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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  June 28, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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the dow dropped 900 points for the british vote to exit the european union. the dow up 100 percent now sitting at 17, 330. and leaders in the uk are trying to figure out what to do moving forward in the after math of the protect vote. former conservative member of parliament said lead politicians didn't have a plan because they didn't expect victory. >> i would have thought they web up on the morning of and
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said, oh, boy. >> already 4 million british signatures online. the parliament considers all petitions that get 100,000 signatures or more. no word if a chance of a re- voit is going forward or not. a popular brand of granola bars is being recalled and they say you can get sick from them. after the break we'll explain why to be careful with your electronics if heading to brazil.
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welcome back. the time now is 7:30 and we want to take a look at weather
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and traffic and weather is going first. >> i got the hot spots, robin. could be baking today too. here are some of the in your opinions the most pleasant we have for you all day. fort concord and liver moore, in the east bay shoreline. oakland breaks down to much 3 by 1:00 p.m.. -- 73 by 1:00 p.m.. little breeze coming in from the bay. 90 in the south bay for san jose. san francisco, this is the place where the air conditioner will be checking in with highs at game time. drifting down to the 60s but that wind to feel on the chilly side. here's robin with your update on traffic. >> i'm tracking a growing backup at the toll plaza. 580 west packed this morning heading into the north bay. this goes beyond western drive
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and castro. it's gonna be stop and go on your approach and gets much better and smooth on the bridge heading into the north basoyour average -- so your average drive time is 15 minutes out to 101 in san rain chances fell and track more drive times for the east bay in my full report. the police department is maintaining consistency of effort customers on keeping the city safe despite the recent sextannal. >> seven opd officers are under investigation for a sex scandal with an underage girl. how the department is handling the situation. >> we just continue to tell them that this is not a reflection of who they are as police officers. that they're hard working and out here doing a noble job. >> captain armstrong said fighting crime is what the
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police are focusing on and the command staff is there to answer any questions officers might have about the scandal. he says the whole thing has made it -- if it's difficult on officers, they can get counseling which is available. >> you can also see a flowchart showing how the scandal share a common link on kron a school is being scrutinized by the department of justice. the department of justice launched an investigation into nonpublic schools relating to treatment of students with disabilities. this after a video surfaced showing a 9 year-old boy being slapped by a teacher's aid at the school. the bureau of children's justice is asking people with information to come forward. in the east bay, an
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undercover officer's group busted an illegal casino operation at a home in san leandro. they used a drone to track down one of the people involved in the home. there's the drone that they used. they're asking people if they know anything about those who were in this home because they think they were selling drugs and involved in other crimes. when the agents went in to bust the operation, 14 people arrested. and this week, kron 4 news is please today be taking part in an unprecedented media event. we're shining a spotlight on the homeless problem in san francisco and the bay area. >> we take a look at the numbers into the polite of people who are homeless. >> we live at the epicenter of a national problem.
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one-fourth of the nation's homeless live in california. in san jose, seven out of ten homeless are classified as unsheltered meaning they sleep in cars, tents or benches on the public land. about 400 for each one hundred residents. san francisco has the densest homeless population, more than 7500 men, women, and children are living on the streets or in temporary shelters. more than one-third have drug or alcohol problems and more than one-third have psychological or emotional difficulties. 28 percent have physical disabilities. african americans make up 36 percent of the total, more than five times their share of the
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general population. the city's head count cast doubt on the idea that san francisco is a magnet for those homeless. most common causes were the loss of a job, divorce or drugs and alcohol. 13 percent said they were evicted. that's a fore fold entry over four yearings. >> we will continue to cover the plite of homelessness in the bay area. the california senate approved a $2 billion bond to build permanent housing for mentally ill homeless. it was financed by a tax on millionaires that voters approved in 2004. it allows counties to provide service for those with state aid. they proposed the plan in
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january and governor brown endorsed it and it now goes to the assembly. they estimate more than 29,000 homeless californiaens were living with serious mental illness last year. coming up, the a's secret weapon is one heck of a handlebar. we'll talk act the series in less than ten minutes. if you own one of these, what you need to know act the dangerous furniture. plus as the forth of july holodifficult travels approaches, firefighters are busy dealing with illegal fireworks. what officials are doing to make sure everyone has a safe holiday weekend.
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the closure extended to 10:00 p.m. tonight and starting to back up traffic now and headed back around alma bridge approaching the same northbound traffic doing just fine but this this impact your evening commute so plan ahead. mark. >> thank you, robin. as the fourth of july holiday approaches, the hot dry weather is causing concerns for firefighters. fireworkers will illegal and anyone caught using them will face fines. the fire prevention captain said we're still six days away from the fourth of july, there's been firework related problems already. >> we've had reports of fireworks for the last week or so and typically there will be people setting them off during
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the day after the fourth for a week or maybe more. >> firefighters hope people in the county will take advantage of the many public fireworks display instead of trying to set off their own. >> you don't have to go anywhere to see all of the fireworks happening around the bay because we're bringing them to you with a kron 4 july fourth live special. starting at 9:00 p.m., all the shows happening around the bay area, downtown san jose, take you to the county fair and see the marine county fireworks and fireworks from around the nation. it's all right here on kron 4. a snapshot of temperatures for the day. see them warming up for the middle 90s by the inland valley. take a look at inland temperatures and high temperatures you can expect this afternoon when the kron 4 morning use continues.
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-- news continues.
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just this morning, we got word that nfl coach buddy ryan died. >> yeah, he's been sick for a long time. >> yeah, he was older -- he was 82 but it's a big loss, i know that he was, you know, the guru of defense; right? that was his big signature? >> he's very famous or made his name so to speak long time coach but as an assistant coach for the chicago bears back in the mid 80s when they won that championship and he was a defensive coordinator. >> right. >> some say the best defense ever he and mike ditca. you never see that where an assistant was carried off the field after the game along with ditca. >> and just a role model. i know a lot of his players talked act him being like a father figure, and that's when we go to what the players say
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about pat summit which is, she really transcended women's basketball and basketball to other sports and people looked at her as the great coach. >> she had a little bit of bobby knight but tennessee is where she made her mark and her family over the weekend kind of warmed everybody up letting them know that she hadn't been well and that, you know, the time was coming. >> and i was reading the stories about how she became a coach at the age of 22 so here you are, can you imagine when you're in college, basically she's the same age as the kids she's coaching. >> yeah, that's when i said, bobby knight, i think bobby knight was a head coach at army when he was 23 so there's some of these coaches, they have to spend 15 years as an assistant waiting for a chance. somebody believed in her right
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away and she got a job right out of school. >> that's the thing is this merry go round happens and now we're looking at the latest coach merry go round, hopefully stopping at the warriors. they want the former lakers and cavs coach to join them as an assistant. >> this is mike brown. i think he had two runs with cleveland and of course, hate to say that if lebron thinks you're not ready or not equipped, then twice he got fired with the lakers in a very short time. one of these guys, real friendly and good personality, but three firings as a head coach so try and rebuild here with the warriors. >> and i heard he was having trouble getting along with the big stars. >> yeah, that's just it. like i said, you work for cleveland, you in a sense working for lebron. >> right, yeah. >> like i said, that's a good
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place to get going again and you're on a great team and steve kerby all accounts is great to work with so he'll get it going again. >> i've decided james harden would be a terrible coach. >> why, because he dunks on kids? >> there's being a role model or making an example of them. he make this is kid look like an idiot and then goes for a high five like he just crushed curry. that's a kid. >> that kid's dad or mom probably paid $400 a week to get dunked on. >> right, exactly. my god. >> that's funny. in southern california, i was telling the story last night, at least harden was there. back in the day, they'd hold these basketball camps and i won't say the names but here in the bay area, they'd have all
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the big joes basketball cam 7 and the guy -- camp and the guy would show up for five minutes and leave. >> i sent my kid years ago when he played to the warriors basketball camp, a big star was gonna come and, you know, at the time it was kent base more he was on the bench, he was very nice but expecting someone bigger. >> i think nowadays with the social media and everybody's ready to pounce if you won't have a camp for too long, i don't care how big you are if you're not there. the days when the kids walk in and the guy says hi, how are ya. and the guy walks out the backdoor. curry stays for all of his camps and harden was there for the whole time i understand. >> sweet, embarsing the charge.
