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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  July 5, 2016 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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aunt-- why? why did they have to shoot to kill? >> reporter:sandy sanchez fought back tears as she questioned how and why her nephew, 18-year-old anthony nunez, whom she had raised since he was a child, was shot and killed monday during a confrontation with police. >> sandy sanchez/victim's aunt-- why couldn't they have used a taser? >> reporter:officers had responded monday evening to reports of a suicidal man with a gun at a home here on feller avenue in the east foothills. chief eddie garcia explains what happened next. >> reporter:as they approached the house, nunez came outside and began to wave the gun around and pointing it at himself. the officers then retreated across the street and pleaded with nunez to drop
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the weapon. but he turned it on them instead says chief garcia. >> reporter:family members are discounting reports that nunez was depressed. they say he had a learning disability and may have been upset because he missed a recent family reunion. >>sandy sanchez/victim's aunt-- why must they shoot to kill. his life was just beginning at only 18 years old. now i have to bury my son. (crying) >> vicki:an east bay student, overseas for an internship, killed when islamic militants took over a bakery in bangladesh last week. today, her friends and others paid tribute to the
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student at a special vigil. kron four's terisa estacio. tells us what we are learning about the student and how this is causing some students to question their safety while abroad. (crying) >> reporter: kroll with more than 100 came here to pay their respects and talk to one another. >> i felt so connected to hard. to hear what everyone had to say about her. -- i felt connected to her >> reporter: father was outside the bay agreed during the 11th hour stand off hoping that his daughter
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would be scared. --sparred >>she was just sad. >> reporter: she came to berkeley in 2013 and wanted to major in economics. in briarcliff terisa asuncion kron 4 news. -- in berkeley, terisa and ss cl. estacio, kron4news >>hillary! hillary! hillary! >> grant:president obama taking on the role of cheerleader in chief. in his first campaign appearance with hillary clinton. the north carolina rally coming just hours after the fbi released its report on her use of emails. while she
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was secretary of state. >> grant:the finding: clinton committed no criminal acts. likely to go away. >> catherine: >> vicki:catherine is here to tell us what the f=b=i did say about her actions. >> catherine:no charges, no no smoking gun. but plenty of ammunition for clinton's opponents. fbi director james comey blasted the former secretary of state and her staff today. for using a private email server to send and receive classified information. >>"none of these e-mails should have been on any kind of unclassified system." >> catherine:comey said the yearlong investigation found clinton's setup allowed classified emails to be read and stored on networks with poor security. >>"although we did not find clear evidence that secretary clinton or her colleagues intended to violate laws governing the handling of the classified information, there is evidence that they were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information." >> catherine:the fbi investigation directly contradicts clinton's public statements. >>i am confident that i never sent or received
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information that was classified at the time it was received. >> catherine:in fact, the fbi found that of the 30=thousand emails clinton turned over, 110 contained classified information. and a small number of emails were marked classified at the time she and her staff sent them. >> catherine:and while the investigation found no evidence the emails had been hacked. >>yes it is possible that hostile actors did gain access to secretary clinton's email account. >> catherine:the fbi director's harsh criticism of clinton was quickly picked up by republicans. >>"i think what is most telling is even though they say there is no criminal intent, they do say she is guilty of gross negligence." >> catherine:donald trump took to twitter to say "fbi director said crooked hillary compromised our national security. no charges. wow!" the presumptive republican nominee made his own appearance in north carolina. speaking in raleigh just a few minutes ago. >> catherine:the clinton campaign released a statement today --- expressing pleasure at the determination not to file charges and regret at using her personal email for official communications.
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>> catherine:it also declared, quote, "this matter is now resolved." but that's not at all clear. >> catherine:grant and vivki? >> reporter: something makes you look inside at a burning home. there was some was caught on video. a tree and dorothy from dark caught on
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fire and the flames started slashing at the roof. oakley was with her 59th year old debt written daughter who suffers from multiple sclerosis. --59 year old bed wr-- daughter >> i hear someone screaming help when i got on around the corner. >> i knew someone with in the house i thought that i could go into the house and see if i could help. >> came and asked if anyone else was in here. in the x
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if my daughter could walk? >> reporter: picking up her daughter from the bed and carrying her out side for safety. >> people have a family just like i do and i know they want them to be safe and out apart like i would. >> reporter: other than a few bruises dorothy's the water is healthy and so easy. --dorothy's daughter >> i am so glad that got rocked this young man here because it could have been a different story. --i am so glad that god brought >> reporter: good news in terms of the house as well
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is not really damaged. hopefully, they are able to still live there. the insurance man with out there today to see what was burned. >> grant:theives who stole two kittens from pet store in the east bay. have returned now returned the animals. the incident happened sunday. at a 'pet food express' in lafayette. >> grant:police say two woman. grab two 11-week-old kittens. and ran out the rear exit of the store. the kittens were up for adoption through community concern for cats. >> grant: an officer noticed a woman choking. she's brought into action. she is
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no stranger to saving lives. she received accolades last year after saving a pig. line in the middle of a road. -- lying in the middle of the road. >> vicki:a woman and her dog had to be rescue after they became stuck 200 feet down a cliff at fort funston. firefighters got there just after 6 last night. they staged this rescue operation and pulled the woman and her pet to safety. >> vicki:the whole process took lessno one was hurt. >> vicki:coming up tonight on kron four news at five. we take a look at some of the damage done by illegal fireworks. set off in the bay area. >> grant:plus. how apple will use the i- phone. to encourgae new organ donors. >> vicki:and. welcome to jupiter. nasa's juno space probe. has arrived at the giant plant. we are back in less than three minutes.
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>> grant:we've got an update on the 94-year-old woman. who was assaulted in her richmond apartment last week. tonight, betty reid soskin. >> vicki: who is also known as the nation's oldest park ranger. is still recovering from injuries she suffered during the attack. but she post a new message on her go-fund-me-page. >> catherine: >> vicki:she writes. quote- "your gifts help me re- establish my home on the planet and that i am grateful for. because i do not want to move. i am going to reclaim my space from the violation.
