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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  July 13, 2016 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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the blossom intersection. >>alecia: the suspect took off on foot and was caught a half mile away his description matched witness accounts and surveillance footage from nearby stores they're not trying to locate the weapon and find a correlation between the victim and the person they have detained. >> grant:our other big story of the day. surveillance video catches a brazen burglary a gun store in rocklin. which is northeast of sacramento you can see the suspects as they ram into the front door with their s-u-v. and then five
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people climbing over the gate to get into the store. they got away with several guns from that store and another they hit in folsom. and just hours later. the vehicle used to smash into the stores. has been found in oakland. >> vicki:kron four's dan kerman is live in oakland with the latest on this investigation. dan? >> reporter: the eighth and macarthur high-s u b was at the intersection found abandoned and there was an arrest made at the time. we don't know if they have any guns and then authorities went down the street he see behind me and atf investigator was spent hours combing for evidence. . >> reporter:if you look closely at the license plate on the honda suv that broke down the door of a rocklin gun shop wednesday morning you will see it says 6vcb742. hours later, the same vehicle with the same license plate was discovered here in east oakland on 68th and macarthur.
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oakland police and agents with the bureau of alcohol tobacco firearms and explosives fanned out and began their search for the suspects and the weapons that were stolen. authorities confirm there were arrests but they won't say how many. >> reporter:crime scene investigators could be seen gathering evidence from the honda and just down the street atf agents could be seen entering a home. hours later heavily armed officers were seen traveling down that same area presumably to search a place, but authorities have ot said if they found any of the weapons. sot those who live nearby were hopeful authorities were able to find some of the weapons. sot jo woodward/oakland resident 101-109 it turns out wednesday's robberies in rocklin and folsom are the latest in a series of gun shop breakins. authorities say since february more than a half dozen gun shop including this one in san carlos have been
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robbed with approximately 240 weapons stolen. 128/ weapons stolen >> reporter: those from oakland police killed appeared vague kind of look like they were going to another location but we do not know if that's the case all we do know is atf is indicated that this investigation is ongoing. >> grant:an update to a story we first brought to you yesterday at five. two men accused of leading police on a man-hunt after robbing an armored car in windsor and shooting a guard. are due in court tomorrow. 24-year-old serge gutsu. and 23- year-old ivan morales both face charges of attempted murder, robbery and conspiracy. police say the men. started a two-county crime spree yesterday. when they robbed an armored car outside a chase bank in windsor. the pair was eventually taken into custody in calistoga.
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both are scheduled to appear in sonoma county court tomorrow. >> vicki:a brazen jewelry theft from a store inside a popular east bay mall. tonight police are asking for the public's help in catching theif. the bold crime was captured on surveillance video. investigators showed kron4's haaziq madyun that a story you will only see here on kron four. "our suspect is right here and here is the employee that is going to help him, he just told her that he wants to look at the ring in the display case, so as she hands it to him, boom, he is right out the door" >> reporter:the ring theft happened around 4:30pm back on june 22nd,here at fast-fix jewelry watch repairs inside the sun valley mall in concord >>:"this is the only one we've had this year i believe" concord police corporal christopher blakely says the theif got away with a diamond ring worth $3000. he says this type of jewelry theft is not something you expect to see inside such a busy location
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>>:"this is a mall setting so it is open, people can come in a view the merchandise and hopefully they can make the purchase" >> reporter:he says in this case, the man in the video had no intention of paying. there were signs however that a theft was about to take place >>:"you can tell he is a little nervous because he is walking all around checking his surroundings, playing with his phone, he just looks real nervous" >> reporter:over the next several minutes the suspect interacts with the store employee inquiring about several rings. he walks in and out of the store at least three times "and he leaves again" a little unusual says blakely >>:"i mean these are some of the indicators that you have to look for, someone looking around, checking their surroundings, coming in and out of the store, just doesn't seem right" >> reporter:he describes the man in the video >> pam:"he is a white male adult, 28 to 30 years old, wearing a white shirt, he has a beard, and he was wearing a dark baseball cap with a batman logo on it. if you know who this person is we would love to know that information"
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in concord haaziq madyun kron4news >> vicki:c-h-p says they have yet to find any evidence. of a reported shooting along interstate 80 in pinole. we first reported to you yesterday at five. that c-h-p was investigating. possible shots fired on interstate 80. police say a man reported hiring possible shots fired near appian way. and seeing a man with a gun in the vehilce next to him. officers say they did not find any victims, shell casings or bullet holes in the area. c-h-p is on high alert. after more than 30 shootings took place on several east bay highways since november. we are following breaking news tonight in the north bay. a c-h-p officer was injured in a crash. while responding to a pursuit in solano county. this is happening on interstate- 80. near the exit to american canyon road. >> grant:officers shutdown all the eastbound lanes of i-80.
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around 2 this afternoon. the lanes did reopen around 4:30. but as you can see it caused some major backups. >> grant:police say they are trying to determine how the officer crashed. but are reporting that no other vehicles were invovled. the officer was taken to a hospital. although his condition is unknown at this time. police did not release any information regarding the pursuit the officer was responding to. tonight. we are learning more about the weekend arrest of warriors star, draymond green. this is video of green getting taken away in handcuffs. early sunday morning. according to a police report. green struck a michigan state football player in the jaw. during a confrontation near campus. officers say green then tried to apologize to cornerback, jermaine edmonson. who says green punched him. but an officer says he saw a "slap." the report reveals. green had a blood-alcohol level of point one percent.
