. the city has hired a private investigator to find out who has been leaking information to the press. there is a concern that employees might be blowing the whistle on details. oakland civil rights attorney cautioned against taking an action like this. >> i don't think that it is wise to spend a lot of time trying to find out who are whistleblowers when the public wants to know what happened to the police department and how did it happen. i would trust that this doesn't become a dragnet where you
4:21 am
subpoena peoples records and listening on their phones and wiretapping them. i can't imagine that kind of effort taking place and if it does it is fundamentally wrong and i think those of us that believe in civil rights and civil liberties would oppose that activity. >> the city administrator says that her intention is to root out misconduct and prevent coverups not to silence critics or whistleblowers. a major ruling in the death of the gray. a judge has found a baltimore officer not guilty and his death. we first reported that yesterday morning. the ruling led to some angry protest later in the day. freddie great died last year after he was arrested and transported in a police van. six officers were charged in his death. the one that drove the van faced the most serious charges. there were questions about the case against the other officers. mary maloney has the story.
4:22 am
>> reporter: protesters marched after the second police officer was acquitted. >> no police officer has been brought to justice. >> reporter: the driver of the van is a 16 year veteran and faced seven charges including second-degree murder. wearing a dark suit and a blue shirt he stood motionless as the judge read the lengthy verdict. the judge determined mistakes were made but they were not criminal. >> not guilty on murder is essentially you can killed this black guy and no one is going to be convicted. >> reporter: the prosecution said he died from injuries he got from what they called a rough ride. the judge ruled that gray was injured in the van but officer say they provided medical attention once they realize he
4:23 am
was hurt. after the verdict goodson hugged his lawyer and shook hands with another officer. >> while we agree with the verdict in this case we also suggest that the lawyer reconsider her malicious prosecution. we are more than certain that they too will be found to be without guilt.>> reporter: many others wonder if the remaining officers charged will go to trial. i'm married maloney reporting. time 4:23. coming up, some entertainment headlines. ben affleck has some strong feelings for tom brady and calvin harris followed someone special on instagram. here is a look outside. traffic is moving ice at this early hour. we will be following it. robin is keeping an eye on it.
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welcome back. no major hotspots but if you need to get into san francisco there is a minor back up in the cash lanes. the fast track lanes are wide open. there was a minor accident that was cleared, overall a good ride into san francisco. 4:25. ben affleck has some feelings about tom brady. >> reporter: i'm kristin from hollywood and this is the htl daily wrap. ben affleck was a guest on a new show last night. he did not hold back about tom bradys suspension on -- nfl. he thinks there was a conspiracy to get brady. calvin harris and taylor swift
4:27 am
appear to have a the tour breakup last month and intended to stay friends. once taylor started dating an actor he deleted all pictures of her. he started following her again so is it all good or is he trying to keep tabs and stalker with your connection in everyone is talking about the cleveland cavaliers victory parade, an amazing 1.3 million people turned out yesterday. that is three times the population of the city itself. congrats. that is it for the htl daily wrap. >> don't forget you can catch hollywood today live every afternoon on kron4. 4:27 and we will take a quick break, coming up the supreme court has made a decision on obama is immigration reform and its effects and the bay area. here is a live look outside. once again the san mateo bridge.
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the traffic is moving well at least at this early hour. we are keeping an eye on it. we will have another check in just two minutes. i use resolve carpet foam. spray the area. work the foam into the carpet. let it dry, and now you just vacuum! so much better than vacuuming alone and it does the trick! ♪ this is my miracle worker. resolve carpet spray, and it's really easy. just spray it. cover the stain. and all i'm going to do is dab it. and that's it! look! it really comes out that easily. ♪
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@4:30 the breaking news again this morning is the brexit vote. the united kingdom has voted to leave the european union. stock markets plunge and oil prices fell. prince unexpected vote has shocked leaders around the world. that is one of our big stories this morning. as we continue to follow the ripple effects in england, but around the world. as we take a look this morning european leaders are at a loss over the decision to leave the union. department -- the uk should expect no free ride as they
4:31 am
work through this process. they will begin to untangle all of the business contracts, the political contracts and legal contracts between the uk and the european union. that will take at least the next two years to untangle. as we said markets around the world have been responding. futures trading has been it down. dow down. the opening bell will bring at 6:30 this morning and all indications according to the futures market is that we will open sharply lower. we will track that story as well. president. obama is in the bay area trumpeting the value of entrepreneurialism at stanford university talking about globalization and been able to bring in some of the best talent from around the world for businesses. the summit today as you might
4:32 am
expect, he will talk about reaction to the brexit vote. he will talk and stanford today and will tran is standing by live. baltimore's police commissioner is commending residents for remaining peaceful in the wake of another officers acquittal in the freddie great case. he says he is pleased with the peaceful way they are expressing their diverse opinions. the officer who was acquitted had been driving the van carrying great when the young man suffered a neck injury and ultimately died. the worry was that there would be protests and riots in the street. it looks like any demonstrations were peaceful. 4:32. let's talk to dave about the forecast on this friday. >> it is nice to say friday. >> yes, quite warm. early into next week we might
4:33 am
be looking for another temperature spike. here's another look at the bay bridge. we have the fog checking in. the sunsets and we don't have the daytime heating so we don't get so much in the way of mixing. at night here comes. right now are temperatures are in the 50s. we have another hour or so of cooling so we might see some locations revisit the upper 40s temporarily. dictates san jose, concorde 59, san francisco your breakdown, you have that cool breeze out of the west about 15 to 20 maybe a touch less breezy than yesterday. up to 63 into the afternoon. for the weekend it looks like on sunday for the pride parade 10:30 start time and by that time we should mix up the fog and pictures in the lower 60s. mostly sunny, but a cool breeze.
4:34 am
the next eight hours we have inland temperatures reaching about 78 or so, that is over the hills. for the east the numbers will crime -- climb. still chilly along the coast. robin is standing by with an update on traffic. no major problems. it is a good time to take the san mateo bridge. it is picking up you can see the commute traffic on the right. that is coming out of heyward to the peninsula. it is still nice and smooth. if you need to get into foster city, it is looking like a pretty good ride. over 2101 across the golden gate. it is not going to be a problem right now if you need to get into or out of san francisco. that's a good ride. checking in on the east bay. it looks good out there. 580, 680. looking good checking in on the
4:35 am
south bay, no major trouble spots. 237, 17, 680 all checking in hotspot free. in the national news a major ruling from the divided supreme court has effectively blocked president. obama is immigration reform. it is a setback for his plan for the dreamers. that is his word for law- abiding immigrants. >> reporter: the presidents plan would have shielded millions of undocumented immigrants from deportation and given them the right to work legally in the us. >> the fact that the supreme court was not able to issue a decision today sets the system back further. it takes us further from the country that we aspire to be. >> reporter: with one seat empty the high court was deadlocked. a lower court ruling will stand
4:36 am
that the president exceeded his powers. >> this is a win for the constitution, for congress and in our fight to restore the separation of powers.>> reporter: president. obama blame the republicans for stonewalling his nominee for the high court. >> republicans in congress are willfully preventing the supreme court from being fully staffed and functioning as it is intended.>> reporter: the stalemate could mean it would take up the issue again once it is up to nine members. in the meantime the president says his policy will be the same. >> long-term residents raising children who are americans and legal residents, they will remain low priorities for enforcement as long as you have not committed a crime. dan has the bay area reaction to the vote from the high court. take a look.
4:37 am
>> i am enraged because as working-class families we are here to give our kids a better future.>> reporter: the ruling which halts president. obama is immigration reform plan elicited anger among many advocates, but it seemed to strengthen their resolve. >> it is disappointing, however it does not defeat us. >> reporter: the program would have protected parents whose children are in the print -- country legally. >> my mother has tried on multiple times to seek out different forms of relief and she was not able to qualify.>> reporter: her mother is a bay area business owner who came to the us 26 years ago. she says the immigration reform plan that remains on hold was her mothers last hope. >> she has a five-year-old who if she were to be deported we would have to make the decision of whether-who would take care
4:38 am
of him. >> reporter: this group is focusing on what president. obama can do now. >> we are asking for president obama to stop the deportation. >> reporter: this group wants to make it clear that this president has deported more people than any of his predecessors. >> i am an attorney and i am in court every day and i'm defending people from deportation who have lived here for 20 years, people who have family members and are contributing to our community. >> reporter: advocates say they are looking at other venues to reverse this decision and also say the president is well within his rights to put a stop to deportation. still ahead, several residents will be without a home. we will tell you how they plan to bounce back. >> i am at a tech conference in
4:39 am
silicon valley that showcases some of the hottest startups in the valley. i will show you what these companies are trying to bring to market. here is a live look outside . looks like a beautiful start to this friday. we are looking at hot temperatures on the horizon. they will have the forecast.
4:40 am
4:41 am
good morning, time 4:41. here is a quick like at the headlines. starting a company is hard enough. starting in silicon valley is even harder. >> reporter: this is the plug and play center in sunnyvale, over 300 startups work out of this building. >> we help them join the program and go to market faster.
4:42 am
this means introducing them to investors, to corporate partners, to potential customers. mac today is demo day. seen this room you would not think there was a tech slowdown. each startup gets three minutes on stage to present their idea. the room is packed, standing room only and just outside of that there are hands-on expo areas for close encounters and networking. hundreds of bay area startups all in one place. i feel like i am in ground zero of the startup scene. what is the start, how bad is the tech slowdown. >> so many companies popping up, so many opportunities. may be on the investor side they are being more cautious. a little less funding, nevertheless we have not seen a slowdown yet. maybe in the near future but
4:43 am
now it is still booming. >> in general the investments have slowdown over the past few months comparing over the past couple of years. the best ideas get funded and this is what we hear from investors and advisors. as long as it your idea and technology has value then you will get funded. the normal rules apply there is still gravity and we get out there and hustle and make it happen. 4:43 is the time. we will be back with top stories and the breaking news which is the vote from the united kingdom to remove itself from the european union.
