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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  July 22, 2016 12:45am-1:16am PDT

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♪ it's "e.t.'s" comic-con 35 we're the same age? >> we are turning the into real-life action figures. and you was lucky enough to the premiere of "star trek" beyond: let the madness begin. >> can you make some noise? plus "macgyver" then and now. >> can he make a cell phone out >> we're with the new hunk as we throw back to the set of the original. >> oh sure, a camera, naked. then tears over the death of hen mentor of ronhoward, garry marshall. >> he really did encourage us. he did. >> and our james corbin the first lady to rock out to beyonce. >> making honey to put in
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ore our lemonade. now for july 21st, this is "entertainment tonight." comic-con, if is under way and if you love the big stars, television and surprises there's only one place to be, here on "entertainment tonight." kevin frasier is in the midd and we kick it off at the premiere of one of t biggest films oo he year "star trek beyond." >> it's a little crazy on the carpet, isn't it? >> it's a blast. >> can y some noise so chris knows where you're at? >> i expected it to be mayhem. >> it's "star trek's" 50th anniversary, you got to g big, fans, fireworks, and new facial hair. >> a goatee. >> you shaved it >> absolute boredom. >> i love that you came summer cool. >> today san diego, baby. >> follow cameron. >> i host it from the red carpet w saldana rocked it and gave husband marco a smooch.
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the italian-born artist j became a u.s. citizen yesterday with their twins looking on. >> are the kids at home? >> they are sleeping. like beautiful little bab and joey had someone else on her mind. co-star anton yelchin. it was a month ago he died in a tragic accident. >> we're missing one of us. and why we're all wearing his a black pin on behalf of anton. just 1,000 times more special. >> his parents are here tonight. and we love their son. >> th late leonard nimoy wws also remember and michelle nichols was in attendance. >> what about n four? >> hemsworth. you're working with him now. >> that's right. >> are you heading from here to shoot? >> leave the premiere and head tore the set of "thor." >> i missed my flight to san diego, i lth almost didn't make it in time for thepremiere.
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but in true "e.t." fashion, grabbed a helicopter, came down the coast and that was just the beginning of our comic-con ♪ >> we just saw that you p less than two hours ago you were event, yes. >> so i, i just didn't post about it. oh, i'm on a pl fly through the air. >> comic-con -- >> i just adopted her five days ago. >> i just saw 45 minutes ago you chopped your hair. when did you do that? >> this morning. >> let me give you a little behind-the-scenes look at how "e.t." is taking over comic-con. aka the super bowl of pop culture, tv and film. first the suite. i want check it out. from our window the stars cannot only see the fans, but the fans can also s back in. >> you do whatever you because you're pregnant? >> i figure noone's going to stop a pregnant woman from
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grabbing a cookie and a bag of chips. >> if everybody knows you how did you get o network? >> give good massages. >> i'm talented with my ha everyone knows that. >> thanks and we will. next we blow this thing up. everything we do is going to facebook live. we snapchat, instagram. i want to you check out our this is where we turn everybody who visits into a super hero. ryan reynolds was getting ready for comic-con three days ago. you see him sighing blu-ray copies of "detdeadpool." and other big names we're expecting, can you say hiddleswift? >> not going to lie, it will be one-half of the couple. tom hiddleston is scheduled to be on a "kong" panel in less than 48 hours. we wondered who will ask the relationship question. and chris pratt, for "guardians
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2," which they're filming now. and the entire "suicide squad." the walking dead. "game of thrones," scream queens an new doctor, mr. john stamos and an "aliens"reunion 30 years later. >> of course not every location can be glamorous. but we can fake it with our insta-red carpet. take any random hall throw down a carpet and bam, "e.t." wb anywhere. but ultimately comic-con is the place to have fun with the stars. >> what is the most emoji on your phone? >> the one that has the teeth really big. >> you've gone on the convention floor. are you going to be doing that this weekend? >> what disguise will you be wearing? >> i think i took more pictures as ernie, than i would have if i would have just walked the carpet. >> there's so much more coming from our "e.t comic-con headquarters, including our exclusive first look at he new "macgyver." you know it made richard d
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anderson an '80s icon. wait until you the ""hannah montana"" alum t taking over this series. >> he's adorable. well the comic-con party is going strong in san diego, last night leonardo dicaprio brought the soiree to saint tropez. >> the gang's all here for leo's a-list auction in saint tropez. bradley, mia, around and bono, part of the third annual event. and what's a star-studded party without more stars? musical acts theweekend, and lana del rey helped the leonardo dicaprio foundation raise million to help protect the earth from climate change with leo's love of models, you know there w no shortage of catwalk queens, victoria's secret models joan smalls and her squ angels and other bathing beauties, the glitz and glamour, these girls clean up good. now chrissy and john return to
