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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  July 17, 2016 11:00pm-11:16pm PDT

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this is the bay areas news station. kron4 news 11. for the 2nd time this month devastating news has hit uc berkeley. >> the fbi and university officials confirming the tragic news earlier today. cal student nicolas leslie did in the nice france attack. >> he'd been studying in france for the summer as part of a summer abroad program. kron4's spencer blake has the details. >> what started out as a three- day search has now ended with the tragic news that he was numbered among the 84 people killed. even the bells on uc berkeley campus seem to have a somber sound. the fbi confirms to university officials that his body had been identified.
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>> there are a lot of people asking questions. some people that know him directly, i did know him directly, but overall people are having a feel -- feeling of needing to heal. >> -- >> reporter: there had been a lot of hope that the 20-year- old junior might have survived. >> we are working very hard in nice and paris to look for people who have given no news. lomac instead the tweet from the french consulate said his heart was from the -- with the family and uc berkeley community. >> he was a nice guy with a lot of friends. always out. successful and academics. >> reporter: cal was coming to terms with the loss of 27 who was killed in a terror attack earlier this month. 3 other cal students injured in a nice attack, to our out of the hospital. >> it brings us closer together.
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we look for that community. there are counselors available for students on campus to talk to. not only for those who knew nicolas leslie but for anyone who feels heavy heart . there is also a vigil planned for tomorrow on campus tomorrow at 4:30 pm. in berkeley, spencer blake. new arrests in the terror investigation in france. authorities have detained 3 more into text and -- connection to the attack. 2 men and one woman were detained sunday. that brings the number 27 of the amount of people being held. authorities say a tunisian national drove 8 2010 dock -- truck into a crowd -- drove 8 2010 truck into the crowd. the wife has been released into custody. big news out of walnut creek where someone stabbed a police dog and injured a police
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officer in a hit-and-run accident. >> we spoke with surprised neighbors who save the area is known to be safe and quiet. >> reporter: walnut creek is considered to be one of the safest by its residents and police. >> it is one of the safest cities around in my opinion. crime happens everywhere. police say 33-year-old rolando gonzalez stopped -- thought to be under the influence hit 2 men with his car. >> shocking. nothing happens around here. out of the ordinary. >> a small private street. that is giving us the most concerning, what was his car doing on the street. >> reporter: heat hit a cop car. >> he suffered from broken bones. will not go to specific details. >> reporter: until he was caught on hillside avenue. >> during that a police canine was deployed in the suspect ultimately stabbed the police
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canine multiple times. both in the head and neck. >> reporter: that canine suffered deep cuts and needed surgery. the community responded with cards and flowers thinking both the police officer and dog for the heroic efforts. >> the dogs expected surprise -- survive. >> reporter: neighbors say they are grateful it didn't come to gunfire. >> we are grateful it didn't come to using a firearm. they apprehended him in a way they didn't end up making national news. live from walnut creek. in baton rouge 3 police officers were shot and killed and 3 others injured. the gunman has been identified as gavin long. >> he committed the crimes on his 29th birthday. he was a former marine who spent time in iraq and was discharged in 2010. >> we've learned the names of
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the 3 police officers. they had been identified as brad, corporal jackson an officer matthew gerald. brad was a us marine corps veteran. described as a family man. he leaves behind a wife and 4 children. >> montreux objection -- montrial jackson was a gentle giant and was working long hours since the protests. he celebrated his 10th anniversary with the police department last month. he leaves behind a wife and his newborn son. officer gerald was 41. just graduated from the police academy. friends described him as a true american who lived to be a patriot. he served in the army and leaves behind his wife and 2
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daughters. our partners at cnn report the city is forced to deal with another tragic event. >> regardless of motive, the death of these 3 brave officers underscores the danger that police across the country confront every single day. we as a nation have to be loud and clear that nothing justifies violence against law enforcement. i the sound of gunshots rang through the streets of baton rouge. an attack on police officers. >> one suspect is deceased. multiple officers were shot. we have some have been killed. >> reporter: 6 officers were shot in 3 die. heavy police presence outside the hospital, louisiana governor spoke out. >> it's unjustified. it's unjustifiable. the violence and hatred has to stop. >> reporter: authorities advised residents to stay indoors.
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>> we are on a lockdown. we cannot leave. even if we could police are blocking the street. threats against officers have been a concern for the baton rouge police department since the death of alton sterling earlier this month. sterling was shot and killed by police outside a convenience store following a violent encounter with officers. the next day in minnesota philando castile was shot and killed by a police officer during a traffic stop. following both shootings 5 dallas police officers were killed by a sniper during a police brutality protest. tomorrow all eyes will be on cleveland, ohio. the headquarters of american politics for a week. the republican national convention is underway on monday. it goes through thursday. that is when donald trump is expected to accept his party's nomination.
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dress rehearsals happened today and security is extremely tight. tens of thousands of people are expected to fill the convention hall and hundreds maybe thousands more are expected to protest outside the convention center amidst heavy security. they will be held to designated protest zones. the dnc is the following week in philadelphia. travel could be heavy. caltrans will activate 43 ramp metering lights on i-80. >> it starts on tuesday in the metering lights will go on on both directions of i-80. it will be activated to rest on solid green from 5 am-8:00 p.m. and then the lights will begin metering on july 26 during the weekday commute during the height, 5 am-noon. >> they will also operate on weekends depending on the amount of traffic. it's part of caltrans launch of the i 80 smart court or system.
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eventually this move help with traffic and accidents along the i-80 corridor. as we are about to sign off, we will take a look at the weather forecast for this upcoming week. stay with us. ♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded suv of the century.
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we're joined by meteorologist. we might call you fog man. >> pretty much. the fog is rolling in. it's getting sick. it will take some time to burn off. it will be nice inman. much cooler than average. a lot of 70s in the valley. 50s and 60s and foggy along the coastline. it looks like the next couple of days will be below average for this time of year. toward the end of the week it will be back into the 90s. >> thank you for joining us on
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the kron4 news at 10. >> we will see you bright and early tomorrow morning. (vo) with thousands of quality pre-owned vehicles... and exceptional customer service, head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... flip your thinking about buying your next one.
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>> music >> this is a look behind the scenes of a television station. >> kron 4 >> the back story >> the newscast >> day 35 >> darya: 9:35 and happening today, fleet week is kicking off in san francisco and there are events all over the city. >> darya: there's a disaster training demonstration is happening over at pier 50 and that's where kron 4's, terisa estacio is this morning. >> darya: hi, terisa. >> terisa: good morning, darya. >> terisa: good morning, everyone. >> terisa: what's important about this ... about this kind of drill is that you guys are able to ... >> terisa: so, we are doing a story about a drill. i've never really understand drills. >> terisa: just because it's their job to do a drill. >> terisa: to never understanding why television stations want to do a story about how people are doing their jobs.


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