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4:45 am
4:45 is the time. here are the look at the headlines. european leaders are at a loss
4:46 am
today over the decision of british voters to leave the european union. the parliament fired an early warning shot saying that britain should expect no free rides as it negotiates its departure under a two year time limit. stock and financial markets tumbled upon news of the vote. we are seeing repercussions play out now. it looks like we will be down at wall street when the opening bell rings. back here in the bay area and oakland police sergeant. will not be facing criminal charges over his girlfriend filing police reports. the district attorney's office has concluded that all evidence was present in each case and nothing was withheld from the defense and they have decided to not press charges. also in california and initiative to toughen gun control laws is moving forward. that was put forth by the lieutenant. governor. and it will be on the november ballot for your vote. if approved it would make some
4:47 am
big changes to gun laws. the major has been dubbed safety for all and would streamline the program to allow police to seize guns from gun owners that bought them legally but are not allowed to have them. let's talk about the weather and give you a quick live look outside. our camera at the golden gate shows a little fog. let's see how widespread that is. >> covering a good bit of the bay and that of course will mix out. it will hardly be noticeable after 9:00. we will be toasty this afternoon although not as hot as we have been and as much as we are going to be early next week. we are in a low period. there is the fog, you can see at the golden gate. we are in 50s territory about everywhere. no one checking into the 40s yet, before sunrise we might get a few reporting stations pop in the north bay.
4:48 am
what is driving things is we talked about this trough, that is providing the onshore flow appear and we will call it warm contrasting with hot stuff. cool weather definitely here and you will see that. this is giving us a bit of a break from the action compared to the warm-up that is coming our way. here is the warm-up, it is still summer. by 12:00 the warm-up happens, it is the far inland areas that will feel the 90s. everyone else should be in the 80s and along the east bay shoreline it will be cool. let's take a closer look at the peninsula for those temperatures. 78 redwood city, palo alto 81, heading to the south bay santa clara at 81, san jose about 83. let's go back to the southwest. here you see the cooler temperatures starting to
4:49 am
evaporate by saturday. saturday will be a little warmer than today. still toasty in the southwest. into sunday a slight break in all of this. just some maneuvering going on here before the big punch. it is reflected in the 7-day forecast. some areas mike clark at 100. we are looking for temperatures to slide again heading into next weekend. robin has your traffic.>> reporter: the traffic is looking pretty good. just a minor wait in some cash lanes on the far right-hand side. see that every morning. no major problems we have one incident near the toll plaza. that cleared and right across the upper deck looks smooth. there is something going on in the oakland mays. look at the map. westbound 80 at the 580
4:50 am
connector there is a spin out that is blocking the right lane of that transition. if you need to get out of emeryville it is blocking up at the scene. it does not stretch into berkeley. i will keep a close eye on it. here is 92, you're right across the san mateo bridge is nice and smooth. no problems getting over to the peninsula. here is 101 across the golden gate, no problems so far coming from the north bay. it will be less than 20 minutes. let's head to the south bay where hundreds of residents will need to start looking for new homes after an effort to save their apartment complex from the wrecking ball failed. they hoped an appeal would stop a planned demolition. reporter visited the complex. >> i like living here.
4:51 am
>> reporter: and she is one of more than 600 people who live here at the reserve apartments in san jose. she along with her mother and special needs sister moved in last fall. she says no one told them the apartment complex might be demolished. they only found out when she saw this public notice sign along winchester. >> at first it was a shock because i was only living here for two weeks. mac what was a possibility has become a reality. the owners of the property have won approval from the city to demolish the 216 rent- controlled apartments here and replace it with 640 market rate apartments along with 8000 ft.2 of retail space. everyone who lives here including her and her family will have to move. >> in april 2017. >> reporter: on tuesday evening the san jose city council considered a last-ditch appeal to stop the demolition. the issue is hotly debated with some councilmember saying that would add badly needed housing
4:52 am
to have san jose. >> if we don't start understanding that the business of housing we are never going to be able to succeed achieving our goals of making housing affordable. mac other council members argued that approving the project would force hundreds of people out of their homes and into a highly competitive housing market. >> think about what the needs are of the residents try to mitigate those needs. >> reporter: in the end the project is set to move forward. the owners are offering financial help to a handful of residents that qualified, but she makes too much money. >> i wouldn't qualify for that even if my sister is in a wheelchair. prices just keep going up. in this area especially it will not be affordable. coming up on the kron4 morning news we will show you how a fathers tattoo made a world of difference for his son. here is a live look outside as we take a quick look at the
4:53 am
view. looking out over the bay. again we are expecting warm temperatures later on in the weekend especially into next week. a little fog at the golden gate bridge. it is not too bad. it should disappear. a full check of the forecast and traffic and your top stories coming up.
4:54 am
4:55 am
welcome back to the kron4 morning news. i am tracking a hotspot in the oakland mays. it is an injury accident westbound 80 at 880 s. that is coming out of emeryville heading into oakland. the right lane is blocked and a traffic alert just issued. it is causing minor delays. if you need to use that it will be crowded. you may want to merge onto 580 instead. i will keep an eye on it.
4:56 am
4:55 is the time. a young boy who is battling cancer is self-conscious about a scar on his head has received some help and to make them feel better his father actually got a matching tattoo of that scar on his head. what fathers do for their sons. this fathers name is josh marshall. he immediately notice a positive change in his son. he entered a contest of the best called dad contest. the picture was a winner. it gained over 5000 votes. sweet. a format -- former nasa engineer has created a nerf gun so large it can shoot a nerf rocket longer than a football field.
4:57 am
i think he will win the battle with his kids. he worked on the mars rover project and created the freakishly big toy to survive the ongoing turf wars at his office. it is -- fires darts made of foam pool noodles. we will take a quick break. coming up the united kingdom has voted out of the european union. we will have the latest. and president. obama is in the bay area today. he will be speaking at the global entrepreneurial summit. will tran will be live with details and pride celebration this weekend which means traffic problems.
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4:59 am
5:00 am
the president is expected to speak with the prime minister david cameron over the course of the next day. obama had previously encouraged britain to remain in the ua -- eu and the exism et polyshowed they would. a big surprise this morning. >> this is a big story worldwide. let's go live now to scott mcclain in d.c. with the latest. scott. >> reporter: well, this is not the outcome that most people had expected. britt an will now exit the european union and it is a decision that is being felt around the world. one of thor world's largest economies will soon be an island to itself.
5:01 am
>> let june 23rd go down in history as our independence day. >> reporter: great bring ton voting by a narrow margin to leave. near 52% to leave. one of the instigators referendum nigel declared victory. >> a victory for all people, a victory for decent people. >> reporter: but while some were celebrating, others were panicking. in a span of just a few hours, the british pound sunk more than 10%, its lowest level in more than 30 years. dragging world markets down with it. bank of england governor did his best to calm the situation saying some market and economic volatility can be expected as this process unfolds. but we are well prepared for this. british prime minister david cameron called the referendum in the first place and fought hard to keep the country in the union. he says he will not be the man to lead it outside of the block.
5:02 am
>> the british people have made a choice. that not only needs to be respected, but those on the losing side of the argument, myself included, should help to make it work. >> so david cameron says he will stay on as prime minister over the next couple of months but expects that his successor will be chosen by october. at that point britain will start the messy process of detainingeling itself from the european union. officially in the meantime, though, the status quo will remain in effect. reporting live in washington, i'm scott mcclain. and we're of course watching the reaction on wall street. what you're looking at here are the numbers where the markets closed yesterday. and at the time, the leading thought was that britain would vote to stay within the european union. that's why we had the dow gaining. but this morning, the dow futures are down by more than 500. nasdaq down 165. s&p down 78 points. so that indicates to us we're looking at a very steep decline when the opening bell rings at
5:03 am
6:30. that's just about an hour and a half from now and we'll gauge how u.s. markets will react to the news then. lots to talk about. >> there sure is. and apparently it's going to be still hot. we'll get to the traffic in a minute. let's talk about the warm weather. >> that warm for the entire weekend, even hot for us on saturday it looks like before things backtrack a little bit on sunday. here's a quick check into the falling. -- fog. we do have patches of fog. we saw it clear out yesterday very quickly. yes a recurrence tonight. it will mix out fairly quickly this morning. the top of the hour, some of these may not have been reflecting the 5:00 hour yet. downtown san francisco at 53. east bay shoreline mid to upper 50s right now. and san jose your break down yets us to the lower 80s by early this afternoon. it is the typical summer warmth. 55 or so inland. 64 it looks like by 9:00 a.m. and already by 1:00 we're talking about temperatures
5:04 am
racing through the 80s. we will tap 90 in some locations in the far reaches of the inland regions. more of those to come on your saturday. right now robin with your hotspot. >> it's in the oakland maze. it's right at the westbound connector to 80 south. heading into oakland, and injury accident here blocking that right lane of that connector. you can see it's starting to back up traffic into emoriville but that's not too bad. at least it doesn't stretch into berkeley. the if this is your commute, consider using 580 or take 980 instead. you want to stay away from 880 sound ramp. chp issued a special traffic alert for this one. it's causing a minor delay. spotted a problem on south 680, there's an injury accident that has the right lane blocked near the truck scales. it's already jamming up traffic behind the scene. no major delays getting through so far. now back to the news. >> all right. thank you. 504 is the time. president obama is waking up in the bay area this morning as he
5:05 am
gets ready to speak at the global entrepreneurship summit. kron4 was there yesterday evening. you see the president there getting off the plane. look meeting nancy pelosi. >> this is his third visit this year. president obama was greeted by like you said not only pelosi but the mayors of san jose, mountain view, sunniville, and then there's a santa clara board of supervises there as well. so getting off the plane being greeted by a lost dignitaries. a preview of what we can expect a preview of the president's speech day. good morning, will. >> reporter: james, this is the seventh installment but the last one for president obama. he was here about a year and a half ago. he obviously will be the keynote speaker right behind me. he will speak in a couple of hours from now. he will be met and you talked about who he met yesterday.
5:06 am
but today he will be met by global leaders. entrepreneur who's are here at stanford university to present their ideas, their bright ideas for a better future. president obama will speak at 10:45 this morning. and then he will personally meet with founder of facebook mark zuckerberg, the ceos of google and yahoo and a couple of other silicon valley businesses before he departs the bay area at 1:35 this afternoon. but he is trying to squeeze so much into it, not only is this summit going to be streamed live for people around the world to see, he will also be here to raise money fort democratic party and then he will leave this afternoon for seattle where he will do the same thing to raise money for democrats as well. so it's -- stanford university is pretty much under lockdown. we have our camera in there. once he starts to speak, we will stream it for you life. he is in transand he will come down here in -- san francisco and he will come down. this is obviously a big deal for silicon valley.