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romance in lake como where it all began for these lovebirds who married lakeside nearly three years ago. the couple also returning to the lake como house torecreate john's "all of mm" video posting this shot by the pool. check out this cute family photo. now with baby luna intow, the family photo is complete. and pitt's new york mob scene. the actor keeping his cool amongst the chaos going out of his way to snap a photo with a young fan. pitt, who is leaving his greenwich hotel wearing a beege fedora pushed on the crazy crowd fanssbefore hopping into a getaway limo. >> you really want a wild scene? they've got it at the republican national convention. just the way the donald seems to like it. we're there as trump the showman takes center stage. >> w can you say about
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donald trump, we know he knows great tv. he knows how t do it. he knows how to make it he always delivers on that. >> i love the media. >> donald trump and his daughter ivanka did a quick run-through this afternoon before their appearances in pri meanwhile "e.t." is with tv's top journalists grappling with covering a different kind o candidate. >> the unpredictable is really what you have come to expect here at the convention. donald trump has said he wanted a convention to be a little more showbiz. i think this convention was much more reality television than maybe showbiz. >> for instance, trump's helicopter, so famous from "the apprentice," it made a dramatic landing for the press in cleveland yesterday. and media watched another unscripted moment during ted cruz' speech. >> it is hhgh dr as we saw last night. >> donald trump was in the wing and i think he had finally had enough of hearing ted cruz say
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vot conscience. when that line didn't come that he was going to endorse him, that's when donald trump came >> you know what i wrote down when that happened? hollywood couldn't have scripted this any better. and this was definitely not planned. o'reilly versus montel at the rnc. >> we're supposed to have m williams, but he walked out in a huff. >> i got to tell you, walk out at the last minute? very cowardly. >> you want to talk about coward home you point a finger this way, look at that? we know who the coward is. >> montel ppshed back hard on facebook claiming he decided not the interview when producers changed the focus of the segment. >> he's not a of his word. he'll never be on this show any more. >> the history of the o'reilly show, i've already done it three times, i don't care. >> some major heat going on there. can't wait to see how that turns out. the new season reality show, "meredith.
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"there's more drama. how to make sure th people are in it for the right reasons. >> i feel a little overwhelmed. plus, garry marshall memories from his "happy days" family. how he changed the life of young ron howard. >> gave us that gift and created that nvironment. ♪ ♪ >> we have the real story behind the first lady
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tomorrow and all weekend long, "e.t.'s" comic-con coverage continues across multiple platforms 24/7.
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♪ >> man oh man that veally is michelle obama singing c karaoke with james gordon on the late late show. we know james has gotten a lot do you get the first lady to belt it out? ♪ singing stevie wonder like it's no big deal. >> we love stevie wonder. i think i know every stevie song on the planet. >> the first lady al revealed her ride around the white house grounds as only the se time in seven and a half years she's been in the passenger seat offa car rocking out. >> what are you going to miss the most? >> the people. they help you,,they love you know their families. >> sound familiar? the first lady gave "e.t.'s" kevin frasier a similar answ when they sat down in march.
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>> it's really tte people. because we couldn't do what we do without staff of really nice people who help the house run well. and they become your family. >> but before she leaves the white house -- >> we're really focusing on trying to get girls around the world educated. >> so did she juch in corden's passenger seat? >> a perfect opportunity to belt out the anthem to "let girls learn" campaign. daya is one of artists. >> first of all she knows who i am, so that' excitingg to be next to these powerful women in the s is like got legendary people. >> like kelly clarkson and rapper missy elliott who popped up out of nowhere in the back seat of the car. before the ride could end, the trio had to let it rip missy 2001's "get y freak on."
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the first lady rapping. coming up, more of kevin from comic-con. >> we're talking to the new "macgyver" and flashing back to our set visits with the original, how does the new guy stack up with the '80s version? >> even more to live up to. then garry marshall's "happy richie cunningham himself, ron howard in tears reme his mentor. >> you kind of got me with that one. >> and "married at first sight" total strangers saying i do. without even meeting first how many of the reality tv couples have actually stayed together? >> -- captions by vitac --
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♪ ♪ hush my darling... ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] ♪ hush my darling... [snoring.] ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. everything is rushing at me and i just feel -- overwhelmed. >> all i want to do is run.