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i could not have done it without your help."-end quote. >> catherine: >> vicki:the 94-year-old says she woke up to an intruder in her home. last monday. the man then began punching her as she called for help. richmond police say they are still working this case. so far no leads at this point. >> grant:a family in the east bay. is displaced after their home was damaged by a fire in vallejo. it happened early this morning around two. when the homes garage caught fire. tonight we are leanring. that the fire is being blamed on illegal fireworks. >> grant:kron four's jackie sissel has the story. >> reporter: called to the 100 block of the street. they pointed to the verizon and exported to the house. of those and a child were inside. they were able to escape without injury. red cross what one scene to
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assist the victims. they were able to determine that fireworks left on the side of the house was likely the cause of the fired. --fire the >> reporter: homeowner did come back to the house. he did not want to go on camera but he did confirm that they had received--or had used fireworks. jackie so in vallejo, kron 4 news. -- jackie sissell >> vicki:california firefighters have their hands full.dealing with a string of wildfires across the state this summer. >> vicki:catherine heenan is here with some of the latest numbers. >> catherine:cal-fire released a status update today. thousands of firefighters are now dealing with 14 large wildfires across california. >> catherine:we tend to hear about the biggest ones - this is the trailhead fire
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in el dorado county.which is looking better. but it's easy to forget just how 'many' wildfires are out there. >> catherine:as of this morning - cal fire says roughly 52-hundred firefighters are on site. the 14 wildfires including those in humboldt, kern, madera and ventura counties. >> catherine:this is a wildfire in fresno county.which has been burning since friday. since california's wildfire season got off to an early start this year - hundreds of homes have burned. at least four deaths are being blamed on the wildfires. >> catherine:cal-fire says that 'anyone' living near a natural area of the state is at risk for wildfires. and has the responsibility of preparing for the worst. >> catherine:vicki and grant? >> grant:brittney shipp is back and it is good to have the gang back together! >> grant: i was back east
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and it was a storm almost every day. >> brittney: we have patchy drizzle. >> vicki: ooh! (laughter) >> brittney: fess what i love it here. and i do not miss it. -- that is why i love it here. >> brittney: were 24 our temperature change shows more conditions where we are right along the same and concord and down five degrees in san francisco, two degrees and livermore.
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with 64 and said francisco, 55 and half moon bay and 66 and now the s 70 in santa rosa. at 75 yen fairfield. >> brittney: our temperatures will drop quickly to the '60s by 8:00. more and was bought for around 50 degrees their 80s. or year and the clock. we are not going to see a dramatic temperature for concord we are appealing to stay in the '80s. assets of the cisco not a big difference there. at the checkout pool we will get. --and we will state in the '80s in san francisco with not a big difference to
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bear. --not a big difference. and we would check out the cooler temperatures when we return. >> catherine: >> vicki:the oakland museum of california has a new exhibit centered around marijuana. "altered state: marijuana in california," is a one-of- its-kind museum exhibit focusing on the topic. >> vicki:the exhibit is open through the summer. the exhibition features artwork, political displays meant to provoke questions and conversations about pot. the idea was sparked by a asking voters to legalize marijuana's recreational use. >> grant:apple is encouraging its iphone users to sign up as organ donors through its health information app. the option to enroll in a national donor registry will come in a software update this fall. ceo tim cook says he hopes it will help with the donor shortage. >> grant:cook said the problem hit home. when apple co-founder steve jobs endured a long wait for kidney transplant in 2009.
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>> vicki:nasa says it has received a signal from 540 million the cutting edge juno spacecraft. has reached jupiter. the spacecraft has officially begun orbiting the 5th planet from the sun. >> grant:jupiter is the solar may have been the first to form. it is a huge ball of gas. 11 times wider and 300 times more massive than earth. >> grant:juno. was launched nearly jupiter's composition and evolution. nasa officials. rejoiced today. >>"nasa did it again. that says it all to me and i am so happy to be part of the team that did that. i mean this team has worked so hard and we have just such great people and it's just a - it's almost like a dream coming true right here." (cheers & applause) >> grant:juno. is a spinning, robotic probe about as wide as ait will circle jupiter 37 times for 20 months as it gathers data. >> vicki:still ahead. a new report shows. the
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safest places to live in the bay area. >> grant:plus. we may now know. what caused egypt-air flight 8- 04. to plunge into the mediterranean sea. we are back in two minutes.
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>> grant: trying to live that says to try to find a place to live in the bay area? >> grant:some bay area suburbs have made this year's list of the safest places to live in california. >> vicki:catherine heenan is here with what niche-dot-com is telling us about our neighborhoods.
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>> catherine:five bay area suburbs made the top ten in california. with hillsborough taking the number one spot. take a closer look at the list. >> catherine:number two is monte sereno in santa clara county. number three -- tiburon, in marin. niche-dot-com considered any city or town with more than 5-thousand residents. >> catherine:los altos hills ranked number five. and moraga, in contra costa county is 9th on the safety list. >> catherine:the factors considered included the rates for murder, burglary, robbery, car theft and assault. >> catherine:san francisco was nowhere to be found on the top 10 or top 25 list. return to index >> catherine: grant?. >> grant:a bay are freeway. is being called the deadliest road for animals. in the state. a new report by a professor at u-c davis. finds interstate 280. to be a "death trap" for wildlife.
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the report says. the most frequent collisions between vehicles and animals. occured along the busy stretch from san jose to san francisco. >> grant:the professor says lowering speed limits. and adding warning signs could help prevent wildlife collisions.