5:07 am
they get to meet him they get to tell him what they would like for a better business future for them as well. and a better business fouch for them means better for employees. back to you. >> all right. thanks a lot, will. traffic because of this visit is going to be a mess in san francisco this morning. the president is staying in the city and then he leaves for stanford later this morning. >> don't forget, too, we also have the pride festivals going on this weekend where they expect a million people or more in san francisco. and that of coursing is going to clog super streets. >> yeah, i'm here at howard and fourth street. even at this early hour, there's lots of activity. i'm going to step out of the way so you can see what's going on here. there's so many police officers out here because the president is staying at a hotel south of market. i've seep lots of police vehicles here. i've also seen some secret servicemen. take a look at some video we have of the impact that the president's visit had on traffic yesterday. i can tell you this is going to
5:08 am
impact traffic in this area which is -- can already be a headache on a regular day. the president will be here until later this morning when he leaves for an event at stanford university. here are the streets to avoid because of the closures. fifth street between mission and folsom and howard street between fourth and fifth. streets here won't reopen until mid afternoon. but the president's visit isn't the only event that will impact traffic here in the city this weekend. this weekend is san francisco's annual pride celebration. with that comes a host of street closures that will remain in effect until monday. there's a celebration at civic center, that starts tomorrow at noon. and the parade is on sunday, along market street. now streets around civic center will be starting to close this morning at 9:00, fogged by another round of closures tomorrow night and lastly, another round of closures on saturday night. this year, pride security is expected to be heightened after the deadly mass shooting at an orlando gay nightclub that
5:09 am
killed 49. so if you're going to be driving through the city this weekend, be mindful of these closures. you can check out to see a list of all the streets that will be closed because of pride. >> thanks a lot. we'll check back with you throughout the morning. and make sure that you have our kron4 mobile app. because again, it's one of those things where you just never know when traffic is going to pop up. >> it's color coded you'll know where all the hotspots are. speaking of hot. here is a look at some of the pride events happening this weekend. the trans-march starts at 6:00 tonight. that's it. deloris and 18th streets. there's going to be a brunch and rally before that march starts at 11:00 a.m. this morning. and until tomorrow is the official start of the 36th annual pride celebration running from noon until 6:00 p.m. at civic center plaza. the pride parade, again, it's sunday and it's at 10:30 in the morning on mart street and beale. it ends near the civic center
5:10 am
area. the second day the pride celebration starts there at 11:00 a.m. so they've got stuff going on. don't think it's over when it's over. there's stuff going on all day long still ahead on the kron4 morning news. firefighters battling an explosive wildfire. that has destroyed dozens of homes. we'll have an update on the progress the crews are making this morning. >> and later, jeep is facing a massive lawsuit after star track actor anton yelchin was crusheds by his chair chi. >> after the break, rain and thunderstorms are pounding virginia this morning, bringing record flooding. we're tracking that storm system as well. >> and we're still looking at a breakdown for you in oakland getting to the middle 70s by the middle afternoon. mild and pleasant we'll call it that. a little bit warmer expected for your saturday. but getting really hot again early next week. robin. >> i'm tracking a hotspot in the oakland maze. westbound 880 south. an injury accident chp issued a
5:11 am
traffic alert for t all the details coming up after the break.
5:12 am
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5:14 am
. we're back time now 5:13 as we take a look at some national weather headlines from around the country. severe thunderstorms led to some heavy rain and flash flooding in virginia. you can see here just how bad the situation was. authorities are desperately searching for a young boy who was swept away by the high waters yesterday. it's all happening about 80 miles north of roanoke and the worst isn't own. in fact, the national weather service there could be record flooding of the jackson river. it's expected to crest at 23.5 feet. emergency officials in this area are urging people who will live there to get to higher ground now before the -- the water runs over the banks. the last time the jackson river flooded this much was back in 1985 when the water level reached 23.3 feet. so again, the situation pretty bad out there with all that deep water. >> i leave the country and the world goes to pot. we've got eu stuff happening,
5:15 am
rain and crazy weather nationwide. >> welcome back. >> i'm sorry. >> what did you say to them over there? >> they were like, we're out of here. >> okay. so anyway, we talked about aul the rape, james was talking about in virginia. now you can see from this blob of clouds in southeastern tennessee a heavy squall line on. the general idea with when a drive home is basically outlining a front that's dropping over the east coast and it's somewhat typical. you have a trough in the east and i have a high in the west no kidding with all the heat we've been having. our temperatures 50 pretty much. half moon bay, you've got 54. 57 san jose. livermore at 55. we're looking still for temperatures in the far reaches of the far inland areas to still reach around 90 or so. but many locations in the east bay will probably stay in 80s territory for today. there's the big warm up you see. stockton and central valley. we're still kicking on that a
5:16 am
little bit of that on shore flow we've been talking b less of a factor tomorrow probably. 66 today. downtown san francisco, twin peaks you're looking at a pair of 67's. half moon bay coming in about a 61 pacifica at 64. still reflecting the onshore flow program. now we go to the southwest. here's the bubbling up of still the hot stuff. you can see a little bit more dented as you'll notice. that's because of that flow pattern we talked about this trough up in the northwest that's providing the onshore flow. enough to continue to shave off a few of those nasty degrees from our standpoint. but again, by saturday, because the positioning of all of that, we won't have that influence as much. and up go those temperatures ever so slightly for saturday. backing off a little bit or sunday before we start to respike again. let's go ahead with your planning forecast as it lines up hoar for us. we look for the really big spike happening here monday into tuesday. there is that outside chance, perhaps, in the far reaches of
5:17 am
the east bay. we may reach the sea note. meanwhile in the bay, look for temperatures to return to middle 70s to upper 70s in the coast. still hanging notice lower 60s. do we still hotspot talk? >> we have a back up. it's an injury accident westbound 80 at the 880 south. it's still block the right lane. chp issued a traffic alert for it. they hope to have it out of the way by 6:00. with that right lane blocked, it's backing up traffic. it's not a major delay so far. that could always change. but if you need to use westbound 880 you can always hop over to 980, the 980 connector instead of 880 south. that will help you get around that blocked ramp there. 580 looks good. no problems for 24 and coming from. just a small stretch. let's head over to seminole. look at that heavy traffic. approaching the truck scales an injury accident working one car,
5:18 am
smoking heavily. crews on scene. it's picking up. it's starting to back up near an district attorney at this. it's 16 to get from dublin. the back up is growing. heading into san francisco it's a great right here approaching the bay bridge toll plaza. after that, it's a great ride through the pay gates, across the upper deck. no problems into downtown san francisco. >> thanks a lot. it's 5:17. breaking news. firefighters perfect scrambling to get the upper hand on self massive wildfires that are burning. including a new one that's already burned about 60 homes. it's called the ers coin fire. it started late yesterday afternoon. overnight it quickly grew to more than seven square miles. this is new video that we're showing you this morning of the massive flames that were burning overnight. that fire is burning in the lake isabella area of kern county. and they say that 80 structures, actually, have been destroyed right now, including 50 to 60
5:19 am
homes. and another 1,000 homes are threatened at this hour. highway 178 at highway 155 is closed. and evacuations have been ordered for several communities in that area. >> also, following the latest with the other fire that's burning, the border fire, good news for people impacted by that. it's burning near the california, mexico border. all evacuation orders for the fire have been lifted. five homes and 11 outbuildings have been destroyed since that fire broke out on sunday. more than 11 square miles have burned. the fire right now is at 35% containment. >> firefighters have made more progress finding the complex fires. two fires are burning in the san gabe yell mountains. those fires have burned more than eight square miles combined since starting on movenlt this fire is 15% contained and the firefighters there are worried because winds could pick up in that area. they're still optimistic they'll get control of it within the next few days inch the last fire
5:20 am
to update you on is in santa barbara. they have not actually contained the fire yet. they're close. they're hoping for full containment doctor or they were yet. their still about 93% containment. so they've already surrounded it. firefighters say what's left of the fire is burning in steep terrain that they really can't get to by foot. so they're using helicopters and dropping water from above when they can. it doesn't appear to be a major threat anyway. to any buildings or populated areas. the popular state beach was closed because of that fire. but it's expected to reopen to the public tomorrow. and speak of firefighters, a firefighter is being credited with saving a woman's life while vacationing. now he's back from his trip and he's sharing his story. >> it feels good. it feels good to help people out and know they will be better after you leave their side. >> reporter: back on the job just days after helping save an elderly woman's life in hawaii,
5:21 am
a 2.5 veteran of the fire department, apprentice firefighter and paramedic recounts what could have been overwhelming situation inot for his training and experience. >> we were on our way to the beach, just like a regular day in hey what hey. >> reporter: here's a -- in hawaii. >> reporter: here's a photo of his family hanging out. the family was vacationing at the marriott vacation club when on saturday ramone noticed the woman laying face down in the water. >> some other guy was bringing her up, bringing her in, so i handed my kid off to my wife. i went down there to assist. >> reporter: by the time he reached her, ramone says the woman was already in bad shape. >> laying on her back, checked for a pulse. she did have a pulse and she was breathing irregularly. having a hard time. she was blue in the face. >> reporter: at least two other people ramone says helped out but he was the most qualified in cpr. once in the sand, ramone says he tilted the woman on to her side so she could spit out some of the water in her lungs before
5:22 am
she was rushed to the hospital. >> so good to help people out and know they will be better after you leave their side. >> reporter: the woman survived and shortly after the incident, her daughter sent ramone a handwritten ler thanking him for saving her mother's life. >> words cannot express any gratitude for what you did yesterday. if not for you, i would not have a mother today. thank you for noticing that something was wrong and taking immediate action. truly. it brings a smile to your face, you know. especially knowing the outcome that she was going to get out of the hospital. >> reporter: if he had to to it all over again, alone moan says he swront changed a thing he's just thankful the woman made it out alive. still ahead on the kron4 morning news an oakland homicide girlfriend who let his girlfriend file police reports for him is not going to face criminal charges. >> next if you feel like you're
5:23 am
being overcharged for cable tv, you're right. we're going to tell you why after the break. >> and a live look here at a fabulous friday morning commute if you're heading out the door at 5:22. that's an early friday morning for you. and we're all with you. we'll be right back with more in a few minutes.
