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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  July 7, 2016 12:45am-1:16am PDT

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♪ ♪ ♪ fox news host fired, the bombshell sexual harassment claims against the most powe man in tv news. what the former miss america told "e.t." about unwanted advances. >> i wanted to share the stories. inside c and russell wilson's fairy tale castle wedding. we're in england with all the details, the star guests, the born-again virgin bride. >> she's as good as it gets. and, is bindi irwin getting married? the truth behind the new rumors. plus jim carrey's ex, heartbreaking new details from her suicide note. pills found at her bedside. and our day in the life of celine dion in paris. >> are you ready? >> i was born ready. >> thank you so much.
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now for july 6th, 2016 this is "entertainment tonight." thanks for joining us, nancy o'dell has t night off, samantha harris here with me. >> here's tonight's top story. >> gretchen carlson levels explosive allegations against arguably the most powerful man in news. was she fir for turning down sexual advances? warning, this is very strong subject matter. >> sometimes women come forward about harassment, they're seen as a trouble-maker. i just want women to feel secure enough to come forward en masse. if this is actually still happening to them. >> tha was journalist gretchen carlson, last year with "e.t.." the tv anchor shared some of the challenges she says she fa in tv news. when her biggest bombshell claim came today. carlson is accusing roger ailes, the ceo and chairman of of sexual harassment, alleging he repeatedly injected sexual and/or sexist comments into
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conversations, made sexual advances by various means and said to her last september, quote, i think you and i should have had a sexual relationship a long time ago. and then you'd be g better and i'd be good and better. the suit alleges because of retaliation, her contract with the network was not renewed. ailes and the network have responded to our requests for comments. >> miss america is gretchen carlson! miss minnesota. >> gretchen, who was crowned miss america 1989 wrote a memoir last year. "getting real." in it she told a cautionary tale about trying to bre tv, that she says involved a top pr executive in l.a. >> he basically took my head from the passenger seat and shoved my head into his crotch. and i couldn't breathe. and aga it was just -- like, wow, this is kind of a bad business that i'm thinking about getting into and then it happenedagain, in my real first job. >> the 50-year-old also says
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being a young, on-air reporter turned dangerous for her back in the early '90s. >> a four-year stalker who terrorized me in two different cities. stalked my parents. i basically li every day fearing he would find me and fearing for my life. >> gretchen said he stalker passed away. as for her filing there was one more interesting moment from last year. this question about sexual harassment. >> how did you kind of put a stop to the sexual harass in the workplace? and is it something that you still encounter today? or you put, you have know how ppt a stop to it? >> early on in my career, i'm hoping that we've come a long way in 2015. >> now, gretchen tweeted out earlier today, thanking her fans for support. and she also started the #standwithgretchen. >> getting a the love activity on twitter. >> it will be interesting to see where it goes, it's not going away. all right, let's h to england for singer ciara and
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quarterback russell wilson's fair wedding. the castle is amazing. they've been vocal abo abstaining from sex until this very special day. >> it's something that i talk to them a about. well finally the day is here and "e.t." is on the ground for the star-studded nuptials. they're finally mr. and ciara and russell tied the knot and we couldn't be happier for them. let's get down to some wedding details. first, the dress. the bride reportedly wore a custom roberto cavalli gown as she walked down the isle of a secluded england estate. also on the guest list, serena williams who is competing at wimbledon tomorrow. the groom looked relaxed as he headed for the i do's. the couple posted their engagement announcement in march. >> she said yes! >> making this thing happen.
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my baby. >> yeah, i'm excited. god is good. >> all the time. >> the couple started dating last year. russell was coming off a bitter divorce and ci was engaged to rapper future, who she shares her 2-year-old with. the singer and fashionista has come a lon way since she dated rapper bow wow in 2005. ciara and russell made their first appearance tog last yyar attending a state dinner. >> it was surreal. i remember everything about it everything about it was a dream. >> they gushed about each other ever since. >> she's a stunner, you can always say she's a really, really special girl. i'm glad she's my lady. >> you have a girl's be accessory, a very handsome date tonight. >> yes, he is awesome. he's so beautiful. i don't know where he is. >> their relationship made bigger headlines when the couple a mitted they were remaining celibate until their wedding day. i saw ciara not long after that announcement.
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watch her reaction >> you and russell wilson are doing a beautiful thing, abstaining. >> i'll see you later. >> there's nothing wrong with waiting. >> her transformatio a fashionista who hangs with the first lafamily and now getting married to one of the world's most respected athletes is remarkable. breaking news on jim carrey. >> do you remember this last year? jim was wracked with grief, carrying the cas of his ex-girlfriend after her suicide. her autopsy and toxicology results have just been released. the findings are chilling. >> details of the events leading up to cathriona white's death and they're heartbreaking. thecoroner's report revealed when the 30-year-old's decomposing body was discovered on september 28 she had a cell phone in her hand. her last text days earlier was to on again off again boyfriend, jim carrey, asking if he was awake and could he call her.