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> grant:a florida father has not been charged. after police say he shot his 14- year-old son at a shooting range. >> vicki:police and the victim's family say the shooting was an accident. from our partners at c-n-n. josh rojas reports. >> reporter: would nystagmus prove that it was an accidental shooting. he was in a shooting lange firing a gun when a shell casing struck the wall and reflected in the color of
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his shirt. he used his right hand which was also holding the hand of the gun and he was trying to get it out of his collar when he accidentally struck his son. >> the medical report which came out said that if they had gone straight up iraq a shared office silly and hit stephen and the juggler he probably would have survived. >> reporter: with a tragic accident and a breakdown in fundamentals of. if you >> if you do not know jesus he should know hundred >> reporter: the city was the quintessential boy in the old-fashioned beautiful sense of that word. >> grant:
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>> reporter: if you did not know jesus you should know him. >> reporter: the venice says that his brother was the quintessential boy and an old-fashioned beautiful sets of the word. -- stephen says, >> grant:italian police have arrested a homeless man. in the death of an american student. whose body was found in a river in rome. police pulled the body of 19-year-old beau solomon from the water yesterday. >> grant:he had last been seen early friday morning at a pub. solomon had recently completed his first year as a personal finance major at the university of wisconsin- madison. >> grant:he was in italy for a summer study abroad program. friends and teachers from solomon's high school are remembering the former
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>> grant:family member's of soloman say he was found with a head wound and blood on his shirt. hundreds of dollars had also been charged to his credit card after he disappeared. >> vicki:a new clue in the investigation. into what caused the crash of a egypt- air flight back in may. investigators say the plane's cockpit voice recorder indicates there was a fire on the aircraft before it crashed. >> vicki:the flight data recorder. revealed there may have been smoke in an aircraft bathroom or the plane's avionics. the egypt-air flight went down may 19th into the mediterranean sea. fifty-six passengers and 10 crew members were on board the plane. >> vicki:egypt has suggested that either a terror attack or technical issues caused the plane to crash. >> grant:following the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history.federal background checks for gun purchases have surged. the f-b-i conducted more than 2 million background 1- point-5 million in june 20- 15. >> grant:the fbi conducts a background check every time someone tries to buy a gun from a federally licensed
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dealer. mass shootings have historically driven gun sales. the san bernardino massacre last december fueled. more than 3 million background checks that month. and more than 23 million for the year, which is the highest >> grant: the highest on record. >> grant:federal officials are trying to speed up airport security lines. the transportation security administration plans to begin using c-t scanners. to inspect carry-on bags at the phoenix airport. c-t scanners are already used to screen checked baggage. >> grant:the tsa says the changes will then expand to airports in chicago, dallas, los angeles and miami. the agency says the scanners and other changes. will cut the time travelers spend in line. by about 30 percent. >> catherine: >> vicki: brittney shipp is here to tell us about more cooling down?
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>> brittney: yes, more cooling down. temperatures and concord and the 70, as right now. we would drop in the '50s and we go into the rest of tonight. we will wake up tomorrow morning and headed out please take a jacket because we will start as cool as usual same thing will happen in mountain view and as we get to the afternoon will not see the dramatic temperature spread that we are used to seeing. >> brittney: concord and livermore was a blow average. and the low 80s. usually, is in the mid '80s. >> brittney: 3 day forecast
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shows more of the same temperature is below average. notice a few cloud lingering into thursday and friday with temperatures in the low eighties for the m1 location. we will pretty much have a high 60s with a few locations. and mid-60's if you're closer to the culture talking about patchy drizzle expected off the clouds. >> brittney: i will talk about what is in store next after we come back from break! >> grant: think gil,--thank you, brittney! >> grant:coming up. kevin duran'ts big move to the warriors. makes for a lot of happy dubs fans. but not so much for people. looking to buy tickets to warriors games next already.
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>> vicki:and. your morning cup of joe from starbucks could alsowe'll tell you how much. after the break. much. after the break. ♪ ♪ you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can.
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>> grant:the golden state warriors are an embarrassment of riches right now. >> vicki:but-- the signing of superstar kevin durant.means super-sized ticket prices are on the way. >> grant:mark carpenter spoke with the number crunchers at stubhub today. and joins us with some facts and figures. >> grant:mark? >> reporter: the warriors now is they've gone from a great even better. and that also has a direct correlation on the ticket market. >> reporter:last season-- golden state had the highest average price in the league. and with kd now in the bay area, those prices are about to surge a little more.
5:39 pm
>> reporter:coming this fall to an nba of the super- warriors. an unprecedented lineup that features 3-mvp awards, 13- all star appearances, and four of the top players in the world in their prime. >> reporter:but-- watching a team like this in person is going to command a lot of coin. even more than lebron's triumvirate of all-stars in miami. >>"just judging by what happened with lebron going to the heat and then also going back to cleveland, we only see this increasing the demand and prices could go even higher, which sounds a little crazy, but it's really going to be the hottest ticket in nba history." >> reporter:not just hot, but exceeding the temperature of the sun. >> reporter:according to stubhub-- last year's warriors were already the most expensive ticket in league an average range of 150-175 dollars. >> reporter:but the new regular season projected to be on par with tickets to a first and second round playoff game. >>"it's tough to tell right now, but that's obviously what we'd be forecasting. probably the average would
5:40 pm
be around 175-200, maybe even more.i don't see how these tickets are not going to be the highest selling ones that we've ever had on stubhub for an nba regular season team and that goes for including last year." >> reporter:and this is just the start of it. if this core four stays in tact and brings more banners to the bay, >> reporter:just imagine how much seats will go for at that brand new arena in san francisco. >>"unprecedented territory. obviously a lot can happen between then and who knows what's going to happen next year and they ear after that, but if we are just forecasting this now and it all seems to go into place, it's going to be a crazy time for the nba and the bay area." >> reporter: chances are this will pay off. >> reporter:las vegas oddsmakers have the warriors as runaway 2-3 favorites to win the title. which is higher than the rest of the field. >> vicki: you can always say
5:41 pm
in front of your big screen with your popcorn and beer. right? >> reporter:as if signing kevin durant fans. these basketball campers find. the dubs superstar, steph curry, knocking on their door. >> reporter: the prices are going to be high throughout the entire season. a that is what you can expect. >> grant: mark carpenter can and keep his press pass. (laughter) >> vicki: i do not want to see that when he bay. e-bay. (laughter) >> vicki:their hysterical reactions after the break. >> brittney: we would be
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back after the break!
