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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  June 29, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> pam:now at eight. mommy what's that a daytime nightmare for this east bay community as a fast moving brushfire threatens their homes. whoosh in hayward neighbors rush into a burning house to save a 16 year old girl. "just kept on hearing screaming." their story and an update on her condition. whoosh more than two dozen shootings on east bay highways have local leaders demanding help from the state. we are asking for emergency funding," whoosh and kron four's investigation intotobin world gets results: the antioch school district reacts to reports of widespread abuses of special needs students. student safety is our number one concern you're watching kron four news in prime time. >> pam:our top story tonight. a hillside fire in martinez. comes dangerously close to homes. some neighbors near rankin park were briefly told to leave their homes, as firefighters worked to knock down the flames. good evening.i'm pam moore. and i'm vicki liviakis. in for steve aveson. kron four's philippe djegal joins us live near the fire line, where tonight. the flames are under control.
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philippe. pam and vicki. >> reporter: fire fighters wasted no time. you could smell the smoke from all over the city. and, the quick response helped save the homes in this neighborhood. nats- fire near power pole flames fanning along the open space above rankin park. the fire coming dangerously close to power lines and power poles. nats- fire truck arriving as the contra costa county fire protection district and cal fire responded on the gound. nats- and, with an air tanker above. nats- go get your shoes on neighbors like stacee lambert living on foster street, raced to get out their homes, because the flames were just feet away. sot- "look how close it is right there."
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at times visibility was a challenge. sot- "tremendous amount of smoke." sot- "i just noticed all the smoke and there was fire." >> reporter:the fire started at around four o'clock in the afternoon and with the help of cal fire's inmate handcrews. nats- hand crews. the five acre blaze was contained about an hour later. sot- "the fire's burning in a mixture of grass, brush and trees." >> reporter:the fire protection district says the recent excessive has dried out the vegetation, which contributed to the quick spread of the fire. but no structures were damaged. >>:sot- "what do you think started it? i don't know, you know, there are a lot of homeless people out here. there are people walking to and from the park and just one of those things that happens." >> reporter:still, fire investigators are looking into what caused this mess. but fortunately no one was injuried. live in martinez, philippe djegal, kron four news. >> pam:happening now. a 16-year-old hayward girl is in a coma tonight after a fire trapped her inside of her bedroom this morning. she's in critical condition. >> vicki:several neighbors tried to get her out before firefighters got to the scene. kron 4's kate cagle spoke to one of the men about the moments he was inside the burning building. >> reporter: fire broke out and
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said this, mayor of st. in video hookup their partnership with abc seven might win that last call 911. the teenager was able the pull his nephew out but his sister was trapped in her bedroom. it quickly filled the room in the frantic moments to jump in the fact will not attract the find the girl but so intense he can only make a few feet before he had to turn back. a set. a neighbor also try going inside
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>> reporter: 6 year-old passed out but still have paul. taken to hospital in critical condition. . >> pam:fires continue to burn throughout the state... one of them started just yesterday in the sierra foothills. the trailhead fire is burning between auburn and forest hill. it has spread to both placer and el dorado counties. so far, about two-thousand acres
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have burned. fire crews say, the blaze is only about 12- percent contained. 26-hundred structures are being threatened as a result. evacuations are in order for people in todd valley... because there is only one way in. and one way out. >> britteny: to-and we see more moisture pushing and with the florida law coast near san francisco have been bailey'' you got the picture will not cede rainfall that would be very helpful but all the rain on some of leather east of us near las vegas 58 oakland mid-50s san
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jose and then future temperatures in the rest of sennight a stay in the fifties. and then take temperatures start off and the mid high fifties coming up we are tracking what you can expect for the rest of your work week in a closer look at your fourth of july holiday forecast read
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they would information say this could well argue busy with this information. >> j.r.: do want to go to some video here this is the man we're talking about the 21 year-old salvatore was pushed by cavaliers then after game seven of the nba finals since that time yet and in highland hospital. within the last hour house of stairs for the first time i met him the young man who was still smiling tonight even though his job as wired shut still have a very long way to go. and although the has a rod and after one of the surgeries he is given
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member >> j.r.: is tell me that they are happy with this new information. they're hoping anyone with any more affirmation just urging them to come forward with the police department and hopes it will eventually catch the person they say kosher salt over alleged
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airport reopened within 24 hours. the turkish of security officials say of three suicide bombers arrived by taxi there is. quires travelers to go through an x-ray machine before entering a building. of close circuit shows the first bomber. the glass and ceiling tiles going down a few security officials to the scene meanwhile the second bomber ran into a building firing automatic weapons. camera >> catherine: scott that
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explosion. the blast went through security fences the third bomber race to abuilding headed upstairs to departure lounge what how falls apparently shot by her a policeman and lewis with harris upham bomb. though no one claimed the attackers ak-47 exploit the best 50 ids profile of what causes suicide lawyers. the head of the cia says that the u.s. should be prepared for similar tax year.