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>> you would want to run, these are total strangers have to tie the knot, the moment first meet. that's the premise of the reality show "married at first sight." and it's back for four. so how do they make sure that the people have the hearts in the right plac we're inside the vetting process. >> each candidate goes through a very thorough background check to determine if they have a significant sent or any sort of criminal record. >> that's not the only m this season's experts are taking. >> we look at things like their psychological testing, their core values. these are legally binding marriages. >> out of over 30,000 people, only six were chosen. "e.t." sat down with two of the participants to find out they wanted to do this. >> because i seem to pick a good guy. >> allowing three experts to find you your bestmatch? is the main reason why i did this. >> out of 18 past participants, only two coupl stayed
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together. how do sonia and tom feel knowing those stats? >> i'm going to give it 100%. so everything. >> i think keeping the mindset is definitely something going to keep me more motivated. >> when you about it two couples married out of nine. two couples out of three seasons, not that bad of a track record. >> i host those reunion shows anddthe show can wo let's shift the focus back to comic-con and today we had a chance to sit dow with the cast from the new "macgyver," you series and we talk to the young man who is filling those secret agent shoes. ♪ ♪ >> "macgyver," that's a name to live up to. is that pressure on your shoulders? >> yeah, a little bit. but i'm taking some of the pressure and put it over here. >> action! >> plays the ingenious blonde aad helping out csi alum george eades. >> i was looking for lucas, what
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he was shooting, it was him climbing in the jet and blowing the big jet fan and i said okay, we're starting. >> got the jacket and the swiss army knife. i guess i'm "macgyver," right? >> known for the "x-men" films and richard dean anderson was 35 when we first met "macgyver" in 1985. >> this is a role that affords the opportunity to do very physical things. like i do sky-dive and scuba dive. they wo me do all the stunts. the stunt men get the fun. >> that's w they've been letting me do my stunt double has been sitting on sidelines. i was surprised. >> i was telling him as he was jumping out of a helicopter yesterday -- right before rolling like lucas, man, be careful. if you get hurt, man, we are not going to be in a good place. >> don't worry about it! >> "e.t." w on the set many times ove its seven seasons.
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and now hill is set to reclaim the magic for a new generation. >> he can make a cell phone out of a snickers bar. we'll show youlater. the original "macgyver" was produced by henry winkler and he's producing this one, too. and so what made h a star? well, this man, garry marshall. the genius creator of "happy days" who passed away on tuesday. henry was the f and the fonz's best friend, richie, was played by ron howard. and ron got a emotional when he opened up to us about his mentor and his friend, garry marrhall. so in tonight's big pictur garry's "happy days." >> i want to show you this and get your thoughts. because we thought it was pretty special. >> i was very proud that all these young people who came to me, youknow, 18, 19, 20 years old have now gr furthered their careers as directors, ron howard is one of the best directors in the whole industry. >> he did encourage us. he did. that's who hewas. that's not him trying to look good on in a television
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interview. that's who he was. and he gave us that gift and created thatenvironment. and you know, all of us who are lucky to have been a part of hi& orbit. need to take that to heart and try to do it ourselves. you got me with that one. thank you for showing me that. >> this is one of the families in my lifetime that i treasure, very very much. the cast of "happy days." ladies and gentlemen. ♪ ♪ >> garry, brilliant guy, funny guy, playful. but a fantastic teacher and mentor. >> ron was just 20 years old when was cast as richie cunningham. he later directed in a small acting role in his own film directorial debut, 1977s "grand theft auto." >> garry became of these guiding forces. not just creatively. because garry marshall, as successful as he was, whether it was stage, screen, his mantra to anyone
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beginning to succeed in the business was simple, he said this is great. phfantastic. but don't ever forget that life is more important than show business. and he lived that and could see it demonstrated in the choices he made. >> garry marshall made history with a long list of hits. "the odd couple" "happy days," "laverne and shirley" and even about afar-fetched sitc about a alien on earth. featuring robin williams. "morning and mindy" made the late robin williams a star. but "happy days" always a special place in garry's heart. >> "happy days" was the show where the cast had the best chemistry on and off the stage. and off the stage was real lay pleasure to be with these people. >> family and personal integrit with people. these things were present with him. it's a heartbreaking loss. >> so many felt the same way. we also spoke to scott baio who
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got his start as chochie. you'll hear his thoughts tomorrow. we'll be right back. . because i'm a woman, do you think i'm going to crack under
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pressure, or conquer the field.
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watch the preview at >> announcer: travel considerations provided by -- welcome back. tomorrow we have more from kevin at comic-con and uh-oh, "bachelorette's" bad boy, chad, is back. i cann only we have him. bye, everybody. >> some truth is getting spilled and somebody doesn't want that happening. it's the interview you've been waiting for and he's not holding back punches. then, scott baio remembering the man who made a star. >> he's gone, man. it's so weird to me. so weird. >> we look back at a time when "happy days" creator, garry
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marshall. and my comic-con takeove continues i'm in the middle of "the insider," tracking the biggest stories making news today. number one, ivanka trump taking charge, as she goes on the defense to defend her dad. >> have you developed that politician's daughter's thick skin yet. >> certainly the last year has >> she's about to take center stage tonight. we go inside her rise to the top. >> some sort of pride in the fact that people would even take an interest then -- taylor swift's paranoia revealed. >> i always feel like someone is either videoing me or recording me. >> that was way before kanye and kim's infamous phone leak. what is life like in taylor's world. >> my reality is peppered with lots of anxiety. and kym and robert's "dancing with the stars" countdown to i do. >> we're focused on the first >> inside their last-minute wedding tr


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