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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  June 29, 2016 12:45am-1:16am PDT

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♪ ♪ tonight, exclusive photos inside taylor and tom's romantic roman holiday. kissing, sight-seeing, a helicopter ride. is hiddleston moving too quick? >> meantime, is tay's ex, calvin harris on a crash course? then -- "bachelorette" men making jo-jo take a back seat, new drama with bad boy chad and front-runner jordan. >> it's complicated. then, dating advice from tv's million-dollar matchmaker. plus zac efron's new movie "kiss and tell." >> you forgot about it? i sure didn't. now for june 28, 2016 this
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is "entertainment tonight." hi, thanks for joining us. >> let's get started with tonight's top story. >> exclusive shots of hiddleston's roman holiday, is their romance too swift or tailor-made? >> arm in arm, holding hands and the steamy kiss inside the roman coliseum, our exclusive shots look kind of like hiddle-swift's own version of that classic movie. donning matching ray-bans, 24 hours. >> they stayed at the a hotel and enjoyed bellinis at the hotel restaurant. a romantic lunch. very audrey hepburn of taylor. they put on a ton of pda. >> this moment happened right in front of an icebreak in the wall, allowing paparazzi to get a shot.
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>> they had dinner at a pizzaria and got back to the hotel around 9:00 p.m. they had the a late breakfast this morning and the couple left a couple of hours later. >> they took a helicopter out of the city. this after jetting across two continents to meet each other's parents in the span of a week. is all of this hidel-swift stuff too quick? >> it might seem like it moves quickly. but when taylor swift loves, she loves hard and fast. >> are you an intense person? >> i think i feel things in an intense way. >> jake jigyllenhaal in 2010 an remember her other ex-boyfriend connor kennedy, they were spotted together in july of 2012. the next month she bought a home near the kennedy compound in hyannis port, right next to kennedy's grandmother, rose
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kennedy. >> as for taylor's ex calvin -- >> in the 14 months they were together, we saw calvin with her parents but we never saw taylor with his parents. ironically enough, calvin's mother loves not that far from tom's mom in england. >> who are you dating now? >> yesterday llaving the gym, calvin stayed mum about it all. but harris did have a mishap. he threw his black range rover into reverse, forgetting his rear door was open. >> oh, gosh, you would think the paparazzi could have yelled out something. maybe calvin was distracted by awe the taylor stuff going on out there. after the door mishap taylor snapchated a song of kanye's. the bad boys of the "bachelorette" making news again. is the new season about more about the guys than the bachelorette herself? how close are you with the guys?
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>> we have a relationship. it's -- it's complicated. i'll say that. >> just what exactly is going on between the "bachelorette's" jordan rodgers and his famous brother, aaron rogers? a fox sports interview turnnd awkward when the front-runner was asked about their relationship. >> does aaron watch the show? do you know? >> i'm sure everybody watches the show. so yeah. >> good plug, good plug. >> do you think he specifically watches the show? >> i think he does, yeah. >> have you talked to him about it at all?& >> i haven't gotten any pointers on my dating. >> jordan is odds on the favorite to win. look at who is still stirring up trouble? >> end of the day it's like half of these guys are cheating on their girlfriends, half of them broke up with girlfriends to go on the show. >> bad boy chad johnson was eliminated two episodes ago after showing violence, but is grabbing the spotlight. he got in a quick workout in an oklahoma park and stocked up on steaks and protein powder and on a radio show, andy cohee asked
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chad if his outbursts on the show were caused by steroids. >> not at all. before i was on the show. i counted every calorie. >> chad is a lock as the "bachelorette's" best villain and here is our vote for the "bachelorette's" best exit. >> don't cry. >> his ob in the van after his elimination and the show's nod to "evita" made it all the more dramatic. but don't cry for jo-jo. while she fought back tears she was making out with another suitor. derek was a good sport, tweeting oh, why am i crying? #mantears, adding when a man cries in argentina, a unicorn is born. #ididitforjoejoe. >> the whole cutting back and forth between don't cry and the song was one of the best moments
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ever in "bachelorette" history. >> that "evita" moment inspired us to snapchat her own musical memory. ♪ ♪ -p♪ the "bachelorette" has no ct and i'm so sad ♪ >> brilliant! >> talk about stirring performances, people are buzzing about beyonce's amazing opening number at the b.e.t. awards. >> i filled up my bathtub and stomped my wayythrough it beyonce is getting some heat. she left before the show and her mother picked up the eye wards. now miss tina is coming to her daughter's defense. >> are you going to take all of those awards and head over to london? >> no, i'm going to take them and keep them for her. >> that was tina knowles backstage on sunday. she went all mama bear on the haters. tina got flack for saying this.