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>> pam: american summit today with the president of mexico. and he explains how of the countries are more determined than ever to defeat terrorism >>: and we can and will defeat the to offer early death destruction and will always remember even those who are trying to divide us and we come together and work toward a better world. in that >> pam: states government is indicating it might start looking at social media accounts department plans to carry submitted his proposal last week. if it passes people
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not u.s. citizens traveling with the u.s. will be asked about their social media accounts the move >> vicki: of caution and abilities of the terrorist bombings in estival turkey sent francisco police and federal authorities showing heavy presence. they cannot say long and often generated the level of trust that there will calf's safe. in a >> vicki: national term of walking sniffer dogs and patrolling more slowly deliberately.
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>> vicki: keep crews still a menace complain of back local hospital as the still do not know the man's condition at the >> britteny: 2 closer look at your camera network. as we go into the rest of tonight the fog is going to stick around allow extra time to go where you're going in the morning with the patchy fog
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death deconditions continue slightly cooler temperatures. although we cool down we will still be very warm and still cooler the coast. fairly rare shot shows dry conditions set francisco area of high pressure off the east of us. we will track another system that will set a little bit further down as we go into the weekend that will help cool down temperatures the farm tractor shows as we go into tomorrow morning visibility down to zero and the highs around the region to are 98 and jack 93 livermore 73 oakland a big difference 93 concord 82 nap but 86 and center rosette and 88 in nevada. it let the sunshine
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temperatures 91 and in locations at sixties for the bay and then run along the coast 59 degrees so. pretty good luck in the forecast slightly cool each day as you push a holiday weekend. >> vicki:and kron 4 was the *only station to get her leaving a private fundraiser lunch. she hosted this morning in san francisco. this is her first trip back to the bay area since the june seventh primary. she won california with more than 53-percent of the vote. in decision 2016. hillary clinton is in a virtual tie. with donald trump in the race for the white house. >> pam:a new poll by quinnipiac university. shows the two presumptive nominees separated by a statistically insignificant two- points. the same poll found. six out of
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ten voters agreeing, that the presidential election has raised the level of hate and prejudice in this country. of that 61- percent, 67 percent blame donald trump and 16 percent blame hilary clinton and for the first time this year. hillary clinton and president obama will be campaigning together! they will kick off their campaign in charlotte, north carolina, next tuesday. the event comes weeks after president obama officially endorsed clinton, saying, he doesn't think there has ever been someone so qualified to be president. clinton hopes mr. obama's presence. will unify the democratic party. and bring in voters who have supported the president in past elections. >> vicki:a teenage girl who was struck and killed while walking in oakley is now being identified by the coroner's office as 15-year-old roshel madlangbayan. she and another 17-year-old girl were struck by a station wagon on east cypress road near bethel island road.
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roshel died at the scene. the other girl was air-lifted to children's hospital investigators believe the girls were walking along the curb-line in an area with no sidewalk. and locals say it's a dangerous spot .whip around the corner. witnesses say the driver had been driving erratically before hitting the girls. police are investigating whether drugs or alcohol were factors in the crash. pam? >> pam:pedestrain safety is the focus of a new effort in alameda tonight. it is called the red- card campaign. it is a city - wide plea to drivers. to slow down and to watch out for pedestrians when driving through 25- mile- an- hour speed zones. red- signs are going up all over alameda. the campaign is the brain child of resident heather little, who was spurred on. by pedestrians dying in car accidents.