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-- embarrassing the children. the as embarrassed the giants. i love the mustache. >> migdon. >> so he's a rookie and i'm looking at the stash because god knows i'm not paying attention to the game. i'm looking at the tache and googling the greatest handlebar mustache of all times and another a player comes up. rollly fingers. another mustache is buffalo bill. >> yeah, buffalo bill, that is very good handlebar knowledge. >> do you like yourself with the handlebar? >> oh, terrible. >> you don't grow a mustache. >> i'm telling you, it all started in college, back when i was playing at unlv, i was the only guy, everybody else had beards, they had van dykes, i
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couldn't grow one. >> yeah, let alone get enough to wax. >> i couldn't grow one today. i just -- i'm not hairy like that. >> facial hair is in but the tache is not quite back. >> yeah, rawley was the first one that i can remember that was good. you can have one but if you're no good, nobody cares square foot it's a real showoff move i think. >> all that stuff. when you tell me, why do youment want to have facial hair? >> in general? >> yeah. >> these days, it's the beard, all about the beard. >> yeah, you want to be cool. some of us were not born with capacity to do it. it's asaad state of affairs. >> get yourself a pair of skinny pants. >> i don't want to do that either. but go ahead. >> then i can't help you. >> it was skinny pants and
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handlebar mustache. >> see you gar. >> all right, daria.
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the scandal erupted in september when the german automaker finished the vehicles with software saying an emission output was being placed. a group releasing it's list
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of dangerous summer toys again. toy guns and other tuns that can lead to eye injury wills at the top of the list. the group will present its full 2016 summer safety report at a children's hospital in brighton, massachusetts, today. it will highlight what it calls warm weather safety traps and recreational products parents should keep away from kids. the group has released a worst toys list for more than 30 years now. ahead on the kron 4 news at 8, a mayor breakthrough in the crash investigation in the egypt airplane that went down. a new development that puts investigators one step closer to figuring out why that plane went down. plus another big athlete pulls out of the olympic games because of the zika rivus. and the police are investigating a deadly
7:57 am
overnight shooting in the southeast bay. take ago live look outside, watching cameras around the bay area. the san m a, teo -- mateo bridge is sluggish like it usually is. a close eye on wall street after a two day plunge with the exit of the curium penounion. up 168 pointings right now -- points right now.
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san jose police investigating a shooting that left one person dead in this quiet south bay neighborhood. that story coming up in a live report. and staying in the south bay parts of highway 17 still shut down this morning because of a brush fire yesterday. i'll tell you why it's closed in a live report. in those inland valleys where we'll top off around 100
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as we are looking at the hottest day probably in our seven day bunch. i'll have the details on that. good morning. let's go to dave on the fog and cooler coast coast but really hot inland. >> those 100 degree marks to stand. look at those inland spots already at 69. liver moore concordat 68. san jose checking in at 66. by comparison point, 24 hours ago, a degree cooler for hayward but two degrees warmer for liver moore and same with san jose and two degrees short of san francisco as we're gonna look for the warmest day in the seven day bunch. up to 73 or so by 2:00 p.m.. mild and pleasant, how it breaks down for everybody, 70 for san francisco, sunny and
8:01 am
mild. 79 for oakland with those relatively mild temps and quite hot for the south bay but temperatures topping off at 100 or a couple degrees better for the hottest day in the bunch. robin with your traffic update. >> all right, checking in on the ride into san francisco, it's a slow roll approaching the plaza. all your connectors are jammed. approaching that 580 connector but finally improves treasure island along treasure aland and leave 20 to 25 minutes from the foot of the maze to the sky. approaching fremont street and tracking heavier than normal traffic on south 17. telling you about the closure of the santa cruz mountains all morning. the right lane to be blocked off because of a car far that started a brush fire yesterday
8:02 am
afternoon. it's getting heavy now on southbound 17. the rite lane closed all day till 10:00 p.m.. if you're about to use it, it's jammed up from bear creek road but northbound, the commute is looking good heading up to the scene. 801, breaks knew from overnight, south bay investigating a deadly shooting from the south bay. >> live at the scene with what happened. jackie. >>reporter: good morning, more questions than answers coming out of the san jose police department right now. most neighbors describe as an extremely quiet neighborhood but anything but that when shots rang out and discovered a person was shot and killed in this south bay neighborhood. according to this police department, they say around 9:30 last night, they started receiving calls of shots being fired at the 1700 block of cape
8:03 am
aston court. when they got out here, they discovered the male victim body slumped behind the wheel of a car. he was pronounced dead at the scene. they're not saying anything other other than an adult male. as far as the shooters in this case, unclear if the san jose police department is not releasing any information on it. what they're saying is this is the 23rd homicide so far this year in the city of san jose. i can tell you, mark, that lots of people coming and going asking questions. nobody has a lot of answers who lived here, who didn't live here so still a lot of questions to be answer ands we're asking the san jose police adopt. legendary women's
8:04 am
basketball coach pat summit has died. she's announced she'd been diagnosed with early onset alzheimers in 2012. she had almost 1100 victories and national championships with the tennessee university. she passed away at the age of 64. and buddy ryan passed away this morning with his battle with cancer. he coaches two defenses that won super bowl title. the first with the jets and 1985 the defense coach with the chicago bear's super bowl winning team and went onto coach the philadelphia eagles as head coach. buddy ryan was 82 years old. it's 804 and happening now, one lane of highway 17 in the santa cruz mountains closed because of this brush fire on both sides of the roadway and this is video from our
8:05 am
helicopter. that started before 3:00 p.m. yesterday afternoon. >> live on the scene with more on the fire and the lane closure on highway 17. will. >>reporter: here's what you need to know, the flames are out, the road closure you can see over there, this is heading from san jose to santa cruz in one direction. one lane continentals to be shut down. a -- continues to be shut down. a chp officer went up to the scene and said it's up safe for us to be there. he drove up and said possibly 4:00 p.m. this afternoon, that they could have both lanes open. here's the reason why they're still closing it down, they're at the location, the flames are gone, 2.5-acres burned yesterday after a car fire caught the edge of highway 17 and burst into flames. it was really quick they had to bring out an aircraft to drop fire retardant onto the flames to save the 30 homes in its
8:06 am
path. reason why they're still here this morning, they are fearful of the fire season, the historic draught, the heat wave, extremely dry conditions on highway 17. the crews are up there to clear the remaining dry vegetation to remove dead trees and cal fire estimates in our state alone, approximately 65 million dead trees. that's all kinds of fuel that could burst into flames really quickly so they don't want another incident of what we saw yesterday and that's why they're here, the flames are gone and in fact, if we can go back live now, i'll show you, here's cal trend helping out and more heavy equipment coming to the scene to make sure before they open up all lanes on highway 17 that it is clear to try and prevent another fire from happening. back to you. >> all right, thanks a lot, will. and a fire off of highway 17 comes as firefighters in the south bay on high alert.