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>> grant:we are working on several stories for kron 4 news at six. steve aveson is in the newsroom with a preview. >> steve: we are going to tell you about one man's mission to move billion of dollars into still study prepared in regard to the hip bone. stories like this and more coming up at 6:00. back to you in the studio. >> grant:thank you, steve!
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>> vicki:p-b-s is drawing flack for airing old fireworks displays during its live broadcast of the independence day mall yesterday. on the left you see what it really looked like. on the right you see what pbs was showing. >> vicki:they advertised the event as live, but because of the bad weather, pbs decided it would make for better t-v to show video from years ago. and they never told their audience. >> vicki:the internet went crazy, some calling it a fraudulent fourth. today p-b-s is on damage control. they tweeted that this was the patriotic thing to do. >> i do not think anyone was hurt by it. >> vicki:they later released a statement reading in part, "this year's fire works were difficult to see due to weather. we made the the decision to intercut fireworks footage from previous years. and we apologize for the confusion.
5:47 pm
>> grant:the mega millions jackpot rises to a whopping $454-million dollars! the prize increased today an extra five-million. it's about the seventh largest lottery jackpot in the u-s. the highest was drawn in january by winners in three states... and that totaled up to $1-point-6 billion dollars. >> grant:the odds of picking the winning numbers in the mega millions jackpot... are roughly a meager one in 259- million. the drawing will take place tonight at eight-p-m. return >> vicki:your latte is about to get more expensive. starbucks says it will raise prices on select beverages starting july 12th. exactly how much of an increase will take place- but a recent computer glitch caused the price adjustment to go into effect early. >> vicki:those customers were overcharged a maximum of 30-cents. the error has been corrected. starbucks slightly raised its menu prices last july as well. >> grant:san francisco giants catcher buster posey.
5:48 pm
handed out baseball gloves. to junior the state today. over 1,000 young players attended the free glove give away. just hours ago at at&t park. >> grant:posey also donated tickets to tonights game against the colorado rockies. to each player in attendance. famed giants broadcaster duane kuiper. even moderated a exclusive question and answer session for all the attendees. >> melissa game can teach you so much. -- this game can teach you so much. >> grant:junior giants is a free , noncompetitive co-ed
5:49 pm
from over 80 leagues across california. return to index >> grant: bay area sports star. providing fans with a memory they'll never forgot. over the weekend at a basketball camp. warriors, step curry, has floored one young camper. literally. >> vicki:the team posted this video. of curry knocking on what appears to be a dorm room door. the boy who opens the door falls to the floor when he sees who it is. >> grant:curry reacts with a laugh and helps the boy to his feet. but this wasn't the only surpise steph made at the camp. curry. even posed as a pizza deliveryman for a room of girl campers. >> i got dominos pizza! (cheers & applause) >> grant:curry then joins the girls. in screaming hysterically once they opened the door. (laughter) >> grant:steph was the headliner for an overnight
5:50 pm
warriors basketball camp held in hawaii. over the holiday weekend. return to index of >> vicki: great surprise! >> grant: yes, and it looked like he had fun too. >> grant: he has doors so i think he is used to doing silly stuff. -- he has daughters >> brittney: if you are closer to power inland spot it was a mild. if you are closer to san francisco the temperatures will be on the cooler side. we are down
5:51 pm
three degrees in fairfield, six deliver more or in mountain view. --six deliver more and 4 in mountain view. >> brittney: it is already a chilly night. >> brittney: we are seeing and wednesday night. what storm trecker for showing cloud pushing on shore. right here on san francisco. parts of the north bay and into the mountains. we do see a decent cloud coverage. >> brittney: this will not bring us any rainfall. but it does pusher close fast as it does pushed closer to us. with temperatures becoming
5:52 pm
cooler. and overnight f o g. we will see a coastal drizzle as a possibility. >> brittney: over night, dropping down to zero visibility and half moon bay. for in hayward, and as we go into tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. you will see that we are still dealing with dense fog in oakland. >> brittney: is going to take us awhile to get rid of that ethnology. -- rid of that fog. later >> brittney: tomorrow we will see places like napa warm up. temperature >> brittney: is as we go into the next 7 day because the temperatures for the inland location staying in the low 80s. all around the
5:53 pm
bay we will stay in the high 60s. guys? >> vicki:next. the bad blood brewing between pop stars katy perry and taylor swift. return to
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>> grant:taylor swift's 4th of july bash was a who's who of hollywood stars. including blake lively, karlie kloss, ruby rose and gigi hadidto name just a few. >> vicki:but someone who probably won't score an invite anytime soon. katy perry. the insider's louis aguirre >> reporter:katy seems to be causing new fireworkstoday for her so-called plan to slam swift in song! >>clip katy perry tc dark horse tc "i am capable of anything. " >> reporter:perry reportedly preparing to launch a musical assault on tay-tay. some serious bad blood here. >>clip: taylor swift/bad blood tc "bad blood." stitial: t-swift diss track katy is said to be in the process of creating her fifth album complete with a t-swift diss track. as you'll recall taylor bad blood as a diss against among other things. >>clip katy perry tc dark horse tc 12:09:36 >>"don't make me your enemy."