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little says, the pedestrian safety effort is even more vital now with children out of school for the summer. she says, everyone has to be more vigilent to keep youngsters safe from speeding vehicles. >> vicki:still ahead. the plight of the homeless. the bay area group on a mission to help those.who need it most. nats: ambiance >> stanley:it's so nice to take a short stoll on a long pier .untill you have to scale that 7 foot fence nats: ambiance i'll expalain in the next edition of people behaving badly
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when you put up a fence. it is generally for a reason, it is usually meant to keep something in. or keep something out but in one city in the east bay a fence appears to have little or no meaning. stanley roberts explains. >> stanley:in july of 2015 the city of berkeley engineers closed the municipal fishing pier because it was deemed structurally unsound . in plain english it's too dangerous to keep open . that probably whey there is this danger sign but look at what we have here, a couple taking a leisurely stroll on the pier, notice how she places her phone in her pocket that because she if going to need both hands
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nats: ambiance her partner is practicing chivalry by allowing her scale the 7 foot fence first . one leg over then the second leg over then she shimmy's across the wooden railing. >> stanley:followed by her partner who appear to get hung up for a brief moment . then she shimmy across the railing too. both ignoring the posted no trespassing signs nats: ambiance the security fence around the entrance to the pier appears to have been cut in a few places and patched up with a heavy duty chain to keep people out but we all know in the bay area a fence around anything basically means its open for business. nats: ambiance the berkeley pier at one point use to be get this 3 and a half miles long and use for ferry travel until the bay bridge was built then it was cut down to so now its roughly 3000 feet. basically the 90 year old pier is crumbling, and that makes it unsafe for people to walk on, that being said is click click click if you search the web it's not hard to find photos of people who scaled the fence and took photos in photo the post read
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trespassing on an abandoned pier with two of my favs. #rebels here are photo sent to me by a viewer that show people in the act of scaling the fence now if you happen to be on the pier and get injured you probably try to sure the city for not making the fence high enough or for not have large enough danger signs at the historic but closed berkeley pier stanley roberts kron 4 news if you've seen people behaving badly in your neighborhood let us know. you can contact stanley on facebook, twitter or email hiim. people-behaving-badly-at-kron-4- dot-com. next, at the bottom of the hour. >> pam:the east bay lawmaker urging governor brown to take action. to stop freeway shootings. plus, a major development in kron 4's tobinworld investigation. the big move by the antioch school district and we will take you live to a shelter. that is making sure peoplewho are homeless in san francisco. get a hot meal each day.
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>> pam:homelessness has defined the city of san francisco for generations. and a new project is looking to call attention to the problem. with the help of the media. >> vicki:all this week, kron four and more than 70 other media outlets are coming together to combat the homeless problem. this map from the san francisco chronicle. showing where the homeless live in san francisco. most of them live in the eastern part of the city, with the
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highest being in the mission and south of market neighborhoods. one of the organizations who is always helping the homeless is cityteam. kron four's spencer blake is live in san francisco. where people have been helping and serving non- stop today. spencer? earlier we were inside during the dinnertime rush. cityteam serves free meals to about two or three hundred people a day, in addition to the 30 men who actually live upsatirs. >> reporter:but cityteam is more than just a shelter -- it's a change in people's way of life. a full stomach makes laughing a lot easier -- especially when you've been living on the streets. this faith-based organization in the soma tenderloin neighborhood is bringing light to the darkness many people see on sixth street. "the end part is we're transitioning them out to, basically, life on their own." and that transition requires more than just food and a place to sleep. about sixty percent of people who live on the street have some sort of addiction issue here,
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these men have access to a full- time, year-long addiction recovery program. even after just four months here, a man who had been in and out of jail, on the streets, and steeped in alcoholismis taking steps in the right direction with a doctor, a therapist, and an a-a sponsor. "here it's like more family. we get to know each other. we get to know our issues. we talk about it a lot. we get to know each other and know the community. it's kind of cool. that's what i love about this program." the additional classes and christian teachings turn these men into an army of helpers. "it's our men who are in recovery who are actually the sharp end of serving in the area, and it's really a redemptive process for them." i saw that first hand this afternoon, when cityteam residents went with the director to hand out sack lunches to anyone who needed them. for aaron, talking to homeless people, instead of turning his back on themwas a turning point.