8:07 am
at least 7 brush fires in san jose alone since last friday. this one in a creek bed. people who live in the area think that fire was caused by illegal fireworks. firefighters haven't confirmed that but cracking down on illegal fireworks this week ahead of the fourth of july. they announced the new get tough approach that calls for amin mum fine of $50 for a first a-- $500 for a first offense. robbers try to attack a group of tourists in san francisco and why this is not an isolated incident at all. a major break in the investigates of the egypt airplane crash and new clues that should shed light on what happened. two bikists killed by cars in one day. the new push to boost safety. a live look at traffic on the san mateo bridge. sunshine in this shot and around the bay area as we're in
8:08 am
for a hot day, even hotter than yesterday.
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8:10 am
welcome back to kron 4 morning news. time is 810 and keeping an eye on a number of spots out there. if you need to get across the san mateo bridge, it's backed up all over. slow ride into san mateo but no major problems. i spotted a problem in the east
8:11 am
bay, not big deal but backing up traffic enough to slow down your counter commute direction in fremont northbound 680, admission boulevard north, stalled big rig has the right lane block with some sort of fuel spill so backing up traffic to emission south. the southbound fine but northbound isex- tenth ranked aggies slow -- extra slow. the san francisco bicycle coalition is raising concern about accidents. two deadly hit and runs with bicyclists happened that's weans. the san francisco bicycle coalition is hosting a letter writing event this morning. they want you to stand behind them and voice concerns about bicycle safety and then they're gonna send these letters to mayor ed lee and other city leaders. the writing is happening, they're having a writing station at 7th and folsom
8:12 am
streets about a block away from one of last week's deadlyings. starts at 7:30 and runs till 9:30 if you're interested. you definitely want to pack that extra bottle of water because look al these temperatures climb on the inland valleys. 94 in the mid afternoon. 72 at the bay and coast lower 60s. more on that when the kron 4 morning news continues. so i could escape. and that's what happened to your breakfast croissant. and yours? it survived. enjoy freshly cracked egg with ham and bacon. or sausage. two tasty croissants at an even tastier $4 price. it's a deal you'll devour.
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the big news is how hot it's going to be. yesterday was hot enough. >> dangerous. >> it's already really warm above us too. there's some fog trying to do a little effort here but not much happening. we go up 2,000 feet and it's 80 degrees above oakland. at the surface it's 61. over the hills upper 60s territory. 53 for san francisco. here's the warm up a little bit more geography is covered there we see the 100-degree plus marks to be found, the central valley then you can see the east bay as well. now, the cool down that we get for tonight you know the green is returning and
8:16 am
everything like that the ocean cooled air doesn't get much progress towards the east at all a and then boom we warm back up again. we're not going to see the change until the front gets here in a couple of days. we do see the typical warm up we've been having but not quite the same. yeah, las vegas gets up to 100 degrees and phoenix 108 but bubbling up showers and that may cause their forecast high today because of the interference. what this means for us is some might pick up an isolated thunder shower between now and almost the finish of the week until this high gets compromised until the new system moves through. that is expected by thursday into friday. let's take a look at some of the temperatures, 70 for san francisco downtown, 67 twin with
8:17 am
peaks. daly city looking good at 62. half-moon bay at 59. meanwhile in the east bay shoree looking at 79 for oakland. sunny skies, and upper 90s to be found over the hills. we do see a slight change happening here by the middle and finish of the week temperatures drop off to lower 90s into the weekend but there's an indication we'll warm back up again starting july 4th and into next week. is traffic warming up. it's not getting any better. still jammed head nothing san francisco. look over to the far right-hand side you can see those car pool lanes are wide open but the rest of the traffic down the middle coming from the 80 to the overcrossing still backed up. at least 50 minutes to get to downtown san francisco so not much of an improvement. across the golden gate foggy. the towers are hidden again of
8:18 am
no major problems in the north bay but definitely crowded south 101. all right checking in on your commute on 17 remember are southbound 17 the right lane will be closed until 10:00 tonight. yesterday's car fire sparked a brush fire. crews have been on seen throughout the morning. look at the back up it's heavy from bear creek road getting up to the summit. also tracking some delays on northbound 680, this is not normal. there's a stalled big rig at mission north it's blocking the right lane. there's a bit of a fuel spill. we have fire crews and chp on scene. the back ups stretches all the way out to mission south of let's take a look at some
8:19 am
more drive times south 680 no major problems right now it's about 22 minutes for that trip. 47-minute ride from 238 to 237 and leaving south bay it will cost you about 42 minutes from 85. it is 8:19 and 3 men are behind bars accused of robbing three women and you can see it all happen on video. let's take a closer look. this is on saturday. you see the 3 women. and then three guys get out of a car and they try to grab the women's purses but then police officers in plain clothes run over to help and they do arrest the men. one of the robbers pulled a loaded gun on the victims, a gunned that been stolen from out of state. this is the latest in the series of crimes that are happened along
8:20 am
the crooked section of lombard street. since the start of the year there have been 200 car burglaries in that area. a lawmaker is asking governor jerry brown to free up funds to investigate freeway shootings. they want more surveillance cameras. the funds will also pay for more investigators and prosecutors to help local law enforcement. there have been nearly 30 shootings along highway 4 and interstate 80 since november of the most recent was just last friday night. investigators believe the shootings are gang related. right now new this morning the flight data recorders from the egypt air flight have been repaired. investigators found the data files from the flight recorders, the data was taken to paris for repairs. so they're
8:21 am
going to be transferred a back to egypt for data analysis. the plane's black boxes could be crucial to help investigators figure out what caused the plane to crash. it crashed on may 16th on a flight from paris. and investigators are trying to decide if a person who tossed a cigarette could face criminal charges. one home was destroyed and 3 other damages. firefighters estimate the fire caused $56,000 in damage. one family has to start from scratch. >> we're all in danger here but the bottom line is we've got to do a better job of taking care of the property behind these homes. >> the person responsible for tossing that cigarette has been identified and it cooperating in the investigation. the oakland city council voted to band the shipment of coal which ends plans for the
8:22 am
west oakland project. the city council had approved that project back in 2012 to definitely a terminal site at the army base and this neighborhood is among the poorest in the region already. so the people against the project had said that coal was not considered in the environmental review of the project when it was approved and they argued it would be a public health and safety hazard. still more to come, the best golfer in the world is skipping the olympics find out why jason day won't be competing. it's tfrom the old way off buying and selling cars. introducing beepi, the radical new way to buy & sell cars, all online.
