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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  July 8, 2016 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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lapd urging an end to violence after a dallas shooting that took the lives of f police officers. yesterday, hollywood's focus was on another tragedy. the shooting death of two black men by police. >> this has been going on for a very long time. and you know, i just hop we figure something out. we're so emotionally affected by this every time th happens. and it's happening more and more and more. and or we're just knowing about things more because people are catching it on a camera. >> yesterday, nick cannon protested the police shooting and spoke to "e.t.." >> i know we're all upset about it. a lot of things that are going on. and to me, instead getting out and just talking about it, i'm really trying to do >> beyonce held an emotional tribute. ♪ >> after a moment of silence, she sang her song, "freedom." and posted the names of other victimm of alleged police brutality. >> i love, love, i believe that
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love conquers all. >> of course our thoughts and prayer goes out to all the families of the fallen. in dallas, st. and baton rouge. hopefully now we can all come together and let the healing begin. agreed. last night in new yor michael strahan showed up with his daughter. making it all the live drama is behind him. >> i haven't seen it, i wouldn't be able to tellyou. >> who should be the next co-host with kelly? michael says he's too busy to watc did squeeze in some quality time to see his latest movie with his 11-year-old twins, sophia and isabella. >> they're going to laugh, i know they're going to make fun of me and laugh at me. i can't wait for them to see >> the jokes started cracking before the movie even started. >> you're a bunny. >> people say i look like a bunny with my teeth. >> michael joins the franchise teddy the rabbit. but his and friend queen
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latifah says in real life he's less bunny and more sea lion. >> agile, a wileycat. >> another newcomer to "ice age" jesse tyler ferguson who had fun as the laid-bang and bendy llama. downward dog. >> jesse tolds me thrilled to be a part of that family. >> having been fan of the franchise, it's really kind of cool. >> jesse dished on sophia vergara's husband, joe manganiello. >> from what i understand he's doing, he's doing well. >> the emmy award-nominat actor gushed to us about "modern family" co-star and recent high school grad, ariel winter. she's got a great future in front of her. i think she's studying to b lawyer. >> i ant to mention this is jesse's first an film. his co-stars from"modern family" helped voice characters
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in "finding dory." $570 million so far wo the week before, it's the ladies of "ghostbusters" making their summer debut. i sat down with me mccarthy and the cast today. >> we're excited for people to see it. i mean this is the fun part where you see it, you realize you love it, now let's get it out there. this is the part. >> w got our proton packs on for this one. we've been with the ladies from the very beginning, from online criticisms of an all-female cast. to leslie jones' dressgate when she couldn't find a designer or the premiere with what we know is this is going to be one big blast. >> we thought this wi comedy. it wil fun. >> it will be -- >> it's al in. >> the ladies are giving this reboot their own twist. including some unexpected comedy
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from chris hemsworth. >> i hear y'all love chris hemswor hemsworth. >> what was he like? >> every positive adjective you could have. really funny. >> and like the freakishly good. it's too much, it's to in one package. >> we hear we've got a surprise at the end of the movie, dance moves and some f faces are coming back. >> they came, they were so -- open and warm they love everything we're doing with the movie and the things we're doing different. it joy to have them here. >> i will take you on! >> when you're in a big action movie, you do a f stunts and you get to have your own action figures, but the best part? the ecto-1 is back. >> look at this beauty! >> what did you do to my uncle's
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hearse. >> i fixed it. >> this is so inappropriate for this vehicle! >> it's a film we knew and grew up on. it's a whole different sort of spin. >> i will be with the ladies tomorrow at the l.a. premiere and their last stop? new york city and of course they're taking over the empire state building tuesday, that should be great. >> more movie news, yesterday we told you "star trek's" john cho who plays sulu j revealed his character is gay in honor of the original sulu actor, george takai. you know who is not in that? george takai. he played lieutenant sulu as a straight character on the original "star trek" from 1966 to 1969. he did not come out publicly until 2005. now he's a well-known activist for the lgbt community. when spoke out yesterday, calling the decision to make john cho's sulu in "star trek" gay, unfortunate.