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the dubs star faces. a misdemeanor charge of assault and battery. he's already enetred a not guilty plea. green is a member of team u-s- a.and is supposed to compete in the rio games next month. police are investigating a suspicious two-alarm fire that destroyed one livermore business late last night. >> vicki:firefighters responded to the blaze at miller's air conditioning and heating at around midnight on research drive. they were able to get the fire under control by about 1-a-m. investigators are now deeming it suspicious due to the amount of damage it caused as well as the time it started. no injuries were reported. adjacent businesses underwent minimal damage. police are still investigating the cause... and exactly how much damage was done to the building. reports of k-k-k flierslaw
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enforcement officers in they were remembering dallas police officers lorne aherns and michael smith. and rapid transit officer brent thompson. >> catherine:they were shot and killed last week during a protest against the police killings of black men in louisiana and minnesota. services for the other two officers who died will be later this week. at officer brent thompson's funeral -- his wife of only a few weeks and one of his daughters talked about the former marine.
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>> catherine:thompson's widow had chosen to speak with her police partner at her side -- saying she wanted him there in case she couldn't make it through and needed 'back-up.' thompson's death marked the first killing of a dallas area rapid transit officer. still ahead on kron four news at five. one south bay police department officially rolling out body cameras. in light of recent high profile officer involved shootings. plus. police in the east bay dealing with a string of break in's. as thieves are targeting homes on the real esate market. and. changes at twin peaks now in effect. in an effort to make the area safer for bikers and hikers. we'll tell you what you need to know. i don't want to live with
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>> reporter: rabat the service will be wearing by cameras roughly the size of this pack here where the images cameras
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attached using magnets to an officer's uniform of a suitable taps out because of what goes on and the cameras are recording. live video from its afternoon two dozen officers sat through for our training class on how to manage cameras how to use them and issued court those will be in the field starting this evening at every officer will be equipped with wondrous those who went to the train today and that chief of police says that deploying the cameras will start a new era for the police department and which there will be accountability for officers and also the truth of conflicts between officers and members of the public.
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>> reporter: that the war in the program for a couple years now it also developing sense of policy how they're to be used and they can turn off and on and ultimately gets to see the video if a the policy go to kron4news-dot-com and look for the news in session section will have the how the cameras are to be used. >> vicki: tourist area safer for
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>> reporter: real estate agents and the clinton area they say they always keep a close eye on the properties up for sale lockboxes are safe and check this out this is a picture of me taking video of what their homes for sale and clayton addition
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the resident nearby concord says that their home market was recently broken into and also there's a social media websites washout for one another. >> reporter: the police are certainly turn them tailored their work the work out technical wednesday. >> vicki: to big rigs collided on interstate 80 back in vacaville that crash reported
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foreign mourning lifespan satin bow june guy road has met teams responded. we and oil from when the trucks the incident caused two lanes to go down causing major traffic delays there. both drivers were injured and one other person. when truck stop in this and another struck it. people injured all transport of hospital both closed lanes open 130 this afternoon.
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>> grant: between the card they're meant to enhance travel time and reduce accidents and congestion. breakdown of what you'll see and be ready for. new ramp meters showing continuous green light for the next two weeks to alert drivers meeting will begin the meters will be activated in phases and the people merge smoothly it safely next we will see the new overhead tektronix signs they will display colored arrows and speed limits then traffic information boards will begin showing regional congestion and travel time he will allow you to choose the best route to get to aerostation and finally poll local street signs this is cool as you exit the freeway and on the safe streets they will let you know when you have a past
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incident >> vicki: your product to help protection for bicyclists and pedestrians killed. be part of the eastern part of the figure a way loop and municipal transportation agencies saying additional parking is also available to let service to help current plans for the area. >> vicki: airdate be issued the bay area of management district issuing the alert. comes after forecasts are expected to see high levels of the combination of hot weather vehicle exhaust winds officials advising people to take precautions when the outdoor exercise in the early morning when temperatures are colder encouraging commuters
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with public transport >> reporter: here is getting warmer high-pressure create havoc on the atmosphere is to hasten the fog and former enough the golden gate bridge you'll see some dense fog develops a little later on was the clear leader on and patchy fog will continue onshore area and the temperatures over a hundred degrees tomorrow and still cool but at the coastline and the next week and everybody begins to cool down as the sea breeze
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really kicks in. and i'm heading up the door take a look at temperatures well in the '80s in mind patchy fog much cooler law coast and in the '60s were far away as ago eight to 9:00 this evening. the easier it here gathering up for the beaches game away from the coastline heats up and a hurry and and how starts tomorrow in the san jose area sunshine all day long and bitter as spiking the low 90s more afternoon san francisco with much cooler weather on the way: out toward the zoo and to the beach at temperatures stay very cool and parts mid-60s and 70 degrees at&t park. oakland lost the size guy is breezy and after an a beautiful day and run the bay area and especially near the water's edge and hot weather was a kron 4 couple days cooling down as the head and thorax began.