5:24 am
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5:26 am
this according to a new senate survey. and they say that satellite and cable companies are soaking us. the report specifically call out time warner cable and charter communications. the reports estimate that time warner cable is overcharging customers by $2 million combined this year. charter has been overcharging its customers $400,000 per month. both companies say they are working to address the issue. >> i am right there with all those people. last week, cut the cord. >> did you? >> i'm internet only now. >> and you could also get an antenna. >> you could. >> jamesy. so i watch threw the mobile app like my in laws do. but it's all -- i don't know, we're experiment experimenting with it. it's an adjustment for the kids because some of their favorite shows are on cable. we'll figure it out. like a lot of people are growing -- >> i'm going to call cps for
5:27 am
you. if your children have no access to the kardashian show. also today, too, we have people who drive jeep grand cherokees now are hitting fee at chrysler with a lawsuit. this is all in the wake of that death of the star trek actor anton yelchin. so a civil rights law firm filed the suit yesterday. that's what happened in yelchin's case his death brought national attention to this gear shift issue. when he was crushed-by-his own jeep. the situation was his driveway is on a steep incline. he tom the car, got out, walked around to the back to check something. we don't know what. but then the car slipped out of gear, rolled back and crushed him. so the lawsuit claims the defect in the jeep affects about 800,000 cars. those vehicles including 2014 and 2015 jeep grand chair can is. the 2012 through 2013 kries ter le hundred. and the 2012 through 2014 dodge
5:28 am
chargers. those cars now have been recalled. coming up next on the kron4 morning news on a friday morning. presumptive republican nominee donald trump is already weighing in on early this morning. he was talking about britain's decision to leave the eu. maybe you were sleeping and missed it. but we got it and we'll have his comments next. plus breaking news overnight, two sheriff's deputies shot in southern california. we'll have the latest for the search on the gunman coming. >> here's a look at the temperatures. san jose you're scratching to lower to middle 80s. summer warmth is here. temperatures will back off ever so slightly for your sunday. i'll have the details. kron4 morning news continues.
5:29 am
5:30 am
. welcome back. 5:30 and it's a friday morning.
5:31 am
what a relief after a long week. one-day week. >> welcome back. >> i hope we can make it through the day. >> i think so. typically we have friday-like traffic. we're already talking about an hotspot. >> an accident right in the maze. let's take a look at the map here. fine and quiet where this -- before this popped up. on to 880 south heading into oakland right smack in the maze an injury crash has the right lane blocked and the back up is growing bit minute. when it first happened it was a minor back up now it's starting to jam up out of berkeley. so if this is your commute, maybe you want to get to oakland or san francisco, you should leave early. if you need to get through oakland, 980 is your best alternate. use 980 instead of 880 south. the original trouble spot just cleared. south 680 at the truck scales. traffic is recovering, but the back-up is growing. it's beyond 84.
5:32 am
now your drive time is up 22 minutes now from dublin to fremont. dave. >> robin, thank you. good morning, everybody. and a look at our temperatures as we stand now. pretty much still in the 50s. didn't anybody drop to the 40s. we may still do that technically at the top of the next hour. 55 napa. these places will revisit well through the 80s. but have that shot at maybe some areas might see even a 90 or so happening today. back to the east bay, a shoreline for oakland mild and pleasant we'll call it. those temperatures reaching the middle 70s ultimately for a high. we'll have a little bit of that onshore breeze still with us. the game plan is that patchy coastal bay fog at work. even some patchy drizzle in some parts of the coastal peninsula. still warm at noon. by the afternoon we have that chance of a few spots of maybe reaching 90 degrees. a tad warmer, however, for your saturday. we'll have details on that coming up in a bit. >> thanks a lot. and at 5:32 on to the breaking news that wee covering this morning.
5:33 am
the votes have been counted and great bring ton and history has been made. britain's voted to leave the european union which is quite a surprise. >> absolutely. financial markets, everybody involved in that woke up this morning and immediately began reacting in a negative way. this was around the world. one of the world's largest economies will soon be on its own. voters in great britain. and it was a narrow margin, too, 51% and change voted to leave the eu. that's all it took. nearly 52% of the vote. 48% voted to stay. >> think of all the money. so now we have -- i have to go change in my 84 owes for pounds, right? >> that's the thing though. the value of both have really fallen through the floor here in the wake of this vote. one of the investigators -- or one of the big pushers of the -- of the leave party said that they wanted to again gain their independence. and it's funny how a lot of the talking points seem to follow right along with what we hear here in the states with donald
5:34 am
trump. a lot of nationalism, a lot of securing the borders, air lost immigration. >> right. >> push back. >> and while the people voted for this, their own prime minister didn't want it. and so he's redesigned, which was a shock -- resigneds which was a shocker. >> let's take a listen to this. >> this was not a decision i've taken lightly. but i do believe it's in the national interest to have a period of stability and then the new leadership required. there is no need for a precise timetable today. but in my view we should aim to have a new prime minister in place by the start of the conservative party conference in october. delivering stability will be important. and i will continue as prime minister with my cabinet for the next three months. >> well, now the economic impact of all of this in spain, just a few hours, the british pound sunk, i should say in a span of just a few hours, the british pound sink 10%, brought it to
5:35 am
its lowest level in 35 years. it's like a $1.39 right now. it was like $1.50. $1.50 u.s. dollars equals one british pound. >> so you're saying it's a good time to travel because we will get more for our money. >> right. the so here is where things are headed on wall street. keep in mind this is what it looked like britain was going to stay in the eu. the dow ended up 230 points up over 18,000. nasdaq was flat at 4910. s&p up 27. at 2113. >> so the current dow futures again we're about an hour ahead of the opening bell. it's down over 500 points. >> that's a big change. because everybody woke up and suddenly they're not. >> that's what we thought. we'll be talking throughout the day about the financial impacts here. >> yeah, when we went on the air this morning, at that early hour here in california, our time, prep sump tiff republican nominee donald trump was
5:36 am
speaking. he's right now in scotland. and he tweeted out this response on the brexit vote, they call it the britain exit. just arrived in scotland. el the place is going wild. they took their country back just like we will take america back. no games. a majority of voters in scotland were in favor of staying in the eu. but because they are part of the uk they are being forced to exit. now they talk about scotland and ireland. >> that's the uk. >> right. >> the rim effects are far-flung here and a lot of quarters of europe and the uk are going to feel the evenlths of this. who knows -- effects. ireland now because you've got northern ireland, southern ireland. now they're putting up borders again with chick poibts. so now -- checkpoints. they're talk again of starting that reune fiction campaign. >> the world is in a 'tissy this morning. in the meantime here in the bay area and we're following
5:37 am
california news, there are two southern california am sheriff's deputies recovering. they were shot and the gunman is still on the lose. >> so this happened in bell flower. this is video from the scene. just came into our newsroom moments ago. so we're sharing it with you for the first time. you can see more than 40 patrol cars responded to the scene. a lot of lights flashing there below. spotlights illuminated homes as police converged on the area near that shooting. the sheriff's department says the shooting happened just before 11:00 last night. the deputieser were rushed to the hospital. no word on how they're doing this morning. so we're still looking for that update. investigators say the gunman got away. they haven't released a detailed description of the shooter yet. that's something they're working on right now. an oakland homicide detective facing discipline or letting his girlfriend file his police reports isn't going to face any criminal charges. he was placed on leave several weeks ago of the department's internal affairs unit started an investigation. he's accused of letting his girlfriend transcribe recorded
5:38 am
witness super views for him -- interviews. the d.a. says there is no law against letting another person transcribe witness recordings. but the prosecutor says that gantt will still likely face internal discipline for what he did. this comes as the department is dealing with an ongoing sex scandal and with racist text messages. chron four was the first to break this in uz that several officers were accused of sleeping with a call girl while she was under age. all right. we'll take a quick break. everything we talked about so far, just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the news of the day. when we come back, crews are cleaning up a large oil spill in southern california can. find out what may have caused that leak. >> and we're also following the latest with drones. they're becoming a big problem for firefighters. weevil tell you how. firefighters are hoping to use your smartphone to keep drones away from firefighting aircraft.
5:39 am
5:40 am
. welcome back to the kron4
5:41 am
morning news. the time is 5:40. a little bit of good news. our hotspot in the oakland maze just clearedful -- cleared. look at the map. it was an injury accident blocking that connector. so it's all gone. a little bit of a residual delay coming out of berkeley. it's off and on back from university. but it's much better. 18 minutes from hercules to the oakland maze. thanks a lot robin enthe time is 5:41. in the south bay hundreds of san jose residents are going to start looking for new homes after a last-ditch effort from saving their complex. >> sad story them. they were hoping an appeal to the city council would stop demolition. but that appeal was denied. so more than 600 people who live there at the reserve apartments along south winchester boulevard are going to have to move. gray star retail -- or real estate partners are won approval from the city now to demolished that rent-controlled apartment complex and replace it with 640 market rate apartments and
5:42 am
retail space. and current residence there have until next april to find somewhere else to go. and here's some of the stories we're working on for you for the kron4 morning news at 6:00. we're now less then an hour for the opening of the markets here in the united states following that vote by the u.k. to leave the union. we're talk going to talk to a financial expert about how the vote will impact your financial future. could this impact your 401(k) san francisco. >> another big name backs out of the olympics. why lebron says he's not going to go to brazil. >> an iconic voice returning to the bing screening. the big casting news just announced by disney. >> still remaining warm today, kind of the breakdown for you as we see inlands reach already the lower 80s. we could scratch still snt but a bigger warm up is expected. i'll have the full forecast when the kron4 news continues.
