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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  July 8, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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crave those crazy squares. cinna-milk! major >> pam: and thai police brutality in the bay area tonight in evening. this, >> steve: that after one day after five police officers gunned down on protests several days after they were shot and killed a police officer. >> pam: the shootings while louisiana other minnesota partly, on-camera. it from the protest and i in san francisco. " the source of oakland in major cities on the asian. >> steve: also learning much more about a lone gunman identified in the deadly dallas police attack paul. last changes the bay area please apartments making to credit their officers
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say >> reporter: >> reporter: the people out there has calmed down justle bet this is protesting against police crude brutality all organized by the coalition joined by a black lives matter also justice for market would group intended this to be a non- violent demonstration so far that it has whip's turnout and the not seen anything about the arrests of their.. is a very large police presence is out there and also protecting city hall as years seeing from the video right there the acting police chief in san francisco we lorestan lies even when people are marching against us and the very large crowd that there
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announces that they're they're injured response to the killings of black men in louisiana and minnesota the video you are looking now is that the protesters might start at the ferry building a just and herman plaza marching down market street to see hall. the middle of that march the protesters said come on market street at the intersection of the west village shopping center. >> reporter: stayed there for three minutes all sitting down as organizers of this protest started to read at the names of the police shooting victims from the past six months. a block about three blocks on market street clothes and a major intersection for a few minutes this evening market street is back open and protesters are at city hall right now there's been peaceful and we will continue to update this developing story here on kron 4 news at 10 we will be back in 15 minutes with another update.
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>> pam: police protests happens now. >> steve: across the country. in new york city thousand people marched up chanting blacklegs matter as and people arrested for blocking traffic. >> pam: standoff with police in see the cars their matching and blocking traffic and air attacks to put this up in the middle of the protest and says that he did so to make sure the protesters thursday as they practice their first amendment rights. lots of police and lots of protesters no
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word of any violence in continue to monitor all these protests throughout the night here, >> steve: and after will barbara architect in dallas five officers killed by sniper seven others injured. two civilians also hurt. >> pam: officials clarified it does appear only one person was responsible for the terror in dallas grant is tracking developments. reported >> grant: we told police during negotiations before his death he won the to white people specially white police officers. $10 bolus fluke. opposite believe there
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was more than one shooter at dallas' mayor says it was just 125 year-old johnson it shows the shooter batting behind a column shooting officers. they try to negotiate after several hours and officers in grave danger the suspect pulled all lethal robot. the sugar was
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killed in the explosion all five officers killed seven others wounded among the dead pause plp a stair a father of two and a veteran mcbride another officer shawn on the arm edman and survived. here in the suburbs police surrounded the shooter and a burst state quite a johnson with his mother serving in the u.s. army reserve as a carpentry masonry specialist. get ashore deployment and afghanistan. . and gathered in
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dallas only a few blocks from where the ambush occurred. lee >>: citizens to show officers they appreciate their sacrifice. the president calling the ambushed a calculated despicable attack on law- enforcement. >> grant: sadly violence against officers continuing today outside atlanta a guy
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falls reported a burglary when officers showed up shot three times. to the other bullets in his bulletproof vest. and then shot back heading the 22 year- old steven the suspect there officer in serious but stable condition video from suburban state situlas officer shot the times walking back to his cruiser during a traffic stop use in stable condition and yesterday in tennessee hours before the ambush in dallas a 37 year-old man shot five people were people including an officer newspaper was killed in that incident three other injured the officer injured in that test the incident expected to survive.
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of the >> pam: serves bubbling up as an extra safety precaution writing. in pairs and oakland and paul auto as well. san francisco already has two officers to patrol car and will continue. the police chief says that his department is on high alert. . >> steve: message that said calcutta's city hall a two- person patrol in his city will go on at least through the week ended as a challenge and willfully understaffed and underfinanced, the chief says he wants to insure officers and citizens both get home safely every night.
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>> pam: still pictures on a left of your screen type the the average policeman holding is done moments before firing shots at close range to as selling cds and on the right begun of the suburban state police officer who wounded to steal any bullet to get shot after a traffic stop for a broken light. . member >> steve: reserves stories, the scene of the shooting as it unfolded details of the government and the president reaction just a click away.
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>> britteny: o'clock we will be in the mid-70s for inland spots in the world, too much after sat. attracting warming trend that sends it back in the '90s really know when that is coming up in the fall forecast before the break a 819205573 michigan no. 5 and a winner indiana one person there, all the numbers. nobody in california has national six numbers were. it to find out if there are any other in their states.