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residents in unicorporated areas of eastern contra costa county will be seeing an increase in garbage rates. the county's board of supervisors approved the price hike yesterday. that allows concord-based garaventa enterprises to increase collection rates by five-to-six-percent. customers can expect to see the change by august 15th. the last time residents experienced a similar price hike was in 2011. * * * >> grant:a new report finds youth suicide has been on the increase since 2003 in santa clara county. * * * what's more, teen suicide is higher among males than females and often preceded by mental health issues. * * * those are among the findings of a preliminary report released today by the centers for disease control. the study was commissioned by the county health department in response to a pair of suicide clusters on the caltrain tracks in palo alto. a total of 10 youths took their own lives between 2009 and 2015. the report puts forth several recommendations, including outreach to troubled teens, crisis intervention and ramping up efforts to prevent bullying. * * * * * *
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the report focused not just on those suicides along the caltrain tracks but on youth suicide across santa clara county going back to 2003. the health department says a final report, to include analysis of trends and related behaviors is due out later this year. kron4news-dot-com >> vicki:still ahead on kron four news at five. it's all change in britain. prime minister, theresa may, forming a new government following today's resignation of david cameron. >> grant:plus.
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two former marines playing the popular game 'pokemon go' help nab a murder suspect in southern california. details ahead.
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>> vicki: a new poll shows him neck and neck with hillary clinton in the key swing states of ohio, pennsylvania and florida. together the three states have a quarter of all the votes in the electoral college. trump spent the day in indiana. preparing to announce his choice for running mate. nat breakfast with indiana governor mike pence. alabama senator jeff sessions swooping in for a private meeting senator! phone calls to chris christie. talks with newt gingrich. trump is bringing reality t=v to the presidential campaign. >>:it's a little bit like the apprentice. you find out sooner or later who the last one standing is >> vicki:reportedly trump will choose one of these four within a day or so, >>:i'm narrowing it down. i mean i'm at three, potentially four. but in my own mind i am probably thinking about two.
5:31 pm
sources say those two are christie. trump's personal choice. and pence, favored by trump's children. nat hillary clinton blasted trump in springfield, illinois, where abraham lincoln delivered his famous attack on slavery. >>:"this man is the nominee of the party of lincoln. we are watching it become the party of trump. and that's not just a huge loss for our democracy. it is a threat to it." clinton's attack comes in the wake of police killings of black men in louisiana and minnesota, and the killing of white police officers in dallas by a black gunman. >>:"his campaign is as divisive as any we've seen in our lifetimes. it is built on stoking mistrust and pitting american against american. >> vicki:one reason trump may be
5:32 pm
doing well in the three states that obama won twice: the pollsters asked if the current political situation calls for a radical change from the old way of doing things. in ohio, pennsylvania and florida, three out of four people said they agreed. a third of them strongly strongly agreed. >> grant:presidential republican nominee donald trump is suing one of his former aides for ten- million- dollars. trump's attorney filed the lawsuit yesterday against sam nunberg in a new york supreme court. nunberg was fired last summer for a racially charged facebook post which recently surfaced. since then nunberg has been bashing trump in the media. the most recent was an article from politico where nunberg says trump lacked " coherent political ideology." nunberg is not only attacking trump.but his former campaign manager corey lewandowski as well.
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>> catherine:it was teresa may walking over to the microphones at number 10 today. britain's first female prime minister since maggie thatcher in the 80's. the pound rallied against the dollar as she took the reins. bringing a measure of political stability sooner than expected. earlier in the day.outgoing prime minister david cameron said goodbye, with his family at his side. saying that serving britain was the 'greatest honor' of his life. theresa may paid tribute to
5:34 pm
him.pointing out that cameron had helped stabilize the economy, reduce the deficit.and put many people back to work. take a look at this video.and notice the cat ambling along in front of number 10. that's 'larry' -- who's lived there since 2011 and is the first cat to be named the 'official chief mouser.' >> catherine:he's getting almost as much attention as the new prime minister. david cameron says he loves larry - but can't take him since he belongs to the house and the staff loves him as much as he does. he even tweeted a photo of the two of them together today.a joking response to people asking if he actually likes the cat. >> vicki:two marines playing pokemon go in southern california helped police catch an attempted murder suspect. seth ortega and javier soch were playing the popular game in a park yesterday. all of a sudden soch's game froze. and after looking up he noticed a man carrying a red plastic
5:35 pm
rose, repeatedly approaching women and their children. one family run off.but that did not stop the strange man from approaching another. "pay attention to what's going on around you." a woman alerted the police while ortega and soch stayed with the man.until the officers came. the man was arrested for child annoyance. and that is when police discovered that the suspect had an outstanding warrant for attempted murder in sonoma >> grant:tom brady is going to need a "hail, mary" effort to
5:36 pm
get his four-game "deflategate" suspension lifted. after an appeals court refused to give him a new hearing.
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>> grant: the dow added 0.1% closing out 24 points a simpy a fraction and nasdaq loss 17. ,$8drw
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>>: what we want is what the mother to come up with a short technology explain how they're supposed to work and give her the opportunity to stand for and what is apologize to the very minimum chief apology.