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"that's what changed me. to be able to not just think about myself, to think about other people made my problems not so big." and at cityteam, nobody's making them leave until they're ready -- and strong enough -- to face the world. the most touching moment i saw this evening was after dinner when a man came into the director's office to give him heart-felt handshake, and a sincere and profuse 'thank you.' >> reporter:*you can help city team fulfill its 'wishlist' on amazon smile.and have things they need delivered straight to the door, live in san francisco, spencer blake, kron four news. thanks, spencer. >> vicki:we will be covering the plight of the homeless in the bay area all this week. stay tuned for new stories on
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kron four all week. as we join forces with dozens of other media outlets to focus on the issue. >> pam:it started with a slap to the face of a special needs student. and now, a major east bay school district is pulling kids from the classroom. where that abuse took place. we are learning tonight. the antioch unified school district. has been informing parents that it will no longer be placing children at the tobinworld school. kron 4's maureen kelly explains why. and talked with a parent who is not happy about the change. >>:i would never take my son out of there i'd pay out of my own pocket if the district won't help that's how good of a school they are >> reporter:aaron drake says his emotionally disturbed son has been going to tobinworld for nearly 5 years. he's upset because of this letter that he got this week from the antioch unified school district letting him know that they wants to move the 13 year old to another east bay special
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needs school. aaron says tobinworld has turned his son around. he was getting f's now he's getting a's and b's he's going to school everyday he does his work the district superintendent says they started looking into alternative special needs schools to place their students after the shocking cell phone video surfaced in january showing a nine year old boy being roughed up by the teacher's aide. but it was the announcement by california attorney general kamala that her recently formed bureau of children's justice would be investigating tobinworld that caused the district to take the drastic step of trying to pull all of their remaining students in tobinworld out. an investigaiton that came not long after kron4's multi part series of reportsthat uncovered other allegations of abuse at tobinworld. >> reporter
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>> britteny: there is a live look outside right now 24-hour
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temperature change map showing conquered 20 degrees cooler right now and down 19 degrees livermore 10 degrees fairfield the oakland and down about 4 degrees in hayward 54 san francisco 63 currently in view and like a planner mostly cloudy skies and then load mid-50s the ticket 10:00 a.m. coast will be in the mid-50s been the low 60s and then quickly warming in low '70's then by 1:00 you notice partly cloudy skies temperatures warm quickly once again close to 90 degrees. then of very warm day on tap opinion where you live clustered and yet conquered livermore. back in the '90s and
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now but 82. >> britteny: much cooler for inland location san francisco 6852 1/2 monday and then, in view some of the other areas pacifica 62 and half moon bay petaluma 86 degrees for tomorrow again for drastic temperature spread will continue for us a lot cooler with a 3 day forecast it shows a weak cool things down with a weather disturbance watching in the pacific northwest heading into saturday sunday. cabbages continue dropping a few more degrees mid- 70s the kick off a week and close 64 along the coast. in the sunday mostly sunny skies and with the amateurs dry and warm patchy fog expected in the morning lots of sunshine as we go toward the afternoon. >> britteny: the georgian the
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fireworks close to the day the sea temperatures mainly in the lower 50s clustered inland locations upper 70's a warm evening on tap as we go after a 30 by 9:00 we have comparable conditions a little bit of pettifog for details on the 70 forecast of the and the show. >> vicki: most recent friday night and then any ceilometer says enough is enough nuance the state to step in the congressman tim grace and asking that brings money to stop the freeway shootings. once the customer and that quickly the fourth to give her please
8:38 pm
believe nearly of the freeway shootings are gang-related. . >> pam: of people joined a sit- in san francisco general hospital for call to end gun violence. charles clifford was there. >> reporter: you this month she watched in horror the gunmen attacked a night club in florida. >> reporter: joined outside their francisco oakland hospital. and the bay area congresswoman nancy were also here since orlando shooting and along with other democrats and house of representatives have been pushing for more gun control measures expanding
8:39 pm
background checks gun shows and anyone on the no-fly less many supports tougher gun control measures and other families, have to go through what she has experienced
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>> pam: backed by a small crack that might cause them to expand unexpectedly then gascony after filling up the tank place and has more details i've upset
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about the various models being recalled. >> vicki: father takes matters into his own hands after complain about his daughter taking too many self at the marine mammal center, the environment is everything. we want to do our very best for each and every animal, and we want to operate a sustainable facility. and pg&e has been a partner helping us to achieve that. we've helped the marine mammal center go solar, install electric vehicle charging stations, and become more energy efficient. pg&e has allowed us to be the most sustainable organization we can be. any time you help a customer, it's a really good feeling.