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
. 5:44 is the time. here's a -- here's a quick look at the top stories. europe i don't know unor leaders are at a loss today over the decision by british voters to leave the european union. the parliament fired an early warning shot, britain shouldn't see any free rides as it negotiates its departure. the eu may make an example of the united kingdom and make it very difficult as a warning to any other country who is contemplating exit. stocks and other financials
5:46 am
tumbled. >> we're waiting to hear the president as comments. he's talking at stanford. so that is a breaking news and live developing story. we'll be following here on the news. we'll here what he -- hear what he has to say. >> we're following the very latest this morning with the fire that's burning right now in kern. you can see the pictures on your screen. again, we're looking for hopefully some better containment numbers on the part of firefighters. but this is a new wildfire. 60 homes from burned near bakersfield. it's called the ers kin fire. it started yesterday. and overnight, the fire crew to seven square miles. it's burning in the lake izz bell area. time now is 5:46. we want to check in with robin and get a look at the friday morning commute. >> it's looking better. the hotspot is gone. so that is great. >> it's friday and that helps. >> we're back to friday-like conditions. had this been a regular weekday it would have caused a little
5:47 am
bit of a back-up. here is a slow down at the toll plaza. it's backing up toward the end. it's not through the maze. it is a great ride roots upper deck into downtown san francisco. so if you need to get in this morning, yes, you'll have a little bit of cooper but it's not going to be a bad ride here for. in the maze, that was our earlier hotspot. westbound 80 to 880 south. it was an injury accident that had the right lane blocked. it's gone. just a little bit of slow traffic coming out of berkeley. the drive time not bad at all. looking at 18 minutes to get to the oakland maze. that's a great drive time. 680 is recovering from an earlier crash. this was southbound at the electric scales. traffic is backed up beyond 84. it's yellow and it's orange. so that means moderate traffic. only 24 minutes to get from dublin out to freement fremont. -- fremont. 205. merging on to 580 west. that's normal. no, contracts or stalls there. but after the -- coming through
5:48 am
livermore valley, it's smooth sailing. so only 25 minutes from 205 to the 680 split. a quick check of 92, maybe you need to get across the bridge this morning, it's a little crowded on the right. that's traffic coming out of hayward. no trouble spots heading into foster city and san mateo. good morning, good morning everybody. as you saw from the bridge cams that overcast sky, is low lying clouds from the fog that we have. that will be mixing out fairly quickly for today. probably giving us a little bit of relief as we start the day. 52 for half moon bay. 50 for nevada. we don't see any 40s on that map. so what helped out on the middle of the week here, we have that trough up in the northwest, cool weather. that provided an onshore flow from our vantage point. turned our hot to warm for many locations. 80s have been pretty much the trend for a lot of the inland spots until you get real far inland. that will be the trend again today. a couple 90s will pop here and
5:49 am
there. in central valley where the hotspot will be. then along the peninsula. we have at a lot of rather greens going on there. so we're still getting the influence of that onshore flow. that will weaken as that trough repositions. so actually a little warmer it looks like for tomorrow. east bay temperatures today 76 oakland, matching that for hayward. dan vill about 89 in livermore 89 as well. you can see these upper 80s kind of flirting with 90s degrees. again, expecting tomorrow to be a little hotter on that front. in the planning forecast, it does reveal that there's up to 93 or so, 91 will do it for sunday. but then the real warm-up happens early -- into next week. it looks like for a couple days as we gradually reduce temperatures next week, it looks kind of interesting as we finish off next week because we may be talking about already it's not even july 4th monsoon. we'll be having more details on that coming up. james. >> all right. good enough.
5:50 am
the thank you. at 5:49 let's get you updated on another big story we're following which is an oil spill in southern california that came very close, actually, to reaching a beach. this is ventura county. pretty large in size. oil started coming out of a pipeline yesterday morning and flowed toward the water. crews believe about 700 barrels leaked which is about 30,000 gallons. now at first crews thought they were working with a bigger spill. some hubs were upwards of 200,000 gallons. but again that's not the case. this is much smaller. a representative of the company say the leak happened near a valve. are crews were actually working to change out valves on that line on wednesday. but investigators don't know if the valve in question is one that had already been changed or one that was slated to be changed. the. intart moving forward with plans to develop the areas around two stations. the board of directors has approved an agreement with the development group out of the west oakland station and they also improved an impact report. the in west oakland the
5:51 am
developer plans to build housing, officers and retail space. there are plans for a hotel, restaurant, shops, and veteran's housing. people who opposed the west oakland project say the development would drastically reduce the size of the parking lots which are frequently already full. speaking of bart, efforts to encourage bake biking is paying off. more people are riding their bikes. 67.4% of riders used a bike to get to or from the station last year. and that's up from five -- or 4.5% back in 2012. the next six years, bart expects that a tenth of its riders may be biking to the stations. bart's new fleet of the future cars will accommodate the increase in bikers by adding more bike racks, the new bart cars with expected to go into service later this year. 5:51 is the time right now. and federal authorities are working on a high-tech solution to prevent drones from interfering with the pilots who
5:52 am
fighting active wildfires. the u.s. interior department says it's working with drone makers and with mapping companies to create a smartphone app that would alert drone users if there are flight restrictions in effect. the agency says the next step is to activate systems that would automatically prevent a drone from entering a temporarily restricted airspace. there have been three drone sightings in utah in the past week that have grounded firefighting aircraft battling fire. 5:51 is the time. we'll take a quick break but coming up, the annual pride celebration is coming up in weekend in san francisco but it could cause a lot of traffic problems for you. so we've got team coverage to help you get arrange. that's coming up -- get around. the warriors grab a new center on draft night. we'll tell you who, coming up next.
5:53 am
5:54 am
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5:55 am
. welcome back. the time is 5:54. and david is takeing look at the weather. >> let's take a look at this. for right now, we stand pretty much in 50s territory at 53 san francisco, oakland at 57. 55 going on for hayward. and a look at how it kind of plans out here for you today. still warm by noon. 90s for the far inland reaches. the parade going on for sunday, by 10:30 a.m. temperatures will be in the lower 60s. mostly sunny with a cool breeze. 5:54. and let's talk baseball. the giants wrap up a seven-game road trip with a win over pittsburgh. joe panic hit a bases loaded triple. williamson launched a 446 home run. and san francisco beats the pirates 5-3. take a look at that one go. suarez gave up two earned runs. en giants took three of the four
5:56 am
game series in this one. so they've won 12 now of their last 14 games. >> as for the a's taking on a familiar face in anaheim, there he is. timmy on the mound. >> i've been waiting to see him. second start and it didn't go so well. >> he got rocked, actually. rough start, in fact, timmy was yanked in the third. marcus sim i don't know opened the scoring with a three-run homer. chris davis extended oakland's lead with a solo shot in the fifth. a's actually able to hold off a large charge to preserve the win. >> and then there's the draft. aly dij@ vu for the warriors. in exact repeat of the 2012 draft. the warriors do use their 30th pick to grab a center for vanderbilt. this time, well -- now last night, it was 7'0" dame yoen jones and averaged 13 foy three points in three seasons -- 13.3
5:57 am
points in three seasons. he is second on the all-time blocks list. so they're good and they also acquired the draft rights to patrick from the bucks in exchange for cash. >> good enough. 5:fix the time. lots still ahead here on the morning news. president obama in the bay area this morning. getting ready for an event at stanford university. we're going to have a life preview of what we can expect ahead. history i canning flooding in vaj. the worst isn't over yet. we're tracking that storm system. next breaking news out of great bring ton. voters deciding to leave the eu. we'll have the latest. coming up.
5:58 am
5:59 am
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6:00 am
news starts now with breaking news. >> good morning i am darya folsom. >> i am james fletcher vowed voters decided to leave the european union in britain. >> a shocking vote and it sent the world markets plunging this morning. wall street is expected to open just 30 minutes from now. sharply lower. and the british prime minister david cameron who led the flight for britin to stay in the eu now that they are exiting the eu he is exiting and will resign before october. >> incredible ramifications. u.s. reacting cautiously and we want to go live to reporter scott mcclean with the latest from washington, d.c. scott. >> reporter: well, a lot of people are waking up wondering what happens now. britain has voted to leave the european union and the effects are being felt around the world. one of the world's largest economies will soon be an island to itself. >> that's what he said go down
6:01 am
in a blustery independence day. >> reporter: great britain voting by a narrow marge oinleave the european union. 52% to leave and 48 to stay. the instigators of the referendum the independence party declared victory. >> victory for all. a victory for decent people. >> reporter: but while some were celebrating others were panicking. in the span of just a few hours the british pound sunk more than 10% against the dollar and the lowest level moo-- in more than 30 years dragging world markets down with it. mark carney said some market and economic volatility can be expected as the process unfolds. but we are well prepared for this. british prime minister cameron called the referendum in the first police and fought hard to keep the country in the european union e says he will not be a man to lead it outside a of the block.
6:02 am
british people-- >> the british people made a choice. that not only needs to be respected, but those on the losing side of the argument myself included, should help to make it work. >> reporter: david cameron said he will stay on for the next few months but expects the sees sr -- successor will be chosen by october and britain will begin the process of detainingeling from the the rest of the european union in the meantime, though, the status quo remains in effect. report being live in washington scott mclean. >> thank you. and we are watching the effects on wall street. we are a half-hour away from the opening bell. global ramifications of the vote of the uk to exit the european union has been felt and it's not positive. negative across the world and we are looking at a possible negative start. with the numbers on the screen it's the levels which the market closed yesterday. when the assumption was that britain would vote to remain part of the european union but the dow gained 230 points.
6:03 am
it looks like we will give it back plus some. dow futures down about 498 points. and that's about 2.78% so we will see what happens. the opening bell in less than a half-hour. >> and your money is not the only thing we are tracking. weather and traffic and you have a hot spot but we dodged a bullet. >> reporter: yeah that cleared a new crash in sunol and a backup at the bay toll plaza. some folks have to get to work and some have errands to run and look at the bay bridge toll plaza backed up beyond 880. it's not bad. it's not backed up through the maze but much heavier now compare to the last too many i checked in on it. it's less than 15 minutes from downtown oakland to the skyway in san francisco. back over to 680 out of sunol one crash cleared and now a new accident southbound near and doddy with injuries and it has traffic crawling there back to well beyond 8 #. it's going to be slow heading south this morning and you are not getting a break. drive time continues to
6:04 am
increase and it's now 27 minutes from dublin to mission south and the city of fremont. after that it's going to be a great ride after the crash rather. it's going to be a great ride at fremont into milpitas. good morning. and a look at temperatures as we speak now. as you saw from the camera shots rather the fog i want to point out quickly you saw overcast skies. that was the case from yesterday. but this seems to be a good deck right over head here. this will mix out presumably after we get good solar heating to do its performance. but it may shave off a couple degrees in the early morning heating. there we go. 48 up to in a vado. see some upper 40s at work. 5 # for san francisco. and the -- 53 for san francisco. concord coming in at 57. for san francisco, with that cool breeze in place by the noon hour, 66, a west breeze at around 15 to 20 you can he can -- you can expect.