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8:25 am
. golfer jason day is not going to the olympics because of the zika virus. he says he's worried by the virus because it is linked to severe birth defects. knows the risk is small but not planning to take any chances because he plans on having more kids. he's the 5th golfer to specifically state zika as the reason for not going to rio. last week mclelron said
8:26 am
it was going to stop him too. new backlash this morning after new information has come to light. persky was criticized for the stanford rape case and sentenced turner to 6 months in jail. he's facing new criticism for the harsher sentence he gave to another man in a similar case. an i am granted pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting his female roommate as part of a plea deal in march. he sentenced him to 3 years in jail. we spoke with the stanford law professor who has been behind his recall evident. >> i really can't say whether it was race or some other factor but clearly there are issues of potential bias. it's really hard to argue that this judge did not try to cushion the fall for mr. turner. >> other 3 are sentenced in that case to 6 times longer but the victim was conscious during that attack which california law
8:27 am
treats as a more serious offense. turner's victim was unconscious during the attack. he will likely won't spend all of the 6-month sentence in jail. still ahead the police department trying to focus on fighting crime amid the sex scandal playing the department. we ride along with officers to see how they're handling the situation. >> and house republicans release a report of the deadly benghazi attack. who they are blaming this morning. >> and a live look at the cross over the golden gate bridge and the fog has lifted a little bit of it's not going to cool things off much for you. with advil liqui-gels, you'll ask what body aches? what knee pain? what sore elbow? what joint pain? advil liqui-gels are so fast, they make pain a distant memory
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we're getting you out the door with a little weather and traffic. more weather than traffic. >> it's already warming up in the inland valleys. we seem to be entering the 70s territory. we're at 68 for concord. fairfield 71. east bay shore line 60s for now of oakland we'll call it mild and pleasant
8:30 am
of expect about 73 or so at 2:00. 4:00 about 72, approaching game time back on the other side of the bay 7:15 game time and temperatures will be around the lower 60s drifting back to the upper 50s and because of that persistent wind out of the southwest a chilly breeze coupled with that of here's what happens over the next 8 hours or so getting up to about 94 at 4:00 are for the inland valleys, 72 around the bay and around the coast upper 60s. no hot spots out there but west 92 is jammed coming from the east bay heading to the peninsula so not much of an improvement. it starts back at 880 and goes all the way across. it's slow and go out to the 101. so it will be at least 30 minutes from 880 to 101 of in the east bay i spotted an
8:31 am
accident northbound 680 this is the counter commute direction at least one lane blocked it's slow there the northbound direction. southbound you'll be stuck in the usual back up in concord and then you have a problem with the stalled big rig in freemont. northbound 680 there's some sort of fuel spill crews are trying to get it cleaned up but it's taking away the right lane. and look at the back up up. it's very slow. so leave at least 15, 20 minutes early if you're about to use northbound 680. 8:41. breaking news just in several train cars have derail and engulfed in flames in texas. it was a freight train about 5:40 this morning our time near a town called panhandle. no
8:32 am
injuries are reported but witnesses say they saw a fireball erupt after the derailment. and the oakland police department is maintaining a focus on keeping the city safe despite the recent scandals playinging the department. several officers are under investigation for sexual misconduct with an underage call girl who's now 18. the officers want to reassure the community that the scandal will not keep them from doing their jobs. >> so we just continue to tell them that this is not a re flexion of who they are as police officers, that their hard working and out here doing a noble job. >> the captain says fighting crime is what the police are focussing on. he adds that the staff is there to answer any questions and said counseling has been made available to help officers. >> our coverage continues on our
8:33 am
website. we have every story we've covered. you can check out a flow chart that shows how the scandal shares a common link on big news this morning as a special needs girl is being criticized and investigated by the california department of justice. we were the first to bring you the news of what was happening inside the school. the department of justice launched an investigation after this video went viral. this video surfaced showing a 9-year old boy being slapped and physically pushed around by a teacher's aide at the school. the bureau of the children's justice is also asking for people with information to come forward. and in the east land officers [audio difficulty] a illegal casino operation. officers used a drone to track down the people operating the casino. they took 10 slot machines away from this home. investigators think the people in the home were also selling drugs and were involved in other
8:34 am
crimes. police used the drone to monitor the scene as agents went into bust the operation. 14 people were arrested. 8:33 in the south bay a former high school teacher facing several charges in a sex scam is back in court today and in custody. 25-year old douglas lay cat fished students. police say he posed as a teenager on facebook to lure them into sending him sexually explicit pictures. several students filed lawsuits against the district saying the district didn't do enough to protect students. the man accused of run ago brothel goes to court. >> 54-year old salizar is accused of running illegal sex trafficking business and luring women to work there of police
8:35 am
received a tip about prostitution happening at his home and investigators found that the home was being advertised as an upscale private club. in world news leaders are trying how to move forward after the aftermath of the brexit vote. today david ram ron is meeting with officials in bruce sells. there's a special session being held. a former conservative member of parliament says the politicians who were pushing for brittain to exit didn't have have a plan because they didn't expect to win. >> i would have thought they woke up on the morning after and thought oh my goodness we didn't win did with we, what are we going to do now? i think they are afraid. i think they're very afraid. >> there is a petition demand ago revote. it's already
8:36 am
received 4 million signatures. the parliament considers all petitions to get more than 100,000 signatures or more but it doesn't appear like a revote is likelily. we're watching wall street where the dow lost 900 points combined on friday and monday. we had a rebound today but it's starting to fizzle. the dow at 17,262. the dow opened up above the 18,000 mark before the results of the british vote to leave the eu came in. now, house republicans released a long awaited report this morning be on the again georgia see terror attacks that killed 4 americans while hillary clinton was secretary of state. it looks at the worsening situation. 3 were killed on september 11th of 2012.
8:37 am
a portion of the report argues that intelligence suggested that an attack was possible and clinton should have realized the risks of the mission. meantime the democrats are issuing their own report that says clinton never personally denied any requests for additional security. and hillary clinton campaigning alongside senator warren. they had their first campaign event yesterday in ohio. warren is one of the people said to be on the short list of potential running mate. warren called clinton a fighter who has never backed down and also slammed donald trump. >> she doesn't whine she doesn't run to twitter to call her opponents fat pigs or dummies, no, she just remembers who really needs someone on her side and gets up and keeps right on fighting to the people who need
8:38 am
her most. >> trump was quick to respond calling her goofy and said she was one of the least productive senators in the u.s. and said she lied about her heritage to boost her campaign in 2012. time now is 8:38 and still ahead we're working with other bay area media outlet's to shed light on the homeless problem in the bay area. and later triple digit heat expected in parts of the bay area today what you need to know to keep your kids and pets safe in this hot weather. and next 2 explosions rock a natural gas plant in southern mississippi while workers were still inside. find out how everybody is doing this morning. and a live look at the sunshine. we'll be back.
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
no injuries or deaths have been reported but there was a large explosion and fire at a natural gas plant in mississippi. it happened late last night at a bp facility in jackson county. witnesses say they saw a huge plume of smoke shoot up in the air of at least 2 workers were inside at the time but police say everyone is
8:42 am
safe of it techniques several hours to get it techniques several hours to get the blaze under control. 580, 24 and the upper east shore freeway still packed.
8:43 am
8:44 am
taking a look at the weather and you keep showing us this fog. >> it's not moving as quickly now as it was before. it was racing before. >> i wish it would do something. >> it is, it is keeping san francisco kind of cool mother nature's air-conditioner. but the bay forget about t. the coverage of fog is very modest. let's go back in time real briefly. you can see the coverage overnight and it really never gets past the peninsula over the east bay at all. so we didn't get much of that above us
8:45 am
or much at the surface for cooling things down. which will be the face for tonight. 61 oakland, 62 hayward, san francisco coming in at 53. ultimately that will mix out but later in the day. boy, here we go again for central valley and the san mateo valley temperatures 100 plus bleeding into parts of the east bay which we'll see again today like we did yesterday some green left over for the east bay shore line. then tonight some of that tries to get over the hills but it's really late tonight that we get some minor relief and then before you know it the in a few more hours the sun comes back up again. what we have going on is the major players is the high pressure in the west it's been keeping temperatures elevated but not so much today and widespread. you see this bubbling up around las vegas that's showers and thunderstorm continuing and this is moving up to our mountains.