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>> gabe: uses cameras and microphones to scour the area. they're designed to report suspicious behavior. it is quite the attraction that hundreds of people put some videos from when they encountered. it is pretty big and intimidating 5 ft. tall they entered pounds. have the potential danger ahead. vulcan the centers to avoid objects and people they're looking into how this child have circumvented the sensors and will make alterations if necessary. >>: us is the first report such
5:42 pm
incidents have an excellent potential accident happened something we're taking very seriously
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criticize >> steve: thing the
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movement. as you can imagine neighbors an area are worried we will hear from them at the top seller here on news that six now back to get in the study of. >> vicki:hard to believe, but the summer olympics are nearly upon us. weeks, team usa will aim to rack up the medal count in rio. especially in the water events, is a loaded contingent from cal- mark carpenter joins us with a look at the golden bears swim team. mark? >> reporter:you could say there's a direct pipeline from the cal campus to rio de janeiro. the bears have a total of 10- athletes on team usa.4-women and 6-men. we recently spoke with the head coach of the men's squad. who says despite the large amount of golden bears, the only colors that matter are red, white and blue.
5:47 pm
david durden- cal men's swimming coach "we don't go as cal. we go as team usa and it has always been about impacting medals. for us at olympic trials it was about moving forward and advancing to the team and now it's about impacting the medal count from team usa heading to rio." nats of start of race and a lifetime of training comes down to this. 10-cal athletes stand among the elite and dive into the most premier sporting event in the world. with the games just weeks away, the main focus fine tuning. "in general, we get a lot of feedback from our guys and how they're moving. what they're doing and how they're feeling. in the water they are very intuitive, they can communicate that extremely well, so it does get tailored to their individual needs." >> reporter:one factor david durden doesn't have to worry about-- rookie jitters. nathan adrian and ryan murphy are among the 6-men representing cal. and already have 6-olympic medals between the two of them. combine that with a gauntlet of international and trial
5:48 pm
competitions-- there's no shortage of big stage experience. >>:"a lot of the guys that they've raced in that setting they'll see at the olympic games, so they're very comfortable with race strategies etcetera. this has been something about for the last couple years, for the last three years, we've really been trying to put these guys in situations to give them opportunities to race the competition that they're gonna be facing in rio and i feel good about how they have done that." shots of zika >> reporter:then there's the issue no one in rio can completely prepare for-- zika virus. but durden maintains those concerns have been discussed. and it's not looming on the minds of his athletes. "team usa has done a fantastic job of addressing that. of addressing crime, of addressing zika. we feel good about it, we feel good about the plan that's in place looking forward and now we are just focused on what we do and that's swimming back and forth really fast." cal isn't only sending olympians to team usa. there are 6-other swimmers going to the games. representing new zealand, canada, egypt, hong kong and mexico.
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it can be either a frightening or funny situation... we'll let you be the judge of that. one colorado woman found a bear locked inside her car. annie bruecker couldn't figure out how the furry four-legged intruder got locked inside. she says she didn't lock her car but didn't expect to see this either. bruecker then contacted police... who also were puzzled when they arrived. there was no damage to the outside of her car... but on the inside...well that's a whole other story. trt:19/ "inside the car"
5:50 pm
deputies spent about 20-minutes trying to free the bear.. ,until he finally pushed his way out. and after that... tillman says the bear just took off. low clouds and dense fog will move locally inland tonight. tomorrow will become mostly sunny and hot inland with cool fog at the beaches. cooler weather is expected this weekend. next actress jennifer aniston fighting back against the tabloids. >> reporter: the highest today started to get hot and in the interior valleys 98 degrees 97 concord. 59 degrees and cool
5:51 pm
half monday 97 concord the form petaluma to adjust a high and the water's edge the so we're looking at right now overnight call rate fog benson long coastline mostly sunny and hot and then away from the coastline of sickle in turn will cancan as the breeze strengthens and that will hold up temperatures. tamara mid-60s will crank up the temperature is an attraction and read along a coastline and of course will keep temperatures much cooler. and then some the patchy fog
5:52 pm
early tomorrow morning as to get up and heading out to the day and for the cause lionizing clear in the bay and the valleys. bichirs will be pleasant toward the coast line. the warm >> reporter: read to the cheers will be 81 sunnyvale 84 redwood city in. the south bay temperatures in the '80s even low 90s. 99 degrees in livermore 95 concord one. hundred and antioch by tomorrow afternoon 84 degrees in union city. no. 8 temptress soaring and '70's 80's low 90s in santa rosa the currencies and triple digits entering the center rally the. be prepared lbo heating up for the next couple days the be little bit on saturday much cooler weather on sunday and monday.