6:05 am
and upper 80s bitterliy afternoon but some -- by the early afternoon. james and darya. >> thanks very much dave. happening today president obama waking up in the bay area. he is going to be speaking at the global entrepreneurship summit at stanford and kron 4 was there as he got off air force one in mountainview you see him coming down the stairway. >> it's his third trip to the bay area this year and he was greeted by the mayor of san jose mountainview and santa clara board of soup are advisors president as well. >> let's find out -- supervisors president as well. >> let's find out what to expect. we expect the president at what time today will? >> reporter: he will speak at 10:45 in the morning but it should start around 8 very rich and bright people will be in attendance. there's a medal de-- metal detector them want to make sure everybody is safe especially
6:06 am
prees bamma. he will speak about an hour or so and it will be streamed on facebook and it will be streamed on kron we will let you know what he says. i can tell you this is the 7th installment of the summit that will be global leaders here at stanford university also people from silicone valley after meeting and talking to the entrepreneurs from across the globe he will meet with probably the famous entrepreneur in the bay area we are talking about facebook founder mark zuckerburg and he will meet with google and. and others as well. stanford under lock down as they prepare for lots of people to arrive. president should arrive at about 10:30 this morning and be taken into the auditorium. he will have a brief stay. he will try to pack as much as he can in just a few hours that he is here. after leaving the location, he will raise a little money for the democratic party and then
6:07 am
take off at 1:35 this afternoon to seattle to meet with the governor of seattle and also raise money. so be careful as far as traffic around stanford because it's very hard to negotiate. back to you. >> oh, yeah. traffic is going to be a mess and you know, when it comes to the president you never know where and they can't reveal that as part of the team coverage this morning, it's -- we have got the president's visit and the annual pride celebration. >> lots of stuff coming up. averi harper is following that and is standing by in the city. hey averi. >> reporter: hay, you can expect -- hey, you can can expect lots of traffic. there's lots of activity. there are a lot of police officers here. i've seen some secret service officers here all because the president is staying at a hotel south of market. i can tell you it's going to impact traffic throughout the area this morning. and this afternoon as well. because this is an area where traffic is a headache on a regular day.
6:08 am
take a look at video we have of the president coming here yesterday and the impact it had. the president will be here until later this morning when he leaves for an event at stanford university here are the streets you need to avoid because of the closure 5th street between mission and folsom and howard street from 4th to 5th street and streets here won't reopen until mid- afternoon. but the president's visit is not the only event that will impact traffic here in the city this weekend. it's the annual pride celebration. and with that comes a host of street closures that will remain in effect until monday. there's a celebration at civic center starting tomorrow at noon. and the parade is on sunday along market street. streets around civic center will start to close this morning at 9:00 followed by another round of closures tonight and a last round of closures on saturday night. this year, at pride security is expected to be heightened because of the deadly mass shooting at an orlando gay nightclub that killed 49
6:09 am
people. now, again, if you are driving throughout the city be mindful of the closures. check kron for a list of all the closures that will affect traffic in the city this weekend. back to you in the studio. >> thanks averi. and president obama leaves from moffett field at 1:30 this afternoon. so, that's when you got the rolling closures and that's when you will want our kron 4 mobile app because that way you cantrack the traffic and everything else on the go. >> it's going to be a great tool let's run you through the events for the pride parade. transmarch is at 6 tonight at delores and 18th and sending and turk and taylor a brunch and rally before the march beginning at 11 this morning yowsm may see crowds form as early as 11. then tomorrow, it's the official start of the 36th annual pride celebration. that will run from noon until 6 at the civic center plaza. and then the pride parade itself is on sunday. it starts at 10:30 and
6:10 am
beginning at market street and beale and it will end near the civic center area. and the second day of pride celebration starts this at 11. there will be extra security this year don't forget about that in the wake of the orlando shooting. so don't be surprised if they check your bags and all that stuff to keep people safe. breaking news this morning, firefighters are scrambling to get the upper happened on wild fires in southern california. including a new one that burned down 60 homes. it's-- started late yesterday afternoon. overnight it grew and it's 7 square miles and here's the new video. you can see structure burning right there. this is all happening in the lake ysabella area of concern county in total they have counseled 80 structures destroyed including 50 or 60 homes. 1,000 homes are threatened and highway 178 at highway 155 in that area is closed. evacuations have been ordered for several communities in this area. and good news for people
6:11 am
impact by the fire near the california mexico border. all evacuation orders for the potrero fire have been lifted. great news for them. but five homes and 11 outbuildings were destroyed in the fire which broke out this past sunday. more than 11 square miles have burned. that fire right now only about 35% contained. darya. and firefighters made more progress in the san gabriel complex fires. those are two fires that are burning in the san gabriel mountains east of los angeles. and they combined now and haveburned more than 8 square miles together since they started on monday. right now the massive fire is 15% contained and that he worry because of winds picking up but the firefighters are optimistic they are going to get it under control within the next few days. and one last update. the fire fighters in santa barbara have not fully contain the sherpa fire yet. they were hoping to do that yesterday. but at the last word before they went to bed last night, it was 93% contained or at least when the information office closed down for the night.
6:12 am
firefighters say that's what is left of the foyer is burning in steep terrain and they can't get to it by foot and they are using helicopters and air tankers. nothing is threat ped by that part of the fire and they are not too worried. there was the popular state beach closed because of the fire. but it's expected to reopen to the public tomorrow. still ahead on the kron 4 morning now is, more breaking news from overnight a4-year-old swept away in heavy flood waters along the east coast. we will show you much more of the damage and the video coming into the newsroom this morning. plus a bay area firefighter hailed as hero for something he did while on vacation. we will have that firefighter's story coming up. >> there's stop and go traffic out there right now. but it's not too bad on the san matarot bridge into foster city that's a good ride but i will check on 680 in the east bay recovering from two accidents. details after the break.
6:13 am
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6:15 am
6:is a thanks for wake up with the kron 4 morning news. if you are getting up there were previously hot spots that never happened because you didn't see them and new ones too. >> some spots are fantastic a other spots are not so smooth.
6:16 am
let's start with the good news. let's go over to the richmond center. it's not so bad. a little backup at the cash lanes off and on on the left but if you need to get into thenorth bay it's great right. that could change but it's about 8 minutes from the tolls heading up to the 101 connector. now to the golden gate a foggy ride. if you need to come from the north bay you may need theheadlights and wipers. foggy at golden gate i can't make out towers but traffic is moving well so far at the limit heading into san francisco. now over to the east bay this is the slow spot. we had an earlier accident on southbound 680 at the truck scales. now a new one so it's going to be slow and it's backing up beyond the 84 plight and the drive time is now 25 minutes from dublin to fremont so it's going to be slow into sunol but leaving sunol into freemont looks good milpitas looks good san jose no major trouble spots. let's talk about other slow spots shallee. like highway 4. it's busy in
6:17 am
pockets. nothing major right now. but the drive time is increasing. 17 minutes from hillcrest in antioch. and 580 coming out of the all the mont james but into problems leaving livermore or into dublin it's only 27 minutes. that's great drive time and leaving the south bay around now, 101 north looks good. 19 minutes from 85 to 237 in sunnyvale. good morning. good morning everybody. and you talked about the fog and it's been very active this morning. it will start to mix out for us as the day starts to wear out. 48 up to in a vado. 50 -- in a vato-- in a vado. in livermore at 54. so the players that are in place we have been talking about this high for a long time it's flattening out a little bit. and it's affects are waning and we can see that from the western temperatures from the west coast of the we have a trough that move the to the west coast in the northwest.
6:18 am
that provided a bit of a onshore flow and happened helped out the temperatures a little bit. so we are now calling it warm compared to hot that we were on tuesday for example. and as we get into the weekend looks like tomorrow as this system is stretched to wane high pressure asserts itself. looking for the warmup a couple token areas may reach 90 but most inland regions expect 80 and 70s along the east bay shoreline. we will be plenty hot in the central valley for today. let's take a closer inspection. san mateo at 75. and looks like redwood city at 77. palo alto at 81 and then as we head south inland the temperatures all well in the business of the 80s. santa clara at 81 and mountainview at about 79. now again tomorrow will be a little warmer than today. up to maybe 93 or so. and take a breather on sunday and away we go into the upper 90s approaching near 100 for a couple of days it will be toasty with that. then we are looking for
6:19 am
temperatures gradually to relax into next week. james. >> thanks dave. 6:18. breaking news from overnight people in parts of virginia and west verge are being told to find higher ground after severe flooding in the area. and we have the latest pictures from that part of the country. you can see how deep the water isch the national weather service reports record flooding for the jackson river. that river expected to crest at 23 feet in the last time it did that, it was back in 1985. and it was devastating for the region. some parts of virginia and west virginia waters are so high it has taken over roads and this is just the latest video into the newsroom. we expect to see more throughout the day today. crews right now are working to make sure that people are safe and again getting to higher ground. the flood watters are so strong they are able to flip the big rig. watch it being pushed on its side. several drivers were forced toabandon cars becauses the
6:20 am
flood watters were too deep. and in west virginia crews are searching for 4-year-old boy swept away by high water in the ohio river. three fire doit departments are helping in the -- different fire departments are helping in the search and this is video as the search efforts were conducted yesterday. they haven't been able to fine the child so far. 6:20 and an oakland homicide detective faces discipline for letting his girlfriend file his police reports wouldn't face criminal charges. sergeant mike gant was placed on leave several weeks ago when the department internal affairs started to investigate. he is accused of letting his girlfriend traanscribe recorded witness interviews on ten cases but the alameda county da says there's no law against what he did. letting another person traanscribe witness recordings. however the prosecutor says he will likely face internal discipline. this comes as the department is dealing with an ongoing sex scandal and another scandal
6:21 am
involving racist text messages. kron 4 was the first to break the news about several officers involved in sleeping with a call girl when she was under age. at 6:20 vallejo fire fighter is credited with saving a woman's life while on vacation in hawaii. ramon villaneva says he was walking along the beach when he saw a elderly woman in trouble. he performed cpr on the woman and what you need to do he tilted her on the side and got her to cough up as much water as she could before pair med, arrived. >> some other guy was bringing her in and i handed my kid off to the wife and assist. it feels good to help people out and know they will be better after you leave their side. >> the woman is okay and her daughter in fact wrote a note
6:22 am
to the villanueva and thanked him for the efforts in saving her mother. breaking news overnight, two southern california sheriff deputies are recovering right now after they were shot apartment gunman is on the loose this morning. this happened in bellflower a suburb of southeast los angeles. and here's new video from overhead just into the kron 4 news this morning. you can see more than 40 patrol cars responded. look at the lights below. a spotlight lit up the homes and police converged there. shooting happened around 11 last night. deputies were rushed to the hospital and we don't know how they are doing at the this hour but we know that the gunman got away and they have not given us a detailed description of the shooter. 6 people treated and released after they got strict a bag at a post office in southern california. got sick from a bag at a post office in southern california. they are trying identified chemicals it was one of three bags with a unknown substance
6:23 am
and they have move all contents to one room and thr evaluating it and hopefully will find out what it was that made all the people sick. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news hundreds being kicked out of their homes in thesouth bay. the changes to the apartment complex that has some people wondering where they are going to live next and after the break, lebron james out of the olympics. and he says it has nothing to do with the zika. why one of the best players in the nba says he won't be in rio this august. here's a live look outside the san mateo bridge. more checks on weather and traffic ahead on the kron 4 morning news. stay with us. we will be right back.