8:46 am
you have the slight chance of an afternoon evening thunder shower. but this pattern is part of a monsoon. this will be compromised and break the back of the heat wave too. but for today it's still more the same 76 redwood city. cool along the coast. heading down to the south bay san jose at 90. now, some minor relief along the east bay shore line we can find some 70s here, 79 for oakland. 84 for hayward. and it looks even across the hills at 96 for walnut creek. so more of the same. that ultimately will start to weaken but it's going to be tough going or a couple of days until we get to around thursday or friday with minor relief happening out there meanwhile at the bay temperatures fall from the upper 70s to middle 70s and at the
8:47 am
coast we're talking lower 60s. update on traffic. it's getting a little bit better on 580 west approaching the toll plaza. so it's starting loosen up and improve but still crowded approaching the tolls. it should be less than 15 minutes from the tolls out to the 101 connector. right here across the golden gate still foggy. we have 4 lanes south 2 lanes north and no major problems so far. the north bay you'll have to deal with the usual crowding you but it's less than 25 minutes. checking in on the east bay our crash northbound 680 that cleared so it's unusual to see the heavy traffic northbound which is the counter commute direction. if you have to use it that's why
8:48 am
it's 38 minutes now to get up to concord so really bumped up that northbound drive time. we have a stalled big rig northbound 680-blocking the right lane. crews have been dealing with this for a while. it goes and clears out after the scene. one against that's a counter commute direction so it may throw you off a little bit you'll be surprised when you get out there but you've been warned of let's check more drive times no major hot spots westbound 24 slow in pockets. 9 minutes to castro valley and the south bay it's a quick 13-minute trip from san jose so that ride so far is looking pretty good. back to the news. >> thank you.
8:49 am
and we're taking part in an unprecedented media event. >> 71 different media outlet's have joining force to say shine the light on the homeless problem. >> finding homeless people in san francisco is not difficult to do. the most recent survey found about 3,500 people living on the street any given night that's down about a thousand from 2002. >> we're housing about 6,000 people in san francisco who were homeless before. and that has helped our numbers to go down slowly. but it obviously hasn't been enough. >> jennifer fredenbach says part of the problem has been budget cuts on the state and federal level. >> san francisco we've seen huge numbers of being be displaced and more and more ending up on the streets. so our efforts locally have not kept up. >> she says an ever increasing
8:50 am
problem of drug addiction and mental health issues continues to make the problem even worse. >> if they don't have housing those health issues continue to deteriorate. and so what we have now is a population in san francisco that's a lot sicker and really a lot more at risk. >> and while she has concerns about whether the city is committed to have enough units for homeless people to transition into she does notice a change in the city's attitude. >> a part of the culture is to try to make it as uncomfortable as possible for homeless people so that they'll disappear and i think it's finally being viewed as a failed philosophy. the department is certainly coming together with the fact that we're focussing on ending homelessness but exactly the direction we'd like to see the city go in. >> beginning july 1st the is it city will put all of its
8:51 am
agencies dealing with homelessness issues under one department and think this will help tackle the problem at hand. >> and we're going to continue to cover the polite of the homeless all this week so stay tuned for more stories. california's senate has approved a $2 million bond to improve housing for mentally ill homeless people. it requires counties to provide support of services for people housed with state aid. leaders proposed a plan in january and the governor has endorsed it. now, it goes to the assembly. federal housing officials estimate more than 29,000 homeless were living with serious mental illness last year. and michelle obama is visiting mocacco today. 36% of
8:52 am
girls continue school behind the primary level. they attended a let girls learn today. it has a 67% literacy rate and it's lower among young women than men. for your health this morning triple digit heat is taking over the bay area and there are some health risks that come along with attachment we were in walnut creek and the temperatures reached 100 degrees and surprisingly a lot of people were out moving around exercising and hanging out which can be dangerous especially for seniors and small children. they're at special risk and they say that they should stay indoors on hot days like this. a lot of people also out walking their pets. and there's some advice on how to keep them safe too. >> we usually wait until later in the day to go for walks during the peak hours stay inside, stay cool and also shorter walks on hotter days and keep an eye on the dogs, you
8:53 am
know if they start panting take a break. >> that's all good advice. also remember the paws. they can be sensitive so you've got to remember how hot is the ground it. right. think about that would you wantk in a barefoot and don't put an animal in a car because they can heat up 40 degrees hotter than it is outside and it's very dangerous for children, never leave a child or a pet in a hot car. and the 4th of july holiday approaching the hot and dry weather is causing major concerns for firefighters. fireworks are illegal. officials say fireworks find their way into the county and they often create big problem for firefighters.
8:54 am
firefighters hope people will take advantage of the many public fireworks displays instead of of trying to set off their own. >> and you don't have to leave the house to enjoy all the fireworks just watch our special we have a july 4th live special happening on july 4th monday at 9 p.m. and we'll bring to you all of the highlights from fireworks shows in san francisco, downtown san jose, plus we're going to show you highlights from fireworks happening around the nation too. and next the bay bridge series is officially underway. we'll have the highlights. and taking a live look outside what a great looking shot here from 2,500 feet above the fog you're looking over the city of san francisco. some fog cooling down the coast still very hot inland.
8:55 am
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
san jose police are investigating the cities 23rd homicide of the year. that story coming up in a live report. the brushfires out but one lane on highway 17 still sat down you're coming up i will
9:00 am
tell you why in a live report. temperatures heading to the triple numbers will be found. we will have details in my forecast. this is the bay areas of news station, kron4 none news at nine starts now. is starting to heat up. i am darius fulton. i am mark danon. -- mark danon. 75 the new number coming in at livermore. concord at 73. lower to middle 60s covering the east bay shoreline. the breakdown covering oakland, we're looking for middle 70s by the early afternoon. mild and pleasant by comparison. for the game tonight, the athletics, gametime temperatures near 60 falling to the upper 50s. mostly sunny to mostly clear.
9:01 am
chilly breeze about the only place we could say that. winds out of the southwest 15- 25. years breakdown from 75 to 92 by one, 92 returns by five. 73 expected for the bay just afternoon. we will have more details on your neighborhood forecast and a bit. robin is standing by with the traffic. starting off in the bay bridge, it's breaking up a little bit. earlier it was bumper-to- bumper. just a slight improvement for the ride in the san francisco. this backup continues to stretch to an through the maze. it will be crowded and under the limit up to three months three. it will be 18-20 minutes for the average drive from the foot of the maze to the sky way. tracking some unusual flowing for 17. the right lane is lot until 10:00 tonight because of the car fire that sparked a brush fire yesterday. crews remain on scene to keep a close eye on the area.
9:02 am
we don't normally see heavy traffic here. it is back beyond the reservoir, not affecting northbound traffic. a perceived threat involving the golden gate ridge this morning. kron4 news has confirmed the fbi is examining a propaganda audio that shows the bridge in different neighborhoods. >> -- >> reporter: kron4 has confirmed that fbi headquarters is analyzing the video. here it is for you to see for yourself. as you can see, it shows san francisco as well as the golden gate bridge and agent spokesperson says they are taking the video very seriously. there's a meeting going on this morning about the video and evaluating what response is appropriate. and what steps to take. this propaganda video showing san francisco was released by isis and a few targets
9:03 am
including the golden gate bridge. certainly a very important story to tell you about this morning and much more to come on this. we will be posting updates on facebook we will be posting updates on terisa estacio, kron4 news. police in south they are investigating a deadly shooting in san jose.>> reporter: more questions than answers for people who live out here and for the san jose police. they are investigating the 23rd homicide of the year. police say at 9:30 last night they received calls that there had been a shooting on the 1700 block of cape asked in court in south bay. when they arrived, that's when they found the nadal male slumped over the wheel of a vehicle. that person had been shot at least one him time and he was pronounced dead at the scene.