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almost an hour there was a three-minute face-time with carrey. that, nothing. a note addressed to the actor was found on the dining room table. some of the language hard take. quote i spent three days now in disbelief that you're nothere. i can go on broken-hearted and try to put the pie back. i could, i just don't have the will this time. please forgive me.& i'm just not for this world. the toxicology report confirms white's death by suicide from quote multiple drugs. including the powerful narcotics oxycodo oxycodone. and then this twist, three days after the three-minute face time. carrey texted white about some missing painkillers. he never got a response. but a bottle of painkillers were found next to cathriona's bed. they were not prescribed to her, but rather, an arthur ki >> still so sad. arthur king may be an alias th jim carrey was using. we did learn that some of those
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medications were in fact his. >> thank you so much for britaining britain i bringing us that story, nischell. it's crocodile star bindi irwin. the dancing champ is only just s 18. still kind of young. however there is a report of a wedding. so is it true? >> can i have a strawberry? yeah, my straw thank you. >> how can you refuse a guy who would give you his only strawberry? 19-year-old wakeboarding champ chandler powell, a new report claims that the couple is eyeing september 4th, the 10th anniversary of her dad's death as wedding date. >> he's always there for me he always makes me smile andlaugh. and it's brilliant to have someone so kind who really understands your world. >> we checked with the a source, and while the couple is going strong, they say there's no truth to the reports she's preparing to walk down the aisle. justin bieber is not getting
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married, but he's having a good time on vacation in miami. is it me or does it seem like his new friend, model alexandra rodriguez looks a lot like somebody we might know? >> perhaps selena gomez? clearly he has a type. the biebs continued his wakeboarding adventures in miami. thankfully though this time in a bathing suit instead of his calvins. speaking of those, there are some new faces for calvin klein. and they may look very familiar to you. >> it says be grateful. it wasn't for the looks, it wasn't because i won the tattoo. it wasn't any of that. it's just to have a permanent reminder on me. >> presley gerber might be fashion's newest male supermodel. the 17-year-old dentally got what it takes. the looks, check. the family pedigre check. he's just nabbed his first big campaign for a calvin klein. >> the way i define success is i saw a quote that was really funny. it was work until you no longer
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have to introduce yourself. and that was a good kind of guideline forme. bieber was in his 20s when he plugged the brand. but since presle still a minor, we don't see him in his skivvies. following in his parents' footsteths, his mom is supermodel cindy crawford and hissdad, rande was also a model before becoming a restaurant mogul. the new campaign features margot robbie, the iconic kate moss, billy kravitz, and bella hadid, younger sis to supermodel gigi. her mom yolanda is one of the real housewives of beverly hills. it seems like this19-year-old & has got some pretty lofty ambitions. >> i think changing the w one of my biggest goals in life. but i'm and i need to figure out what i want to change. but i will change the world. one day.
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>> i got say it's refreshing actually to see someone coming up in this generation who has some lofty goals like that. up next, margot robbie australian. >>ing to, your bathing suit. >> the tarzan star strips down to herring tos for a sexy photo shoot. and then anderson cooper's incredible vacation compound in brazil. four separate buildings, a private pool. why does he rarely visit? and our day in paris with celine dion, swarmed by fans. >> you know the lyrics of my song better than i do myself. -- captions by vitac --
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>> thankfully co-star alexander skarsgard adjusted her gown on the red carpet. margot not a shy girl, she's ploeing off plenty to "vanity fair." margot reveals her summer bod the latest "vanity fair" issue. she talks love scenes, revealing her first ever was in "wolf of wall street." the australian stunner told the magazine her strategy, saying quote, the sooner you do it seener you can stop doing it. margot has become unstoppable. her latest,"the legend of tarzan" is out and the suicide squad hits the earth next month. >> with that i can kill everyone and escape? sorry. the voices. >> margot nails the ame accent so well, it's easy to forget the26-year-old beauty is from down under.
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she took break from her photo shoot in s bart's to teach us aussie lingo. >> a blujer is someone who is lazy. it's a ripper of a party, he's ripper of a bloke. ing to, your bathingsuit. ing tos on. >> you're froth, you like those. >> settle anything you can't do? >> i have no idea what it means. >> do a little bit like a thi a thingamajig. anderson cooper has been everywhere, why is this his favorite place on earth? plus, only we're with celine dion, how her to paris is helping her cope with the loss of hee husband. >> it could have been very easy for me to say you know what, i'm in the mood of having a good time and singing.