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it's especially so when it's a customer that's doing such good and important work for the environment. together, we're building a better california.
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>> pam: 1 million people spend the 30 percent of their paycheck cover rent financial experts suggest people should spend no more than 30%. see the cliff opposite pushing the man the ground before from the arresting him. the other >> vicki: half million use thousands of shares on social media the videos captured
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early saturday morning on bourbon street. people are wondering if the officers use excessive force the man who says it shot the seven video posted on faced up and wrote interesting evening. you be the evening >> gary: the a's are having a party at the expense of the giants that when the first two games the best of four sentences goshen series now it is seven nothing there leading the drive in the fat and a couple real sloppy play is in the third inning opening the floodgates for oakland. and then we will give you the highlights at 1045 tonight. the giants one piece of good news phillipsite he'll start the all-star game. when the better records in baseball when it got a hold of and this
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may have nobody in the starting lineup with the exception the cubs have been doing a thing on- line everything is on line and the cubs right now have the starting first baseman. . it's like he does move ahead of st. louis and the giants have one representative. >> gary: found out how will go down friday when the warriors meet with kevin ran represented by a rock nation and because he can meet as and happens. i good day he and get there about three hours out of new york city. news basil politic helicopter in their shortly and then they will meet in the hamptons it will back him to take all his millions. curry anklet thompson
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will go along with the water management groups. then after that will meet with the spurs a saturday and once again the metis and hampton's because we have the power in want to see all you guys tap dance for me. a morning they will meet. >> gary: of somehow i may be one and 51 and 10 if he would sign with the golden state somebody would have to get rid of and it's been leaked out andrew is falling out of favor with the warriors. the one thing you have the showoff and have to play. he has missed a lot against the news helped the backlog because all the business not a very good score but defensively he gives you a boost nonetheless the
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words out and listings go the warriors have lead to this >> gary: orontes me about my car the lovely lonely and. kind of blinded from that. and andrew
8:51 pm
signed today with the indianapolis six years of hundred and 40 million he as the stanford quarterback of the relative starts to the nfl career injured most of last season but nonetheless a 7 million guaranteed annual get the the new contract around age of 32. . confine the smart guy knows the cameras on have led guy with a few drinks and them. >> gary: michael phelps going to
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his fifth olympic first ever by a summer seven month old baby named boomer 18th time olympic gold medalist coming home tonight qualified for the gains after the 200 m butterfly at the olympic trials in omaha and the games begin august 5th. as you well know the all-time record is canadian ian miller 10 olympic games begin august 5th. as you well know the all-time record is canadian ian miller 10 olympic games and equestrian as a supervisor at pg&e, it's my job to protect public safety, keeping the power lines clear, games begin august 5th. as you well know the all-time record is canadian ian miller 10 olympic games and equestrian while also protecting the environment. the natural world is a beautiful thing, the work that we do helps us protect it. public education is definitely a big part of our job, to teach our customers about the best type of trees
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to plant around the power lines. we want to keep the power on for our customers. we want to keep our community safe. this is our community, this is where we live. we need to make sure that we have a beautiful place for our children to live.
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>> pam: man takes actions after
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it all started miffed reposing in his own top pitchers quite similar to his daughter's pictures. they will not suffer from taking sawfishes but maybe just an initial cutback. >> pam: we are bringing a fireworks show right to your home alive all over the bay area monday + fireworks shows around the nation as america celebrates after hundred 40th birthday
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