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>> steve: campus heavy black smoke this afternoon saw a lot of our recycling facility would inflames this evidence comes from a cup a partnership with abc seven bright flames live on the kron 4 news. in this >> pam: the mission continues and what started the flames remarkably there's so much smoke could be seen from space. >> reporter: careers were very quickly and the fleas dumped and head on the control still cruise our unseen tonight cracks in the hot spots run video as
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neighbors watched on in horror that it started around 3:00 at age jeep recycling center and smith avenue the classic read your cycle was caught fire sending toxic smoke and the air swirling winds forcing on the county fire department and neighbors businesses nearby shelter in place traffic was shut down in the area trains delayed because of fire and eventually just before 6 crews had a handle on things though was not easy. >> reporter: 01. the fire department doubled the amount of fire fighters appear that
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response stop flights from going pacifiers facility it was tested in the fire department lifted a shelter in place of injuries reported either the deputy chief enologist speculate as to what may cause the fire still under investigation again it is a recycling facility lot of ways of fire could have sparked the fire department as to mention remains unseen tonight to make sure the fire does not start again >> pam: or is it the role on a recent fire. >> grant: of damage to two homes and antioch wagon wheel wedge just awful entryway nearby high school repartee see the homes damaged right there if you across the put out a couple of
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hours ago are illegal fireworks suspected as it is the cause here and wooden roofs as well as gutter's filled with leaves also held feel fire and damaged homes and john brush right here cruise able to get ahead very quickly good thing they were. it very densely populated neighborhood areas of the how the partnership with abc seven news. by all accounts in a preventable fire put out around the clock and antioch and legal fireworks believed to be the cause of this fire. for the >> pam: phoenix arizona protest are under way. again this was an entire police brutality protest following on the heels of the events that unfolded all this week. >> steve: suggestions in here
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and there are no indication of any violence. will keep an eye on that story just to have the update from the newsroom. >> reporter: francisco city hall runout an arctic there they marched on the ferry building at justin herman plaza del markets read the video want to show right now the protesters in the middle of the street holding the sign that says some of the race is racist police tear and u.s. hundreds of people there at some point estimating afoul of the people or in the streets and they want it to be peaceful. that was the goal this evening they did not intend have any violence or any out experts from protesters. >> reporter: this was a protest against police brutality and police walk down the streets chanting black lives matter and stop police brutality people had hands up in the air at one point
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there was a very large police presence from the police department marching alongside the protesters making sure nothing matapan as we did report all little earlier market street did close down a few minutes earlier this evening. as protesters sat on the middle the street. this is a video from followed a few hours of wallace happening at this very building. this is where it all started 6:00 tonight where we have several speakers, " to the podium and address the crowd. and herman plaza still continuing to monitor the situation protesters still at san francisco's city hall at 1030 with a brick news story. . >> pam: all of people are wondering how we move forward since they're so tragic charles clifford talk to one man who spent a decade putting kids in
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the bay area avoid violence. >> reporter: as the marshall jr. director of alive and free men and boys club in san francisco. spending decades try to keep the oil from violence the officer involved in minnesota louisiana have really hit home with also says the killing of officers and dallas has made an already bad situation worse. marshall also sits on the san francisco police commission believes the correct way to respond is to channel anger fear into meaningful change as an example points to recent events in san francisco. fall in public outrage over several officer of all fatal shootings changes made within the san francisco police department including the passing of a new use of force policy emphasizing patience and restraint. then just this past
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wednesday officers involved in a standoff with the armed men near market street following newt call their able to resolve without resorting the legal force hot marshall says unlike what happened at that lesson of channeling anger is what he's trying to teaches kids >> britteny: it will be on the chile sa said it will stay that way and the rest of tonight and tomorrow also witnessed a lot of fog a chance of coastal drizzle as we head into next week will warm things up much warmer for us. settler in our shot showing what we're dealing with the strong onshore flow area of low
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pressure the jet stream is that the south in that direction is coming straight from the west and east and that's what brings us the stronger onshore flow deep marine layer as ago into the rest of tonight the sea cliff conditions and also saturday we will see cool temperatures by sunday that system moves and high-pressure rebels in the search for things up until we get through with this system will be called tomorrow strong onshore flow coastal drizzle clots bohol all expected fourth was from the region to two mar 77 degrees on view 78 livermore 71 oakland sixth. these san francisco close average set francisco and 78 about a 77 petaluma temperatures in santa rosa as 79 degrees. and the 74 past goes into a week and 78 degrees for inland locations typically i '80s and as anyone for the bay 61 floccose and then
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on sunday 84 degrees nye's warming trend for us as to go into the second half of the weekend as we approach next week we really start to warm things up next thursday and pitchers back to the '90s and seen that at least 10 days and right now we will continue to go above average able average by the end of next week. lot more news ahead 10 including how robot helped end the standoff and we take a closer look at how robots are all useful crime fighting tool.