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many we surprised. but john cho explains that roddenber exhaustive in conceiving his characters changing h character now is a change in vision. nowcho says he has to disagree with takai's view. taylor swift touches down with her man down under. >> hiddleswift is taking their whirlwind romance down under. the first stop, sydney. taylor in a plaid, cut-out dress, holding on tightly to her new man. they hopped another flight to their final destination, the gold coast. where they were met by hundreds of screaming fans. >> the golden couple, wore matching navy and same ear-to-ear grin. taylor is reportedly tagging along to cheer on tom as he
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begins filming. bradley and irina are packing on the pda. they took a stroll on t of light and could not keep their hands off each other. stopping mid-stride for a smooch. meantime when in rome -- kate the eternal on fire all icy blue and flowing in chiffon, she hit up fendi's 90 anniversary show and made a wish at famous trevi fountain. she had a slew of snapchats and showed off her amazing abs while hanging with her stylist on the veranda and did a little shopping at fendi. also in rome, kendall jenner who walked the runway that was stretched over the historic trevi fountain. her entire family couldn't be there, but didn't miss a chance to snapchat the event. >> my mom watches every single show of kendall. >> but she's crying.
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tears. >> so cool. >> lucky lady kate, living the life. still ahead on "e.t." -- i'm hanging with the stars of what i think wi the big hit of the summer -- "bad moms" mila kunis is going to tell us a ashton's bad dad moment. plus tyra b weighs in on the new "topmodel" host. then -- ♪ >> this spice girls 20 yea after their biggest hit.
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yesterday we saw a very pregnant nikki hilton bumping around new york. guess what, she just gave birth this morning. nikki and hu welcomed lily grace victoria rothschild. a nice beautiful name there. around 7:15 a. she weighed in at 7.5 pounds. >> speaking of pregnant celebs,
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mila is pregnant again. in one of the best movies of the summer, th comedy "bad moms" she was hanging out last night with the cast. she told a great story about ashton on diaper duty. >> i turned back around and he literally bathed isink, which was fine and wrapped her in an entire roll of paper and i have photos of this. drying her off. he said i couldn't find the towel. literally was like what is happening? she was cue coop, cocooned in this bounty roll. i was like oh my god, i love you so much. >> p.t.a. meeting at 2:00 will we see you there? >> no. >> b >> is there one thing out of the movie that you would lov to do to your friends or children or anything that you would love to do? >> i would love to run through a grocery sto generally nothing make me happier than to bathe in cereal.
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>> i would love to have nachos for breakfast. >> why not? >> rida entertained and the moms got wild, kind of like in the movie. ♪ >> jada's son turned 18 toda but this mother of two hasn't lost a step. >> i say something, look at your mom wea them shorts at 1 >> don't get me started. >> it's craz >> who is the teenage centre. >> when i was getting dressed, i thooght aboot that i'm an amish dress and i was like, jada is going to be showing her legs. >> one day i won't be able to. so while i can -- >> you're crazz. >> mila's glowing pregnant with her second and told me -- she's a lot calmer this time you're so like enamored with, i was constantly app, what size is the baby. is it like a grape or avocado. now i'm like, how far along i. >> it's so much easier the
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second time around, right? >> yeah. right. our flashback friday with the spice girls and their famous fans. >> y a favorite spice girl? >> i like scary spice. plus tyra banks' onset pda with her man. what she's up to next after walking away from her talk show. >> it's a little pe of walking away from her talk show. >> it's a little pe of cra-cra. -- captions by vitac -- look at your and your hand >> it's still getting worse.
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>> is it your allergy? pants brownies, right? >> peanut butter. >> i forgot! >> call
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let's celebrate and have a party! what we do -- you're all invited! >> are the spice girls coming back? well geri halliwell, emma bunton and mel b. released a new video with a message, we hope to told you soon. hold up, that we probably won't include posh or sporty spice. the videos from the youtube channel and think about the gem, g-e-m, standing for geri, emma andmel. >> i i need all five of them. today marks the 20th anniversary
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and because it's flashback friday, kev, we know what you want, what you really, really want. >> you didn't. >> i tried. >> "e.t." spice rewind. >> hi," e.t." we're the spi girls. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> 20 years what we all wanted was to be a spice girl. whe fancied yourself scary, sporty, posh, baby or ginger. >> do you have a favorite spice girl? like scary spice. >> why? >> and baby >> from the 11-year-old ole sen twins to prince william and 13-year-old prince harry. their breakout song, "wannabe" hit nu in 37 countries and sold 37 million copies worldwide. ♪ ♪ >> it may have been 15, 20 minutes. >> how are you guys feeling with all the talk about the spice girls. you know you guys are -- >> great! >> we're on that bus.