9:04 am
investigators and crime technicians were out here for several hours, had the entire block blocked off as they conducted the investigation. so far they have not release the identity of the victim in this case, they say he's an adult mail. as far as the shooter or shooters in this case, they also have not identified any body that they are looking for at this time. this is the cities 23rd homicide. we have reached out to san jose police. if we get new information we will pass it along. we have got more news happening right now. >> one lane on highway 17 is still closed after this brushfire close the entire highway yesterday. here's video of -- video of the fire. >> it started just before three yesterday. will tran is live with an update. >> reporter: 18 hours later, is still affecting traffic. one lane of highway '17 -- 17
9:05 am
and you're looking at cars from san jose in santa cruz. one lane has been closed off. it will not reopen until 10:00 tonight. you can see caltrans crews continuing to bring heavy equipment. there is why. that fire caused dry vegetation, dead trees could diverse -- dead trees to burst into flames. 2 1/2 acres when up really quickly. they had to bring out fire retardant to the flames. no injuries, no homes damaged, but this was an indicator of just how dry the fire season will be. so far this year, cal fire is warning people to brace yourselves, they have put out 1000 small fires throughout the state with a couple of large ones burning now in southern california. the heat wave, the millions of dead trees, we had a wet winter but not when enough.
9:06 am
all that vegetation is drying by the day, which is why caltrans is here to remove all that vegetation to cure the landed case if there is a heavy unexpected rainfall, there will be mudslides. you can see it still causing problems, it's moving along, but quite slowly. sometimes when they bring in more equipment, it comes to complete stop. according to the chp, best case, they could reopen 4:00 this afternoon. the tweak that came out this morning says it could be as late as 10 tonight. the fire off 17 comes as firefighters are in high alert. they have had seven brushfire since last friday. this one is also creek bailed -- creek bed off jackson avenue. people think it was caused by illegal fireworks. they are cracking down on illegal fireworks and they announced a get tough approach
9:07 am
that cause -- calls for a minimum fine of $500. today the san francisco bicycle coalition is forcing concerned about bicycle accident in the city. you can weigh in. to deadly hit-and-runs within hours of each other last wednesday, one of which was a golden gate park. the bicycle coalition will be hosting a letterwriting avette and they are encouraging you to sign their letters that will be sent to mayor edley. they have writing station set up right now at seventh in. streets. it's about a block away from the scene of one of last week's accidents. that is happening right now until 9:30 this morning. in eastbay lawmaker is asking jerry brown to free up money to investigate freeway shootings. to embrace and is requesting emergency cash to pay for more surveillance cameras and shot
9:08 am
spotter technology. the funds would also pay for investigators and prosecutors to help law enforcement. there been nearly sure -- 30 shootings in the space november. the most recent was last friday. investigators believe the shootings are gang-related. it's 9:08. coming up, the house been ghazi committee released their report this morning on findings. we will have reaction from hillary clinton. after the break, europe in the united kingdom look for ways to move forward after british voters opted out of the european union. we will look at what's next for both sides. here's what's next if you're heading over the bay bridge. not too bad. it sure is sunday. the big stories how hot it will be today. on this cushion for generations.
9:09 am
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welcome back. we are watching wall street. after two days of losses after britain voted to leave the eu, the dow 900 points. the dow was up 200 today but now we are up 146. the dow at 17,285. leaders of the eu and uk are trying to figure out what to do moving forward. the global markets have lost a record $3 trillion since the vote. david cameron is meeting with officials in brussels today, the eu parliaments conference of presidents holding a special session. eu leaders are asking for a swift exit of britain from the eu. that's wives we saw the market lose some gains. members of parliament saying the politicians did not have a plan because they did not expect a victory. >> i would've thought they woke up and thought, we didn't winded we, what are we going to do now we i think they are
9:11 am
afraid. i think they are very afraid of what they've unleashed.>> a petition demanding our remote has amassed 4 million signatures. the lower house considers all petitions that get 100,000 signatures or more. is going to be hot today for those inland valleys. another thing to watch out for the next couple of days, traveling to the mountain to get away from the heat? you may get a few stray showers are thundershowers with the monsoon in the southwest. we will have your neighborhood weather jacket a bit. kron4 morning news continues. customer service at the irs is falling and hold times are getting longer. if you owe back taxes, they will be on the case fast.>> reporter: implementing the new healthcare law has been a monumental task. it's overwhelmed the departments that used to say
9:12 am
worked for us. the departments who collect back taxes are more aggressive. >> how?>> they tend to move a little quickly to the liens and levees and wage garnishment scott even asset seizures. whatever it takes to get what's owed. >> if you owe money, what do we do?>> if you can pay them off in full, pay them off. if you can't pick up the phone and arrange a plan as fast as you can. penalties and interest can add up. they don't like to look for you.>> what if you are really in a whole?>> you have options. it's important to know them and get help attorneys, resolution firms, relief services, find the professional on your side like the professionals at optima tax relief. it's interesting to know that you could settle for even a fraction of what you owe. resolution firms can arrange installment plans for make an
9:13 am
offer in compromise. in this case, we had a client who owed over $25,000 and the client negotiated $3000 settlement. >> where should people start?>> i recommend a call for us for a free analysis of the situation.>> great advice. if you owe $10,000, all apps about -- optima tax relief now. find out if you qualify to reduce your back taxes. firefighters across the state still battling several major wildfires. the erskine fire is burning near lake isabella. wildfire threat still exist even as people are being allowed to return home. the fire has burned more than 70 mi.2. detainment is up to 45%.
9:14 am
two people died in two homes have been destroyed. these fires are burning in the san gabriel mountains. the fires of burned more than 8 mi.2 and 70 superset -- 72% containment. that is the mortar fire in san diego county in potrero. that fire has burned 12 mi.2. we're talking about the fires, the heat, the fourth of july call that combining for a good recipe.>> we have monsoon moisture bubbling up. they get more lightly -- lightning than anything else because of that. by the time we get to the holiday, -- it's a hot day. over the hills we could see 73, concord, fairfield at 76 with the eastbay shoreline lower to middle 60s now. 67 for san jose. this compares from 24 hours
9:15 am
ago. we are behind a couple of degrees. encore is open, really behind for san francisco. that shows this afternoon temperatures will race rapidly. here's a look at how far they go. you can see the coverage. when they reach their top point all the way to the central valley, leading into the eastbay locations, holding onto mild to cool weather along the peninsula. maybe some shoreline locations. the cooldown tonight, write about sunset, still eastern contra costa county, still toasty. it will retain heat overnight. no big-time relief going forward. before dawn we might see much more green coverage. there you see the return of the reds and oranges. temperatures, let's take you for the entire tour. 67 for twin peaks, pacifica, 65. 62, daly city. san mateo at 76. palo alto it 83. south you can expect half-moon bay at a chilly 59. palo alto 83.
9:16 am
86 for santa clara with mountain view at 86. the eastbay shoreline, this is one of the places we will see 70s for highs going on. richmond, 74. hayward at 84. 96 for pleasant and then san ramon. livermore earlier at 101. that probably will not be alone. today looks to be will maybe one of the hottest days an hour bunch here. we do see some relief happening with that froth moving through. you see by thursday, the inland locations, that will take thursday and friday. you start to see some of that relief. lower 90s by the time we returned to the holiday proper monday. another look at traffic, what's going on?>> it's so out there on 92. if you need to get over to the peninsula, it is creeping along. it's going to be packed starting back at the nimitz freeway starting at hayward. it's jammed up to 30 minutes
9:17 am
for your average drive time to get to 101. tracking delays, northbound 680, fremont -- a vehicle stalled an hour ago and is leaking fluid. milpitas is jammed trying to get into fremont. normally it's a piece of cake, this morning, extra slow. still tracking delays through the santa cruz mountains. at redwood estates, the right lane will be block. it's blocking traffic because of yesterday's fire. crews are still on scene. a backup stretches to the reservoir. at least a 20 minute delay if you need to head south. this is going to be with you throughout your afternoon and evening. make sure you plan ahead. let's check some or drive time. eight 880, 14 minutes from 280
9:18 am
to 237. no major problems for 101. moderate slowing for northbound 280 from 101 to 85 at cupertino. your average drive time, 20 minutes. hillary clinton's campaign is slamming republicans over the final report of their investigation of the deadly 2012 attacks on the us outpost in benghazi. a campaign spokesperson saying the report hasn't found anything to contradict the conclusions of the multiple earlier investigations. the committee's chief goal was to politicize the death of four americans according to clinton's campaign. with decision 2016, hillary clinton is campaigning alongside elizabeth warren. they held their first joint campaign event in ohio. warren is one of the people said to be on clinton's short list of potential running mate's -- running mates.