5:57 pm
>> reporter:the song will reportedly reference some of the things katy feels taylor has done to play their pals against one another. >>"i will love you unconditionally." >> reporter:and take this taylor. media victory over swift. perry has become the most followed person on twitter. katy posting "it's party time, @katyperry! with 90 million on the guest list, we're gonna need a really big dance floor." >> reporter:we'll have so much more on this story tonight at 7 on news, i'm louis aguirre back to you. >> grant:that wraps up kron 4 news at 5. steve aveson and catherine heenan are here with a preview of kron 4 news at six. >> steve: grant and vicki. there were several fires 4th of july night. and fireworks are suspected to have started many of them. like the one in this dramatic video in oakland. a disabled woman was trapped inside. >> catherine:at six we will hear from one neighbor who risked his life to save her from the fire. and the war of words on the campaign trail is not dying down. campaign rally. >> catherine:we will tell
5:58 pm
you what he said about president obama. who made his first campaign appearance with hillarythe kron 4 news at six is next. (scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at
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>> steve: (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> steve: now on kron 4 news at six: this dramatic cell phone video shows neighbors scrambling to rescue their neighbor as fireworks cause a house to go up in flames in the east bay. >> steve: good evening i'm steve aveson. >> catherine:and i'm catherine heenan. >> reporter:it was anything but quiet oakland neighborhood. a kron 4 viewer sent us these photos this morning
6:00 pm
>> i will never forget you. >> reporter: it was a round 1031 neighbors heard fireworks and the fireworks set the neighbor's tree on fire in the front yard. as smoke began to fill the house after a call on to the roof. a disabled daughter who suffers from mobile sclerosis was stranded in the bed. --multiple sclerosis stranded in the bed. >> i have never experienced anything like this in my life. >> reporter: heard two people were in the house. he just went into the burning home to see who he could help. >> i thought that i could honestly not-did not walk
6:01 pm
out of here. i obviously thought that. i thought i could possibly not walk out of here. i was just thinking about the flames and getting trapped in this house think he is my time, it is my time. >> reporter: carian dorothy's daughter out of the back door and a palm. -- and out of harm. >> this young man is a stand-up german he did not just think of himself but he thought to say to someone else his mother raised a young man. . >> reporter: this father of four has not been lost on these four kids. >> not be selfish.
6:02 pm
>> reporter: a nice lesson to learn as such an early age. the good news is that the house is not destroyed. the damage that we talked about, with the insurance agent analyzing the structure. they are still able to live in the home. >> reporter:dan kerman, kron4news >> catherine:this is the intersection of avenue. you can see all the boxes and what are clearly used fireworks. that's illegal in oakland. the viewer says it's like and there's nothing the police can do about it. >> catherine:we're waiting to hear from police if there were any arrests for setting off illegal fireworks.
6:03 pm
>> catherine: steve. >> steve: in the east bay - a somber tribute to a student who was murdered this past weekend. she was one of the hostages taken and killed in that standoff with islamic militants. tarishi jain - the 18 year old indian national abroad on an internship. >> steve: she was among the 20 killed by islamic militants during a terrorist attack at a bakery in dhaka bangladesh this past weekend. this crowd of more than a hundred - was here to pay their respects and counsel one another during this very difficult time. >> monroe/friend --she was such a good friend. i think it is very important to be here. >> stanley:
6:04 pm
>> steve: their thoughts also went out to jain's parents. her father reporteldy was outside the bakery - hoping his daughter would survive. jain was planning on attending ucb in the fall. jain had planned to major in economics. >> steve: the bodies of japanese victims of the massacre in back to haneda airport in tokyo. the dhaka attack began late friday and lasted into the early hours of saturday morning at a cafe. seven japanese nationals were among the 22 victims. >> steve: officials held a small ceremony with a wreath laying and a silent prayer in honor of the victims. >> steve: san jose police officers shoot and kill a teenager who they say first shot himself. then pointed a gun at police officers who had responded to the scene. new details are emerging about that fatal officer involved shooting monday in san jose.
6:05 pm
>> catherine:the family of the dead teenager is insisting that the shooting wasbut as as kron four's rob fladeboe reports -- police say they had no choice. >> reporter:san jose police chief eddie garcia says that this man, 18-year-old anthony nunez, ignored those pleas during a standoff with police here outside his feller avenue home on monday and instead pointed the gun at the officers, who then shot and killed him. officers had responded here to reports of a suicidal man with a gun. upon their arrival, they learned that nunez had already shot himself and had a head wound. his aunt, who says she raised nunez, is questioning the outcome. >>sot sandy sanchez/victim's aunt -now i have to bury him. why did they kill him. why did they shoot to kill? why did they not taser him?
6:06 pm
>> reporter:an uncle tells kron 4 news his nephew was depressed. his aunt says he was upset that he had missed a recent family reunion. before they opened fire, chief garcia says the officers, one with eight years experience, the other with 15, had retreated across the street in an attempt to de escalate the situation. >>sot chief eddie garcia/san jose police the subject came out of the residence and they did not want to confront a conflict. unfortunately it was not b.p. outcome that we all wanted. >> reporter: >> steve: thank you, rob! >> steve: the largest fire
6:07 pm
is now 95 percent contained with charred of 48,000 a. people. and the fire in santa barbara county is 96 percent contained tonight. it started three weeks ago and has scored more than seven 400 a.. >> brittney: a lot of sunshine in the morning but cool temperature rose will remain. we are still seeing a fluke clouds. as we go into the rest of tonight you see fairfield, what went speed at 28 mi. per hour, 20 and san francisco. >> brittney: the system will move closer to us. 63
6:08 pm
degrees in oakland, 75 and livermore. and san jose. mostly cloudy skies. inland, either by 11:00 the purchase will drop into the 50s and stay over night. late night f o g is movie and and visibility will get down much lower. as we go into tomorrow morning. un noticed and continue to see dense f o g. and hayward and half moon bay. >> steve: thank you, brittney!