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hello "e.t."! >> we can, celine dion in the city of lights today with our carly fields. >> been in paris for weeks. you can't miss out on fashion week. right? and what a reception celine got, an outpouring ofemotion, love. and carly, you were there every step of the way. >> hello from the streets of
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paris. you know celine and i g talk about absolutely everything. including how she's coping with the loss of her husband, renney. next thursday marks six mondays since his pag. inparis, celine is learning to find her smil again. >> are you ready to hit it? >> i was born ready. >> gracious and giving, celine stops to gi to as many fans as she can. every day they've been swarming the hotel. hoping for a moment with their idol. >> who else can comfort a crying baby with her charm? >> what's been the fan response? what's that meant to you. seeing all the people here for you. >> i have to say coming here after the passing of my husband, after not even six months, it could have been way easy for me to say you know what, i'm not the mood of dressing up and having the purse and the fans and having a good time and
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singing. giving a part of your soul,,yo know? but knowing that he loved the industry so much he made me who i amtoday. since i'm 12 years old. you know, been criticized for being an open book for so long. but they know me well. >> her three sons are with her, loving all the parisian fashion vibes. >> they love the dress. >> do they? >> they really do. i have to buy stuff because they dress up and they play. i mean they're not just boys, they just want to put their -- no want to have this and the backpack a anybody. >> it's fun for you, though >> the apple does not fall far from the tree. >> every day celine has been stunning us with her couture fashion. >> first of all, do we know any girls in the world who don't really like to be jewelled or dressed up? >> not sane ones. >> i never met one.
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>> her new chic look comes from stylist who has created looks for arianna grande zendaya. >> we're having fun in paris. >> the issue is to have a good time and play. wearing jeans not as much fun singing a an up-tempo song is not as much fun as a rock roll bald. you don't want to make them go so loud, you need to elicit some different emotions. >> c what do you make of this amazing fan reaction? >> the they know th lyrics of my song better than i do myself. they t me to another level. and with such supporters beyond music. >> we've had a relationship for many, many years. that's what's comes out of it after more than 30 years. ♪ ♪ >> celine is completing two weeks of sold-out shows in
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paris, montreal is next starting july 31st. for tonight's gig, she invited me along. and we do, we have so great behind-the-scenes footage that we're so excited tooshow you and we'll bring all of it to you and tomorrow when celine siis down backstage for an intimate conversation. >> on to ancooper. the face of cnn and a man who has travelled to more than 70 countries covering the news. where in the world could h possibly go when he wants to pnwind and relax? we have a look at brand-new amazing brazilian hide-away. ♪ ♪ >> we see a side of anderson that we rarely see on the news. we see him relaxing at home. reading a book in a hammock. really decompre from the world. >> anderson poses with his long-time partner, benjamin and two friendly neighbor dogs. it's like that in the small seaside village in brazil. where homes are traditionally named after their owners.
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theirs is casaanderson. >> anderson first visited this town with his partner and their friend, andy cohen. he tells that the very first day he was there, he started thinking about making a home for himself there. >> the globe-trotting repor told "architectural digest" i've worked in 70 countries and travelled to even more and i've never seen anything like tranqoso. the estate features four buildings and the decor is simple, a mix of vintage finds and pieces crafted by local artis and the lush rain forest comes right up to the edge of the pool. it all looks like the perfect place to unwind. the problem -- anderson's hardly ever there. >> anderson confessed that he doesn't get there as often as he'd like. maybe three weeks a year. and a few weekends. but he says that just knowing that the place is there -- and that he can get to it, makes him happy. he keeps the picture of the
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property in his office here at -pcnn. >> it's a spectacular home, but no easy journe get there. it's 14 hours of flight time from new york city, then a long car ride. so could explain why anderson only gets there a few times a year. in our "entertainment tonight" birthdays, which action star performed in a production of "death of a salesman" in college? was it bruce willis? sylvester stallone or mark wahlberg? >> the answer is next!
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new music. watch it at >> announcer: travel consideration provide welcome back to the show in t "e.t." birthdays, which action star performed in the a production of "death o
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salesman" in college? sylve stallone who turns 70 "the insider," tracking the biggest stories, making news today! number one -- ryan and blake, hiddleswift photo gets some viral treatment. >> it wouldn't be the first time. >> why social media is saying, he's in a hostage situation. but are tom and taylor tricking us all? then is blake and gwen's pda tanking her tour? >> it doesn't make sense. why shelton's career is on the rise, but stefani's -- may have hit the skids. >> her tickets went from $ ticket to $40 a ticket. ♪ >> and number three, the spice girls wannabe gets a global remake. ♪ ♪ >> does the og girl power group approve the tribute? ♪


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