6:24 am
6:25 am
welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. the time is 6:25. i am track your commute into san francisco. and there's slow traffic at bay bridge toll plaza but it's not too bad. it's been quiet on the bridge earlier there was hot spot in the maze and that's gone. so out of emeryville and berkeley that will be smooth. wit. right before west grand that's where the backup starts and guess through the pay great but after that aid great ride into downtown san francisco. the sceneland cavs -- cleveland cavaliers lebron james is skipping olympics deciding he is too tired. a lot said they are pulling out
6:26 am
because they are concerned about the zika virus but not lebron. he says that's not it. he says he could use some rest. that's quote. couse the rest. james and the cavs beat the warriors and it took everything they had to kill us in the last three games i mean what a heart breaker. >> king james is too exhausted. >> yeah he is tired from that. he did play in the olympics in 200 #, 2005 and 2012 and they took home the bronze in 2004 and gold in 08 and 12. no american basketball player won more than 3 olympic medals. 6:26 on the clock and here's something if you drive a jeep listen up. people who own jeep grand cherokees and other fiat chrysler vehicles could be filing suit. this comes after the death of star trek actor and toon yelchin we reported here. consumer rights law firm filed the suit and claims the company concealed and failed to fakes
6:27 am
fear -- gearshifter defect. so the death brought the national attention to the issue and he was crushed when he was standing behind his vehicle and it slipped out of gear and road back and killed him this past sundaych the lawsuit claims the defect in the jeep affects more than 800,000 cars. those vehicles including the 2012 and 2015 grand cherokees and 2012 through 2014 chrysler 300 and 2012 through 2014 dodge chargers and the cars have been recalled. maserati are added to the the recall. oh i feel for you 13,000 luxury sedans have some gearshift problems the same in the jeep and chrysler so who knew. your maserati has a problem. it is hard to tell which gear it's. in haven't had any incidents but they are issuing a recall because of the concern of what
6:28 am
could happen. >> they want to get that fixed. 6:27. we have to take a break but still ahead, the united kingdom voting to leave the european union that's the headline everybody around the world is reacting to. we will speak with financial expert rob black about how this decision may affect us here in the u.s. >> and warm mild and pleasant kind of program here. here's the snapshot of oakland looking at 68 or so by high noon. lower to middle 70s into the afternoon. we are warming up a little bit tomorrow. we will discuss that coming up in bit. kron 4 morning news continues. yes! come on. work together. work together. do you have anything? no i don't have anything. please come back internet. i love you. i love you so much. just come back. please. please. he's streaming a cat video. (family laughs) and the whole party is looking... can i take a look? mitch come on! get high speed internet from at&t with 99.9% reliability at an everyday price with no extra fees. keep calm, your internet's on.
6:29 am
#:30 is the time and we are following the latest on wall street in the wake of-- 6:30 is is the time and we are following the latest on wall street in the wake of the vote for britain to withdrawal from
6:30 am
the european union. and we are wait for the opening -- waiting for the opening bell to see how wall street will respond. >> we are braised on the edge. and we have our financial expert rob black on the phone to tell us should we be worried or not and what is the effect in the u.s. rob. >> well good thing is we are in the u.s. and not uk or europe but bad news is your have a 3 to 6% hit. >> social say it ain't so? it won't be too bad. >> okay. well, we saw stocks rise yesterday when everybody was assuming the uk would stay in with the european union and gained 230 points or something for the dow so we are giving that back and looks like we will give back quite a bit more with dow futures at some point this morning was off by more than 500 points. >> well most luckily down.
6:31 am
[audio not understandable] about #% it's unprecedented. [audio not understandable] you can leave the european union and it will take 2 or 3 years and there's going to be a lot of questions for a long of time. david cameron is leaving so who will replace him. a lot of questions. it freaks people out. the stock market when all is said and done down about 15%, 20%. ours may be 6 or 7%. >> rob are you in europe right now? it's a horrible connection. so listen so i want to know about money. i got back right and day before yesterday from europe and i come back and i always make sure that i change and i came back with 24 to 60, 82 dollars. 85eur a os so now doipt want to change them because -- so now i don't want to change them back because they are worse less right? >> right. >> i just lost money. >> and that's a pain.
6:32 am
>> if you can take a little comfort at home depot or verizon use your american dollars to invest in american companies. >> all right so as we talk to you rob we are looking at a live shot of the big board showing the dow and you can see the numbers there fall ann bit down 459 points about 2 1/2% and there's key points right in a slide if the circuit breakers don't kick in until 7% and that's about 1200 points. we won't get to that today do you think? >> anything could happen. there's so many questions. european union is losing a economic superpower. italy say we may want to go next. scotland voted on independence a couple years ago saying we may want to go independent and the question is who will bail out greece and the european union britain is one of the
6:33 am
stable countries. will donald trump say see polls don't matter and see people want to make their country great again so, we will learn a lot in coming days. >> rob while you were sleeping trump did come on from europe and say this is great and it's going to be terrific. back to money because you know that's all i care about. i guess it's a good time to travel even though there's instability you go great the dollar is stronger now? >> absolutely dollar is strong erin will -- stronger and will continue to get stronger over the next year or two year until everything can be figured out. you know. one point in time uk lent money to european union which lent money to greece and they want to renegotiate and say give some back. so the dollar is going to be safe haven. the united states we are the best pal and the worst neighborhood and united states markets will start off weak
6:34 am
with a lot of uncertainty but in the months from now we will go sweet i am glad we put our money where our mouth is and we have been lucky. >> all right. >> one last question for you rob i am curious if we know this is not going to take effect for 2 or 3 years and it's a long process why are the markets reacting so suddenly so sharply today? >> because there will be short- term decisions that will be answered in the next day, 2, 3, days three weeks four weeks for instance countries like to do countries -- danging with -- banking with countries that. [audio not understandable] no one will want to bank with uk like morgan stanley may move to ireland who is part of the european union. there's going to be a lot of job shifting and a lot of who will you borrow money from things that don't make for good television but there will be fallout and it's going to hurt germany and france the most. especially if you got countries like italy saying you know we may want to be next and the
6:35 am
european union experiment will implode. >> oh. okay thanks a lot rob. so don't say i never gave you nothing. i got 5euros that's 3 bucks now. here's 20 what's that? >> not the paper worth it's printed on. no it's not that bad. >> give it back then. we will continue to track your money and markets and everything else and here we are five minutes into the opening bell and we will be tracking that and talking to rob black and everybody including the president who is in the bay area we will hear what he says. >> stay tuned and we will keep you updated on this. also watching the weather it's friday and you have weekendplans and a lot of events here in the city and pride and we have the raceway and up in sonoma with the big all thes in a cars. >> think about nascar in the heat right? on the pavement and it's going to be hot. >> so the weather for everybody. >> we are looking at temperatures up there about 90 or so by sunday and so forth. but, there's that fog we have hanging around as you can see
6:36 am
at the bay bridge and that has not cleared out yet at this hour. although we have dry air that's all over us right upstairs. temperatures for us we are at 57 oakland 53 for san francisconovato at 50. 52 half-moon bay and 58 formontin view. a cool breeze for san francisco out of the west 15 to 20. temperatures in around 66 or so come noon. into the afternoon and pretty much hang and staying in the mid-60 zone lots of afternoonshine. saturday a little warmer but sunday probably a re-- afternoon sunshine. saturday a little warmer but sunday probably a repeat performance. early fog mostly sunny throw a cool breeze in there for good measure. and the next 8 hours or so we are looking for temperatures for the inland valleys to reach about mid-80s to upper 80s. then some spots may pop at around 90. the bay at around 73 or so. now a check of the traffic here's robin with details. >> reporter: all right traffic is picking up.