6:09 pm
>> steve: tonight there are major developments and the investigation into former secretary of state hillary clinton's views of a private e-mail server. the fbi says that after a yearlong review it will not recommend charges against contempt for mishandling classified females. --emails >> reporter: open and blood. the director of the fbi file sharing details today of a yearlong investigates and and to hillary clinton's views of e-mail's was secretary of state. >> none of these females should have been on any
6:10 pm
kind of a classified system. >> reporter: in an unusually detailed statement, the director james komi blasted clinton set up as " careless allowing classified e-mail to the rack and stored on networks with lack of security. >> there is evidence that they were extremely careless and their handling of the very sensitive, highly classified affirmation. >> reporter: but despite the findings the fbi says that would not recommend charges be brought against clinton for or her staff not surprisingly republican say the behavior was still unacceptable. the fbi decision came just hours before president obama posted his first joint campaign appearance with hell requested. the to seen the light air force one are likely to hit the spot
6:11 pm
together more often. >> reporter: clinton's camp is eager to put this controversy behind them. we will be back!
6:12 pm
6:13 pm
6:14 pm
>> steve: president obama made his 2016 campaign debut with hillary clinton today. the president appeared onstage with clinton and charlotte after landing her a ride from washington on air force one. the president sought to offer his popularity on the candidates who is still struggling to gain voters trust he also took a swipe at donald trump during his speech. >> everybody can't tweet, but nobody actually knows what it takes to do the job and to you sit behind the desk. (cheers & applause)
6:15 pm
>> steve: miwok just down the freeway in raleigh, republican candidate donald trump held a rally of his own. people lined up outside the been 12 hours before he was scheduled to speak to get the best seats. trump spoke about his fund-raising effort for veterans, and national debt and hillary clinton's campaign each event that took place just minutes before he is. >>"we have a president. from lots of places" >> steve: it's trump's third time in north carolina since march. police say a bicycle found
6:16 pm
sebastopol. may be stolen. >> steve: authorities need the publics help finding the owner. around 7 pm yesterday an officer arrested fremont resident jesse david pearceat an illegal homeless encampment near the laguna de santa rosa preserve. >> steve: pearce.had a warrant from an incident where he allegedly was in posession of a stolen bike. the bike is this green thruster " fixie" with golden state warriors colored tires. police believe the bike is custom made.and in new condition. >> catherine:there's a new list of california's safest places to live. and the bay area makes a great showing among the top 10 spots. we have the results from niche-dot-com. >> catherine:it's always interesting to see whether 'your' neighborhood makes the grade. and at least in this top 10 list -- we're talking about local suburbs. not the big cities. in the number one spot -- hillsborough. taking a closer look.monte sereno is number two. tiburon in marin -- number three. >> catherine:in the number five spot -- los altos hills. number 9 is moraga, in contra costa county. niche-dot-com looked at things like burglary and assault rates.and consideredany place with at least 5-thousand residents.
6:17 pm
>> catherine: a few other bay area places scattered through the top 25 include saratoga, atherton, danville and foster city. >> catherine:happening right now: oakland's city council could be on the verge of creating a police commission to oversee the department. the council might put the measure on the november ballot. >> catherine:it would amend the city's charter which requires voter approval. the commission would be citizen-run and have access to all police records. it could also hire and fire the police chief as well discipline and fire other officers. >> catherine:as we first reported on kron 4 news. the department has been mired in a sex scandal that's swept up several officers. it's also left the department without a chief. it's an unlikely gesture any thief would do.... >> steve: and that is give money to the person they stole from... because they felt bad. but that's exactly what happened to one indianapolis woman. >> steve: leslie miller had
6:18 pm
bought a unique set of leggings... and was anticipating their arrival. she checked her mailbox multiple times before finding a 20-dollar-bill inside... with a message written on it. >> steve: apparently the thief was apologetic because the message read, "stole your pants. felt sorry about it." in total...the thief left 25-dollars. but that's still wasn't enough for miller. >>trt:12/ "something to replace it" >> steve: miller knows it's a stretch...but she hopes to catch the thief in the act. she's hoping that if the person decides to wear her leggings... that someone will notice. >> catherine:the f-d-a today approved the first dissolving stent for people with heart disease. it's made by abbott labs and is made of a plastic- like material designed to dissolve over three years. stents are usually used to treat clogged arteries. >> catherine:it's not clear how much they'll cost but the average hospital bill for a stent procedure runs around 30-thousand dollars. >> catherine:one man is on a mission - to move billions of taxpayer dollars - into
6:19 pm
breakthrough stem cells studies. >> catherine:his blindness was cured by cells from his hip bone. >> steve: and now, top lawmakers in washington are taking notice. kron 4's national correspondent chance seales >> reporter:doug oliver had a normal life in nashville. >> reporter:then one day, his vision started changing. >>i almost hit two pedestrians in a crosswalk. >> reporter:doctors told doug that macular degeneration would make him blind in several decades. >> reporter:but within a year - he was back in the doctor's exam room. >>he wrote in red across my chart "no more driving" >> reporter:for ten years, doug searched for a cure. >> reporter:finally in 2015, a vanderbilt surgeon - experimentally took stem cells from doug's hip -- spun them in a centrifuge -- and injected them into his eyes. >>today, i'm 20/40 in this eye, and 20/30 in that one. >>we need to take advantage of this because it will help
6:20 pm
the lives of millions of americans and we need to do it now. >> reporter:lamar alexander leads the senate health committee - trying to pass the "cures act" - a set of bills funding medical innovations, like the one doug found. >> reporter:the initiative wouldn't stop with clinical trials, sen. alexander says he wants to go even bigger, even broader with the "cures" legislation. >>a zika vaccine. an artificial pancreas. they'd rebuild hearts so they won't have to be transplanted. provide non-addictive pain medicine. >> reporter:the house version cost $8 billion - but the senate number is still being negotiated. to makes the final sales pitch, doug and alexander have now teamed up, urging action in d.c. >>we all know that this type of treatment is really working. >> reporter:and that driver's license doug surrendered a decade ago . he just got a brand new one and plans to go back to work. >> reporter:meanwhile, alexander predicts the senate will pass the "cures act" this year. reporting in washington, i'm chance seales. return to ------------------------ >> catherine: brittney is here! >> brittney: first, for a
6:21 pm