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>> reporter:actress jennifer aniston usually doesn't comment on the tabloids' endless speculation about her personal life. but, today, forget about it. she's putting the tabloids on blast! the insider's louis aguirre has more from hollywood. grant and vicki. tonight we go
5:56 pm
inside jennifer's bold move as she takes back the narrative of her life! my: why don't you like social media? / ja: i'm a tabloid nightmare, my life seems so much more dramatic and interesting than it is just because of the stupid tabloids, so why would i sort of invite it myself? vo#1 but there's only so much one woman can take before reclaiming her own truth. and that tipping point for jen came in the wake of tabloids claiming she was pregnant with her "miracle baby" while on vacation last month with husband justin thereaux. vo#2 posting a powerful open letter to the huffington post. jen's goal is to fight back against women being judged by their body and family choices, saying the tabloids quote vo#3 ". perpetuate this dehumanizing view of females, focused solely on one's physical appearance. is she pregnant? is she eating too much? has she let herself go? is her marriage on the rocks because the camera detects some physical "imperfection"?" lu1_intv dr_ramani re_jennifer a nniston 10:50:55 i think she was voicing what a lot of women are expeirencing and are actually tired of. vo#3 our insider, psychologist dr ramani durvasula says that jen has always been the epitome of grace under tabloid fire. considering that for more than 20 years she has not only be stalked by paparazzi but also subjected to the endless stream of manufactored tabloid narratives
5:57 pm
10:53:12 jennifer aniston may very well have found writing this open letter to be almost therapeutic very cathartic once and for all saying please stop we'll have so much more on this story tonight at 7 on the insider, for kron 4 news, i'm louis aguirre back to you, grant and vicki. that wraps up kron 4 news at 5. steve aveson and pam moore are here with a preview of kron 4 news at six. >> pam: cv has been found in the east bay tonight at 6 how these latest burglaries' 80 tied to several others
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
>> reporter: a funnel of the flyer that was posted on news blaw. q many of telling its followers to kill white people in. police officers and calls. as reported that its
6:00 pm
found several doorways and the neighborhood and while many of heard about it to social media fell one i talked to had seen it themselves, nevertheless they are disturbed about it. call >> reporter: the phone number so this resting could see it he got a message laughable. >>: and celebrity joke. >> reporter: some wonder why did they would recruit this to.
6:01 pm
forest wearing tight i've said pete was sad for those read the see it. no crime has been committed but still interested in hearing from you when you got a flier. >> pam:happening right now. police have arrested the gunman wanted in deadly shooting out of
6:02 pm
the east bay. before two this afternoon. when a man was stopped at an intersection. on meekland avenue and blossom way. sheriff deputies say the victim was waiting to make a left-turn and that's when a gunman appoached the driver and shot the intersection where the shooting happened was closed for some time as police investigated the area. deputies have not yet released the victim or the suspect's name at this time. >> steve:a big story we're tracking tonight. this bold smash and grab at a gun store near sacramento. the suspects plow through the front and then jump out and hit the store. the vehicle you see barreling into the business. it's been found right here in the bay area. that was one of two smash and grabs near sacramento. we've learned the bandits made off with a couple of rifles and more than 20 handguns. but investigators including the a-t-f are now focusing on oakland after finding that s-u- v. >> reporter: there have been
6:03 pm
arrested in connection with that robbery those was oakland authorities are not saying whether all the suspects are arrested or they are still looking for others. they descended and he felt the neighborhood wednesday morning looking for guns. investigators in a stolen because the getaway car use in their gun shop robbery early wednesday morning was found parked at 68 macarthur later in the morning. evidence was collected by the vehicle and were arrests authorities will not say how many. offices could be seen entering a home in the morning and a larger contingent entered the same area in the afternoon presumably for a more thorough search. and none of it
6:04 pm
located any weapons presidents including this one in want her identity revealed are on edge. the robbery in rockland and holes some as a series of break- ins and signore more than a half-dozen gunshots and the sacramento area bay area including this one in san carlos have been robbed approximately two injured 40 weapons taken forties' not saying whether or not these five people involved in the situation were responsible for the other robberies. more information is expected to come out we will play the investigation is continuing. >> pam:two suspects in an armed
6:05 pm
robbery in windsor.are expected to appear in court tomorrow. both men are suspected of robbing an armored car... shooting a guard and calistoga police officer... and then trying to escape. 24- year- old antelope resident, serge gatsu. and 23- year-old ivan morales of lakeport... are both in custody. police say, the two allegedly fled with cash. gatsu was arrested right after officers rammed into the suspects s-u-v. morales escaped... but officers eventually found him hiding, several hours later. the extent of injuries to the people involved are not known. a brazen jewelry theft from a store inside a popular east bay mall. tonight police are asking for the public's help in catching theif. >> pam:the bold crime was captured on surveillance video. investigators showed kron 4's haaziq madyun that video. in a story you will only see here on kron four. >>:"when he comes back in and asked to see the ring, she does what every other employee would do, which is let him see the ring and he just takes off right out of the store"
6:06 pm
which is located right near the exit leading to the parking lot of the sun valley mall in concord. this surveillance video was recorded back on june 22nd inside the fast-fix jewelry and watch repair store. >> reporter:concord police corporal christopher blakely says he has seen several of these types of snatch and grab jewelery thefts "it is an easy crime for a suspect to commit, basically you have an expensive piece of jewelry and simply grabbing it and running, and when you're inside of a mall there are multiple exits to get out of or stores where you can go hide" he says the man in the video wondered in and out of the store for 30-minutes before working up the nerve to snatch a diamond ring worth $3000-dollars "i think that managers and owners, especially with expensive jewelry, should teach their employees what to look out for, like the suspicious behavior you see in this video, with the suspect playing around, looking on his phone, who is leaving the store, coming back into the store" he describes the man in the video "he is a white male adult, 28 to 30 years old, wearing a white shirt, he has a beard, and he was wearing a dark baseball cap with a batman logo on it. if you know who this person is we would love to know that information" concord police investigators say this is the first reported snatch and grab jewelry theft at the sun valley mall this concord haaziq madyun kron4news low clouds and dense fog will move locally inland tonight. tomorrow will become mostly sunny and hot inland with cool
6:07 pm
fog at the beaches. cooler weather is expected this weekend. funerals took place today for >> reporter:.......... mile
6:08 pm
inland to tell. mitscher's for the beaches with more fog all in the way and then a high pressure dominating our weather right now. but said it will build and for other day or so before weakens. >> reporter: the early afternoon temperatures going to the '90s even triple digits in the central valley. 40 degrees cooler along the coastal waters and then 60 out for the beaches or in the water coming up in a few minutes.