9:19 am
warren calls clinton the fighter who never backs down. she also slammed donald trump.>> she doesn't wine, she doesn't run to twitter to call her opponents that pigs or dummies. she just remembers who really needs someone on their side. she steps up and keeps right on fighting for the people who need her most. >> she was close, she didn't say fat pig or dummy, but she called were in goofy and said she was one of the most -- least productive senators in the us. she also says she lied about her heritage, claiming to be native american to booster campaign. he has previously mocked her calling her pocahontas. aaron persky has been racing lenient sentencing for a convicted rapist. he is facing outcry for the harsin as he gave in another man's similar crime.>>
9:20 am
reporter: take a listen to what a public defender said in support of judge aaron a week and a half ago.>> no one has been able to cite any example of the similarly situated comment to brough turner that was in a lot that was -- that was about minority background that received a harsher sentence. >> that's not the case anymore. the guardian cites a march plea agreement in which roll ramirez pleads guilty to felony sex assault and gets a three-year prison sentence for persky, likely to be handed down soon. >> i can't say whether it was rape or some other factor, but clearly there are issues of potential bias.>> reporter: that sentences six times longer than brough turner's who likely will spend all of his sentence in prison.>> he gave a white
9:21 am
privileged athlete a slap on up the rest for a crime against women. he is not fit to determine justice. err that is a campaign organizer from ultraviolet, the same group calling for persky's removal.>> we can't have judges to decide that that conviction isn't worthy. of a reasonable sentence. >> it's hard to argue that this judge did not try to cushion the fall.>> michelle dauber says the case is a perfect example of why she wants persky recall. spencer blake, kron4 news.>> one significant death -- differences the victim in the ramirez case was conscious. the other victim was unconscious. san francisco-based airbnb is suing its hometown.
9:22 am
a lawsuit was filed yesterday. airbnb says it is suing because of the new short-term rentals ordinance that takes effect in san francisco next month. the new rules require all airbnb host in san francisco to register with the city. if they don't, airbnb faces a $1000 per day fine for each listing that is not registered. a b&b says the $50 registration process is enough to turn off host. they say the new rules violate the first amendment. changes could be coming to one of san francisco's most popular tourist spots. a small snack bar at quick tower has been approved over opposition from community members. it would be built on the western perimeter of the parking lot. littauer is not have food or beverage services right now. people who oppose it say they are concerned with preserving historic buildings. the legislation requires approval by the board of
9:23 am
supervisors. coming up... >> they are like, this is dangerous. people doing bad things.>> something interesting happens to this periscope or. i will tell you in this edition of people behaving badly.
9:24 am
9:25 am
breaking news out of antioch where there has been an officer involved shootings. officers responded to a domestic violence call at two this morning on eighth street. they were confronted by a 56- year-old with a gun. antioch officers fired shots in the man was wounded. no officers were hurt. the man was taken to the hospital in stable condition. the da's office is investigating. 9:25, and driving while broadcasting live on social media like facebook or
9:26 am
periscope is dangerous. >> it's also against the law. stanley roberts caught two driver to apparently are repeat offenders.>> i feel like i am in hiding. apparently i can't do this anymore.>> reporter: we featured this lady in the behaving badly segment. what was she doing?>> we are trying to dry my hair in the [ expletive ] car.>> reporter: she is trying to dry her hair while broadcasting live on periscope and driving. since self driving cars are not available yet, you can do the math. >> i was on the [ expletive ] news for scoping and driving.>> reporter: after she -- this segment aired, she deleted her
9:27 am
videos and went underground for two days. >> if i'm going to drive in scope, i'm going to drive in scope.>> reporter: listen to this. >> they put me on [ expletive ] and they were like oh, my gosh. i showed off my had a tattoo. >> can't see it. >> reporter: she has over 100,000 people who saw her on periscope just to watch her scope and drive.>> they are like this is dangerous. people doing bad things. >> reporter: she did something that made me proud. >> i am not going to live. he has a point. it is wrong.>> reporter: what about the pastor who was caught live on facebook? he deleted his video. this one had him with a fan behind them in traffic.
9:28 am
i just hope he keeps alive facebook videos out of the car, especially if he is holding the phone and driving at the same time. stanley roberts, kron4 news. a major sex scandal in the oakland police department. officers say there only focuses stopping crime in the city. an update after the break. here's a glance at high temperatures today. triple numbers in livermore and subcommunities east. we will see more of the same. there are changes in the forecast, stick around. the morning news continues. ♪
9:29 am
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9:30 am
take a look at weather and traffic. weather has been leading all morning. >> it has pounds the last hour. look at the numbers. 73 in concord, 75 per livermore. we have only begun.
9:31 am
for the east bay shoreline, 60 east bay shoreline, 61 for oakland. some of these numbers are close to yesterday or a degree or so behind. 54 for san francisco, 67 for san jose. oakland, a break down, we will call it mild and pleasant while compare -- by comparison. getting into the middle 70s by 3:00 this afternoon. here's how it breaks down. we have some fog showing up, ouellette the coast, temperatures will stay cool all day today. by noon, warming up inland, staying cool at the coast. by this afternoon, hot inland with upper 90s to lower 100th to be expected. today will be the hottest day in the box. there is a minor relief happening but for east of the hills you probably won't experience that change until we get to thursday and friday. robin, how is it hanging? >> not so good for 680 right now. traffic is at about -- and a crawl in fremont. this big rock -- big rig, i
9:32 am
made it a hot spot. crews have been dealing with it over an hour in fremont, only blocking one lane, but there is a fuel spill. crews are cleaning it up. it is crawling from jaclyn road. this is counter commute. if you need to head north this will throw you off. --. it's causing a 20 minute delay. the other trouble spot is in the santa cruz mountains, south 17 from idlewild to redwood estates. the right lane will be blocked until 10 tonight as crews keep an eye on the area on fire yesterday. it is jammed on bear creek road and is backing up northbound traffic. now to a story you will see only here. we are looking at how the oakland police is keeping the city safe while trying to avoid being distracted by a sex scandal and other recent incidents involving officers. kron4 first broke the story
9:33 am
involving underage call girl and several police officers. >> reporter: the commander of area one w. oakland uptown. >> reporter: this is oakland police capt. laurent armstrong, an 18 year veteran nopd. he has 100 officers under his demand. i wrote along with him to get an idea what it's like to be nopd officer these days in the midst of a major sex scandal rocking the department. >> the challenges us as commanders continuing to get the officers to maintain focus on what's going on on the streets, to make sure we make the community safe.>> reporter: seven officers are under investigation for alleged misconduct with an underage girl, who is now 18.>> with all this stuff swirling around, is
9:34 am
there a potential for an officer to lose focus?>> any professional under this level of scrutiny, i think it has an impact.