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>> on behalf of my burt daughter who is on a plane she had to run right from the stage and get on a plane and fly to london for a concert. >> sure, the concert was in the uk. just not in london. it turns out it was scheduled for tuesday. not monday. tina took to instagram to set the record straight saying first of all,dy make a mistake on the city and the day. i am hurt and disappointed, because i know what kind of work, sacrifice and personal money it took for her to do this show and support the b.e.t. awards show. ♪ ♪ >> but did beyonce really need to jet off right after her performance? tina cites almost 20 hours in travel time and a dayful of rehearsal in uk before the quick split. what would be the point of lying to the public and knowing that anyone could see when the date was. and now -- a kardashian birthday bash. >> birthday car ride, we're raging. >> now i do feel love for the
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rest of my life. >> there was a lot of love for khloe on her 32nd birthday, partying arcade style at dave and buster's with family and friends. including chrissie teigen and john legend. >> marked the occasion with a throw-back pic, almost as cute as a birthday greeting to her auntie. the biggest surprise, blac chyna and rob, posting pictures like this. she tagged it, so much fun with momma. >> so she's already calling kris her mom. we might be wondering how the kardashians party in a place like that without being mobbed with all their fans it's easy, you reet out the whole place. "the legend of tarzan" took over hollywood boulevard for their big premiere. surviving the red carpet heat is another story. our carly spiel was there.
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>> i feel like i'm in -- you're wearing? >> kimono. >> pink fur crops, the temperatures, a boiling 95 degrees. that didn't stop margot from busting out the kimono theme. good. >> she's such a good actress. >> hollywood heat sort of like the jungle where tarzan swings from vines. alexander skarsgard was ripped in his shirtless scenes, his diet was brutal. >> portions were very small. so i was -- constantly hungry. i finish my lunch and i would be like -- two hours and 55 minutes to my next meal. >> is that why you do the smoldering look so much? you're in a bad mood. >> hold a hamburger behind the camera like thhs and i go like -- [ laughter ] >> i don't possess the self-discipline or self-control to do what heedid. >> and alexander tells us, his diet inspired his famous tarzan call. >> my trainer was like you're
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going to get paused for lunch would be broccoli and then they record the -- [ yell ] >> actually was pretty good. better than -- >> come on, what you got? >> no, you go, you go. [ yell ] >> we're doing tarzan. >> stop it! >> how about hello kitty? >> zac efron and anna kendrick stripping down for their new movie. >> plus, we're grabbing cocktails with tv's
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morgan freeman was honored by his acting peers at the annual backstage at ♪
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it's hard to imagine zac efron struggling to find a date. but that's the premise of his new movie. like "wedding crashers" meets
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"girls gone wild" our carly steel sat down with the cast. >> the moral i got is that girls are smarter than guys. and more hard-core. >> nailed it. >> right? >> i didn't get that, i didn't >> i'm going to do it i'm going to do it. >> do it! >> we've got your first look behind the scenes of the comedy whose title really does explain it all. "mike and dave need wedding dates." >> we don't want you showing up stag and riling each other up. >> we never get riled up! >> brothers are looking for good girls. but anna kendrick and aubrey plaza's hard-partying characters get their way in. >> i want to know who has the softer lips, adam or anna? >> oh, dude! [ bleep ]. >> both of us. >> i think it's you. >> movie, you forgot about it? i sure didn't. >> all three of you guys have
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grrat lips, let's just eave it at that. >> let's get to the bottom of it let's not just leave it, okay. >> are you tripping? >> dave, i'll be honest with you, i can't continue to wear this horse. >> the scene with the horse is you -- are a butt double. >> it's a butt double. it's like the top half of a -- >> don't lie about these things. >> i'vv had opportunities to use doubles before and like -- they always bring in a double with the worst butt you've ever seen. >> do you think that's an easy trick to make you get your butt out? >> i think they're manipulating me. >> yeah. >> sneaky, sneaky. right? >> oh yeah. million-dollar matchmaker gives a taylor and tom proposal prediction. plus her dating do's and don't's. and who is the star of back announcing his split. and caitlyn's later olympic honor, we flash back to the favorite moment with the
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gold-winning legend. favorite moment with the gold-winning legend. 07 closed captioning provided by --
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now it's nick's date night. >> the now single nic cage wwnt on a sushi date night last night, with a a mystery woman. she had a floral kimono and wore traditional japanese sandals, they dinee at a sushi restaurant in studio city and weren't afraid of pairing a little pda. nic has split spr his wife of 11 years. the couple separated in january. >> we'll have to see if nic and his new gal are a match. we're here with a woman who has built her career on bringing perfect careers together, patty