6:09 pm
>> pam: three of the five police officers. killed during last week's ambush in dallas. hundreds of members of the law enforcement community. packed a dallas church to remember brent thompson. the 43-year-old had just gotten married two weeks before the shootings. thompson worked for the dallas area rapid transit force. his wife is also a transit officer. emily thompson/officer brent thompson's widow "brent was a fighter, warrior, hero and quite the scrapper -- the kind of guy you want fighting with you. brent was also an amazing husband, father of six beautiful children -- that he talked about all the time. brent was a son, a brother, an uncle and an all- around phenomenal guy." thompson is the first officer in the dallas area rapid transit police department's history to be killed in the line of duty. senior corporal lorne aherns was also remembered today. he was a 14-year veteran of the dallas police force. about 7-thousand people packed the church for the service. like officer thompson, his wife also works in law enforcement. she is a detective with the
6:10 pm
dallas police department. aherns leaves behind two children. >> pam:also laid to rest today was officer michael "j" smith. he had been with the dallas police department for over 25 years. smith was highly decorated receiving numerous awards throughout his career for his service. he also was an army ranger for seven years before becoming a police officer. smith leaves behind a wife and two daughters. >> steve:donald trump met with indiana governor mike pence at the governor's home this morning. fueling new speculation that pence is close to being named as trump's running mate. following a get together that lasted more than 90 minutes trump and mike pence walked out together, shook hands, and posed for a photograph. the two also had dinner together last night, so, at the very least, mike pence's job interview was extended significantly. pence says trump's family was there but no official offer was made.
6:11 pm
indiana it was just very warm just one family meeting with another we were really honored to have not only mr. trump but a number of his children son-in- law join us at the governors residence it's great to have them in indiana great to have a chance to break bread nothing was offered >> steve:it is widely believed trump could name his choice friday before next week's republican national convention. new jersey governor chris christie and former house speaker newt gingrich have also been vetted by the trump campaign. a newly appointed prime minister takes office today in great britain. theresa may has accepted the role of being the new prime minister. after photos released from buckingham palace showing may offering a deep curtsey in front of the queen. may is the second woman to take on the role since margaret thatcher.
6:12 pm
and is taking over for david cameron who resigned after britain's vote to leave the european union. may plans to lead in the spirit of unity and build a country that "works for everyone." >> pam:more bay area police officers are going to start wearing body cameras. the department that's getting them and the plan to roll them out. and it is one of the most scenic and popular tourist spots in san francisco. the big change starting today at twin peaks. plus a crime of opportunity. what we've learned thieves have started to target in one east bay community.
6:13 pm
6:14 pm
6:15 pm
san francisco just recently announced plans for its officers to wear body cameras. the city had been negotiating for a year with the union over a policy. they reached an agreement last month and officers could start wearing the cameras in a matter of weeks. the plan is to give every single officer on the force a body camera. starting today..san francisco's twin peaks is sporting the dow >> reporter: will tap ellet echoes then there are recording all of the video of the actual camera their pre lightweight small easy-to-use and attached to the strong magnets. the center for arts training class to manage them off non-core special features and how-to managed a better life and then officers issued the cameras could be out on the street right now using them. the
6:16 pm
plaza apartments as of this is a new piece of equipment officers essentially treat these things by any of a piece of equipment. >> reporter: 7 extensive policy how they're supposed be used when the 10 iman and then exactly only in see the video you can see on the news and section of what lincoln the san jose police department policy on the body want cameras. \] /
6:17 pm
>> steve: in negotiating for your they reached agreement last month and officers could you be wearing the scars the next few weeks the plan is in every single officer by a camera. >> catherine:we never see the twin peaks lookout area looking like this. sky 7 -- giving us this viewpoint of a quiet, almost empty looking hilltop. where we usually see a fair amount of traffic. almost nothing is stirring. that's because the lookout area is going car-free as part of a two-year pilot project.
6:18 pm
the idea is to make the popular tourist destination safer for pedestrians and bicyclists. as of today - the eastern half of the 'figure 8' roadway loop will be open to people on foot and on bikes.but no cars. the western half will switch from one-way to two-way car traffic to help compensate. if all this works smoothly -- a decision could be made to make the changes permanent. if you're headed up there -- you'll see paint and temporary barriers so you can figure out what's drive-able.and what's not. they'll eventually also add some legal parking spaces at the center and south intersections. steve? police are investigating a suspicious two-alarm fire that destroyed one livermore business late last night.