live look outside the pc beclouds building. -- you can see the clouds building with a coastal drizzle. >> brittney: lee into the rest of the week at temperatures will stay below average. dasa is heading and to the rest of the week the temperatures will stay below average. mid '70s and concord. our high for this time of year the with typically at 60--71 degrees. as a >> brittney: we go into tomorrow we are going to stay below the averages. our
6:22 pm
radar shows cloud covered is moving into parts of san francisco. getting closer to us with a little bit of rain fall. all of this rain will stay to the north of us. with cooler temperatures this week. f o g will develop at last into the morning with possibility of coastal drizzle. >> brittney: 60 in pacifica, 64 in san francisco, 82 and livermore and the highs and concord and '80s. we will stay below average with the highs numbly being on around 86 degrees. >> brittney: we will stay below average and to the end of the work week. 7 day
6:23 pm
forecast shows temperature dropping as we go into saturday every cover sunday going into next week. okay! brittney. >> steve: the mega millions jackpot. is up to $454- million dollars! the prize increased today an extra five-million. >>'s about the seventh the u-s. the biggest one was back in january - with winners in 3 it came to $1-point-6 billion dollars. the odds of picking the winning numbers are a slender one in 259- million. >> catherine:the drawing is tonight at eight-p-m. return to index >> steve: it's a battle that's been going on for ages. how can parents get their kids to eat their vegetables? researchers may have unlocked one solution
6:24 pm
>> catherine:and a little later: tesla has hit the fast lane with production. but there's an alarming statistic about what happens after those cars roll off the assembly line. return to index
6:25 pm
6:26 pm
>> catherine: considering a lawsuit over some redwood trees in sonoma county. cal fire has approved a timber harvest plan near the mendocino county line along the gualala river. >> catherine:a timber company plans to clear more than 300 acres of land. but the environmental groups argue this will violate rules protecting sensitive habitats. >> catherine:logging could start in a matter of months if there's no legal action. return to >> steve: scientists confirm commercials for junk food strongly influence the eating habits of children. researchers visited six schools in the united kingdom and spoke to children ages eight to 12- years-old. showing two advertisements for junk food. >> steve: the children reported being tempted by the ads. researchers say the use of celebrities and bright colors in the commercials strongly influences eating habits in kids. >> steve: researchers say tighter controls on when the
6:27 pm
advertisements can be shown could help bring down childhood obesity numbers in the united kingdom. return >> steve: a new study found marketing tactics are effective in getting kids to eat their veggies. the study found branded marketing tactics nearly tripled the likelihood of a child choosing to eat vegetables at lunch. researchers tested three marketing approaches in public elementary schools in new york for six weeks. >> steve: they included displaying vinyl banners of animated vegetable characters with super powers. about 90 percent *more students took vegetables from the salad bar when exposed to the banners. >> catherine:the golden state is generating a lot of green. see just how powerful california is when comes to the world's economy and where it ranks. >> steve: and what's in a fireworks show? a lot more than you may think. the online uproar over what t-v viewers saw during last night's fourth of july show
6:28 pm
from washington d-c. >> catherine:plus a little later: >> catherine:an incredible bald eagle rescue. involving a military veteran. and a gun. how his marksmanship likely saved an iconic bird. return (scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> reporter: murder over the
6:31 pm
weekend she was one of the hostages taken by islamic militants. she was there on a internship. her fellow students, about her big heart. >> reporter: in san jose, investigation continues regarding a fatal officers shooting. with a suicidal man with a gun. in the east foothills. when the art and identified the 18 year-old. having shot himself in the hit. >> reporter: tried to plead with him to surrender when he allegedly pointed a gun at the officers. they opened fire and killed him. rob
6:32 pm
fladeboe kron 4 news. >> reporter: running into a burning home to save a family. a tree in her yard called on fire and started flashing on to the roof. they started to break the the role windows. he helped disabled daughter out of the bed and out into safety. >> i went and to see what i can do and see how i can help. >> reporter: redeem both mother and daughter out to safety. >> reporter: the upcoming version, iphone users will register as organ donors. tracking thousands of people who are in need of these donations. apple is hoping to connect younger individuals to sign up to become donors. it will be
6:33 pm
available to everyone this fall. charles clifford, kron 4 news. >> reporter: a family displaced on the front lard--front yard due to a fire. firefighters are ride to see smoke and fire they did get the plant out rather quickly. all occupants were displaced from the fire. the assets because of the fire. red cross was there to assist the victims. fireworks were left discarded on the side of the house they believe that is the cause of the fire. >> catherine:we know california is a major player in the tech world, now we
6:34 pm
have a good idea of just how big the state's role is in the world's economy. >> catherine:the world bank says california has what amounts in the world. our gross domestic product last year was 2-point-5 trillion dollars. >> catherine:the economy grew by 2-point-4 percent. the only places that produced more: the u.s., china, japan, germany and the united kingdom. return >> steve: tesla is building cars at a faster pace. but it's having problems delivering them to it's customers. the electric car maker announced on sunday it delivered only 78-percent of more than 18-thousand cars it built in the second quarter. >> steve: tesla officals blame the rise in undelivered cars. on its "extreme" manufacturing ramp-up at the end of the second quarter. the company expects to deliver 50-thousand cars in just the next six months. that's almost as many as the automaker's full-year of 2015 deliveries. >> steve: p-b-s in washington d.c. is apologizing for how it handled its big fireworks show last night. return top-
6:35 pm
b-s made a big deal about how its fireworks show was 'live'.only much of it wasn't. >> catherine:look at this shot. >> catherine:on the left you'll see what it 'really' looked like last night on the national mall. on the right -- what p-b-s was showing. >> catherine:they got caught using old video from years ago. p-b-s forgot that people aren't stupid. the t-v audience noticed that despite cloudy conditions last night and smoky looking fireworks -- they were often looking at clear skies. and a 'bright' show. >> catherine:some of them even noticed that a building suddenly didn't have scaffolding. a lot of people consider it an annoying fraud, considering how the show was advertised. >> catherine:others today -- don't think it's a big deal. return to >> if that is the biggest scandal that he be asking, but i think we are one to be ok. -- hathat pbs can cook up
6:36 pm
>> catherine: yes, just tell people. >> catherine:pbs admitted today that it stuck lots of old pictures into the supposedly live show. but it blamed the bad weather. and oddly.suggested in a statement that using old video to make better t- v was the 'patriotic' thing to do. return to index of >> steve: no! no! no! >> brittney: yes at this point. just step up.