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stanger. >> she is judge judy of love. >> she's tough. >> we asked patty for a verdict on hollywood's hottest new couple. you know who i'm talking about -- taylor and tom. >> this year? >> my little sagittarius, i hope she finds true love. >> wedding on the horizon for hiddle-swift? it wouldn't the first prediction that patty stanger had gotten right. >> you look at the body language in matchmaking, the way they're holing, dress alike, look alive. they walk alike. it wasn't that way with calvin. >> next. >> she's returnnng to help new, rich and stubborn singles july 8 on we tv. >> i'm a 10. >> no, you're not. >> if i can't fix you up, who the [ bleep ] can! ? >> we made a date with the
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million-dollar matchmaker who o told us shees taking her signature tough love approach to another level. >> i'm baffled as to why i'm single. >> i wanted to heal people who were the toughest cases, who couldn't find love, stuck in >> i have to break you to build you up. >> you make them cry. >> they've got to get to jesus before they figure out what's wrong with them. >> i want to like -- >> i want -- >> you can't be held if you lead with [ bleep ]. >> for all the other lowly fish in the sea, this modern-day cupid is revealing her top tips for finding love online. >> you're judging on a picture. >> you're judging on a picture. which you don't even know if it's real. >> first up -- >> talk about what you waat, what you're looking for, don't be nasty about it. >> if you can afford to do five and you've got a lot of down time. go for it. >> what's your biggest no-no? >> i had a situation where a guy tried to come and get to me. he wanted me to go to his house. he wasn't taking no for an i'm not a fan of that. >> now in case you're wondering,
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patty herself has never been married. so guys, if you're interested, she tells us that she's actually on the dating app tumble. >> remember this, bruce jenner celebrating his victory in montreal on the cover of "sports illustrated." that was 40 years ago. bruce is now caitlyn and landing on the cover. as we count down to the rio games, we're looking back on our time with the olympic superstar. boy do i remember the anxiety. the pressure. luckily i remember the winning, too. >> an icon, legend and hero. all apply to the athlete who won the decathlon in 1976. is. >> i feel some pressure because you are somewhat of a role model for young kids. kids do look up to you. no question. and that's a nice position to be in. >> over "e.t.'s" 35 years on the air, jenner has done dozens of interviews and has been a -pspecial corressondent. l.a. is days away from the start of the olympic games. to celebrate the 20th
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anniversary of the gold medal win. threw an olympic-themed birthday party. with guests mary lou retton and greg louganis. >> a replica of the "sports illustrated" cover from 20 years ago. >> during the atlanta games jenner visited the city's centennial park along with a young kim and kourtney kardashian. a tragic bomb hg left two people dead and 150 people injured and jenner wanted to assure the public that terror would not stop the competition. >> i've got my daughters here, my kids here. it's a safe place. the city of atlanta has been doing a wonderful job. it's unfortunate that one fool messed this thing up. i hope we're back on track now. >> now caitlyn is reliving history in the film exclusive "jenner: 40 years after gold." the cover shoot was done at her malibu home and in the film available on we see that
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caitlyn keeps the gold medal tucked away in a drawer. the past year caitlyn has been a torch-bearer for many in the transgender community. >> we started this conversation and for the last year, i don't know about you, but it's been the most amazing year of people coming up and talking about this issue. >> and more than a year after making history, they will sit down again. >> i'm reminding you, you promised me another interview. >> i know, baby, you're going to get it. >> you are going to get thatt don't you worry. >> it has been an interesting wild ride for caitlyn. and the zeke ar virika viru making headliies. the latest athlete to pull out, jason day, saying playing golf cannot take precedents over the safety of our family. i will not place them at risk. it's family over medals, i don't think you can argue with that. >> it makes him even i'm home.
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the age of 17. all at promotional considerations provided by -- before we go, nick cannon's new show premiered. about guys traveling in a bbs around the country. and i hope you will -- hop in front of your tv to watch this young ladyyon july 4th, nancy will be hosting the boston pops fireworks spectacular on pbs. >> thank you, i appreciate that. >> demi lovato, nick jonas, you know i love my country. they're all going to be
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performing, more than half a million people show up every year at this even "insider" tracking the biggest stories making news today. number one, summer's getting hotter and our celebrity heat index is on fire. tom and taylor scorched the beach. are miley and liam engaged? and are fans tired of gwen and blake's pda? >> they have this bond that's remarkable. >> and more famous fallout for kanye. >> lena dunham's latest diss. >> and number three from the white house -- to the iron throne. >> you got ned, brom, kal drogo? can you name more "game of thrones" deaths? in our pop


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