6:19 pm
>> steve:it happened at miller's air conditioning and heating on research drive. firefighters responded to the blaze at around midnight. fire crews were able to get the fire under control by about 1-a- m. investigators are now deeming it suspicious due to the amount of damage it caused as well as the time it started. no injuries were reported. >> steve:adjacent businesses had minimal damage. police are still investigating the cause... and exactly how much damage was done to the building. >> pam:in the east bay- a break in at a home for sale has homeowners and real estate agents on heightend alert. the thieves stole several items after going into a home that had been recently decorated for selling. in one neighborhood, some residents are using new technology to keep a watchful eye when they not around. in the one home broken into they stole several items. two real estate agents say they believe the recent crime is unusal, but they
6:20 pm
are always watching closely their properties and staying in touch with their neighbors through social media websites. sot/tc: kahni horton/real estate agent. concord police were out in the neghborhood near where the crime occurred. despite the incident, recent fbi statistics list clayton as the 3rd safetest city in california.
6:21 pm
the centers for disease control has weighed in with a preliminary report on teen suicide in santa clara county. as kron four's rob fladeboe reports now, the study was commissioned in response to a pair of recent suicide clusters on the caltrain tracks. >> reporter:six youths died by suicide in 2009 and 2010 and then four more in 2014 and 2015, several on the caltrain tracks on the peninsula. they are among 232 people ages 10 to 24 who took their own lives since 2003 and it turns out almost half may have had a mental health problem at the time. evelyn tirumalai is a suicide prevention coordinator. sot evelyn tirumalai/santa clara county health dept. requested by the santa clara county health department, the the cdc's 'epi aid' report, as it's known, found that the suicide rate was higher for males than females and that slightly more than half had experienced a crisis leading up to their deaths. sot evelyn tirumalai palo alto schools superintended
6:22 pm
max mcgee welcomed the report, saying it validates prevention measures already underway. but former teacher marc vincenti criticized the report for failing to consider root causes of suicide such as stress from what he termed a 'shared environment. evelyn tirumalai says the report is helpful nonetheless.
6:23 pm
you the >> reporter: see the fog hanging on a and likely will see it out to the golden gate bridge and then you can see the form transform here not getting there just yet the likely form for the next couple hours. today a pretty impressive and many of livermore 98 degrees 97 unconquered 96 in santa rosa hot weather and then over the next couple days of 90 nearby no in the napa valley 95 degrees in fairfield 84 and palomar right now or non house whether all wrong the bay area and is likely to make all cosines any hot
6:24 pm
anywhere wrote we from the cosines and then sunday. >> reporter: or whether on the way king and green temperatures, the sea breeze. tomorrow mid- 60's san francisco 77 oakland. one hot and sunny as a major way in the san jose and then high pressure dominating right now strengthening a little bit and i will send to mr. soaring a very comparable numbers as you approached the coastline then toward half moon bay's. '70s and paul auto. for a >> reporter: the south to go more your of the water's edge to him verges will go up. real hot weather will show an east bay they will source marat afternoon and this cannot simply school hot 100 degrees and antioch 91 and brentwood temperatures also north bay on a hot sun as well. with net 80 petaluma 93 santa rosa 89
6:25 pm
degrees nevada further inland temperatures going in the triple digits to get an idea whether of the next couple days in cooling down as we head toward the weekend and all that will feel good with the sea breeze kicking back in.
6:26 pm
6:27 pm
>> pam: covered nearly 2,000
6:28 pm
lbs. of the substance under time >> steve: our story with some players a stranded calling the police for help.
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
6:31 pm
>> reporter: getaway car use in the gun shop robbery wednesday morning found the carcass 68 macarthur in the morning and atf agents could be seen entering a home hours later heavily armed officers were seen traveling down the area of presumably to conduct a search. they've not said if they found any of the weapons.
6:32 pm
>> reporter: mile away from the murder scene authorities now trying to locate the weapon can correlation between the victim and person being charged with his murder. >> reporter: man died at the scene by sources also tell me the alcohol was a factor in the two had been drinking at the time.
6:33 pm
>> reporter: san francisco reports of but cake take care sipper treatment flier has been reported and it has people upset. here's a picture of the flyer posted on the news block that accuses one movement of encouraging its members to kill white people and police. s&p's says wall distributing fliers is not a criminal act in itself it want anyone with information about who is leaving on sunday to investigate and insurers are related in any kind of hate crime.