6:37 am
heading to the richmond san rafael bridge looking at traffic here. approaching the toll plaza coming from the east bay to the north bay it's crowded and sluggish. not too bad. it's stop and go from the western drive on ramp leading up to 580 west. heavy through the tolls and after that it's great ride across the span into the north bay. i've spotted a new problem in the east bay that popped up a motorcyclistwent down 880 north at thornton avenue in the city of fremont. looks like it's off to the shoulder but starting to back up southbound traffic. the commute direction. it's not major but there's activity in southbound traffic slowing downright at the scene. there's more slow traffic to talk about so veil complete -- so i will have a complete chem check coming up. 6:37. police identified the man who was arrested in connection with a deadly hit-and-run in san francisco. 32-year-old is charged with felony hit-and-run and vehicular manslaughter accused of running a red light wednesday night and hitting and killing a 26-year-old woman. her name was kathryn slaterly,
6:38 am
it happened in the south of market neighborhood and he pulled over a few blocks away and was held on the scene by several good samaritans until police arrived. this is the second deadly hit- and-run accident wednesday night. police are trying to find the driver of a stolen car that hit and killed a woman in golden gate park earlier in the evening. daily-- daley city police are looking for a man who tried to stab a employee at the mall. this is surveillance video. this is about 12:30 in the morning on tuesday this happened at the west lake shopping center. the man went into the store and he was interrupted by an employee who thought he was trying to shoplift. the man took out a knife and lunged at the employee and took off. the employee didn't get hurt but the guy got away. again we are watching latest with wall street this morning. you can see a live picture of the dow where i should say where trading is down about 480 points. it flirted with more than 500 points down but not too long ago. but if you look at it overall
6:39 am
we are off about 2.6% that's the more important number to watch if that drops to 7% it triggers of the circuit breakers but we will have to wait and see. so far we have not come near that level. we will be right back.
6:40 am
6:41 am
why it's 6:41. hundreds of residents will have to look for new place to live after a last ditch effort
6:42 am
failed to save their apartment complex from being demolished the people that live in the building were hoping there would be an appeal to the san jose city council that would stop the demolition but it was denied. more than 600 people live in the reserve apartments along south winchester boulevard. graystone real estate partners won approval from the city to demolish the rent controlled apartments and replace them with 640 market rate apartmentsas and retail space. one person who lived there teems tells kron 4 she learned of the possibility of all this being torn down two weeks after moving in. >> at first it was shock to me because i only it was two weeks and it's not going to be affordable. >> current residents have to move out by next april. 6:42 on the clock. here's stories we are work on for you for the kron 4 morning news at 7. if you want toley live longer consider toast for breakfast or maybe popcorn for
6:43 am
lunch. we will tell you about a stowedy that shows the health -- study that shows outhealth effect of whole grains. >> and barnes and noble looking to appeal to a wider audience. what they are doing to boost sales. >> and it's going to be hot weekend which means a good time to got movies and escape the heat. we will look at what he new at the -- what's new at the box office. >> more disaster movies. for san francisco morning scattered clouds that will mix out the fog. still the inland spots you could flirt with 90. you stay close. kron 4 morning news continues. to there ♪ to you crystal geyser. always bottled at the mountain source.
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6:45 am
wannwith sodastream®er? you turn plain water into sparkling water in seconds. and because it's so delicious, you'll drink 43% more water every day. sodastream®. love your water. crystal geyser alpine spring water from here to there ♪ to you crystal geyser. always bottled at the mountain source. 6:45 is the time and we are watching the latest wall street this morning as we are feeling the effects of britain's surprise vote to remove itself from the european union. you can see the dow off 432 points and more importantly it's the percentage on the left 2.4% downright now on the day. at this point, we will have to
6:46 am
wait and see what the rest of the day has in store but markets around the world has been reacting just as negatively as folks are looking with disapproval on the move for now. >> how have you gauged people's reaction to the weather? complains complaining hot? >> >> i tulip bulbs are doing well. we are dealing with fog and we have a nice shot of the golden gate. but we thought pretty much the towers washed-out with this, however don't let that fool you because you get upstairs and in terms of the vertical profile and that's what we like to look at to see how much dry air. lots of it. so as contes sun does the performance we will get the mixing happening for us. the fog develops hike this because the air struts area couple above us because there's not the sun to do the performance so we are trapped by the fog. 5 # for san francisco. 50 novato napa at 53. 57 concord and 54 for
6:47 am
livermore. uniformed temperatures which is going to change. there's the warming you can see. and again we might race for a few location to reach 90 or so but for the most part 80s is common for most of the inland locations. bay shoreline a 70s story and along the peninsula may struggling to reach that. still chilly because we are under the influence weakening now of that onshore flow pattern which is going to be felt tomorrow because it will actually be a bit warmer. 65 downtown san francisco. 73 san mateo. idea daly city at 67 and pacifica reflecting the onshore influence at 63 and matching that also for half-moon bay. the larger perspective we have been showing a lot a lot of the fires going on in so cal, we have highs weakening and notice the contours are not covering quite as much of the geography. still las vegas and phene ribs triple digits again. and that -- phoenix are triple digits again. los angeles 71. psych but the marine layer being felt as you can see
6:48 am
better, so hopefully there's relief there. that trough i talked about the in northwest that provide theed the onshore flow tomorrow will be warmer temporarily and sunday we get another breather. the real warmup is monday into tuesday. this is where we may pop 100 in some locations. perhaps out to brentwood and so forth. while bay temperatures pretty much stay in the mid to upper 70s. lower 60s at the coast. before july 4 we may be flirting with some monsoon talk. right now let's talk with robin with traffic. >> reporter: let's head over to the bay bridge where it's crowded heading into san francisco this morning. this is considered friday light because the backup does not stretch through the maze. it start at west grand. and it's slow from west grand through the toll plaza and after that it's a great ride across the upper deck into downtown san francisco. no main problems. just the usual crowding for a friday morning and it's not that bad. i noticed something here over on the peninsula, coming off
6:49 am
the bridge the traffic lights areout at university. there's an accident there which may be related to the lights be it. look at the backup jammed well beyond mid span almost to the toll plaza if you use 84 be careful there. bay front and university and leave early because this backup is growing by the minute. let's head over to the east bay to see fremont wrapping up south near thornton. it's off to the-- excuse me northbound off to the shoulder but backing up southbound traffic. opposite side which is the commute direction. it's not the too bad but slow and go coming out of union ity to -- city to fremont. the crash is northbound out of the way a motorcyclist was involved that's attracting a lot of attention. as a reminder, the president is here in downtown san francisco at the intercontinental so stay away from the streets throughout the morning and into the afternoon. fourth, 5th, mission and folsom is blocked off. a little arrow is surrounding
6:50 am
the stretch. hop over to harrison street this morning and this afternoon and that's the best alternate. consider third and 6th street. that will help you get around potential delays that may build through the area that will help you get around the street closures. harrison third and 6th are your alternate routes. now back to the news. >> thank you. 6:49. krause say they have -- crews say they have stopped a large oil spill in ventura county from reaching the beach. it started coming out of a pipeline yesterday morning and flowed towards the water. crews think about 700 barrels leaked that's about 30,000 gallons of crude oil which sounds like a lot but at first they thought it was bigger spill and were talking numbers upwards of 200,000 gallons. but looks like bids 30,000 gallons a representative from the company that operates the pipeline says the leak happened near a valve and that crews were in the area working to change out valves on wednesday and investigators have not said yet if the valve in question had been changed or if it was one of the ones that was slated
6:51 am
to be changed. the areas will be -- can't board of directsor approving a agreement at the west oakland station and improving environmental impact report around millbrae station. in west oakland, they plan to build houses offices and retail space in the parking lot around that station and in millbrae the plan is for a hotel restaurant and veterans housing. people who oppose the west oakland project say the development would drastically reduce the size of the parking lots which are usually full. and it seems more people are taking bicycles to bart and it's paying off there's an effort to encourage that. there's a new report that says the levels are larger than they have had. board of directors says 6.4% of riders use a bike to get to and from stations last year and that's up from the 4.5% that we saw back in 2012. in the next 6 years bart expect a 10th of the riders will use
6:52 am
bikes to get to the station and bart's new fleet of a future is brace for that car will accommodate more bicycle in the cars. that's something to look for. the cars expected to be in service later this year. federal authorities are working on a high tech solution to prevent drones from interfering with pilots who are doing firefighting activities and wild fires. u.s. interior department says they are working with drone makers and mapping companies to create a smart phone app that would alert drone users if there are flight restrictions. so they won't interrupt you know the fire fight. and the agency says the next step is activate system to ought mat thecally prevent a drone from entering temporarily restricted airspace. there's been three drone sightings in utah in the past week that grounded firefighting aircraft or battling fires there. police arrested a man in connection with a pane -- paint ball attack. it happened the day after the shooting massacre in orlando.
6:53 am
19-year-old brandon staples is being held on 6 million dollars bail now. he is charged with a hate crime and terrorist threats. police are investigating him and he made threats to a high school. and again we are watching wall street and the breaking news story european or united kingdom voting to remove itself from the european union which will have repercussions around the world. markets in japan tanked nikkei off by 8% and the da. x in germany off by 6 1/2%. the dow's down 2 1/2 losing about 454 points on day. we are tracking the numbers and following the story and we will be back with updates in a minute.
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
and we are back at 6:56. james earl jones will be back as the voice of darth vader in the upcoming movie rogue one a star wars story. entertainment weekly broke the news darth vader would be in the movie and now the magazine says yes james earl jones will reprize his voice as the dark lord of the sith luke i am your father. that's as close as i will go et. >> it's all right but nothing comes close to his voice. >> it's so much gravity to it. he voiced the caringter for the rebel animated series. no word who will be inside the costume for the shoot of the movie but anyway james earl jones will be the voice once again. >> doesn't matter who's in the cost glume coming-- coming up we are following the break news as market plunge when the us decides -- when the uk decides they are leaving the european union. the dow is down and the
6:58 am
president is waking up in the bay area. he is speaking at stanford and we are tracking what he says this morning about what happened in europe. and ahead in gary's world, i leave europe and they go to pot i leave the bay area and warriors go to pot so we will talk about my european vacation and what gary did all this time catch me up on sports and whatever else he wants to talk about.
6:59 am
7:00 am
. and again at 7:00 our news story this morning is the unexpected vote by the am united kingdom to remove its from the union and stocks around the world have plunged as a result. you're looking at a live shot here of the big board. the dow here in the u.s. with trading we're about half an hour into it and we're off 400 points, 2.25%. >> a big tumble this friday morning on the stocks. but at least the dollar is up. so. >> that's right. >> that's some good news for us. we want to bring into the discussion as we did in the last hour, financial expert rob black, our very own prognosticator into all things financial. help us digest what we're seeing and waking up to this morning. >> stay calm. >> stay calm. >> yes, rob? >> yes. take a look at some companies like at&t. today is the day, let me put th


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