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>> steve: will appeal to make their way on the freeway a police line on like oakland last night and amid a clear they wouldn't be will it do that now we have word
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>> steve: you do if you find someone in that situation since our talk to please what you have to do >> reporter: do the way to be careful snowing gets hurt. as
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much as you want to get a better view of what's going on chp says the stay in your car. all the might seem tempting staff the shoulders and a on those will help anyone. the officer william says to keep basic traffic laws in mind to not do anything illegal just because you're frustrated. keep in mind pedestrian to block the freeway are breaking law and penalties could be stiff. and while chp may use tactics to try and your people away the main priorities
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>> pam: to show it live pictures from phoenix arizona there is a protest on going there right now we've been telling you cut
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through this newscast's under standing that police are giving the protesters there a final warning to disperse the police said that they would not allow them to make their way upset i 10 in the downtown area on the right of your screen a police line preventing any further movement talk of tear gas been used to disperse the crowd apparently now it's been given a final warning to a home and disperse. . what a >> pam: motions of comedown over the shootings this week of the two blackmail's in
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various cities as well as the five pleats officers. nonetheless that said to carry on with to its protest are things stand at this hour. a standoff between officers and you see the line have made as well as the protesters on the other side of the street clothes >> steve: to home in san francisco oakland just been tracking them very closely jazz this now. about a thousand people a lot there is started as a protest at justin herman plaza in the march and down market street 2 mi. and a here and outside of city hall a very peaceful crowd this was a protest against police brutality 200 people their right now all organized by that coalition can't buy group blacklegs matter justice for
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mario woods and other groups intended this to be non-violent demonstration it was a very large police presence there protecting the people. also >> reporter: protecting city hall of barriers this was a direct response to the killings of black men in louisiana minnesota the did have this protest tonight as they want to stop the terror from police departments in the united states. >> reporter: 11 march and down market street how they got here to people to city hall that allowed a demonstration to mile walk down the federal building to city hall hundreds of people taking part in this several black clubs matter. but three
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minutes again now moving its with city hall. a conviction that a strong and movement. .
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will >> pam: profess and a journal.
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>> grant: officer croll 13 year veteran serving with the police department and served three tours of duty survived by is wife also morning loss of
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officer bret thompson 43 worked as the dallas area
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>>: so unspoiled and then in a political places about the murder happened then maybe it wouldn't have to 2000 people killed today. for the >> reporter: most part talk of police reform has been just that talk and police departments allowed to carry on business as usual that to happen in dallas. johnson does not condone police shootings or vandalism but communities coming
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together protest as they did on a freeway in oakland thursday night can make a difference. despite all this war more people are realizing reform is needed and eventually. come >> grant: topics plan how work and show you how police departments all over the country are using robots. or robots
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>> pam: please tell the rally going on right now we continue to follow this has the ability disperse police have used tear gas pepper spray begin see a much smaller crowd there but we will continue to monitor the situation. >> steve: went to their bikes company uses for overcoming a key tool in crime-fighting.
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>> gabe: a patrol robot not surprised by what does he did.
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if the >> grant: officers on the movie that is not a standstill for a long time and then phoenix had a bunch of cruisers on the on and off ramps at the interstate i 10. and a veteran of the protesters financiers of the interstate and the standoff a preset tense standoff going on right there sofa with the trump signed hallway differed protesters get emotional screaming organizer of the demonstrators trying to
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negotiate to let them through iman the interstate that did not work. after earlier today the police chief and phoenix mayor as organizers to postpone this rally that did not happen the ditch sediment announcement on a loudspeaker they're going to start arresting folks. >> grant: of scoring that person moving and and it says one of the latest incidents in a protest will see and sense the killings black men on tuesday wednesday we will keep an eye on this and keep you posted
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>> britteny: moister going to the north of san francisco with the interest warm-up a.m. visibility down have monday a
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comfortable day in santa clara. 7978 san jose 75 degrees and campbell. also notice in the locations stay in the '70s livermore 78 degrees average for this time of year clustered 8681-1 the creek and then one ago in north bay temperatures and center fell at 69. comfortable 80 degrees 70 forecast showing after tomorrow equal things down into sunday
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temperatures and thursday friday. >> gary: 10 to talk baseball sports rector is here. awhirl >> gary: the ballpark san francisco up 30 seconds. upset
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and get hit by pitch and asset the guys be a quick ejected had to get to ninth home run of the year bottom three quibble 500 the giants took the lead lot of getting drunk time >> gary: teams honoring polos lives in the five police officers in dallas. ian clark
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goes out of a backup guard will stay as well warriors have 13 players under contract official roster have to have 15 will go to watch the " john macro greatest player of all time melos is his opponent today and
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trilling set up for a tie the match. and fourth fifth final couldn't up 61 and then around wins the match was the finals where he faces and memory and a big deal. >> gary: and martine women's open here in the south bay the country club ii and sun hung parkman's the day with the 66: in the weekend. olivia is right behind her fires a 66 and two shots off the lead and we tell you going back just in johnson the latest athlete the pullout of the olympics ratings men oakland championship will not be playing golf that type do after
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a sluggish start to come back fast and strong.
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>> stanley: this is the driver live on periscope of driving to work. trevor was brushing her
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hair reading questions are the california office of traffic safety sees more people using it sought to avoid driving not this talking many of them have their phones firmly attached to the air cramming and testing not
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