6:37 pm
(laughter) >> brittney: napa as 66, and send a note-the set to roll the 75. --and santa rosa as 75 degrees. 68 will be your hide. in oakland. and 79 in novato >> brittney: average is at 67 degrees so we will stay below average. >> brittney: low pressure will get closer to us and create f o g with a ben marine layer. visibility will be down to one and zero and half moon bay. in san francisco you will notice
6:38 pm
temperature stain on the cooler side. he will seek more sunshine as we go into the afternoon. as we get closer to the weekend forecast below average temperatures will continue, especially on saturday. a fire onboard. a fire onboard. the ford freedom sales event is on! with our best offers of the year! ♪ i'm free to do what i want... and 0% financing is back! on a huge selection of ford cars, trucks and suvs. plus get an extra $1000 smart bonus on specially tagged vehicles. that's freedom from interest... and freedom to choose with ford. america's best selling brand. ♪ i'm free, baby! now get 0% financing plus a $1000 smart bonus cash on specially tagged vehicles. only at the ford freedom sales event.
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(male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich with sports!. >> gary: he still has something to prove. he is six but nine and a good player. he would join the warriors to ri >> gary: now, the warriors and the direct link. everyone is saying why? he
6:47 pm
is wanted to change the scenery and win a championship. if you are happy you did not walk away after nine years do you? >> gary: is a leading opponent his co-star did not--it is leaking that his costar did not get along. michael westbrook can be aggressive with the ball. he may have never made a shot. but nevertheless that is the latest. >> gary: 5 like the feel with curly and thompson. along with the grain. better than the the the what i had in oklahoma city. >> gary: along with green
6:48 pm
>> gary: 3 hours on the radio and all we talked about was the warriors and durant. the hottest thing going on right now and is baseball season. >> gary: basketball camp for children and honolulu. (laughter) >> gary: can you believe this is a grant? it looks pretty good time? >> grant: it looks legit. >> gary: are five young boys and young girls they were so excited because currie not on their door. it is a different world we live band. can you imagine how much the basketball camp
6:49 pm
cost in honolulu? >> gary: if you are not a sports fan, ok? but if you are a sports fan and you are in the bay area with the most talked about and most excited--exciting-franchise going. >> gary: the game is a week from tonight with the giants who has more when and did anyone in major baseball. posey is voted to start the game. >> gary: bumgarner will pitch sunday so he would not be eligible to pitch in the all-star game. >> gary: this is supposed to be a big deal. but can to move this so he can pitch
6:50 pm
during the all-star game? >> gary: agreed steve? qaddafi would like to jump in on this? >> gary:--cathy? >> catherine:no! (laughter) >> gary: they are leaving office some deserving guys. maybe is crawford? if you are in milwaukee, you will hang round. >> gary: a wimbledon by the final period advanced to the semifinals today. so reno is rolling right along. she is
6:51 pm
right there waiting for sister venus. if venus can win one more. that is easier said than done. it has been since 2010 that venus was able to advance. good for selena at 32 years of age. she is the youngest to advance since 1994. venus is on to the semifinals as well. >> gary: think this is the most amazing story in sports the two young women did come from their background where no ha that status was no tennis-- and their father
6:52 pm
kept the sisters going. against all odds. >> gary: the head coach of arizona is being credited with toughness. he was not on the practice squad. i want to see him cut a few people and then i will believe that bag coach is tough. >> gary: we will be right back!
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>> brittney: next few days are more of this bank. cooler temperatures was sunny later in the afternoon. afternoon. afternoon. hey guys lunch is here! it's on me fellas. with the chase mobile app, stephen curry can send money to more people in less time. thanks, steph! no problem. even to friends in a growing number of other banks. ya'll ready to go?
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"the insider," tracking the biggest stories making news today! number one -- taylor celebrates the 4th with her independent women. hollywood's young and powerful. blake, cara, cg. how much is swift's growing girl squad worth? >> being invited to taylor swift's fourth of july party is the ultimate status symbol. then -- did katy put taylor in her crosshairs? ♪ ♪ >> is perry planning her own bad blood diss track? and number three -- kim k.'s new photoshopped controversy. ♪ ♪ >> was her tiny waist trim fergie's star-studded vi
7:00 pm
plus, our "insider" bonus, adele's u.s. tour starts tonight! ♪ >> how she's changing the concert game by not changing her wardrobe. and why is michael strahan's move to "gma" great for his career but bad for his bank account? >> he could in fact be losing millions. now, hollywood from the inside out, it's "the insider," together with yahoo. hello, and welcome to "the insider." >> tracking the big stories in hollywood today. >> the stars cel independence day in epic fashion. it's their kids that stole all the sparkle. we've got them coming up. debbie is off, keltie knight joining me, there was only one bash to be at this 4th. >> yeah, taylor swift. we know she rolls with quite the entourage, angels, tv stars and movie stars, so if money equals power, these girls could rule the world.


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