6:34 pm
the law >> steve: ever set up or ammunition found. large round of stiff fertilizer and sophisticated irrigation systems so far no arrests were made. . >> steve: court has made more lawsuits over faulty ignition switches. it was >> catherine: protected from some legal claims they use that the fan them off. now special appeals court says that is no longer true the court
6:35 pm
decided today people injured, the problems of ignition switches can sue the company even if they were hurt before the bankrupt file and that means hundreds of added claims to out proceed one attorney says that gm now exposed to billions more in my ability clearly this is out of the company wanted to hear. they are saying that they are reviewing this ruling and plaintiffs still must prove their claims. >> pam: round of lange crop closures on the san mateo bridge with traffic from with a camera on here are some of the bridge they plan to close one lane symptoms night and the second line is set to close at 10:00 p.m. tonight the work is supposed to wrap up at 5:00 and the morning and this is the second of closures for emergency work on the bridge crews needed to repair a hold on the deck of the westbound direction they are
6:36 pm
supposed to finish up over the weekend. >> reporter: will be hot small especially on the tar working in the road. a nice day-it is something called kohe east someg called >> reporter: a spare and arafat tomorrow and that is really can't happen atmosphere somewhat and amateur night at 75 degrees and severances got 85 and severance and six series in concord 93 in santa rosa. >> reporter: we have hot weather ahead and then as the evening hours. but the dominant factor
6:37 pm
in the next couple days just off assess december 1st story in san jose no. spiking in the afternoon low 90s in san francisco by contrast partial clearing in the afternoon, chile and for the zoo. such channel their long breezy afternoon temperatures soaring while in the '90s in mind. house the next couple days cooling down as the head of the weekend. >> steve: keep reporting stories of many people complain a new game with pokemon go. >> steve: police had to help three players who got locked inside a cemetery wall hunting they did not realize that it was close at desk right now there won't face any charges please have been warning people to be aware of their surroundings
6:38 pm
common sense is needed at following numerous reports of robberies and accidents.
6:39 pm
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>> pam: center for disease control and prevention says. 19 countries that didn't have the zika virus have right conditions for it. people can import a virus after bowing to the olympic games because. be substantial of the virus spreads to certain third world countries mainly along the arabian peninsula. march >> steve: has hinted that you'd like to move the team to los vegas became the new stadium here today and learned biggest days or time to get their act together. been working on harriet details that would go near the famous strip, shalala had deadline at the end of july to get recommendations to the governor's office there. now that it's been pushed back to september earlier this year mark davis told us.
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
>> gary: curry verses will braun for male athlete of the year. that is still to come very interesting has great work for six months or the they give to sell james among the half we will see curry has one award best record breaking the police
6:46 pm
report alleges the punished the germane and any confrontation at east lansing michigan restaurant leading to green's arrest a. said green him in the job sunday morning once again according to edmund green those people that hang around truck his girlfriend. and then according to the girlfriend of the person in question so lessor's stands right now boletus though outset half-hour ago announced that
6:47 pm
edmonds and again gentleman who grain had the altercation with has asked city released from his scholarship at michigan state green donated $3 million to school. . it will >> gary: so it's over the four game suspension will stick you'll miss the first four games in 2016 season. policy
6:48 pm
takes it to the supreme court. then the court of appeal says the cortex lifting that allegedly during the championship two years ago they denied it. and he is successfully appealed last season but that was overturned and you talk a lot about this stuff everyone is tired but you cannot help but think was an so much a couple other instances that macy think they ought late other orders to fill a coming control year. brady, see the exit to the supreme court will sit out the first four games next season.
6:49 pm
>> gary: 5 and 11 last year shifting towards a more favorable run down for san francisco. but according to a source the of the most difficult schedule. the rundown 49ers no. 1 washington number to york jets' no. 3. the raiders a 21. >> gary: game in china and the talk about next year will not be in 200016 rather in 2017.
6:50 pm
>> gary: jump in los for what value to $2.7 million. system- percent increase from last season. and revenues stadium the cowboys' no. one soccer team madrid second barcelona soccer third and then there the 30 diners yankees fourth another soccer team manchester united fifth.
6:51 pm
>> gary: the quick tally all- star game, it did not do so well but last night's game received 5.4 rating the lowest in the history of all-star game. ratings go down 500 channels but nonetheless when you have the main guys play a few innings and then pull them all out you kind of think he was to watch after you sell your all-star starter get pulled.
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
>> pam: it may be served all of the world today x national french friday in the united states. a of >> steve: those popular foods among americans be 2
6:55 pm
million t worth every year with mcdonald's. selling about one of every three fry's the year. according to national geographic there were invented in belgium and the name can be traced back to world war one when american troops reportedly mislabel the food eaten by french speaking about some troops.
6:56 pm
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"the insider," tracking the biggest stories making news today. number one -- jennifer aniston takes the power back from the tabloid bullies. >> my life seems so much more dramatic just because of t stupid tabloids. >> after 20 years of being a gossip target, why jen's finally writing her own story. >> there's got to be a point where enough's enough. then hiddleswift in hyperdrive. is tom about to pop the question to taylor? >> sources told us she will definitely say yes. and number three -- selena gomez scores instagram's most liked page of all time. >> i think instagram is just because it's instant. ♪ >> what's her unfiltered to instant success?
7:00 pm
plus our "insider" bonus, are mila and ashton ready for baby number two? >> to think that that's going to happen again is mind-blowing. >> we host a "bad moms" therap session for the crew's parental purge. >> you never want to get up with them in the morning. now, hollywood from the inside-out, it's "the insider," together with yahoo. you know jennifer aniston usually doesn't comment on the tabloids' endless speculation about her personal lif today, forget about it. the top-tracking story is jen putting the tabloids on blast. >> she said she's doing it not only for herself, but for women everywhere. she said how we gossip about the stars takes a toll on them and also on the way we see ourselves. >> absolutely and if you're a woman, you need a man, you need a child, you need certain weight. jen used to see it as harmless, but is it really? >> inside jennifer's bold move as she takes back the narrative of her life.


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