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driving down one of the main streets. >> they all saw that. we're really famous. >> "e.t." was with the band just after the release of their debut album, "spice" and got a private serenade. ♪ ♪ >> girl power! to all nations, any time, any day, anywhere. >> girl became their calling card. while they had five different personalities, they had one very strong female bond. >> we five best friends here, and we are in hollywood doing a premiere for our movie. we are so excited. >> spice girls stood for feminism and femalefriendship. paving the way for women today. ♪ ♪ >> yup, like the queen of gold herself, as well as new g bands like fifth harmony. who even covered the spice girls
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anthem. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> 20 years later, "wannabe" has 94 million streams on spotify. the girls still get together, posting p on instagram and their message of empowerment still lives on. >> come on, y know you guys still love that song. well mel is now focusing on a solo album. posh is on her fashion line ando the trio themselves gem have agreed to do a one-off concert in london this time next year. >> the spice girls were all girl power and nobody embodies that more than tyra she's a model, a momma and a mogul who has somehow managed to dall. i caught up with the icon and we talked about her expanding bu empire and a new report that claims her baby is causing a rift in her relationship. >> we're lau we're like what is this article talking about, we're split up when we're burping together? >> th headline -- baby son
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causing a rift between ty and boyfriend eric. the photographer was actually at our interview shooting tyra. and she came out swinging at the false reports. >> i don't have a famous guy, so i thought because myguy's not famous, that i wouldn't have to deal with that. but -- it's happening. they still make things up. >> tyra loves every minute of being a m even in the middle of the night. >> it's heaven. even just night, i picked him up out of his cri i picked him up and i just like held him for minutes at 3:00 in the morning. knowing i had to be here, bright-eyed for a photo shoot. >> after years of struggling with inf york was born via su earlier this year. i had to ask, will there more kids. more two soon? you've got one in. if you can survive one, you do two. >> i don't know, i thought i wanted two or three kids. this is lot, kevin. >> tyra stepped away from both
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her talk show, "fab life" and hosting "america's next top model." she'll still be an executive producer on "model" and bro the in thaus singer rita ora is the new host. >> how does someone koom in replace you, this is your show. >> they don't. rita came in andsaid, tyra, i don't want to fill your shoes, i want to create my own shoes. so i'm going to have a session with her in person give her the ins and outs. but say, make ityou. do you. >> her cosmetics line, tyra beauty is booming and former top model winnee and dancing champ nile demarco heading with her to sin city to fearsome a celebration of her brand. my dancing model with is going to be with m at tyra beauty's first national convention. it's going help me choose the future faces of tyra beauty. >> the photo shoot with eric was
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to promote tyra beaut she tells me, working toot keeps their relationship strong. >> it's got to be c to have someone that's in there with it with you and is like -- >> he's so empowering for me. like you know, if i'm upset at work, he'll be like you know what, i should have been stronger for you. he just wants to support me. >> one of the key relationships in tyra's entire empire is the relationship with her mom. not only does she help her with business matters. she also a proud grandma. in our entertainme birthday, which "ncis" star once had a job selling shoes? we'll be right back with that answer, stick around.
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concern >> pam: about equality. protests >> steve: is take the streets for second night and
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now we are learning and lebanon that killed five police officers. in officers
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taylor swift? it's all at etonlin >> announcer: travel considerations ppovided by -- welcome back tshow, in tonight's "e.t." birthdays, which "ncis" star once had a job selling shoes? the one and only michael weatherly, who turns 38today. he sold shoes while attending college. >> he must have been cracking people up and sold a lot of shoes. we're out of time. than
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>> reporter: look behind me you can still see smoke firefighters are dosing what ever is still left out there with some water cannons and trucks out here we believe they will be out here for quite some time. smoke was the biggest issue living and working in the area near smith ave


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