9:35 am
9:36 am
the budget signing will keep agencies running until june 30. it includes $2 billion to the rainy day fund. it also expands day care and removes the cap on welfare aid to families. it also increases california's spending first event to $10,000, over $3000 more per student in california spent. in the south bay, a former high school teacher facing charges in a sex cam. investigators say douglas lay catfish to students. he was arraigned yesterday in santa clara county. police say he posed as a teenager so he can lower other teenagers into sending him
9:37 am
sexually explicit pictures. victims of filed lawsuits saying the district did not do enough to protect the students. the judge raise the bail amount yesterday and ordered him back into custody. the man accused of running an illegal sex trafficking business is in custody. his home was being advertised as an upscale private club. legendary women's basketball coach pat summitt has died. she was the winningest coach in the district. in 2011, she was diagnosed with alzheimer's. she had almost 1100 victims and eight national championships for the university of tennessee. she was awarded the presidential medal of freedom
9:38 am
in 2012. she was 64 years old. in 19 in 1985, the coach who died today was the coach of the philadelphia eagles. wrecks and rob, his sons, have also had success in the nfl. buddy ryan was 80 years old. still ahead, you can through the records out when the giants in the a's save each other. after the break ties the fourth of july is approaching, firefighters are busy dealing with illegal fireworks already.
9:39 am
9:40 am
9:41 am
in most of our area, we have had reports of fireworks for the last week or so. typically there will be people setting off fireworks even during the day after the fourth for a week or maybe even more.>> fire officials hope county residents will take advantage of the fireworks
9:42 am
displays on the fourth of july instead of setting up their own. >> we encourage members of the public to attend publicly sponsored displays for the fourth and celebrate the holiday safely. charles clifford, kron4 news. we are less than a week away from the fourth of july. you will be able to watch the fireworks right here on kron4. our coverage starts at 9 pm on july 4. we will be live along the embarcadero as well as other locations around the bay. still ahead, more weather and traffic as we head into the weekend.>> it's our holiday.>> that and thanksgiving. we will be back with more in a few minutes.
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9:46 am
welcome back. every morning we talk live with gary radnich. here is the rewind. >> time for the world according to gary, sponsored by hershey's.>> good morning, young lady. >> the sports world has lost to know legends. you heard about pat summitt, but we also heard buddy ryan died. he was 82. it's a big loss. i know that he was the guru of defense. that was his big signature.>> is very famous or made his name, a longtime coach. as an assistant coach for the bears back in the mid-80s when they won that championship and he was the defensive coordinator, some say the best defense ever, he and mike ditka, that's almost like co- coaches. you never seen that where an assistant was carried off the field along with ditka.
9:47 am
>> also, he is just a role model. i know a lot of his players talked about him being like a father figure. that's when we go to what the players say about pat summitt, which is, did she really transcend women's basketball to other sports. people look to her as the consummate coach. >> she had a little bit of bobby knight and her. tough disciplinarian. tennessee is where she made her mark. her family over the weekend kind of warmed everybody up, letting them know she had men well and that the time was coming.>> i was reading the stories, she became a coach at the age of 22. can you imagine being in college, basically the same ages the kids she is coaching. >> that's when i read bobby knight. i think bobby knight was a head
9:48 am
coach an army when he was 23. some of these coaches, 15 years as an assistant, waiting for a chance, somebody believed in her right away and she got a job right out of school. >> that's the thing. this merry-go-round happens, now we're looking at the latest coach merry-go-round, hopefully stopping at the warriors. they want the former lakers and cavs coach to join them as an assistant. err this is mike brown. i think he had two runs with cleveland and of course i hate to say it, if lebron thinks you are not ready or not equipped, twice he got fired in cleveland. very short time. he is one of these guys they say real friendly, good personality, all that, but three fire breaks as a head coach, he will try to rebuild with the warriors. >> he was having trouble getting along with the big
9:49 am
stars. >> that's just it. like i said, you work for cleveland, you are working for lebron in a sense. that's a good place to get going again. you are on a great team and steve kerr by all accounts, great to work for. he will get it going again.>> you know who would be a terrible coach? james harden.. being a role model -- role model and being an example. what's this master of the dojo move? he makes his kid look like an idiot. it's a kid.>> that's just it. that kids dad or mom probably paid $400 a week to get dumped on.>> exactly.>> that's funny. in southern california i was telling the story last night,
9:50 am
at least pardon was there. back in the day, the basketball camps, i will say the names, but even in the bay area, they have all the big joe's basketball camp. a guy would show up for five minutes and leave.>> i know. i sent my kid years ago when he played to the warriors basketball camp. a big star was going to come. that was ken bazemore. he was on the bench. he was very nice, but i was expecting maybe somebody bigger.>> that's just it. nowadays with the social media and everybody is ready to pounce, you won't have camp for too long, i don't care how big you are, if you're not there. the days of the kids walk-in the guy says, hi, how are you, good luck, kid, and he goes out the side door, those are over. curry stays for all of his
9:51 am
harden was there the whole time. that is los angeles where his kid was. >> sweet, embarrassing the children. the a's embarrassed the giants, they won handle -- handily with their handlebar mustache picture. i love the mustache. he is a rookie and i'm looking at the stats, because i am not paying attention to the game. i am looking at the mustache and i'm googling the greatest handlebar mustaches of all time. raleigh fingers comes up. >> exactly. you have both of them side by side, they have the same thing.>> let's put the rest of them. raleigh fingers. another mustache i like is starts to ferdinand. and buffalo bill.>> buffalo bill, that is very good handlebar knowledge. orr do you like yourself for the handlebar?>> terrible.>> you don't grow a mustache.>> it
9:52 am
all started in college, back when i was playing at unlv -- unlv. everybody else had beards, van dyck's, everybody was cool. i couldn't grow one.>> let alone get enough to wax.>> i couldn't grow one today. i am not harry like that.>> facial hair is in but the stash is not quite back like an raleigh stay. >> he was the first one, raleigh fingers, that i can remember that was good. you can have one, but if you're no good, nobody cares. >> it is a real show off move.>> you tell me. why do you want to have facial hair?>> in general? anybody. >> these days, it's the beard. it's all about the beard. >> you want to be cool, i guess.>> some of us were not born with the capacity to do it. it's a sad state of affairs.
9:53 am
>> if you can't do that, it yourself a pair of skinny pants. >> i don't want to do that any -- either. go-ahead. >> i can't help you.>> skinny pants and a handlebar mustache.>> we'll see you, gary.
9:54 am
9:55 am
you've heard about repeat offenders. a woman in redding takes that phrase to a whole new level. stephen burke's has been arrested 41 times. including nine times this year alone. release say one of the reasons she keeps getting released is because legislation to reduce prison populations enables her lease..
9:56 am
-- released.>> the problem is not everybody wants to be rehabilitated. they are turning out all these people who have no desire to change and no care to rehabilitate. they put the burden on the local communities and we all suffer. redding police say most of burks arrests are for property crimes and narcotics violations. a new robot designed to sing like as a soul. his name is cosmo. he is to half inches tall. a little pocket friend for you. a company called and : programmed him to move and a moat using artificial at -- intelligence and voice recognition and animation. there's a camera in his face and it can tell him who's talking. then they have an app. with that, he can remember your identity. cosmo can get grumpy if you poke him or if you turn your
9:57 am
back on him. he can recognize that. you can get annoyed, surprise, skeptical, and board. cosmo will available -- cosmo will be available just in time for christmas, $180.>> kind of like my furby but not as soft.>> the furby wasn't so great.>> don't forget to feed them. watching the seven-day forecast, hot weather is the big story. we're going to start a cooling trend but still it will be unbearably hot inland through the weekend. looks like nice weather for fourth of july. 90 degrees, beautiful around the bay. big question will be the fog or the fireworks. we will watch that closely. >> would not just be the way? for now, it's all about the heat. we will see you tomorrow at 4 am. >> our next newscast is five this evening. stay connected with our mobile app and facebook and twitter feeds. dr. phil is next.
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